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THURSDAY, April 1, 2010

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Page Editor: Sander DiAngelis

OGT test scores destroyed Wreck means LHS freshmen, sophomores must retake tests By Casey Baker Staff Writer

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Attention freshmen and sophomores: Loveland City School District has some bad news. It is sad to report that your OGT test results have been lost. You will have to retake the tests. “How could our results be lost?” asked an outraged Marie Policastro (10), a sophomore at LHS. Many Loveland underclassmen are probably asking this same question right now. In a crazy turn of events, the test results – the sophomores’ tests and freshmen’s Destruction left behind from destroyed OGT results practice tests – have been burnt to a crisp. next to me,” said Bob Truckerdude, the driver After testing was concluded March 19, of the FedEx truck. all test results were loaded on a FedEx truck Luckily, Truckerdude, along with the to be taken directly to Columbus. While other drivers and passengers, were not traveling along I-71 North near Washington harmed. Everyone made it safely away from Court House, the truck was involved in a their cars before a fire erupted from a 10-car pileup. damaged gas tank. Only three vehicles were “I was cruising along when all the sudden in the fire, one being the FedEx truck. the car in front of me screeched to a halt. I “When we arrived at the scene, the FedEx swerved to the right and whacked the car truck and everything inside of it was in

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flames. We could do nothing to stop the OGT results from burning,” Washington Court House Police Chief Dave Morgan said. Sophomores and freshmen will be retaking their tests the first week in May. When told about another week of testing, senior Shannon Wallace said, with a smile on her face, “I cannot wait to sleep in for another five days!”

Zidron sings the blues The Roar to charge fee Loveland AD starts music career By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

band, Tyler Sweft. Keep an eye out for Mr. Zidron on iTunes and Amazon MP3; his tour will bring him back to Cincinnati in late June. Good luck, Mr. Z.

Mr. Zidron is on his way to a new career. After performing a brief musical number on the announcements last month (about the mulch sale), he has had a career-related epiphany; he wants to be a musician. In recent weeks, he has gotten his demo CD to a number of record companies and has landed a record contract. His first EP will be released in the coming weeks, including such tracks as “Mulch Sale Fun,” “Tiger Turf Blues,” and “Missin’ Bobby Cap.” If all goes well, Mr. Zidron intends to release a full album, having all profits go to replacing the parking lot with Tiger Turf. Photo by Regan Meinking He is touring now as an opening Mr. Zidron practices for his new career as act for a Taylor Swift cover a musician

By Sam Burpee and Natalie Siddique “I’ve been getting headaches and suffering from lack of sleep because of this The Roar will be charging for the paper paper, and I get pretty hungry too,” says Editor-in-Chief Erin Randall (12). “We really next year. For the 2010-11 school year, The Roar enjoy presenting a strong paper to the will be charging a $2.37 cost per paper for student body and staff, and so we have determined that this would be the best students and staff. The course of action.” Roar staff has determined The total collections that the hard work and would be spent on daily long hours spent creating Chipotle (this includes the issue deserves transportation and compensation and daily guacamole) and a $40 salary catered lunches. per Journalism student for “I mean, we get really each issue. The 15 minutes hungry, and I feel that the we will use each day best way to combat this chowing down on our issue would be to have Photo from burritos and tacos will result Chipotle every single Get ready to spend in some unexpected defects day,” says Journalism some of these on copies in the paper … nothing major teacher Mr. Schmidt. of The Roar though. The paper has been We hope this doesn’t funded by ads and present any inconvenience to anyone. But fundraisers since its inception, but the what it comes down to is that we’re hungry Journalism staff feels that such efforts are and need everyone in the school to feed exhausting and are directly affecting the our bellies. health of the students in the class. Staff Writers

2a THURSDAY, April 1, 2010


Page Editor: Katie Henke

Tiger Turf besieged by issues Field ruined by meltdown, ruled unfit for use

Turf stolen ... probably by jealous Milford

By Austin Stahl

By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

The record snowfall received here in Loveland last winter, combined with heavy rains in the early spring, has caused irreversible water damage to our brand-new football field. After thoroughly examining every square inch of our Tiger Turf, local turf experts have deemed the field unfit to play on. According to these experts, an error in installing the turf was made, and they believe there was a mix up in the chemicals, so the chemical that was supposed to help protect it from water damage was replaced with one that actually causes it to slowly disintegrate whenever it comes in contact with water. They also believe the field could be completely gone by the end of the spring season. Other possibilities are being looked at for the fields to host the spring sports teams for the remainder of the season, but options are limited, so we could very well be playing on concrete by the end of the year. Our athletic director, Mr. Zidron, who worked so hard to get the new FieldTurf installed, is obviously very disappointed, as are the coaches. However, Mr. Zidron is keeping an optimistic view on the situation, saying, “I believe our athletes will respond to this situation with class and good sportsmanship like they always do in these situations.” He also hopes to start fundraising as soon as possible for the next edition of Tiger Turf, and believes the same type of enthusiasm will be received the second time around, saying, “We look to start

Staff Writer

fundraising for this new project within the next few weeks. With the success we had last year, I think we will just do the same thing. I’m sure everyone will embrace this challenge just like they did last year.”

By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

In a stunning development, The Roar has learned that Loveland’s Tiger Turf is made from real tigers. You may wonder how this is possible. There is something about collagen, hide, and intestines that when added to a certain substance makes it act like a glue ... a glue that makes all of the million little rubber pellets that you find underneath the Tiger Turf. The most-used animals to make this glue are tigers, so real bits of tiger are actually underneath our feet during games. Mr. Zidron felt that telling people about real bits of tiger underneath the turf would

think he is going to be a good jockey? In response to this question, Phelps simply said, “I’m Michael Phelps. I Michael Phelps, a 14can do anything. Riding a time Olympic swimming horse is cake mix compared gold medalist, has to winning eight gold medals decided to put down his in one Olympics. I think I can goggles and pick up a handle it, no problem.” riding crop. Yes, that’s Phelps also announced right, the famous who his horse will be in the Michael Phelps has upcoming Kentucky Derby, decided to be a jockey. the first race in the hunt for In a recent press the Triple Crown. The horse conference, Phelps he will be riding May 1 in announced that he Lexington, Ky., at Churchill would be leaving the Downs is one he named sport of swimming and himself: Flounder. Photo from going for gold once So make sure that when more in the sport of horse Michael Phelps goes you’re bored and have racing. Phelps said, “I’ve for gold as a jockey nothing to do on May 1, sit already become the yourself down on your big greatest swimmer ever, and now I’m going comfy couch, put your feet up, and prepare to be the greatest jockey ever. I only win to be amazed. You never know who will win gold, and I will win the Triple Crown.” the Kentucky Derby, especially when you You may be thinking, how does a 6- throw a world champion swimmer into the foot-4, 165-pound guy with size 14 feet mix. Staff Writer

Unfortunately, the demand for FieldTurf has risen greatly since we installed it last June, so this time it will be around double the cost, at about a million dollars. Please support the athletic boosters and help us get our field back.

Tiger Turf made from real tigers

Michael Phelps trades in Speedos for riding boots By Sammie Wheeler

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

Tiger Turf before the incidents

turn people away from Tiger Turf, but luckily The Roar got the real scoop. “I just want everyone to know that no tigers were killed to make the rubber. They only use tigers that are already dead,” said Mr. Zidron. Officals from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are outraged. “I think this is devastating; just because Loveland’s mascot is the Loveland Tiger does not mean that they can chop up innocent tigers just to have a new sporting facility. We are outraged and protesting against Loveland!” says Rachel Cracker from PETA.

The Tiger Turf has been stolen. The pride and joy of Loveland athletics has turned up missing, and the culprits are believed to be the Milford athletic department. An unnamed source said, “I saw the Milford athletic department load the turf into a Mayflower moving van around two in the morning and take off east towards Milford.” Police believe that the motives behind the theft are the recent failed tax levies in Milford’s district. Because of the lack of money in the district, Milford was forced to steal the quality turf that Loveland had installed last summer. Milford recently refurbished its baseball field but didn’t have the additional money to make additions to the football field. Milford’s athletic director recently mentioned he wanted to update the football stadium. On top of the desired first-class FieldTurf, he also plans on upgrading the visiting press box. Loveland High School’s athletic director, Mr. Zidron, will be working around the clock to restore the pristine playing surface to its rightful home. Until then no teams, including the track teams, will be allowed around the stadium because Mr. Zidron, who is heading the investigation, has taped off the crime scene. Mr. Zidron is very upset at the situation and believes that the rivalry between Loveland and Milford will escalate to an extreme level with the Tiger Turf theft. Mr. Zidron said, “It is more important than ever to win the Victory Bell next year.” With authorities on the case, the turf is expected to be returned later this week.

Chad changes name again of my heart that day, and it’s about time I did something for them.” Staff Writer Although the Danish were ecstatic over First, there was Chad Johnson. Then, the news, the NFL was most definitely not. Chad Ochocinco. Now, the new and After spending months of time and millions improved Chad Ottefem! of dollars getting all of the Johnson jerseys That’s right, the changed to athlete formerly Ochocinco known as Chad jerseys, the NFL is Ochocinco has f e e l i n g decided to get in disheartened that touch with his it has to change Danish fans, and as all of the jerseys a shout out to them yet again. OTTEFEM is changing his In response to name to “eightthe controversy, five” in their native Ottefem was language. quoted as saying, When asked “I’ll take all the about why he made fines and his decision, criticisms in the Ottefem responded world; it’s worth it by saying, “The to see the bright Danish have been smiles on my my biggest fans young Danish Photo from throughout my Fans’ faces.” Chad Ochocinco sports his new career, and I’ve So there you name on his jersey never felt guiltier have it, Loveland. than the day I Be ready to watch switched to Ochocinco. Seeing the pain the newly dubbed Chad Ottefem running in my Danish Fans’ eyes tore out a piece down the field this fall. By John Ross

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

the roar

Page Editor: Natalie Siddique

The Loveland High School Student Newspaper


Anna achieves it all artistically


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Sports Anna Eltringham shows her love for photography and singing Photo by Sander DiAngelis By Diana Reese Staff Writer

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Find out why the students at LHS love the Sharma twins on page 7.


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Excited for Prom? Pages 7 and 8 will get you ready for the event!


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Check out a preview of what you can expect from the talent show on page 10.

Who’s that girl who was on the Loveland website homepage? It’s none other than junior Anna Eltringham, a musician, artist, and humanitarian (not to mention snowboarder) all wrapped into one. Anna started playing piano when her mom, an accomplished musician, gave her lessons. “When I was 5, I asked her to teach me something, and haven’t stopped since,” she says. Now she is recording a demo CD, singing at church and hoping to start playing at local venues after her demo comes out. “Recording has definitely been a long process,” she said. “We still have the guitar and drum parts to finish, so hopefully in the next few months it will be ready to go.” Anna describes her style of music as “pop/indie/alternative.” You can check for updates and song previews on her music page,

Upcoming Events April 16: Deadline to sign up for The Roar’s dodgeball tournament. April 16: The talent show supporting Invisible Children takes place at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. April 23: The Roar’s dodgeball tournament starts at 6:30 p.m. in the gym. May 1: Prom at Music Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight, followed by After Prom at the high school until 4 a.m. May 3: AP testing kicks off with the AP Government Exam at 8 a.m.

