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FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

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Loveland adopts ALICE Safety plan empowers staff, students in event of attack By Anne Lehmann Staff Writer

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Almost two months ago, the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings took place in Newtown, Conn. Tragic events like this have forced administrators to rethink school safety plans and prompted the creation of the relatively new training program ALICE. Loveland City School District, along with many school districts nationwide, will be switching to ALICE as its new emergency response protocol. It is the product of extensive study and review of school shootings in an effort to better prepare schools for such situations. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. “As human beings, we have a natural fight-or-flight instinct,” says Principal Kloesz, “which is the main idea behind ALICE.” In the past, Loveland used the traditional lockdown as the emergency response protocol. If there was an intruder, all students would have to be in a classroom, doors would be locked, lights would be turned off, and everyone would gather in a corner and stay out of view. Now, with ALICE, there is a much more active approach. If there is an intruder in the building, just follow the acronym: The first step is “Alert.” This means that Mr. Kloesz would come over the intercom and tell everyone to go into “Lockdown” (step two). The next step is “Inform.” After everyone is in a locked classroom, Mr. Kloesz would come on the intercom again and relay more information and more instructions, depending upon the situation. “Counter” can mean barricading doors, rigging doors, and even throwing things at an intruder if he/she gets into a classroom. The last component of ALICE is “Evacuate,” which is the most different from traditional lockdown. This allows students in certain areas of the school, wherever the intruder isn’t, to get out and avoid further

Photo by Mackenzie Johnson

A group of juniors simulates the “Counter” step of ALICE by barricading Mr. Schmidt’s classroom door and preparing for an encounter with an intruder. endangerment. This new approach will give students a much more active role. Instead of sitting helplessly in classrooms, students will await the instructions of the principal and act on whatever he says. That could mean pushing heavy furniture or desks against an inward-opening door, wrapping a belt around the bracket at the top of an outward-opening door, or even swarming an attacker if he/she gets into a classroom. The role of school resource officers like Officer Steve Almond will remain much the same. “Officers go through (quick-action deployment) training for these situations,” says Officer Almond. “I, along with three other police officers, have the job of actively looking for and engaging the shooter.” In the event there is an intruder, Officer Steve would call the local police and respond with other officers, such as Officer Barnes from the Middle School and/or local police officers. Judy Leamy is the district nurse who also heads up the District Safety Commit-

tee. The committee is made up of representatives from each building in the district and includes administrative staff, teachers, psychologists, principals, nurses, resource officers, counselors, custodians, the chief of police, transportation representatives, and invited guests. “Not only are we concerned with the physical safety of the district, but also the mental health aspect,” says Mrs. Leamy. Some of the mental health initiatives the District Safety Committee is involved with are My Voice, My Choice and the mentoring program. Mrs. Leamy says this handson work with troubled students could be what helps those teens’ mental health, defusing potentially dangerous behavior later. The District Safety Committee is scrutinizing safety concerns and response plans, but most of the changes coming for the district were already in the works before the Sandy Hook tragedy. Students can expect to hear more about ALICE, and maybe even see some training get started, this semester.

range’s location, citing that the range could be a possible safety issue for the school due to its proximity to the school’s campus. Loveland City Council is working on a solution for the issue, and several members proposed a moratorium (a waiting period) on issuing permits for target shooting ranges. This motion failed in a 4-3 vote on Jan. 8. Councilman Mark Fitzgerald, a proponent of the moratorium, said the motion was proposed “so a reasoned study could be undertaken to address the issue in a comprehensive manner. ... Beyond the obvious safety concerns, there are no protections for adjoining businesses regarding noise and other potential nuisances.” One of those against the moratorium was Councilman Brent Zuch, who called the motion “vague” and “clumsily put to-

gether.” He added, “I don’t want a hasty moratorium to scare away local business.” An approved proposal, brought up by Zuch, was to potentially allow the range to open in the light industrial area. This area is down the road from the Loveland CVS, along the Little Miami River on East Kemper Road. Zuch hopes this will allow the city to “approach the situation in a rational manner. (We’re) looking for a win-win situation.” Likely, the range will not appear near the elementary school, though Fitzgerald is hopeful “we do not wind up with a ‘solution’ that results in new rules that allow ranges in industrial zones but fails to severely restrict or eliminate them from commercial zones.” Currently, a 45-day moratorium is being discussed.

Proposed gun range location under fire By Ricky Mulvey

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Staff Writer

An effort to open a gun range less than 100 yards from Loveland Elementary has become marred with controversy. It has been spearheaded by Loveland resident Steve Ling, whose proposed range would be entitled “Sling ’N Guns.” The planned location of the range alarmed many local parents, but also brought out many gun enthusiasts in support. This has resulted in lively school board and city council meetings and has brought Loveland into the local media spotlight. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, the situation has grown even testier. In response to the proposed range, the Loveland Board of Education issued a “resolution of concern” about the proposed

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2 FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

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Page Editor: Sydney Dudley

Keep gun range away

Perception of school district a key consideration In light of the shooting range having a proposed location across from Loveland Elementary School, The Roar’s stance is against putting the range so close to the school. While it would bring in business to the area and be a place for citizens to safely discharge weapons, the downside of having a firing range merely 250 feet away from the Primary and Elementary schools outweighs the pros. This range could create a stigma around the Elementary and Primary schools as being “those schools near the gun range.” This could draw away potential homebuyers to the Loveland area and decrease property values for area residents.

We don’t believe a shooting range would cause any increase in the probability of a school shooting at Loveland Elementary. Shooters’ Supply, a gun store that is just down the street from the school, has yet to present an issue in regards to its location. However, the negative perception that the outside world would have is enough reason to put us against the location. Another issue brought about by the gun range’s proposed location is that there are currently no protections for noise and other nuisances that could affect other local businesses. The intermittent sound of gunfire from the range could draw people away from businesses like Angilos Pizza,

and the presence of nearby weapons may cause parents to hesitate when allowing their children to go to Castle Skateland. The light industrial area along East Kemper Road along the Little Miami River presents a better option for a gun range. The desire that many have for a place to shoot in Loveland would be satisfied, but it would be far enough away from schools to not present an issue for parents and students. Having a gun range near Loveland Elementary School is not an issue of 2nd Amendment rights, but of zoning. If a gun range is to open in Loveland, it needs to be in a better area.

Technology takes over teens’ lives

Make an effort to learn conversation skills before it’s too late These days, it seems everyone is using the latest and greatest technology. However, technology can be both a blessing and a curse. Technology has Anna Niemeyer caused a great decrease in one’s ability to make conversation person-to-person. Everyone is used to texting, tweeting, or updating a Facebook status to reveal thoughts, feelings, or news about whatever they are currently doing. What these updates don’t show is the emotion and body language put into a conversation. When speaking with another person, expression and body language help convey a person’s views on something. It is easy to hide behind all of this social media at our finger-tips. In addition, technology can be addictive. People are seen constantly with their phone, tablet or laptop in hand. Many teens can hardly put their phone down for even a few seconds. This causes issues in schools and businesses.

Technology causes laziness as well. Why get up and go somewhere when almost everything you need can be found with a computer? Although this sounds nice, it eliminates going somewhere and actually having a conversation with someone who can help with something needed. Now, instead of talking to employees in person, people choose to ask online chat services or deal with prerecorded phone messages. For children and teenagers, cyber bul-

lying can be a major issue. Having access to the internet and social media websites can lead to this. Often times, parents never even find out about this bullying. Technology has allowed this generation to live completely through the internet. Communication with actual people has become difficult and awkward because people don’t know how to participate in conversations anymore. This society has too much technology now and should use it only when necessary.

Photo by Anna Niemeyer

The girls at this lunch table are busy checking their phones instead of making conversation.

