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The Loveland High School Student Newspaper

May 25, 2007 Page Editors: Rulers of the World


A lasting impression

By Maggie Malach and Katie Rooney Editorial Board

Dear fellow members of the class of 2007, We regret to inform you the state of Ohio has recently passed a new law creating a thirteenth grade. No longer will we be graduating June 1, 2007. We will be forced to complete ONE MORE YEAR of high school. If you do not complete this final year, you will be thrown in prison for no less than 20 years. In prison you will be forced to finish high school anyway, so just get it over with here at Loveland. If you believed this, even for a moment, we don’t know if you are qualified to graduate. We just thought we’d pull one last trick. “Last” is a funny word, isn’t it? We’ve all heard it many times in the past year. Our LAST homecoming. Our LAST football game. Our LAST high school spring break. Our LAST day of high school. Our LAST chance to see the people we have known for so many years. What we must focus on, though, are all the firsts in our future. Our FIRST time living without our parents. Our FIRST time facing financial responsibility. The FIRST time we must declare our future career. The FIRST time we won’t be penalized for being tardy to class. For many of us our first day of college will be filled with anxiety because we do not know what lies ahead. For the past twelve years, we have lived securely in the comfort zone known as Loveland. Now we must leave behind the familiarity of our home and friends and approach the world as adults.

It will be the first time we are living on our own, with no one to do our laundry or make our beds. No one will be there to make sure we go to class or study. Even though some of us have been eighteen for almost a year, we will finally be recognized as adults. As you move on to different people and different places, never forget what a vital part your four years here at Loveland have played in shaping you as a person. Take your best experiences with you, and try to forget about all of the homework, all of the tests, all of the drama, and that one time you locked yourself in your car. These past four years we have all had good experiences and experiences we wish we could forget. Remember to carry with you all of the lessons you have learned and all of the memories you have created. High school is not about the destination; it is about the journey.

By Jess Grissom and Roxanne Wang Editorial Board

Upon first arriving at Loveland High School as freshmen, we were greeted with the loving chant, “Go home, freshmen.” It was at this moment that we, the members of the class of 2007, were officially inducted into the high school. This moment occurred four years ago, when we were just getting acquainted with our new schedules. Although entering high school seemed intimidating at the time, we went through each year meeting new people, learning to be our own individual and making new memories. It is hard to believe that graduation is right around the corner; some are sad to leave, others are excited, but everyone is ready to take the next step. We have all

come so far since 2003. We’ve seen former classes graduate and felt their excitement; now it’s finally the class of 2007’s time to shine. As we embark upon one of the largest changes in our lives, we reflect back to the numerous memories that Loveland High School has provided: Friday night football games, Homecoming dances, winning Homecoming week for two years in a row, powder puff, mud volley ball, hall decorating, lawn painting, getting iFlurtz, rocking out at Battle of the Bands, getting our licenses, missing school due to the gas leak, snow days, raising money for the Invisible Children of Uganda, dress up days for Homecoming, senior lunches, deciding what we will do after graduation, ordering caps and gowns, senior week, senior superlatives, prom and finally June 1, 2007, the final milestone for us seniors. Congratulations class of 2007. We did it! We survived four years of high school and have gained much life experience in the process. We wish everyone success with their future plans. As we venture into the “real world”, we will always be connected by this common thread, known as Loveland High School. High school is a once in a lifetime experience, and although we will never relive these years, we have the memories forever. To all the underclassmen, the class of 2007 has made a lasting imprint on the school, good luck filling our shoes. So, Loveland High School, “Good-bye to You.”

photo by Alex Seney

A valediction to the class of 2007 By Kathleen Berwanger Guest Writer

“In a completely rational society, the best of us would aspire to be teachers and the rest of us would have to settle for something less, because passing civilization along from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honor and responsibility anyone could have.” These words spoken by Lee Iococa lie tattered and worn, taped to the corner of my desk in Room 116. They have lain there for many years. While the paper may be frayed, the message remains strong, a message that inspires me every day and reminds me of how blessed I have been. For forty years I have taught here in Loveland, teaching English at all levels, 712. I have chaperoned dances, sponsored

clubs and writing teams, directed plays, assisted with curriculum development, sponsored the Literary Magazine and attended many graduations. I taught during the rebellious 60s, the peaceseeking 70s, the selfloving 80s, the technological 90s and the everchanging 2000’s. Each decade produced its own challenges and rewards. Through all of these years one constant remains: I have met thousands of remarkable young men and women, students who have

become today’s writers, lawyers, policemen, firemen, technicians, doctors, politicians, artists, teachers scientists etc. Their successes are due in part to their time here in Loveland schools. My own affiliation with Loveland has very deep roots. I am a Loveland grad as are both of my parents. My mother and I both wrote articles for the LHS newspaper and my father illustrated the yearbook when he was a senior. I am honored photo by Alex Seney to have the opportunity to write one more article. I feel

that I have been a student here forever. Now I get to “graduate” with the class of 2007! The Class of 2007—too many awesome individuals to name! From the Abby’s to the Zack’s, they are hard working, focused young people with lofty goals. They see beyond high school and are focused on the great things they want to accomplish in their lives. We send them into the world and pray that they live their visions. To each member of this Class of 2007, I offer a final thought: As we “graduate” Loveland High School (certainly an appropriate name!), may we always remember with heart-felt gratitude this little community and all of the administrators, counselors, teachers, coaches, secretaries and custodians who have so admirably prepared us for this next road on our journey called “life.” Please recycle!!



