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18 applications, $930, one big decision Garbarino going all out in his search for the perfect collegeWashington By Sara Mullowney

back from, and for those who Staff Writer What would you do with almost $1,000 know Matt, this is not a surprise. and your whole senior year? In order to Spend it all on college applications and keep track of the use every free moment writing status of all applications? Matt Garbarino (12), an these schools, obvious overachiever, has applied to 18 colleges, hoping to find the best fit. Because Matt created Matt has to fund his own college experience, quite a large he figured, why not try to find the best deal? chart. Located in His parents agreed to pay for applications, S e ñ o r a which ended up being pretty costly. Overall, M c C a r t y ’ s $930 was spent on the applications alone, room, the blue along with money to send his test scores. chart, given to How long would this whole process take, Matt by Mrs. you might wonder. Matt said, “Forever. It Ramsey, hangs literally took me forever to finish all the covering most of Photo by Sara Mullowney applications and scholarship essays.” Each the room’s entire Matt Garbarino ponders the colleges on a very large chart back wall. With school required at least one essay. He says black licoricehe did reuse some of them, though he has Harvard, Chicago University, and Duke are also written six or more scholarship essays. scented marker, each school is written in all schools he has talked to. Asked how alphabetical order in one column, followed Because he has to pay for college himself, those interviews went, Matt said, “aced by whether Matt has been accepted with he has saved up $38,000 working at the ’em.” Money aside, Matt said he’d like to “yes ☺” and “no ” written in the next Loveland library, cutting grass, and attend Cornell or Columbia, majoring in columns, followed by possible delivering newspapers. So far, he has been something in the sciences. scholarships. accepted into all seven schools he has heard How could he have thought of 18 Mahbod Pourriahi (9) helped Matt create this masterpiece, colleges that he even wants to go to? He made to help Matt applied to one in-state school, Ohio State. and others too. The others are Brown, Chicago, Columbia, “Last semester I Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Tulane, aided for Señora Alabama, Georgia, Louisville, Miami (Fla.), McCarty, and it was South Carolina, Tennessee, Wake Forest, a freshman class. Washington University, and Yale. “Wake They’d always ask Forest’s application was the most about all of my interesting,” Matt says. “It just says top colleges, so this is 10, and you have the choice to list whatever a better way to keep you want.” His mom attended Xavier, while his dad e v e r y o n e informed,” Matt attended Tennessee. Matt says he wouldn’t mind going to Tennessee because he has says. Matt has grown up being a fan and he visited there interviews with for various sporting games. He has also schools as well, in visited Columbia, Ohio State, and Louisville. Photo by Sara Mullowney hopes of getting in. In the long run, Matt will definitely find the No matter where he picks, Matt is sure about one thing Brown, Yale, school that is right for him.

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Week of Feb. 15-27: The girls basketball sectional tournament is scheduled to take place. Feb. 19: Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan perform at 7:30 p.m. at the Bank of Kentucky Center. Feb. 19: The boys basketball team takes on Milford at home at 7:30 p.m.

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Were you fist-pumping about Jersey Shore? If so, read on page 10 about more reality TV shows you love to hate ... or hate to love.

University in St. Louis,

Feb. 19: The Sadie Hawkins Dance starts directly after the boys basketball game in the cafeteria.

Sadie Hawkins Dance in my khaki pants By Erin Randall Editor-in-chief

You’re in the parking lot after school when you notice a sophomore whispering nervously with her friends. You roll your eyes. “Oh, what now?” you wonder and, deciding that you don’t really care, continue the trek to your car. But then, you turn to see her stride confidently (when did her attitude change?) toward the guy tossing his books in the back seat of his car and say charmingly, “Hey, wanna go to the dance with me?” Wait. What? She just asked him? You turn to watch (creeping) in full anticipation. “Sure, that’d be cool,” he responds. “Awesome, see you tomorrow then,” she says, and then she goes back to her giggling friends. He gets in his car and drives away. And you’re just confused. However, there is no reason to be confused because, confirming the scene you just witnessed, the dance on Feb. 19 is a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Senior Casey Baker, in charge of the dance, says, “We

wanted to mix things up and take the pressure off the boys, so we chose a Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the girls ask the guys.” The dance, lasting until midnight, will take place in the cafeteria directly following the boys basketball game against Milford; the theme is neon. When asked, “Why neon?” Casey replied, “It’s fun, and people can cater their outfits to the theme for some bright color.” Speaking of outfits, attire is semi-formal. Skirts and dresses are recommended for girls and dress pants for guys—no jeans allowed. There will be a king and a queen crowned at 11 p.m. Seniors will nominate candidates (who must also be seniors), and the whole school can vote at lunch. DJ Toad, who was the DJ of the HoHoHo Dance, will once again be running the tunes. Sander DiAngelis, senior class president, encourages everyone to attend. “The proceeds from the tickets sold go directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,” he says. “Come out and support a good cause while having a great time.” Please Recycle!



WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

Page Editor: Hailey Booth

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Every month you read The Roar; now find out how it’s made

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It feels like any other Wednesday. You wake up at 6, roll out of bed, head to school, sit through a couple classes, and then go off to lunch. However, this isn’t Sander DiAngelis just any old lunch period. As you approach the cafeteria, you see a few funnylooking kids pass out these large, grey newspapers at the doors. Heads are buried in them and conversations are scarce. This isn’t just a normal day; this is Newspaper Day—the day The Roar is released. But you may be left wondering … just how is The Roar created? Each issue of The Roar begins with a planning meeting. The editors-in-chief, senior Erin Randall and I, begin by asking the staff for its story ideas, which each

student has written out. Thoughts are shared and the topics covered in the next issue are discussed. Following the meeting, Roar staffers race to the whiteboard and sign up for their favorite articles. From this point forward, the hard work begins without a break until publication. Every member of the staff usually writes 23 articles and is given a few days to interview students and create a rough draft. The rough drafts are then read by Mr. Schmidt, Erin, and myself. After corrections are made, the final drafts are due two days later. The final drafts are looked over by Dr. Moorhead, and again by Mr. Schmidt, Erin, and myself. Following the completion of the final drafts, photos must be taken. Next, page editors begin to lay out their pages. It takes most page editors nearly a week to get the page organized the way they would like with pictures, articles, and any other special effects or fonts.

After the final pages have been completed, the editors-in-chief and Mr. Schmidt stay after school and send the paper to the publisher. Our paper is published by JS Printing, with the average cost of a publication about $475, and we print nearly 1,100 issues. It usually takes three days to be shipped from Georgia. The paper is funded solely through advertisements that the students sell and fund-raisers such as the fall dodgeball tournament. There’s obviously much more to the Journalism class and what The Roar does, including Chalk Talk and Twitter updates, but this is how the monthly paper functions. So before you throw this newspaper aside, remember all the hard work and dedication that goes into creating each issue. As you’re reading, we’re already brainstorming for March.

Hollywood is where good books go bad After finishing the best book you’ve ever read, you are overjoyed to find out that there is going to be a movie adaptation. After eagerly Emma Goetz waiting for what seems like forever, you go to the midnight showing, expecting your exact vision transferred flawlessly onto the big screen. And then… BAM! A horrible representation that is absolutely nothing like the book. I find this so annoying. I love to read, and I used to be so excited when there was going to be a movie of a book I read. Unfortunately, I have seen too many “good books gone bad movies” that I now dread the announcement of an upcoming feature film. I will agree that everyone has his or her own artistic view of a book and visualizes the setting and characters in his or her own way… but come on! Changing a blond character to a brunette character is not part of the artistic vision. Moving the entire movie to a totally different setting is not an interpretation. These changes would be like taking away Harry Potter’s glasses and scar. Not an option. Ever.

We have all been disappointed by a movie adaptation at some point. Whether it’s from a kid’s book, adult novel, or graphic novel, they have all been messed up. Take Eragon, for example. What was that? Did they even read the book, or did they just read the inside flap? How about My Sister’s Keeper? (Spoiler alert.) Did the writers fall asleep while reading and dream up a totally different ending? News flash: Anna dies! Sorry, but it’s true. The movie Watchman, based off the graphic novel, was actually surprisingly similar. The action, however, was over the top and did not make a good movie. Do you guys remember seeing the reallife versions of The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch? They took adorable little-kid picture books and stretched them into full-length feature films. This is not supposed to happen. Not for Where the Wild Things Are, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, or Horton Hears a Who. Also, what happens when the first book is turned into a movie, but the rest of the series never makes it? Eragon, Spiderwik Chronicles, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Golden Compass come to mind. Their sequels have yet to make it, and unfortunately, this is the case for most series.

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What happened to the amazing book Eragon? It became a terrible film Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight are the exceptions. If I ever wrote a book, I would rue the day it was turned into a movie.

American Idol judges aren’t fair How mean is American Idol? I mean, really. It is horrendous. Three or four “music experts” sitting at a table “judging” aspiring young Emma Goetz singers. Honestly, the American Idol judges aren’t even judging. They are mocking. And cruelly, I might add. I don’t have a problem with Hollywood week, the semifinals, or the live portion of the show. What I have a problem with is auditions. The rest of the show is about singing and music. The sole purpose of showing the auditions is for amusing viewers. So why do we tune in every week?

We tune in for one purpose and one purpose only: to laugh. Realistically, this concept should never work: tens of millions of Americans turning their TVs on twice a week solely for the purpose of laughing at other people’s expense. But for some reason, it does succeed, and it is one of the biggest shows in the country. Yes, I have heard the argument that these people are only on Idol because they agreed to it. But what gives us the right to make fun of them from the safety of our own homes? These people, who obviously truly believe that they are something special, have their dreams crushed in front of the whole country. Don’t we all believe we are special, unique, and wonderful? How would you feel if you were laughed out of the audition room and had to face Ryan Seacrest, your family,

and all of the other people auditioning, and tell them that you did not make the cut? It would be more humiliating than anyone could ever imagine. If you were at a high school choir concert and the singing was less than perfect, would you laugh and make fun of the singers? Of course you wouldn’t. That’s mean. Yet we make fun of the contestants on American Idol regularly because humans like to see people suffer. It’s a proven fact; just ask a psychologist. If Paula Abdul were 20 years younger and were to go audition on American Idol, she wouldn’t make it. She probably wouldn’t even manage to be one of the 150 who actually get to meet the judges. And neither would the other four regular judges. So what gives them, or even us, the right to judge?


WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

3 Page Editor: Regan Meinking

Wake up, sleepyhead Having school start later could make us happier, more productive For most students, a good night’s sleep seems like the legendary Holy Grail, appealing yet forever elusive. We have trouble waking Matthew Worsham up in the mornings in time for school. When we are tired and our sluggish brains force us to fall asleep during class, we are scolded and punished. We are told that we need to suck it up and go to bed earlier. However, as much research shows, the sleep habits of teens are beyond their control, which is why America’s high schools should be rescheduled to start later in the morning. Studies by sleep researchers have shown there is a huge difference between sleepy teenagers and sleepy people of other ages. In teenagers, levels of melatonin, the hormone which controls the human sleep cycle, tends be highest from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. This means teenagers are programmed to sleep during these nine hours. The levels in adults and young children predispose them to the “early to bed, early to rise” lifestyle. Even if teens are awake when class starts at 7:25, the melatonin in their bodies is affecting them until 8 a.m. The lost sleep can affect performance at school and work


and contribute to diseases such as ADHD and diabetes. Some districts have already moved the start times of high schools to accommodate the biological needs of teens, and have seen incredible results. Test scores and grades rose, students were better behaved, and attendance rates improved. Auto accidents involving teens also fell. In Fayette County, Ky., teen accident rates fell 16 percent after the change, Photo from despite rates rising eight High school sleepyheads hate waking up percent in the rest of the state. With all of these benefits, why haven’t When you sit down to look at the facts, all schools adopted this system? Some it is clear that we should change our school worry about young children waiting for the start times to allow high school students to bus in the dark, but this is already a problem. sleep later. I propose flipping the school Some working parents can’t pay for daycare, schedules to start the primary and so their children have to wait for hours at elementary schools first, followed by the the bus stop every morning to be picked intermediate and middle schools, with the up. An earlier start time for them would solve high school starting no earlier than 8:30 a.m., the problem. Other ways to solve this would the time that the primary school currently include placing bus stops at visible and starts. This is a win-win situation for welllit locations and encouraging parents everybody. The district wouldn’t pay for to keep an eye on the bus stop in the extra bussing. It would see its high school mornings. test scores improve. Young children would I propose switching to a smarter schedule get home earlier and have more time to play so we can start improving grades and after school. Finally, teenagers would have attendance while lowering teen accident a chance to get a healthy night’s sleep, get rates. Let’s get to it…after some quick shutbetter grades, and avoid auto accidents. eye.


Making the Grade Dance: A+ Another dance this winter, and it’s Sadie Hawkins!

Cold weather: D The cold weather is getting old. We’re ready for spring!

Valentine’s Day: B Valentine’s Day is coming up. This can be fun for those that have a valentine, but those who are alone on this holiday can’t exactly enjoy it.

Boys basketball: C+ The team hasn’t had its greatest season, but still tried its best and pulled out a couple wins, especially against Kings.

February: F We have only one day off in February (Presidents Day); the rest are all full weeks of school.

People have their own preference on what mode of cleanliness they enjoy: baths or showers. Two of The Roar’s own battled it out on which is better

Showers are so lame compared to baths. Can you bring toys in the shower and sing the “Rubber Duckie” song? No, you sure can’t, because if Abby Vargo your rubber duck isn’t floating on water, then it’s not even cool. Was there ever a nursery rhyme named after three men in a shower? No, it’s “rub a dub dub, three men in a tub.” Why three men would be in a tub I’m not too sure, but I say more power to them; it’s an awesome nursery rhyme. Was there ever a president that got stuck in a shower? No, because presidents like Howard Taft prefer baths over showers. Showers are boring, and no one wants to talk about them. A lot of people like to say, “Ew, baths are so gross! Why would I want to sit in my own filth?” My response is, do not be a disgusting person, and then it’s not a problem. If you have dirt filling every crack on your body, then taking a bath is not for you. Instead, you need to go to the fire department to get hosed off and then go see a doctor. For all others who are clean, baths are relaxing and let you put things in perspective and slow down your hectic life.

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Baths have been popular for ages

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Who doesn’t love bubble baths? With some soft music, candles, and bubbles, baths can be your own personal spa. There are pillows that are made for baths so you can close your eyes and take a snooze if you would like. I’m pretty sure you can’t relax or sleep in a shower … so they are not even cool. Plus, a bath is also a nice way for mothers to get away from their children and athletes to relax their muscles. Don’t try to argue that showers take less water, because some people take showers for 15 minutes, and there is no way that that is less than filling up a bath tub. Plus, shower wipe-outs are very dangerous. My grandpa fractured his hip slipping in a shower, but I have never heard a story of someone getting hurt taking a bath because … oh yeah, it doesn’t happen. So at the end of the day, when your feet hurt from standing all day, and you’re cold to the bone, fill your tub with warm water and relax. Americans live their lives in fast forward; sometimes it’s nice to slow it down for awhile. A shower doesn’t even compare to a nice, warm bath, so stop trying.

Not in the mood for a shower? Before you turn on the faucet for a bath, just imagine what you’re about to do. Your big toe takes a dip in first, and soon your entire body is lying Sam Burpee in an acrylic cesspool crammed with your own filth. The dirt from underneath your fingernails swims between your toes, the dead skin from your body floats around your neck, and all the hair spray or hair gel you applied this morning is now molding to the bottom of your body. You splash your arm pits to rid yourself of the body odor that lingers in the same water you use to rinse off the soap you used on your face. As the soap gets slippery, it escapes your hands and drops into the septic tank you’re allowing yourself to prune in. You search below, swimming your phalanges through the thick water that was previously clear. You finally locate the soap near your toes and

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Showers today have wonderful

massaging waterfalls


Photo from

Who doesn’t love showers? pull it out, not realizing what has just happened. The soap you are about to run up and down your body has been taken over by a day’s worth of dirt and grime. Eventually you get to the shampoo and conditioner. You scrub and rub, ultimately ridding your scalp of grease and dandruff. Your next thought is to rinse, and you proceed to do just that. You slowly dunk your newly cleansed dome into what appears to be the fresh water you began your journey with. Instead it’s like going into toilet bowl water. You are now finished “washing” your body and exit the tub. Little do you know, you’re actually leaving that wash-down dirtier than when you started it, but I’m just saying… Everyone’s preference may be different. Personally, I enjoy being clean. So I take showers.

4 WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010


Page Editor: Austin Stahl

Girls get ready for tournament By Austin Stahl Staff Writer

The girls basketball team has played well this year, seeking its first Fort Ancient Valley Conference championship since 2002. Five seniors lead the team, accompanying with a strong supporting cast of underclassmen. These seniors are tri-captains Abby McIver, Ellie Iaciofano, and Erin Randall, along with Emily Holzderber and Mollie Kuramoto. As of Feb. 3, the team was 10-6 (5-3 in the FAVC), having won seven of its last ten games. Two of these senior standouts have been putting up very impressive numbers so far this season. Abby leads the team in scoring, averaging 14.2 points per game and 7.5 rebounds, while Ellie is second in scoring with 11.5 points per game and leads the team in six other categories: rebounds (9.1), assists (4.1), steals (2.3), blocks (0.9), and assist-to-turnover ratio (1.1 to 1).

experience. The Lady Tigers lead the FAVC Buckeye Division in total rebounds, rebounds per game, and free-throw percentage. One goal for this year’s Lady Tigers squad is to finish the year strong with multiple victories in the postseason tournament, where the girls have fallen short in the past few years. Advancing to districts is the stated goal, which would require two wins with a first-round bye, or Photos courtesy of LHS Athletic Department three wins without the bye. A win at Senior stars: Ellie Iaciofano (left) and districts would place them in Abby McIver (right) regionals, which would include the top 16 teams in the state. The girls have Coach Mrs. Brothers is proud of her won just one tournament game in the past team’s accomplishments this year, saying, five years, despite some very successful “Winning every game we were supposed to regular-season teams. Erin says, “Winning win has been big for our success this year.” FAVC is the main goal, but some tournament Strong rebounding and a deep bench wins would definitely top off the year.” have been keys to success this year, with Heading into the final stretch of the everyone on the team seeing sufficient season, the girls hope to finish the season playing time, keeping the starters well rested out on top. Good luck to the Lady Tigers and getting the younger players game hoopsters.

Academic All-Stars excel, lead conference By Emma Goetz Staff Writer

The clock is ticking as you ponder the question, searching your memory for the answer you need. For a high school team that is 11-1 this year and first in its division, there is no way that you are going to let this answer get away. Smacking the buzzer, you shout out the answer and win the match. Welcome to an academic team meet. “My favorite moment is when it’s down to the wire, coach (Ms. Weill) calls a timeout and says, ‘This is our moment; this is what we live for!’” said senior Adam Kavka. So what’s up with the whole academic team thing? This year, the team has 29 members, with 11 of those on varsity. Adam and senior Spencer Leamy are varsity cocaptains. The team practices every Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday, depending if they have a meet that day. During practice, the team uses practice packets in mock meets to sharpen their skills. Meets are basically every Wednesday, with about half of them home. They also

have invitationals on some Saturdays. A typical meet lasts about two and a half hours. The first round has categories of Math, American Literature, Fine Arts, Life Science, and World History. The second round has English World Lit, American History, U.S. Government, Physical Science, and Geography. Round three is the alphabet round, where all answers start with the same letter. Round four is the lightning round, where the question can be anything. Competitors are given 10 seconds for each question, and 30 seconds for each math question. The academic team is coached by Ms. Weill, a science teacher. “She is fun, but challenging,” said sophomore Bryce Clawson. “Ms. Weill is amazing,” said Drew Demmerle, also a sophomore. “She is a very intimidating person for only being five feet tall,” said Spencer. When asked what his favorite part of academic team was, senior Jack Ogilvie replied, “Beating them [the other teams] into psychological submission.” Sophomore Nina Veite said that the best part about academic team is that “our

random and useless facts are no longer so useless.” Think you could make it on our academic team? Check out these actual academic team questions to find out. Challenge yourself by trying to answer each question in 10 seconds or less. (You can have 30 seconds for the math question.) Look below for the answers. 1. What is the center of a circle with the equation x2-2x+ y2+9=0? 2. The Rosetta Stone was found by troops from which country’s army? 3. What is the 13-letter word for money that is set aside by a legislature to pay for something authorized by law? 4. Not counting Australia, what is the fourthlargest island in the world? 5. Who said, “We have met the enemy and they are ours” in 1813?

