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FRIDAY, February 11, 2010

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Page Editor: Regan Meinking

Loveland’s sweetheart

Toni Alten-Crowe is the voice who starts your Monday mornings By Hailey Booth Staff Writer

“Good morning, Loveland High School.” You hear it every Monday during second block before you say the Pledge of Allegiance. But who is the voice behind the speaker? Toni Alten-Crowe. Toni is a member of Mrs. Swaine’s class in Room 202. She is one of two students in Mrs. Swaine’s class who has Down syndrome. Toni is 20 and has been attending Loveland High School for the past six years, and she has been leading the Pledge every Monday for the past four years. This was originally Mrs. Swaine’s idea. She approached Mr. Vanatsky, or Mr. V, as Toni calls him, with the idea, and it has become a tradition. Toni says good morning to the students, and on days when Mr. V is not at school, Toni leads the whole Pledge. “Toni has a great sense of humor,” Mr. Vanatsky says. “Sometimes she just can’t stop laughing. Every Monday we meet in the office, chat about our upcoming week and do the pledge together. She is so friendly that her greeting every Monday is always something people look forward to.” Toni is so friendly, in fact, that she knows just about every teacher by name. As part of Mrs. Swaine’s class, Toni has a busy day, every day. She works at local businesses four times a week during second and third block. She works at El Picante, Springdale Cleaners, CVS, and LaRosa’s. Toni’s favorite place to work is LaRosa’s, where she folds pizza boxes. On the day she doesn’t work, she goes out into the community. Going into the community consists of different activities, like grocery shopping or taking a field trip to possible work places. “Toni is the hardest worker that we have in the class,” says Mrs. Burkart, an aide for Mrs. Swaine’s class. This is Toni’s last year at Loveland. She officially graduated last year. She walked, received her diploma, and also won the

The voice of Monday mornings, Toni Alten-Crowe. “Most Likely to Brighten Your Day” senior superlative. She returned this year to Mrs. Swaine’s class so she can continue to learn skills to help her in the future when she leaves LHS. Outside of school, Toni does things any high school student would do. She listens to her favorite singer, Kenney Chesney and she loves to go to Chipotle. She goes to Camp Stepping Stones in the summer with fellow students Andrew Smiertka (12) and Fafa Tomodo (12). She participates at Starfire U, a post-secondary pro-

Photo by Hailey Booth

gram, where she goes out to movies with friends and volunteers in the community. Toni is also very active. She loves to go to the YMCA, and she often accompanies her mom to Jazzercise. She goes camping on weekends, and she swims in the Special Olympics. Toni is one of those people who is always in a good mood. She is always saying hello to someone, or wishing you happy birthday, even if it isn’t your birthday. No matter when you see Toni, she is willing to help you out, and she always has a smile

New grade scale nets some changes Upcoming By Becca Black percent that were last year, due in part to an F now being below a 60 percent as comEvents pared to a 70 percent in the past. Editor-in-Chief

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As you may or may not know, the change in our grading scale was made in hopes that it would, as Dr. Moorhead states, “level the playing field with other schools and give students every opportunity to excel.” Most local schools have made the switch to a 10-point scale, if they didn’t already have it in place. LHS parents and students advocated for the change. As Dr. Moorhead explains, “It puts our students in a better position for scholarships and college.” But what is the reality of the grading scale change, now that we have finished our first semester with the new scale? Last year, first semester, the average GPA for the whole school was a 3.00. For the first semester this year, it was 3.11. This is a small improvement, but still an improvement. Last year, 41 percent of grades were in the A range (A or A-minus). This year, 47 percent were. Only 3 percent of grades were F’s this year, compared to 5

The question is, though, are teachers adjusting their grading habits in order to offset the grading scale? As Mr. Harris explains, “A lot of staff try to keep their standards tough to offset the scale, but I think that will change. We won’t see as much effort to make grades more difficult to achieve as time goes on. The more subjective work might be graded harder due to teachers’ mentality, but most are using the same tests.” Many teachers say they have changed the way they grade. Mr. Damewood claims, “My assessments and expectations are more demanding, but I haven’t really noticed a swing in grades.” Mrs. Powers gives less points for partial credit and said she feels her grades have not changed overall.

(See GRADING SCALE, page 7)

Feb. 11- Sectional boys swimming at Mason, 6:30 p.m. Feb. 12- Sectional girls swimming at Mason, 9:30 a.m. Feb. 12- FAVC Wrestling Championships @ Glen Este, TBA Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day Feb. 19- Big Band concert/dinner in cafeteria, 6 p.m. Feb. 21- No school - Presidents Day Feb. 24- Parent/teacher conferences, 3:30-7 p.m. Please Recycle!


2 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

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Page Editor: Ellen Mack

MTV going down the drain Say what you want about reality TV (cough, cough, scripted) and its superficial stars, but the truth is that it’s taking over really, Ogonna Ononye really fast. Soon, Snooki will be shaking more fans’ hands than Shakira can shake her hips. People could soon care less about Carey as long as LC denies rumors and has a follow-up season. Sound a bit overdramatic? That’s exactly what Music Television, or MTV, is becoming—overly dramatic. Where, oh where has the music gone? There’s speculation that MTV’s recent replacement of music with drama was to bolster their viewers’ awareness of difficult struggles and promote prevention of lifethreatening situations. Supporting this theory are inspirational shows including The Buried Life, True Life, and World of Jenks alongside tear-jerkers like 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and newcomer I Used to Be Fat.

But how can MTV explain fluff like Teen Cribs and My Super Sweet Sixteen? Honestly, insanely spoiled teenagers whining about getting a white Mercedes convertible instead of a pink one does not qualify as a crisis. I’m sure they’ll get over it with their weekly allowance of “Whatever you want, honey!” MTV’s TRL: Total Request Live was the only major proof that music was truly the network’s first love before drama took over. Beginning its legacy on Sept. 14, 1998, TRL got millions of teens racing home to watch their favorite hosts counting down the hottest songs, premiering the newest music videos, and interviewing the most popular artists. But since the show ended in 2008, the station began promoting more and more reality TV, making the concept of music an “All-American reject.” There wasn’t much MTV did to re-establish their credit as a music channel besides try to recreate TRL with The Seven. This show seems to be hiding in the shadows of TRL’s huge dynasty by “taking the stage” in the same vicinity as its forerunner, but it has yet to be as successful as TRL. The

same goes for Saturday morning special 10 on Top, another MTV show updating viewers with the latest news in the entertainment world. The only consistent feature pertaining strictly to the music industry is the annual MTV Video Music Awards. However, even with the tidbits of music videos airing between commercials, this is still not enough to consider the network as being fully musically based. Now, MTV’s crash diet of drama-filled shows has finally filled its plate with its newest addition, Skins, actually a remake of the British original with the same title. With a TV series that exaggerates the stereotypical life of a teenager in the most improper way, it’s obvious that MTV has lost its concept of music. This leaves the audience, those true to MTV’s principal purpose, asking the question: What happened to the music? It’s a question not even loud-mouthed, lipsmackin’ Snooki can answer. All we know is this: MTV has changed, and not for the better. But is it forever?

Hey you there, ride the bus

There are benefits to cruisin’ down the street on the big cheese Are you one of those kids who roll out of bed at 7:00 a.m. and rushes out the door? If you are, you probably hop in your car at 7:15 Elizabeth Worsham and drive 15 to 20 mph above the speed limit just to get to class on time. But it doesn’t matter how late you are, does it? It would be too uncool to ride that big … ugly … yellow … bus. Many people forget what a wonderful thing it is to have a school bus. Some schools don’t have money to pay for busing, so kids that live near the school have to find their own way there, no matter how cold, rainy, or snowy it may be. Those kids would trade anything for a ride on the bus,

so don’t take it for granted. Riding the bus is highly beneficial, so take advantage of it. The No. 1 reason you should take the bus is that it’s already paid for. Those lovely Loveland taxes your parents pay go partly toward running the transportation system. With gas in excess of $3 a gallon, you may pay up to $2 a day just to drive back and forth from school. That totals out to $460 for a parking pass and gas for the entire school year. Why would you pay that much to drive to school when it’s essentially free to ride the bus? Second, you’ll never have to worry about standing in the cold while you scrape ice off your windshield. The bus comes to your house ready to go, all warmed up and ice-free. As soon as you step on, you forget about the frigid winter on the other side of the window. Third, the bus driver is legally required

to get you to school safe and sound, no matter how long it takes. On those days when you wish they had called a delay as you crawl along the street, afraid for your life, just hop on the bus. You may get to school a few minutes late, but they can’t penalize you for using school transportation. Next time you’re worried about crashing on your way to school, just get up a few minutes early and make sure you catch that ride. Of course, there are legitimate reasons to drive to school, such as sports, jobs, or after-school activities, but that couldn’t possibly apply to everyone in the parking lot, every single day. It might be “uncool” to ride the bus, but it’s never uncool to save some time, money, and gasoline by taking school transportation. I challenge you to take the bus at least once a week. You might find it’s worth it.

“Well, I remember back in my day...”

Surprisingly, parents may actually know what they’re talking about We’ve all heard the saying “Back in my day…” most often used by our parents or even grandparents, ready to Reagan Johnstone lecture us about how different the world was way back when. Most teenagers roll their eyes, sigh in annoyance, or simply walk away. But take a moment to examine the contrast between the adolescent life today and how it was 30 or 40 years ago, and you may realize how interesting the evolution of our age group is. As hard as it is to accept, those overbearing adults might actually have a point to their long history lesson. Perhaps the most familiar difference between our generations is the amount of time spent outdoors years ago and how much time we spend in the fresh air today. Most of us are outdoors only while walking

to the car to head to the movies, or when our parents force us to retrieve the mail. Most teenagers spend their time locked up indoors where the TV, internet, and video games are; the important things. Parents grill us about how “the good ol’ outdoors” used to be a vital source of entertainment, and how they were outside until our grandparents had to drag them back in at dark. Another contrast between our generation and the ones before us is the use of communication, because, let’s face it, we’ve all been yelled at for texting during “family time.” Parents go on and on about how they used to call people—like on home phones or even giant, prehistoric cell phones—instead of sending little messages in text, back and forth. Texting, Facebook chatting, and now Skyping have all taken over the previous over-the-phone or doorto-door means of communication that older generations used. Lastly, taste in music has changed dramatically since our parents were (surpris-

ingly) hip, rebellious teenagers. Adults tend to dislike much of our music today because it consists of head-banging, hardcore boy bands, artists waking up in the morning “feelin’ like P. Diddy,” and, of course, parents’ favorite: rap. Our parents enjoyed old- fashioned rock and roll, which is evidently a huge change from what’s popular today. If we understand what hit the music charts back when our parents were kids, it makes a little more sense why what sounds good to us today sounds like a racket to them. Next time you’re texting 20 people at once, sitting inside playing Halo on a beautiful day, or blaring your music to block out whatever your parents want to yell at you about this time … chill out. Take a moment to listen. You might actually find that mom and dad make sense, and that maybe parents can’t help but feel like aliens in the fullthrottle, intense world we’ve known since we entered the adolescent realm.