FRIDAY, May 25, 2007 Hillary Burkhard- My shoe collection to Amanda Jamison! Alex Seney- Reaching out to LHS students, to Sander DiAngelis and Bubba Williams. Garrett Maple- My lunch table to Ben Plagans, and my parking spot to Danielle Maple. I also bequeath my incredible shooting ability to Greg Pittman. Elliot Dolan- Senioritis to the junior class, so they may be lazy for all of next year. Also, my car goes to my sisters, and “awesomism” to Travis and those who are awesome. Alex Elias- My 1994 Honda Accord LX with a broken speedometer to my little sister Jordan Elias. Rebeccah Miller- To Chelsea Sanders, Mrs. Grant’s storage room for her aiding duties next year. Caitlin Knobbe- To Kristen Knobbe I bequeath the big rock I nearly run over every morning when I try to park in my spot. Sarah Leeper- To future Spanish V students: Fudge’em & Shia Shrine. I also bequeath the blue penguin to Andy Verhoef. Zak Geil- Tyler Gabbard, I bequeath you my amazing grade in AP Chemistry, along with “purple” and the water drop noise. To Chris Roberts, the #78 jersey, if you want to wear it. Natalie Roberts- My love for sushi shall go to Alyssa Lohrman, because she’s fishy! Allie Gunter- Sam McFarland receives the right to play b-baaawwwl with Mitch. To Terra Kreiner, I bequeath you a personality and a life. Steven Peterson- The game of ballbasket to Andy Jarc and Chris Stahl. Krystine Kauffman- To Jen Elmore I bequeath my position as the you know who and in the you know what. John Jefferies- My good wisdom to Joey Ford. Shandi Huber- To my little brother Justin: I pass on to you “my” car, that is, if you ever get your license. Stephanie Malof- I bequeath my tail-feather to Taylor Goode; shake what you got baby! Michelle Lautenslager- My amazing Sudoku talent to Ellen Budde and Sarah Conwell. Danielle Richter- I bequeath Chelsea Pogue my laziness.

Natalie Roberts- My love for sushi shall go to Alyssa Lohrman, because she’s fishy!

Kelsey Bull- To Paige Burt: the memories of our probe chats, our Weller runs, singing with our favorite men, and our summer nights. To Anna Mcquade: lane 4, it’s all yours girl! To Natalie Putman: benching 90 lbs., you go girl.

Editor: David Cappa

Maggie Malach and Katie Rooney- To Erika Odioso and Cappa we bequeath the Bible. May you use it well and always write legibly (unlike Katie).

Anne Pearson- “Iceness” to Mary Swick, and my muscular complexion to Ben Pearson.

Eva Valentine- To Bobby Capobianco, you have my ability to flaunt. Jeff Lawton- I bequeath my unusually good looks to Mack Johnson, for he is in serious need of them. Stacy Fenn- My suspended license to Alyssa Lohrman. Jessica Nightingale- Any remaining senior privileges to Carrie Southcott. Sherry Pennington- To Claire Dolan, Laura Rojo, Amanda Ross, and Jessica Veite, the dance team is now in your hands… good luck with that. Roxanne Wang- Abbey Veith shall receive the most amazing page on The Roar. I bequeath Daniel Wright the right to yell “Freshman!” down the hallways. Ryan Gunnarson- Tearing it up on the football field to Chase Stahl. Lauren Beachy- Dance moves to Genna Peterson, and my car to my sister Sammy. Taylor Russell- I bequeath Griffin Williams the air horn. Maggie Malach and Katie Rooney- To Erika Odioso and Cappa we bequeath the Bible. May you use it well and always write legibly (unlike Katie). Chris Patterson- Doing whatever you want, in spite of Coach Reed to John Kennedy. I also bequeath the #17 baseball jersey to Brian Smith. Danny Ingstrup- My awesome manager skills to Jaden Talbot and Ben Whinaker. Michelle Kramp- My senior pride to Sarah Bailey, to be wild and outgoing to Emily Bush, and the ability to perform with a big cheesy smile to all the guard girls. Carolyn Gagliardi- Being the coolest Steelers fan in Cincinnati to Alley Slagel, and my killer dance moves to the volleyball girls. Danielle Parker- The title of “Mama Alto” to Samantha Baker, my Anything Goes garter to Carrie Southcott, and the mashed potatoes and gravy during 2 nd lunch to Jessie Santangelo. Hannah Steinberg- The ad section in the yearbook to Jamie Luther! Anne Pearson- “Iceness” to Mary Swick, and my muscular complexion to Ben Pearson. Leah Sos- To my sister Julia, I bequeath my car, Adrianne, and lots of alone time with the parents!

Ben Liles- The Workers Struggle to Nolan Hahn. Maggie Malach- To Erika Odioso and “Cappa! Cappa! Cappa!” the right to reign over the Newswriting class and yell a lot. Kate Clements- Mental toughness to the girls’ basketball team Katie Rooney- To Erika Odioso and Cappa, I bequeath all the stress that goes along with running a newspaper … Enjoy! Molly Vargo- My car, room, and clothes that I don’t bring along to college may be passed on to Abby Vargo. Lynzi Engel- My lovely car, my outgoing personality, all of Nana’s goodies, and my notes from my classes go to Adam Engel. Jess Peller- The “sad/pathetic/ disappointed/disgusted/confused all in one” face to the one and only Lauren Martinez. I also bequeath being the last of the Jesses or Jess² to Jess Engel. Royal Moore- The number fourteen jersey for the Varsity Soccer team to Mike Brizzi, represent it well. Allison Schaaf- I bequeath to Jared Liles my intolerance of stupidity, and may he share it with others and make the school a much better environment. Sami Sharp- I bequeath to my sister Savannah that she shall receive the best senior year ever, and that she stay best friends with Katie, and to Amber Clark, no one can be Cinderella but you. Pete Merkle- To Nick Sillett I give the Majestic White Tiger, and I leave party planning duties in the hands of Ricky Clark. Michelle Veite- My legacy and all of my old papers to my sister Jessica. A new hoody to Charley Eiser. My lollies and crop top to Amanda Jamison. My paint brush and old art supplies to Alison Cadwalder. Kelsey Bull- To Paige Burt: the memories of our probe chats, our Weller runs, singing with our favorite men, and our summer nights. To Anna Mcquade: lane 4, it’s all yours girl! To Natalie Putman: benching 90 lbs., you go girl. Gabby Henskens- The task of hitting all of the first soprano notes to Dee Dee Bailey, and the privilege of driving “Big Red” to school next year to Kees Henskens.

Jessica Grissom- I bequeath the senior class presidency to Hannah McGrath.

Danielle Richter- I bequeath Chelsea Pogue my laziness.

*All photos by David Cappa

Jess Peller- The “sad/pathetic/ disappointed/disgusted/confused all in one” face to the one and only Lauren Martinez. I also bequeath being the last of the Jesses or Jess² to Jess Engel.

Steven Peterson- The game of ballbasket to Andy Jarc and Chris Stahl.