Go fishing for love... outside of Loveland

Carla Weismantel

You just spotted a hottie from Kings. Should you go for it, or should you not? Considering dating someone from another school is like everything in life: There are benefits that come with it and also disad-

vantages. Yet I say go for it; it is almost Valentine’s Day, and you could use some new

jewelry. The obvious downfall of dating someone from another school is that you will not see them as much. But there is also a benefit to that: The time spent together on the weekend will be much more special. Not only are times more magical with your significant other, but you also get double of everything: two Homecomings, two Proms, and even more football games. (WARNING: Any girls interested in dating guys from St. Xavier should know girls are not allowed in the student section at football games. If one does wander into the area, they will be called cruel names I

am unable to say in the high school newspaper.) Hey ladies, another benefit to dating someone from a different school is you don’t have to look nice at school like... EVER. Trust me, that is something I wish I could take advantage of… well, let’s be honest: I am in sweatshirts and leggings pretty much every day, sorry (not sorry) Danny. In conclusion, you better go for that hottie you just spotted from another school. You’ve been around these people in Loveland for far too long. There are other fish in the sea.

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013


Ask Mitch: Tweet at our man for advice This is Crazy Legs, a.k.a. Mitch Casperson, a.k.a. @lilmitchy26. Whether you want to know how to survive high school or want to make a joke, I can help. Tweet your burning questions to @lilmitchy26. @ColeSchlez4 (Cole Schlesner, 12) – Why does a round pizza come in a square box? I find myself asking this same question after my daily bubble bath and time of reflection. I tend to think about the injustices in the world: misogyny, fiscal irresponsibility, or racial prejudice. This question is no different. The best reason I can think of is that the pizza companies actually only care about making money (who knew?) and circular boxes are more expensive. @samfjelstul (Sam Fjelstul, 10) – What will you miss Photo by Mitch Casperson most about your senior soccer Mitch shows off his swag with a mirror pic. season? Ah Sam, in short, the screaming fans, the never-ending glory, and, most of all, letically talented. I’m sure you can show the team. Not to toot my own horn, but I your mom that you are just as good as your got about 15 minutes of playing time every brother by waking up early on Saturday single game. The senior season is always morning, making her scrambled eggs, and bittersweet. It’s the end of an era and, for serving her breakfast in bed. many, the last time that one will step onto @Applesnyder (Nolan Snyder, 12) – an athletic field. When your time comes, When I am faced with a difficult decision, savor your final season with your team. I find it hard to stay focused and I often @bgigs (Bryan Gilligan, 12) – If your brush it off until later. Your thoughts? mom called you out for being shorter than Nolan, the only way to answer this your significantly more handsome older question is in a blunt manner: Man up, bro. brother, what would you say? Full deets. I know it’s easier said than done. However, Well, Bryan, living in the shadow of an it is imperative that young men of our age older sibling can be tough. However, don’t learn to face the fears in our lives. All you let anyone tell you that your brother is have to do is shave your face and put on significantly more handsome, tall, or ath- your big boy undies and you’re set for life.

3 Page Editor: Erin Richmond

Cat pics

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Sock ties

If you don’t know what these are, you should keep it that way. We need to stop this “trend” before it even starts.


This app has had its time in the spotlight, but now its three days of fame are over. It will now take its place next to its fellow fallen apps, such as Words With Friends, Temple Run and Draw Something.

Weather in Cincinnati

One minute the possibility of us living underwater doesn’t seem so impossible; the next it’s warm enough to walk outside in shorts and a T-shirt; then before you know it we’re experiencing below-zero temperatures and blizzard-like conditions. Like seriously, what’s up with that? #CincyProbz.

Tweets of the month Want your tweet printed in The Roar? Tweet @lovelandroar about school, sports, or something fun; we’ll print our favorites. Be witty, enthusiastic, and good-natured, and follow us at Here are some favorites from recent weeks: “I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with a sexy box of chocolate.” – K8Randall16 (Kate Randall), Jan. 24 “I predict I’ll be the winner of March Madness because I can probably go the most mad during the month of March.” – Chelsquotes (Chelsea Heimbrock), Jan. 24 “@lovelandroar Do you miss me? I miss you.” – Thomas_McCarty (Thomas McCarty), Jan. 24 “Since Loveland never has snow days, we should just have ‘sorry about the 7 a.m. start time’ days instead.” – BeccaTrate (Becca Trate), Jan. 24


Global warming: Is the earth really heating up? The debate about global warming is starting to heat up. The climate is changing, and lately, it has been changing dramatically. The Brad Faust evidence is there. There is no doubt that global warming is happening. The global sea level rose about 17 centimeters in the past 100 years. The rate in the last decade, however, is nearly double that of the last century. This is caused by the polar ice caps melting. Greenland lost 150 to 250 cubic kilometers of ice per year between 2002 and 2006, while Antarctica lost about 152 cubic kilometers of ice between 2002 and 2005. The abnormal rise in temperature is affecting habitats and countries. Since 1950, the number of record hightemperature events in the United States

has been increasing, while the number of record low-temperature events has been decreasing. The U.S. has also witnessed increasing amounts of intense rainfall. The 20th century’s last two decades were the hottest in 400 years and possibly the warmest for several millennia. Extreme surges of weather events have happened, such as wildfires, heat waves, and strong hurricanes, which are affiliated with climate change. Come on, people, the temperature change is not just a “normal cycle.” The data shows proof of global warming’s existence and dangers. Whether it is human-related or not, the temperature of the world is increasing. It is in our best interests to do all we can to diminish human activity that may speed that increase. Don’t believe the naysayers. Though the greatest issues may face later generations, it’s our responsibility to try to protect the planet. Global warning is real, and really dangerous.


Unfortunately for all naïve Earth lovers out there, even if everyone in the community of Loveland stopped using their cars, and electricity in Mackenzie Johnson order to save the planet from “global warming,” it would have zero effect upon the temperature of Earth. Not only does human activity not affect Earth’s temperature, but the issue of “global warming” is nonexistent. Over 17,000 scientists have signed a petition circulated by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine stating that they see no evidence that greenhouse gases released by human activity will lead to the disturbance of Earth’s climate. Many others agree that the theory of global warming is unproven due to the lack of reliable evidence. That’s right, folks: It’s all hype.

This does not mean that it is a waste of time to recycle, compost, and conserve energy. These forms of conservation are extremely helpful in reducing the human footprint on the planet. However, if one is doing this in hopes of decreasing the worldwide temperature of Earth, it will be of no use. Evidence supporting global warming is flawed. Those who suggest global warming is an issue have only analyzed a limited time frame. While the worldwide temperature may have increased over the past 10 years, it has actually decreased over the past 1,000 years. Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old, and temperature data cannot be analyzed from a meager 10 years. Also, temperature changes cannot prove global warming is occurring because temperature changes are part of Earth’s natural heating and cooling cycle. Over 17,000 scientists have signed a petition stating that they see no evidence of global warming. Rise above the ignorance, and join them.



4 FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Page Editor: Darby Moloney

Gunner Lay: legend in the making By Anne Lehmann

Staff Writer

Look around; you may be in the presence of a potential state champion. Talented junior Gunner Lay has been wrestling for 13 years, since he was 4 years old. Perhaps this is the reason he was the first LHS freshman ever to place at state. Last month, he won his 100th career match. He is 34-1 this season and is the Eastern Cincinnati Conference wrestler of the year. He is ranked No. 2 in the state in the 182-pound weight class. “Gunner is definitely one of the top five most talented wrestlers that I’ve ever coached,” says Coach Switzer. He has been coaching for 15 years, including 10 as the head coach for Loveland. This year if Gunner qualifies for state, he will likely have to wrestle Domenic

Abounader. Abounader is ranked No. 1 in the state and 20th in the nation for the 182-pound weight class. He attends St. Edward High School in Cleveland and has committed to wrestle in college for the University of Michigan. He is Gunner’s biggest obstacle. “I have been wrestling with him since the seventh grade,” says Gunner. “It will definitely be a tough match.” Coach Switzer says Gunner has a shot to go far at state this year. When asked if Gunner would consider switching weight classes to avoid having to wrestle Abounader, Coach Switzer responded that there are tough people in every weight class, so he doesn’t anticipate a change in weight class. Also, because Abounader is a senior this year, Gunner won’t have to worry about wrestling him next year at state.

Gunner Lay, right, prepares to take on a Kings opponent.

Photo by Sydney Dudley

Local college hoops squads targeting March Madness By Danny McManus Sports Editor

With four weeks left in the regular season, The Roar looks at a few local teams that have had tournament success in the recent past and how these teams’ postseason hopes look: Cincinnati Bearcats (18-4, 6-3 Big East, No. 17): Cincinnati started off the season 12-0 before losing three of the next four. The losses were very close, and UC came back and took then-No. 3 Syracuse to the wire before losing a heartbreaker, 57-55. Look for UC to finish the season strong and play deep into the NCAA Tournament.