Answers: 1. (1,-3) 2. France 3. Appropriation 4. Madagascar 5. Oliver Hazard Perry

Need a lift? These inspirational films will pick you up By Madeline Vance Staff Writer

Have you ever left the movie theater feeling completely motivated and proactive? Have you been carried away by the energy and glory that comes from a state title? What about witnessing the sweat, blood, and tears that go into becoming a team to triumph against its greatest rival? Well, The Roar invites you to experience the following five inspirational sports films, because they are the best of their kind. Rocky – The “Italian Stallion,” Rocky Balboa, is a boxer in downtown Philadelphia who dreams of making it big. He gets a big chance when he is set up to fight against the heavyweight champion of the world. Against all odds and through his incredible determination, Rocky steps up to the challenge in a 15-round fight for the ages. Hoosiers – The true story of a small-town Indiana high school and its journey to the state basketball finals in 1954 is captured in this inspiring David vs. Goliath story that

will capture your heart. This is truly a World War II, many brave men were sent to remarkable story. serve in the armed forces. This left a vacuum Remember the Titans – Another true story of American entertainment and left baseball that chronicles the integration of all-white fields completely empty … or did it? This and all-black high schools in the suburbs movie captures the inspiring lives of the of Virginia in 1971. Tensions arise as the women participating in the All-American mixed-race football team tries to keep its Girls Baseball League and the amazing story players together. The team unifies the they have to tell. school, and the boys learn to depend on Rudy – Against all odds and with only and trust each other. As the season his dream of playing football at Notre Dame, progresses, the team’s success leads to a Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger is someone you change of heart that spreads beyond will be cheering for. He the sidelines and captures an entire came from a small town, his town. grades were low, his Miracle – Do you believe in athletic skills were poor, he miracles? Well, you should. Based on was only half the size of the true story of one of the greatest the collegiate football moments in sports history, this film players, and his family shows the story of the United States didn’t believe in him … but hockey team and its rivalry against the did this stop him? No. Soviet Union at the 1980 Olympic In the end, through his Games during the Cold War. Team USA amazing work ethic, he was rose to the occasion and played with Photo from able to prove that dreams Rudy inspired pride, uniting our country despite the really do come true. many with its distraction of worldly events. A League of Their Own – During touching story

Let the games begin Olympics start Friday in Vancouver

By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

On Friday, the sports world will come together in Vancouver for the Opening Ceremonies of the 21st Winter Olympiad. The Winter Olympics feature some obscure sports that Americans have never or rarely seen. Sure, we are all familiar with ice hockey, skiing, and figure skating, but here is a look at some sports you may not be so familiar with. Curling: This is a game that was first played during the late medieval period in Scotland and has been given the nickname “chess on ice.” Curling is played by two teams of four players each on a rectangular ice sheet that is about 150 feet long by 16 feet wide. The four players on a team are the skipper, two brushers that follow the stone, and one brusher that comes in at the end. Brushing is used to make the rocks go farther and straighter. At the end of the ice sheet is a set of rings that look like a target. Points are scored by having a stone (40-pound granite stone) land on the target. A curling match consists of 15 ends (similar to the innings of baseball). Each team delivers eight stones per end. A point is scored by having a rock closest to the button (middle of the target) at the conclusion of each end. The team scoring the initial point can get more points by having an additional rock touching any part of the target, and no points are awarded for rocks not touching the target. Skeleton: Skeleton is one of the wildest sports that can be seen during the Winter Olympics. Competitors in this sport slide face down on a small sled down a frozen track. It is estimated that skeleton competitors are experiencing forces of 5G as they go speeding down the track. Skeleton uses the same track as the bobsled and luge competitions. The track must be at least 1,312 feet long, with complex banking turns that weave their way down the mountains. A competitor starts at the top of the track where they have about 85 feet to run on the ice to pick up speed and prepare to go sliding down the track. The track in Whistler (outside of Vancouver) is expected to be the most challenging track in the history of the Winter Olympics. Nordic combined: This is a competition that combines ski-jumping and crosscountry skiing. The combine is a two-part event that in the 2010 Winter Olympics will actually have three different versions. The basics of the event are that a single ski-jumping competition at a certain height will be followed by a single crosscountry event. In the Olympics the ski jumping event will happen first, and the results from that event will determine the starting times for the individual cross country race. The first one to complete the 10-kilometer distance will win gold. There will be two individual Nordic combined competitions, one with a higher jumping hill than the other.

5 Sports Sarnecki chases record Tipton tips the most pins

Page Editor: Sam Burpee

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

tournament. Joey explains this by saying, “The goal is to be as strong for a weight Staff Writer class as possible.” The difficult part of They say records are made to be this concept is keeping up one’s strength broken, yet some seem untouchable. while eating little food to cut weight in Matt Hamill’s school record of 122 the buildup to a tournament or dual. Joey has dominated the Fort Ancient wrestling victories is one of these. Valley Conference since he was a However, it could be beaten soon. Loveland senior Joey Sarnecki, freshman. He has been a standout and one of the hardest-working wrestlers ever with a 109-29 career mark since he hit the high school as of Feb. 3, is closing in wrestling scene. As a freshman, on Hamill’s mark. “It is my Joey wrestle at the 103-pound No. 1 goal this season,” weight class, and has moved up Joey said. “I have worked so that now as a senior he hard for four years to wrestles at 125. Through all four reach this point.” years Joey has been racking up Joey believes that he wins that have put him in can break the record position to potentially pass during the postseason. Hamill, the current MMA star. Photo by Josh Brennock The hard work it has The wrestling team has been taken to stay in shape and Joey Sarnecki making great strides make weight will be well worth it if Joey becomes the all-time throughout the season. According to winningest wrestler in Loveland High Joey, it has a team goal of finishing at least second in the league, and Joey School history. Joey says the biggest challenge anticipates a number of wrestlers will that comes with being an elite wrestler make districts. Whether or not Joey breaks the is making the weight requirement. Joey must stay at a certain weight in order school record, he is keeping things in to wrestle at a tournament or a dual prospective. He is proud of his current meet. In some instances wrestlers must accomplishments. Joey said, “I am already cut as many as 10 pounds in a week to in the 100-win club, so I have had a good make their weight class for a weekend career.”

By Josh Brennock

Northern Kentucky, where Ron spends time perfecting his bowling. He practices almost Staff Writer every day. “I practice on the Wii all the time,” The lane is empty except for the 10- Ron answered when asked about the most pound ball hurtling towards the pins. At fun way to practice. Not surprisingly, he’s the opening of the lane stands senior Ron very talented at that, too. Tipton. Ron is Loveland High School’s According to Ron, “Bowling helps me calm premier boys bowler. Ron is ranked No. 2 down.” As much fun as bowling is for Ron, in the Fort Ancient the other bowlers Valley Conference he plays against Buckeye Division with can get very a 201 average. At 15, annoying when Ron won an award for he’s trying to second-highest series bowl. Ron hopes in youth bowling at a that this year his youth bowling event. team can make it With a high game of to districts and 279, Ron is that guy maybe as far as everyone sees at the state. With a Photo by Ellen Mack bowling alley and Ron Tipton air bowls in the hallway huge help from wishes they could Ron, Loveland’s bowl like. boys bowling team is ranked third in the Ron has been bowling since he was 6 Buckeye Division as of its Feb. 4 match years old. His dad owns a bowling alley in against Norwood. By Regan Meinking

Williams aims to be swim sensation Michigan State signee dominating FAVC, could qualify for state in multiple events be the largest high school meet in the nation. In the past, Brandon has won second place in Light News Editor the 200-yard freestyle and became a junior national qualifier Many in the 50-yard people refer to freestyle, 100-yard him as Michael freestyle, and 100Phelps, but yard breast stroke. s e n i o r If thats not Brandon enough, Brandon Williams has placed 10th in the made his own 50 free in the 2009 name for state meet. This himself in the 10-year swimmer world of is very committed swimming. to the water, but Beginning Provided by Brandon Williams manages to swimming at Brandon Williams strokes to victory maintain a social age 8, Brandon life on land at the seemed born to be in the water. Rarely is he ever on foot, same time. He loves to spend time with his because 22 hours of his week are spent in biggest fans, Forrest Behne (12), John Ross a swimming pool. Actually, even more than (11) and, of course, Michael Lawson (12). Brandon plans to continue his swimming 22 hours, because when Brandon is not swimming, he may be working at the career after leaving Loveland High School. Mason Community Center as a lifeguard. He signed with Michigan State in November Brandon can definitely be trusted to and is very excited about attending next fall. save lives after taking several impressive When asked to name his favorite professional titles from swim meets and competitions. swimmer, Brandon instantly responded, His latest accomplishment is winning first “Ryan Lochte.” Remember the name Brandon place in the 50-yard freestyle in the Williams, because it might appear in the 2012 Southwest Classic. This meet happens to Summer Olympic Games. By Emilee Kraus

Paul and Wil: You go, girls By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

The boys basketball games are not the only sporting events that occur in winter. The girls games might be overlooked, but our girls are amazing. Paul Waked (12) and Wil Fisher (12) are two students who are dedicated to cheering our team on. They attend every game, unless Paul has swimming, and they do not back down when conditions are tough. This year, the night before a 90-minute delay, Paul and Wil ventured to Harrison through a snowstorm, traveling 35 mph on the highway in order to reach the game. Why are they so dedicated, you ask? “It started last year when Ellie Iaciofano (12) told us to go to the game that night during Ms. Kilgore’s English class, and when we were there we had a really good time cheering everyone on

and decided to make signs for them. Ever since then we’ve gone to every one we can make, no matter how far,” Paul says. So not only are they dedicated, they are witty. Their many signs consist of rhythmic sayings for all the players. For example, for players such as Mollie Kuramoto (12), the sign reads, “We’re so jolly, we have Mollie.” Others include, “Floats like a butterfly, stings like Ali Dee” for Ali Dee (11), “Iac Iac Baby” for Ellie, and “Don’t be hatin,’ we’ve got Katelyn,” for Katelyn Tracy (11). So you can say these boys are quite clever, and it is not only that, they are thoughtful too. At the Glen Este game this year, they bugged the announcer for the first three quarters to wish player Alex Kamm (11) a happy birthday. They told The Roar, “We started off knowing only a few players on the team, but now we’re friends with most of them.” Through dedication and love for their friends, Paul and Wil continue to be supportive in cheering our girls on.