Randi Granat- I bequeath to Charlie O’Brien the nosey, over-protective, hallway monitor Ms. Michele. To Lauren Marlatt all of Mrs. Hamilton’s mom’s cookies that she can eat! Lauren Weyand- All of the melon Gatorade I’ll ever own to Matt Dykstra. Chris White- My soccer talent to Sam Mather. Thomas Dearden- Sound/lights to Jeff Kolberg. Taylor Meinking- My room, car, and all the clothes I leave behind to my sister Sydney Meinking. I also bequeath the stupid things you will have to do around the house for Mom and Dad because you know Regan won’t do anything! To Laura Wright, I bequeath my spot on the bench at softball and my position in volleyball! Erika Koth- The “V-Book” to David Derrick, and all my track/XC asthma attacks to Julia Hamm. Jessica Grissom- I bequeath the senior class presidency to Hannah McGrath. Emily Kerr- All the days on the computer and miles on the car to my little brother Andy (not that he doesn’t already take them). Marissa Ure- Laptop #15 in Biotech to Chloe Temple. Angie Wilkinson- The right to be the coolest attendance aid ever to whoever might aid for Bonell & Brulport. I also bequeath the right to annoy pompom to all the junior cheerleaders. Arielle Warner- Wishing I was a “freakin’ geek” to Hector Bustamante, Terra Kreiner, and Rachel Putman. I also bequeath being the big sister to Ashley Warner, love you baby girl! Katie Henn- The prima diva status to Lauren Martinez (now you can get all the drama and the talent). Rebecca Dykstra- The green Subaru Legacy to Matt Dykstra. I had lots of adventures in that car so have fun! Mike Morrison- My studliness to Erin Morrison. Mike Cooperstein- The stampede in matball to Jim Hunter, and the patience to live with “Bankins” all by yourself to David Grimm. Greg Weimer- I bequeath to David Cappa the senior JV captainship on the XC team, and my wrestling circle to future wrestling captains.

FRIDAY, May 25, 2007


Have as much fun as you possibly can. – Erika Koth

Don’t take Powderpuff too seriously; breaking an arm isn’t worth it. –Stacy Fenn

Don’t lock yourself in your carpeople will make fun of you! – Maggie Malach

Enjoy every second of high school. It goes by faster than you can imagine. –Jeff Lawton

Don’t just throw it out Picture taken by Whitney Faber there-lay it down. –Alex Seney Skip as many days as possible, without failing. –Allie Gunter

Don’t post pictures on Facebook if you don’t want the administration to see them. –Eva Valentine Don’t throw huge parties- they will get busted. –Michelle Lautenslager

Senioritis is a bad thing… but it feels so good. - Elliott Dolan Run to the roundhouse, they can’t corner you there. -Alex Elias Keep looking for the pool…(it’s on the roof). –Rebeccah Miller

Enjoy, make it last! High school can be the best time of your life. –Stephanie Malof Don’t start beef with the senior girls- you will regret it. – Shandi Huber Don’t worry about the administration.. – John Jeffries Have fun. School is more about the memories you make than the grades you receive. –Kristina Kauffman If you have Mr. Volkman, don’t put the hokey pokey in the class constitution. – Sherry Pennington

Keep walking…- Caitlin Knobbe

Run while you can. –Sean Bodnar

You only get to experience high school once- so live it up. Laugh l o u d l y, dance in t h e hallways, make as Picture taken by Whitney Faber m a n y friends as you can, and sparknote everything. –Roxanne Wang

Don’t stand in the hallways and just talk. You’re in the people’s way, move! Oh and for the PDA, get a room. –Shineliegh Dias

Go to an out of state college where there is actually nice weather. –Allie Gunter Don’t worry about rumors or nasty words. –Ashley Hill Walk in the stupid hallway, not a hard concept… If you need to talk, move to the side. –Zak Geil Calculator games are a great way to make it through math, but don’t let Mr. Wagner see them. –Andrew McGowan School isn’t fun, so make it fun. –Kyle Sander Don’t be close minded. –Scott Gilmore

Live life how you want to live it, make yourself happy before you make other people happy! You know what I’m talking about! –Chris Patterson People could care less how well you dress or what things you own if you treat them like crap –Be Nice! –Anne Pearson

Try to get involved in everything you can. Don’t worry about how it might alter your image. If you want to do it, go for it! – Danielle Parker Take advantage of every opportunity you are given. You only live once. –Katie Rooney

Remember to put things in perspective. Your grades and social status in high school are not as important as you think they are. There are bigger and b e t t e r things in Picture taken by Whitney Faber life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. –Kurt Heimbrock Live life to the fullest…in college. It’s too risky in high school. –Lauren Beachy If you are given the choice of drinking or not drinking… choose not drinking. –Ryan Gunnarson

High school goes by faster than you think. Enjoy it while you can. –Taylor Russell

Treat the halls like a road. Don’t stop, slow traffic k e e p right. Look both w a y s before crossing. I f someone Picture taken by Whitney Faber is bigger than you, they have the right of way. –Ben Liles Dress up on dress up days, get to the dances at eight, and have the best four years of your life! –Leah Sos

Get your work done during the week, have fun on the weekends! –Michelle Veite Stand your grounds when you know you’re right, over anyone. –Pete Merkle Make sure you do all your homework, never miss too much school, enjoy the last years, and don’t worry about everyone else! –Sami Sharp You still have a few years left and senior year may seem far away but it will arrive before you know it. There are parts of the next few years you’ll hate and some you’ll cherish, but just remember that you’re only here for a short time, so just take a deep breath and move on. –Allison Schaaf Do not take lifetime sports. –Mike Morrison Do not stand in the middle of the hallway. PDA is annoying; no one wants to see that. Oh, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T the seniors: they’ve waited four years of high school to be seniors so you should respect them. You will one day be a senior too… don’t worry. –Andrea Wilson Don’t post pictures on facebook that administration could use against you! –Molly Vargo

Party while you can because it will all be over before you realize it. –Pete Merkle

Respect the Seniors! –Brittany Minturn

Don’t do drugs just give hugs. –Anne Pearson

To learn how to walk in the hallways: don’t step in the middle of the hallways, move to the side. Oh… and don’t show PDA. That’s gross (no one wants to see it)! –Lynzi Engel

