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New Student or Undercover Cop? How did all of this come to pass? She even went on to say that the parents of the Superintendent John Frye came up with the person she knows (name withheld) are mad at “Hey man. Should we invite Estelle, the the school for allowing it to happen. idea and only told one other person, Carol new senior, to hang tonight? Ball, school board president. The two then “Yeah, sure, if she shows a photo I.D., contacted the North American Security birth certificate, family photo album, eighthSolutions Inc., which specializes in grade graduation picture, an FBI finger print undercover investigations. For about eight analysis...” months, the Milford Exempted Village School New student or undercover cop? District paid $60,000 for a detective in her Milford High School drug bust— good for 20s to play the part of an 18-year old high illegal activity but bad for new students. school student, taking tests, completing Friday, April 1st began like any other projects, making friends, and attending normal school day at Milford High School. parties. Then, there was an announcement and Senior Lizzie Brack questioned whether sixteen students were called to the or not the woman’s investigation was auditorium. Little did they know what was entrapment. “She could of easily pressured in store. the students to sell,” Brack said. Twelve juveniles and four adults were Ensor also said that she didn’t know the arrested in a major undercover drug bust whole story, but did think, “It was unfair and on charges of selling marijuana, dishonest for the school to pull something like hallucinogenic mushrooms, ecstasy, and that.” prescription drugs. Now, many students across the tri-state Loveland sophomore, Carly Ensor, knew will turn their heads cautiously at the Photo By Emily Odioso one of the juveniles arrested in the drug “students” they go to school with. Who Are you friends with this cop? bust and immediately responded that this knows, your lab partner just might be hiding case was not justifiable and “a little shady.” a badge. By Emily Odioso


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-The Drama That Is: American Idol -Fallon 2nd String Actor -Footloose Review


-Someone’s Always Watching -Hulkamania -Fighting For A Cure


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Let’s Talk About Life:

A Tribute to Charles Schmidt By Alyssa McClanahan Page Editor

to integrate talks about life and faith into his teachings.” The folder is a reminder of his deep-seated faith. 4. Do what you gotta do when you gotta do it. “I still enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to school. I dread those days that I cannot come.” Always looking professional and ready for each day in a suit with his briefcase, and of course the manila folder, he has a passion for school and education. Through substituting, Mr. Schmidt can continue to do what he loves. 5. Follow the rules. Mr. Schmidt not only abides by his rules of life, he also believes Photo By Alyssa McClanahan in following all rules. It takes a courageous and rare man to be able to effectively enforce school rules with high school students, yet Mr. and tribulations of life, he “never gives up.” 3. Have faith. Often coming into a Schmidt has a connection with high school classroom to sub for the missing teacher, he students, helping to guide each of us. 6. Don’t do anything that wouldn’t finds no written instruction. At this point, he says with a smile, “Let’s not talk about math; make your mother proud. It’s safe to say let’s talk about life.” Pulling out a thick manila that Mr. Schmidt is the quintessential epitome folder, he begins to leaf through hundreds of of a person who would trigger motherly pride. papers to share an inspiring quote about life. He greets everyone with courtesy and a kind Or perhaps he begins to tell us a story. When word. 7… to be continued. Do not worry; Mr. Mr. Schmidt came to Loveland in 1973, he began to collect quotes, cards, Bible verses, Schmidt has given insides scoop that more passages from the Upper Room, and numerous life rules are in the making. He never stops. other sources of inspiration to store in his folder. Mr. Schmidt is one of the rare people in this Throughout his career of teaching and world that truly and completely impacts substituting, Mr. Schmidt has made it “a point people.