FRIDAY, February 11, 2011


3 Page Editor: Marie Policastro

Save the drama for your mama Heed The Roar’s plea to cease the petty drama being spread at LHS I would like to be painfully honest. It seems like many people in Emma Goetz our school are acting like they are still living in the world of middle school. I have been witnessing too many immature fights, queen bee battles, he said/she saids, and lunchroom table fights. It’s getting really old, really fast. The juvenile and sometimes hurtful drama is frustrating.    Try to put things in perspective. There are about 1,400 students here at LHS.  There are over 36,000 high schools in the United States, and around 26 million high school students. That means the drama you think is so unique and horrible really isn’t that unique and horrible. It also means that there is a world outside these walls. The world

does not, surprisingly, revolve around who that boy you like is dating or what your best friend supposedly said. Around the world, there are violent wars being fought, children dying of hunger, and natural disasters happening every day. Our lives are not that bad when you think about what is occurring in the world around us.     And a special note to the class of 2011: This is it, seniors. In 3½ months, we will be out of these halls, roaming in the adult world of full-time jobs and college. So why spend these last precious moments of our high school lives quarreling like seventh graders? Do you want to remember high school as

a fun time, or as a time full of fighting?    Let me add this footnote: I do not think that all school drama is bad. Drama is what makes high school, high school. I am just tired of the amount I have witnessed at LHS lately. Furthermore, I am tired of the hostility that has been imbedded in the drama. Fighting, gossiping, backstabbing, and insulting. Next time you find yourself acting like this, ask yourself one question: Is this really how you want to spend your days of high school? If you are graduating this year with the class of 2011, is this the memory you want to leave with? Let’s all try to get along.

It seems like many people in our school are acting like they are still living in the world of middle school.

Haters, stop hating Justin Bieber. Sadly, not everyone feels the same way. What I’m asking for is that people learn to respect him. There’s no need to hate and here is why.: First, let me tell you why Justin has captured my heart. I absolutely love everything about him: the way he walks with swag, the sweet laugh he has in interviews when he doesn’t know what to say, the beautiful voice, the hair. His voice has changed and he has cut his hair, but I still wouldn’t change a thing about him.

Cold weather: F

The below-freezing temperatures make the drive to school in the morning nearly unbearable.

New semester: B+

There’s less than a half a year left until summer break.

Snow days: A+

Everyone loves the extra time off school to go sledding.

Valentine’s Day: C

This holiday is either delightful or dreadful depending on if you have a significant other.

Twelve Angry Women: A

‘Mrs. Bieber’ explains how awesome her ‘husband’ is I imagine myself shaking in the concert arena. I think Liz Sullivan back to the $300 I spent on these tickets as I receive my pass for the VIP sound check party. I update my Twitter, saying how my heart is racing. Suddenly I hear a DJ yell, “Everybody make some noise.” Emerging out of black curtains is the one and only Justin Drew Bieber. Anybody who knows me knows I love

Making the Grade

Justin is known mainly for his looks and talented voice, but there’s more to him than that. Justin has a charity that he sponsors called Pencils of Promise, and sometimes he visits kids in hospitals when he has time off on tour. How adorable! Gorgeous and gives back? What more can you ask for? A lot of the haters make me upset. What do you really have against him? His voice may be a little high, but Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson had high voices too. Justin is nothing but nice to his fans. He’s

The cast of the winter play put on an amazing show. even nice to his haters. You have no reason to hate on this boy. You’re either jealous or in denial of his beauty and talent. Justin’s new movie is coming out today. It’s called Never Say Never and is in 3-D. I have already seen the movie, and it brought me to tears. It was inspirational. I’ve found that every time I see him, he makes my heart melt a little more. Overall, Justin is an incredible guy who is talented, kind, and beautiful. So please don’t hate on Justin Bieber.

CONTRA Roar staffers debate the true existence of love at first sight It’s the first day of school and you’re wandering through the cafeteria hoping to find one of your friends. As you’re distracted, BOOM, all of sudden you’re on the ground, covered in what was going to be your lunch. You’re struggling to get up, infuriated, Megan Slabaugh when your eyes meet that former victim and suddenly, your mouth shuts. The hands start to shake, cheeks are flushed, eyes in a gaze, breath unreachable … are you having a heart attack? No, you simply just fell in love, and at first sight. Many believe it’s a fairy tale, but I say it’s fate. This so-called “superficial” event is actually scientifically proven. Studies from the 2009 issue of Genetics, verifies you can fall in love within 1.5 seconds of seeing someone. In a survey done by Earl Naumann, a scientist from the 1970s, 30 percent of people in committed relationships claimed to fall in love at first sight. It’s not as shallow as it sounds. You don’t just fall in love with the looks; a deep connection is formed. Although a physical attraction plays a role, body language, confidence


and personality can be also be determined We have all heard of it, we have seen when just looking at someone. it in almost every romantic film. It is “love The term falling in love is quite ac- at first sight.” Yet have you ever wondered curate. Say why it is not you trip on so prevalent the stairs in reality? and fall; It is beit’s a quick cause love movement at first sight where your does not exbrain turns ist. At least off and I think it there’s no doesn’t. stopping. Call me When those crazy, but I eyes lock, think love you fall in grows from love, just compassion, as quick trust, and the as you fall passion you down the share with Photo by Alyssa Tipton stairs. I beanother. lieve many Megan falls in love at first sight, while Becca looks on Those people disgustedly. things take don’t time to fully believe in this because they haven’t develop in a relationship. It is true that evhad the luck of experiencing it. ery relationship moves at a different speed. When you truly love someone, you Some people fall in love in a month; for should be able to feel it. I think the av- others, it takes years. But in no way can it erage person just settles, never experienc- occur in a matter of seconds. ing true love. When true love occurs, that You do nervous feeling flutters through your body not see somethe moment your eyes meet. You know one across they’re the one right away. If you were the room and meant to be with someone, the love will think, “Wow be apparent. ... he (or she)


seems trust-worthy, compassionate, and dependable. I am in love. Done.” It just doesn’t work that way. You have to FALL in love. It’s not a moment that happens; it is over a period of time. And no, three seconds does not count as a period of time. True love does not occur Becca Black in an instant. What I feel many mistake love at first sight for is lust at first sight. Sure, you can find someone attractive, even very attractive, when you glance at them, but it’s a little creepy to go as far as claiming to “love” them. I mean, how shallow of a love would that be? You can’t know who a person is by just looking at them, and I think I can speak for most people when I say we want to be loved for who we are, not what we are seen as. Love at first sight is a myth concocted by writers to move plot along faster. I mean, what if it took Romeo a few years to fall for Juliet? There goes your play, Shakespeare. And it is also an idea created by love enthusiasts because it is so easy. All you have to do to find your soul mate is make eye contact. Love is something unique that two people share. It is something that needs to grow and mature, and that cannot be done in a quick glance.


4 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Austin Stahl

Talented Tigers tumble toward titles By Jessica Miller

Staff Writer

Among the many athletes we have at LHS, there is a group of students that call gymnastics their sport. Whether they’re flipping, swinging, or flying through the air, there’s no question these athletes are dedicated and talented. Tara Spencer (11) is one gymnast who we are honored to say represents our school. She competes for Loveland High School at meets. Although she no longer competes in club gymnastics, she ranked as a level 8 (out of 10) possible levels before switching to high school gymnastics. “Coming back into the sport after quitting club gymnastics and being off for a year has been my biggest accomplishment so far,” said Tara. You would never guess that she was off for a year, seeing as though last year she placed 16th at state for the vault event in high school gymnastics. “I wasn’t expecting to make it that far, let alone state, but it was so fun and a huge deal for me,” said Tara. She hopes to carry on with her love for the sport and coach gymnastics in the future. Juliana Booth (10) is a level 9 gymnast and trains with the Queen City Gymnastics Club at Kid’s First. This is a great accom-

plishment for someone so young. Her favorite is the floor event, an event consisting of a choreographed routine with dance and acrobatics. “My most memorable moment is when I scored 9.5 out of 10 on the vault event at The Bravo Classic in Chicago,” said Juliana. She has been to state at the club level and hopes to keep going with her gymnastics. Traci Powers (10) is also a level 9 gymnast who trains at the Gymnastics Training Center of Ohio in Franklin. Her top achievement is placing first in the state club-level competition for vault in 2008. “I like to do gymnastics because it’s a fun sport that not a lot of people do,” said Traci. Another talented gymnast at LHS is Alex Gordon (11). He is also a part of the Queen City Photo by Jessica Miller Gymnastics Club and trains at LHS gymnasts (from left) Alex, Tara, Juliana, and Traci strike a pose. Kid’s First for four hours, six competed against previous Olympians. “It felt awesome to have all my hard days a week, all year long. Alex To add more to his list of accomplish- work pay off and to be ranked in the counis a level 10 gymnast, and his favorite ments, Alex has also been to nationals the try,” said Alex. event is the high bar. Between Tara, Alex, Juliana, Traci, and The biggest competition that Alex has past three years and placed 90th in the been to is called the BlackJack Men’s country last year in level 10’s, 14- and 15- other excellent LHS gymnasts, there could be an Olympian in our presence. Championship in Las Vegas. There he year-old category.