Anna is also an artist, especially in photography. Among her inspirations are junior Leigh Ellexson (“the amazing”), Mr. Barrett, and her past experiences. She says she hopes to study photography, music therapy, or songwriting. “I really enjoy taking pictures,” she says. “I think it would be an awesome career to have. But I also have a big passion for music and helping people, and in music therapy I could combine the two. And songwriting, because it’s something I really enjoy doing.” Anna’s passion for helping others has taken her far. As a freshman, she organized the Children for Zion Jamfest to raise money for an orphanage in Namibia, Africa. “It was a lot of work,” she says, “but I had a lot of help along the way. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I threw the idea out there.” But it was definitely worth it. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people and a heart for Africa. When the opportunity arose, everything just sort of fell into place,” she says. Anna took the

opportunity to travel to Namibia to volunteer in the Children of Zion Village orphanage in the summer of 2008. “When you go on a trip like that,” she explains, “you go into it thinking that you’ll be serving others, but you find out very quickly that it actually benefits you as well. I got so much joy out of being there with the kids and the other volunteers.” Her experience at the orphanage also taught her lessons closer to home. “I feel like it helped me to grow as a person and see things from a different perspective. I had a lot of revelations about myself, and I was so much more thankful for the things I had. Being around orphans made me value my relationship with my parents a lot more.” She hopes to go back one day. She said, “the relationships I developed with the people over there are some of the deepest relationships I’ve ever had. Once you go to a place like the Children of Zion Village orphanage, it seems like you’re a part of it forever.”

Photo provided by Anna Eltringham

Anna enjoys her time in Africa

Dodgeball to again hit LHS girls. All competitors must be LHS students. You can pick up extra permission slips in Editor-in-Chief Mr. Schmidt’s room. If you just want to The Roar is hosting its second dodgeball watch, the entry cost is $2 per person. tournament on Friday, April 23, at 6:30 p.m. If you can’t find eight players but still in the main gym and the auxiliary gym. want to play in the tournament, feel free to Remember the last tournament in turn in a permission slip and $5 to Mr. November? Well, as a reminder, the Lolkatz Schmidt in Room 109; every time eight more took first place, and the Fireballs came in players do so, they will become a team. second. The “We’re tournament is definitely going d o u b l e to enter again, elimination, as and this time, was the one in we’ll take first November; place,” says that means that senior Ellie each team is Iaciofano, a guaranteed at member of the least two Fireballs. games. Each This time, member of the Photo from there is a 16-team Watch out for the dodgeball! winning team entry limit, so get your money and will receive a $10 Chipotle gift card. permission slips in fast. These are due by A concession stand will be available with Friday to Mr. Schmidt in Room 109. The cost pizza, drinks, and candy. Make sure you is still $40 per team, and each team can have come out and support your newspaper, The up to eight players with a minimum of two Roar. By Erin Randall

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2 TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Staff Policy The Roar is the official student newspaper of Loveland High School. The Roar is produced by students in Journalism. Editorials reflect the staff’s opinion but do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the school administration or the Loveland City School District. The Roar is published monthly. For information regarding advertising in The Roar, call 697-3749. As an open forum for students, letters to the editor are welcome, but are subject to be edited for length, libel, and clarity. Letters to the editor may be dropped off in room 109. Contact Information The Roar Loveland High School 1 Tiger Trail Loveland, Ohio 45140 513-697-3749 Editors-in-Chief Sander DiAngelis Erin Randall Advertising Manager Bridget Sova Business Manager Casey Baker Section Editors Michael Lawson, Entertainment Sam Burpee, Sports Emilee Kraus, Light News Staff Writers Becca Black Hailey Booth Josh Brennock Emma Goetz Katie Henke Kelsey Kerkhove Ellen Mack Regan Meinking Sara Mullowney Diana Reese John Ross Natalie Siddique Austin Stahl Madeline Vance Abby Vargo Sammie Wheeler Matthew Worsham Awards * International Honor Award, 2009 International Awards for School News Media (Quill & Scroll Honorary Society) * Certificate of Merit, Page One Design, Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s 2009 Gold Circle Awards If you are interested in financially supporting The Roar but have no need to advertise, please contact us and we will thank you in this space as a sponsor.

Page Editor: Hailey Booth

How the yearbook is made I can picture it now… I’m 82 years old and trying to reminisce on the wonderful days of my past. So I wobble over to my bookshelf and pull out my high school Hailey Booth yearbooks. They are full of pictures of my best memories and my best friends. I stare at the wonderful pages that bring back my high school days. It takes a lot of work to create a yearbook of this caliber, and the girls in Publications class are the best in the business. Creating the yearbook takes a lot of work, yet Mrs. Partridge exclaims, “These girls are elite. They can create anything, and they work really hard. They even have work to do in the summer by selling ads.” Every girl in Publications is responsible for selling at lest six ads over the summer. These ads are extremely important in lowering the price that the students have to pay for each yearbook. This year alone, the staff sold $16,000 worth of ads. These ads include the business ads, and the ads that parents buy to send shout-outs to their children. Without these ads, the price of our yearbooks would be significantly more expensive, so the work that the girls do over the summer helps us all a lot.

If you walk into the Publications room, you will find the girls placing pictures and writing captions strategically on their pages. The eight section editors can be found checking everyone’s pages to Alexa Nicastro, left, and make sure there are no mistakes. There are nine deadlines that the girls have to make during the year, the last one being June 7. They are staggered so that there are fewer in the beginning of the year, but it gets much more stressful towards the end of the year when there is more to do. The eight sections of the yearbook are academics, clubs, sports, student life, magazine (which is life outside of school), seniors, underclassmen, and ads. There is an editor for each section, and their main job is to design the pages. In addition to the section editors, there are two editor-inchiefs, Alexa Nicastro (12) and Lindsay

Photo by Bridget Sova

Lindsay Rodier hard at work Rodier (12). They are responsible for editing every individual page of the yearbook before the pages are completely finished. Caitlin Lennon (12) says, “Making the pages and getting pictures is really fun!” It also takes a lot of work. Each student has to take pictures of every club and pictures outside of school, which leads to some work outside of school, and as Sarah Clawson (12) says, “The hardest part is getting underclassmen in pictures, because I don’t know any of them.” Even with these problems, they get the job done and create an amazing yearbook.

Taxing soda will slim down America With obesity affecting more than 60 million people in America, the government is taking an interest in trying to decrease this statistic. Regan Meinking President Obama discussed a soda tax in 2009, even though there would be a Capitol Hill opposition. Now in 2010 this idea of a so-called “sin tax” is gaining recognition and support. Sin taxes have previously been used in some areas on alcohol and tobacco. President Obama considers a potential soda tax as a way to reduce the public’s demand for sugary soda. He believes that

in order to impact the population’s health, trying to reduce the amount of soda consumption is a helpful endeavor. Men’s Health magazine took a poll of its readers and found that 56 percent of its respondents were in favor of a tax on soda, while 44 percent were opposed. Even though opposition to the new tax is inevitable, Kansas City Star columnist Yael Abouhalkah writes, “Taxing bad behavior makes sense.” A soda tax would raise revenue and, at the same time, fight obesity. According to Abouhalkah, the loudest protests are going to come from the soda industry, since it will affect their income and lead to job loss. This, in today’s economy, is obviously a terrible thing. It hasn’t been said how much this tax will actually be if it turns into a reality. It still

hasn’t even been decided exactly what kind of tax it would be: federal or state. Reuters news service reports that an 18-percent tax on soda and pizza has the potential to decrease the demand of these products and reduce the average person’s weight by five pounds in a 12-month period. The Center for Disease Control and the American Heart Association are behind Obama’s proposed new sin tax. With so many Americans currently being obese, the motivation behind this new sin tax is a genuine one. But with so many jobs held in the soda industry, the effects have strong pros and cons. Whether or not this tax becomes a reality is undecided as of yet, but who knows … next year we may be paying a lot more for our caffeinated beverages.

In film world, Morgan Freeman is God This amazing actor can play almost any character, including heavenly ones Let’s get right down to business: Morgan Freeman is fantastic. For the uneducated, Freeman is an actor. His roles include God in Bruce Michael Lawson Almighty, Red in The Shawshank Redemption, and Lucius Fox in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He is also a narrator; he narrated films like March of the Penguins and War of the Worlds, as well as the current Visa commercials. Now why is Freeman fantastic? I’ll tell you. Let’s start with his life off the screen. Freeman is a co-owner of the Madidi, an

upscale restaurant in the town he lives in, Clarksdale, Miss. He also owns a blues club, Ground Zero, located in Clarksdale, and he has recently opened a second Ground Zero in Memphis. Fine food and the blues? Both of those things are amazing; I want both of them. Right now. Another reason he is awesome is because hehates racism. He has publicly criticized Black History Month, stating, “Black history is American history.” He also noted that there is no White History Month. He says the only way to stop racism is to start talking about it. He started a Grenada Relief Fund with others to benefit those people on the island of Grenada affected by Hurricane Ivan. He was also one of the presenters of the 46664 concert (celebration Nelson Mandela’s birthday).

Those are just a few of the many amazing things about Freeman; now let’s talk about his career. There hasn’t been a character he has played that has been disliked. Also, Photo from that voice … oh my Morgan Free- goodness, that man is God. And voice. It’s as if anything else you angels stroked can imagine. those vocal chords with a wand of amazingness. I fall asleep to March of the Penguins just to be soothed by that voice. The bottom line is that everyone’s life would be better with a little Freeman in it.

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010


3 Page Editor: Regan Meinking

Mississippi prom cancellation unfair Recently at I t a w a m b a Agricultural High School in Fulton, Miss., the school’s Prom was canceled. Why, you ask? Was it a punishment for bad behavior? Emma Goetz No, their Prom was not canceled for that reason, but because 18-year-old senior named Constance McMillen wanted to wear a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend as a date. McMillen said that school officials originally told her that she could not arrive at the Prom with her girlfriend and that they might be thrown out if any other students complained about their presence at the April 2 event. When McMillen said that she would go anyways, the school board issued

a statement that reads: Due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events, we have decided not to host a Prom at the high school this year. Later, a federal judge ruled that the school district violated the teen’s constitutional rights but did not force the school to hold the Prom. While I will acknowledge the school’s concern about distractions, I have to argue that our generation is relatively openminded, especially when you compare it to our parent’s generation. Gays and lesbians were the counterculture of our grandparent’s generation, the subculture of our parent’s generation, and the culture of our generation. What this means is that something that was not part of society in the past is more acceptable in the present.

We have seen celebrities come out as gay and lesbian, and many students know someone who is either gay or lesbian, so we think of it as normal. The school has no business in canceling a Prom because of the sexual orientation of its students. Sexual orientation is the business of said student and his or her family, not the school. It also violates her right to free expression. In the Declaration of Independence, our founding fathers said we have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” McMillen, and all other gays and lesbians, have the right to a life with happiness, and if their life is made happy by having a samesex partner, so be it. Cancelling a Prom because of a lesbian student is just sick. She has every right to be there, and her fellow students do too.

Meet LHS’s ultimate man, Mr. Warden By Erin Randall and Natalie Siddique Staff Writers

There are some people who worship Chuck Norris as a symbol of the remarkable. Others view Bear Grylls as the pinnacle of awesome. But at Loveland High School, there are students whose icon is Mr. Warden. Mr. Warden is not just a government and economics teacher, but rather a man so legendary that his name (Chuck Warden) is interchangeable with Chuck Norris’s … i.e., when Mr. Warden does pushups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the world down.