Ohio State Buckeyes (17-4, 7-2 Big Ten, No. 10): Ohio State looks strong this year, which comes as no surprise. Playing in arguably the best conference in the country, all of its losses have come at the hands of ranked teams. Junior forward, Deshaun Thomas leads the team in scoring and rebounding. The Buckeyes have a tough stretch to end the regular season, and it hopes this will prepare the team for the Big Dance. Xavier Musketeers (12-9, 5-3 Atlantic 10 Conference): Xavier has had a tough start to the season, something the Musketeers are not used to. When a team loses to the likes of Pacific and Wofford, there

seem to be areas of concern. If Xavier has any hopes of playing deep into March, they might have to win the conference tournament to do so. Indiana Hoosiers (20-2, 8-1 Big Ten, No. 1): Indiana started off the season as the top-ranked team in the nation. It just reclaimed this spot, beating Michigan at home. Sophomore, Cody Zeller leads the team with 16.3 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. Indiana faces a very tough stretch to end the season, facing Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, and Michigan in four of its last five games. Louisville Cardinals (18-4, 6-3 Big East, No. 11): After losing in the Final Four

last year to archrival Kentucky, Louisville has high hopes this year going into March. With senior guard, Peyton Siva leading the attack, the only losses Louisville has suffered to date were against Duke and Syracuse. Look for Louisville to be one the favorites to win the title. Kentucky Wildcats (15-6, 6-2 Southeastern Conference): A year after the magic carpet ride that ended in a national championship, UK is in a rebuilding year. This is something John Calipari is not used to. While the losses have come in close games and against great teams, a season that does not include some postseason wins is viewed as disappointment in Lexington.

Pom squad competes for 1st time By Anna Niemeyer Staff Writer

This year, six members of the LHS pom squad will be taking it to the next level by competing in events for the first time. The competition team includes seniors: Sarah Kanitz, Mallory Jackson, Carley Taggart, Kayla Timon, Brittany MacLean and Ashley Rivera. Coach Nancy Forsythe wanted the girls to compete this year because most of them are fourth-year seniors. This gives the squad good experience and readiness for taking the stage competitively. Although they will not be performing stunts or flips, they will be carrying out three minutes

of kick line in front of judges and fans. This is not a standard kick line; the performance consists of different forms of kicking. Judges will score them on things such as the difficulty of their routine and the height/togetherness of their kicks. The girls will be performing to the instrumental version of “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson. “Our goal is to do well as we are the first pom squad to perform competitively,” says Ashley. “We are all really excited about the competitions, and we expect to win,” says Sarah. Photo by Anna Niemeyer The pom squad will be competing in ConFrom left, senior pom squad members, Sarah Kanitz, Brittany MacLean, cord, Ohio on Feb. 23, Dayton on Feb. 24, and and Ashley Rivera cheer on the Tigers during a game. Akron on Apr. 4.

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013


5 Page Editor: Mitch Casperson

Dunk this: 15 questions with Partin Basketball coach endures an admittedly bizarre interrogation By Ricky Mulvey Staff Writer

Many know Mr. Partin as the boys basketball coach, or as the AP U.S. History teacher, but all know him as a legend of Loveland High School. Mr. Partin was kind enough to sit with The Roar for a 15-question interview to share his perspective on basketball, history, and life. Q. Who would be your starting five players if you had to make a team from the Loveland kids you’ve coached? A. I’d put Eric Van Buskirk at center, Bobby Capobianco and Brian Wozniak as my forwards, Charlie Engstrom at guard, and Evan Dice at point guard. Q. It’s the biggest game of the season. What sweater are you rocking on the court? A. Well, recently my wife got some new sweaters for my collection for Christmas. They’re white and black, and lightweight. I like them. Q. If Loveland was to take on the Tune Squad from Space Jam (minus Michael Jordan), how would that go down? A. We would handle them. We have better shooting than those animals. Q. Do you think I can dunk? A. No. Q. Can you dunk? A. No.

Q. Will you tell your players to dunk more? A. No. Q. What is your definition of YOLO? A. I have no idea what you are talking about. Q. How many times can one say “swag” in a day before it gets old? A. Three. No more. Some people shouldn’t say it at all. Q. What are your thoughts on A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb? A. She appears to be a nice young lady. Q. So, Roll Tide or War Eagle? A. I’m a Kentucky fan, but I’m going to have to say Roll Tide. Q. The NHL lockout is over. Are you pumped, or are you psyched? A. Who cares (about hockey)? Q. I noticed you’re big on your Pandora game. What song are you hoping shows up when you log on? A. “The Pontoon Boat Song” (by Little Big Town.) Q. What’s your advice to the kids out there? A. Enjoy your high school years. Q. What’s your Oscar pick for Best Picture? A. Lincoln. Q. Can I have a ride home? A. If you want to ride in the back of my truck, then yes. It may be cold, though.

Bowling strategy: more than just practicing Wii There’s more to sport than meets the eye By Brad Faust Staff Writer

Bowling may not seem like a complicated sport. However, it actually requires a great amount of strategy and intense thinking. There are many ways to become an elite bowler. Practice is the key to success. The Loveland bowling team practices at Loveland Lanes every day to get better. The things a bowler must take into consideration when bowling is where his or her eyes and feet should be. A good strategy used by professional bowlers is to never take their eyes off the front pin. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Loveland bowler Danny Tringelof (11) says, “Keep your eyes on your mark on the floor, and that will help. In my opinion, the more the ball spins, the better.” Another factor in bowling is the weight of the ball. The heaviest ball is 16 lbs. and the lightest is 6 lbs. The choice of weight depends on the bowler; however, a lighter ball is easier to spin and put more power on. Avid bowler David Osborne (11) says, “I tend to use a lighter ball because I think the more speed, the more effective I am at bowling.” One may not know that the oil on the bowling lane makes a large impact on how well someone bowls. The oil patterns vary on each bowling lane. For high school bowling, there are three widely used bowling patterns: Tiger, Jaguar, and Iguana. An oil machine lays down

a new coat before each match. The normal oil pattern is when there is less oil on the outside of the lane, and more oil in the middle. Right-handed bowlers generally aim for the second or third arrows or “marks” on the bowling lane and then spin the ball to the middle of the pins. It is the same for the left side, also. From the oil on the lane, to the arrows and marks on the lane, and to the weight of the ball, bowling proves to be a very intricate sport. So how much has all this strategy paid off? Well, the LHS boys team is Eastern Cincinnati Conference co-champs with Glen Este, earning the first league title in program history. And the girls team went 10-2 in the league, finishing a game behind champion Glen Este, a year after winning its own league title in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference.

Photo by Ricky Mulvey

The dunk master general, Tim Partin, throws the hammer down.

Ready for a workout? Try these spots By Jenna Myklebust Editor-in-Chief

The cold has set in, snow has hit the ground, and all hopes of exercising outdoors have been tucked away until spring. As the new year has arrived, many resolutions to work out more have been set. Luckily, Loveland offers multiple venues for indoor workouts and exercise during the winter months, making it easy to carry out those resolutions. Simply Power Yoga: It has a variety of classes from beginner yoga to pilates to advanced hot yoga. New customers pay $30 and are welcome to attend an unlimited number of classes for their first month. After that, it’s just $7 per class for students. Simply Power Yoga is conveniently located above Busy Bee Boutique on Branch Hill Guinea Pike. TITLE Boxing Club: It’s a great place to do a unique, difficult workout. TITLE offers different classes for different workouts. The Power Hour is a group class which consists of a mix of boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. All the equipment and gear is provided,

and the first class is free. It is a place for anyone looking to burn calories and get fit while performing an upbeat, full-body workout. It’s on Loveland-Madeira Road in the Starbucks plaza. Ideal Fitness: Ideal is a fully-equipped gym with a low membership rate. At only $12 per month, it is appealing to high school students on a budget. Ideal is for anyone who prefers solo workouts and freedom with machines and weights. It’s on Fields Ertel Road across from Meijer. LHS weight room: Once the new weight room opens, it will be open to all students, free of charge. The helpful coaches and large area provide a convenient place for any student to exercise. Lifetime Fitness: Lifetime is all of these in one. It is huge, boasting an extensive exercise area with high-quality equipment, a large free weight area, a variety of group classes from yoga to Zumba, personal training opportunities, lap pools, a rock wall, and more. It’s a more expensive option, but it offers an assortment of workout options. Lifetime is located on Mason-Montgomery Road.