Be yourself. Don’t think so much- just follow your heart. –Carolyn Gagliardi

Have fun with everything you do! –Jess Peller

Don’t stop in the middle of the hall. The upperclassmen will plow you over if you get in the way. You can talk to your friends at the end of the day. –Michelle Kramp

Try and get the best results with as little effort as possible. –Royal Moore

Work hard because senior year you will regret not doing your best, especially when it is time to apply to college. –Natalie Roberts Go to Senior Prom! –Adam Gordon

High school goes fast, so don’t dote too much on one thing or you’ll miss everything else happening around y o u . Carpe Diem! – Hannah Steinberg Picture taken by Whitney Faber Don’t be afraid to visit the guidance counselor, ask them everything you need to know. –Kelsey Bull

Make sure you stay true to yourself, because it ends up being the most important thing in the end. –Gabby Henskens Have fun! It’s not worth getting mad over the small things. Just move on and forget about it because it probably won’t matter in a week. –Randi Granat Take robotics and fantasy sci-fi. –Lauren Weyand Don’t get caught! –Chris White Don’t get nervous. –Thomas Dearden GPA is more important than you think. Don’t blow off easy classes. –Mitchell Schnure High School goes by really fast- don’t wish it away. –Emily Kerr

Behave! –Megan Gardis

Whatever actions or words you do or speak won’t matter in the next 5 years. – Ashley Hill

Have fun and don’t take AP English. – Shandi Huber

Editor: Whitney Faber

No PDA in the halls. –Ash Bouchér

Don’t apply to my college. -Garrett Maple Most of all- have fun. –Ashley Hill

High school is all about finding out what you enjoy doing, so try new things and meet new people. High school is where you should figure out what you want to do in life. –Danny Ingstrup


Listen to your teachers- when it’s important. –Jeanne Shelanskey

It may seem slow now, but high school goes by really quick. Cherish every moment. – Jessica Grissom Syd- Don’t stress out… it’s dumb and have fun in high school because it goes fast! Love you. –Taylor Meinking

If you’re going to pull an all-

nighter to do your homework, don’t drink energy drinks back to b a c k , spread them out. That way you won’t crash so hard and you won’t pee so much. – Picture taken by Whitney Faber E r i k a Koth Try to be exempt from exams senior year. – Arielle Warner Have one best friend, they will always be there. –Angie Wilkinson Don’t be fake. If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to be mean to them but please don’t act like you’re best friends. Be yourself- not someone else- one of someone is enough, thank you very much. –Katie Henn Stay out of trouble and have as much fun as possible because it will be over in the blink of an eye. –Mike Cooperstein

4 FRIDAY, May 25, 2007


Editor: Laura Bryant

Going, Going, Gone! Brittany Minturn: Eastern Kentucky University Ashley Hill: Green Mountain College Scott Gilmore: University of Cincinnati Kate Clements: Ohio State University Natalie Roberts: Ohio University Allie Gunter: University of South Florida Steven Peterson: University of South Carolina Andrew McGowan: Ohio State University Zak Geil: University of Cincinnati Sarah Leeper: Ohio State University Caitlin Knobbe: University of Cincinnati Rebeccah Miller: Savannah College of Art and Design Alex Elias: Northern Kentucky University Elliot Dolan: Ohio State University Garrett Maple: Ohio Northern University Alex Seney: Grace College Hilary Burkhard: Miami University Brian Millhaem: Indiana University

Jessica Grissom: University of Tennessee Greg Weimer: University of Cincinnati Lexi Rawls: Cincinnati State Justin Hawk: Miami University Mitchell Schnure: Ohio State University John Cadwallader: University of Cincinnati Shandi Huber: Ohio University Ryan Gunnarson: Capital University Michael Vest: University of Cincinnati Jessica Peterson: Maryville College Leah Sos: University of Cincinnati: DAAP Taylor Meinking: University of Kentucky Katie Rooney: Ohio State University Maggie Malach: University of Dayton Sean Bodnar: University of Cincinnati Adam Gordon: Purdue University Sherry Pennington: Hanover College Krystine Kauffman: University of Cincinnati

John Jefferies: Police Academy of South Florida Stephanie Malof: University of Cincinnati Ashley Boucher: Bowling Green State University Michelle Lautenslager: University of South Florida Eva Valentine: University of Cincinnati Madison Nolte: University of South Florida Stacy Fenn: University of Cincinnati Jeff Lawton: Miami University Danny Ingstrup: Full Sail Chris Patterson: Carson- Newman College Lauren Beachy: Ohio State University Roxanne Wang: Ohio State University Carolyn Gagliardi: Taylor University Michelle Kramp: Kent State University Shineligh Dias: Eastern Kentucky University Danielle Parker: University of Cincinnati Jeanne Shelanskey: University of Cincinnati Maggie Malach: University of Dayton

Kurt Heimbrock: Ohio State University Sami Sharp: Art Institute of Ohio Andrea Wilson: Ohio State University Molly Vargo: Northern Kentucky University Linzi Engel: University of Evansville Jess Peller: Ohio University Royal Moore: Rollins College Michelle Veite: Xavier University Heather Benson: Miami University Megan Gardis: University of Cincinnati Marissa Ure: Eastern University Angie Wilkingson: University of Kentucky Arielle Warner: Florida State University Rebecca Dykstra: Miami University Andrea Horan: Ball State University Kelly Tucker: Ohio University Heidi Williams: University of Tennessee

FRIDAY, May 25, 2007

In Ten Years...


Editor: Neill Lewis

...Where do the seniors see themselves? Hillary Buckhard Graduate from law school, living it up in New York City.

Lauren Beachy Having a degree in something sweet and having a fun lovin’ family.

Anne Pearson Hopefully married and have one or two children… If not nursing!

Michelle Veite In ten years I see myself working as a chemist for Proctor and Gamble.

Alex Seney Maried with one child and on staff with student venture.

Ryan Gunnarson I will be working at a business corporation while coaching a school football team. I will also be a youth pastor at my church in Columbus, OH.

Hannah Steinberg Working as a graphic designer, maybe married, maybe dating, maybe single, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Alison Schaaf I hope that ten years from now I am either a pastry chef or a hairdresser (depending on what I decide to do) and maybe I’ll have a husband and family if I’m lucky.

Garrett Maple Not in Loveland. Elliott Dolan Working at a genetics firm after a majer break through increased our profits by 400%.