Determined wrestlers aim for elusive conference crown By Kyle Sieg

Staff Writer

The Loveland wrestling team is excelling on the mats this year, currently ranked seventh in the region. The team started the year off with a superb performance against Western Brown in the in-school wrestling meet, prevailed over league rival Glen Este in a dual meet, and came in seventh at the Glenn Sample Coaches Classic meet at Harrison. The Coaches Classic is one of the toughest tournaments all year, and has all of the best teams in the area. The Tigers are geared up for a run at the FAVC championship. Junior captain Andrew Karle (215-pound weight class) said, “Hopefully we stay tough through the rest of the season and bring a league title to Loveland for the first time in over 10 years.” The Tigers are also led by senior captains

Nick Shea (119) and Cam Adams (140). “We do stuff to build team chemistry, like when everybody got mohawks,” said Nick. “We steal victories from other schools when they’re not expecting it.” Cam, a four-year varsity wrestler, loves seeing all the hard work pay off, saying, “It’s been quite the experience to go all four years on varsity and have it all be worth it this year with a probable FAVC championship.” The Tigers are also led by two key contributors who will be back next year. Freshman Gunner Lay (189) is second in the FAVC with a record of 27-3 and 22 pins. Junior Kylee Knabe (171) is first in the FAVC with a record of 26-4 and 19 pins. The FAVC East Division league meet is tomorrow at Glen Este, so wish all the wrestlers best of luck to bring the championship back to Loveland.

Dodgeball tourney crowns new champ

By Megan Slabaugh Staff Writer

Tyler Beachy (12), Matt Beachy (11), and Wes Kyles (12), came out on top. The tournament turned out to be a funfilled and successful night; we can’t wait to see the competition next year.

The Roar’s dodgeball tournament held on Jan. 6 was a hit once again. With a record-breaking eighteen teams competing and a crowd full of dedicated fans, LHS students raised $1,000 for our school newspaper. At the end of the night, the Baracka Flocka Flames and Albino Rhinos met again in the championship round. The Baracka Flocka Flames, consisting of Austin Stahl (12), Ian Streicker (12), Madeline Vance (12), RaPhoto courtesy of Madeline Vance chel Baker (11), The Baracka Flocka Flames were the stars of the tournament. Jon Treloar (11),

The Loveland wrestling team

Photo courtesy of Loveland High School

Divers dominate their conference competition By Jessica Miller Staff Writer

Some may not know much about our diving team, but they meet twice a week after school at the Mason Community Center to practice their 1- meter dives. This is a unique sport that is challenging but rewarding, according to the divers. Matt Swaine (11) is a prominent diver who finished in the top 10 at the AAU national meet that took place in Florida this past summer. Recently, he won the FAVC diving title for the third consecutive year. He practices five days a week. This hard work has paid off, since he holds the school’s diving record for the most points in a single meet. “It’s a lot of fun, and you don’t have to be a pro. As long as you’re willing to work, you’ll enjoy it,” said Matt. He dives for Tri- State Diving, a club

team, and for the LHS team. The hardest dive he has ever completed is a forward two and a half dive. While that dive is done by more advanced divers, everyone is encouraged to try diving and join the team. “As a team we work extremely hard, and we all help each other out, said Brandon Johnson (11). Brandon has been a varsity diver for the past two years, and his favorite part of being on the team is the mix of rivalry and friendship the divers all have. Although the team did well at the Milford meet, Brandon admits that they had trouble at the Southwestern Classic. Kristen Bjerke (11), another LHS diver, has been enjoying her years on the dive team. “I like how diving incorporates gymnastics and love being on a team, meeting new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” she said.

Sports FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

5 Page Editor: Sabrina Newstead

Boundless bonds

Girls basketball players become more of a family, resulting in special season despite tough record By Madeline Vance Staff Writer

Although the girls basketball team has had a rough season with a record of 3-15 these girls are able to focus on their friendships and the good things, rather than dwelling on their losses. Seniors Alex Kamm, Ali Dee, Presley Benzinger, Katelyn Tracy, and Leah Alford lead the team with spirit. They help bring the rest of the girls together and promote team unity by organizing team lunches and team sleepovers on weekends. Katelyn said, “We spend all of our time together outside of practice. We literally do everything together and it never gets old. We’re all best friends and we’d do anything for each other. We’re like family and are so weird together! I’ve never been a part of such a close team. I love them all.” The team also made a dodgeball team called the Do Do Birdz and had a blast playing together in the tournament. The girls even go to the boys basketball games together sometimes. All of the girls are really close and rely on each other when things get tough. Presley said, “I love being so connected with everyone on my team. We are best friends, and being so close makes things easier on the court.” Sydney Dudley (9),

agreed and said, “Even though I am a baby freshman, I love spending time with the older girls. They look out for me and always include me.” Ali feels like she is sisters with her teammates, and she knows they are always there for her no matter what. She said, “We pick each other up whenever anyone is having a rough time. We pretty much know everything about each other … we all just kind of click. Even though the season hasn’t gone exactly how we’d hoped it would, we still have so much fun with each other and look forward to seeing each other every day. We’ll definitely still be having our weekly sleepovers even when the basketball season ends ... no question!” Some of the highlights of the season have been the victories over Walnut Hills (twice) and Turpin. They are proudest of losing by only 3 to undefeated Kings. Whether these girls are shooting hoops or just simply hanging out watching a movie with popcorn, they truly make their basketball season memorable. Growing so close and putting in so many hours of hard work is going to make this basketball season something hard to walk away from. While the buzzer may sound, and the gym lights may go out, these girls will never forget their basketball buddies and their

The girls basketball team has fun at a sleepover.

Photo courtesy of Ali Dee

Austin Caldwell dominating in the pool

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Austin powers his way to state By John Ross Staff Writer

You have probably heard about senior swimmer Austin Caldwell’s swimming accomplishments. Just not from him. The modest team captain has been all but dominating in his events this year, placing in at least the top three positions in all of the major meets this year. “I could have done better at CoachesClassic,” he said of the meet in which he ended with the second-fastest time in the 50 free and the fastest time in the 100 free. Austin’s real challenge, though, comes the weekend of Feb. 25-26, when he will likely head to Can- Austin Caldwell ton for the state tournament. “I’m hoping to get to state in both the 50 free and the 100 free,” Austin said. And it’s starting to look like he will. Austin is currently ranked second in the state for the 50 free with a time of 21.37 seconds and fourth in the state for

the 100 with a time of 46.88 seconds. “Austin should have one goal for the rest of the season and that’s to win State. I think he will be State champ,” said his coach, Dan Ketchum To prepare for the state competition, Austin is letting his body rest by swimming far less distance in practices and making sure to do extra stretches before and after swimming. He is also smoothing down his body by buzzing his head and shaving his arms and legs. Austin didn’t compete in the 50 free last year at state but did place 11th in the 100 free, one spot ahead of Loveland Photo courtesy of LHS grad Brandon Williams (who won state in the 50 free). Austin also placed 10th in the 100 fly. This state championship won’t be Austin’s last big swim meet. He is committed to swimming for University of Pittsburgh, where he will be facing national competition in the Big Easr.

Winter sports: Fantastic frosh make their fresh, fun faces famous By Austin Stahl Sports Editor

Some standout freshmen are making their presence felt at Loveland. Significant winter sports are loaded with these impressive youngsters who are making an impact right away. From basketball to wrestling to swimming to bowling, each varsity team has at least one freshman. Wrestling has benefited the most from the influx of talent from this athletic class, with eight freshmen making key contributions: Gunner Lay, James Caniglia, Austin Wesley, Austin Inabnitt, Michael Weber, Will Evans, Jacob Paul, and Charlie Lawler. Gunner, a former junior high state champion, leads the way with a stellar 26-4 record in the 189-pound weight class.

In junior high, Gunner boasted a 1682 record and won six different national tournaments, as well as back-to-back state titles. He obviously hasn’t had too much trouble adjusting to the varsity competition, but it still has been different. “The kids on varsity have a lot more strength that I have to deal with, and the kids actually know what they’re doing,” said Gunner. He also has a pretty simple goal for the rest of the season: “I hope to place at state.” Girls swimming has the second-most varsity performers of the winter sports with five key performers: Kate Randall, Megan Day, Melissa Eng, Audrey Jewell, and Camille Mennen. Kate sets the pace with times for two events ranked

in the top 15 of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference. Megan has two events in the top 20. In boys basketball, Will Edison and Jake Elfers both start on the juniorvarsity squad while dressing varsity, and have seen varsity action in multiple games this year. Will is only 5-foot-3 and 95 pounds, but he is quick and can shoot lights out, which enables him to compete at the varsity level. Jake brings depth and size at about 6-foot-4, unusual for a freshman. Both are enjoying their chance competing at the varsity level. “Having the privilege to dress for the varsity game is great. The guys on the team are fun to be around, and are good role models and help me out with my game,” said Will.

Much to everyone’s delight, “Lil Will the Thrill” hit a 3-pointer in a lopsided win over Wilmington, electrifying the crowd. On the same court, Sydney Dudley excels for the girls basketball team, starting at point guard as a freshman. She is third on the team in scoring, averaging 6.1 points per game, and is tied for the lead in assists with 1.6 per game. She even made the winning free throws in the final seconds to beat Walnut Hills. Lastly, in boys bowling Danny Tringelof ranks 25th in the FAVC with an average of 185.7 over 39 games. She ranks second on the team. The Class of 2014 brings a level of talent and athleticism rarely seen at Loveland. It looks like the future is in good hands.

6 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011


Page Editor: Steven Goodman

Tiger Bites: LHS takes 1st in Stock Market Game By Matthew Worsham

Staff Writer

Loveland seniors Jacob Newman, Austin Brotherton-Whipple, Mark Goldman and junior Isac Cunningham built a six-figure portfolio in the annual high school Stock Market Game this year, earning first place in the Greater Cincinnati area. They beat 272 other teams for this title and a check for $100. The team’s strategy was based on three critical investments. In the first week, they purchased all of their stocks, then left them alone for a few weeks to incubate. They never expected to see the kind of growth that their portfolio experienced, especially in a down economy. Jacob described the moment he realized they had a chance of winning, saying, “We opened our portfolio after weeks of letting them sit and found that three of our stocks had grown by 40 percent. That was when we knew we were on to something.” The team continued investing for the remaining weeks and came out on top. For Mr. Warden, the students’ Economics teacher, this is the fourth time he has taught a first-place team. When asked why his classes are so successful, he cited a focus on stock-based lessons. “I think it’s because we put an emphasis on teaching the principles of trading in class,” he said. “A lot of schools do this as an activity outside of school, but we integrate it into the curriculum as a tool for teaching our students.” Austin offered a word of advice to aspiring investors: “Take what you have and make it something more. Believe in yourself and follow your intuition.” BENEFIT CONCERT: Senior Rachel Stewart is leading an effort to raise

Photo by Matthew Worsham

Stock Market winners (from left): Isac Cunningham, Austin Brotherton-Whipple, Mark Goldman and Jacob Newman. money for CancerFree Kids, a charity that supports juvenile cancer research. She is working with UC Clermont College to plan a benefit concert on the evening of March 19. “This project has shown to have many obstacles, but our group is optimistic and we really hope for this to be a big event,” said Rachel about the concert. “We just

want to get the word out and get people excited to come, it’s going to be fun and it’s for a great cause!” Anyone with musical talents should consider signing up to perform. Talk to Rachel for more information or visit the group’s website at VOLLEYBALL DONATION: This

year, the Loveland girls volleyball teams donated $1,175 to CancerFree Kids. The organization commented on the donation in press release, saying, “We greatly appreciate you choosing CancerFree Kids to be the beneficiary of this fundraiser. Your donation will help to fund critical childhood cancer research being done right here in Cincinnati.”

and connect with other writers like themselves. “I’m joining Writers Club because it’s a great opportunity to get feedback. Anybody who is there is obviously going to be supportive, and it is impossible to succeed at anything without a good support system,” said senior member Ashley Rankin. Writing is meant to be read. A group of similar writers has a lot more patience and enthusiasm for reading your work than your English-phobic friends. This feedback helps short-term editing, but it also provides long-term incentive. You’re much less likely to give up writing your novel if five readers are begging to know what happens next.