News A day in the life: Mr. Kloesz 6

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Page Editor: Sarah Goldenberg

Follow the principal through his long day By Mackenzie Johnson Staff Writer

When one works with over 1,400 teenagers on a daily basis, no two work days are ever the same. Principal Mr. Kloesz constantly experiences this first hand. There is a lot more that goes into being a principal than just paperwork and emails. While group collaboration and communication with teachers, parents, and school officials is imperative, Mr. Kloesz finds time in his busy day to interact with students throughout Loveland High School. He says, “Interacting with students is the part of my day I look forward to most.” Mr. Kloesz is constantly working on ways to improve Loveland. He is fulfilling his pre-year plan to improve the school by putting bulletin boards up throughout the hallways, repairing the theater stage, and preparing to install two technology additions that he’s keeping a secret for now.

Here’s a typical day for the boss: 4:30 a.m. – Gets up and takes his dog, Jack, for a morning walk. 6:15-6:30 a.m. – Arrives at school. 6:30-7 a.m. – Checks email and voicemail. 7-7:30 a.m. – Meets and greets students in hallways as they come into school. 8-10 a.m. – Meets with groups of parents and teachers. 11a.m.-1 p.m. – Fixes little issues throughout lunchroom, Photo by Mackenzie Johnson classrooms, etc. This is also Mr. Kloesz, left, socializes with seniors during lunch, a part of his daily routine. when he monitors student 3-5 p.m. – Picks up his two daughters attend an extracurricular activity, such as traffic and handles unexpected events. a basketball game or an orchestra concert. from the sitter and comes home. 1-3 p.m. – Communicates with board 9-11 p.m. – Reads the news and journal 6-9 p.m. – Helps his wife gets the kids officials such as Mrs. Miller, Mr. Hilliker, articles; prepares for next day. ready for bed, then heads back to school to and Dr. Marschhausen.

Composting success earns LHS ‘zero-waste school’ distinction By Megan Day Staff Writer

Every day Americans throw away enough waste to fill 63,000 garbage trucks. Food waste is 40 percent of the waste stream. Loveland’s Environmental Science class, taught by Ms. Burge, has a solution: composting to make Loveland High School one of the nation’s first “zero waste” schools. As of right now, LHS is doing it. Two years ago, the high school was producing 60 or more large bags of trash from lunches alone. The two large garbage bins in the parking lot used to be picked up every day, costing the school around $661 a month. In order to be considered a “zero waste” school, only six bags can be used. After one day of the new initiative, two bags were produced total from all three lunches. Now reducing more than 90 percent of trash, Loveland has earned the title of a “zero waste” school. Rumors have been floating around that the com-

posting will be done here at the high school; however, this is not true. All of the compost is taken to Marvin’s Organic Gardens, where it is ground up to be composted into soil. Ms. Burge said it is a privilege to have Marvin’s Organic Gardens take the schools compostable materials, which is why students need to be sure to compost only what is compostable. It costs the school money to have things such as plastic and other contaminants sorted out of the compost. Former Environmental student Brandon Brumback (10) said, “If students would open up and realize what we have done, they would be amazed.” Ms. Burge also added, “Change is hard for people to understand, which is why we start with small changes that progress to make big differences.” If students at Loveland High School continue to participate in this project and separate waste properly, Loveland High School will continue to be one of Ohio’s only “zero waste” schools.

Photo by Megan Day

Jenna Adkins (11) sorts through her lunch for the new composting program. LHS is totaling two bags of trash at lunches.

Faces in the crowd: Meet some rising LHS stars By Rachel Griswold

Staff Writer

There are many talented Tigers roaming the halls of Loveland High School. Let’s meet a few: Ever since she was little, Claudia Giuffré (12) has been involved with art. After taking many art classes as a child, she has grown to love painting. She enjoys splatter painting as well as painting different landscapes and sunsets with acrylics. ClauGiuffré dia is currently the vice president of Art Club and plans on pursuing graphic design at Miami University. Mollie Kowalchik is a junior who rides horses competitively. A typical horse competition involves showing the horse and then taking it through a jump course. Last year, Mollie won Kowalchik the Ohio Hunter Jumper Association state championship.This year Mollie qualified for nationals by racking up points in various

competitions. Mollie plans on riding in college and has already received many offers. She is currently deciding whether she wants to participate in NCAA or club riding. D.K. Dews is a sophomore who plays the trumpet in the school’s jazz band and wind symphony. He also plays the drums in his own band called Verbatim. His band has performed at Shooters Sports Grill and at Loveland’s Amazing Race. Watch for D.K.’s trumpet solos at the upcoming jazz band concert and spaghetti Dews dinner. He says, “The music is good, but the breadsticks are where it’s at.” Brighton Karhs is a freshman gymnast who spends more than 20 hours per week training at Queen City Gymnastics. Brighton commits five days a week to his training and currently is a Level 9 gymnast. His favorite and most successful Kahrs event is the high bar. The pommel horse is his least favorite and the most challenging. He hopes to soon reach the highest gymnastics level (10) and wants to continue gymnastics in college.

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013


7 Page Editor: Rachel Griswold

Building bots: Robotics club evolves By Sarah Goldenberg Staff Writer

Hidden in the shadows of LHS, there is an elite group of students set on conquering the world. Well, “If the world consisted of little plastic rings, we would be all set,” said Alyssa Stubbers (11).      Okay, so the Robotics team may not be on the verge of world domination, but these students do know how to build a robot. The robots can maneuver through obstacle courses, and pick up rings, ramps and even other robots. The robots earn points by how quickly and smoothly they perform the required tasks. The team constructs their robot out of special building pieces called TETRIX and Servos, and sometimes even LEGOs. “The Robotics team is split up into three groups: building, programming, and the engineering notebook writers. We group up and figure out what needs to be done. From there, each group separates to do their own thing,” said Josh Reichman (10). After each group has done its job, they reconvene to problem-solve as an entire

team. The robot is passed around so each group can work with it as needed.     For instance, when the building team is finished, the programmers take control, using software such as LabVIEW and ROBOTC to make the robot move. The engineers note any changes made and, eventually, each group fixes any bugs. As for those hoping to join, Nick Rodier (12) said, “You don’t have to be that nerdy. We have good leadership with Mr. Marchal, so we’ll be able to teach you.” Alyssa said it is lots of yelling that gets the work done. While that may be a contributing factor, Josh said that commitment is actually all they need. So far, the team has been successful, considering they are still relatively new to the robotics scene. Last year, they won the “Motivate Award” for team spirit and the “Think Award” for their engineering notebook at various competitions. As for conquering the world, if it were up to Nick, the team would already be running the doomsday software: “They won’t let me run it. We have it, but it’s frowned upon.”

Will Stephenson (10), left, and Rune Percy (12) operate the robot.

you need is the internet. Lauren Blumberg (12), who is currently working on scholarships, says, “It is very time-consuming and challenging but it will pay off in the long run, literally.” Naviance is a great source to find scholarships. Click on the “College” tab, scroll down to “Scholarships and Money.” Under that, there is a list of many scholarships. The list shows the type of scholarship and what it requires to apply for the scholarship. This is a simple way to find national scholar-

ships and also scholarships that are specific to LHS. Mrs. Hamilton, a guidance counselor, says of LHS-specific scholarships, “The community of Loveland is fantastic at supporting LHS. Many students think they may not qualify, but the pool of candidates is much smaller, and I encourage everyone to apply.” Mrs. Hamilton also encourages everyone to come see their guidance counselors with any questions. Naviance isn’t the only great way to find

Photo by Sarah Goldenberg

Seniors: Save money, score scholarships By Bridget Landis Editor-in-Chief

It is that time of year when seniors are applying to college and making a final choice. Once the college application process is over, it’s time to think about college payments. Scholarships are one way to help, and no, not just the scholarships specific to a school; there are so many scholarships out there for just about anything. Finding these scholarships is easy; all

scholarships. is a website that can match a person up to any scholarship. The types of scholarships range from academic scholarships to scholarships for having red hair or being over 6 feet tall. This website is easy to use; make a profile and then search the scholarships that will match your profile. Paying for college is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Find scholarships online to help make paying for college a bit easier.

