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Singer-songwriter Schickel releases album


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By Bridget Sova Staff Writer

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Imagine turning on the radio and hearing a catchy new song. You make a mental note to download it on iTunes later. When the host announces the artist, you’re shocked because you remember him from one of your classes in high school. This just may be in your future, because sophomore Tom Schickel is already on his way to a successful music career. This talented singer-songwriter released his debut album, Living On, in June. All the songs on the album were either written or co-written by Tom. He performs most often at The Works. “I decided I wanted to make an album one day when listening to a song by none other than my idol, Billy Joel,” Tom said. “About a year and a half ago, my dream started to become a reality. The first song I

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Photo courtesy of Tom Schickel

Tom Schickel released his first album in June

Dec. 1-31: Chris Wells’s light show from 7 -10 p.m. each night at his house at 256 Glen Lake Rd.

recorded for my album was a song called ‘Shadows of Time,’ which was written for a girl I went to school with for a long time and ended up dying in a tragic accident about two years ago.” Tom says his album is a mixture of many music styles, but could be classified as alternative rock. Billy Joel is his biggest role model. “I am also inspired by Elton John, Ben Folds, and a few family members, such as my cousins Dan Dorff and JC Heisler,” he said. Tom recorded his album locally at Fox Chapel Studios, owned by one of his former teachers. He described the recording of the album as both “organized chaos” and “fun.” He said the most difficult part of recording was dubbing over each instrument every time he recorded a new track. Singing and songwriting aren’t Tom’s only talents. He also plays the piano, which

Get ready to get down at the HoHoHo Dance By Casey Baker Staff Writer

Dec. 8: The first boys home basketball game (vs. Indian Hill) starts at 7:30 p.m. Check out holiday fun on pages 8 and 9.


Dec. 18: The last day before Winter Break. Dec. 18: The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is performing at U.S. Bank Arena at 8 p.m. Dec. 19: The HoHoHo Dance starts in the cafeteria right after the girls basketball game.

A fan of New Moon? Read our review on page 12.

he practices between one to eight hours a day. He also participates in theater. You may remember seeing him as Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast here in October. He has also participated in plays with the Loveland Stage Company and Mason Community Players. Tom hopes to further his performing talents in college, majoring in either music or acting, and would love to someday be a professional songwriter. “I hope that one day I’ll be playing my music around the world. It’s a long shot but there’s no shame in going for it,” he said. Tom’s album is available for purchase at, so make sure you check it out and maybe even ask him to sign an album. Who knows, one day it could be worth millions.

Image from

LHS students, it is time to start brushing up on your dance moves. It has been a while since Homecoming, and you do not want to embarrass yourself at the second annual HoHoHo Dance. Just like last year, the dance will take place after a girls basketball game, on Dec. 19. The girls will be playing Harrison, starting at 7:30 p.m. The dance will directly follow the end of the basketball game. This is the first Saturday of Winter Break. Everyone should dress in their country apparel, but don’t worry, the music will not follow the dress code. Tickets will be $5, with all proceeds benefiting local families in need. Student council is asking each student to bring a toy to the dance for charity. Make sure these are new, high-quality toys. Brush the dust off your cowboy boots and get ready for the HoHoHo Dance on Dec. 19.

Santa Claus dancing with the Mrs. Please Recycle!


2 FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

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It’s not all about you during holidays Don’t be offensive and say “Merry Christmas,” just say “Happy Holidays” instead It’s the holiday season, which means nearly e v e r y o n e EVERYWHERE is filled with holiday spirit. The people at the grocery Emilee Kraus store, the mall, restaurants, and just people in general are always excited to spread the holiday cheer. Usually they say, “Have a good day” or “thanks for stopping

in,” but when the holiday time comes, the question is what should be said: “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”? As a Hanukkah-celebrating Jew, I would much rather hear “Happy Holidays” than “Merry Christmas” when I walk out of Kroger. I’m not going to blow up on the people who are just trying to spread the cheer by saying “Merry Christmas”, but it does make me a little bit angry. They mean well and many times they don’t know any better, but they should consider choosing the safer option by saying, “Happy Holidays!”

Although Christmas is celebrated by the majority of the country, there are thousands of people who celebrate other holidays. Everyone should be more considerate and maybe think twice before shouting “Merry Christmas” to the stranger bagging your groceries or the waitress giving you your bill. Who knows, they might celebrate Hanukkah or even Kwanza, and they’ll feel so much better if they know you made the choice to say “Happy Holidays” instead.

Don’t sweat There is no such thing as swine flu

too much Christmas

We don’t have time for you Scrooges, Grinches and party poopers ... Xmas season should start as soon as Thanksgiving ends After the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie is served and the top button of my pants unclasped, there is only one thing running through my head…CHRISTMAS! Images of Santa, Abby Vargo lights, and Christmas trees flash in my head. My adrenaline starts pumping, because I know that the day after Thanksgiving is when Christmas festivities begin. The Scrooges believe that Christmas shouldn’t start until a week before Christmas, and I would know, because my dad is one of Picture from these party poopers. But for me the day after Thanksgiving is when the radio station is Don’t be a Scrooge this holiday changed in my car and the decorations start season! to go up. The Christmas season should start at the Ferrell should not just be sung and end of November, because there is so much watched once, but every day. to do to prepare for it. There is shopping to While the Scrooges are lame and prefer do, lights to hang, stockings to fill, trees to staying indoors and being mad at the decorate, songs to sing, and movies to watch. world, I have been spreading holiday All of this cannot be squashed into one week. cheer since Nov. 27. Anyone who loves The song “All I Want for Christmas is You” Christmas as much as I do is welcome to by Mariah Carey and the movie Elf with Will join in.

Since March, the world has been washing, sanitizing, cleaning, and going into an absolute frenzy about Matthew Worsham the H1N1 flu. W h a t probably frightens me more than this virus is the scale to which society has blown the situation out of proportion. Swine flu has so far fallen far short of the predictions that arose from the hype in the past few months. If the disease had lived up to the expectations of many, and thank God it hasn’t, millions would have died by now. So far, the virus has killed 8,000 people worldwide. As horrible as this is, it also has to be put into perspective. On average, 36,000 people in the United States are killed by the seasonal flu each year. This means the worldwide deaths by H1N1 have only managed to equal a little over one-fifth of the deaths caused by the seasonal flu in the United States alone. This is an even smaller amount when compared with some of the other dangers in the world today. For example, approximately 16,000 children die daily from hunger. More than 40,000 Americans are killed each year in car accidents. There are obviously things in this world that pose a greater danger to us than swine flu. Many are worried about the effects it will have on people with preexisting health conditions. While it is true that the virus can be dangerous to them, it is still not a large risk for the majority of that population. Two of my family members have asthma and cardiac defects, and both of them contracted the virus and survived. They are now doing just fine, back to their normal selves. Even the many precautions we take every day now are a complete waste of time. Most of the wipes we use to clean our desks are useless against the virus. And if we’re truly concerned about the virus, why do we share bathroom lanyards? The one thing we have done that does work is being vaccinated against H1N1 (well, at least half of us were). Did I get the shot? Yes, I did. It’s not that I’m worried about dying or anything, but I don’t enjoy getting sick. And if the vaccine doesn’t work? That just means that I’ll have a few days off from school.

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


3 Page Editor: Regan Meinking

Lockers too small, or books too big? Student body can’t help but feel hostile when working with LHS’s miniscule lockers Swimming season has started up and every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I am presented with a problem: How do I shove my swim bag Emma Goetz into my extra-skinny locker? There is no easy solution, but there would be if my locker was not so skeletal. The majority of lockers in this school are the tiny maroon-ish ones, which means that the majority of us have to use these annoyingly miniscule lockers. They are best described as a good dream turned nightmare. In middle school, when you learned that you would be getting fulllength lockers in high school, everyone was overjoyed. The celebration was quickly cut short, however, when students first saw them. They are skinny. Did you know that in the elementary school, students have lockers that are admittedly much shorter, but are surprisingly about the same width? Have you ever heard of the company American Girl? It sells dolls that are 18 inches tall. For one of these dolls, it sells a product called Julie’s School Locker. These lockers are 8½ inches wide. Our lockers, however, measure up to a little less than 8

no homework and therefore wouldn’t need backpacks? Did they not realize that we are in Ohio, where it gets cold in the winter, requiring coats? Did they not take into consideration the many sports played in high school and the numerous pieces of equipment that would need to be stored in our lockers? Our lockers do have the box over them, for which I am grateful. But as a short person with the top box, I find it difficult to use easily. Whoever decided that these lockers would be the right choice for our school needs to spend four years using a locker. Or better yet, they need to be stuffed into one.