6 WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010


Page Editor: Diana Reese

Help for Haiti is in our hands Say What?! Text HAITI to 90999 to donate to Red Cross, make a difference By Hailey Booth

Staff Writer

By Diana Reese Staff Writer

Terrified children roam the streets, looking for their families. A man lies trapped under a pile of rubble that was once his home. On Jan. 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Eighty percent of its citizens lived below the poverty line... and that was before the quake hit. The situation in Haiti is overwhelming. It is estimated that as many as 200,000 people were killed and many more injured in the quake. The dead line the streets of Port-auPrince and are piled into heaps of makeshift graveyards, while the living search for food, water, and medical care. The stench of death hovers over the whole town. The quake reduced the National Palace to rubble and left Haitian President Rene Preval homeless, along with 1.5 million Haitians. Schools, hospitals, and prisons were destroyed. Approximately 5,000 prisoners escaped Port-au-Prince and now roam the streets. Some are armed gang members that make the streets even more dangerous for displaced Haitians. Looting is common as people search for supplies.

Photo from

A Haitian girl waits in a tent city after the earthquake destroyed her home. A million words would not suffice to describe the desperation in Haiti, but the solution takes just one. Simply text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross for relief efforts. Adonation of $10 can provide two containers to store clean drinking water. You can also donate at; $25

provides a family a kitchen set, and $60 can build shelter for a family of five. You can also donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund ( by texting “YELE” to 501501. Charges for text donations will appear on your phone bill. For once, the power to help is actually in our hands. Let this be a time for us to come together in support for a country so close to the U.S. that seems worlds away.

Get ready to celebrate the Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day; learn to party like the pros By Diana Reese Staff Writer

Have you already given up on those New Year’s resolutions? Well, don’t worry. Chinese New Year is coming up and you have another chance. Chinese New Year falls on Valentine’s Day this year, ringing in the Year of the Tiger. In China, the new year is a two-week celebration and a time for families to come together. Good company, rich food, and carefully followed traditions and superstitions are all a part of the celebration. According to Chinese tradition, the way you spend Chinese New Year is supposed to impact the rest of your life – at least until next year. Here’s a guide to make sure next year is one of the best. Before New Year’s Eve (Saturday), traditional Chinese families clean their homes and then put away all brooms and

Throughout the new brushes so they year, all of China is don’t sweep away decorated with red and good luck. It is also gold, signifying wealth advised to pay oof all and happiness. Married your debts, because couples present red if you owe money on envelopes filled with New Year’s Day, you money to children. will all year. Oranges and tangerines On New Year ’s are also gifted as a hope Eve, many Chinese for good health and long people have reunion life. Families set up a dinners with their circular tray filled with families. The feast sweets in their kitchens to usually includes fish promote togetherness, (because the word for and hang red banners with fish sounds like Photo from poetry around their doors. “surplus” in Tiger roars in the New Year However you choose Chinese) and to celebrate it, Chinese dumplings for prosperity. At midnight, many Chinese families open all of the doors and New Year is an auspicious time rich with tradition, not to mention an awesome windows in their home to release the old excuse to party thanks to Valentine’s Day. year.

Here are some bizarre news stories you won’t believe. Weight Watchers cave-in A Weight Watchers group in Sweden went to its weekly weigh-in and learned it might want to work a little harder on losing weight. While group members were being weighed, the floor collapsed underneath them. Smells of sewage crept up through the ground. Source: Catching the crazy cat lady A woman from Brooklyn was found with 37 cats living with her in her onebedroom apartment. The woman’s name has not been released, but ASPCA has taken 35 of her cats. She was trying her hardest to take care of the cats, officials say, but there were just too many to properly take care of. The woman gets to keep two of her cats after they have been spayed and neutered. Source: Call a cab.. or fake your own murder... Gregory J. Oras, a 37-year-old man from Florida, called 911 claiming he had been beaten and shot. When the police arrived on the scene, they discovered Oras perfectly fine. All he really wanted was a ride to a bar. This is the third occurrence that Oras has called authorities on a fake pretense in order to get a ride somewhere. This previous incident caused Oras to become violently angry, and he had to be tasered to be calmed down. He is now being charged with misusing the 911 system and battery of a law enforcement officer. Source: The fine print of PetSmart’s motto Eric Favetta, 31, worked at PetSmart for 18 months. One night, he took an overnight shift to help prepare the store for a meeting with officials from Martha Stewart’s company. He didn’t want to leave his dog home alone all day and night, so he brought it to work with him after the store closed and put it in the doggie day care area. Favetta checked on his German Shepard, Gizmo, every 15 minutes during his shift to make sure everything was all right. When his district manager found out that Favetta brought his dog to work, he was fired for “theft of service,” for using the day care without paying. So much for PetSmart’s motto of “We love to see healthy, happy pets.” Source:

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010


7 Page Editor: Matthew Worsham

Computer problems? Mr. Munnis can help By Erin Randall Editor-in-Chief

“Mr. Munnis fixes everything,” says junior Taylor McDonald. This may be a slight exaggeration, but when it comes to technology, Mr. Munnis is hard to stump. Mr. Munnis, the instructional technologist at LHS, completes tasks ranging from answering teacher’s questions about technology to maneuvering laptop carts through crowded hallways. “I help teachers use technology when they need it,” Mr. Munnis says, “and I help students print reports and get PowerPoints going for presentations.” He also keeps computers and airliners in working order for all staff and students at LHS. Mr. Munnis became interested in computers while working for Westing House Electric Corporation in sales. The increase in popularity of the personal computer fueled this interest, and he was eager to learn all about the new technology.

After retiring from WHEC, he knew that the Loveland School District was hiring—this is how he ended up at LHS. Mr. Munnis has been working for the school district since 2001. Mr. Munnis greatly emphasizes that the best part of his job is helping people. He says, “Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a student print a report when the printer malfunctions. He or she worked all night on that report, and I am able to help them be successful. I also often help teachers with students’ grades on the computer.” The energy and enthusiasm with which Mr. Munnis speaks of his job is contagious. He truly loves combining technology and service, apparent when he says, “This job allows me to learn more about computers and technology; at the same time, I am able to help people, which is the most exciting part.” The staff and students at LHS notice Mr. Munnis’s passion for technology and

helping others. “He’s always willing to help and he’s always very polite,” says senior Anna Dunn. “He also kindly refrains from running over students with the computer cart.” In another reflection of his servicecentered soul, Mr. Munnis once helped senior attendance aide Matt Oberholzer take down the flag in front of the school. “Now, whenever I see him in the hall, he says ‘Hi’ and often asks about my day,” says Matt. “Mr. Munnis is one of the unsung heroes of this building,” claims English and Journalism teacher Mr. Schmidt. “Most people don’t realize how much the staff uses technology and how often we have questions. People don’t realize how many little things go into the job that he has to do.” Mr. Munnis thoroughly enjoys his job and does his work with positive energy and a smile each day. His passion for technology and helping others is apparent in the way he carries out tasks on a daily basis.

Photo by Mr. Schmidt

Mr. Munnis hard at work

History of Valentine’s Day shared by lovers, executioners By Erin Randall Editor-in-Chief

Valentine’s Day originated in 270 A.D. in ancient Rome with the death of St. Valentine. This day is a combination of both Christian and Roman tradition, and several legends tell of its origin. There is no official record of how Valentine’s Day actually began; rather, ancient myths provide entertaining explanations for its humble beginning.

In the first story, Rome’s emperor, Claudius II, outlawed marriage for young men because he wanted them to be soldiers, not lovers. Valentine, a priest, secretly performed marriage rites for young couples in love. Claudius apparently discovered Valentine’s treachery and put him to death. In another legend, Valentine, imprisoned for trying to help Christians escape Roman mistreatment, fell in love with his jailor’s

daughter. He sent her a card signed, “From your Valentine,” and the tradition has remained since. Feb. 14 is thought to be the date when Valentine was killed. In the Middle Ages, people recognized that birds began to mate on this date as well, adding to the romantic ideology associated with the holiday. The oldest valentine on record is kept in the British Library in London, England. It

was a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife in 1415. The first commercial valentine cards in the U.S. were created in the 1840s by Esther A. Howland, also known as the Mother of the Valentine. According to the Greeting Card Association, one billion valentine cards are sent each year; 85 percent of these are purchased by women.

Tiger Bites: Loveland students serve on Board, cafeteria program “stellar” By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

Two LHS students, senior Sarah Fisher and junior Patrick Kudo, were chosen to hold the position of student representative to the Loveland Board of Education. T w o students are selected annually based on an application process including an evaluation by administrators Board reps Sarah Fisher of each school. As student reps, they attend all board work sessions and relay information about the schools. This includes making reports on athletics, plays, and other events. Says Patrick, “I enjoy the opportunity to work with the adults on the Board, who want to help us learn how government works, and the chance to be on the front lines, knowing what’s going on in the district.” He says he hopes more students will be interested this year in applying. Sarah said she hopes to help students who have concerns that can be addressed by the Board. “I want to make positive change in the schools,” she said, “If you have questions or concerns that you would like us to bring up at the Board meetings, you can feel free to talk to us any time.” CAFETERIA STAFF HONORED: The cafeteria staff earned the 2009 Stellar Award for its Child Nutrition program. The award is given by the Ohio Department of

Education, and this year it was earned by only 22 institutions. Loveland is the only recipient in Hamilton County. The award is given based on criteria such as the type and quality of meals, availability of healthy choices, training and education of the staff, efforts to create a pleasant e a t i n g environment, and the education of students and t h e community a b o u t h e a l t h y Photo by Matthew Worsham eating. and Patrick Kudo BOARD MEMBERS SWORN IN: The Loveland Board of Education met last month for its annual organizational meeting, where new member Dr. Katie Bontrager and returning members Mrs. Linda Pennington and Mrs. Christine Olsen were sworn in. The Board appointed Dr. Kathryn Lorenz and Mrs. Olsen president and vice-president, respectively. Board work sessions, where you can hear a report by Patrick and Sarah, are held on the first Tuesday of every month. ATHLETES COMMIT: Two Loveland seniors, Isaac Spence and Mason Scheeler, have orally committed to play football in college. Issac has committed to Hillsdale College and Mason to Charleston. STUDENT ACTOR HONORED: LHS junior Nathan Robbins has attained the rank of finalist in the Overture Awards Competition. The regional competition honors achievement in the performing and fine arts.