The club not only offers feedback for written work, it also encourages new writing. Some writers work best when faced with a goal or challenge. At the end of each meeting, members leave with an optional prompt. Another goal is the end-of-the-year anthology. Loveland no longer produces literary magazines, but this online publication will be available for all students to see or print. There are many scholarships and contests available to teen writers. A poem you wrote in English could be worth a $250 prize. Writers Club actively looks for these submission opportunities and helps its members apply and submit work.

The club encourages all types of writers to come. Members have brought in poems, stories, articles, and even song lyrics. Exposure to other writers styles and genres can inspire writers to improve in an area or try something completely new. Every other Thursday, the writers meet in Room 100. For more information, interested students should talk to Mrs. Bosse or check out the bulletin board outside her classroom. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming the next J.K. Rowling, been inspired by a creative homework assignment, or even just written down a few rap lyrics, come to Writers Club. There’s a roomful of people waiting to hear your story.

Welcome to Writers Club, where your ideas run wild By Ryann Lally Staff Writer

For many of us, the word “writing” brings to mind research projects and ACT grammar study guides. This is why most of us leave all thoughts associated with “writing” in the classroom. However, some students at Loveland write outside of school. These writers now have a way to share work, learn about writing careers, and get involved with LHS extra curricular programs. Say hello to Writers Club. This club encourages teen writers to branch out, look up from their journals

Say what?! Check out these crazy stories, have a laugh By Danielle Meyer Staff Writer

A new semester is in full swing, and the days until there’s warm weather seem to stretch far before us. It’s hard to find something to laugh about with all the stress and cold weather, but these crazy news stories will surely bring a smile to your face. Grand piano washes up in Miami Bay A grand piano mysteriously appeared on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Fla., on Jan. 25, just 200 yards from condominiums on the shoreline. The piano weighs nearly 650 pounds, and though officials originally had no idea how the instrument got there, the mystery was finally revealed when sixteen-year-old Nicolas

Harrington stepped forward, saying he put it there as an art project. State wildlife officials ordered the Harrington family to have the piano removed within 24 hours. However, musician Carl Bentulan told the Miami Post he planned on saving the piano for his 10-year-old son, who insisted the piano have a home. (Source: Woman caught smuggling 44 iPhones A 60-year-old Israeli woman was caught with 44 iPhone 4’s in Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport on Jan. 26. The woman was returning from a trip to London when airport officials noticed the strange way she was walking. The woman claimed she didn’t feel good, but officials made her go through a full body scanner and then detected the smuggled goods. The iPhones

didn’t bring as great of a shock to custom officials as you might expect, because only the day before, they caught a smuggler trying to bring eight rare birds into the country. The woman with the iPhones was released, pending a decision on whether to indict her or simply give her a fine. (Source: Forgotten lottery ticket wins $250,000 What were most of us doing Jan. 23? We were watching the NFL playoff games, of course. A Baltimore man whose name was not released was doing just that when he decided to take a break and began searching through his dresser drawers. In one drawer he found a couple of lottery tickets. The man bought the tickets in August before he left for a vacation and figured they were expired, but he took them into

a nearby store and scanned them anyway. The machine told him to take one ticket to Lottery headquarters. The ticket ended up being worth $250,000. Not too shabby for something forgotten in a drawer. (Source: Super Carb Overload Chris Voigt went on a 60-day potato diet last fall to show the world how healthy potatoes are. Voigt was honored for his extreme potato dedication by being awarded Potato Man of the Year by the National Potato Council. This award is given to someone who has gone out of their way to represent the potato industry. According to Voigt, he even lost 21 pounds on this diet. Voigt is head of the Washington Potato Commission. (Source:

News 3-D technology takes off at LHS FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

By Elizabeth Worsham Staff Writer

If you’ve been in Mr. Wagner’s room lately, you may have noticed the arrival of a huge TV and some other new equipment. No, this isn’t for special viewing of TV shows. This semester, seven juniors are participating in Loveland’s pilot class known as Virtual Reality Education Pathfinders, or VREP. Loveland is one of only 60 schools in the nation to offer this program. Fifty of the schools are in Iowa, and the remaining 10 are right here in Hamilton County. The students attended the Virtual Reality Education Institute last month to learn how to use the programs. They worked together to build a virtual gingerbread man and programmed it to perform simple actions, like waving. “It was really cool to see the collaboration between students,” says Alex Neal (11). “It was also a lot of fun.” This course is being offered through the credit flex program, and each student is taking the class as independent study. The plan is for each to use 3-D technology to solve a problem or help a teacher with a lesson. Reece Martinez (11) and Rupert

Sizemore (11) are creating a simulation of the Hiroshima bombing to give to history teachers. “Kids can see what it’s really like to be in the middle of a nuclear bomb… minus the radiation,” says Rupert. “It will give them a better sense of how history played out.” The two are working to produce accurate models of a B-29 bomber and an atom bomb. Although they take the class during different bells, they can make changes in different layers for the other to review. The other projects cover a multitude of topics. Alex is creating a virtual comparison of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, Kevin Boggs (11) is creating the solar system, and Kenneth Li (11) is making a model of the Globe Theatre. “We wanted to bring this program to the school for many reasons,” Mr. Wagner said. “This is cutting-edge technology, every other movie is in 3-D, and pretty soon there will be 3-D commercials, etc. This also allows the students to explore aspects of their intelligence, creativity, and originality that maybe aren’t brought out in other subjects.” The future is definitely bright. Companies are building 3-D models of projects


Page Editor: Danielle Meyer

Photo by Elizabeth Worsham

7 members of class smile in front of a TV with sample of their 3-D work before construction begins. The Mayo Clinic uses 3-D programs to simulate a procedure before it is carried through. The students know it is a viable career field and a very interesting topic. It’s not just tedious work for them either; it’s quite enjoyable.

Virtual Reality will be offered next year to a limited number of students. The class of 2012 will be returning as “Guides” to teach the incoming students, or “Pathfinders,” how to work the equipment. See Mr. Wagner, Mr. Marchal, or one of the current VREP juniors for more information.

gan, whose improved patent for the traffic signal made it safer for pedestrians to walk across the street and automobiles to correctly navigate their turns. * Everyone can reminisce about those hot summer days as kids when our two favorite words were “water fight.” The world-renowned Super Soaker squirt gun was created by African American Lonnie G. Johnson in 1989. Without him, how else would we have kept cool while looking cool? * Long before Willow Smith, Madam C.J. Walker whipped her hair back and forth. As the ultimate hair and beauty care expert, Walker became the first African American millionaire by designing a unique process for straightening ethnic curls. This sparked a revitalization of hair care methods universally. Her genius mind also created noteworthy beauty products that were the foundation for modern-day uses.

* Many African Americans have also contributed their skills by showcasing their talent in the arts and entertainment. * With timeless tunes from the Temptations to the soulful sounds of Mary J. Blige, black musicians undoubtedly created the term “rhythm and blues,” or R & B. The passionate lyrics of John Legend inspire hope for people nationwide. He has performed at national events such as the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and the 2010 CNN Heroes Tribute. * Underappreciated artists like faithdriven Lauryn Hill and India Arie deserve more recognition for evoking an emotional connection with African roots through their voices. Paving the way for these remarkable musicians were jazz and blues lovers like Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, and even Florence Price, who in 1933 became the first African American female to have her original composition performed by a major U.S. orchestra.

* Playing a huge role in inspiring modern day African American actors was Sidney Poitier, the first black male to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1963. * Mr. Alvin Ailey was an incredible dancer and choreographer whose toe-tapping techniques led to the formation of the prestigious NYC Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in 1958. * Lucy Terry was an ex-slave back in the late 1800s, but then she wrote a poem and went her own way. It was the first known African American poem, or at least that’s what they say. She’s an inspiration for African American writers today. Throughout America’s history, black culture has definitely made an impact. Art, music, poetry, dancing and water fights are just a few topics in which this is evident. So don’t spend all your time flirting in February. Take a moment to remember the ways that African Americans have improved our society during this month as well.