Making the Grade 16-day Winter Break: A This year, the last day before break is Dec. 18, and we’ll have 16 days to chill out and relax. We will then go back to school on Jan. 4.

HoHoHo Dance: A This year, we will have the HoHoHo Dance again! It was a hit last year. Dust off your cowboy boots and get ready to dance.

New Moon: A+ For all you Twilight Fans, New Moon was a hit! This is the movie everyone is talking about. (Girls, that is.)

Photo by Casey Baker

Logan Cornett attempts to shove his huge backpack in his tiny locker

Dodgeball: A+++ inches. Think about this for a second… our lockers are skinnier than lockers made for dolls. I find this infuriating! Okay, it’s comical at the same time, but if you think about it for a bit, it just gets more aggravating. When the builders built this school, I wonder what they were thinking. Did they want to prevent kids from being shoved into lockers? Did they think we would have

The Roar’s dodgeball fundraiser was awesome. Thanks for supporting your student newspaper!

Cold weather: D

Photo by Casey Baker

Cold weather is on its way. All students need to bundle up and prepare to scrape the frost off their cars. (Bus riders: does not apply.)

Hannah Claybourn at her locker

Tacky sweaters rock the holidays Everyone remembers those holiday sweaters our mothers wore to classroom holiday parties back when we were kids. They were atrocious. Regan Meinking They had a multitude of appliqué snowmen and Christmas trees with sequins and 3-D objects coming off them, and they

had absolutely no shape. I remember being so embarrassed when my own mother wore them. Now that we’re older, I think we’ve gained a new respect for these sweaters. Every year there are countless tacky holiday sweater parties across the country at hundreds of colleges. These tacky sweaters bring joy and laughter to the holiday season with their crazy designs and funky baubles. These sweaters are so obnoxious and overbearing that it’s almost as if the sweater

is wearing the person, rather than the person wearing the sweater, which makes them all the more hysterical. People can sing and give presents and share the eggnog, but without tacky holiday sweaters, the holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays. I vote that every school year the day before Winter Break should be Tacky Sweater Day. All students should deck themselves out in the tackiest holiday sweaters they can find and spread the laughter throughout the halls.

Photo from

A man wearing a fabulous holiday sweater.


Are tattoos tacky or cool? Two Roar staffers debate the merits of getting a tattoo


Tattoos can be very appealing. According to a 2006 study by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 24 Erin Randall percent of Americans ages 18-50 have tattoos. This is almost one-fourth of the population, and the popularity of tattoos is becoming increasingly more apparent. However, when getting a tattoo, you run the risk of infection, disease, and permanence; you are also putting unregulated chemicals into your body. Unsanitary equipment is most often the cause of infection. If an artist does not clean his or her materials, you could acquire staph, fungal infections, or viral warts, among other lovely illnesses. Disease is also a risk of tattoos. According to the Mayo Clinic, tattoos can cause blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis, skin disorders, and allergic reactions.

Tattoos are permanent, unless you want to be overcharged for laser removal surgery. You may get a tattoo at 18; however, are you going to still want it at 70? It will stay with you for the rest of your life, even if you decide that getting it was a mistake. Now, at 17, I am not prepared for that kind of commitment. Manufacturers of the inks and pigments used to create tattoos are not required to disclose the contents, and the contents are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Tattoo ink consists of a pigment and a carrier. The pigment provides color, while the carrier inhibits growth of pathogens and ensures that the pigment is evenly distributed. Carriers can be made from toxic and corrosive denatured alcohols, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), and toxic aldehydes. Some of the chemicals used to create carriers are mutagens and carcinogens; these could cause irreversible damage to the body. For these reasons, you will not find me in a tattoo parlor anytime in the future. I’d simply prefer to be aware of the chemicals I am putting in my body, and I recommend that you take the same precaution.


Photo from

A man sports a sleeve of tattoos Someone walks in with arms bulging out of his shirt, a grim expression enhanced by a scar that runs down the side of his cheek, and tattoos all over his body. The first thing that comes to mind: “What a B.A.” The second thing: “Do I run?” If wanting this kind of persona, tattoos are the perfect body accessory. Yet in all seriousness, tattoos are not as life-threatening as some people (and parents) might let on. Various people use them as a means of expression: a tattoo of

your girlfriend’s name here, a tramp stamp there. Hey, you are who you Becca Black are; don’t hide that. Now, I agree: Tattoos that span the entire body may be a little over the top—no one needs that much expression—but tasteful tattoos can be cute. Often times, people get tattoos to symbolize something significant in their lives, whether it be love, faith, or a mistake. Just because a person has a tattoo doesn’t mean he or she is a rebel or a bad person. One small thing like a tattoo doesn’t define who you are. Some people will judge someone with a tattoo because of his or her tattoo; that may be true. But we all judge and are judged by countless other things too. It is my opinion that the people who are against tattoos probably will not get them, So why should it matter what other people do to their own skin? If you want one, go for it!

4 FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


Page Editor: Austin Stahl

LHS honors its fall athletes By Emma Goetz Staff Writer

The LHS fall athletes had a great season this year, and there were many notable awards given out. The Roar would like to congratulate these recipients and all other fall athletes. Go Tigers! Cheerleading Captains- Kelsey Kerkhove, Courtney Allen, Katelyn Ferguson Most Spirited- Courtney Farrell Leadership- Courtney Allen Boys Cross Country Most Valuable Runner- Wil Fisher Most Improved Runner- Ryan Schroer Hardest Worker- Michael Scherpenberg

Girls Cross Country Most Valuable Runner- Sarah Fisher Most Improved Runner (two recipients) Renee Koth, Sarah Blumberg

Stan McCoy 100% Tiger- Andrew Newbold Rookie of the Year- Joe Moran Iron Tiger (Four Recipients) - Sean Gilligan, David Moran, Zach Elias, Wesley Kyles

Football Team MVP - Adam Engel Defensive MVP - Randy Mullins Most Valuable Offense- Dustin Brown, J.C. Mayerle, Bubba Williams, Brandon Burks, Kyle Chezem, Mason Scheeler, Alex Fackler Special Teams MVP - Joel Mary Gung Ho- Andrew Dowd Scout Team Player of the Year OffenseCollin Schulke Scout Team Player of the Year DefenseRobby Mulvey Most Improved- Nick Chaney

Boys Golf Tiger Award- Mitch Louis Most Valuable Golfer- Ryan Denney Rookie of the Year- Matt Mautino Girls Golf Lowest Average- Elizabeth Orsinelli Most Improved Golfer- Jennifer Walls Best Attitude- Julie Griffin Rookie of the Year- Casey Baker Boys Soccer MVP - Brian Kuramoto Coaches Award- Jake Nye

Tiger Award- Austin Klueh Most Improved Player- Andrew Schuster Girls Soccer MVP - Mollie Kuramoto Best Offensive Player- Autumn Oakes Best Defensive Player- Abby Vargo Most Improved Player- Ariel Fischer Tiger Award- Ellie Iaciofano Volleyball M.V.P. - Amber Peters Most Improved- Molly Barnell Best Offense- Sam Burpee Best Defense- Amber Peters Tiger/ Team Spirit- Ashley Dundes (Note: Girls tennis did not present individual awards)

Fischer fixes athletes’ woes, spares them pain By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

On cold fall and spring mornings as Tiger athletes battle on the field towards victory, one person can be found on the sidelines shivering underneath a Winnie the Pooh blanket. While at times it looks like she could use a doctor or trainer, she is one herself. Her name is Missi Fischer, and she is responsible for keeping our Tiger Athletes on the field. Prior to coming to Loveland, Ms. Fischer worked in Birmingham, Ala., and the surrounding areas, explaining why she may find Ohio a little chilly. She says Loveland provides her with better resources to treat the injuries of athletes, telling a story about one school that provided her with one roll of tape for the entire year. Tape is the most common item that Ms. Fischer uses to help our athletes. She

orders 1,020 rolls of tape each year. No Tigers team is more thankful for the abundance of tape than the football players. According to Ms. Fisher, as many as 35 players come to her to be taped up on game day. Ms. Fischer usually arrives to LHS around 1 p.m. to begin preparing for the athletes to come in after school and the games at the high school that night. She is at the school until the last game of the night concludes. Ms. Fischer is at the high school six days a week covering all Loveland sports, including lacrosse and the new boys volleyball team. With all of these sports it is no wonder she is at the school so often. Ms. Fischer says football Friday nights are her busiest nights of the year, with the large number of players and the added responsibilities that come with football. On top of that, varsity football is the only sport that Ms. Fischer travels with. “Football Fridays are crazy around here,” she says.