There is no ‘Ctrl’ button on Mr. Warden’s computer; Mr. Warden is always in control. Mr. Warden doesn’t read books; he just stares them down until he gets the information he wants out of them. How could one not find a man who can catch a 400-pound grouper with his bare hands to be a champion? When students describe him, their appreciation for him is clear. Matt Garbarino (12) said, “Mr. Warden is the ultimate man. He even gave me his golden pen.” Wil Fisher (12) adds, “He’s politically informed and can drive home a point like

none before him; he’s the true American man.” In his government classes, Mr. Warden presents information with genuine knowledge; his vocabulary is also very impressive. He is fair and explains concepts with clarity. “When Mr. Warden teaches economics, he’s very enthusiastic,” says senior Josh Brennock. “He makes sure that his students know the content.” While the rest of the world has Norris and Grylls, the students of Loveland High School have Mr. Warden.

Making the Grade Prom: B+ Everyone is so excited for Prom; however, since Prom is badly placed (the weekend before AP tests begin), it gets only a B+.

Warm Weather: A The past few weeks have been filled with warm temperatures and brilliant sunshine, perfect weather in which to run outside, throw a Frisbee at the park, or get an ice cream from the Loveland Dairy Whip.

AP Exams: DUpperclassmen are especially stressed as these next few weeks are the last chance to prepare for AP exams in May.

Dodgeball: A+ The Roar ’s upcoming dodgeball tournament is a source of excitement for all, and since the last one was such a success, the tournament earns an A+.

Spring play: A+ All cast members of The Mouse That Roared did an amazing job last month. As Shelby Copenhaver (11) says, “From politics to bass fishing, Mr. Warden knows everything.”

CONTRA Two Roar staffers battle it out on which characters are better

Ninjas are cool. And by cool, I mean awesome. The secret, sly life of a ninja is spent silently sneaking around in all black and killing people without thinking Katie Henke twice about it. You can’t even see them until it’s too late, and then you’ll never see them because you’ll have no head. People often debate whether ninjas or pirates are better, but in my opinion, there is no contest. With all of pirates’ flashy necklaces, it would be impossible for one of them to sneak up on anybody without giving warning that they are coming. Ninjas are much cooler and much more intimidating than pirates. Are you frightened by a “matey” that can only see out of one eye and can’t speak English correctly? There is nothing special about guys that go around looking for buried treasure for a living (which, by the way, they are never going to find). Ninjas have all the cool stuff. They have ninja swords and their own ninja stars and even know the ancient arts. What do pirates have? Eye patches and parrots ... ooh, scary ... instead of wasting all of their time probably getting sea sick, they should hop off the boat and admire the ninjas. Ninjas have the best style. Black is always in. However, attention pirates: The red and white stripes are so out of style. The ugly hats you wear need to go, and all of that black makeup … gross! Most people

these days like to look good. They keep their hair at a good length and wear clothes that fit them. And anyways, black is slimming! With ninjas in all black, they can’t go wrong. Pirates can be cool in movies; I will give them that. In real life, though, they’re nothing special compared to ninjas. In fact, if pirates and ninjas were put to the test of who would win, ninjas would kick butt because they don’t need a ship to float. Ninjas have better swords, more training, and more discipline. Haven’t you ever wondered why pirates have a peg leg, a hook for a hand, and one eye? It’s because the ninjas already got to them.

The water laps against the sides of the ship as William Turner comes and scoops you up into his arms and carries you away to watch the sunset. You’re Regan Meinking about to walk the plank into the shark-infested ocean, but before you take your last step, Capt. Jack Sparrow comes swinging onto the deck just in time to rescue you. He battles the opposing Captain as he’s got you safe in one arm. And he’s got on one of those really cool puffy shirts just like Seinfeld’s. Not to

Pirates or ninjas? That’s the million-dollar question

Photo by Madeline Vance


mention the awesome boots, flowing hair, and beaded beard. Maybe I’m crazy, but these guys sound pretty awesome, and guess what? They’re Pirates. Pirates are possibly the coolest kind of people ever. They get to spend their life out on the open sea with their friends, I can’t think of anything better. Yeah sure, they have to fight people sometimes, and yeah sometimes they’re broke, but they always find a way out of it. Pirates don’t have to spend their lives being mute and creepy like ninjas. In most of Hollywood’s depictions of ninjas they’re always those creepily quiet guys who no one understands. Even in Ocean’s Eleven, the little Chinese ninja just hangs out by himself and nobody really talks to him or understands him. Or there is always being an adolescent turtle living in the sewers with a giant rat. I mean, that sounds like a bundle of fun. Just to add to the coolness of pirates, they get to use cool words like “Aaargh” and “Matey.” Do ninjas have any words linked to them? I didn’t think so. Then there are the parrots. What other profession allows you have a parrot on your shoulder without making you look like a total lunatic? None. Ninjas don’t get to have an animal companion like pirates do. I haven’t even mentioned the treasure, and pirates already beat ninjas by a long shot. Ninjas just fight bad guys. Pirates get to fight the bad guys and get buried treasure. Pirates get to live on their own terms out on the open sea. I don’t think there’s much else needed to win this argument. Just watch Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ll see what I’m saying. Pirates are simply fabulous, and ninjas fall short on fabulousness.


4 TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

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Senior star Engel a man among boys Multi-sport athlete ready for baseball, looks to take his game to the next level in college and beyond By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

In the fall you saw him breezing by opponents on the football field. He rushed for over 1,100 yards and was named FAVC Buckeye Division Athlete of the Year. He could play quarterback, tailback, and cornerback, and was often considered the most versatile player on the field. But just when you thought senior Adam Engel couldn’t get any better, it turns out that maybe he can … but not necessarily in football. Although Adam’s football statistics were among the best in the city, he says his best sport is “definitely baseball.” He began playing T-ball at 4 years old and has steadily progressed to become one of the top players in the country. He holds two youth World Series championships: one with the Cincinnati Flames and the other with Midland. In fact, Adam was named MVP of the championship game while p1aying for the Flames. Throughout his athletic career at LHS, Adam has gained significant recognition and popularity throughout Cincinnati. For some, this popularity would add a tremendous amount of pressure, but Adam says he’s not too concerned about what others have to say. He explains, “I just play and have fun. I don’t think about that stuff.” With all the hype around Adam’s performance in the current baseball season,

many people he has the right attitude to believe Adam compete at the top level. could even get “Do I feel confident I could drafted this compete? Yeah June. Being , but at the same time, if I don’t modest as he is, make the majors, my hopes and Adam usually dreams won’t be shattered … doesn’t talk Even if I never got drafted, that about the would be fine with me, because I p o s s i b i l i t y. could settle down and have a However, when family.” asked, Adam It’s clear that no matter which says, “Even if I path Adam follows, his future is do get drafted, it bright. In the meantime he’s just all depends on being an ordinary high school the money. If I senior, balancing school, family, get a huge friends, a girlfriend, and an signing bonus unusual obsession with the I’ll consider it, computer game World of but at the same Warcraft. time I want to go Most people would not to college and assume Adam to be much of a get an gamer, but his WoW account has education.” logged more than 160 days worth Adam has of playtime. Yes, that’s actual committed to playtime, not just the number of the University days he’s been playing. This Photo courtesy of Adam Engel of Louisville. adds up to nearly 4,000 hours Adam Engel has played for the Midland program in summer ball After receiving (about 15 percent of his last three interest from years) of sitting in his basement, some of the top schools in the country, such He’s unsure of exactly how many colleges drinking out of a box of Monsters, eating as the University of North Carolina and have contacted him but says, “It was a lot.” “anything non-greasy so my keyboard Georgia Tech, he decided to stay close to Whether or not Adam will be able to doesn’t get grease on it,” and playing until home while still attending a school with one pursue a professional baseball career the wee hours of the morning. Who of the top baseball programs in the nation. starting this summer, there’s no doubt that would’ve thought?

Lacrosse looks for another solid year By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

The Roar has interviewed the lacrosse senior captains to see what their expectations are for the season. 1. What are you hoping for this season? 2.Who’s going to be your biggest competition? 3. What’s different about the team compared to last year? 4. What have you done to prepare?

our incoming freshmen are looking really good.” 4. “We have been conditioning and weight lifting since June and are probably one of the best in-shape teams in our division.”

Senior Andrew Newbold, who is playing lacrosse next year at Sacred Heart: 1. “Well, we are hoping to be the first team that will be the foundation to establish Loveland as a top team in Cincinnati.” Senior Holly Hubble: 2. “Our 1. “I’m hoping to t o u g h e s t finish with at least a competition will .500 season.” probably be 2. “Our biggest Mason and competition will Hillard Darby.” probably be Anderson, 3. “We have because it was such a a new coach, close game last year.” and we 3. “The one main graduated at one at least is that we least 20 seniors only lost one senior and only have this year and we have six this year.” a lot more seasoned 4. “We’ve players.” been playing Photo courtesy of Andrew Dowd 4. “We started box lacrosse at Senior captain Andrew Dowd conditioning last Wall 2 Wall summer, and we have been working a lot (Soccer) every Sunday during the winter with stick handling and shooting.” and lifted twice a week during the winter.” Senior Katie Jarvis, who is playing next year at University of Cincinnati: 1. “We are hoping to have a winning season and to be competitive with the top teams.” 2. “Sycamore, the defending state champs.” 3. “This year we are a lot more experienced with 16 returning players, and

Senior Andrew Dowd: 1. “I’m looking at this season as the next step to turning Loveland into a premier Southwest Ohio lacrosse team.” 2. “In my opinion, Mason, Moeller, and Sycamore will be our biggest competition this season. Mason and Sycamore because of the skill level, Moeller because of the public-private school rivalry. “

3.The majority of our offense is gone from last year, with only Isaac Spence (12) and Evan Beck (10) returning this year. We have a much greater number of underclassmen, which is a good thing when you’re trying to build a program.” 4. “Our new coaches have brought a sense of urgency and commitment to this program that is very much needed. We lifted and conditioned every week all winter to prepare, and played some box lacrosse at Wall 2 Wall (Soccer) every Sunday for two and a half months. “ Senior Isaac Spence: 1. “To have a winning record and a good time.” 2. “The entire schedule is challenging, but teams like Mason, Anderson, and Turpin will be exceptionally tough.” 3. “The personnel is very different because we graduated so many talented seniors, but we have a good core of quality players so we should be fine.” 4. “The team lifted through the duration of the off-season. Now, we’re just practicing hard everyday to ready ourselves for the season.” Senior Sean Gilligan: 1. “Hoping to win a lot of games and go deep in the state playoffs.” 2. “Every game we play is going to be pretty good, so we’ll have to play our best every game.” 3. “We’re a lot younger and we have a lot of first- year varsity kids on the team.” 4. “We lifted and we played box lacrosse on Sunday. We’ve been working hard.”