Loveland in

8 WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010 By Ellen Mack and Madeline Vance

Staff Writer

Couples Test: How well do t

This Valentine’s Day The Roar decided to choose a few couples to see how well they really know each other. Questions: What’s his/her favorite candy? Who’s his/her celebrity crush? What’s his/her favorite movie? When’s his/her birthday? What’s their middle name? “Jenzy” Bailey Denzy (11) & Josh Carrington (12)

“Chrenzinger” Presley Benzinger (11) & Brian Christian (11) Brian’s answers: Himself: Reese’s Derek Jeter Major League May 14 Allen

Presley: M&M’s Justin Long Love Actually Dec. 5 Anne

Presley’s answers: Brian: Reese’s Derek Jeter Major League May 14 Allen

herself: M&M’s Justin Long Love Actually Dec. 5 Anne

Be mine, Valentine? By Regan Meinking and Katie Henke Staff

*Adam Warden (9) wants Gabby Bailey (12) *Nick Hoffman (11) is head over heels for Stella Norris (10) Everyone wants somebody for Valentine’s *Catie Khwaja (11) longs for Will Ingstrup Day. Here’s who your fellow classmates say (12) they want for that *Emilee Earls (11) special day. wants Graham *Tara Spencer Peters (9) (10) longs for *Jake Cornett (11) Austin Loveless wishes for Kelsey (9) McGohan (11) *Nick Ranieri * A l l i s o n (9) needs Katy Pfaltzgraff (10) is Engel (10) head over heels for *Allie Suder (9) Kyle Sieg (10) is head over heels *Alyssa Tipton (10) for David Moran longs for Robby (11) Mulvey (11) *Lena Wilson (9) *Logan Cornett wishes for Spencer Vance (12) (10) hopes for Megan photo by Regan Meinking Slabaugh (10) Christopher Wells (12), Austin Bessey (12), Ben Hoffman(11) want Mollie Kuramoto (12) Writers

Middle school memories

By Abby Vargo

Staff Writer

It’s the awkward hugs before getting on the bus and the uncomfortable conversations in the hallways that remind us of the middle school dating days. At the time those relationships were so awkward, but now we can look back and laugh at them. The Roar found some students willing to reveal their middle school loves.

Cath Wells (12) and Adam Howaniec (11) Hannah Sublett and Ryne Terry (9) Allie Suder and Bryce Plitt (9) Leah Wood and Ryan Altman (10) Alex Holtmeier and Holly Hubble (12) Jon Treloar and Stef Dever (10) Jake Cornett and Rachel Donnelly (11) Adam Engel dated Kelsey Kerkhove, Sam Burpee, Casey Baker and Joanna Myaka (12)

photo by Regan Meinking

Sam Burpee and Randy Mullins (12)


Josh’s answers: Himself: Chocolate Megan Fox Highlander May 21 Benjamin

Bailey: Anything not chocolate Rob Pattinson A Walk to Remember Aug. 6 Alexis

Olivia Reaney (12) & Adam’s answers: Himself: Reese’s Megan Fox Old School Sept. 23 Adam

Bailey’s answers: Josh: Yellow Laffy Taffy Taylor Swift 300 May 21 Benjamin

Herself: Sour Starburst Chad Michael Murray A Walk to Remember Aug. 6 Alexandra

Olivia’s answers: Adam: Twizzlers Megan Fox The Hangover Sept. 23 Adam

Contra: Sec Creepy?


Sara Mullowney I honestly do not really know how a secret admirer can be anything but creepy. It is an extremely uncomfortable situation when you have someone whose identity is unknown secretly leaving you romantic gifts and creeping around your stuff, in order to stay anonymous. Why you cannot just gain enough courage and talk to the person you like is beyond me. The thought of someone following you around trying to leave you gifts is weird. I do not think it’s romantic to be a stalker, and I’m sorry if you do. Websites have been created so someone else can do the creeping for you, such as, which just sounds stalker-ish. Personally, if I ever received an e-mail/gift via, I would contact the police. also has a step-by-step process on how to be the ultimate secret admirer with step six being, “Refrain from following the person around town or home from work to avoid any misunderstandings about your intentions.” In other words, try not to be too much of a stalker. Overall, it’s weird to be secretive. Unless you have some serious problems, just gain some courage and be yourself, and go for it.

Sara and John strike a pose


Sara M u ll o w n e y



they really know each other?

Page Editor: Emilee Kraus


“Braylor” Olivia: peppermints “some dude from Twilight” Wedding Crashers March 11 “M”

Taylor Hoffman (9) & Bryce Plitt (9) Bryce’s answers: Himself: Taylor: Milk Duds Skittles Angelina Jolie unknown Remember the Titans A Walk to Remember June17 Feb. 25 Bryce Ashlyn

Morgan Jennings (10) & Evan Beck (10) Evan’s answers: Himself: Morgan: Laffy Taffy Laffy Taffy Megan Fox Robert Pattinson The Hangover How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Oct. 22 Feb. 23 Christian Elizabeth

Herself: York Peppermint Patties Taylor Lautner Youth in Revolt March 11 Morgan

Taylor’s answers: Bryce: Skittles Angelina Jolie The Hangover June 17 Bryce

Morgan’s answers: Evan: Skittles Fergie Ace Ventura Oct. 22 Christian

& Adam Treloar (12)

herself: Reese’s Channing Tatum A Walk to Remember Feb. 25 Ashlyn

Herself: Spree Rob Pattinson Sweet Home Alabama Feb. 23 Elizabeth

One time at band camp...

By Emilee Kraus

ret admirers Romantic?



John Ross It’s Valentine’s day, Feb. 14. You walk up to your locker and put in the combination to open it. A pink and purple piece of paper flutters to the ground. Your heart flutters. You pick it up, and circled by big kiss marks and hearts is a little note. “I really, really like you

Photo by Emilee Kraus

a lot. Be my valentine? Meet me at the gym. Xoxoxo,” it reads. It might as well just say, “I am the most romantic person in the world for writing you this; if you don’t date me you are a fool.” Secret admirer notes are probably the most romantic thing ever. So romantic, in fact, that I’m writing secret admirer notes to at least three different girls right now as I write this article. Let’s think about it: What girl really wants something impersonal like flowers, diamond rings, or candy? Especially when they can get something a man has poured his heart and soul into making, with nothing but his bare hands, some paste, and a big heart-shaped stamp that screams the words, “I love you.” So for all you guys and gals out there who are reading Sara’s article over there and thinking, “Oh yeah, that kid last year who gave me a secret admirer note and followed me for days WAS creepy,” think again. Sure, maybe the way they came to your place of work and watched you was a little out of the ordinary, and possibly the time they threatened your family because you didn’t meet them at the selected location on the note was kind of scary. But you have to remember, he did those slightly illegal things not out of creepiness, but out of love and with a heart filled with the art of romance. So, I ask you Loveland High, ignore my creeped-out counterpart, and next time you get a secret admirer note and want to throw it away, think of this article and just how romantic those special little notes can be.

Staff Writer

Love will be in the air this Valentines Day, but one room in this school will be especially filled with romance over the sounds of tubas and French horns. Every club and group at the school has its own couples, but this Valentine’s Day The Roar has decided to feature some couples from Loveland High School’s band. From the percussion section all the way to the winds, the couples share a few facts about their relationships: Questions: 1. What instruments do you play? 2. Where and when did you meet? 3. What was your first date? 4. Of course we asked each couple to finish this quote: “One time at band camp…” Couple #1: Sarah Congleton (12) and Sean Hadley (12) 1. This senior couple can be found in the percussion section. 2. They met through marching band sophomore year. 3. Their first date was at Paxton’s after Sarah’s lacrosse game sophomore year. 4. “One time at band camp, Sean made everyone run a lap around the field because he felt compelled to do this after the snare drums were misbehaving”-Sarah. Couple #2: Gretchen Kessler (12) and Denver Coulson (12) 1. Gretchen plays the mellophone in marching band and the flute in concert band, while Denver plays the trumpet, French horn, and piano. 2. They had always been friends in band, but when they became band buddies (Band’s version of Secret Santa) sophomore year, love struck this friendship. 3. Their first date was seeing the movie The Dark Knight. 4. “One time at band camp, we enjoyed the senior performance during the final rehearsal”-Gretchen. Couple #3: David Rutter (11) and Photo by Emilee Kraus Ashley Paulson (12) (right) Ashley Paulson and David Rutter 1. David switches back and forth from strings and band, where he plays the violin and French horn, while Ashley plays the flute. 2. They met at T.G.I. Friday’s after a football game during David’s freshman year. 3. Their first date was hanging out at David’s house. 4. “One time at band camp, the entire band piled in a 2-foot radius circle for a teambuilding activity”-Ashley. Couple #4: Hannah Trate (11) and Drew Dannemiller (10) 1. Hannah plays the tenor saxophone, while Drew plays the euphonium. 2. They met in band at the end of the marching band season. 3. Their first date was in the heart of Loveland on the bike trail. 4. “One time at band camp, ra da ra da ra da ra”-Drew.



Page Editor: Madeline Vance

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

WHAT is she wearing? By Becca Black Staff Writer

Waking up at 6 a.m. is far from ideal for most students. And as we know all too well, sometimes it’s easier to throw on the most comfortable thing you own, or even come to school in what you wore the night before. But as Becca Pearson (10) lets us know, it’s not all that much more effort to pull on a cute outfit. She does it everyday ... including exam days. Don’t question the fashionista. Her style: Vintage, feminine, with a twist of indie. Accessories she likes: Men’s watches and rings. Favorite outfit: A pair of skinnys, Vans, a sweater, and a scarf. Where she shops: She loves J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Shade (a random shop in Utah).

Music that inspire her fashion: Feist and A Fine Frenzy inspire her through their unique ways of expressing themselves through music. Movies that inspire her: 500 Days of Summer. Pet peeves: Boots with flare jeans and wearing leggings as pants. Secret to success: “I used to be afraid of dressing up, but I realized that it’s part of who I am. People exaggerate how difficult it is to dress cute, but it really doesn’t take that much more effort!” Previous fashion mishaps: “I used to tie my t-shirts on the side with hair bands.” Necessities: Solid Ts, jeans, and tennis shoes. What others think of Becca’s look: “Becca’s art of layering is extravagant!” – Madeline Vance (11)

“She has a very creative style and is very good at putting different pieces together.” –Alison Pfaltzgraff (10) “She always looks so cute and throws in her own twist!” –Sammie Smith (11) “Becca Pearson is fashion.” –John Ross (11) “She inspires the stylish and makes the unstylish jealous.” –Megan Kiley (9) Who Becca thinks is fashionable: Brian Kuramoto (12)…you’re next!