Concussions can cause catastrophic effects to health By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

Comedian Conan O’Brien was running a “triathlon” before his show with his guest, actress/triathlete Teri Hatcher, when he slipped and fell backwards onto the concrete floor of his studio. He slid, and his head bounced off the floor. “Actually, I don’t remember much,” he said on a later episode. As they tried to continue filming, he experienced memory loss, confusion, mood changes, and stubbornness. O’Brien was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and later was diagnosed with a concussion. He jokes, “For five seconds, I actually understood the plot of Lost.” O’Brien experienced exactly what many high school athletes, as many as 25 each year at LHS alone, have felt. Not only are concussions scary to teammates, coaches, parents, and the injured (if they remember), but too many can lead to a vast array of health issues. A concussion occurs when a blow to the head or jaw causes the brain to literally bounce off of the skull. The injury occurs in the bruise that forms on the brain tissue. The victim often experiences symptoms including headaches, confusion, memory

loss, and unstable emotions. Unless the injury is very serious, a person can usually recover easily from a concussion. However, if a person sustains another concussion within seven days of the first injury, they are at risk of sudden death. Two concussions within six months typically result in a player being considered “high risk” and being pulled from the sport. Too many concussions over a person’s life can lead to early Alzheimer’s and dementia. As anyone who plays a sport at Loveland already knows, all athletes in a contact sport must take an ImPACT Test. This online test is administered at the start of the season to get a control reading for the player without a concussion. If at any point during the season the athlete is suspected of having a concussion, the test is re-administered and the results from the two tests are compared. If the student is believed to have received a concussion, they receive medical aid. Missi Fischer, the trainer at LHS, is the first to treat Loveland athletes suspected of having received a concussion. Her advice for anyone who is worried about their teammate after a hard hit? Tell someone. “A coach, a parent, any adult,” she said. “If they seem to be acting funny and you’re worried about them, tell an adult so they can get medical help.”

Ms. Fischer says she likes working with the kids, even if, at times, they can make things difficult. Working with so many different athletes, she sees many different injuries and many difficult situations. “The hardest part of the job is telling an athlete that he/she can’t play the rest of the season,” she said. Despite the occasional hard times, Ms. Fischer likes her job and the Tigers are glad to have her. She Photo by Josh Brennock gets our athletes ready Missi Fischer, right, tends to the injured Ariel Fischer for every game.

Eye of the Tiger Farrell’s mascot work shows school spirit Courtney said, “My favorite parts of being mascot are being with my Staff Writer cheerleading friends and having the Chances are you have seen our hard- opportunity to interact with kids in the working mascot, Courtney Farrell (12), crowd.” However, these same kids can be patrolling the sidelines at LHS football and annoying, as they often try to pull off the basketball games. The LHS Tiger is a tail, which she says is easily the most combination of a mascot and cheerleader, annoying part of the job. “The most having to attend all cheerleading difficult parts are not being allowed to talk when wearing practices and the suit and when participating in little kids annoy many of the cheers, me and call me as well as playing names like the the role of mascot. ‘mean puddy cat.’ She started this It can also get year, when she very hot inside thought it would be the suit, funny to try out especially during and did. Since then the first few as our mascot, she football games,” has done she says. everything from Unlike many giving little kids m a s c o t s , high-fives to a Courtney has no p h y s i c a l trouble walking in confrontation with her suit and can the Milford Eagle. even run with that We caught up with large tail lagging this tenacious Tiger behind her. She to find out what it Photo by Erin Randall surely is a super is like to be a Courtney Farrell, posing in her senior mascot. mascot.

By Austin Stahl

mascot suit

Sports A day in the life of a swimmer


Page Editor: Sam Burpee

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

The Roar compares the average days of Michael Lawson, Michael Phelps By Diana Reese

faces from wearing goggles give them away. They typically sport wet, possibly green, It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, the ground hair. If all else fails, just follow the puddles around the is covered with halls. snow … and But hey, I you’re in a have nothing Speedo. Cold? a g a i n s t D e f i n i t e l y. swimmers; I Dedicated? Oh am one. I yeah. Insane? know we Just a little. Now wake up at 4 hop in the pool. a.m. to swim It’s easy to laps at Blue spot a swimmer. Ash or The reddish, Sycamore (or raccoon-like the pool on markings Photo from the roof, around their Michael Phelps freshmen). Staff Writer

Categories Wake up

Michael Phelps Michael Lawson


5 a.m.

Swims six hours a day, six days a week.

4:30 a.m.

Walks to and from class five to six times a day, five days a week (and swims two hours a day, four days a week)

Boys hoops goes for repeat New faces hope to lead Tigers to victory By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

“Our team, our show,” said junior Wes Kyles, when asked about the start of a new basketball season. The boys basketball team is busy preparing for the upcoming season, with some fresh faces aiming to take the mantle from the stars of last year. Departed are Bobby Capobianco and Brian Wozniak, as well as starters Chris Stahl and Ryan Cobb. In are a number of players who are aiming to take up the slack together. The coach, Mr. Wes Kyles shoots the ball Partin, emphasized the importance of everyone stepping up and playing together as a team. Mr. Partin said, “We will probably have a new leading scorer each night. We can no longer rely on two players to carry the load.” This being said, Wes and senior Tony Hamann will be counted on to lead the way. This year’s team is going to play a new style. This version of the Tigers will be perimeter-oriented and pressure opponents a lot. The team has been working out since the end of last season to make sure it is in shape and prepared to play an up-tempo

style. You can expect to see a rotation of 10 or more players with time on the court. Last season was a remarkable season. The team finished 16-3 in the regular season, including a perfect 9-0 record in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference Buckeye Division. With last year’s success, one might think the team would be feeling pressure to have similar success. However, the opposite is the case. Wes says, “We feel no pressure because no one expects us to be good this season.” In fact, the Tigers were picked fifth in the six-team FAVC Buckeye, ahead of only Harrison. The Photo by Wiley Kyles Tigers are carrying a chip on their shoulder from the lack of respect. Even with low expectations among outsiders, the team remains confident it can win the FAVC Buckeye. Senior forward Greg Pitman admits that every game is going to be a challenge but is confident that the team will open some eyes this season. The Tigers open up the season at home on Tuesday against Indian Hill, and will begin defense of their conference title next Friday when Glen Este visits LHS. Greg echoed Wes’ comment, saying, “Our team, our show, two-peat fo-sho.”

After that, we rush to the locker rooms, take two-minute showers, squeeze on a pair of jeans, and head to school. If we fall asleep in class, we typically wake up for dry land practice at the end of block four. Contrary to popular belief, being a swimmer is more than watching mosquitoes instantly die of c h l o r i n e poisoning when they land Michael Lawson on your skin.

Waking up that early teaches you some important life skills. For example, did you know you can stretch a swim cap so far you can fit three freshmen in it? Welcome to the life of a Loveland swimmer. The bus to the pool leaves at 4:45 sharp. So don’t be late. And please don’t complain about waking up early around a swimmer, even if Photo by Diana Reese you get up at 5:30 to straighten your hair.




Three fried-egg sandwiches loaded with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayonnaise, two cups of coffee, a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast, and three chocolate-chip pancakes.

A pound of pasta, two large ham & cheese sandwiches with mayo on white bread, and 1,000 calories of energy drinks.

Another pound of pasta, an entire pizza, and even more energy drinks.

Skip’s bagel’s bacon, egg, and cheese on regular bun, “part of a gallon of Arnold Palmer” (aka “the drink of Zeus,” half iced tea and half lemonade)

“Mondays are the best”: sandwich, chips, water, circle pizza, and chili cheese fries

“Chicken, vegetables ... nothing specific … I usually snack during the afternoon though.”