Roxanne Wang Married to Jesse McCartney in a 500 million dollar house in California, surfing the waves, with six kids.

Maggíe Malach Traveling the world, rich and famous, of course. And I’ll own a convertible!

Megan Gardis In my own house with a job as a nurse.

Alex Elias Married, starting a family, a career in nursing, living out west!

Pete Merkle Working, having fun, and enjoying life as much as possible.

Caitlin Knobbe I see myself living in a nice house on a hill surrounded by a white picket fence. I will have a pet llama and two and a half children. I will be married to a guy named John who is an artist, and I will be a pharmacist.

Lauren Weyand Living in the city. Maybe San Francisco. I’ll be a pharmacist and have a cat named Dave. Randi Granat I see myself married and a stay at home mom with a bunch of kids.

Sarah Leeper With Shia.

Mitchell Schnure In a big house with a family.

Zak Geil Married to Danielle Parker ☺

Kelsey Bull Graduated from UT, with a PHD in educational psychology with a hubby and beginning a family or educating middle school students/school counseling.

Andrew McGowan I will be starting down the path to being wealthy. I will have a career in mechanical engineering in a good business. Hopefully I will be married by then, but who knows? Steven Petersen Living down south with a steady job, enjoying life. Allie Gunter Traveling the world, being the next Jane Goodall, according to Jessi Leah Grissom. Natalie Roberts Married with kids and a nice job…. Money in the bank! Kate Clements I will have won the lottery ($150 Million) and living in L.A.. Scott Gilmore Finishing school. Ashley Hill With a job, livin the life, most of all being happy and living someplace beautiful. Brittany Minturn Probably stuck in Loveland working.

Gabby Henskins Teaching choir at a high school. Thomas Dearden Hawaii… or Africa.

Carolyn Gagliardi Pregers and married to a hunk living in North Carolina on the beach.

Chris White Tied down in the suburbs with a fenced in yard.

Michelle Kramp I see myself living in Australia living with 2 pet kangaroos… and owning a business. Danny Ingstrup Working as a concept artist for a successful video game company. Chris Patterson Livin life single, exploring the world as an accomplished tattoo artist. Shineliegh Dias In another country, maybe teaching.

Katie Rooney Graduate school, working to find the cure for cancer.

Heather Benson Teaching first grade and living somewhere other than Ohio.

Ben Liles Far away… Leah Sos I am in a foreign country with a sexy foreign guy and I am a famous fashion photographer.

Erika Koth I don’t want to say married because that’s scary, but I hope whatever I’m doing I’m happy.

Sami Sharp Hopefully have my own clothing boutique and possibly married with kids. Kurt Heimbrock Practicing therapy on my way to a doctorate in psychology. Andrea Wilson Hopefully somewhere far away from Ohio with a successful job and a great husband… maybe kids, not so sure yet. Molly Vargo I see myself married with 2 kids working my own practice in Physical Therapy. Lynzi Engel I see myself living on a farm with three kids and a lovely husband. I’ll be working as a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a minor in athletic training. I’ll be far away from Loveland. Royal Moore Hopefully in medical school or just starting my residency to become a doctor.

Arielle Warner In ten years I hope to be well traveled and in love. I hope I have a steady job in the music industry and to be completing graduate school for operatic performance. Angie Wilkinson A math teacher, living in Amberly’s basement, watching re-runs of Laguna Beach, and loving life (haha just kidding, but it is funny!). Jessica Grissom I will be a medical resident in a hospital in Chicago. Taylor Meinking Married to a hot baseball player. Emily Kerr Married and starting a family, have a career, and living in North Carolina. Marissa Ure Married with children and living my life to help others. Katie Henn Living in New York City, hopefully on Broadway.

Senior Su

6 FRIDAY, May 25, 2007

Mr. & Miss Senior Most Photogenic


Most Unique

John Jeffries &Kelsey Bull

Brian Bates & Molly Slabaugh

Derik McClary & Emily Kolberg

Adam Campbell & Ashley Hill

Most Artistic

Best Friends

Best Personality

Teachers Pet

Johidus Jude & Leah Sos

Royal Moore & Patrick Grant

Nick Moggenburg & Chelsea Gilberson

Alex Senney & Michelle Veite

Most Laid Back

Class Flirt

Best Looking

Class Dittz

Alex Werk & Kelly Martin

Justin Gatton & Natalie Robinson

Justin Hawk & Amberly Ellis

Scot Gilmore &Sarah Neimeyer

Best Physique

Matt Carleson & Jessica Peterson

Most Changed Since Freshman Year

Kyle Nunn & Kelly Tucker

Most Likely To Most Likely To Be On A Reality Marry A MillionTV Show aire

Joe Sweigert & Stacey Finn T.C. Bartozic & Hillary Burkhardt


7 Editor: Abbey Veith

Best Smile

Best Laugh

Best Eyes

Loud Mouth

Ryan Gunnarson & Sam Grimm

Parker Caldwell & Molly Vargo

Mike Gehler & Megan Fitzpatrick

Sean Bodnar & Deanna Gregoire

Most Spirited

Best Couple

Most Athletic

Best Hair

Adam Crawford & Angie Wilkinson

Mike Morrison & Carolyn Gagliardi

Patrick Grant & Lauren Beachy

Mike Defilipo & Eva Valentine

Most Musical


Biggest Attitude

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Mitch Shnure & Arielle Warner

Mike Sharpneck &Kelly Ramos

Rafi Huezo & Megan Gardis

T.C. Coleman & Erika Koth

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FRIDAY, May 25, 2007

Editor: Ian Willemin

From beginning to end. The Roar documents significant events in our senior class’ highschool career. Dec 14th April 9th Feb 1st July 22nd Bagdahd falls to U.S. forces.

Uday and Qusay are killed in a raid.

Saddam is captured.


Space shuttle Columbia Crashes.


Jan 3rd

April 30th

June 5th

Iraq prison scandal sparks a mad debate.

Former president Ronald Reagan dies.

Nov 2nd Bush is reelected.

Nasa safely lands a rover on Mars.


April 2nd Pope John Paul the II dies.

Jun 13 Michael Jackson is aquited of all charges.

Aug 29th

Jul 24th

Hurricane Katrina destroys the coastline. Lance Armstrong wins 7th Tour De France.