Becca Pearson ... the new fashionista!

Photo by Becca Black

Reality TV: fist-pumping the competition away By Sara Mullowney and Casey Baker

its guard down, making the show not only amusing but relatable. It keeps you wanting more with the constant fights and romance. Keeping Up With the Kardashians- Between Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and their mother, Kris Jenner, each episode is bound to be entertaining. Kourtney is having a baby, Khloe got married, and Kim is getting

Staff Writers

Gym, tan, laundry ... it is the best way to put Jersey Shore into words, the No. 1 trashy reality TV show we can’t help but fist-pump along. These days it feels that no matter what channel you flip to, there is a reality TV show playing. The Roar ranks our favorites, with Jersey Shore at the top, of course. Jersey Shore: The “hottest, tannest, and craziest guidos,” as described by MTV, are winning the hearts of America. House music, fake tans, and fist-pumping were the main attractions of this group of eight. What’s not to love? The “situation” created situations throughout the season. Snookie danced the night away, doing back-flips, even if she was wearing a dress. JWoww is a wild guidette who wears the craziest clothes we have ever seen. Pauly D spins with his Italian DJ set-up, and plays house music that we all know each member is fist-pumping to. Sammi and Ronnie have

Bachelor contestants

Photo from

their loving relationship filled with constant bickering about absolutely everything. Vinny’s just there, but regardless, he is always having a good time. The Real World- On its 23rd season, this show never fails to disappoint. It truly depicts “what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real.” Reallife issues are brought up while the cast lets

back with Reggie Bush, all while they run their store, Dash. Who wouldn’t want to watch all of the drama that entails? The Bachelor: This show is filled with desperate girls who tell the bachelor they want to marry him by the second episode. Filled with jealously and betrayal of the typical all-girl show, it is too funny to watch.

The Real Housewives- Whether it is New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey or Orange County, there is never a dull moment on this show. Each episode is filled with drama, as the wealthy ladies featured think of new ways to spend their money and stir up controversy. Teen Mom: A show depicting those girls who were previously on 16 and Pregnant. The drama of the baby life and teenage years are filled with constant tears and laughter. Tool Academy: The ultimate “tools” are challenged to eliminate their selfobsessed personalities, and they must begin caring for their crazy girlfriends, who are still putting up with them. Tough Love- This is one show that drags you in without your knowing. The girls on the show have relationship phobias and the host, a man, helps them work through their problems. Tune in to see all of the ladies’ issues unfold.

Face-off: vs. Walmart By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

The past decade has brought dramatic changes to our world and lives. The ways we listen to music, watch movies, and even learn in the classrooms have been significantly altered with the advancement


of technology. One other change caused by technology is the way we shop. Founded in the 1960s, Walmart has been an icon in the American retail industry. However, a much newer online retailer,, has brought some stiff competition. Founded in 1994, is strictly an online retailer and carries every

product from toothpaste to snow blowers. It’s affordable, convenient, and shipping is usually free if you spend over $25. Walmart has long been one of the best places to buy everything you need at an affordable price. Similar to, Walmart carries a wide range of products, also for very good prices. Two things

Categories Prices Customer service Variety Purchasing convenience Returning convenience

Walmart offers that can’t are fresh produce and frozen foods. Overall, and Walmart are both great options for purchasing that next DVD or gadget you’ve been wanting. However, beats Walmart with a score of 22-20 due to its convenience and outstanding prices.



Page Editor: John Ross

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

Taking the Stage: take two The Roar’s Bridget Sova interviews a student at SCPA, home of the MTV show Taking the Stage By Bridget Sova Staff Writer

Can you imagine walking into school and seeing camera crews roaming the halls, or trying to pay attention in class while being filmed? How about turning on the TV and seeing yourself? This has become the norm for students at The School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA). This Cincinnati school is being featured on the second season of a series on MTV called Taking the Stage. SCPA is a magnet school that focuses on the arts, with many famous alumni including Sarah Jessica Parker, Nick Lachey, and Carmen Electra. Lachey pitched the idea of the reality show to MTV a few years ago, and after a successful first season last year, the producers decided to continue with a second season. Although SCPA is a Cincinnati Public school, all students need to audition to gain entry into the school, so everyone who goes there is very talented. Last season, Taking the Stage focused on five students, four of whom were dancers and one a singer. Tyler Nelson and Mia Carruthers are the only returning stars from last season. This season will primarily

feature six new students (along with Tyler big-time commitment? A. It is a huge commitment, but worth it! and Mia) with a wide variety of talents. Tyler Q. What is it like having cameras on told The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Viewers this you all the time? season also will see more singers, a wider A. At first it variety of was weird, d a n c e but the crew styles, was really a n d nice and rappers.” made me feel The comfortable. R o a r Now it’s like talked to they aren’t one of this even there! s e a s o n ’s Q. Is c a s t there a lot members, of drama K a y l a between the Richardson, stars like who is a there was senior at last season? SCPA this A. Well, year. isn’t there Q. Were Photo from a l w a y s you on the Taking the Stage’s new cast going to be show last drama? (Laughs) People have different ways season? of seeing things, and you will get to see A. I was only in the background and in how it all plays out. some dance numbers and such. Q. How much of what takes place on the Q. Is being one of the stars this season a

show is really reality? A. All of it is real. There may have been times when the cameras needed to get something again, but the show is not scripted at all. Q. What will we be able to see you doing on the show this season? A. You will definitely see me a lot during this season! Plan on seeing some dance, music, relationships, and other surprises! So on Thursday nights at 11, watch Taking the Stage on MTV to see Kayla and some other talented students from your city.

Kayla Richardson

Photo from

Soundtrack better on CD Roar staffers review Motion City concert By Sander DiAngelis & Natalie Siddique Staff Writers The Roar recently received free tickets to the Motion City Soundtrack concert at Bogart’s. Created in 1997, Motion City Soundtrack is a punk-rock band based out of Minneapolis, Minn. You may remember them for their hits “The Future Freaks Me Out” and “Everything is Alright,” or you may simply know of them because of the lead singer’s incredibly whacky hairdo. Upon arriving at the concert, we immediately noticed that we were a little out of our element. Never in our lives have we seen so many pairs of Converse shoes at once. After getting settled and finding our own area to stand, we discovered that peoplewatching was just as entertaining, if not more entertaining, than the actual music. A 40year-old man was sneaking his way towards what appeared to be a young college girl, floods of teens had to leave temporarily for

smoke breaks, and some people just seemed so far into their own element that we simply did not know what to think. Around 9 p.m., Motion City Soundtrack finally took the stage. Everyone began screaming. After several songs, we agreed that the lead singer, Justin Pierre, has a distinct and great-sounding voice. However, with the lousy acoustics it was extremely difficult to distinguish his voice from the rest of the instruments and sounds. It was as if everything was rebounding off every wall, and eventually every song sounded exactly the same. After about 90 minutes the show started wrapping up, and it finally felt like the 90minute song was complete. Don’t get us wrong; this is a talented group. Listen to its albums and you will find a sound unlike any other bands out there. However, the live performance of Motion City Soundtrack was not up to its standards. If interested in listening to the band’s music, check out its new CD, My Dinosaur Life, which was just released on Jan. 19.

Templeton’s tunes teach love Ms. Templeton shares some great love songs By Regan Meinking Staff Writer

That special someone is sitting across from you, glowing in the candlelight. The spaghetti and meatballs you slaved over all day smell like heaven. Everything is set up for the perfect Valentine’s Day, except for the dead silence filling the space all around you and your sweetheart. You have no idea what kind of music to put on to fit this special occasion. Lucky for you, Ms. Templeton has come up with a list of 13 of the best love songs to help you and your significant other have a memorable holiday.

1. “In Your Eyes”- Peter Gabriel 2. “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby”- Barry White 3. “Your Song”- Elton John 4. “Then”- Brad Paisley 5. “I’m Yours”- Jason Mraz 6. “My Heart Will Go On”- Celine Dion 7. “You’re the Inspiration’- Chicago 8. “Bless the Broken Road”- Rascal Flatts 9. “Better Together”- Jack Johnson 10. “Anyone Else But You”- The Moldy Peaches (Juno soundtrack) 11. “You’re Still the One”- Shania Twain 12. “Breathe”- Faith Hill 13. “Glory of Love”- Peter Cetera

Photo from

Vita Chambers

Vita review: CD is just okay By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-chief

Each month The Roar is sent posters, CDs, and stickers from record labels promoting their bands and musicians. Here is a review of one of The Roar’s discoveries. Still lurking under the radar of the mainstream pop scene is 16-year-old musician Vita Chambers. Originally raised in Barbados, Chambers recently moved to New York and signed with SRP Records— the same company responsible for turning Rihanna and Shontelle into international stars. Hoping to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps, Chambers has what she describes as an honest, smart, powerful, and original voice. She notes that her influences include Pink, Imogen Heap, and Coldplay. After listening to the songs Chambers sent to The Roar, it feels as if she is trying

to be the next big star, but it’s clear she still has a long way to go. She wants to be Pink, but her talent doesn’t seem to be there quite yet. In the information we received, we are told that she “co-wrote” her songs. But with songs titled “Get Out My Head” and “Young Money,” it seems as if Chambers’s music is artificial and missing substance. Her weak lyrics say, “I’m gonna make a milla-gazillion dollars, so holler if you’re with me now.” Just like countless other pop musicians flooding the radios, Chambers’s talent sounds computer generated and it’s hard to find anything too special. Sure, the songs may be a little catchy, but with enough voice modifications and some excellent connections, anyone can be a pop star nowadays. It’s unclear whether Vita Chambers will become a household name or not, but in the meantime check out her first single, “Young Money.” Although she currently only has fours songs available for purchase, her first album is scheduled to release in the spring of 2010. Overall: 3 out of 5 stars.