On your Naviance page, the local scholarships are located under the document library link. The Guidance Office has been recently adding more scholarships to the list and has promised many more to come. The nice thing about looking at Naviance is that local scholarships often have later application deadlines and have less applicants, making your chances for a scholarship higher. Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation: The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation is available for everyone in the Cincinnati

area. It is affiliated with over 100 scholarships, and you only have to fill out one application. It is very convenient, and it gives you many opportunities to get some type of scholarship. The deadline for this scholarship is April 30. Apply at Fastweb is a scholarship database that allows you to find scholarships that match certain criteria about you. You take a survey, and based on those answers, they create a list of possible scholarships you are eligible for. It is a convenient

Black history month: Meet some pioneers By Ogonna Ononye

Staff Writer

While everyone daydreams about who their valentine will be during this lovely month, many forget that February is also Black History Month. Time is dedicated to honoring the achievements of African culture and its endless contributions to our society. Here are some black Americans whose life-changing and possibly vital accomplishments have been unacknowledged for way too long: * Dr. Ben Carson is the first neurosurgeon ever to successfully separate conjoined Siamese twins. In 2008, former president George W. Bush awarded this African American doctor the Medallion of Freedom, which is the highest civilian honor one can receive. * You know how many lives the traffic light has saved since its invention in 1923? A lot. This is all thanks to Garrett A. Mor-

With college applications over, search for scholarships is on By Hailey Booth

Staff Writer

Essays are written. Applications are sent. For some, acceptance letters have been received. Now it is time to start all of it again. This time, for scholarships. Now it is time to find ways to help pay for your college. The Roar is here to help relieve the stress. Here are several sites that help find scholarships right for you. Naviance: If you are looking for local scholarships, Naviance is the place to go.

way to find many possible scholarships. The only downside is that these are mostly national scholarships, so the number of applicants is very high. Unusual ones: If you are a legal midget, or a girl who is over 5-foot-10, you are eligible for a scholarship. If you are left-handed, you are eligible for a scholarship. If you are good at duck calls, you are eligible for a scholarship. There are many unusual scholarships available out there. A good website to check out for these crazy scholarships is

Grading scale: numbers haven’t changed much since switch to 10-point scale (continued from Page 1) Mr. Warden says, “The overall grading scale change has not really impacted the systems I used for assessment. I use a rubric, so the only thing that changes is where that percentage falls within the rubric. The mechanics have not changed. It’s just a numbers game.” So some aspects of classes have gotten

harder in order to adjust to the scale, while others remain the same, making it easier to excel. Some students seem to appreciate the change. As sophomore Allen Osgood puts it, “It's a lifesaver. It is much easier to get A's, and not quite so much pressure.” But others feel like it was not a positive change. As senior Erik Michelfelder puts it, “I feel like it was unnecessary. Teachers

are grading harder now, so it doesn’t help me in the end.” And students that have always made A’s do not benefit from the new scale. As senior Nathan Boucher explains, “The grading scale change helps the average student, but I'm no average student.” For some, the grading scale change has been a welcome change. For others, it hasn’t impacted their grades. The amount of change lies partly in the hands of the

teachers, with their change in grading or lack thereof, but ultimately, it lies most with the students. There is positive change now, but if students start to aim for just the letter grade after getting used to the scale, then there will not be an improvement. So whether we have a 7-point grading scale or a 10-point scale, the individual student determines the result of his or her grades.

Loveland in love

8 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

9 Page Editor: John Ross

How well do these five couples know each other?

By Liz Sullivan

Staff Writer

Love is in the air at Loveland High School. We always see those lovestruck couples walkQuestions: ing down the hall togethWhat is his/her favorite candy? er. his/her celebrity crush? Who’s What’s his/her favorite movie? The Roar chose five couples to see how well they know each other.

Love is in the air at Loveland High School. We always see those love-struck couples walking down the hall holding hands. The Roar chose five couples to see how well they know each other.

Questions: What is his/her favorite candy? Who’s his/her celebrity crush? What’s his/her favorite movie? What’s his/her birthday? What’s his/her middle name? **All photos taken by Liz Sullivan


What’s his/her birthday?

Clare Ernst (12) and Anthony Wolfram (12) About Anthony: Clare’s guesses: Reese’s Sandra Bullock Cars June 9 Allen

Anthony’s answers: Reese’s Sandra Bullock Cars June 9 Allen




Carley Taggart (10) and Justin Byrd (10)

Angela Lynch (9) and Graham Peters (10):

About Zach:

Julia Eaton (11) and Andrew Karle (11) About Andy:

About Justin:

About Graham:

Allie Brizzi (12) and Zach Elias (12) Allie’s guesses: Now and Later Eva Longoria I Am Legend July 25 James Kirk

Clare’s answers: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Ryan Reynolds Shark Tale April 22 Elise

Zach’s guesses: Reese’s Pieces (no answer) Rent March 16 Rose

Find out the perfect gift for your Valentine By Becca Black Editor-in-Chief

Ahhhh, love is in the air. It is Valentine’s Day—the day dedicated to proving your love to that special someone—so pressure’s on! Whether it’s your first date, or you are longtime loves, The Roar compiled a list of date and gift ideas for you to impress your date with. First date: Dates- Romantic comedy movie, sporting event, bowling (somewhere public … this will help avoid awkward one-on-one moments and provides an easy escape if neces-

sary). Gifts- It would be cute to bring flowers, but arriving with no gift is still acceptable for the first date, even on Valentine’s Day. Less than 2 months: Dates- Casual dinner and a movie, visit downtown Loveland and the Loveland Sweets, sledding adventure. Gifts- Go cute and cheesy for this early on: flowers, candy, chocolates, stuffed animal. 2-5 months: Dates- Ice skating, nice dinner, concert, museum visit and dinner. Gifts- Cheesy valentine, inside-joke gift, homemade cupcakes, blanket to snuggle up

with. 6-11 months: Dates- Make dinner and rent a movie, romantic dinner out, make cupcakes together. Gifts- Sentimental valentine, homemade gift, picture frame, romantic movie you both like. A year or more: Dates- Dinner at a favorite restaurant, make chocolates/candy together, snuggle up by the fire. Gifts- Book of “the reasons I love you,” scrapbook of the times you’ve had together, coupon book with coupons for hugs, kisses, etc.

Single on Valentine’s? We can help A guide for how to have fun on a dateless holiday By Megan Slabaugh Staff Writer

This is the time of year you may find yourself searching for that one person to share the most romantic, lovey-dovey, heart-filled holiday with. If you have found that certain someone, good for you, and if not, you are not alone. If you can’t find a date, get a date, or want a date, there are many activities you can still do to enjoy yourself without spreading the love. Maybe the romantic mushiness isn’t for you. It’s all right; there are many ways to

Zach’s answers: Now and Later Eva Longoria The Blind Side July 25 James Kirk

About Allie:

About Clare: Anthony’s guesses: Hershey’s Cookies and Cream Ryan Reynolds Shark Tale April 22 Elise


enjoy your day, but also many ways to ruin it. Here are some tips: What to do: -There have to be some single friends like yourself; enjoy each other’s company for the night. -Buy your mother something nice. -Go on a prowl. I’m sure other single ladies/men will be doing the same. -Ignore this day all together. What’s Valentine’s Day? -Think about all the positives of being single while jammin’ out to “Ridin’ Solo.”

-Play video games. Last I checked, Call of Duty doesn’t have a significant other. What not to do: -No third-wheeling it, even if you’re invited. They secretly do not what you to be there; just feel bad for you. -Do not complain. There’s a million single, desperate, people out there. If you really wanted a date, you could find one. -Stay clear of the love story chick flicks. The Notebook is a big no-no. -Chocolate might sound good now, but think about tomorrow.

Allie’s answers: Reese’s Pieces Cristiano Ronaldo Rent March 16 Rose

Julia’s guesses Skittles Hayden Panettiere Remember the Titans Feb. 16 Adam

Andy’s Answers: M&M’s Hayden Panettiere Remember the Titans Feb. 16 Adam

Justin’s Answers: Reese’s Hayden Panettiere Remember the Titans June 2 Phillip

Angela’s guesses: Reese’s Megan Fox James Bond March 26 Jeffrey

About Carley:

About Julia: Andy’s guesses: Swedish Fish Channing Tatum Finding Nemo Jan. 15 Renee

Carley’s guesses: Reese’s Hayden Panettiere Remember the Titans June 2 Phillip

Julia’s answers: Swedish Fish Channing Tatum Finding Nemo Jan. 15 Renee

Justin’s guesses: Sour Patch Kids (no answer) 13 Going on 30 Dec. 19 Kathleen

Loveland’s most compatible? The Roar plays matchmaker to try to create some cute couples By Ellen Mack and Madeline Vance


Staff Writers

Daniel Kruzel (9) and Darby Moloney

Henry Allen (9) and Lauren Mary (9) Hunter Behne (10) and Maddie Whitaker (10) Austin Dewees (11) and Abby Hoff (11) Nate Fackler (11) and Allie Suder (10) Matt Becker (10) and Maddie Evans (12) Ricky Mulvey(9) and Rita Maricocchi (9) Eric Bryant (11) and McKenna Orcutt (12)

The stars have aligned, and The Roar has compiled a list of the most compatible potential couples here at LHS. The results are not scientific, but if you wish to follow them, who knows what could happen. You may find your soul mate or maybe even a good friend. The couples were chosen randomly based on their known personality compatibility.

Photo by Ellen Mack

Ian Streicker (12) and Sidney Ashmore (12)

Students around the school were asked their opinion as well. To the best of our knowledge, these people aren’t spoken for. Here is the list of potential sweethearts: Ian Streicker (12) and Sidney Ashmore (12) Adam Howaniec (12) and Leah Wood (11) Matthew Worsham (12) and Megan Clifford (11) Erik Michelfelder (12) and Jackie Photo by Ellen Mack Photo by Ellen Mack Deutsch (12) Abby Hoff (11) and Austin Dewees (11) Henry Allen (9) and Lauren Mary (9)

Graham’s answers: Reese’s Megan Fox Lord of the Rings Series March 26 Jeffrey

About Angela: Graham’s guesses: Dark chocolate Leonardo DiCaprio (no answer) Oct. 2 Morgan Bibb

Carley’s answers: Sour Patch Kids Tristan Wilds 13 Going on 30 Dec. 19 Kathleen

Angela’s answers: Twix Channing Tatum The Notebook Oct. 2 Morgan Bibb

A Valentine’s how-to guide The do’s and don’ts of dating this holiday By Regan Meinking Light News Editor

Everybody watches those movies where the girls get all dolled up and spend a romantic evening with the man of their dreams. The dates are filled with flowers, chocolates, and twinkling lights. But do dates like these actually exist? Maybe they do, but many people don’t know how to act on a date. The Roar has compiled a list of the do’s and don’ts of high school dating. BOTH DON’T be too quiet. The conversation should be balanced between both people. DO focus on the other person. Actually listen to what they are saying and respond. Wait three seconds to respond so you don’t cut them off. DON’T talk about your ex … no one wants to know they are still on your mind. DO be yourself. You want your date to get to know the real you, not the person you think he/she wants. DON’T let your nerves get to you. First dates are always awkward, so just relax and have a little fun. (A little awkwardness is normal, but if it’s extreme, the date is probably a dud.) DO go somewhere you can talk. First dates are meant to get to know each other, so you want to be able to talk. If you go to the movies, rememeber how to whisper. The whole theater doesn’t need to know your first dog’s

name. DON’T text or answer your phone (unless it’s your parents or an emergency). DO have good table manners; no one wants to watch your food roll around in your mouth. DON’T be foul-mouthed. It’s not very polite to cuss like a sailor. BOYS DO plan the date. Girls want to be taken out, so you plan and you pay. It’s cute to see a guy put in the effort. DON’T be afraid to take control of the date. Girls love to be swept off their feet. DO wear something comfortable, but look nice: good dark jean with a V-neck or button up. DON’T be afraid to ask the girl you like out on a date. Just because you go on a date doesn’t mean you have to be a couple or even go on another date, so you’ve got nothing to lose. GIRLS DO at least make an effort to pay for yourself. It’s a nice gesture, and it gives the boy a chance to be macho and take care of it. DON’T overdress. We are in high school, so leave your ball gown at home. DO wear something comfortable. You don’t want to be pulling and tugging at your outfit all night. DON’T be too coy or shy. It can come off as rude, so be outgoing. DO be ladylike. Boys want to take out a GIRL, not one of the boys.



FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Madeline Vance

Don’t cage this elephant Check out this must-have album from hot band By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard Cage The Elephant by now, then you must be living under the wrong rock and roll. Since 2006, Matt and Brad Shultz, Lincoln Parish, Daniel “Tich” Tichenor, and Jared Champion have crafted a reputation as a mature yet high-energy band, like a grown-up AC/DC. Their second album, Thank You Happy Birthday, broadens the horizons of the band’s sound with more raw lyrics and some softer tracks too. Cage The Elephant has a truly unique story. The Shultz family moved off of a Christian hippie commune when the brothers were very young, and they were virtually unexposed to rock music until Matt was 12 years old. It was during high school in Bowling Green, Ky., that Cage The Elephant was formed, and in 2007 they signed with Relentless Records after showcasing at the SXSW music festival. The band’s self-titled first album had the kind of energy and personality absent from the rock scene for years. However, after years of nonstop touring on the same material, the band was “literally itching to get new music into fans’ hands,” as stated on the band’s website. Wanting to avoid repeating the same sound on their new album, the band made it a priority to stay away from anything that sounded like something they had written before. Thank You Happy Birthday starts out with a paranoid moshfest in “Always

Something,” followed by future radio hit “Aberdeen.” “Indy Kidz” cuts at the hypocritical attitudes of modern alternative artists seeking superiority in anti-conformity. The album slows down for a moment with the crescendoing anthem “Shake Me Down,” only to pick up again with “2024,” which echoes some of the band’s sound from their first album. “Sell Yourself” is the band’s way of reminding itself to stay true to its own writing and feelings. “Rubber Ball” slows down to a lullaby pace, and Matt Shultz muses over his relationship with the world before he watches it crumble in “Right Before My Eyes.” As the album races toward a strong finish with “Sabertooth Tiger” and “Japanese Buffalo,” don’t forget to listen to the end of “Flow,” where you can find an acoustic version of “Right Before My Eyes.” The only criticism that the band draws with this album is that Cage seems to be trying too hard to distance itself from its old work. While its new material is just as good as the old stuff, Cage The Elephant should remember that they were really good at making the raw, psychedelic sound heard on their debut CD, and should consider continuing to make similar songs while exploring new sounds. Whether you are a longtime fan or a firsttime listener, Cage The Elephant’s album Thank You Happy Birthday is a must-have addition to your music library. It can be purchased in stores and at online retailers like iTunes and

If you haven’t heard Cage The Elephant by now, then you must be living under the wrong rock and roll. Since 2006, Matt and Brad Shultz, Lincoln Parish, Daniel “Tich” Tichenor, and Jared Champion have crafted a reputation as a mature yet high-energy band, like a grown-up AC/DC. Their second album, Thank You Happy Birthday, broadens the horizons of the band’s sound with more raw lyrics and some softer tracks too. Cage The Elephant has a truly unique story. The Shultz family moved off of a Christian hippie commune when the brothers were very young, and they were virtually unexposed to rock music until Matt was 12 years old. As teenagers, they watched

their father destroy a Pearl Jam tape after they were caught listening to it. It was during high school in Bowling Green, Ky., that Cage The Elephant was formed, and in 2007 they signed with Relentless Records after showcasing at the SXSW music festival. The band’s self-titled first album had the kind of energy and personality absent from the rock scene for years. However, after years of nonstop touring on the same material, the band was “literally itching to get new music into fans’ hands,” as stated on the band’s website. Wanting to avoid repeating the same sound on their new album, the band made it a priority to stay away from anything that sounded like

Cage The Elephant

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Upcoming concerts rock your world By Marie Policastro

Staff Writer

With President’s Day weekend this month and Spring Break around the corner, February is sure to be awesome; as are the concerts coming up in February. Check them out. Pop/ R&B- The Plain White T’s will be performing Feb. 27 at Bogart’s. Alternative- Linkin Park will be at U.S. Bank Arena on Feb. 13. Classical- On Feb. 11, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra will be performing at Cincinnati Music Hall. Rock- Go see Jimmy Eat World at Bogart’s on Feb. 17.

Griffin wins poetry contest By Emma Goetz


Junior Julie Griffin won the high school category of the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce Valentine Poetry Contest. She’s invited to read her poem Feb. 14 at the Loveland Valentine Breakfast at the Oasis Conference Center. Here’s the poem, entitled “Love.” Love is expressed in countless fashions Surrounding us in our daily actions

A mother singing her baby into a sleepful bliss Or a child giving her parents a big sloppy kiss A friend giving a hug to say I’ll be there Or a boy holding the hand of his lady fair A young couple says, “ I do” While an old married couple says, “I’ll always love you” Love presents itself with many ways to be played So embrace it and never be afraid

Country/Folk- Check out the Old 97’s play at The Southgate House, Feb. 23. Hip hop/ Rap- George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic will be playing at Bogart’s on Feb. 12. Contemporary- Madison Theater will be hosting Slightly Stoopid on Feb. 25. Roar’s Pick- The Old 97’s at The Southgate House. Though not very well-known, they’re an awesome band that has been around for awhile and should definitely be on everyone’s iPods. Their newest album, The Grand Old Theatre, Vol. 1 is country-rock at its purest and finest. If you’re a fan of Ben Folds or Guster-esque bands, the Old 97’s is right up your alley. Everyone should go Plain White T’s band members check them out at The Southgate House, Feb. 23.

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Page Editor: Katie Henke

FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Face-off: Cheezburger Cafe vs. Five Guys By Steven Goodman Staff Writer

When it comes to getting a simple hamburger, too many places boast the best burger, fries, and even milkshakes. With so many places to choose from, it can be a daunting task to decide which hamburger place to pick. Pitting Cheezburger Cafe and Five Guys Burgers and Fries against each other will narrow down your choices when

it comes to getting a great hamburger. Cheezburger Cafe has a great atmosphere with an old diner-like feeling and friendly service. With over 20 toppings and sauces to choose from, there is an extensive amount of possibilities when it comes to creating a hamburger or hot dog. Even if you don’t care for hamburgers or hot dogs, you can choose from turkey burgers, garden burgers, sandwiches, smoothies, ice cream shakes, salads and even chili. Five Guys Burgers and Fries, on the

Cheezburger Cafe

other hand, lacks in atmosphere. From the moment you walk in, it feels like you have entered a very busy kitchen instead of a restaurant. With orders on one side and pick-up on the other, it doesn’t feel as much like a restaurant as it does a kitchen. Charging 70 cents for a piece of cheese, Five Guys is not very affordable when it comes to getting a simple cheeseburger. It has a decent selection of toppings and sauces but comes nowhere near the 20 toppings available at Cheezburger Cafe. With

Categories Taste Affordability Variety Atmosphere Service

Weekly shows you don’t wanna miss

ment in this show. (Tues. at 9 on FOX) 3. How It’s Made- Are you curious what’s on Staff Writer the inside of a golf ball, or why there are holes in With homework, after-school activities, and dai- Swiss cheese? Well, wonder no more. This fascily duties, there’s no time for relaxing on the couch nating show explains it all. (Science Channel) 4. The Middle- There is no sitcom on TV more and watching TV. If you do get time, you’ll spend it true to life than this. By exaggerating stereotypes watching a show everyone is talking about. Howof kids and parents of all ages, this quirky comedy ever, some of the best shows are practically unheard is bound to give you a laugh. (Wed. at 8 on ABC) of, kept alive by small groups of devoted fans. Here 5. No Ordinary Family- Similar to are a few hidden gems of the televithe popular Pixar movie The Incredibles, sion world: a family of four tries to adapt to strange 1. Chuck- An unsuspecting powers they obtained after a plane crash. computer nerd is turned into a spy Saving the world is a lot harder than you when a government database is might think. (Tues. at 8 on ABC) downloaded in his head. Now he’s 6. CastleWhen a real crime is as elabwanted by every terrorist organizaorate as one in a mystery novel, you need tion in the world. Oh well, at least a writer to solve it. This show is full of he knows Kung-Fu. This show has crazy mysteries that only a creative mind something for everyone. (Mon. at 8 could sort out. (Mon. at 10 on ABC) Image from on NBC) 7. PsychShawn Spencer works for the police 2. Raising Hope- Leave the TV on after Glee is station as a fake psychic to give the police eviover to see this hilarious comedy. It takes a lot of dence they would have never found. But, no one work to raise a baby when you’re living with your knows he’s faking it. Chaos ensues, adventure beclueless parents and a crazy grandmother. With trouble rising in every situation, there is never a dull mo- gins. This show is hilarious. (Thurs. at 10 on USA) By Elizabeth Worsham

the only food choices being a hamburger, hot dog and two types of sandwiches, Five Guys has very few menu choices. While it does have a nice and friendly working staff, that hardly makes up for its mediocre choice of toppings, affordability and atmosphere. Both Cheezburger Cafe and Five Guys are good restaurants with a great tasting hamburger. But with Cheezburger Café’s great atmosphere, service and taste, it comes out the winner 23-19.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries



FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Ogonna Ononye

This chick says chick flicks stick around By Alyssa Tipton Staff Writer

Passionate romance + a plot that keeps you guessing + a hot guy = every girl’s dream: a chick flick. While guys dread the lovey-dovey couples and cheesy lines, girls want nothing more. Here is a list of some of the greatest chick flicks of our time: 1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Not only is this movie hilarious, but its storyline is full of surprising twists. 2. The Notebook – Any person with an ounce of common sense in their body can agree this is one of the greatest chick flicks ever made. Watch it and you’ll understand. 3. He’s Just Not That Into You – There is a portrayal of every type of romance in this movie, and they all tie together at the end. It’s so relatable, and it provides helpful advice for people struggling to find a significant other. 4. Sweet Home Alabama – The classic love story of a girl caught between two guys is perfected in this movie. 5. Pretty in Pink – This inspirational love story shows how love makes no judgment.