Teachers plan. Athletes practice. Students prep. And substitutes just show up. This is of course with the exception of Mr. Charles Schmidt. “Schmidty,” as we all know and respectfully refer to him, plans, practices, preps, and is forever present to share his renowned philosophy of life with all in his sphere of influence. Forty-eight years of successful teaching, administrating, and coaching allow Mr. Schmidt to live each day by his own philosophy. His philosophy inspired six COVERED IN legendary rules of life. 1. Do the best you can with what BEES... you have. When Mr. Schmidt tried out -Mark Biancaniello was for the Varsity football team as an covered in a mantle of undersized freshman, his father told him bees weighing 87.5 lb. -On July 21, 1998, at he could try out, but he could not, under Fair Oaks, California, any circumstance, cry about it being too tough later. He had to stick with it and do this man had about the best he could with what he had. Rule 350,000 bees on his #1 was born. face. 2. Never give up. Recalling his -Wouldn’t what to bee childhood during the crippling Depression, that guy! daily life was arduous. “When I was LONGEST young, times were not real good, but I KISS -Louisa Almedovar and think we appreciated the basics.” He insisted that, despite the hardship, he had her boyfriend, Rich a happy childhood. Throughout the trials Langley, kissed 1987-1988: non-stop for 30 hours, 1955-1957: Georgetown HS 1959-1973: Lockland HS Next stop Born in Chicago; Loveland HS 1988: Retirement... 59 minutes, and 27 (PE and English teacher & (Health teacher, stayed until 3rd Wilmington, OH Drafted during principal But not really seconds. (5th-12th grade) the Korean war baseball/basketball coach) basketball coach) grade (Assistant Varsity -They didn’t separate basketball coach until once to sit down, eat, or 1957-1959: Wilmington HS 2002 as well as fulltime 1973-1987: Loveland Jan. 1955: even visit the bathroom. Indianapolis for two Wilmington College (American History teacher & substitute for which HS (Assistant HS Released from years (Major: Education) -True love? basketball and JV




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April 22, 2005



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April 22, 2005


Ready to Run Coaches’ Classic April 8th. Her amazing performance was a personal best and allowed her to smash the The track season has quietly ran up on fans and previous school record of 16’10.5” shared by Shannon track athletes who look forward to taking their hard McCoy and Allison Stier. She also broke the FAVC off-season preparation to the track. record of 17’6.75” held by Desiree Jones of When asked how the team would be this year, senior Wilmington. She was understandably excited and said, Max Stier replied with an honest answer. “We’re “I can’t wait for my coach to call from Italy to tell her rebuilding. Two years ago we won the FAVC, which about my jump.” The gift of flying is something most was our highest point, and since then, we have been people don’t have, which is why this should land her a trying to bring our numbers back up.” Although they spot at state. When asked about going to state, Vaccarí are rebuilding, he still seemed pretty optimistic about was exceptionally modest when she replied, “If it a few facets of the team. Stier stated that, “The happens, I’ll be extremely excited.” distance team is coming off an FAVC Championship Although the track team may not be as stellar as in cross-country season and Nate Duncan and Will Miller years’ past, they still have some athletes who’ll be are strong athletes and will score a lot of points.” The able to make a legitimate run at state. Many of track team had been conditioning indoors on Tuesday students don’t go out and support the track team, but and Thursday for two weeks prior to their first any support they get is greatly appreciated. Stier was practice, which was on Monday, February 7th. asked why people should come out and support the A pleasant surprise to the team this year is foreign team and jokingly replied, “You get a lot of event for exchange student, Chiara Vaccarí. This is her first your money.” For this reason alone, try to make it out trip to the U.S. and she’s excited about the upcoming to at least one meet to watch friends take their difficult track season. The coaches should be just excited as off-season conditioning to the track. In fact, go support she is, recently discovering that this young Italian can them today at the Milford Invitational at Milford High nearly fly, long jumping an astounding 17’7” at The School. With such a great start to the season, the Tigers are looking forward to a great season. Their amazing depth is so full of talent one can expect only great things for this baseball team. Captain Christian said, By Cam Catalfu “If people stay healthy and play to their full potential, Page Editor With the 2005 baseball season well underway, this team could do something really special.” the Tigers are 7-5 overall and 4-4 in the league. FIELD UPDATE: The team is ready, but what about Leading the team, not only in the field but also at the the field? plate, are seniors Jason Christian and Joel Ernst, and Every “Home” game the Varsity baseball team gets juniors Max Whiteside and Danny Rosenbaum. on a bus and travels to Midland to play. Why? Great Christian is leading the team in hitting with his solid things, like their beautiful field renovation, takes a lot batting average and stellar on-base percentage. Ernst of time and hard work. Saturday, April 2, sod was laid is throwing well on the on the field, and from mound and only getting there, the workers stronger. Whiteside is completed the field’s being an effective lead off fencing and the installation hitter and playing great of new foul poles. The defense at second base. press box was perfected Rosenbaum is leading the and the dugouts were pitching staff in strikeouts. completed. The field was Also stepping up for the finally finished Saturday team this year is third April 9. Now, the team is Photo by: Cam Catalfu baseman Scott Smiertka waiting for approval on their and left fielder Taylor Russell. Smiertka is shining in PA system and for the setup the number two slot of the batting order, while Russell of the concession stand. They officially took the field is an exceptional utility player. on April 16 against the Wilmington Hurricanes. By Ryan Benson