Entertainment Upcoming Logan lifts off 12

Page Editor: Emma Goetz

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

LHS grad has release party to celebrate second album By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

You may remember hearing the sweet music of 2009 graduate Logan Sand. Now, the singing, songwriting, and piano-playing University of Cincinnati freshman can be heard on his second album, New Day. Sand is an electronic media major at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. He has been playing piano since the age of nine and writing songs since 13. When he came out with his first album, Like It or Not, in 2006, adults and students alike raved over his music. His unique style, comparable to artists such as Ben Folds, shines through with catchy songs such as “Melancholy Day.” Since the release of the first album, he has been working with producer Rick Brantley to make this second album just as brilliant. The release party of New Day on Jan. 22 brought many fans of all ages to the 20th

Photo from

By Casey Baker Staff Writer

Century Theater to celebrate Sand’s musical talent. The night was filled with quality musical entertainment along with loud applause and cheers from the crowd. “I suppose I could describe the show as the best experience on stage in my entire life, and a dream of mine is now fulfilled,” Sand said about the evening. With all of his hard work and dedication, it is obvious that Sand is headed down a long road of success in the future. Make sure you check out Sand at His first Photo from album is available on Sand (third from left) at the CD’s release party iTunes.

Michael’s Movies: buddy films Stop thinking romance...think BROmance! Here are our top 5 buddy films By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

The following are the best of the movies that involve close platonic relationships between men. A couple movies are bromances; others are buddy films. All of them are amazing. 1- I Love You, Man- This movie is the epitome of a bromance. This story is about a man who didn’t have any male friends and instead always had female friends. In search

for a best man for his wedding, he discovers a man who turns his life upside down. 2- Tremors- Two men in this movie are handy men who live in Nevada, battle subterranean monsters that eat men, and settle disputes with rock, paper, scissors. It is fantastic. 3- The Shawshank Redemption- Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins play men locked up in prison. This story tells what happens in this corrupt prison and how the prisoners

LHS caught up in Call of Duty mania By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

In November, an epic game was released: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While playing the online version of this game, the player has the opportunity to customize the player he wants to be. He has the opportunity to customize what weapons they use (primary and secondary), perks (which allow a player to add bonuses to their layout), and equipment (fragmentation grenades, C4, etc). The Roar asked players for their favorite customizations and their biggest pet peeve. Michael Sonnenberg (12) a.k.a. A Massive Pwner Weapon- SCAR-H Secondary- Thumper Perk- Danger close Equipment- Frag grenade Peeve- “12-year-olds with foul language” Andrew Cooman (12) a.k.a. Buckeyesfan Weapon- Barrett .50cal (thermal) Secondary- Model 1887 (akimbo) Perk- Stopping power Equipment- Claymore Peeve- “n00b tubers and/or Michael Sonnenberg” John Ross (11) a.k.a. BossRoss Weapon- Riot shield Secondary- AT4 Perk- Stopping power Equipment- Throwing knife Peeve- “People with thermal scopes/ playing against [Andrew] Cooman”

Evan Miller (12) a.k.a. Zombeast Weapon- Scar-H (FMJ) Secondary- Model 1887 (akimbo) Perk- Sleight of hand Equipment- Frag grenade Peeve- “Kids with lightweight, marathon and a care package marker, knifing people” Andrew Schuster (12) a.k.a. Schu Weapon- Scar-H (red dot scope and heartbeat sensor) Secondary- AA-12 Perk- Stopping power Equipment- Frag grenade Peeve- “Heartbeat sensors or me” Jake Nye (12) a.k.a. that one man Weapon- M16A4 Secondary- G18 Perk- Stopping power Equipment- Frag grenade Peeve- “Schuster’s ratty heartbeat sensor… and Canadians” Matthew Worsham (11) a.k.a. Matthewnumber1 Weapon- AUG HBAR Secondary- G18 Perk- Scavenger Equipment- Frag grenades Peeve- “Snipers with ACOG scopes” Adam Smith (12) a.k.a. The Atr4in Weapon- Knife (care package marker) Secondary- Thumper Perk- Marathon Equipment- Blast shield Peeve- “Campers, get that tent out of here!”


handle their lives behind bars. It’s really a fantastic movie. 4- Superbad- This is a coming-of-age tale of two almost-men, teenage boys. The relationship between the two main characters makes it prime for this list. 5- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidThe ultimate buddy film, it’s the story of two friends who live and die together. After robbing banks and trains, their luck runs out. This is definitely a classic.

Getting stir crazy in your house this winter? Going to a concert is a great way to get yourself out and about. Here are the highlights of the upcoming month. Alternative rock: State Radio will be playing at the 20th Century Theater on Feb. 23. Alternative rock: New Found Glory is coming to Bogarts on March 3. Country: The Bank of Kentucky Center will be hosting The Shine All Night Tour featuring Martina McBride and Trace Adkins on Feb. 28. Country: Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan play on Feb. 19 at The Bank of Kentucky Center. Pop rock: Carbon Leaf will play the 20th Century Theater on Fed. 17. Electronic rock: On Feb. 25 Boombox will be appearing at the Southgate House in Newport. Mexican Rock: Rodrigo y Gabriela will be bringing their upbeat music to the Madison Theater on March 10. The Roar’s pick: The Shine All Night Tour is definitely the concert you do not want to miss. The Oklahoman wrote, “Between McBride’s powerful voice and sassy energy and Adkins’ rowdy honky tonk and heartfelt ballads, the pair’s Shine All Night Tour seemed to thrill the nearcapacity Ford Center crowd.” Clearly, the tour has received praise from reviewers. McBride will perform her empowering song, “Independence Day,” and her current single, “I Just Call You Mine.” Adkins will sing popular hits such as “You’re Gonna Miss This” and “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”


WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

10 sexiest athletes Roar staffer ranks hottest bods in sports when he takes off his helmet, his hair always By Abby Vargo seems to look perfect. Staff Writer 6. Jeremy Bloom is (The Roar will a professional snow feature a top 10 list skier. He was born in each issue. It’s Loveland … Colorado. completely up to the Underneath the snow author, determined goggles and the layers randomly, what he of snow apparel is a cut or she wants to man. This is why he count down). gets my No. 6 spot: for Sports are having abs of steel. always fun to watch 5. Fredrik but for me, male Ljungberg was a sports are even more professional Swedish exciting than female. soccer player and after The male athletes a 10-year career, he always have perfect retired, only to come bodies and look back later. Ljungberg amazing in their has a defined jaw line uniforms. Not only that screams are they all amazing masculinity. Plus it athletes, but if you helps that he was a don’t like sports, supermodel for Calvin you still get Klein, and those entertainment when pictures aren’t too bad looking at them. My to look at either. list starts from the 4. Matt Leinart is least sexy to the the quarterback for the Phto from sexiest male Arizona Cardinals. He Soccer star CristianoRonaldo athletes. Enjoy! has piercing brown eyes and great hair to go with them. 10. Brady Quinn was the quarterback 3. David Beckham is a professional for Notre Dame and now plays soccer player who now plays for the Los professionally for the Angeles Galaxy. Not only Cleveland Browns. Not is Beckham amazing at only is he all-around free kicks, but he has an adorable and tan, but he amazing smile. was born close to us in 2. Reggie Bush is a Columbus, Ohio. running back for the New 9. Mark Sanchez is Orleans Saints. That the rookie quarterback for man’s body is flawless. the New York Jets. Not He is 6 feet tall and 203 only has his playing pounds of pure muscle. surprised people, but He has an eight-pack when he takes off his that all men dream of helmet, girls’ eyes seem to having. get a little bigger. 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 8. Alexandre Despatie is a professional soccer is a Canadian diver. He is player for Real Madrid. the first and only diver to Matt Leinart Photo from He is a forward and the have been world sexiest man on my list. He champion in three categories. Despatie not is the sexiest because from the top of his only looks good in a Speedo, but he has head to the tip of his big toe, Ronaldo is facial hair that is scruffy and very manly. perfect. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He 7. Tom Brady is the quarterback for the has hair that is a borderline mullet, but he New England Patriots. He is married to pulls it off beautifully. His smile is so white supermodel Gisele Bundchen. He has great and ideal that it’s only natural for girls’ hair and a cute face that goes with it. Even hearts to skip a beat when looking at him.


Page Editor: Ellen Mack

Follow up on resolutions By Casey Baker and Kelsey Kerkove Staff Writers

The majority of people try to start the new year off right by making a New Year’s resolution. They often go maybe a week or just a few days until they break the promise they made with themselves. In the last issue, The Roar asked LHS students what their New Year’s resolutions were for 2010. We decided to follow up with everyone and see if each person is staying true to his or her promises. Alayna Buescher (12) Goal: To stop gossiping about Joanna Myaka (12). Update: She is not gossiping about Jo. Alex Westcott (11) Goal: To improve his karate skills. Update: He has been practicing two to three days a week at a studio in downtown Loveland. Marshall Miller (11) Goal: To get better grades. Update: He got an A on his English final.

Jay Hubble (10) Goal: To love Sara Mullowney (12) more. Update: He is giving her hugs everyday. Mr. Ferone. Goal: Not to lose his temper with students who get on his nerves. Update: When he has a bad day, he finds something to make him laugh so he can relieve his stress. Megan Slabaugh (10) Goal: To spend more time with her parents. Update: She recently went out to dinner with her mom. Randy Mullins (12) Goal: To get a 2.00 kd ratio on Call of Duty. Update: He currently has a 1.81 ratio. Mrs. Sherman. Goal: To call her friends more. Update: She has not gotten the chance to do this. Katy Engel (10) Goal: To do my roundoff tuck by myself on the gym floor. Update: She hasn’t been to tumbling since the start of the new year.

A day in the life of Mr. Sherman By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

He teaches AP biology and biology. He’s known as the teacher that makes coffee every morning in his microwave. He’s Mr. Sherman. This Vietnam War veteran has been teaching at Loveland for 39 years, ever since he graduated from Xavier University with a bachelor’s degree in teaching. He said, “It’s just a friendly, fun place to work, and the Mr. Sherman students and staff are great.” Every morning Mr. Sherman wakes up at 5:45, gets dressed and shaves. He eats breakfast each morning, usually eggs, and when he can, goetta. “I love goetta; I just don’t get it much,” Mr. Sherman said. After his breakfast, he comes to school and begins to get ready for his classes. He teaches two AP biology classes and an honors biology class. Although these

classes are anything but easy, his AP students like the class a lot. “Mr. Sherman is really passionate about biology,” says Austin Stahl (11). Also, Becca Black (11) said, “He keeps his lectures entertaining with his life-like impressions.” At lunch Mr. Sherman always has a sandwich, an apple, and pretzels. He said, “Yeah, I’m pretty routine about my lunch.” After school, Mr. Sherman heads home, where he cleans up the house or Photo by Sammie Wheeler does some laundry before his wife gets home from work. Then he starts cooking. He makes dinner every night. “I’m a pretty good cook; my favorite thing to make is spaghetti,” he said. His favorite teaching memory is his first year of teaching AP biology. He said, “It was just so great to see how happy the kids were when they got their test scores back; they all did really well.”