6. 10 Things I Hate About You – Heath Ledger will win your heart over in this epic movie of love and hate. 7. Valentine’s Day – This movie is relatable in every aspect, as it presents many different love stories for every age group. To add to its greatness, Ashton Kutcher does a beautiful job at making every girl want him. Ashton, I love you. 8. A Walk to Remember – This touching tale shows how a forced friendship blooms into an undeniably sweet romance. It will make every girl want a sensitive guy like Landon Carter. 9. Sixteen Candles – This comingof-age movie is relatable to teenage girls, as they are making the same transformations as Samantha Baker. The teenage love gives it an irresistible “aww” factor. 10. Enchanted – This movie will bring you to tears of joy with its awesomeness. The classic tale illustrates Alyssa Tipton just can’t decide which chick flick she adores the most. how good always defeats evil.

Photo by Becca Black

And the Oscar goes to... Take an inside look at the Academy Awards from the perspective of a Roar staffer. By Steven Goodman Staff Writer

With the 83rd Academy Awards set for Feb. 27, the Academy’s picks for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director and many others will be announced. However, not everyone will agree with the winners. Sometimes it even feels like some films are snubbed from the nominations. I’m one of those people who doesn’t always agree with the Academy’s picks. So here are my predictions for what and who deserves to win at the Academy Awards. There were several good movies that came out in 2010, but ultimately True Grit is the winner of Best Picture. It takes the honor with a compelling and exciting Wild West story that even gives the viewer a small dose of comedy between the serious moments. Jeff Bridges dons a cowboy hat and puts on an accent to play the lead role of Rooster Cogburn. Bridges plays the character perfectly all the way through; whether it be a gunfight or simply wandering through the forest, all of his emotions are played out

brilliantly. It is the acting by everyone in this film and the great storyline that makes True Grit not just the best Western film in a long time, but the best movie of 2010. If someone were asked to name a movie Jesse Eisenberg was in two years ago, Zombieland would be the most mentioned film. Last year, he changed that answer by taking on the role of the brilliant Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, in The Social Network. Quick-speaking and overly sarcastic, Eisenberg perfectly plays the role of the man who dropped out of Harvard and became the world’s youngest billionaire making him the right choice for Best Actor. Winter’s Bone, a movie that was seemingly overlooked by the general population, should claim Best Actress with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role of Ree. Lawrence plays a 17-year-old girl with the task of caring for her mentally ill mother and two younger siblings, thrown upon her after her father abandons them. She then learns that her father put the house up for his bail money and Lawrence must go on a search to find him. Lawrence does a great job of playing the protective older sister of her two siblings, making it seem as though

she has cared for these kids all her life. Even in the most intense parts of the film,

she continuously makes each and every action as believable as the one before it.

2 Cents Worth Nominations aside, here are two students’ choices for their favorite film, actor and actress of the year:

Best Picture: Toy Story 3 Best Actor: Mark Wahlberg in The Other Guys Best Actress: Cameron Diaz in Shrek Forever After -- Kevin Boggs (11)

Best Picture: Saw: The Final Chapter Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception Best Actress: Chloë Grace Moretz in KickAss -- Deitra Bell (12)

Ross Review: Valentine’s Day edition By John Ross Staff Writer

Photo illustration by Becca Black

John Ross really gets into this magical scene from The Princess Bride when he watches this movie with his significant other.

All right, guys, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and chances are you’re going to be watching some movies with a certain special someone. Now, movie date nights can get tricky; there’s a lot of films out there that guys like and girls call “dumb,” and there are plenty of movies girls like that guys call “scratch-your-eyes-out boring.” So let me give you all some advice on what movies to watch with your significant other that won’t leave either of you disappointed. 1. Just Friends – This movie is probably one of the better chick flicks I’ve ever seen. It has got Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris in it, and the two share some very funny scenes together.

2. Mean Girls – While this movie’s title could easily scare off any guy from ever watching it, it is actually quite the funny film that has good jokes for both genders to enjoy. 3. The Princess Bride – Another movie title that begs men not to watch it, The Princess Bride is actually a very funny movie and has just about as much action as love in it. I guarantee you, guys, if you watch this with your date, you won’t be disappointed. 4. Back to the Future – Good golly, I love me some Back to the Future. This movie has got everything: some sci-fi, some laughs, some love, and some action. It’s a perfect movie for a date night. 5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – This movie is up there on the list of movies I love. It will make anyone laugh and has some classic scenes in it. I highly recommend it for any date night.


FRIDAY, February 11, 2011


Page Editor: Elizabeth Worsham

Reduce. reuse. recycle. roar.

Here are 20 ways to double the fun with your favorite paper By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

Each month, The Roar is presented to the students at lunch. Excitement and delight fills the lunch hour as everyone takes in the articles and pictures composing our fantastic newspaper. Now, it is two minutes after lunch has ended. Newspaper scatters the floor of the lunch room. It is crumpled, covered in food, and left to be forever forgotten by students who didn’t care enough to at least recycle it. It is a horrific scene to all journalism students. However, do not fear. The Roar has been kind enough to come up with interesting ways to reuse our newspaper if you do not wish to read it over and over again. Please feel free to use these ideas, and try to refrain from littering the floor with our precious paper. 1. Turn it into a hat and be a pirate for the day. You can go to to find out how. Arrr! 2. Fold it up and use it to straighten a teetering table leg. 3. Use it to cushion items in packages

Photo by Emma Goetz

Marie Policastro (11) and Ellen Mack (12) show off their Roarin’ style. you send. 4. Wrap a present with it; it can be stylish and free gift wrap. 5. Strip it up and use it as kitty litter for your “green” cat. 6. Utilize it to absorb spills and odors under your kitchen sink. 7. It can be great kindling to start a fire,

so invite a bunch of your friends over for a bonfire. 8. If you are an artist, cut the paper into strips, get some paste, and make a papier mâché creation. 9. Also for the creative one, line the floor with our newspaper to protect it while painting.

10. If you have a bug problem, roll up the paper to use it as a swatter. 11. A new puppy needs something to get potty trained on; the paper is perfect for this. 12. Scribble on it and practice your drawing techniques on our articles. 13. Cut it out into a rectangle, laminate it, and now you have a nice placemat. 14. Make a woven basket with strips of the paper. It is neat and “green.” 15. Learn to make it into a boat and see how far it floats down the Little Miami River. Look on for instructions. 16. Use it in your mulch to grow a garden of beautiful flowers. 17. Keep all of them in your very own collection of Roar issues; that way you can reminisce on them throughout high school. 18. Use different pictures and even just the text in your decoupage crafts. 19. Roll one part into a cone, roll the other part into a ball, and along with a friend try to catch the ball in the cone. 20. If you do not like any of these ideas, instead of leaving the paper in the lunchroom, kindly carry it to the nearest recycling bin and do some good for our earth.

Top 10 list: favorite childhood treasures By Danielle Meyer

Staff Writer

(The Roar will feature a top 10 list each issue. It’s completely up to the author, determined randomly, what he or she wants to count down.) Most of us loved our childhood and the memories we carry with us from our youth. I tend to reminisce about the past and all the fun things from childhood that have long been packed away. Here is a list of my 10 favorite things from childhood that everyone at LHS will most likely be familiar with too. 10. Bop It- This toy could bring hours of fun and frustration as the player tries to twist, bop, and pull the electronic game. Though the automated voice yelling out directions may have brought annoyance to our parents, it provided entertainment for kids of all ages. 9. Beanie Babies- These animals filled with little white beads lined our shelves

and beds for a very long time during our early years. My personal favorite was the leopard. Coming up with new games to play with these little stuffed critters never got old. 8. American Girl dolls- These became very popular when we were kids. I had three: Samantha, Molly, and Kaya. Along with the dolls came a set of paperback books explaining the history of each doll’s time period in a fun and easy-to-read format. 7. Arthur- Some still may not know what this TV character’s animal was supposed to be (he’s an aardvark), but we all remember the cast of mammals on the PBS series. The TV show was actually based off of a series of picture books by Marc Brown, so you could enjoy Arthur anytime. 6. Polly Pocket dolls- Most girls had a blast playing with the little plastic dolls and changing their fashionable rubber clothing while rolling them around in cute pink Jeeps and purple VW Beetles. Polly

The Roar’s love horoscopes By Sabrina Newstead Staff Writer

Roses are red, violets are blue, The Roar has your love horoscopes, see which month applies to you. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You may be feeling a little down this month, but hang in there; you won’t be single forever. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Watch your partner closely for the next several days; trust might become an issue. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): Get ready, because on Saturday Mr. or Miss Right will enter your life. Aries (March 21-April 19): February is your month. You will have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams. Taurus (April 20-May 20): Your love life needs some spice. Take on new opportunities; you may be surprised.

Gemini (May 21-June 20): The sooner you let go of old relationships, the sooner you will be able to let new ones in. Cancer (June 21-July22): Deceit is in the future. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Leo (July23-Aug. 22): May is your month. If you can last until then, love and happiness will fill your soul. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Throw caution to the wind. Tell your crush what you feel before it’s too late. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Be a cheesy romantic this month. Tramp your style and eat spaghetti with your significant other. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Go strut your stuff in the hallway and exude confidence. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Don’t be down; go hit single town.

know, very creative.) and her friends offered hours of Now, how many of fun, and she’s still very popular us secretly still hold with little girls today. them close while we 5. Magic Tree House bookssleep? This series written by Mary Pope 2. Hula hoopsOsborne was one of my personal These plastic rings favorites. The series followed were a simple inbrother and sister Jack and Annie vention made into a on magical and exciting advenbrilliant, fun activity tures as they traveled through during the summer. time. Jack and Annie started their travels 65 million years ago Photo by Elizabeth Worsham Kids of all ages could spend hours swingin Dinosaurs Before Dawn. Danielle Meyer (11) hula ing the hoop around 4. Junie B. Jones books- Antheir hips, arms, legs other wonderful series of books hoops her way into the and necks. I read growing up. This series is past. by Barbara Parks. It’s all about 1. Swing set- This the young world of the main character, was always my favorite thing when I went Junie B. Her attitude can make anybody to Symmes Township Park. Many of us laugh out loud. raced for the swings and swung as high 3. Teddy bears- These beloved toys are as we could before jumping off and feelnot necessarily new to our generation, but ing like Super Man. I’ll admit, though, I’ve they offered us comfort and fun as children. never outgrown the swings and still race My own stuffed bear was named Teddy. (I for them like I’m young again.