Special Olympics to start soon By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

The Loveland High School track team is not the only group of track athletes that train and prepare for its meets. The students of room 202, the special education classroom, train at least once a week for the Special Olympics in May. Not every student participates, but the ones that do really enjoy it. “The students get enjoyment out of getting to participate in sports, even if they don’t receive any medals. It doesn’t matter what the disability the student has; everyone gets to participate no matter what,” says Mrs. Swaine. The Roar got a list of the students who participate in the Special Olympics; the medals that some of the students received from last year are in parentheses. Toni Alten-Crowe- (gold medal) swimming, softball throw, 100-yard sprint Kasey Sizemore- (gold medal) 400meter run, standing jump, softball throw, bowling Kyle Meineke- (gold medal) walking race, swims freestyle, swims backstroke David Meineke- swims freestyle, softball throw, walking race, bowling Drew Anderson- 100-yard sprint

THURSDAY, April 13, 2010


5 Page Editor: Sam Burpee

Winter sports awards Athletes recieve awards for 2010 sports achievements By Austin Stahl Staff Writier

Here’s a recap of the team honors given last month at the Winter Sports Awards: Swimming (girls and boys) Most Improved Swimmers- Terra Kreiner, Eric Nedeljko Most Valuable Swimmers- Sammie Wheeler, Brandon Williams Most Valuable Diver- Matt Swaine Tiger Award- Emma Goetz, Michael Lawson Best Freshmen- Taylor Dschaak, Casey Shumaker Boys basketball Best Free-Throw Shooting- Anthony LaMacchia (77.3%) Best 3-Point Shooting- Andrew Claybourn (35.4%) Chuck Schmidt Coaches Award- Wesley Kyles Most Valuable Player- Tony Hamann Best Defensive Player- Andrew Claybourn

Girls basketball Co-MVPs- Ellie Iaciofano, Abby McIver Most Improved Player- Rachel Baker Best Defensive Player- Ellie Iaciofano Best Offensive Player- Abby McIver Tiger Award- Erin Randall Bowling (boys and girls) High Series- Ron Tipton (492) High Game- Ron Tipton (261) King Pin High Game- Kirsten Baker (213) Most Improved- Ben Clawson, Cath Wells King Pin- Trevor Porter Most Valuable Bowler- Kyle Schweer Most Valuable Bowler- Toni Gardner High Series- Toni Gardner (355) Wrestling Most Victories- Joey Sarnecki (32) Most Team Points- Joey Sarnecki (158) Most Pins- Brandon Burks (16) Highest Takedown Efficiency- E.S. Lawrence (+91) Most Improved- Brandon Burks Most Valuable Wrestler- Joey Sarnecki

Academic Team Co-MVPs- Adam Kavka, Spencer Leamy Cheerleading Captains- Courtney Allen, Katelyn Ferguson, Kelsey Kerkhove Leadership- Maddie Kenter, Jessica Ajunwa

By Josh Brennock Four-Year Awards Girls basketball- Ellie Iaciofano, Abby McIver Swimming- Kyle Bailey, Forrest Behne, Austin Bessey, Matthew Eng, Albert Kiser, Terra Kreiner, Michael Lawson, Rhiannon Marcello, Matt Oberholzer, Christopher Wells, Sammie Wheeler, Brandon Williams Wrestling- Brett Bitzer, Kyle Lewis, Joey Sarnecki Academic Team- Adam Kavka Edward Jones Athlete of the Month January: Kelsey Kerkhove- Cheerleading Joey Sarnecki- Wrestling February: Erin Randall- Girls basketball Christopher Wells- Swimming

Softball ‘sisters’ lead Tigers Haley Shuemake, Nicolette Hayes share softball success By Emma Goetz Staff Writer

Haley Shuemake (10) and Nicolette Hayes (10) have grown up together and are now rising into stardom on the LHS softball team. Haley and Nicolette consider themselves sisters since they have grown up together; Haley’s mother has long dated Nicolette’s father. They have been playing softball for years, and their constant practicing has paid off. Last year, Haley was ranked fourth in batting in the FAVC Buckeye Division with a .410 average. Nicolette was ranked seventh with a .394 average. That was when they were both freshman. This year will be their second year on varsity, and they are only sophomores.

This powerful duo definitely puts in the time. They practice two hours a day, in addition to working with trainers who help with skills like defense and hitting. Nicolette has played ever since she can remember, and Haley first remembers starting about age 3. “It has been my passion for a long time” says Haley. Haley plays third base but is also catching this year. Nicolette is a shortstop and a pitcher. What’s it like to play with your close friend? “You have someone you can depend on,” Nicolette said. “She is always there. I always have someone to lean on.” Of course, its not all fun and games for the girls. Like all close friends, they do fight because of their competitive nature. Nicolette says, “I think we are competitive against one another, which is good, because we better each other.”

LHS’s college signees

Photo taken by Becca Black

Nicolette Hayes, top, and Haley Shuemake

Staff Writer

The athletes of the class of 2010 have had a tremendous four years. Here is a list of students who have commited to continue their athletic careers in college: Adam Engel, University of Louisville, baseball Sarah Fisher, Washington University, cross country Dustin Brown, Georgetown College, football Matt Eltringham, Hillsdale College, football Mason Scheeler, University of Charleston, football Isaac Spence, Hillsdale College, football Katie Jarvis, University of Cincinnati, lacrosse Andrew Newbold, Sacred Heart University, lacrosse Chris Kuramoto, American University, soccer Mollie Kuramoto, Purdue, soccer Ellie Iaciofano, Tennessee Tech University, soccer Brandon Williams, Michigan State University, swimming Forrest Behne, Washington & Lee University, Swimming Sammie Wheeler, University of Cincinnati, swimming Sam Burpee, Elmhurst College, volleyball Daniel Canada, University of Indianapolis, baseball Abby Vargo, Ohio Northern, soccer Asked about the group of signees, Mr. Zidron said, “We are proud of all of our athletes that are going to continue in college. It really reflects well on our programs, coaches and athletes.”

Roar Around the School Get prepared for The Roar’s second dodgeball tournament of the year on April 23. Get your team together and get your forms and money to Mr. Schmidt by this Friday. See Mr. Schmidt in room 109 to get forms or ask questions. Find out about classmates’ hidden talents and watch them show it to the school this Friday at the talent show supporting Invisible Children. Get those corsages and boutonnières ready because Prom is coming up quick. Get ready to rock the night away on May 1. Your editors-in-chief, Erin Randall and Sander DiAngelis


6 TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Page Editor: Diana Reese

Here, spring means Whippy Dip time Say What?!? By Diana Reese

By Hailey Booth and Sammie Wheeler

Staff Writer

Staff Writers

Spring means a lot of things to the people of Loveland, such as the bike trail, the mulch sale, and the Cincinnati Flower Show, just to name a few. But the most important part of spring is none other than the Loveland Dairy Whip. You can drive by this small shop and see cars overflowing the parking lot and a line a mile long to get the best ice cream around. Whether you know the operation as the Loveland Dairy Whip, Whippy Dip, Dippy Whip, or even Whippy Doodle, every person in Loveland knows what it is. It is the place where your coach takes you after a soccer game, a place to take your friends from out of town, or the place to go to hang out with your friends. Originating in 1955, the Loveland Dairy Whip was opened by Helene Brennan. On opening day, the parking lot was packed with parents and their kids awaiting their chance to receive delicious hot fudge sundaes. Ever since the beginning, Brennan wanted the Loveland Dairy Whip to be a family-friendly place and a small, familyowned operation. To this day, it has stayed exactly that. While the ownership of the Loveland Dairy Whip has changed hands five times since the original opening day, it still

When the weather gets hot, we all chill out at the Whippy Dip remains family-owned and -operated. The current owner, Teresa Morgan, has owned it since 2001. Her daugher, Jennifer, also works at the shop, and says, “I love working here, and so does everyone else. It is my absolute favorite job. The best is at the end of the year when we have a whipped cream fight.” Many people know the Loveland Dairy Whip for its famous baseball ice cream sundaes and delicious parfaits, but it also has many other types of things to choose

Photo by Hailey Booth

from. It has dipped cones, with choices like chocolate, caramel, or strawberry; Cyclones, which are similar to Blizzards; Glaciers, which are ice cream mixed with a slushee; malts; shakes; and floats. You can get anything pretty much anything you desire at the Loveland Dairy Whip. Come to the Loveland Dairy Whip now from 2-9 p.m. daily. After Memorial Day, it is open an hour later, and after Labor Day it returns to closing at 9 p.m. Long line? It’s definitely worth the wait.

Ms. Weill wins chemistry teaching award By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

Loveland High School chemistry teacher Ms. Weill is a world-class martial arts competitor, award-winning coach of the LHS academic team, and educator of the year for the class of 2007. She can now add another award to that list: the Teacher of the Year award from the Cincinnati Section of the American Chemical Society. The award is given to tri-state educators for excellence in chemistry education. This February, Ms. Weill was nominated for the award by Mrs. Sue Evans, another chemistry teacher at LHS. Said Mrs. Evans, “I feel that she’s well deserving of the award. I have had the privilege of not only having her as a student, but also of being able to see her teach. I’ve been impressed with her ever since she was a student. She has a true love for chemistry and her job.”

Mrs. Evans nominated me, Teaching isn’t Ms. because she was one of my Weill’s only job. In teachers.” her spare time, she Ms. Weill has a co-owns a martial arts comprehensive teaching dojo, where she style, which has helped over teaches tae kwon do. 95 percent of her students Last fall, she was receive a four or a five on selected to go to the AP test. She said, “I try Malta to represent the to present things in as many United States at the ways as possible. That way, World Judo Kata if students have trouble Championship. She is understanding the material in the United States one way, they can look at it Judo Association from a different perspective National Hall of Fame to understand it better.” as the Outstanding Ms. Weill says, “This is Kata Competitor for Photo courtesy of Mrs. Evans my dream job. I went to 2009. Ms. Weill school at Loveland, and I’ve When asked about her feelings on winning the chemistry wanted to teach here since I was 5 years award, Ms. Weill said, “I’m very honored to old. I plan on teaching until I can no longer receive this. I’m especially touched that stand on my head during class.”

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Now that the April Fool’s jokes are over, it’s time to get serious. These true news stories are so serious, in fact, that you won’t be able to stop yourself from saying “Seriously!?” as you read. Minus 20% for being a loser Hate it when teachers criticize your assignments with red ink? What if they wrote that you’re a loser in the margins? An elementary school teacher from North Carolina wrote “minus 20% for being a loser” and other encouraging phrases on his students’ papers. The teacher, Rex Roland, claims he calls his students losers to better relate to them. One 11year-old girl he called a loser is now being bullied by her classmates, receiving almost 100 threatening text messages per week. The girl’s mother is pursuing legal action against the teacher. (source: “Mullet Place” sign stolen by hippies The most frequently stolen street sign in Green Bay isn’t Brett Favre Pass or Reggie White Way. No, the sign for the sticky-handed is Mullet Place. Named after a surveyor, John Mullet, the sign has been stolen tens of times by people stuck in the 1980s. It costs the city about $60 to replace the sign each time. (source: Old school takedown at McDonald’s They say people don’t like change, but this is taking it to the extreme. Richard Albers from Loveland (Colorado, that is) was convicted of felony after fighting with an 83-year-old man over a preferred space in a McDonald’s parking lot. Authorities report that Albers had used the spot almost daily for the past 16 years. When he found the elderly man in his parking spot, Albers knocked him to the ground with his truck door and spit out, “You want to fight, you son of a gun?” (source: Buttkiss the fat, old fish A New York pet shop claims it is home to a 43-year-old fish. The obese pacu (related to piranhas) weighs in at 20 pounds. To top it off, the store owner named it Buttkiss. Buttkiss learned a lot in his old age, like his one trick - coming to his owner’s hand to eat. Buttkiss eats 20 goldfish a day to maintain his manly figure. Pretty good for a fish born in the Summer of Love. (source: Samurai mom brings sword to school Think your parents are embarrassing? What if they came to your school drunk? A 32-year-old mother from Memphis, Tenn., gulped down a 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor before roaring into her son’s elementary school brandishing a sword. Authorities report she intended to fight the parents of another child who had a spitting match with her son the previous day. (source:


News TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Page Editor: Matthew Worsham