Mrs. Brothers leads the ladies By Regan Meinking

thing was that basketball was one of the biggest sports at ISU, and everyone knew her name and came out to support her Perhaps you don’t realize who exactly team. Mrs. Ashley Brothers is. She’s not only a Mrs. Brothers has advice to those who high school mathematics teacher and want to follow in her footsteps: “You have varsity girls basketball coach; she’s a to be willing to put in the time and effort. former college basketball star. She also You have to put in made All-State in the time outside of 2001 at McNick. practice and really She spent her be able to motivate college career at yourself to be Indiana State better. There are a University, where lot of sacrifices. You she played power may not be able to forward and center. go out to that party During Mrs. you wanted to go Brothers’ senior to, or you may be year, the staying up extra late Sycamores were finishing your ranked in the top 25 homework because in the nation. Being you had practice, able to meet but the rewards will teammates from all be worth it. You across the country have to ask yourself that shared the if you’re willing to same passion as go the extra mile that she does was one most people aren’t.” of Mrs. Brothers’ Photo by Erin Randall Mrs. Brothers favorite things Mrs. Brothers is ready to jam says this year the about getting to LHS varsity basketball program has a play college basketball. great group of girls. She predicts that it “Having to lift weights at 5 a.m., and a will be able to dominate the Fort Ancient 14-hour bus ride through a blizzard, never Valley Conference this year with all the getting a Spring or Winter Break to go extra time and effort it puts in, in and out home and see your family” were the of the season. hardest things, she said. Along with her love for playing basketball, her favorite Staff Writer

6 FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


Page Editor: Diana Reese

Bachtell balances life with baby Senior juggles school, job, new responsibilities By Emilee Kraus Light News Editor

On Dec. 22, 2008, Carli Bachtell went from being a high school junior to being a high school mother. Andrew Alan Duermit was born that day to Carli and her boyfriend, Adam Duermit, a 2009 Loveland graduate. A year later, Carli’s life looks like this: school, work, day-care commutes, homework, diaper changes, and mommy time. It’s different from that of an average LHS senior, but she is making it work with the help of Adam and their families and friends. Carli and Adam have been dating for over two years. They have defied the odds, and are happily raising a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Her hectic day begins at 5 in the morning, when she and Andrew wake up for school. She changes his diaper, picks out his outfit, then sits him in his high chair while they eat breakfast together. Cheerios are usually a favorite. Then Andrew is buckled in his car seat, and they drive down the hill to Youthland, where Andrew starts his day. At this point, it’s only 7 a.m. Even if she’s exhausted from a sleepless night, Carli still manages to hop in her little Ford Taurus and make her way to Honors Calculus. Honors English and Government follow, and her school day is complete.

Thanks to early dismissal, Carli leaves school at 12:50 p.m. and goes back to Youthland to pick up Andrew, where he greets Carli with his smiling face before they head home to rest. Carli works three days a week at CVS Pharmacy in Milford. If it’s a working day, Carli leaves for work at 4, and Andrew stays home with either his dad Adam or his grandparents. Carli says she feels fortunate to have support in raising Andrew. Adam is there for her and Andrew 100 percent, as he works a full-time Carli Bachtell job to support them. Both Carli and Adam’s parents are happy grandparents and are always willing to babysit. “I couldn’t do this without the support of my family and friends; I’m so thankful to have them in mine and Andrew’s lives,” Carli said.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy states, “Less than half of mothers who have a child before they turn 18 ever graduate from high school.” Carli refuses to become part of this statistic. She said, “Before Andrew, school wasn’t a top priority for me. It is harder than I could have ever imagined being a mom, but now I feel so motivated to get a good education to support my family.” The NCPTP also states, “Less than two percent of mothers who have children before the age of 18 have a college degree by the age of 30.” Carli plans to defy these Photo courtesy of LHS odds, including graduating from high school with early credit completion so she can attend Raymond Walters College in the spring. She also has hopes of a successful career in real estate. Carli plans to work hard and finish school to give Andrew the best life he can have. She is determined not to become part of these statistics and overcome the difficulties of being a teen mom.

Kenwood’s mall has it all With new stores like Nordstrom, Kenwood Towne Centre is ready for the holidays By Sara Mullowney and Emilee Kraus Staff Writers

Some receive a magical feeling when they step onto the cobblestone steps of Kenwood Towne Centre. These 1.2 million square feet of stores sit roughly 15 miles away from our very own school. After eating a meal at The Cheesecake Factory, you walk up the ramp and enter the mall. Crowds of people rush to the next big sale, carrying bags from Macy’s, Forever 21, the newly opened H&M, Coach, Sephora, Lacoste, Oakley, Ilori, Apple, and Lucky Brand Jeans on their way to Nordstrom. This year Kenwood has added 20 new stores, and this month a Gong Sushi restaurant will open as well. Bourbon St. Grill is expected to be added this spring. According to the Kentucky Enquirer, Kenwood Towne Centre is “still known as Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s premiere retail spot.” Nordstrom opened at the end of September, bringing in more than 3,000 customers on its opening day. The two-level, 138,000-square-feet store offers customers a high-end selection of quality, luxury, and designer fashion brands for women, men, and children. People have trouble even getting past the shoe section; it’s that big. A Vera Bradley store has also added to the high-end Nordstrom wing of the mall.

Say What?! By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

Think you know all about the news? You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you read these bizarre stories.

Photo from

An elephant obstructs the road

They didn’t teach us this in Driver’s Ed In Oklahoma City, Okla., a couple driving home from church nearly slammed into a giant elephant that had escaped from a nearby circus. The driver, Bill Carpenter, said he swerved his SUV at the last second, sideswiping the 29-yearold female elephant on U.S. 81 in Enid, about 80 miles north of Oklahoma City. The couple, who own a wheat farm, weren’t injured, but the eight-foot, 4,500pound elephant suffered a broken tusk and leg wound. (source:

Guess he ran out of patience? A 38-year-old man named Mark Anthony Johnson, of Tyler, Texas called 911 and reported that he had just committed a homicide and was armed with a weapon. The officers sped to Johnson’s location, and once they arrived were told that the homicide was just a ruse to get a speedy response from the police. Johnson’s real problem was a simple assault complaint. Johnson is now being held at the Smith County Jail with a bond set at $3,000 for filing a false police report. Guess that’s the price of impatience. (source:

A human hardware store Doctors removed 1.5 pounds of metal from Requelme Abanto’s stomach in Cajamarca, Peru. The 26-year-old construction worker ate the metal for months and may even do it for fun. “I swallowed 17 nails once and didn’t die,” Abanto said. “Five-inch nails, all in one day.” Needless to say, specialists are examining Abanto’s mental health as he recovers. (source:

Gesundheit! Twelve-year-old Lauren Johnson of Chesapeake, Va., has mystified doctors, specialists, and even a hypnotist. She can’t stop sneezing. This little girl sneezes ten times a minute, 12,000 times a day. She says it started after having a common cold for two weeks, and now she just can’t stop. (source:

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


Where is he now? The Roar catches up with Officer Rod By Sander DiAngelis

As well as working in a new location, Rod also has a different role. He feels that being an officer in his new position makes Last year marked the end of the tenure of it much more difficult to build relationships one of Loveland’s favorite resource officers, and really help people. He says, “Rather Officer Rod Housley. After Officer Rod than helping others, now I’m doing more served Loveland High School for seven things like arresting people.” y e a r s , Other than Loveland patrolling the H i g h streets and School’s keeping annexation citizens safe, i n t o Rod stays Loveland busy with the forced him to gym he coleave the owns, Vision school. MMA, where Although we he coaches have a new and trains security mixed martial officer, Rod arts fighters. will be He works missed. with several So what’s students Officer Rod who have up to now? gone to He’s a police Loveland, officer for and he said Symmes he truly To w n s h i p enjoys this and typically because it w o r k s allows him to weekdays impact others from 6 a.m. to and lend a 2:30 p.m. helping Despite hand. his new job, So if you being away see Officer f r o m Rod around Loveland town, don’t isn’t exactly be afraid to easy. Officer say hi. He Rod says, doesn’t want “The main students to thing I miss feel like is the strangers camaraderie around him. of the In the Photo from Roar Archives students.” meantime, be Rod says he Loveland’s former resource officer, Officer Rod sure to loved being around students at LHS and extend a warm welcome to our new staff that it’s difficult to be away. member, Officer Steve. Editor-in-Chief

7 Page Editor: Matthew Worsham

Mall Santas say “no, no, no” to waiting for vaccine St. Nick calls for priority on H1N1 lists By Sammie Wheeler

The enormous onslaught of children is not the only thing making Santas fear Thousands of children with runny swine flu. Because of the underlying noses and coughs sit on their lap’s diseases obesity causes, overweight everyday. With limited vaccination people are much more susceptible to supplies available, mall H1N1. Ernest Berger, Santas are having a hard time president of the national staying jolly this holiday organization Santa America, season. told the Bee, “Most of our The fear of contracting Santas are over 100 pounds the H1N1 virus has Santas overweight. This puts them everywhere calling for at a very high risk.” priority vaccination. For The dangers that this job instance, ask Daniel Gromer is presenting are forcing and his wife, who have been Gromer and his staff of elves bringing Christmas cheer to to take necessary Sacramento, Calif., malls for precautions. This holiday Photo from the past six years. Gromer is season Santa is getting a Ho, ho, ho especially worried this makeover. Instead of cotton season, because his wife, Mrs. Claus, has gloves, Gromer will wear latex underneath asthma and is at risk to get the virus. He safer nylon gloves, his velvety suit will told the Sacramento Bee, “I don’t want be laundered daily, and Mrs. Claus and people to stay away from Santa, but they the elves will be scanning the line for sick need to bring their kids in healthy. Santa children. No one is safe from the swine flu can’t deliver toys if he’s sick.” this season, including Santa Claus. Staff Writer