NHS service projects will aid millions in need By Sydney Dudley Staff Writer

Scholarship, leadership, character and service. These are the four pillars upon which Loveland High School’s National Honor Society is built. Service projects are just one way NHS members can exemplify these characteristics. This year, NHS is planning service proj-

ects with Kids Against Hunger and Matthew 25: Ministries. “NHS’s strength is that it is studentrun,” said NHS advisor Mrs. McCarty. “The students planned these trips.” Kids Against Hunger is focused on feeding families around the world and around the corner. This organization packs nutritious meals for starving children in developing countries as well as malnourished children in the United States. Volunteers

Say what?!? Odd news abounds By Ryan Moss Entertainment Editor

Wacky and weird things happen all over the world every day. Here are some of the zaniest news stories of recent months. Teacher with fear of children sues Maria Waltherr-Willard has been working at Mariemont High School since 1976, and now she is suing the school district for moving her to the middle school. She claims that she has a rare phobia of younger children and the school is failing to accommodate for her condition. Waltherr-Willard claims her fear of young children falls under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the school district is violating it. (Source: Chinese dwarves used in puppet theatres In China, people with dwarfism often

have a difficult time finding a job. Now many of them are finding jobs at Dragon in the Sky shadow puppet troupe in Beijing. With the size of the puppets used in the shows, small people are needed to hold the puppets up without being seen. The dwarves say they enjoy their jobs because it is a much better way to make a living than working in a factory or warehouse. (Source: Burning cheese spills out on highway In Arctic Norway, a truck spilled 2.7 tons of brown Brunost cheese on a highway near the coastal town of Narvik. The cheese caught fire, and the blaze encompassed a 1.9-mile stretch of road. The cheese caught fire on a Thursday and was finally put out on a Monday. A local policeman said the cheese was mainly composed of fat and sugar, which makes it burn almost like gasoline. (Source:

for NHS will package food and learn about world hunger. Kids Against Hunger has provided more than 200 million meals for children and their families in more than 60 countries through the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief that supplies food, water, clothes, and shelter to needy people around the world.

Volunteers at Matthew 25: Ministries do an assortment of things such as sorting, counting, and packaging the donated goods. NHS student president, Max Olberding (12), said, “We picked these service projects because we thought they would allow us to help the most people that we possibly could.” Because of the help of NHS members, as well as other volunteers, millions of people worldwide will receive the help they need.


8 FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

How well do these five co By Jenna Myklebust Editor-in-Chief

Feelin’ the love? These hot couples sure are. They’re always together, strutting down the hallways, holding hands and laughing, but how well do they really know each other? Questions: 1. Birthday? 2. Middle name? 3. Favorite celebrity? 4. Candy 5. Favorite movie? All photos by Jenna Myklebust




About Megan

About Terah


Megan Kiley (12) and Tanner Hawk (12)

Tanner’s guesses 1. July 24 2. Elizabeth 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 4. Chocolate 5. The Notebook

Megan’s answers 1. July 24 2. Elizabeth 3. Will Ferrell 4. Chocolate 5. The Notebook

About Tanner Megan’s guesses 1. July 16 2. Michael 3. Adam Sandler 4. Skittles 5. Happy Gilmore

Terah Lay (11) and Reid Waddell (11)

Reid’s guesses 1. Oct. 20 2. Elizabeth 3. Beyoncé 4. Butterfinger 5. Donnie Darko

Terah’s answers 1. Oct. 20 2. Elizabeth 3. Shia Labeouf 4. Butterfinger 5. Donnie Darko

About Reid Tanner’s answers 1. July 16 2. Michael 3. Christian Bale 4. Skittles 5. Happy Gilmore

Terah’s guesses 1. Mar. 18 2. Edward 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Mike and Ike 5. Inception


Brian 1. Au 2. Ma 3. Da 4. Tw 5. The

Abou Reid’s answers 1. Mar. 18 2. Edward 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Mike and Ike 5. Inception

Lena’ 1. Sep 2. Wi 3. Tim 4. Do 5. Fri

Dating before driving How to spend Valentine’s Couples without a car can still spend quality time by following these steps By Andrew Bessey Staff Writer

“Hey mom, could you give me a ride?” is most likely the catch phrase for half of the school’s population. Throwing a boyfriend or girlfriend into the mix can really make matters complicated. In order to avoid annoying parents and/or older siblings for rides, The Roar has some tips for how to date before you can drive. Meeting places is a great idea. Whether it is at the basketball game or a mutual friend’s house, this is one of the best ways to stay in contact face to face. Walking is a lost art among this generation but can be a lifesaver for a couple without a car. Walks on the Loveland Bike Trail and to the neighborhood pool are healthy and also easier on the environment. Writing notes to each other will add a different dimension to one’s relationship. Putting

one’s feelings into words can be tricky but well worth it. This would also give the couple something to look forward to each night. Communicating through music is a unique way to describe one’s feelings. A playlist from one’s heart could help someone really understand the other’s emotions. Music puts emotions into words that aren’t normally used. There is no faster way to a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s heart then through food. Instead of driving to dinner, one can make dinner at home. This saves some money and shows you really care. Creating a photo album of all of one’s memories can have a lasting impact. Reminiscing on old times is a great way cherish all of the time spent with each other and something to hold onto forever. Face Time/Skype allows one to be with his or her significant other without actually being there. There is something special about seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend face to face, and nowadays it’s possible from anywhere.

Day without a Valentine

What to do if you don’t have a date By Erin Richmond Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is approaching and if one is single, he or she may be dreading the Day of Love. The sight of cute couples exchanging gifts is enough to make anyone feel left out. People looking to have a good time on Valentine’s Day without a significant other shouldn’t consider the day a total loss. Try one of these ideas: Movie night: Gather a few friends, pop some popcorn, and watch romantic movies starring celebrity heartthrobs such as Ryan Gosling in The Notebook or Zac Efron in The Lucky One. Stay up late; there’s no school the next day. Bake desserts: Satisfy your sweet tooth by baking Valentine’s Day-themed desserts such as red velvet cupcakes, heart-shaped

sugar cookies, and Valentine cake pops. To complete these tasty treats, decorate with chocolate, vanilla, or cream cheese icing. Dinner and a movie: Go out to eat with some single friends at a fun place like The Melting Pot and catch a movie afterward. In theaters for Valentine’s Day is the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel Safe Haven. Singles party: Invite all your single friends over for a fun, casual get-together at your house. Serve Valentine’s Daythemed food or chocolate fondue. Dip bananas, marshmallows, strawberries, or other treats in the melted chocolate. Treat yourself: Go shopping with some friends to the mall or your favorite store, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to that item of clothing you’ve been eyeing recently.

d in love

9 Page Editor: Ryan Moss

ouples know each other?


na Wilson (12) and Brian Popp (11)

ut Lena

n’s guesses ug. 16 arie ancer with a weird name wix e Notebook

Lena’s answers 1. Aug. 16 2. Marie 3. Chace Crawford 4. Twix 5. The Notebook

ut Brian

’s guesses pt. 19 illiam m Tebow oesn’t like candy iday Night Lights



About Shelby

About Lindsay

Shelby Smith (10) and David Query (10)

David’s guesses 1. Oct. 19 2. Shelby 3. I don’t know 4. Twix 5. Doesn’t have one

Shelby’s answers 1. Oct. 19 2. Shelby 3. Doesn’t have one 4. Twix 5. Mean Girls

About David Brian’s answers 1. Sept. 19 2. Alexander 3. Tim Tebow 4. Doesn’t like candy 5. Friday Night Lights

Shelby’s guesses 1. Aug. 17 2. Blake 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 4. Twix 5. The Dark Knight Rises

Lindsay Flaherty (12) and Ben Grethel (12)

Ben’s guesses 1. Jan. 2 2. Blair 3. Channing Tatum 4. Gummy bears 5. Pitch Perfect

Lindsay’s answers 1. Jan. 2 2. Blair 3. Zac Efron 4. Gummy bears 5. Pitch Perfect