Eagles talk about their experiences community service, earning merit badges, and carrying out and organizing their very own Eagle projects. Getting your Eagle The rank of an Eagle Scout is the highest Scout is a big deal. The rank of an Eagle rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America. Scout looks very good on college Only 3 percent of applications as all Boy Scouts well. ever achieve their Eagle Scouts Eagle. This great from LHS include achievement has Evan Lively (12), been given to more Sean Hadley (12), than 2 million Spencer Vance young men, (12), Jaden Talbot including a few of (12), Jarron our very own Talbot (10), Mike L o v e l a n d Ethridge (12), Ben students, who can Blust (12), Bobby honestly say, Wassel (12), “Once an Eagle, Thomas Wassel always an Eagle.” (10), Matthew Some of our fellow Belcik (10), Sam classmates have Carl (12), Andrew attained the rank Cooman (12), of Eagle Scout, Tyler Hunt (12), Photo courtesy of Madeline Vance doing countless and Albert Kiser Spencer Vance directing his project hours of (12). By Regan Meinking and Madeline Vance

Staff Writers

Evan’s favorite part of the whole experience was camping. “Hanging out in the outdoors with all of my friends was a blast,” he said. His motivation for his Eagle project came from his work in Granny’s Garden. Evan says, “I asked Granny if there was anything that needed to be done, and I ended up building a bridge across a ravine and mulched a trail through the forest.” For his Eagle project, Spencer built a sidewalk for better w h e e l c h a i r accessibility at the Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship organization, where disabled children and adults are able to participate in a horse therapy program. Spencer said, “It was a great experience. It helped me learn how to plan, prepare, and carry out a big project,

with me as the director. The people at CTRH were also so thankful for my service.” Becoming an Eagle Scout is not an easy task. It takes a lot of responsibility and a lot of work. Some of the requirements include earning 21 merit badges; living the principles of the Scout Oath and Law daily; and planning, developing and carrying out a service project. They learn to be prepared and equipped to take care of themselves and others, and how to survive in emergency situations. They are great leaders and deserve a great amount of respect. So the next time you pass an Eagle Scout, take the time to ask him about his accomplishments, and he may even be able to teach you how to tie a square knot.

Think being the new kid is tough? International students share stories about moving to the USA By Diana Reese Staff Writer

To many of us, Loveland seems really familiar and maybe even a little boring. But just imagine moving here from a foreign country. The Roar interviewed a handful of Loveland’s international students from England, Bulgaria, China, and Canada to get a feeling of what it’s like to be the new kid. Sabrina Newstead (10) moved from Oxford, England in the second grade because of her dad’s job. She used to have an awesome accent until those mean second graders made her get rid of it, saying, “What are you trying to say? That’s not the way you say it!” Public schools in England were stricter, and all students were required to wear uniforms. In Loveland, the architecture is also different. Compared to the English castles, she jokes, “The Loveland Castle is like a storage room.” Mitko Karshovski (10) moved from Bulgaria because his parents were looking for a better opportunity. He likes Loveland because there’s always something to do. He says in Bulgaria, students get out of school at noon. The only other difference is that they learned Bulgarian history instead of American history. In Bulgaria he lived by the sea close to his extended family. “It’s easier to live in America,” he says, “but everyone thinks I’m communist.” Lili Jiang (9) moved from China in March 2009 to join her family in America. Lili used to live by the beach in Fujian, China. She

saw snow for the first time this winter. She says she was surprised it was so cold. “I love Loveland,” says Lili. “The schools are so much better.” In China, the students were responsible for cleaning the school. Students also rode bicycles to school. “I like the school bus,” she says. The class work is also easier in Loveland. She explains that America’s ninth grade math is equivalent to China’s seventh grade math, but taking classes in English makes it harder. Lili takes an ESL class every day to improve her English. She says that English isn’t really hard but is very different from the two dialects of Chinese she knows. Matt Brown (11) moved from Calgary, Canada before seventh grade because of his dad’s job. He says Loveland High is “much harder than school in Canada,” but also more fun. So what’s the difference? “Well, you guys have dances and a lot more extracurricular activities, music starts before seventh grade, and people don’t say ‘eh,’ ” he says with a perfect American accent. He misses the metric system, saying, “It’s so much easier!” The hardest part about moving to the U.S. was having to memorize all of the states, capitals, and presidents for history class. What does he miss the most? “The 10-point grading scale, syrup, and the flag.” “The syrup is just not consistent enough,” he adds. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of a maple leaf on the flag. But no, his issue with the flag is different: “I don’t want to memorize another color,” he jokes.

Sharmas will brighten your day By Sara Mullowney and Natalie Siddique Staff

they are twins, these girls could not be more opposite when it comes to their Writers personalities. If you’ve had a class with Ankita, you A most cheerful student award at know she’s quite talkative and often asks Loveland would have to be a tie. If you’ve questions. Malvika, however, is the quiet met the Sharma twins, you understand one who stays focused in class and rarely why. asks questions. Ironically, at home the exact Ankita and Malvika Sharma (12) are a opposite is apparent; Malvika is the loud dynamic duo one, while who combine Ankita keeps kindness and her mouth intelligence in shut. a twin-size Ankita package. You claims to be could find r i g h t brained, their names w h i l e under the Malvika w o r d s swears upon “perfectionist” a n d logic with her “overachiever” left-brained in the mind. Ankita dictionary, as l o v e s Photo by Sara Mullowney these girls Malvika and Ankita Sharma (L-R) spontaneity have taken and is much academics to the next level. less organized than her neat and organized Miss Weill says, “They’re both sibling, but she offers a tremendous wonderful and amazing.” amount of optimism in anything and Matt Garbarino (12) says, “The Sharma everything. sisters are the nicest people in the world.” These two tremendously hard workers Malvika has taken a total of six AP are twins as well as individuals. As classes at Loveland and has maintained a different as their personalities are, these very impressive GPA, while Ankita has two seem to balance each other and form a taken eight AP classes while upholding package that if you have had the chance extraordinary grades as well. Although to know, you can’t help but love.

Tiger Bites: Local Olympians win big; students raise money for Haiti relief By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

Loveland has had lots of amazing achievements lately. Here are some notable ones: SCIENCE OLYMPIAD: The Science Olympiad team placed third at regionals on the weekend of March 6-7 and will be advancing to the state finals. Members of the team include seniors Alex Bryant and Amanda Shelton; juniors Suzy Culbertson and Brian Henderson; sophomores Erik

Henderson, Carly Jewell, Amy Kamperman, Kenneth Li, John McDowell, and Kate Rice; and freshmen Kyle Henderson and Grant Portune. TECH OLYMPICS: The LHS Interalliance Tech Olympics competed against 50 other schools on the weekend of March 6-7 and finished eighth overall. LHS’s team is one of 10 that are competing for a chance to win a free trip to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Members include seniors Denver Coulson and Alex

Bryant; juniors Marshall Miller and Tyler Glenn; and sophomores Drew Demmerle, Sam Clements, and Patrick Salay. SENIOR RECOGNIZED: Senior David Gayda has been selected as winner of the 2010 Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble Concerto Competition. On June 7 David will perform on James Curnow’s Concertino for Solo Percussionist and Symphonic Band with CYWE at the grand finale concert. LMS RAISES $16,000 FOR HAITI: Loveland Middle School recently set a goal

to raise $15,000 for Haiti relief and surpassed the goal by over $1,000. The money was raised through a dodgeball tournament, which brought in nearly $8,000, and other contributions from the community. SENIOR SELECTED: Senior Sean Hadley was recently selected to play bass drum in the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps, a team from Madison, Wisc., that competes nationally. He’ll spend three months this summer with the corps. Congratulations, Sean.


I Love Rock ’n’

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

What to expect at Prom

May 1,

By Regan Meinking Staff Writer

“I love rock ’n’ roll, put another dime in the jukebox baby,” is the anthem to this year’s Prom. That’s because this year’s theme is Rock ’N’ Roll! Lights will be flashing the night of May 1, and the dance floor will be lit up with lasers as the speakers blast classic rock ’n’ roll from the ’80s. Prom is being held downtown at Music Hall for the third year in a row because it’s so much fun. You’ll walk in underneath an arch of guitars and lasers chasing each other around the floor. It’ll be like walking into a downtown hipster club. As tempting as it is to wear leggings, an oversized sweatshirt and the big, teased ’80s hair, the Prom is a formal event, so bust out your evening gowns and diamonds. Boys, deck out in tuxes -- classic or funky, your choice. The DJ will be cutting the beats all night long, or at least from 8 p. m. to midnight. The DJ, from 513 DJ, is Ryan Kellinghaus. He’s a high school teacher who has been mixing tracks on the side for the past couple of years. Prom is less than a month away, so you’ve got just enough time to get pumped for the event. Dust off your dancing shoes and ask your secret crush to a night that will rock your world.

Meet the man from 513 DJ By Regan Meinking Staff Writer

The lasers pumping to the beat of the music while you boogie the night away is exactly what you’ll get this year at Prom. With our new DJ, Ryan Kellinghaus from 513 DJ, our Prom is going to be the best yet. Kellinghaus is a high school teacher who mixes the beats on the side, being a DJ for Proms, weddings, and much more. He plays the hottest new dance singles with clean edits to make our chaperones happy. Instead of just random lights, this year we managed to get a laser sky. It’s a 50-milliwatt laser that moves across the floor to the beat of the music. It gives the dance floor that club-like feeling. There will be up-lights all around music hall setting of the Rock ’n Roll theme. Remember those awesome screens that were at Prom last year? Well, if you can’t, you’ll get to see them again this year. There will be giant screens on the corners of the dance floor showing the music videos of the songs playing and showing a live feed of the crazy dancers on the dance floor. With all these great features to our DJ this year, Prom is bound to be amazing.

Prom By Becca Black Staff Writer

What’s nearly as important as w Are you feeling lost with the num you just completely lost? It’s okay; Girls: · Wear a dress that reflects y · Determine your favorite a · A low back is always eleg · Do not have a dress that is · You have probably learned straps in your purse). · There are many bright-col · Rule of thumb: Prom is a f · In our opinion, if you are co gowns? And long dresses Guys: (We will keep it simple) · Don’t be cheap—wear a tu · Honestly, do not go too cra · You can play up the dress · Opt for a traditional dress · Canes and top hats DO NO General: · Couples tend to match, bu · Dress how you want; show · An adorable compliment to can stray from the standar

Get ready to get down at Prom!

Image from

’ RoLL: Prom 2010


Page Editor: Natalie Siddique


How to get a date to Prom By Emilee Kraus Light News Editor

Prom 2010 is soon approaching, and every girl has one question running through her mind. Lunch table discussions consist of girls sweating over who their date this year will be, but much more importantly, they’re wondering how they will be asked. The boys at Loveland High School have come up with many creative ideas in the past, such as sneaking the question into their presidential speech or going even more public and posting a banner in the front of the school. The Roar decided to take a look outside of the clever minds of LHS boys and do a little research on some outrageous ways to ask the girl of your dreams to Prom. Here are some suggestions: 1. Tape the question to a remote control car. Knock on your date’s door and then hide. When your date answers the door, drive the car up and deliver the invitation. 2. Try an even more tricky approach: Leave several goldfish in her bathtub. Leave a note saying, “Of all the fish in the sea, will you go to Prom with me?” 3. Draw a chalk outline of yourself outside the person’s house. Then leave a note with your name and all of the information on it that says, “I’d die to go to Prom with you.” 4. Take the girl out for pizza and have the kitchen staff spell out Prom with pepperoni. 5. Put the invitation in an ice cube. The message could say, “Please don’t leave me out in the cold” or “It would be really cool if you’d go to Prom with me.”