Tiger Bites: Board members elected; students honored By Erin Randall Editor-in-Chief

Christine Olsen and Linda Pennington were reelected to the Loveland School Board in voting Nov. 3, while Katie Bontrager was newly elected. Board member Judy McClanahan did not seek reelection. Michael Lubes, another candidate, was not elected. AP AWARDS: Eight LHS students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken back in the spring, and grades of three or higher on five or more of these exams: Calvin Budinger, Samantha Cardwell, Nathan Dall, Angie Gutierrez, Ben Hinchman, Jenny Klein, Emily Kowalchik, and Chris Stahl. Thirteen LHS students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and grades of three or higher

on four or more of these exams: Matt Dykstra, Katherine Foster, Jeffrey Kamperman, Amanda LaCombe, Spencer Leamy, Matt Legg, Juliette Marcello, Sean Massung, Meghan McLaughlin, Ankita Sharma, Maria Stamatakos, Evan Storch, and Heather Winterhalter. Nineteen LHS students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP exams with grades of three or higher: Jeremy Batterson, Trent Compton, Lauren Cupito, Wil Fisher, Matt Garbarino, Evan Geist, David Hewitt, Andy Jarc, Zach Johnson, Rachel Johnstone, Allie Lawson, Nathan McGlinchey, Sarah Mosby, Katherine Ramos, Chelsey Saatkamp, James Schuster, Malvika Sharma, Jeff Varley, and Kevin VerHoef. NHS INDUCTIONS: The following juniors and seniors were inducted into National Honor Society on Nov. 4: Seniors: Sander DiAngelis, Matt Eltringham, Katie Jarvis, Rachel Johnstone, Hannah Morrison.

Juniors: Rachel Antrim, Jessica Baas, Tyler Beachy, Hannah Bisig, Becca Black, Hailey Booth, Joe Bota, Matthew Brown, Megan Bruns, Hannah Burkhard, Tiffany Busch, Merry Bush, Adam Combs, Shelby Copenhaver, Suzy Culbertson, Tom Demers, Robert Demoret, Bailey Denzy, Brian Derrick, Jaclyn Deutsch, Aidan Dolan, Andrea Dubell, Anna Eltringham, Claire Ernst, Kaitlin Evans, Cara Genbauffe, Chase Giles, Katie Gilgen, Tyler Glenn, Megan Hadley, Brian Henderson, Jon Hoge, Shannon Knutson, Kateland Koch, Ryann Lally, Hannah Leeper, Max Lehmann, Kevin Linnevers, Ellen Mack, Michael Massung, CJ Mayo, Taylor McDonald, Kelsey McGohan, Regan Meinking, Eric Michelfelder, Robby Mulvey, Emily Myers, Elizabeth Orsinelli, Drew Pickens, AJ Randall, Caleb Redslob, Diana Reese, Reid Relatores, Nathan Robbins, Alex Robinson, Thomas Rooney, John Ross, David Rutter, Patrick Salay, Peter Samyn, Nolan Scheibel Alex Schmidt,

Leah Slyder, Austin Stahl, Lindsey Stalnaker, Lyndsey Stearns, Katie Stenftenagel, Rachel Stewart, Ian Streicker, Hannah Trate, Emilie Triot, Madeline Vance, Mackenzie Vizgirda, Jennifer Walls, Nicole Walls, Lindsey Watson, Jacob Weiss, Matthew Worsham. FISHER EXCELS: Senior Sarah Fisher finished 19th in the state in cross country on Nov. 8. She was chosen to represent Ohio in the Mid-East meet, in which Ohio runners compete against runners from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. F.O.R. CLUB: The Friends of Rachel Club is starting a lunch program for new students. Juniors Bailey Denzy and Claire Johnson are organizing these lunches. BAND TRIP: The LHS marching band goes to Florida every other year to go to Disney World or a bowl game. This year, from Nov. 21-24, the band spent one day at each Disney park. It even played in the parade at Magic Kingdom and got to see behind-the-scenes action of the parade.



FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

By Casey Baker and Kelsey Kerkhove Staff Writers

Sleigh bells are ringing, Christmas trees are rocking, and stockings are hung. The holiday season has just begun. The Roar asked a few LHS students whom they hope to get caught with under the mistletoe. Here is what they had to say:

Christmas By Regan Meinking Staff Writer

Natalie Brosz (12) crushes on Joe Moran (10) Bryan Gilligan (9) dreams about Kelsey Kerkhove (12)

Sara Sexton (9), left, and Lindsey Flaherty (9) wish for Spencer Vance (12)

Buddy the Elf says “The best w singing loud for all to hear.” For t means blaring Christmas music in so many good holiday songs out t great songs on it. The Roar decided to help spre up with a playlist filled with the c music. So next time you’re tryi Scrooge of a friend, you’ll have th him or her. 1. “All I Want for Christm

2. “It’s a Wonderful World

3. “Baby It’s Cold Outside Deschanel Megan Slabaugh (10) is mesmerized by Brian Kuramoto (12)

Emilee Kraus (12) needs John Ross (11), left, and Michael Lawson (12)

Andrew Lay (11) likes Katie Swaine (9)

4. “Christmas Time is Here

5. “The Christmas Song” Other crushes: More crushes: Marie Policastro (10) obsesses over Matt Sierzputowski (12) Abby Vargo (12) adores Jonathan Williams (9) Hannah Claybourn (10) wants Randy Mullins (12)

Sara Mullowney (12) hearts Jay Hubble (10)

7. “Nutmeg”- Stephen Colb Sam Burpee (12) desires Jo-Willie Frees (9) Robby Malof (12) longs for Regan Meinking (11)

*Photos taken by Casey Baker and Kelsey Kerkhove

Take a look at the top 10 worst presents of all time By Regan Meinking and Becca Black Staff Writers

You slowly force your eyes open and a shiver runs down your body as you toss your warm comforter aside. That’s when you realize: It’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa! You sprint down the stairs, wake up your parents, and slide across the floor until you get to the tree/menorah/kinara. You tear off the unnecessary wrapping paper, excitement flowing through your veins with the thrill of mystery: What will it be? But your smile slowly fades from your face. It’s not the BB gun you wanted, but a pair of pink bunny pajamas. This is a tribute to that awkward moment when you have too look up, smile, and fake it. Here are some of the worst gifts received by LHS students:

6. “Last Christmas”- Wham

· “A bell with ‘Number one Dad!’ written on it.” –Tiffany Bowling (11) · “Vacuum.” —Marie Policastro (10) · “Homemade stuffed cats in a basket.” –Clare Ernst (11) · “A treadmill; apparently I needed to lose weight.” –Mrs. Bush · “Used underwear. They used to be white.” –Michael Lawson (12)

· “Coal. No, really.” –Austin Bessey (12) · “Snowman poop (a bag of marshmallows).” –Rachel Putman (12) · “Microwave.” –Brian Christian (11) · “A baby doll at age 15.” – Kayla Rhoades (11) · “Bubble blower.” –Austin Coulson (9)

8. “This Christmas” - Chri

9. “Have Yourself a Merry Aguilera

10. “Merry Christmas Baby Jean

11. “Where Are You Christm

12. “It’s Christmas Time” -

13. “White Christmas” - Ot

14. “You’re a Mean One M

15. “Mistletoe” - Colbie Ca



s Playlist

way to spread Christmas cheer is those of us that are tonedeaf, this n our cars and in our homes. With there, it’s hard to find a cd with all

ead the Christmas spirit and come classics and some new Christmas ing to spread the cheer to your he perfect list of songs to play for

mas” - Mariah Carey

d” - Louis Armstrong

e” - Leon Redbane and Zooey

e” - Vince Guaraldi Trio

- Nat King Cole

Page Editor: Emilee Kraus

Here’s some holiday history By Hailey Booth

The month of December is a time for celebration. People all over the world celebrate all types of different holidays. Many holidays are foreign to us, such as the Soyaluna, which is celebrated by the Hopi Indians. The holidays that the majority of our country celebrates in December are Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. These holidays each represent an important time in history and have many ways to celebrate them. Here are some fast facts about each of these holidays. Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah. Christmas- Christmas is celebrated by those of the Christian faith who honor Dec. 25 as the day that Jesus Christ was born. To celebrate this important day, those who observe this holiday usually decorate an evergreen tree and give out presents to their friends and family.