Loveland Chiropractic has been serving the Loveland area since 1921. Our office prides itself in treating chronic conditions that others have struggled with. We keep up with advanced methods of treating musculoskeletal pain.

14 WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010


Page Editor: Katie Henke

Try to be the first to find senior Matt Sierzputowski

Where’s Sierz?

Photo by Casey Baker and Kelsey Kerkhove

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

Food Fight By Hailey Booth Staff Writer

Whether you are feeling down or just

Graeter’s vs. Aglamesis

want something sweet, ice cream is the ideal treat to get. The rich and creamy taste just melts in your mouth, literally. Ice cream always makes you feel better, and it’s the


perfect thing to eat by yourself or to eat with your friends. This month, The Roar compared two Cincinnati-born ice cream companies:


Graeter’s and Aglamesis. Although it was a close competition, Greater’s is victorious 2321 because of its great taste and many flavors.


Taste Atmosphere Service Affordability Variety


The monthly special of two strikingly similar-looking human beings caught on camera!

Gretchen Kessler (12)

Hillary Regel (11) Photos by Katie Henke

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010


15 Page Editor: Kelsey Kerkhove

Facebook is a fun way to get to know others. Each month, The Roar picks a student at random (hitting names on a dartboard) to help introduce you to a new face at LHS, Facebook style.

Andrew Shaknaitis is ready for college.

Grade: Senior Interests: Gaming School activities: None TV shows and movies: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, That ’70s Show, Snatch. Favorite class: Fantasy Sci-Fi Hero: Mr. Ferone Pet peeve: Freshmen Loveland High School ’10

December 19th, 1991

Fun facts: Born in Massachusetts Can’t live without: Water Music: Reggae and rap Books: None

David Ben Blust Cardenas

Nick Strang

Fan of: The New England Patriots Favorite holiday: Christmas

Roger Farnham

Jake Mr. Ferone Zimmerman

Colleges he’s considering: Ohio State or the University of Cincinnati

Students share Valentine’s stories By Becca Black and Katie Henke Staff Writers

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you can’t wait to spend some time with your sweetheart. It is a crucial moment in the relationship. It determines your fate: Will you be doomed for failure, or find out how much you and your special someone care for one another? Some students here at LHS have experienced it all, from the worst to the best Valentine’s Day moments: Emilee Earls (11)- “I spent Valentine’s Day alone because my boyfriend was in Spain as an exchange student.” Morgan Barnes (11)- “I went to the movie P.S. I Love You with my boyfriend Garrett Strand, (12) and at the end of the night he gave me a dozen roses.” Hailey Booth (11)- “A hot surfer guy from California (where else?) sent me roses.” Emilie Triot (11)- “I went on a date and ran into my ex and his girlfriend last year.” Matt Swaine (10)- “My ex-girlfriend Haley Edison (10) and I broke up the day before

Valentine’s day.” Mollie Kuramoto (12)- “I’ve never had a valentine.” Regan Meinking (11)- “One year, my parents got my sisters and me passes to a fitness club.” Clare Ernst (11)- “My boyfriend made me dinner: cereal with candles and sparkling grape juice. It was a successful evening.” Anonymous- “My boyfriend gave me a stolen bracelet.”

Image from

Do You Remember...? By Natalie Siddique surrounded the main character, Ash, on One phrase should strike a memory in his quest to become a Pokémon master, your mind, and that is, “Gotta catch ‘em with the very high-pitched Pikachu alongside. It was so all.” thrilling seeing your Yes, Pokémon is very own Pokémon what you should on TV! remember this month. Furthermore, if The media franchise you were not of cards, video Pokémoned out by games, and the anime all of this, then your series most likely parents purchased changed your life in the Pokémon video some insignificant yet games for your unforgettable way. Nintendo Game Boy, If there isn’t some which you small place in your addictively gamed on heart for Pikachu, Image from Pokemon for several months. Charizard, or Squirtle, That is, until walking then it is likely that some part of your around extremely pixilated shrubs and childhood was robbed. As much as we fences into battles with a level-five may try to cover it up, most of us had Bulbasaur became boring. binders filled with the holographic, It is safe to say that Pokémon Japanese collectible trading cards that we imbedded some serious influence into assumed were extremely valuable. the culture of the late ‘90s and early Ironically, no one really knew how to play 2000s, but most importantly into the the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Raichu-, Mukand Weedle-loving hearts Luckily, an anime series was released of children all across the globe. to keep our attention. The series Staff Writer



WEDNESDAY, February 10, 2010

Page Editor: Michael Lawson

Educators explain engagements Teachers tell tales of proposals By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

Come on girls, it’s the moment we’ve all fantasized about, the perfect proposal, when he asks you to marry him and pulls out a… gun?! The first thing that comes to mind is, I hope she said yes. Second: Well, that’s one way to guarantee acceptance. The Roar thought it would be interesting to see how some of Loveland’s teachers decided to pop the question, and they were anything but typical. Mr. Barrett: “I got the idea from my wife’s brother’s friend; he proposed with an engagement plant,” Mr. Barrett said. Thinking this was an interesting idea, Mr. Barrett bought a .22 caliber Henry Rifle to propose to his wife. Mr. Barrett said, “I hid it underneath the couch, and when it came time to pop the question, I pulled the gun out and said, ‘Will you marry me?’” His wife said yes and everything worked out; they’ve been married for seven years, and don’t worry, he even had a ring for her. Mr. Dorsey: Mr. Dorsey decided to propose to his wife on New Year’s Eve. He

had everything planned out, dinner and then a party at his sister’s house, but Mrs. Dorsey just wasn’t feeling it. “She said she didn’t want to go to dinner before the party, so I threw clothes at her and made her go,” Mr. Dorsey said. Once they were at the restaurant, he gave her the box with the ring inside, and she refused to open it. He made her and she started crying and said yes. They left without even eating and have been married for five years. Mr. Geiger: Mr. Geiger was going to pick up his future wife at King’s Island, where she worked, the night of his proposal, but he hit a bump in the road, literally, when he got into an accident on his way there. When he picked her up he was really upset. “She asked me what was wrong and I said, ‘You want to know what’s wrong? This!’ And I just threw the ring at her,” Mr. Geiger said. Mr. Schmidt: He decided to propose on the one-year anniversary of his first date, at the same exact place: Dow’s Roller Arena, a roller rink in Nelsonville, Ohio. The night of the proposal he called the manager and asked for the “Hokey Pokey” to be played at exactly 9:30 p.m. When the song finally

ended, the manager asked everyone at the rink to remain in a circle. “I pulled Lisa to the center and fished the ring out of my pocket,” Mr. Schmidt said. She said yes, and they have been married 14 years. Mr. Wagner: On a warm spring evening in 1972, Mr. Wagner pulled up to his wife’s house in his Plymouth Fury. They drove to Alms Park, overlooking Lunken Airport. He doesn’t quite remember exactly how he asked her, but then again, it has been 38 years. “She wasn’t very surprised,” Mr. Wagner said. “We’d been dating for five years and had talked about marriage before.”

Photo taken by Sammie Wheeler

Mr. Barrett, substituting a stapler for a gun

What to get that special someone By Sammie Wheeler and Hailey Staff Writers Booth Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Tired of chocolate and flowers? We’ve got your answers. Try these fun, easy, and interesting ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special. Do your hands get cold, but you still want to hold hands with your sweetie? Well, you could always buy a two-handed hand

hugger. This smitten-mitten is a fleece glove designed to hold two hands. This way, you can hold hands and keep them warm at the same time. An alternative to your regular roses, you could always go with the glowing roses. Your valentine’s face will literally light up when you turn the lights off to give him/her your gift. A great way to spend a fun, romantic day with your valentine is to create a scavenger hunt for him/her. Give them clues to follow

to your favorite places. At each spot, leave a little love note or a little gift that shares an inside joke. At the end of the scavenger hunt, bring him/her back to your house and make them their favorite lunch or dinner. It’s a fun and romantic way to spend a day with your sweetie. Scrapbooks are a clever way to show your valentine what you like about them. Fill up a scrapbook with pictures, and write funny little notes next to the pictures. You can also add a poem and tickets from

concerts or sporting events that you went to together. Do you still need a valentine? Well, try a love potion that will make any guy or girl fall in love with you: Mix some passionfruit juice, red cranberry juice, half and half, and a splash of sparkling water. This love potion is guaranteed to make a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Siddique scorns Sweethearts Roar staffer sounds off on Valentine’s Day candy hearts By Natalie Siddique Staff Writer

My stomach hurts just thinking about the clichéd phrases on the chalk-like “candy” hearts that come around every Valentine’s Day. Anyone with taste buds can attest that these bits of filth are, in fact, filth. They are gross, and calling them candy is immoral and factually incorrect. My disgust is not due to any hate towards the love of the holiday, but rather because of the horrible candy that was created in its name: NECCO Sweethearts. Only people who enjoy the utterly revolting

taste of NECCO Wafers and other such gross candy could even really enjoy this horrid taste. Furthermore, the trite Valentine’s Day phrases coating the chalk are not cute, but instead create awkward scenarios for first graders who blush at the sight of “be mine,” and then scream “cooties!” when they get one. This candy should never have been created, and I should never have had to write such an angry piece on them. NECCO, you should be in the garbage business. Leave real candy-making for Willy Wonka. Sweethearts? More like “sour elbows.”

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Pictured above is Natalie Siddique’s base jumping destination, Angel Falls

Students share bucket list By Sam Burpee Sports Editor

Skydive, travel the world, sail the seven seas, swim with dolphins, or go on an African safari … are they a part of your bucket list? Or maybe you’d rather travel to space, ride in a hot air balloon, walk to the Great Wall of China, or simply spend the night on the beach. We decided to find out what was on an average student’s bucket list here at Loveland High School. Our results were a little beyond average…

Tara Spencer (10): Go sky diving with Chase Crawford Carson Dudley (10): Go to Cambodia Wil Fisher (12): Run a marathon and win it Austin Klueh (10): Climb the Eiffel tower wearing a Speedo Jordan McNally (10): Be on Deal or No Deal Randy Mullins (12): Go llama tipping in Serbia Casey Baker (12): Travel the world Natalie Siddique (12): Base jump off Angel Falls, Venezuela

February 2010 Issue  

Loveland High School The Roar

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