A great example of how to get a Prom date

Photo by Natalie Siddique

Fashion Guide

who you take to prom? Well, what you wear, of course. mber of choices of dresses and tuxes? Can’t decide whether to go with a long or short dress? Guys…are ; you’re not alone. The Roar has created a Prom fashion guide to help you out this year.

your style. It all depends on what YOU like. asset and choose a dress that compliments it. gant and beautiful without showing too much. s too low cut; there will be dancing. d by now…dresses with straps tend to be easier to keep on while jamming (even if you bring detachable

lored dresses, but you could try a more neutral color for a classier look. formal event, so do not wear a dress more than a few inches above the knee. ontemplating wearing a long dress, go for it. I mean, how many chances do we get to wear formal evening tend to make every body shape look gorgeous.

ux. It might be expensive, but it shows class and it is one of the few events to which you have to wear one. azy. Stick to the normal: black tuxedo, vest, tie, or bowtie. s shirt or the vest. shoe. OT equal cool.

ut mix it up a little. Pick colors that go together but don’t match perfectly. w your style. It is all about what you can pull off. o your outfits are the boutonnière and corsage. Adrian Durban is creative with its arrangements, and you rd rose combination.

An ideal Prom dress

Illustrated by Becca Black



Page Editor: Madeline Vance

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Students shine for a good cause By Emma Goetz Staff Writer

Can you sing? Dance? Act? Play an instrument? Make magic? Well, even if you can’t, many of your LHS classmates can, and are ready to step into the spotlight. At 7 p.m. Friday, Invisible Children will be having its annual talent show. The funds will go toward rebuilding Layibi Secondary School in Northern Uganda. Last year’s talent show was won by a trio of junior singers: Micky Henskens, Elizabeth Orsinelli, and Sammie Smith. They sang the song “Leave the Pieces” by The Wreckers. “It was so fun!” said Micky. Sammie is the two-year defending champion of the Invisible Children Talent Show. She will be competing again this year, and will be singing and playing guitar. On the odds of winning, she says, “I just want to have fun ... we will see what happens.” This year, there will be one drastic change to the talents show. There will be two winners crowned: a winner picked by a panel of judges and an audience choice

winner. The judging positions will be raffled off this week during lunch. Raffle tickets will be $1 for five chances. There will also be a raffle for the audience. The prize will be four Diamond Seat tickets to a Reds game. The tickets are all-inclusive, meaning all food and drinks are free. When you buy a ticket to the show, you will automatically be entered in the drawing, and you can also buy additional tickets at the show. However, you must be in attendance at the show to win the raffle. So come to the show. Tickets will be sold at school and are $5. It’s a ton of fun, you get to see some of your super-talented classmates, it’s for a fabulous cause, and according to Elizabeth, “Even if I don’t [compete], I’ll definitely come see it.”

Freshman Kaitlin Hughes will serenade you with “Let Me Be Your Wings.” · Senior Rachel Putman is doing a contemporary hip hop dance to “Starstruck” by Santogold. · Ashley Jungclas (10) will sing “Halo” by Beyonce. · Songwriting junior Emilie Triot will play piano and sing to a song she composed. · Nicole Henderson (9) will perform “Temporary Home” by Carrie Underwood. · Clarissa Weyman (10) is “excited to try something new” as she dances to “Gravity,” being sung by Becca Pearson (10). · Junior Angela Hays is going to belt out “I Am Changing” from Dream Girls. · And finally, a band consisting of Michael Lawson (12), Michael Sonnenberg (12), and Tyler Beachy (11) will be rocking out. ·

Here are some acts scheduled to perform: · Lindsey Lacey (10) and Donna Weesner (9) will be singing together. · Tom Schickel will be playing piano as he and fellow sophomore Kate Altieri sing “New York State of Mind.”

Help raise money for a good cause

Face-off: 90210 vs. Gossip Girl By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

For all of you drama-filled TV show fanatics, you may be fans of the two popular shows on the CW: Gossip Girl and 90210.

Whether it is Serena having an affair in New York City, or Annie calling the cops on a huge After Prom party, there is something about these programs that keeps you hooked.

The only difference between the two is that Gossip Girl takes place in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, while 90210 takes place in none other than 90210, California. It is a true battle between east and west side.



Both shows have extremely attractive actors and intense plots, but the drama of Gossip Girl just does not match up to the crazy events that go down on 90210. Therefore, 90210 takes the win with a score of 22-21.

Gossip Girl

Characters Drama Plot Acting Cuteness of actors

Disney trivia quiz: How much do you remember? By Madeline Vance Staff Writer

We’ve all seen them. Let’s face it: Disney movies play a huge role in our lives. Ever since we were little, Disney movies have inspired us to “reach for the stars” and make our dreams a reality. The Roar came up with a small Disney trivia quiz. How much do you remember? (Turn to page 11 for the answers)

1. What is the name of the tiger in Aladdin? 2. What is the name of the Native American man Pocahontas is supposed to marry? 3. What are the names of the two evil step-sisters in Cinderella?

4. What is the name of the bear from The Jungle Book? 5. What city does Princess Ariel live in? 6. In Hercules, what are the two names of Hades’ evil side-kicks? 7. In Tarzan, what is the name of the gorilla leader?

8. Name the seven dwarfs from Snow White. 9. What song are Pumbaa and Timon famous for singing in The Lion King? 10. What is the name of the evil child that tortures the toys in Toy Story?

The evil step-sisters in Cinderella “It means no worries”

Disney movies are the best

11 Entertainment Review: Becca’s angry, not adorable TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

Each month The Roar is sent posters, CDs, and stickers from record labels promoting their bands and musicians. Here is a review of one of The Roar’s discoveries. Pop rock singer and songwriter Becca knows just how to “make angry look adorable.” Or so say her publicity materials. However, when you listen to her album, Alive!!, you begin to get angry Becca’s debut album

because she is not adorable whatsoever. Her song “I’m Alive” makes her sound anything but living. She has juvenile lyrics, saying things such as, “When I’m bored to death at home, when he won’t pick up the phone.” Those are lyrics meant for a teeny-bop, girl-power band. Her biggest claim to fame is her music being featured as the ending theme of the 2008 anime series Black Photo from Butler.

Templeton’s tunes Meet some great bands from the UK: Take That and Mr. Hudson By Kelsey Kerkhove Staff Writer

The Roar is checking in monthly with LHS’s famous Ms. Templeton to find some new musical talent from across the world. She has picked a few of her favorites to help spice up our radios. Take That: This is an award-winning English boy band. It consists of four members: Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Harold Donald and Jason Orange. Barlow is the group’s main song writer. Each member of the band performs vocals, but all have instrumental experience as well. Take That was originally a five-man band. They sold over 20 million records from 1991-96. The group’s pop music dominated the U.K. charts and produced two of the best selling albums of the decade. After achieving great success, Take That split up in 1996. In 2006 the band announced that they

Play dodgeball! Sign up by April 16 and play April 23! Answers to Disney quiz from p. 10: 1. Rajah 2. Kocoum 3. Anastasia & Drizella 4. Baloo 5. Atlantica 6. Pain and Panic 7. Kerchak 8. Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy 9. “Hakuna Matata” 10. Sid Phillips

were reuniting with a reunion tour around the United Kingdom. Then they recorded their first album in over 10 years. Since then the band has released a second album and completed another tour. Song to Download: “Greatest Day” from the album The Circus. Mr. Hudson: Benjamin Hudson McIldowie, known to most people in the British music world as Mr. Hudson, is an R&B/pop artist. He signed to music producer, Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D. Music. Mr. Hudson released his second studio album on Oct. 5, 2009. Mr. Hudson has had the opportunity to work with several talented artists, such as Kanye West, Dizzee Rascal, N-Dubz, Kid Cudi, Tinie Tempah, Jay-Z and Big Sean. He has also toured with Calvin Harris. Some people have compared his vocals to those of Sting. Song to Download: “Supernova” from the album Straight No Chaser.

Page Editor: John Ross

If I could say one good thing about her, it would be that she is excellent at belting out noise at a very high volume. She is comparable to the voices of Avril Lavigne and Pink, and if that doesn’t say something

about how bad she is, I don’t know what does. If you ever waste your hard-earned money on Becca’s album, I hope it is so you can run it over with your car for fun. The overall review of this album is 1/5 stars.



Page Editor: Emma Goetz

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

11:11...Denver makes a wish LHS senior designs video game, hopes to hit it big on Xbox LIVE By Bridget Sova and Matthew Worsham Staff Writers

Some people hold a superstition that if they make a wish when the clock reads 11:11, it will come true. Most of the time this is not the case, but one LHS student is using this number to make his dream a reality. Senior Denver Coulson, founder of 11:11 Studios, is using his technical knowhow and the help of some of his friends to create a full-length video game, titled Ephemeral Aura, due to be released this summer. The Roar sat down with Denver to discuss this project, his passion for computer technology, and the future. Q. How long have you been interested in designing video games? A. I’ve been interested since I was 7. Q. How did you come up with the idea of making one yourself? A. During computer programming class at school, I became pretty interested in it. Q. What are your goals for the game? A. For it to make millions (laughs) and for it to get on Xbox LIVE Arcade. It will most likely get on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Q. Who is helping you on the project? A. I’ve gotten a lot of help from Gretchen Kessler (12), Jake Zimmerman (12), Marshall Miller (11), Christy NeCamp (12), Michael Massung (11), Emily Routt (12), and lots of other people.

Q. What do you think is the future of video games? A. Everything will be a lot more realistic. They use actors now to make the characters look more realistic. It will be more like you are the main character in a movie then just playing a game. Q. Is there anything you would like to tell the readers? A. Shave out a dollar and buy my game! It’s going to be pretty amazing. Go to to check out more Ephemeral Aura information.

Denver Coulson, is creating Ephemeral Aura Q. When do you plan on releasing the game, and how will it be released? A. Hopefully it will be released halfway through the summer on Xbox LIVE. Q. What is the game about? A. It is going to be a 2-D platform shoot’em-up. The whole point of the game is that color is being taken from the world, and your family and friends have been taken captive. It is your job to get them back and win. Hopefully it will be three to five hours long, but realisticly it will be one to two hours.

Photo by Matthew Worsham

Q. After Ephemeral Aura is finished, what are your plans for 11:11 Studios? A. I have ideas for other games, but I’ll have to find other people in college to help me with them. Q. What do you plan on studying in college? Will video game design be in your future? A. Computer science will be my major, with a focus in graphics or a minor in either digital game studies and theatre. Video game design will most likely be in my future.

Photo from

Ephermal Aura’s customizable hero

Michael’s Movies: gosh-darn good movies By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

I write the least-read article in the paper, but these are my favorite movies, the ones I’m always in the mood to watch. If there are any of these you haven’t seen, I highly recommend all of them. 1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy: If you’re like me, you went and saw all of these movies in theaters multiple times, read all the books, and now own all the extended Photo from versions of each movie. There is a reason Gollum from The Lord of the Rings why I did all of this: because these movies 3. Gladiator: Good golly, Miss Molly, are awesome. this movie is incredible. It’s Russell Crowe 2. The Dark Knight: No explanation necessary.

Upcoming Concerts By Bridget Sova Staff Writers

Looking for something to do this month? Check out some of these concerts. Rock: Smile Empty Soul at Alrosa Villa in Columbus on April 9, Daughtry at Value City Arena in Columbus on April 9, A Day to Remember at Bogart’s on April 17, All the Way from Memphis at Madison Theater on April 17, Thrice and Manchester Orchestra at Bogart’s on April 21. Indie rock: Arctic Monkeys at Madison Theater on April 9, Never Shout Never at Newport Music Hall in Columbus on May 7. Country: Carrie Underwood at U.S. Bank Arena on April 25. Comedy: Craig Ferguson at the Taft Theatre on April 27.