Feb 12th

Oct. 2nd

Gerald Ford dies.

Aug 27th 49 die in plane crash in Kentucky



Cheney shoots man in hunting mishap. Fatal shooting at Amish school

Dec 26th

Virginia tech shooting. 33 dead. All photos taken from with the exception of the VT turkey, drawn by our own Leah Sos.

FRIDAY, May 25, 2007

Senior Siblings


Editor: Kristina Kottenbrook and Whitney Faber

Senior Legacies

Now that our seniors are going off to college, it’s up to their siblings to rule Loveland High...

Brocks, Bauckes, Beachys, Bitzers, Bouchers, Browns, Budingers, Cadwalladers, Conards, Cybulskis, Deurmits, Dolans, Dundes, Dykstras, Eberhardts, Eliases, Ellises, Engels, Fords, Gardises, Gattons, Gaydas, Gehlers, Gilbertsons, Glass and Collet, Gohmans, Goodes, Gordons, Gormans, Hannans, Hefflers, Heimbrocks, Henskens, Huezos, Ingstrups, Joberts, Kerrs, Kings, Kings,

Knobbes, Kolbergs, Kreiners, Lawtons, Leamy, Liles, Lozens, Malofs, Maples, Marcellos, Meinkings, Mayerles, Mayos, McClarys, McOskers, Malloys, Morrisons, O’Briens, Oglesbys, Oligees, Pearsons, Pfaltzgraffs, Pohls, Rahms, Ramoses, Russells, Rutkowskis, Sadlers, Schmahls, Shaknaitis, Sharps, Slabaughs, Smiths, Smiths, Soses, Stamatkos, Steinbergs, Strongs, Tuckers, Vargos, Veites, Vests, Walls, Warners, Wilmes, Youngs


10 FRIDAY, May 25, 2007



Rebeccah Miller Mrs. Grant Alex Elias Mrs. Partridge Elliott Dolan Mrs. Weill Garrett Maple Ms. Evans Hilary Burkhard Mr. Warden Alex Seney Mrs. Borchers Caitlin Knobbe Mrs. Powers Zak Geil Mrs. Partridge Andrew McGowan Mr. Allison Kyle Sander Mr. Zinnecker Sarah Leeper Mr. Lail Scot Gilmore Ms. Templeton Ashley Hill Mrs. Grant Brittany Minturn Mr. Dunlap Kate Clements Ms. Evans Natalie Roberts Mr. Ferone Allie Gunter Mrs. Partridge Steven Peterson Mr. Partin Shandi Huber Mr. Dunlap Stacy Fenn Mr. Zinnecker Jeff Lawton Mrs. Borchers Eva Valentine Mr. Dunlap Michelle Lautenslager Mr. Conatser Sean Bodner Mr. Allison Stephanie Malof Mrs. Jamison Ash Bouchér Mrs. Burge Krystine Kauffmen Ms. Templeton John Jefferies Mr. Reed Sherry Pennington Mr. Murray Jessica Nightingale Mr. Jones Adam Gordon Mr. Friedman Danny Ingstrup Mr. Zinnecker Michelle Kramp Mrs. Koch Carolyn Gagliardi Mrs. Powers Shineliegh Dias Mr. Ferone Danielle Parker Mr. Reed Kelsey Bull Mr. Ferone Roxanne Wang Mr. Zinnecker Chris Patterson Mr. Conatser Taylor Russell Mrs. Borchers Lauren Beachy Mrs. Hudson Ryan Gunnarson Mrs. Powers Ben Liles Miss Weill Brian Millhaem Mrs. Bosse Katie Rooney Mrs. Borchers Leah Sos Ms. Templeton Anne Pearson Mr. Zinnecker Hannah Steinberg Mrs. Partridge Royal Moore Mrs. Jamison Megan Gardis Mr. Geiger Michelle Veite Mrs. Evans Pete Merkle Mr. Dorsey Sami Sharp The Jamisons Alisson Schaaf Mr. Damewood Kurt Heimbrock Mr. Zinnecker Maggie Malach Mrs. Borchers Heather Benson Mrs. Swenson Jess Peller Mr. Miller Lynzi Engel Mrs. Swenson Molly Vargo Mr. Zinnecker Andrea Wilson Mr. Ferone Jeanne Shelansky Mr. Damewood Randi Granat Mrs. Walsh Lauren Weyand Mr. Geiger Chris White Mrs. Viox Thomas Dearden Mr. Allison Mitchell Schnure Mr. Maegly Mike Vest Coach Thomas Taylor Meinking Ms. Templeton Erika Koth Mr. Lail Emily Kerr Mrs. Partridge Jessica Grissom Mrs. Partridge Marissa Ure Mr. Allison Angie Wilkinson Ms. Templeton Arielle Warner Ms. Templeton Katie Henn Mr. Jones Mike Cooperstein Mr. Schmidt Mike Morrison Mr. Warden Amanda Kreiner Mrs. Borchers

Editors: Erika Odioso and David Derrick

TV Show Scrubs Paula’s Home Cooking Heroes NUMB3RS Sports Center N/A Bananas in Pajamas Everybody Loves Ray Family Guy Scooby Doo Bob Ross Miami Ink Six Feet Under Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy American Idol Lizzie McGuire South Park The Hills Grey’s Anatomy Entourage Prison Break The Hills Smallville Everybody Loves Ray Crocodile Hunter Grey’s Anatomy Cops House The Daily Show Friday Night Lights My Name is Earl Grey’s Anatomy Flavor of Love Saved by the Bell Gilmore Girls Grey’s Anatomy The OC Miami Ink N/A 24 LOST Jeopardy Sports Center Grey’s Anatomy A.N.T.M. Amazing Race Grey’s Anatomy House Real World Simpsons King of the Hill Project Runway MXC Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Friends That 70’s Show That 70’s Show Grey’s Anatomy Ugly Betty Simpsons House South Park Entourage CSI Lost Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Six Feet Under Laguna Beach Grey’s Anatomy Gilmore Girls The Ultimate Fighter Laguna Beach Without a Trace