Image from http://mattwisdom.files

A menorah Hanukkah- Whether you know it as Hanukkah, Chanukah, or Hanika, this holiday is celebrated by Jewish people. Hanukkah lasts eight nights, representing the story of the Maccabees. Their oil lanterns had only enough oil to last one day but miraculously lasted eight. This is why Hanukkah is celebrated. The Jewish people light one of eight candles every night on the menorah, and also play games such as dreidel. They also receive small gifts, one for every night of Hanukkah.

is Brown

y Little Christmas” - Christina

y” - Stevie Wonder and Wyclef

Staff Writer

The holidays end up being mostly about receiving, and presents are one of the main thrills. Yet giving back should be one of the things we consider as the holidays are near. Helping those who need it the most may be the joy we are looking for when the celebrations arrive. So what can we do? Here are four ideas: 1. Help the people around you. Your neighbors are the easiest people to help. Find your shovel and look to help out those who may not be able to help themselves. Photo from

2. Donate to local charities. Look to people who are less fortunate than us. These people are the ones who will appreciate our gifts the most. Donating toys to organizations such as Toys for Tots can help families in need to have good holidays. 3. Do little things on a budget. You may have friends that you don’t have enough money to buy gifts for. Make something for them. Peppermint bark is easy and cheap to make, and you can create plenty to go around. 4. Visit the elderly. Family is a crucial part of the holidays. Surround those who are lonely by visiting places like nursing homes. Bring cookies or just a smile to make their holidays special.

Check out some holiday favorites By Sam Burpee Sports Editor

Curious about the increased jolliness and spirit around LHS? Or maybe wondering why so many holiday notes dance in others’ heads? Here at The Roar, we decided to take a dive into the magical spirits of a few students and find out what really gets their holiday clock ticking.


Mariah Schweiger (10)

Favorite song


Favorite treat

Favorite tradition

Eight days of gifts


Ginger bread

Unwrapping gifts


Tree” Alex Burpee (10)

tis Redding

“Little Drumer Boy”

Favorite gift


“Rock’n Around the Christmas Molly Barnell (11)

- James Brown


Photo from http://mattwisdom.files

By Sara Mullowney

mas” - Faith Hill

Mr. Grinch” - Deanna Kirk

A kinara

How to give back for the holidays


bert and John Legend

Kwanzaa- This holiday is fairly new; it began in 1966. Kwanzaa is the first holiday meant for African Americans to celebrate. It takes them back to their African origins over seven nights. Each night they learn one of seven principles of Kwanzaa, or Nguzu Saba. Kwanzaa takes place from Dec. 26- Jan. 1 every year. To celebrate, they light candles on a kinara and have a large feast with gift giving.

Staff Writer


I put the star on the top of the tree

Justin Diaz (11)

“Jingle Bells”

Ginger bread house

Putting up the Christmas tree

Bri Harris (9)

“Jingle Bell Rock”

Peanut butter roll

Putting up the tree


Clothes Xbox 360

Entertainment WHAT is she wearing?


Page Editor: Madeline Vance

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

This month’s spotlight shines on Sammie Smith By Becca Black Staff Writer

Some people could care less about what they put on in the morning, blindly picking up the nearest item of semi-clean clothing off the floor (which might explain some of the odd combinations we see). Yet here and there you see someone with style, someone who cares what she wears in the morning: a fashionista. Sammie Smith (11) is one such fashionista. Her style: A unique combination of artsy clothes.

Attracted to: Sammie is drawn towards jeans, scarves, and anything with anchors on it! Favorite outfit: Cute basic blue jeans, a nice blouse, a scarf, and a pair of ballet flats. Where she shops: She loves Anthropologie and J Crew, but when she actually wants to buy clothes without going broke, she heads to Target and Plato’s Closet. Movies that inspire her fashion: Penelope, The Notebook, and Pride and Prejudice. Pet peeves: Jeans without back pockets, skinny jeans with ugly running shoes, and those annoying, sarcastic-comment Tshirts.

Secret to success: “Don’t worry about following trends; just wear what you like. Don’t be afraid to wear something outside of the ordinary.” What others think of Sammie’s look: Elizabeth Orsinelli (11): “I hate it. It’s ugly. Just kidding! I love her uniqueness.” Micky Henskens (11): “Sammie always has the cutest clothes on, even if it’s a ‘casual’ day.” John Ross (11): “Sammie’s style brightens me day, especially when she wears scarves.” Marie Policastro (10): “She’s quirky and creative without trying!” Who Sammie thinks is fashionable: Katie Phillips (12)…you’re next!

New Call of Duty in with a bang Photo by Becca Black

Sammie Smith in her fashionable clothes

Review: Gamers should rejoice over new features, will likely hibernate until spring to play hot game By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

After months of waiting, fans of the Call of Duty franchise rushed out Nov. 10 to buy 4.7 million copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in the first day of sales, making it the fastest-selling video game of all time. “ZOMG I GOT THE GAME AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD,” said one proud owner of the game, junior Michael Massung, via text message upon receiving his copy. He added, “It’s the smell of a new romance...” Right you are, Michael. The experience is well worth the wait. The game begins five years after the end of Call of Duty 4: Modern

New Call of Duty game

Warfare (COD4). Tensions between Russia and the United States are high, and all it takes is a slip up in the CIA for the two superpowers to come crashing down on one another. The storyline is deep compared with other games of the genre and adds to the thrill. The game play is riveting. The graphics are even better than they were in COD4, and new technology such as the heartbeat sensor and aerial drones add a new perspective to the game. Fans may be disappointed with the loss of the co-op campaign from Call of Duty: World at War, but the new “Special Operations” game mode gives players the chance to play with their friends in short and challenging missions. Many favorite missions from COD4 were brought to the new mode too, so now you

and a friend can sneak through the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl together, or he can cover you from an AC130 gunship high above while you escape your crashed helicopter to safety. There are some disappointments with the game, including the loss of the “Nazi Zombies” game mode or any kind of equivalent, and of some realism from the game. For example, you can now use two weapons at the same time, which, while enjoyable, doesn’t fit well in the context of a Call of Duty game. Overall, the game is amazing. Players will quickly get over the loss of some realism and one game mode when they play this incredible game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 receives a final score of 9.75 out of 10.

Photo from

Face-off: Showcase Cinemas vs. Regal Cinemas By John Ross Staff Writer

After visiting both Showcase and Regal, The Roar found that ticket prices tend to be


a little more expensive at Regal, though its seats were much more comfortable. The prices for food and drink at both venues were pretty bad, but Showcase’s were a little

better. The employees at Regal were quite kind--one of them even wiped the water off the side of my drink for me--whereas the employees at Showcase were just average.

Categories Ticket prices Seat comfort Food prices Kindness of employees Atmosphere

Both places had a great atmosphere, but Regal just has a certain flair that puts it above Showcase. So there you have it: Regal beats Showcase 20-18.




Page Editor: John Ross

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

Smiff takes world by storm Review: Child rapper’s first single is a hit By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

Each month The Roar is sent posters, CDs, and stickers from record labels promoting their bands and musicians. Here is a review of one of The Roar’s discoveries. He may be young and look like a little kid, but 13-year-old rapper, dancer, and actor Scooter Smiff is attracting some major attention. After releasing his first single, “Head of My Class,” Scooter has his eyes set on success.

We received a sampler CD of Scooter Smiff’s music, and the first thing we noticed is that this little kid has songs featuring both Chris Brown and T-Pain. We popped the CD in the player, and couldn’t help but laugh just a little at first. Slowly, Scooter’s music will grow on you. His music is targeted at a pre-teen audience, but “Head of My Class” is catchy and may just make you laugh. For only $0.99 from the iTunes Store, this song is worth a try. Overall: 3.5/5 stars

Hot entertainment items to warm up your holidays By Michael Lawson

Dec. 8: -Snoop Dogg- Malice N Wonderland Dec. 15: The Roar has all of your holiday present -Lil Wayne- Rebirth entertainment needs here in a helpful list -The Roar’s Pick: Snoop Dogg’s Malice N form: Wonderland Entertainment Editor

MoviesOpening today: -Armored: Armored truck guards plan to heist the truck they guard. - Brothers: After thinking her husband (Tobey Maguire) dies in the Middle East, a woman (Natalie Portman) begins spending time with her husband’s brother (Jake Gyllenhaal). When it turns out her husband isn’t dead, things get very messed up. -Everybody’s Fine: A father (Robert De Niro) takes his three grown kids on a trip to reconnect. Dec. 11: -Invictus: The true story of Nelson Mandela’s (Morgan Freeman) attempt to unite his country using the 1995 Rugby World Cup, which was hosted in South Africa. -The Lovely Bones- Peter Jackson returns in the story of a murdered girl who watches her family from heaven as they try to solve what happened to her. Dec. 18: -Avatar: Humans invade a distant planet, Pandora, and confront the indigenous race, the Na’vi. James Cameron directs the 3D sci-fi epic. It’s rumored this movie will revolutionize 3D. -Did You Hear About the Morgans?: Struggling New York couple witnesses a murder and are forced to move into the witness protection program. Dec. 25: -Sherlock Holmes: Guy Ritchie (Snatch, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) directs this tale about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective, played by Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man). -It’s Complicated: An older, divorced woman (Meryl Streep) enters into an affair with her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin).