Progressive rock: Porcupine Tree at Bogart’s on May 1. The Roar’s picks: On April 25, Carrie Underwood is coming to Cincinnati. This former American Idol and winner of five Grammy Awards definitely knows how to put on a good show. She will play songs from her new album, Play On, along with some of her older hits. Underwood has gotten great reviews on this concert, and you can’t beat her playing so close to home, so make sure to check it out. If you are willing to make the drive up to Columbus, we recommend seeing Never Shout Never at Newport Music Hall. This one-man band features a relatively new artist, Christofer Drew, who has a laid-back style. His performance is very low-key, featuring him, his guitar and his ukulele. It will definitely be a cool concert if you can make it to Newport Music Hall on May 7.

at his best, and director Ridley Scott doesn’t miss a thing. I heart this movie. 4. Dumb and Dumber: I get a lot of quotes from movies, but I would say 60 percent of all the movie quotes I say come from this movie. It is hilarious, requiring one to see it several times to pick up on everything that’s funny. 5. Army of Darkness: A man with a chainsaw attached to his wrist, a doublebarreled shotgun (boomstick), an

Oldsmobile, an army of the undead to fight while trapped in the 1300’s… all of these are in this movie. I cannot urge you enough to see this movie as soon as possible.

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Light News

A day in the life of Mr. Stephens By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

You may see one of the French teachers, Mr. Stephens, in the hall throughout the day. If you do, be sure to say “Bonjour.” This friendly teacher has been here at Loveland for three years and teaching for six, and is currently working on his principal’s license. “Who knows where the world will take me,” he says. As for now, he starts his day waking up at 6 and eating peaches and cream oatmeal for breakfast. He then begins his commute to school. He normally spends the 25-minute drive jamming to music on the radio. Once he arrives, he prepares for his classes and then Mr. Stephens begins to teach. Every day during the announcements second block, he enjoys a snack consisting of an apple and peanut butter. At lunch he eats with his other teacher friends. You could find him often eating a Skyline 3-way, because that is his favorite food. In between classes, Mr. Stephens hydrates himself by drinking water from a Nalgene bottle. “I have an obsession,” he says. After school is when his life is taken into full gear. Along with going to school

to get his license, he prepares for a school trip to Europe once school is out. A fanatic of traveling, he spends about nine weeks out of town every summer. He works out every single day, wanting to keep in tiptop shape. He is always out doing things a r o u n d Cincinnati. He has season tickets to the theater, he attends as many sports events as possible, and he’s always involved in fun events going on downtown, such as festivals and Party in the Park. Every Tuesday night he goes out with his best friends to do something fun, such as having a nice dinner. “I love my friends; photo by Ellen Mack we probably hang out too much.” he says. On top of all this, Mr. Stephens is the Class of 2013 advisor. Mr. Stephens has a love for teaching, but also a love for France and French culture. He was a foreign exchange student in high school and college. “Mr. Stephens always made class really exciting,” says Madeline Vance (11). If you have not taken a French class yet, take French I with Mr. Stephens. It will be a class you’ll never forget.

Seniors: what’s next for you? By Kelsey Kerkhove Greg Pitman: “Going to Lake Erie to get my Staff Writer Graduation is quickly approaching, boating liscense.” senioritis is growing worse and worse Emily Meder: “Getting out of Loveland.” everyday, and the future graduates of the Vince Misiti: “Dorm life.” class of 2010 are making their plans for after Isaac Spence: “Playing college football.” high school. Whether it’s going to college, traveling the world, or getting a job, everyone has a plan for after high school, and whether we like it or not, all of us will finally be entering the “real world.” The Roar interviewed Loveland seniors to find out what they are looking forward to after high school. Ryan Murray: “College. I’m going to UC.” Will Ingstrup: “Beating up Pirates in the coast guard.” Adam Engel: “Playing baseball at Louisville.” Andrew Dowd: “Going to Europe.” Cath Wells: “Getting married and having many photo from Christian children with John Ross (11).” Andrew Dowd’s destination: Europe

13 Page Editor: Ellen Mack

Top 10 hot spots around Loveland By Regan Meinking Staff Writer

(The Roar will feature a top 10 list each issue. It’s completely up to the author, determined randomly, what he or she wants to count down.) The weather’s getting warmer, so it’s time to think about fun stuff to do on warm afternoons. Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do or experience in Loveland this summer. 10. Loveland Dairy Whip – Summer just isn’t summer if you don’t make at least one trip to the famous Whippy Dip … though it’s not quite a shop, more of a window. It’s got something for everyone – even you lactose intolerant, they’ve got slushies! 9. Paxton’s Bar and Grill – Take a ride! The warm weather always makes me hungry, so when I get a craving for a good American meal and don’t want to make it myself, Paxton’s is the place. You can sit outside on the patio and enjoy a delicious meal and wave to all your friends as they drive by. Not to mention the karaoke nights and live music that come around every once in awhile. 8. Laying at the pool – It’s not the most exciting thing to do, but laying by the pool with a couple of good friends and maybe a smoothie is always a good thing. It keeps you tan and helps you bond with your buds. Just don’t forget your sunscreen or you’ll be frying like an egg. 7. El Picante- Ask most Loveland inhabitants and they will tell you how fabulous El Picante is. Now with their addition of an outdoor patio, it’s the perfect place for a summer evening dinner.

6. Fishing/hiking – The outdoors aren’t for everyone, but Loveland does have some wonderful nature trails and beautiful bodies of water to fish on. Also, there are Lake Isabella and the Little Miami River, which are great for fishing and just hiking around. 5. Branch Hill Coffee Company – Coffee and summer don’t really go together, but this coffee house has a great assortment of handmade smoothies and ice cream. It’s so cozy and fun to just sit and relax with all your friends. 4. Picnic at Nisbet Park by the River – Nisbet is a quintessential Loveland spot right on the bike trail. It’s surrounded by beautiful trees, and you can have a picnic right in front of t h e amphitheatre. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to go photo from when there is a concert. 3. Canoeing- Canoeing might be the most fun thing to do during the summer. You can spend all day on the river getting a tan and a good workout. Pack some snacks and maybe some tunes, and you’ll be set for the day. 2. Hawaiian Ice- When you’re not quite in the mood for something as filling as ice cream but still want a cool treat, Hawaiian Ice is the place to go. With so many flavors it’s impossible not to find something you love. It’s the perfect place to take a date for a little dessert and a romantic walk on the bike trail. 1. Bike trail – You can run, bike, or simply walk, but the bike trail is always fun. You can have a nice workout and then stop and get a treat at the multiple restaurants nearby. It’s the perfect way to spend a day.

14 TUESDAY, April 13, 2010


Where’s Sierz?

Page Editor: Abby Vargo

Try to be the first to find senior Matt Sierzputowski

Photo by Sander DiAngelis

Matt Sierzputowski

Photo by Casey Baker

Food Fight:The Works vs. Dewey’s Pizza By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

The Works is the heart of downtown Loveland, while Dewey’s Pizza is the heart of Harper’s Point. Which one is better? The variety of The Works varies from pizza to burgers to sandwiches to pasta. Dewey’s, however, has only pizza, salads, and calzones.

On the other hand, the price of Dewey’s is a little more reasonable, and you receive more for your money. However, The Works offers many delicious foods for affordable prices as well. The Works, previously a fire station, has a warm atmosphere, especially after its recent renovations. The Works is also very

The Works

family- friendly and attracts families from all over Loveland. Dewey’s brings in a wide range of people from all over and allows customers to see inside the kitchen with the watch window. The taste is a major part of the battle between these two pizza places. The Works has a brick-stone oven, making the pizzas

tasty. While Dewey’s has Ryan’s Inferno pizza, The Works has more-than-delicious Buffalo Bowtie pasta. But again, the taste of The Works varies for all types of taste. Overall, our own Loveland pizza restaurant wins by a close margin, 21-19.

Categories Dewey’s Pizza Atmosphere Employees Cost Variety Taste

Look-Alikes The monthly special of two similar-looking human beings caught on camera! Photo by Madeline Vance

Jenna Myklebust (9)

Photo by Madeline Vance

Abby Walther (9)

TUESDAY, April 13, 2010


15 Page Editor: Sara Mullowney

Facebook is a fun way to get to know others. Each month, The Roar picks a student at random (hitting names on a dartboard) to help introduce you to a new face at LHS, Facebook style.

Donna Weesner “had a great time over Spring Break.”

Grade: Freshman Photo by Katie Henke

Interests: Animals, swimming, gaming, and biking Favorite movie: Alice in Wonderland School activities: Partner’s Club Favorite class: Fantasy Sci-Fi Hero: My dad; he’s always there for me, sticks up for me, and he’s a good friend.

Loveland High School ’13

Pet peeve: People being mean and telling lies Fun facts: I’m very energetic and fun to hang out with

July 27th, 1994

Can’t live without: My cell phone Music: Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Toby Keith, Lonestar, and anything country Matt McIver

Blake Freeman

Kayla Timon

Books: Warriors, a series by Erin Hunter Fan of: Wrestling and animals Favorite animated characters: The Simpsons

Megan Kiley

Becca Pearson

Nicole Henderson

Do You Remember...? By Natalie Siddique

hysterically at Eric’s wacky lifestyle. You most likely learned many life lessons from Cory’s and Shawn’s mistakes. “Feeeeeny! Feeeeeeny!” Sometimes you would laugh, but there were The shouting of Eric Matthews is familiar certainly moments where you cried too. to anyone who was a fan of the show Boy Those 30-minute Meets World. Boy episodes touched Meets World was a you in some way television series that each day. chronicled the events Boy Meets World and everyday life reruns began airing lessons of Cory in syndication on Matthews, who grew Sept. 8, 1997. After on the show from a the show ended in young boy to a married 2000, the Disney man. The show aired Channel acquired the for seven seasons, rights to air the from 1993 to 2000, on series, lasting from ABC. 2000 to 2007. ABC Boy Meets World Family also aired the and its cast most likely show until August became an addicting 2007. Unfortunately, part of your day, and if Photo from The Cast from Boy Meets World. since then, the series you were a true fan, has not aired on you grew up with the television. awkward years for Cory, felt Shawn Hunter’s Even though Boy Meets World is no rebellious nature, adored the hippie longer in our lives, Cory and the gang will vegetarian Topanga Lawrence (no matter always have a special place in our hearts. how strange her name was), and laughed Staff Writer

The Roar has 131 followers on Twitter. Why aren’t you one of them? Go to lovelandroar and follow us!


16 TUESDAY, April 13, 2010

Page Editor: Becca Black

Experience facial hair frenzy If there is one thing Loveland High School has, it is great facial hair. The Roar is here to take you on a tour of the best face fuzz our school has to offer.