About Ben David’s answers 1. Aug. 17 2. Blake 3. Kevin Durant 4. Twix 5. The Dark Knight Rises

Lindsay’s guesses 1. July 15 2. Garrett 3. Denzel Washington 4. Kit Kat 5. Gladiator

Ben’s answers 1. July 15 2. Garrett 3. Denzel Washington 4. Kit Kat 5. Gladiator

What is love? The Roar consults a panel of experts By Carla Weismantel Light News Editor

What is love? As Valentine’s Day rounds the corner, this question may be in a few of our heads. Here are written responses from some first-graders at Loveland Early Childhood Center who were asked to define love. (It’s district practice to list first names only for younger students.) Chase: “Something that hides in your heart.” Gabe: “When my mom kisses me.” Angelina: “Love is in your heart. Hugging my mommy and daddy. Being with my mommy and daddy.” Lizzy: “Love is a good thing in your heart.” Holly: “When your heart feels good.” Jonathan: “Love is when you love and care for each other and you snuggle and say I love you and it is also hearts.” Livia: “Family that care for you, and hugs, and taking good care of our pets.” Tristan: “Babies.” Connor: “Kisses.” Andie: “It is about family.” Bree: “Nuzzling and snuggling and friendship and friends.” Sam: “Love is when someone loves you very very very very very very very very very very very much.” Brenden: “Being with my mom.” Morgan: “When someone likes you really much.”

Photo by Lisa Schmidt

These first graders told The Roar exactly what love is. Back row, from left: Morgan, Lizzy, Holly, Chase, Gabe, Sam, Angelina. Front row: Tristan, Bree, Livia, Jonathan, Connor, Andie. Not pictured: Brenden.



Page Editor: Kayla Herrmann

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Tats-on-tats-on-tats Loveland students ink up By Erin Pogue

Staff Writer

Walking through the halls of LHS, you may have noticed some students’ tattoos peeking out. Ever wonder what’s the story behind these tattoos? The Roar interviewed a few students who have recently added some ink. Melissa Watson (12): Over winter break, Melissa got a heart with an infinity sign tatted on the side of her ribs. This symbolizes God’s infinite love. Leesa Gilgen (12): Last July, Leesa got a black-and-white lily on her shoulder, which is a scripture reference to remind her to stay strong and persevere. Charlie Lawler (11): On his back is a cross that memorializes his dad. Hannah Sublett (12): Hannah’s first tattoo she got was a Charley Harper cardi-

nal on her wrist; this was her grandma’s favorite artist, and her grandma always loved the cardinal bird too. Her second addition, in November, was “Love Endures,” written in her mom’s handwriting on her ribs. Maria Rockett (12): On her side is a kitten with the quote, “There is always a brighter day.” It is a memorial tattoo for a friend who passed away. Mollie O’Brien (12): Behind her ear is an elephant tattooed for good luck, and also because she wants to be a zoologist. Alyssa Thiel (12): Alyssa recently got two tattoos. One is the Latin saying, “carpe diem,” meaning “seize the day.” This particular tattoo can be read right side up and upside down. The second is a heart on her foot made from a bass clef, showing her love for music.

Photo by Bridget Landis

Leesa Gilgen poses with her new tat.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Lawler

Charlie Lawler memorializes his father with his tattoo.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Sublett

Photo by Jenna Myklebust

Alyssa Thiel’s tat can be read upside down or right side up.

Alyssa shows off her creative wrist tattoo.

Lincoln expected to score well at Oscars By Laura Doppler

Staff Writer

With the Oscars fast approaching on Feb. 24, moviegoers everywhere are raving about their favorite actors, actresses, directors and films. Find out who the nominees are and who The Roar expects to win. Best Picture: Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty. Favored to win leaps and bounds is Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Argo is the most likely challenger, and even though it did win the Golden Globe award for this category, the results for these awards often differ. Best Director: Michael Haneke (Amour), Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Steven Spielberg (Lincoln), David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook). The awards for Best Picture and Best Director often go hand-in-hand, and because Lincoln is so strongly favored, Spielberg will probably claim this award as well. Best Actor: Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln), Hugh Jackman (Les Misérables), Joaquin Phoenix (The Master), Denzel Washington (Flight). Day- Lewis and Phoenix are in a tight race. Each have a history of Oscar nominations, and Day-Lewis has won two Oscars. With the commitment and talent each actor displayed in the films, this race will be a tough one to call. Based on Lincoln’s past

Photo by Erin Pogue

success, Day-Lewis probably has the upper hand for the Oscar. Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty), Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook), Emmanuelle Riva (Amour), Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Naomi Watts (The Impossible). Like Best Actor, this category is going to be quite a nail-biter. The three front-runners are Chastain (Golden Globe winner), Lawrence and Riva. Of the three, Riva is most favored for her stunningly realistic performance in Amour. Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin (Argo), Robert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook), Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Master), Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln), Christopher Waltz (Django Unchained). This category is particularly difficult to predict since every nominee has previously won an Oscar. The nomination race was competitive enough, with Waltz just barely chosen for the last slot. Jones is most likely to win for his fiery performance in Lincoln, but any of these supporting actors are well worthy of the Oscar this year. Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams (The Master), Sally Field (Lincoln), Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables), Helen Hunt (The Sessions), Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook). There is really no contest for this category – Hathaway is a clear standout for her moving display in Les Misérables. The closest competitor is Field, but it would be shocking if she received a third Oscar for only her third nomination, especially with Hathaway as her competition.

Hannah Sublett reveals her newest tat.

McMovies: Find Valentine faves By Danny McManus Sports Editor

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s fitting to list the top five romance movies of all time. Now you have to remember here, these are my top five, not that of the average teenage girl. Enjoy. Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jack Dawson, the love-struck boy aboard the Titanic as it makes its voyage towards its doom. This movie won many awards, and it is the second-highest-grossing movie of all time. Jack falls in love with Rose, a rich, well-to-do girl. Their story helped make one of the most memorable movies of all time. Wedding Crashers. Two friends find that crashing weddings is a great way to pick up chicks. Yet John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) finds that he is starting to get sick of the gimmick. While crashing an elegant wedding, John experiences love at first sight when he sees Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams) in the wedding party. After breaking up a marriage and having to do some explaining, John wins over Claire at an unexpected time. The Princess Bride. This comedic yet lovable film is narrated by a grand-

father speaking to his grandson, who is sick. The story is passed down from generation to generation. The beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped while engaged to Prince Humperdinck (who is utterly abominable), and her childhood friend Westley is left to come and save her. He is accompanied by some friends, including a giant. Nominated for an Oscar, this film is one you must see. The Vow. Okay ladies, I’ll put this in. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams star in a heartwarming story about a relationship that is put against the odds as Paige (McAdams) loses her short-term memory and forgets all about her relationship with Leo (Tatum). She starts to question why she chose him, and Leo is left to fight for the girl he never thought he’d lose. Beastly. An underrated film about a teen who thinks he has it all: the money, the looks, and the popularity. But when he is cursed and his looks change (bald, scary, with many tattoos), he has to learn true love if he ever wants to get his old looks back. This film is one that quietly carries a good theme, showing what true love should really be all about.