Photo from

Scooter Smiff’s album cover for his CD Head Of My Class

Staying home for the holidays isn’t so bad ‘Staycation’ activities abound in Cincinnati By Katie Henke Staff Writer

Photo from

Snoop Dogg looking fly

DVDs/Blu-rays: Dec. 8: - Public Enemies - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Dec. 15: -The Hangover -Inglourious Basterds Dec. 22: - (500) Days of Summer Dec. 29: -District 9 -9 -The Roar’s Pick: District 9

Bummed about being stuck in the ’Nati over Winter Break? Don’t fret, because there are plenty of events and other cool things going on over the break: -Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs game- Dec. 27 at Paul Brown Stadium. Get tickets at Who Dey! -Festival of Lights- Nov. 27-Jan. 3, starting at 5 p.m. daily at the Cincinnati Zoo. Tickets are $13 for ages 13-61. Make sure

you take a trip down to the zoo this holiday season. -Ice skating on New Year’s Eve at Fountain Square. Rekindle old memories or start some new traditions with free ice skating. -Chris Wells’ lights- Dec.1-31 at 256 Glen Lake Rd., 7-10 p.m. daily. Don’t forget to tune your radio to 106.9 FM while watching the show. You don’t want to miss the show of over 18,000 lights. -Spend a day at the theater with your friends viewing these new movie releases: Everybody’s Fine, Princess and the Frog, Sherlock Holmes, The Lovely Bones, and Up in the Air.

Photo from

An alien from District 9

Video games: Dec. 21: - Guitar Hero: Van Halen Dec. 28: - Dead Rising 2 -The Roar’s Pick: Avatar- James Cameron, -The Roar’s Pick: Dead Rising 2 ‘nuff said.

Photo courtesy of Chris Wells

The light show featured at Chris Wells’s house


Photo from Photo from

An Avatar movie poster

How to kill zombies in Dead Rising 2

The Roar rocks! Keep reading!

Entertainment The saga continues ...with werewolves 12

Page Editor: Emma Goetz

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

Two of The Roar’s “Twihards” review New Moon after the midnight premire battle between Bella’s two lovers make New Moon an exciting, romantic film filled with Staff Writers When the clock struck midnight on suspense. This movie has a much larger Nov. 20, theaters throughout the U.S. were budget than the last movie of the series. packed with Twilight saga fans. New The action is of much higher quality, and overall, this Moon, the sequel to movie is a huge Twilight, was sold hit. out in thousands of Edward theaters. Screaming Cullen, played by girls lined up Robert Pattinson, outside the theater takes the as early as 9:30 p.m. audience on an The battle between emotional ride the main male when the plot characters, Jacob twists, and his and Edward, added character decides a whole new to leave Bella element of alone for her own competition to this safety. Jacob and movie. Girls sported Bella’s friendship their “Team and feelings grow Edward” and “Team throughout the Jacob” shirts, movie, which excited to see their makes it favorite hottie. understandable Fans were very for girls to go wild pleased with the Photo from over Jacob (that, close parallel the Taylor Lautner gained 20-plus pounds of and his movie has with the r i d i c u l o u s ly muscle for New Moon book. The plot is beautiful body). nearly exactly the Fans have high hopes for the next same. Girls are raving about the memorable production, Eclipse, that premieres in six scenes where Jacob, played by Taylor months. Lautner, rips his shirt off. The ultimate love By Sara Mullowney and Emilee Kraus

Pphoto from

Team Jacob fans delight in the insanley buff wolfpack, which includes Taylor Lautner (front)

Michael’s Movies Wintry films that make you turn up the heater By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

As the winter months and cold weather come upon us, here are the best movies where the cold climate causes crazy conundrums in the plot. 1. The Thing: John Carpenter’s story about an alien that begins killing members of an Antarctic research base is phenomenal. The creature takes the shapes of living things. The characters have to worry about the creatures and each other, not knowing what form the creature could be in. 2. 30 Days of Night: A story about a town in Alaska that has 30 days without

sunshine and gets invaded by vampires. This story is a real vampire story, unlike the abomination known as Twilight, these vampires are hurt by sunlight. 3. Cliffhanger: Sylvester Stallone climbs mountains: MANLY! He fights bad guys: MANLIER! He fights in a man tank-top in the snow on a mountain top: MANLIEST! 4. Dead Snow: Vacation in the Alps? Fun. Zombies? More fun. Nazis? Not so fun. NAZI ZOMBIES?! MOST FUN! 5. The Shining: Jack Nicholson’s classic performance as Jack Torrance, who, with his family, watches over a Colorado Hotel, the Overlook, in the winter. Definitely very cold.

Upcoming Concerts By Bridget Sova Staff Writer

Looking for something to do this month? Check out these concerts. Rock: Shinedown with Papa Roach at The Bank of Kentucky Center on Dec. 5, The Fray at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion in Columbus on Dec. 8, Sighlo at Newport Music Hall in Columbus on Dec. 11. Jazz: Kenny G at the Aronoff Center for the Arts on Dec. 9. Soundtrack: Star Wars: In Concert at U.S. Bank Arena on Dec. 11. Hip hop/ rap: Raekwon at Alrosa Villa in Columbus on Dec. 11. Bluegrass: Ricky Skaggs at Palace Theatre in Columbus on Dec. 11. Alternative rock: Sick Puppies with Rev Theory at Bogart’s on Dec. 15. Christmas: Trans Siberian Orchestra at U.S. Bank Arena on Dec.18.

The Roar’s pick: Are you getting sick of concerts yet? If so, then this month features two concerts that offer more than just music. The first is Star Wars: In Concert on Dec. 11 at U.S. Bank Arena. This concert is truly a multi-media performance. It features a live symphony orchestra, a chorus, and a giant LED screen that will show footage from all six Star Wars films while the live orchestra and chorus play the music from the movies. For all the Star Wars fans out there, this is one concert you don’t want to miss. If you’re enjoying getting into the Christmas spirit, the Trans Siberian Orchestra at U.S. Bank Arena on Dec. 18 is the concert for you. This concert features an extravagant light show that is perfectly timed to all of your favorite Christmas songs, played by a 60-piece orchestra and a choir. So if you’re ready for a little something more, check out one of these concerts.

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FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

The Roar’s Top 10 list

Top 10 places to eat around the ’Nati

A day in the life of Mr. Conatser By Casey Baker and Natalie Siddique

By Madeline Vance

8. First Watch Great for every meal, but my favorite is Staff Writer French toast and bacon for breakfast. 7. P.F. Chang’s (The Roar will feature a top 10 list each Amazing Chinese food; its chicken-broccoli issue. It’s completely up to the author, who and egg rolls hit the spot. is determined randomly, whatever he or she 6. Culver’s wants to count down). So good. Enjoy wonderful grilled cheese and Food, glorious food! This sustenance chicken tenders, as well as perfectly made keeps us alive every day. I’ve eaten many shakes and malts in many different flavors. meals in my life, and after searching the city, 5. Panera Bread these are by far the best places to dine in One of the best bread and soup places ever. the area. They offer fresh and flavorful food I always get chicken noodle soup, even and are known for their great service. If though I found a floating fly in my bowl you’re looking for a delicious meal, take my one time. advice and (Eww.) check out my 4. Red Robin top 10 list, I love its service counting down and the free to my favorite. balloons you These amazing can receive restaurants will upon entry/exit. not let you Its burgers down, but leave a instead will sensational leave you taste in your feeling well-fed mouth and and happy. leave you with a 10. Longhorn full belly. Photo from A favorite of Madeline’s Steakhouse 3. Chipotle The American A great Mexican place to eat. The perfect West is truly brought to life through this burrito consists of chicken, black beans, restaurant’s great hospitality and inviting rice, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and little atmosphere. Personally, I enjoy munching bit of salsa. on its delectable bread and butter, as well 2. Potbelly Sandwich Works as ribs and mashed potatoes. Do you like Quiznos? Potbelly has similar 9. T.G.I. Fridays toasted sandwiches but with a taste quality I love its delicious appetizer: potato skins, ten times better. topped with cheese and bacon bits. For 1. The Cheesecake Factory dessert, try its brownie obsession, a warm This full-service restaurant is known for its brownie covered in chocolate-fudge sauce, remarkable and legendary cheesecake for vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and pecans. dessert.