14 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Hannah Moloney

WHAT is she wearing? By Sabrina Newstead Staff Writer

photo by Sabrina Newstead

Claire Eschenbach (11) looks cute with a lace top and black cardigan.

Walking through the sea of sweatshirts, sweatpants, and tacky T-shirts, you might notice a few who stand out. Some people could care less about what they put on in the morning, blindly picking up the nearest item of semi-clean clothing off the floor (which might explain some of the odd combinations we see). Yet, here and there you see someone with style, someone who cares what she puts on her body in the morning: a fashionista. Claire Eschenbach (11) is one such fashionista. Her style: A little bit of everything. Dream outfit: Dark jeans and boots with a white, frilly tank and a vest. Shops: Forever 21 and Target.

Fashion idol: Aria from Pretty Little Liars. Pet peeves: “I hate it when people wear leggings as pants. Leggings should be worn with a long shirt, not as regular pants.” Secret to success: “Wear what you like.” Previous fashion mishap: “In seventh grade, I wore the same sweatshirt nearly every day.” Necessities: A cute vest, jeans and a tank top. What others think: Kelsie Jamison (11): “She looks fantabulous.” Ashley Frees (11): “She always wears something new and fashionable.” Reagan Johnstone (11): “Her outfits always make a statement.”

Where’s Patrick?

photo by Sabrina Newstead

Claire Eschenbach (11) ties this great look together with fashionable boots.

Try to be the first to find senior Patrick Kudo (12) in the cafeteria. Photo by Katie Henke

Photo by Megan Slabaugh

Meet the Leap Day birthday girl of Loveland By Alyssa Tipton Staff Writer

Photo by Alyssa Tipton, illustration by Becca Black

Lily Rodriguez (9)

Imagine what it would be like to be 14 years old but to have had only three birthdays. As crazy as it sounds, this is the reality for one LHS student, Lily Rodriguez (9). Lily was born February 29, 1996. Yes, that would make her a leap year baby. This means that her birthday comes only once every four years. Even though her birthday isn’t marked on every calendar, this doesn’t stop Lily

from celebrating. “I celebrate my birthday on March 1st every non-leap year,” she says. “It’s just like a regular birthday celebration.” When asked if she would change her birthday if possible, Lily had no hesitation, saying, “I love my birthday. It’s cool to be different.” And she’s right; not many people can say they were born on the rare day of Feb. 29. Despite the fact that she is 14, her family and friends never let her forget that she has had only three official birthdays. “They

tease me all the time, calling me a 3-yearold,” she says. Along with being known as the “leap year girl,” Lily has many other hobbies she lives for. She runs track, and will be running her first year for the LHS team this spring. Also, she loves to sing. “She is such a good singer!” says Jessica Cottrell (9), her best friend. So even though she has had only three birthdays, Lily is just your average 14-year-old freshman girl with a really awesome birthday.



FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Jessica Miller

Facebook is a fun way to get to know others. Each month, The Roar will pick two students at random (hitting names on a dartboard) to help introduce you to new faces, Facebook style.


The monthly special of two strikingly similar-looking human beings caught on camera!

Cierra Sizemore “Doing homework and being bored.”

Grade: Freshman Interests: Hanging out with friends. School activities: Cheerleading. Photo by Hannah Moloney

Eric Thiel (12)

Photo by Ellen Mack

Movie: The Notebook. Music: Country

Birthday: April 5, 1996

Favorite class: Spanish with Mrs. Brinkman. Hero: Mom. Can’t live without: Cell phone.

Emmie Anderson

Annie Reich

Kayla Herrmann

Anna Kendrick

Shayla Miller

Marshall Miller

Pet peeve: Nails on a chalkboard. Fun fact: I like monkeys.

Mikkaila Campbell “Hanging out with friends.”

Grade: Sophomore. Interests: Being with friends, drawing, writing. School activity: Colorguard. Photo by Austin Stahl

Birthday: November 27, 1993

Movie: Kick-Ass. Music: Alesana (screamo). Favorite class: Graphic arts. Heroes: Grandparents. Can’t live without: My music.

Allison Elsnau

Jordan Moragne

Heavenly Proffitt

Katie Bedenbaugh

Rebecca Gagnon

Brooke Logan

Pet peeve: When people judge based on appearance.

Mark Goldman (12)

Photo by Ellen Mack

Do you remember?

Valentine’s Day excitement was highlight of grade school By Ellen Mack Staff Writer

Here it is, the big moment: It is fifth grade and you are taking your crush a special Winnie the Pooh valentine written with love. It reads “Be Mine” and is signed “Your secret admirer.” You quickly hide it in their locker and run away with red cheeks and uncontrollable giggles. After lunch you casually walk up to your locker. When you open it, you find a valentine sealed with a kiss reading, “Be Mine.” Your heart flutters, knowing that someone is secretly admiring you. You wonder who it is and spend the rest of the day trying to discover your mystery lover. Do you remember this kind of Valentine’s Day? Everyone brought in their box of valentines decorated with characters such as SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, or even Spider-Man. You decorated a box to put your collection of valentines in, and sometimes your class had a contest to see whose box was the best. It was always so special to receive one of these little cards, and it was equally exciting to give them to your friends and crushes. Whether it said something cute like “Be my valentine” or something as simple as “Happy Valentine’s Day,” one of these little things brightened your day. Taking home that box full of love was definitely a highlight of grade school.

Fun fact: “I’m short for my age.”

Photo by Emma Goetz

David Osborne (9) with a valentine.


16 FRIDAY, February 11, 2011

Page Editor: Hailey Booth

They’ll make your car squeaky clean Read about LHS students who work at Mike’s Express Carwash By Marie Policastro Staff Writer

This is the fifith in a series of monthly features about students with interesting jobs. You pull into a mysterious place situated next to Olive Garden and Grand Oriental. You find yourself in the company of Cookie Monster and Elmo. A strange man is writing on your window and telling you to put your car into neutral. Is this a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? Neither. You’re at Mike’s Express Carwash. Adrian Gonzales (12), Austin Dewees (11), Brian Henderson (12) and Erik Henderson (11), Phillip Kepler (11), and Mandi Nugent (12) are all Loveland High School students and also employees of the Mike’s Express Carwash on Fields Ertel Road. The Roar sat down with Austin and Adrian to get their opinion on their current place of employment. Austin has been working at Mike’s Express for six months, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Kyle. After working in all temperatures, Austin says, “I’d much rather work outside in the hot than have to be out in the cold weather.” It has to be less than 40 degrees for employees not to be outside. Are all of you

climate-controlled employees jealous? That’s what I thought. Adrian has been working at Mike’s Express for only three months but has already had some crazy experiences. “The other week there was a five car pile-up inside the car wash,” said Adrian. Austin said, “The other day, we had someone drive through in a Maserati. It was really cool.” A benefit of working at Mike’s Express is a clean car. Employees at Mike’s Express receive a complimentary wash once every week, and you bet they take advantage of it. Mike’s Express Carwash will get your car squeaky clean. Another really cool part of Mike’s Express into the car wash,” explained Adrian. “My is all of the stuffed animals they have hang- favorite would have to be Dora the Explorer ing around. “They’re mainly used to make because she never seems to be standing up little kids in the car less scared of going straight.” Austin admitted his favorite is

Photo by Marie Policastro

Ernie from Sesame Street. Free your bumper of the words “Wash Me” and come visit your fellow friends of LHS at Mike’s Express.

Themed Thursdays

Seniors dress-up on Thursdays with a new theme every week By Katie Henke Entertainment Editor

Photo by Katie Henke

Kevin Parks and Nick Shea dressed up in their sea gear last Thursday.

Once a week, Thursdays to be specific, you will see a couple of senior sharks, I mean Harry Potters, or maybe Eskimos, running about the hallways. These seniors, Nick Shea and Kevin Parks, make up a special day every Thursday and wear odd/humorous outfits. The Roar got the scoop on what these boys are doing. They got their inspiration when they found crazy glasses in the woods and thought it would be hilarious to wear them to school the next day, which happened to be a Thursday. Since then, they have thought of the craziest possible outfits to wear every Thursday. They plan to dress up every Thursday for the rest of the year, and their goal is for everyone to dress up with them. Kevin says, “It is a lot of fun, and everyone should join the festivities on our weekly holiday.” Nick says, “I love dressing up in all of

my frilly garments. It makes me happy.” The boys are open to any and all suggestions of what to wear in the future. If you would like to become Santa Claus, a shark, or whatever they come up with next, ask Nick or Kevin in the hallway and they’ll give you the details. Next time you see crazy outfits on a Thursday at school, understand these people aren’t odd; they’re just creative. Nick’s and Kevin’s dress-up themes thus far:

*Denim Day *Jersey Shore Day *Classy Day *America Day *Harry Potter Day *Man Day *Shark Day *Tropical Day *Santa Claus Day *Eskimo Day *Tacky Day *Underwater Day

Try our President’s Day quiz See how well you know our past presidents Staff Writer

What is the important thing to remember this Presidents’ Day? No, the answer is not “turn off my alarm.” Remember, there’s a reason there is no school. Everyone should devote an entire day to honoring the great men who have served as president. This Feb. 21, honor them by taking this fun facts quiz. Answers are on the bottom of the page.

1.) Only president to report a UFO sighting 2.) Had only one tooth at his inauguration 3.) Only president born in Cincinnati; got stuck in the White House bathtub 4.) Nicknamed “Bubba” 5.) Shot during a duel; lived the rest of his life with a bullet in his chest

6.) First president to wear a beard 7.) Ironically, he couldn’t stand the sight of blood 8.) Doesn’t like ice cream and collects Spiderman comic books 9.) Liked to skinny dip in the Potomac River 10.) The teddy bear is his namesake

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

George Washington John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant Theodore Roosevelt William Taft Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton Barack Obama

Answers: 1. H, 2. A, 3. G, 4. I, 5. C, 6. D, 7. E, 8. J, 9. B, 10. F

By Ryann Lally

February 2011 Issue  

February 2011 Issue

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