Band Neutral Milk Hotel Taylor Swift Linkin Park Fort Minor Rascal Flatts Chris Tomlin Christina Aguilera Dave Matthews Band Goo Goo Dolls Mike Jones Coldplay Dropkick Murpheys The Strokes Tim McGraw Teddy Geiger Dave Matthews Band Jason Mraz Lucky Boys Confusion Rascal Flatts John Mayer Blink 182 All American Rejects John Mayer Lil’ Wayne Pharrell Chris Daugherty Rascal Flatts The Temptations N/A The Clash Red Hot Chili Peppers N/A Thirsty Merc Joss Stone Fergie AC/DC Jack Johnson Jesse McCartney The Academy Is Red Hot Chilli Peppers Carrie Underwood John Reuben Catch 22 Red Hot Chili Peppers The Fray Oasis Relient K The Academy Is Third Eye Blind Yung Joc Evanescence Lil Wayne Boys Like Girls Muse Keller Williams Something Corporate The Fray John Legend Tenth Avenue North Kenny Chesney Rascal Flatts The Spill Canvas AC/DC Incubus Say Anything Plain White T’s Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chili Peppers John Mayer Saosin Dave Matthews Band Red Hot Chili Peppers Me Without You Rascal Flatts John Mayer Michelle Branch OAR Red Hot Chili Peppers Anyone Country


Highschool Year Event

Uma Thurman 12th N/A Jake Gyllenhaal 12th Graduation Tony Jaa 11th After Prom Keira Knightly None Graduation Ben Stiller 12th Homecoming Week N/A 11th Gas Leak! Will Ferrel 12th Senior Prom Brad Pitt 12th Prom Adam Sandler 12th Prom N/A 10th N/A Shia 12th Lunch with Alex Adam Sandler 12th After Prom Jude Law 12th Senior Week N/A 10th N/A Matt Damon 12th Everything Rachel McAdams 11th Prom Leo DiCaprio 10th Graduation Jason Alexander FAVC Tennis Tournament 12th Matthew McConaughey 11th Football Games Will Ferrell 12th Fall Homecoming Gilbert Godfrey 11th Fall Homecoming Mark Wahlberg 11th First Football Games Jude Law 12th Homecoming Will Ferrell 12th Football Games Taye Diggs All Dances Adam Sandler 12th Powerlifting Kiera Knightly 11th Homecoming Bruce Willis 12th Football Games Steve Carrell 12th N/A Jon Stewart 12th Bonfires Tom Cruise 12th Lunch Table Simon Pegg Basketball Senior Night 12th Will Ferrell 12th Senior Prom Reece Witherspoon 12th Dances Josh Hartnett 10/12th N/A Johnny Depp 11th AP History Rachel McAdams 11th Senior Homecoming Mick Cannon 12th Homecoming Week Vin Diesal 12th Baseball Games Will Ferrell 11th After Prom Jim Carey 12th Prom Denzel Washington 12th Friday Nights Lights Ed Norton 12th The bell at 2:20 Jack Nicholson 12th N/A Orlando Bloom 10th Graduation Adam Brody 12th All Dances Orlando Bloom 12th After Prom Hugh Grant 9th Dances Ryan Reynolds 10th Varsity Soccer Angelina Jolie 12th Homecoming 2006 Sarah Jessica Parker 11th Homecoming Week N/A 11th Homecoming Week Ben Affleck 11th Homecoming Week Harrison Ford 9th After Prom Edward Norton 12th Gas Leak N/A 11th Gas Leak Chad Michael Murray 12th Prom N/A 11th Euro Trip Matt Damon 11th Homecoming Week Molly Shannon Football & Bball Games 11th Josh Hartnet 11th Football Games N/A 12th Homecoming Kirstie Alley 10th Basketball Games Julius Sumner Miller 10th Gas Leak Ethan Hawke 11th Washington Trip N/A 9th Robotics Matt Damon 9th Jr. Prom Al Pacino 12th N/A Eva Mendez 11th All Dances Matt Mayerle 12th Homecoming Week Hugh Grant 12th Graduation Natalie Portman 11th Senior Week Juluis Sumner Miller 11th N/A Adam Sandler 11th Homecoming Week Jude Law 12th Show Choir 06-07 Julia Murney 12th Footloose Mark Wahlberg 9th Friday Night Lights Tom Cruise 12th N/A Adam Sandler 9th Homecoming Week

Under Classman Chelsea Sanders Kyle Lewis Sarah Bailey Nick Thorvaldsen Mollie Fitzgerald Bubba Williams Kristen Knobbe Tyler Gabbard Kyle Miller N/A Andrew Shaknaitis Chole Temple Sam Collins Zach Griffin David Derrick Katie Kerkhove Kyle Lewis Brett Bitzer Paige Burt Alyssa Lohrman Bubba Williams Ellen Budde Sam Mather Nick Sillet Taylor Goode Bryan Maclean Jen Elmore Mike Sullivan Haler Mueller Carrie Southcott Meghan Leever Travis Fason Guard Girls Allie Wilson N/A Megan Leever Paige Burt Abbey Veith John Kennedy Matt Vanover Samantha Beachy TJ Howard N/A N/A Ian Willemin Julia Sos Megan Leever All of ‘em Mike Brizzi Hannah King Jessica Veite Nick Sillett Savannah Sharp Jared Liles N/A Ian Willeman Stephanie Bales Zach Kelly Joey Sarnecki Abby Vargo Savannah Sharp Bradly Temple Sarah Nye Matt Dykstra Kasey Hawk Justin Talbot Ann Sporing Chase Stahl Syd Meinking Austin Bessey Hannah Mack Terra Kreiner Chelsea Sanders Pizazz Girls Ashley Warner Beau Cybulski Jim Hunter Maxwell Vest Natalie Putman

FRIDAY, May 25, 2007

Our Seniors

Maggie Malach

11 Drawings by Laura Rojo

Katie Rooney Mrs. Borchers

Jessica Grissom

Andrea Horan Kate Clements

Alex Seney

Danielle Richter

Kelly Tucker

Brian Millheam

Taylor Meinking Jessica Petersen

Shandi Huber

Mike Vest

To Mrs. Bor chers, who ha s always led th us, and to our n e way for ewsriting senio rs, congratulati will all be misse ons, you d next year.