Page Editor: Ellen Mack

Staff Writers

Many of us have had Mr. Conatser as a science teacher. Others have had him as a football or weight training coach after school. Have you ever wondered what he does everyday? Every morning Mr. Photo by Natalie Siddique Mr. Conatser with a V8 Conatser wakes up at 5 is followed by another Environmental to get in some sort of cardio workout before school. His breakfast consists of Science class. After school you can find Mr. a bowl of Wheaties. Next he must get Conatser in the weight room until 5. his son, Brock, ready for school. After he helps LHS students get ripped, “My wife is responsible for getting he lifts weights himself. my daughter ready; she is too whiny for At home, Mr. Conatser spends his me to get ready in the morning,” Mr. time playing with his kids. Every night Conatser said. for dinner he eats meat, cheese, and He arrives at school at 7 and heads some kind of dark green vegetable. He to the library for his planning block. To will relax by watching ESPN programs, get ready for his first class, Honors football games, and the History Channel Environmental Science, he drinks a or Discovery Channel. Before bed he protein shake. Before his lunch, Mr. will read a backpacking magazine to get Conaster teaches an Environmental ready for his weekend trips to Red River science class. His lunch usually Gorge. includes a turkey sandwich and fruit washed down with a V8 or water. Lunch

Lolkatz get last laugh By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

Nov. 20 marked that beginning of a new tradition at LHS. In an effort to raise money for our newspaper, The Roar, the journalism class hosted a dodgeball tournament featuring 13 teams and over 100 students. Lolkatz took the tournament by storm as it lost its first match to Blitzkrieg, but proceeded to win seven consecutive games and take the crown. The Fireballs also had an impressive showing, winning four

consecutive matches before falling to Lolkatz in the finals. Finishing third in the tournament was Shumakers.

Congratulations to Lolkatz! Shane Spring (12) Kevin Caines (12) Hunter Ewing (10) Haley Shuemake (10) Nicolette Hayes (10) Dylan Bodley (10) Ben Hill (12) Anthony Zamagias (12)

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

Andrew Schuster (12) and Greg Pitman (12), right, shake hands after a game.

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

Ben Hill (12) of the Lolkatz celebrates his victory.

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

The Fireballs, above, were defeated by the Lolkatz in the finals.

14 FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


Page Editor: Katie Henke

Where’s Sierz? Try to be the first to find senior Matt Sierzputowski

Food Fight

Mio’s vs. CiCi’s

Photo by Casey Baker and Kelsey Kerkhove

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

By Sammie Wheeler

Staff Writer

This month The Roar compared two pizza places: Mio’s and Cici’s. Both offer


everything from pizzas to salads and more. Cici’s incredible deals make it much more

affordable than Mio’s somewhat pricier menu. It’s a close fight, but the atmosphere


and service of Mio’s just can’t be beat. Mio’s wins 21-20.


Taste Atmosphere Service Affordability Variety

Look-Alikes The monthly special of two strikingly similar-looking human beings caught on camera!

Photo by Sara Mullowney

Photo by Sara Mullowney

Alayna Buescher (12), above, and left in center photo

Provided photo

Lauren Tipton (11), above, and right in center photo

FRIDAY, December 4, 2009


15 Page Editor: Kelsey Kerkhove

Facebook is a fun way to get to know others. Each month, The Roar will pick a student at random (picking a name blindfolded) to help introduce you to a new face at LHS, Facebook style.

Abby Mullowney

Grade: Sophomore Interests: Lacrosse, lacrosse, lacrosse, hanging out with friends School activities: Lacrosse TV shows and movies: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The “Maggie is awesome”

Hangover Favorite class: AP History. Mr. Partin is awesome! Hero: Probably my sister, Sara (a senior) Pet peeve: I hate it when people are coughing, but it’s a really


light cough. It drives me crazy. Just cough!

November 19, 1993

Quotes: “Life’s a climb, but the view is great.” –Lucas Till Fun facts: I had surgery when I was in third grade to get my appendix out. If that’s a fun fact. Can’t live without: Either my phone or my friends. If I had Thomas McCarty

Maggie Stancliff

Hannah Moloney

my phone, though, then I could still keep in contact with my friends.

Liz Sullivan

Marie Policastro

MK Fisher

Roar around the school -The dodgeball tournament was awesome! Anyone who didn’t go missed out.

Do You Remember...? By Natalie Siddique

sales. The Furby sold over 40 million units in its first three years of original production. Its creators, Dan Hampton and Do you remember the must-have robot Caleb Chung, completed the robot in a toy known as the Furby that spoke mere nine months, but nevertheless, it was “furbish” and moved its eyes in crazy a hit. directions? Of If you still have an course you do. urge to rekindle the The Furby flame with a Furby, gained its fame you’re in luck, because of its because in 2005 a new a p p a r e n t generation of Furby intelligence which called the Emotocomes from its Tronic Furby was ability to move released with voice when touched and recognition, more its ability to complex facial progressively movements, and many speak English. more changes and Distributed by improvements. Tiger Electronics, It’s fair to say that Furby is famous the Furby was easily for its immense the toy of our success in its early generation. Photo from Staff Writer

-The girls SAY soccer team, the Loveland Pirates, finished second in the state tournament on Nov. 22. -Winter break is sixteen days long this year; be sure to make the best of the holiday activities. Sincerely, Your editors-in-chief



16 FRIDAY, December 4, 2009

Page Editor: Michael Lawson

Kids say the cutest things By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

Everyone wonders what goes through the minds of first graders. The Roar had the privilege to ask a Loveland first-grade class two questions about the holidays. What does Frosty the Snowman do during the summer? “Stays in a freezer.” -Alex “He dies and makes a seed for next year.” -Josh

“He is in the North Pole.” -Joanna “At summer Mr. Frosty the Snowman melts and during winter Frosty the Snowman doesn’t melt.” -Ruth “Sleep.” -Spencer How do reindeer fly? “They scrunch their feet.” -Josh “They eat something that makes them fly.” -Alex “They just fly.” -Drew

“Santa puts magic on the reindeer.” William “When I give them magic food.” -Babs “Magic sprinkles.” -Karson “Santa remote-controls them.” -Eliza “Santa says a magic word, and then they fly.” -Luke “Feet.” -Emily “With their antlers.” -Helge “Magic corn.” -Lauren “By the wind.” -Josey

Frosty the Snowman

Image from

’Twas the night before Christmas ... at LHS By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

(Here’s a holiday poem with apologies to the original author.) Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Loveland High Not a student was stirring, not even Jake Nye (12) The stockings were hung by the front office with care

With hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there When out on the roof there arose such a clatter There was a splash in the pool, and jolly chitter chatter With a little old driver, so lively and quick The whole school knew it must be St. Nick

“Now, Mrs. Grant! Now, Mrs. Woodruff too! I will fill their socks with crafts and glue!” A bundle of school supplies he flung on his back Went into classrooms of teachers and opened his sack He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot And his beard was full of cafeteria cookies and soot

His eyes how they twinkled as he entered the band room He laughed as the tuba made a sound like a vacuum Santa, once done, gave his team a loud whistle And away they all flew like the down of a thistle But the school heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight, “Happy Christmas to Loveland High, and to all a good night!”

Mad Lib! Letter to Santa By Kelsey Kerkhove Staff Writer

The Roar has created its very own Mad Lib. Fill in these blanks for a funny and entertaining letter to Santa. See the key below to see what type of word to fill in. This works best when you ask a friend to submit his/her answers before reading the paragraph. (1. noun, 2. adjective, 3. adjective, 4. verb, 5. noun, 6. verb, 7. plural noun, 8. adjective) Dear Santa, I have been a very good 1.)____________ this year. I have tried my hardest to be 2.)___________ to my parents and 3.)__________ to my friends. I 4.)____________ my chores almost every night and haven’t missed a homework assignment yet. I ask for only a few things this year. I was hoping you could get me a new pogo stick, a Barbie dream house, and a 5.)___________. I made lots of Christmas cookies and will 6.) ___________ out the chimney for you. I also left your reindeer a few 7.) ___________. I don’t want them to get hungry on your 8.) _______________ trip around the world tonight. Have a Merry Christmas, Santa! Color this snowman, drawn by Ellen Mack (11), return it to room 109, and we’ll deck the hall with it.

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