The soul patch looks best on Joey Junod (12) Rahat Syed (12) is hot with his scruff

Dan Repaske (12) looks manly with his full beard

Evan Beck (10) keeps it classy with his allaround stubble

Matt Eltringham (12) is famous for his chinstrap beard *Photos by John Ross

Chris McKay (11) shows his chin fuzz

Bestie Buddies

We tested 2 friends to see how well they really know their ‘best friend’ By Casey Baker Staff Writer

Best friends know everything about you, even your deep, dark secrets. The Roar asked Stephanie Jacob and Julia Eaton a few questions to see if these “best friends” really know everything about each other. Stephanie on Julia: Birth marks: Back of her neck (Julia’s answer: On my neck) Favorite color: Pink or Blue (Julia’s answer: Blue) Favorite place to eat: Cheesecake Factory (Julia’s answer: Chipotle or Cheesecake Factory) Pet peeves: She hates the sound of texting (Julia’s answer: Slow walkers) Most embarrassing moment: At lacrosse in eighth grade, Julia bit it in the mud (Julia’s answer: In eighth grade at lacrosse, I fell on my face)

Favorite band: Something to do with rap (Julia’s answer: I don’t really have one) Julia on Stephanie: Birth marks: On her face (Stephanie’s answer: On my cheek) Favorite color: Blue (Stephanie’s answer: Blue) Favorite place to eat: Chipotle or El Picante (Stephanie’s answer: Chipotle) Pet peeves: I don’t know (Stephanie’s answer: Little kids that follow you around) Most embarrassing moment: She was walking in the hallway at school and someone tried to run her over (Stephanie’s answer: I was on an airplane, and I hit this guy and knocked his coffee out of his hand, and it went everywhere.) Favorite Band: Blink 182 (Stephanie’s answer: Zac Brown Band)

Photo by Casey Baker

Julia Eaton, top, wraps her arms around Stephanie Jacob with love


THURSDAY, April 1, 2010

3a Page Editor: Kelsey Kerkhove

Senior class president DiAngelis impeached By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

After three years of maltreatment, the seniors have spoken. This past week, senior representatives have filed impeachment charges against senior class president Sander DiAngelis. These charges include a multitude of different things. He is charged with pocketing Journalism funds to pay for dates with underclassmen; he has also been charged with perjury from the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS requires senior members to complete 20 hours of community service. Sander allegedly tried to pass off driving his underclassmen dates’ home after their dates as community service. Sander has also been under investigation recently after unused Journalism funds disappeared. A number of senior student council members have volunteered to finish out the year as president; all except Christopher

Wells (12) have a chance. Investigations have found evidence that suggest that Christopher was the mastermind behind most of Sander ’s crimes. It appears Christopher has been dipping into Student Council funds since the start of the year to pay for his annual Christmas lights show. When asked to comment on these charges, Sander said, “Pshh, I run this school. You just go here. When the president does it, it’s not illegal.” That last part was adapted from the 2008 film Frost/ Nixon. Christopher couldn’t be reached for comment. A representative said he was traveling, “looking for the perfect lights for next year’s show.” The impeachment process will continue when both Sander and Christopher face trial by class representatives from the years of 2011 and 2012. If they are indicted, they will both face expulsion and Sander ’s acceptance to Cal Poly will be revoked; he will work at Burger King for the rest of his life.

Photo by Bridget Sova

Senior class president Sander DiAngelis is stuck behind bars as he faces impeachment charges for misdeeds at LHS

Hawaiian Ice Austin Stahl gets struck by lightning melts By John Ross

Staff Writer

By Natalie Siddique Staff Writer

Natural disasters, rising waters, and climate change are all serious results of global warming affecting our world. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has struck Loveland in a devastating way. Loveland’s treasured Hawaiian Ice stand by the bike trail is closing due to the effects of global warming on the shaved ice. “We aren’t able to serve it anymore. It just melts… it just melts,” said Frosty McIce, owner of the Hawaiian Ice shack. As a result, the Hawaiian Ice structure is scheduled to be bulldozed next month. The Loveland community is distraught that this local treat will no longer be available, and efforts by City Council have even been made to donate an advanced 3500-XX freezer to keep the ice from melting. Unfortunately, though, local scientists have discovered that even with this technology, the warming is so strong that the ice will be melted regardless. Such a tragedy has the citizens of Loveland wondering what will happen next to our area. No delicious frozen treats now from a local favorite… what could shake our community next?

In a literally shocking turn of events, Mother Nature has severely injured one of our own Loveland students. That’s right: Our own poor, innocent, little Austin Stahl (11) is recovering from a tremendous lightning strike. As everyone may know, earlier in the year a rumor was spread that Austin had been struck by lightning. Well, fate wasn’t content with just a rumor. As Austin played a friendly game of basketball with his pals, he went up for an ultra-athletic slam dunk. With an incredibly unfortunate amount of bad luck, the basketball hoop was struck by lightning from a rogue thunderstorm. The lightning shot through the metal of the hoop and right into Austin’s frail little body, frying his insides. Doctors decided Austin needed a new heart, brain, and liver. All had been burnt to ash during the strike. The doctors pushed Austin to the top of the donor list, immediately obtaining matches for him. After a

Photo by Emma Goetz

In this reenactment, Becca Black demonstrates how lightning struck Austin Stahl as he dunked a basketball. marathon 28-hour surgery, Austin is expected to make a full recovery. Luckily, his body completely accepted his new brain, heart, and liver with no problem, and due to the magic of modern science, he will leave the hospital with nothing but a small

scar in the back of his head, where the lightning exited his body. So Loveland, do not fret, our dear Austin Stahl will be as good as new within days, and hopefully his tale of strength can be inspiration for all people in situations such as this one.

Senior parking only next year Juniors out of luck; lot to be covered with more Tiger Turf By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

Every sophomore longs for junior year, when he is able to finally have the freedom to drive himself to school each morning and say, “So long, bus!” Well, class of 2012, it looks like your ride in the big yellow bus has been extended. No worries; it’s just 365 more days. In a recent top-secret Loveland School Board meeting, it was decided that for the 2010-11 school year, seniors would be the only ones with the freedom to drive to school. Members of the Board came up with several reasons for this strict new policy.

One is the inability of new drivers, mainly juniors, to avoid getting into accidents. After having 100 accidents in the school parking lot so far this year caused by juniors alone, the Board has decided to take action. Although this policy seems really strict, don’t worry future juniors; I assure you that there are some loopholes. Sophomores that finish this school year with a GPA higher than a 4.5 will be allowed to buy a parking pass (price to be determined). Study hard, sophomores! Another reason for the cutback on parking passes, unfortunately, is the Tiger Turf. We all know about our beloved Tiger Turf and the joy that it has caused this past year. Lucky for us, Loveland High School, you’ve shown you love the new turf so

much that the school has decided to make half of the parking lot Tiger Turf. This means that there will only be enough space for the seniors and those qualified juniors to acquire parking passes next year. The new field of Tiger Turf will be used by the freshmen gym classes. The field will also be able to be used by the seniors for after-school activities. Michael Lawson (12) said, “If I were going to be here next year, I would start my own rugby league and play everyday after school.” So for all you upcoming juniors next year, hold onto your farewells a little longer. You’ll be needing that bus next year, unless your mommy is planning on taking you to school everyday.

Photo by Sara Mallowney

The parking lot next year will only consists of seniors cars

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WHAT is she wearing?

By Becca Black

Staff Writer

We have so many students here at LHS that are cute as can be. But I have discovered a fashionista so far above everyone else. Her name is Rachel Stewart (11), and she possesses the extraordinary ability to dress herself in a way no one else can compare to. She wakes up in the morning and, barely functioning, pulls on her clothes. Jaws drop as she strolls through the halls. She has not worn jeans since October. You may try all you want to dress cute, but give up, or at least look to the ground when Rachel passes you in sweatpants. She is above a fashionista; she is a fashion goddess.

Her style: Comfortable, with pizzazz. Accessories she likes: Multiple earrings and rings. Favorite outfit: Newly bought grey sweatpants (super-soft fuzz), rockin’ concert T-shirt, black zip-up with fruit zipper, and fuzzy slippers. Where she shops: She loves T.J. Maxx, Wal-Mart, and any sale rack. Inspiration: Terra Kreiner (12). Pet peeves: “Frauds. Be who you are, and dress based on that—don’t dress preppy if you’re not.” Secret to success: “Do what fits you; don’t follow trends. And set your clothes out the night before; it is so much easier.”

Look-Alikes The monthly special of two strikingly similar-looking human beings caught on camera!

Previous fashion mishaps: “I am flawless.” Necessities: “Undergarments. Those are a general must-have. And a top and bottom that fit.” What others think of Rachel’s look: “Rachel’s outfits are very predictable, but I love how she doesn’t care.”—Bailey Denzy (11) “She is laid back to the max.”—Alex Kamm (11) “Rachel looks beautiful in whatever she wears.”—Terra Kreiner (12) “She is a fashion revolution.” —John Ross (11)

Photo by Becca Black

Rachel Stewart is Becca Black’s favorite fashionista

DJ Pauly D to spin tunes at LHS Prom

surprise, Regan was able to book DJ Pauly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore. On a recent trip to Florida, Regan ran into Sports Editor Pauly D innocently eating lunch at The With Prom quickly approaching, student Rainforest Café, accompanied by council has been connecting Jersey Shore co-star Jwow. all the loose ends to make sure Regan was able to sit down with this years rock ’n’ roll-themed the two and convince Pauly D to dance meets everyone’s make a trip to Loveland. He will expectations. From the be beating up the beats, hopefully decorations to the DJ, the making our night more magical. juniors have been working Afterwards he will be hanging day-in and day-out to present out for anyone interested in a magical night. Photo from autographs. Recently the juniors have DJ Pauly D Juniors and seniors, get ready been under extra stress to for a night of excitement and fun. secure a DJ. DJ Toad was As for the freshmen and sophomores, I can scheduled but at the last minute cancelled only hope when it comes time for you to due to family issues. Junior Regan attend Prom, you’re lucky enough to have Meinking was put in charge of finding a someone like DJ Pauly D heating up the last-minute DJ. To all of Loveland’s atmosphere with his bumping beats. By Sam Burpee

Mariam Noory (12)

Matt Sierzputowski (12) Photos by Sander DiAngelis

Michael’s Movies: Lawson praises refreshing chick flicks By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

This issue, I’ve decided to recommend nine wonderful movies that are meant to be watched over and over again. These films may be the greatest movies ever made. I own every single one and recommend each for excessive viewing every day. 1. Ice Princess- The greatest ABC Family original movie of all time. Why would you not want to watch this movie? It’s called Ice Princess. The two greatest things in the world are ice and princesses.

Photo from

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Photo from

Ice Princess

I get chills through my body when I watch Michelle Trachtenberg skate across the rink. Ice Princess has one of the most heart-wrenching plots I have ever seen. It reminds me of the Winter Olympics, when I get to watch my favorite event: ice skating. 2. Freaky Friday- Lindsay Lohan at her best. This might even top The Parent Trap. This movie is all about mothers and daughters. I’m basically in tears throughout the whole film. I really feel for the character Lindsay plays, because

she’s not allowed to ride on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle. 3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie- Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show on The Disney Channel, and I was more than excited when Disney decided to make a movie. Lizzie’s singing career rocketed since this movie, and the soundtrack was wonderful. Forget the Eurotrip; who doesn’t want to travel to Europe with Hilary Duff? 4. Snow Day- Explains what I’ve always wanted to do on my snow day. Perfect. 5. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen- Lindsay Lohan in another great movie. This movie explains my life. 6. Good Burger- “Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?” Kenan and Kel are probably the best comedians of all time. This movie is the best comedy of all time with these All That stars. 7. From Justin to Kelly- Kelly Clarkson and her Spring Break. This musical romance was one of a kind. I loved Clarkson on American Idol, and her voice sounded too good with her partner, Justin Guarini. 8. Zenon: The Zequel- Another adventure from space. Zenon’s style was crazy and hot! Her battle with the aliens makes her the hero.

9. The Cheetah Girls- “Cheetah girls, cheetah sisters.” I honestly feel Cheetahlicious when I watch this movie. I know every word to every song. The riveting plot and colorful spots make me smile. I recommend that everyone sits and watches this movie at least five times in a row. You haven’t lived a full life until The Cheetah Girls have met your eyes and ears.

Photo from

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

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