Leah Sos

Ryan Gunnerson

Roxanne Wang

Tyler Achberger. Benjamin Adams. Jessica Adams. Tyler Addington. Christopher Anderson. Kelly A u g s p u r g e r. Samantha Bair. Christopher Bannister. T.C. Bartoszek. Brian Bates. Spencer Baucke. Lauren Beachy. Joshua Benham. Heather Benson. Justine Benzinger. Craig Bergman. Nicholas Berry. Nicholas Bertke. Jenab

Bhatia. Brittany Hilary Burkhard. Biggs. Brian J o h n Bitzer. Shayna C a d w a l l a d e r. B l a n k e n s h i p . Parker Caldwell. Sean Bodnar. N i c h o l a s Michael Boehm. Callahan. Adam Jamie Boller. Campbell. AlanMegen Boster. M i c h a e l Ashley Coucher. C a m p b e l l . Leslie Bowling. M e r a n d a Sandra Bradley. C a m p b e l l . Jeremy Braley. M a t t h e w Joshua Brock. Carlson. Tony Justin Brock. Castrucci. Tarah Matthew Brodof. C h i l d r e s s . Matthew Brown. K a t e l y n Timothy Brown. Clements. Trever Valerie Budinger. Coburn. Terrell Kelsey Bull. Coleman. Reece

Charles Ford. Megan Fitzpatrick. Austin Freeman. Carolyn Gagliardi. Megan Gardis. Justin Gatton. Steven Gayda. Christopher Geeding. Michael Gehler. Zachary Geiger. Zachary Geil. Robyn German. Chelsea Gilbertson. Scot Gilmore. Desheil Glass. Alexandria Glatte. Michael Goode. Adam Gordon. Brian Gorman. Randi Granat. Kramp. Amanda Kreiner. Marc Patrick Grant. Deanna Kutylowski. Michelle Gregoire. Samantha Grimm. Lautenslager. Kelly Lavieri. Jessica Grissom. Michael Emma Lawler. Jeffery Lawton. Gruber. Ryan Gunnarson. Elizabeth Layman. Shannon Allison Gunter. Megan Hamill. Leamy. David Lee. Sarah Jonathan Hannan. Brittney Leeper. Benjamin Liles. Mary Hansard. Kendra Hartman. Louke. Brian Lozen. Seth Lucas. Logan Hatfield. Justin Hawk. Sarah Madden. Margaret Kurt Heimbrock. Katherine Malach. Stephanie Malof. Henn. Gabrielle Henskens. Steven Manville. Robert Maple. Jacqueline Hicks. Ashley Hill. Kara Ann Marcello. Kelly Martin. Nate Hirsch. Brittney Hizard. Amanda Matosky. Matthew Nicholas Hohenberger. Mayerle. Abigail Mayo. Derek Christopher Holder. Andrea McClary. Paige McDonough. Horan. Shandi Huber. Rafael Janet McFadden. Andrew Huezo. Christopher Hundley. McGowan. Nicholas McKinney. Daniel Ingstrup. Sarah Jackson. Dale Mcosker. Kyle Meeks. Alicia Jackson. John Jefferies. James Allen Meeks. Taylor Elizabeth Jobert. Cody Jones. Meinking. Robert Menchen. Johidiss Jude. Lucas Karle. Peter Merkle. Rebeccah Miller. Krystine Kauffman. Emily Kerr. Brian Millhaem. Jonathan Stefanie King. Kelsey King. Minges. Brittany Minturn. Tatyana Klochan. Caitlin Nicholas Moeggenberger. Knobbe. Whittney Knoch. Jeremie Moeller. Matthew Emily Kolberg. Erika Koth. Molloy. Royal Moore. Ashley Brittany Kovacs. Michelle Morrison. Michael Morrison. Gerald Neal. Sara Niemeyer. Jessica Nightingale. Madison Nolte. Kyle Nunn. Timothy O’Brien. Crystal Odenbeck. Ashley Oglesby. David Oligee. Katelyn Orcutt. Michael Orsinelli. Adrianne Packard. Michael Palmer. Danielle Parker. Christopher Patterson. Andrew

Conard. Michael Cooperstein. Amanda Craig. Adam Crawford. Margo C u r r a n . M i c h a e l Cybulski. Adam Davis. Gregory Davis. Adam Davis. David Davis. Thomas Dearden. Rebekah Dededen. Zachary Dee. Michael Defillippo. Shineleigh Dias. Lindsey Dilibero. Joseph Discepoli. Elliot Dolan. Kyle D o p p l e r . Jessica Duermit. Lauren Dundes. R e b e c c a E b e r h a r d t . Alexandra Elias. Amberly Elis. Lynzi Engel. Stacy Fenn. Jessica Fitch. Megan Fitzpatrick.

Peal. Anee Pearson. Valerie Peeler. Jessica Peller. Sherry Pennington. Stephanie Perry. Jessica Petersen. Steven Peterson. Olivia Petrie. Taylor Pfaltzgraff. Andrew Pifer. Jacquelyn Pohl. Kristin Poindexter. Rebecca Quinones. Tyler Rahm. Kelly Ramos. Jessica Randall. Alexandrea Rawls. Danielle Richter. Rachel Robbins. Natalie Roberts. Christopher Romano. Katherine Rooney. Kate Rost. Sarah Royce. Jeffery Ruhl. Arron Russell. Taylor Russell. Kevin Rutkowski. Cameron Sadler. Cody Saffell. Zachary Said. Kyle Sander. Amanda Sawyer. Alison Schaaf. Sandra Schlachta. Michael Schmahl. Brian Schnell. Mitchell Schnure. Jessica Sears. Alex Seney. Jeffery Shaknaitis. Samantha Sharp. Michael Sharpnack. Jeanne Shelanskey. Julie Showler. David Simms. Sheila Simon. Molly Slabaugh. Brock Smith. Zachary Smith. Leah Sos. Demetra Stamatakos. Hannah Steinberg. Diana Steuber. Kristy Strong. Joseph Sweigart. Rachel Taylor. Ryan Tedford. Stacye Toups. Kelly Tucker. Marissa Ure. Eva Valentine. Molly Vargo. Michelle Veite. Michael Vest. Derek Vormwald. Kelly Voss. Heather Walls. Roxanne Wang. Arielle Warner. Gregory Weimer. Alexander Werk. Lauren Weyand. Christopher White. Angela Wilkinson. Heidi Williams. Bryan Wilmes. Andrea Wilson. Alexander Wilson. Eric Young.

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