Spotlight: Love

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013


Page Editor: Megan Day

Singles ready to mingle Meet LHS’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes By Matt Becker News Editor

It’s completely normal for students at LHS to catch themselves thinking, “DANG, who is THAT? And is he/she single?” Well, The Roar wants to help, as we showcase some of Loveland’s most attractive and eligible young bachelors and bachelorettes. Paul Newbold (12): You can catch this tall and brawny athlete either in the goal of the Loveland men’s lacrosse team or under the football Friday night lights. Off the field, Paul enjoys a nice day of boating or fishing on the water and even watching romantic comedies like The Notebook. Paul desperately wants to find his true love before he heads off to Army in the summer. Lauren Bennett (12): Lauren is a senior who enjoys watching boys drool over her, but also cheerleads and drives the Zamboni at the Indian Hill Winter Club. Lauren wants a tall, tan, and muscular man to take her out for a picnic at a local vineyard and, later, a helicopter ride along the Cincinnati skyline. Joe Korthaus (11): Joe is a dreamy, handsome basketball playing student-athlete who possesses what he believes girls love most – confidence. This junior is looking for the right girl to come along so that he can take her out to a nice dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse and win her over. Annie Reich (11): You must have spotted this beautiful, blonde junior around LHS

at some point, since she is a key member of the Loveland softball team, Student Council, and START Club. Annie wishes for a funny guy with a good sense of humor to come and sweep her off her feet. Mitchell Wagner (10): Mitchell is your typical easygoing, low-key athlete who has a big weakness: blonde bombshells with blue eyes who are shorter than 5-foot-6. When he isn’t kicking back with the bros, Mitchell spends his time searching for a girl he can show off around Loveland with a nice walk along the bike trail, topped off by some Hawaiian ice. Melissa Louis (10): If you can catch up with this sophomore bachelorette, you’ll feel like a victim of Cupid’s arrows. Melissa does volleyball, soccer, track, and Student Council, but also fantasizes of a dinner on the beach. If you call yourself a tall and athletic bachelor, you might just hold the key to Melissa’s heart. Joseph Lynch (9): Yes, ladies, Joseph Lynch is single. This freshman stud spends his time on the soccer turf and the basketball hardwood, when he isn’t warding off swarms of girls from his own personal fan club. Joseph is open to any bachelorette, as long as she doesn’t root against his Texas A&M Aggies. Gloria Bustamante (9): When this freshman catch isn’t out on the field or court cheerleading Loveland to victory, she enjoys sharing laughs with her always-entertaining group of friends. Gloria sets the bar high and hopes to find her own Zac Efron or Chase Crawford within the walls of LHS someday.

From left: Lauren, Annie, Melissa, and Gloria.

From left: Joseph, Mitchell, Joe, and Paul.

Love advice from LHS’s Love Doctor By Matt Becker News Editor

With the sweet aromas and warm sensations of February capturing the adolescent minds everywhere at LHS, The Roar decided to have a chat with a professional physician – of love. In an exclusive interview, Daniel Kruzel (11), Loveland’s own Dr. Love, explained how he attracts chicks left and right and gave some killer advice for lovethirsty boys at Loveland: Q. What makes you the “Love Doctor of Loveland”? A. It has to be my ability with the ladies. I mean, ever since I popped out of the womb, I’ve had women crawling all over me. Q. That is quite impressive. What strategies do you implement when you’re around the ladies that make you successful? A. The key attribute of a true lady-killer like myself is you’ve gotta know the balance. You do what you have to do in order to make them laugh and wear a smile, but you also keep cool and calm enough to leave them begging for more time with you. Q. That seems like a great bit of advice to prospective bachelors. How often do you use this balance yourself? A. Hold on, let me take this call real quick. (*Exits room for fifteen minutes, returns with lipstick-smudged cheeks.*) Where were we? Oh yes, the balance. Of course I’ve used it before. Babes love the balance. Q. Pardon me for asking, but may you please tell us why you exited the room so abruptly? A. Yeah, sorry about that. One of my lovely ladies stopped by for a minute. The Love Doctor always has to be ready if

Photo by Matt Becker

Photo by Matt Becker

Playlist: Top love songs for Valentines By Ryan Moss Entertainment Editor

Girls swoon at the sight of “Love Doctor” Danny Kruzel. duty calls. Q. Well just how many of these ladies do you have? A. At the moment, 35. You could say business is booming these days. Q. My word, that is quite a posse. How did you start accumulating so many? A. Well, I use various strategies. Along with the balance, I have found that women love Polo Ralph Lauren clothes on a man.

Photo by Matt Becker

If you throw on a pair of slacks with a nice Polo shirt, you’ll have them crawling over you. Trust me. Q. That sounds like some very trustworthy guidance. Well, we’re running out of time. Any last suggestions? A. If a man can utilize the balance, sport the go-to outfit, and perfect a wink, he’s golden. Those three things are all you need to reel in the ladies.

What better way to celebrate the most lovey-dovey day of the year than with a mushy series of the best love songs in the world? Snuggle up with your sweetheart and mute The Notebook so you can listen to these awesome love songs. 1. “We Belong Together” – Mariah Carey 2. “1, 2, 3, 4” – Plain White T’s 3. “You Belong With Me” – Taylor Swift 4. “I Need Love” – LL Cool J 5. “Love Me Tender” – Elvis Presley 6. “Hero” – Enrique Iglesias 7. “Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop” – Landon Pigg 8. “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction 9. “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars 10. “Oh Darling” – Plug In Stereo featuring Cady Groves

FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Light News

13 Page Editor: Erin Pogue

LHS heartthrobs are exposed

Not just senior crushes... some underclassmen are dreamy too By Bridget Landis Editor-in-Chief

Love is in the air this February. Underclassmen are crushing on dreamy upperclassmen. Here are some bold underclassmen willing to admit who they’re crushing on: Sam Walther (9) is head over heels for Brandi Kelly (12). Mitchell Wagner (10) wants to get down on one knee for Sara Sexton (12). Nile Khwaja (10) gets butterflies when he sees his senior crush, Erin Pogue (12). Maddy Ribeiro (9) and Courtney Ferguson (9) are falling for soccer star, Jonny Williams (12). Some upperclassmen are also crushing on underclassmen, here are a few: Abby Docherty (11) has her eyes on Joseph Lynch (9). Max Olberding (12) is falling for Emily Michelfelder (9). Katie Swaine’s (12) heart skips a beat when she sees Ryan Melink (10). Mackenzie Veith (12) is crushing hard on Devon Mcclea (9).

Mitchell swoons over Sara.

Sam lets his love for Brandi show.

Photo by Bridget Landis

Photo by Bridget Landis

Maddy (left) and Courtney love Jonny.

Max whisks away his crush, Emily.

Photo by Bridget Landis

Photo by Bridget Landis

14 FRIDAY, February 8, 2013


What is she wearing?!? By: Kayla Herrmann

Staff Writer

You may have seen the trendy red, white, and blue-painted jeans on Loveland students, or seen the designer herself strutting her girly style down the halls. Either way, senior Carley Taggart is proven to be a style-savvy icon that is known around the school. Favorite stores: Target, FOREVER XXI, and American Eagle. Favorite outfit: Sweater, jeans, and boots. Inspiration: What she calls the “mad style” of her senior friends, Jenna Myklebust and Meghan Tegtmeier. Favorite designer: Betsey Johnson. Best accessories: Big earrings and layered bracelets. What makes her style original: “I

dress comfy, but cute,” she says. Carley’s “What Not to Wear”: Togas, parachute pants, and popped collars. What others think of Carley’s style: “I want to know how to style scarves like she does. It’s so cute!” – Machiko Sato (9) “Not only does she have natural beauty, but she always looks and dresses really cute all the time.” – Nick Rodier (12) “She’s like the chic girl next door.” – Kristen Bisig (12) “She dresses so adorable, it makes me want to pinch her

Page Editor: Anne Lehmann

little cheeks.” –Natalie Baker (12) Carley makes comfy clothes students want to wear into a stylish, classy look that makes her stand out as a fashionista.

Photo by Bridget Landis

Carley Taggart (12) shows off her comfy-yet-cute style with numerous outfits.

Where’s Billy?!?

Photo by Kayla Herrmann

Beard of the Month

Photo by Jenna Myklebust

Try to find senior Billy Viox hiding in the cafeteria.

Photo by Sarah Goldenberg

Cole Schafer (12) strokes his lovely facial hair.

Face-off: Hunger Games’ Peeta vs. Gale By Carla Weismantel Staff Writer

The Hunger Games movie has been out for months, but the two main male roles of Peeta and Gale sparked a debate that continues: Who is better? Let’s break it down by categories. Fighting ability: This category clearly goes to Gale. Peeta has little to no fight in him, but when he is forced to compete in the Hunger Games, he develops a few skillful tactics. He has the strength to throw


heavy objects and the ability to camouflage himself when he is in danger. Gale, on the other hand, is a fighter. He hates the Capitol and isn’t afraid to show it. He has strong skills because of his experience in hunting. Personality: Peeta is the perfect gentleman everybody is born to love. No matter how rude Katniss is to him, he continues to risk his life for her. He doesn’t let the Capitol change him as a person and is the only tribute not to kill another person in the Games. Gale, though, has a more angry and aggressive personality. Gale doesn’t

care what people think of him and is always prone to share his harsh opinions. He can also be very temperamental. Appearance: If judged by the movie, both Peeta and Gale are very attractive, but Peeta beats Gale because of his beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Love for Katniss: Gale and Peeta both portray their love for Katniss. Peeta professes his love for her earlier and risks his life for her multiple times, whereas Gale is much more caught up in defeating the Capitol. In the end of the series, Peeta ends up

Categories Fighting Ability Personality Appearance Love for Katniss Accomplishments

winning over Katniss, while Gale leaves her to work in another district. Therefore, Peeta wins this category. Accomplishments: Peeta and Gale each have their share of accomplishments. For Peeta it is winning the Hunger Games, but Gale’s accomplishment is keeping his family alive, which outweighs a victory in any game. Overall, Peeta’s lovely personality, amazing looks, and dedication to Katniss beats out Gale’s fighting ability and accomplishments with a score of 18-17.


People FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Like owner, like car: personalities come out By Maddie Whitaker Staff Writer

People’s cars can really say a lot about them. Check out these students The Roar picked out for their sweet rides that also match their personality. A Pontiac Montana Transport Minivan is the perfect car for Ben Grethel (12). Living large is a way of life for this football player. So why not have all the storage space he could ever want? Kyle Michelfelder (12) is an extremely simple, laid-back fellow. What better exemplifies this than his spiffy Honda Civic? Jordan Fuller (11) is the perfect combination of sporty and freespirited fun. Her Jeep Wrangler accompanies her sporty side as well as showing her dashing sense of style and personality.

15 Page Editor: Maddie Whitaker

A Chevy Impala is the only car out there that Graham David (12) would ever want to drive. He says, “It rides real low, just like my pants.” Morgan Mansfield (11) loves her earthy tones. Her evergreen Honda Element fits her love for the outdoors. She says, “It’s the best to just cruise with the windows down.” Natalie Baker (12) is known for her vivacious persona. The Mercury Mountaineer she drives every day is beautifully bubbly, just like Natalie. A very shiny silver Volkswagen Passat is Max Olberding’s (12) car. He says, “It’s perfect because it’s turbo-charged, like my personality.” Jonny Williams (12) drives a 2011 Kia Forte Koup. This sporty car accompanies his sporty way of life. Brian Popp (11) might as well be the classiest junior at LHS. His 2011 Photos by Maddie Whitaker Ford Mustang just oozes excessive In order, Ben Grethel (photo 1), Kyle Michelfelder (2), Jordan Fuller (3) and Graham Daamounts of class. vid (4) pose with their cars, which reflect their individual personalities.



Horoscopes: Buckle up ... looks like a wild month ahead

By Laura Doppler

Staff Writer

This is your astrological guide to this month, based on the stars and the imagination of The Roar. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) – One of your friends is going to play Cupid and help you win over your hottie just in time for the 14th. But be careful with those candles at dinner… you get a little clumsy around your crush; don’t want that spark to turn into a full-fledged fire. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) – Get ready for the money to pile up this month. You were a little short on cash in January, but your broke bank account is about to be replenished. Don’t spend it all in one place, though, or you’ll be right back to pennypinching in March.

Aries (March 21-April 19) – January was a little boring for you, but not to worry, because you’ve got an exciting new circle of friends coming your way to liven things up. Don’t completely drop your other friends, though – try to combine the groups to prevent any jealous drama. Taurus (April 20-May 20) – Now that the weather will soon start getting warmer, you are finally beginning to come out of your winter slump. Don’t shed the coat too soon, though, unless goose bumps are your favorite fashion statement. Gemini (May 21-June 20) – You’ve got a TON going on this month, and it’s going to be pretty difficult to manage all your new classes, social events and extracurriculars. Luckily, you’ve got a skill for organization.

LHS’ (Sub)urban Dictionary: words around the school defined By Jenna Myklebust Editor-in-Chief

Some new lingo can be heard in the halls of LHS. Check out what these words really mean. AF: Added to the end of a phrase, it puts emphasis on that phrase, taking it to the next level. Example: He’s funny AF. Ermahgerd: Oh my god, usually depicted in a meme as a girl wearing a retainer. Example: (girl sees a cute cat) ERMAHGERD KERT. #FirstWorldProblems: The hashtag to describe most Lovelanders’ “problems.” While complaining about life, this can be thrown on to the end of a tweet for a sarcastic, refreshing twist. Example: “UGGGHHH Daddy bought me a pastel pink 2013 Jeep and I wanted a hot pink one #firstworldproblems” #LetsMakeItAwkward: The hashtag that can always be counted on to start crazy drama. Example: #LetsMakeItAwkward @taylorswift13 @joejonas @lucastill #taylorlautner @JohnMayer #jakegyllenhaal @ZacEfron #conorkennedy @ Harry_Styles #eddie (I would keep going, but I get only 140 characters.)

Raging: Emotionally going off the deep end. Example: You’re raging. Close it up: Stop raging. Example: Stop raging, close it up. Ranaa: Right now. Example: Get me out of here ranaa. #SorryNotSorry: A hashtag used to let the reader know that the tweeter knows what he or she said was controversial, but just doesn’t care. Example: Les Mis wasn’t even good #sorrynotsorry Swag: Said when one wants to lose any “cool” status he or she might have. Example: Yo my swag-o-meter is off the hizzle today. Thug lyfe: The kind of life lived by aspiring gangsters from Loveland, Ohio. Example: I’m all about that thug lyfe. Trolling: The commonly sarcastic, obnoxious comment making fun of whatever was just said. Example: @lilmitchy26: Idk what’s more funny Katie saying there’s a water mane break or everyone believing her. @ThatP_Ratt: I don’t know what’s funnier Mitch’s attempt at a joke or the fact that he spelled main wrong YOLO: See “swag” definition. Example: Check out my YOLO shirt. I bought it because, well, YOLO.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) – You’re a hot mess this month. You can’t seem to figure out what kind of mood you’re in and are honestly a little difficult to be around. Better get it together before you end up driving everyone insane. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) – Your special someone has a big surprise for you this Valentine’s Day. Try to contain your excitement so no one gets hurt during your celebration dance. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) – Break out your boxing gloves, because you and your friends are going to be butting heads this month. Either resolve your problems, or prepare for a black eye. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) – You and a friend are in competition for the affection of the same person this Valentine’s Day.

You’re going to end up losing in the end, so get out while you still can. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) – You are supercharged with energy this month. You’ll hardly be able to stop jittering in class, so make sure you find some kind of outlet to avoid bouncing off the walls. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) – The person you are looking for this Valentine’s Day is not the most courageous when it comes to dating. You’ll have to take matters into your own hands if you ever want to initiate a connection. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) – Get ready for struggle city in school this month. You are about to bomb a few tests and forget some important homework assignments, so you’ll have to work extra hard the next few months to pick up the slack.

Clunker of the Month

Lindsey Wittwer (12) loves her 1988 Ford Ranger.

Photo by Bridget Landis

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FRIDAY, February 8, 2013

Page Editor: Andrew Bessey

Winter Homecoming week LHS benefited from a second Homecoming that made for an even more spirited school. The whole school came together to create a successful Winter Homecoming. Take a peek at some of fun throughout the week (photographers in parentheses): 1.) From front left then clockwise, Camille Mennen (11), Emily Hoff (11), Annie Reich (11) Beth Boswell (11) and Anne Lehmann (11) decorate the junior banner. (Sydney Dudley) 2.) From left, Allison Arthur (11), Bridget Landis (12) and Leesa Gilgen (12) pose before the dance. (Bridget Landis) 3.) Mr. Dunlap thanks his wonderful fans after being crowned victor of the LHS beauty pageant. (Jenna Myklebust)





4.) The varsity cheerleaders get the crowd going during the game against Milford. (Jenna Myklebust) 5.) Emily Rasmussen (10) painted her face like a tiger in order to win Spirit Day. (Andrew Bessey) 6.) Seniors Ben Grethel and Lindsay Flaherty can’t contain their smiles after being named Winter Homecoming king and queen. (Jenna Myklebust) 7.) Jake Elfers (11) takes a shot at the Milford game before the dance. (Jenna Myklebust 8.) Angela Lynch (11) sports her grandma’s authentic clothes from the ’50s, making her the clear choice for best dressed on Decade Day. (Andrew Bessey)



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The Roar February 2013  

The Roar February 2013

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