Staff Writer

Field of Dreams


Swinging for the Fences By Jason Christian Staff Writer

The Loveland High School Varsity softball team is currently ranked eighth in the city by the coaches poll. The outlook is bright for the team this year. The Tigers are led by seniors Theresa Lee and Sammie Blake, and juniors Cam Catalfu and Karen Simmons. Karen is patrolling the mound for the third straight year, and looks to extend on a marvelous career so far. Junior Cam Catalfu also is looking to continue a solid career. She is known for her glove as much as her fantastic bat. She owns the Loveland batting average record for a single season at .527. Five games into this 2005 season the Tigers are looking good with a 3-0 record in the FAVC and a 4-1 record overall. Their only loss came in the season opener to Mercy in a 4-0 defeat. In game two against league opponent Amelia, the Tigers stormed to an 111 victory as Simmons got the win on the mound and hit a home run. Her home run was the first to leave the softball field in over three years. The third game against Ursuline Academy was a walk in the park for the Tigers as they topped the Lions 10-0. Sophomore Stacye Toups pitched and had a career high fourteen strikeouts. Amelia was no match for the Tigers as they continued their excellence in FAVC play. The Tigers have now beat Glen Este two straight games to improve their league record to 4-0. The Tigers are playing great ball and getting pleasant surprises from sophomore Taylor Meinking, who is leading the team in hitting. Junior Bethany Zinsser occupies the first base position. This is her first time at that spot, and is adapting nicely.

The Boys Are Back in Town By Elise Colwell Staff Writer

“Go Cincinnati Rockers!” “Go Cincinnati Swarm!” Ever heard those phrases being screamed from the stands? Probably not. These two teams were our previous indoor arena football organizations, but make way; the boys are back in town. This time, the team is going by the name of the Cincinnati Marshals and they are associated with the National Indoor Football League, or the NIFL. For those out there that don’t know how arena football is played, or have never even heard of it, here are a few basics. The rules are basically the same as regular football. There are 15 minute quarters (overtime is a 15 minute, sudden death round) and a 15 minute halftime, and the clock stops when the play goes out of bounds. Each team still gets three time-outs per half, there are four opportunities to advance the ball ten yards, and the scoring is exactly the same.

There is a definite difference in the dimensions of the field, however. The players compete on a padded surface 85 feet wide and 50 yards long, whereas the field is 100 yards long in the NFL. The goal posts are 9 feet wide with the crossbar set at a height of 15 feet compared to the NFL goal posts which are 18 ½ feet wide and the crossbar only 10 feet off the ground. The Marshal’s general manager, H. R. Silvagni, is obviously excited about this new development. He states, “There’s a new marshal in town, and we’re gonna make you happy about it.” The owner of the new Cincinnati team, H. P. Patterson, seems confident in the season, even with the past failures Courtesy of: ESPN at hand. He professes, “We’ve done research all the way back to when the Rockers were here….When we plan on making it a championship team, we also plan on making it a party.” With this new attitude and enthusiasm portrayed toward a team, it will be hard to fail. The talent is pretty good, with some players recruited that had previous experience such as our quarterback, Brett

Dietz, who played last summer in Hanover. The man leading it all, the head coach, Ed Biles, who has had many former coaching jobs and is well equipped for the challenge of making this team the one that sticks around in Cincinnati. The Marshals first game was March 26, 2005 against the Beaumont Drillers, unfortunately this game was not as successful as most people would’ve liked, losing 36-24. The numbers don’t tell it all though. The team played with amazing drive and energy that was prevalent in the way the team members chanted and rooted for each other. Applying this determination is going to be the key ingredient for this team. The second game turned out slightly better for the Marshals. Though still losing, they only were down 2 points with the final score being 53-55 against the River City Rage. Seven out the fourteen league games will be held in the U.S. Bank Arena, all on Saturday nights, starting at 7:30. The “cheap seat” tickets are only $10. If you’re in the mood to splurge, all you have to cough up is $25 for the VIP section, which includes the first three rows. With these prices, how could you resist this experience? Come out and support the new Cincinnati Marshals and help this team stay alive.

ENTERTAINMENT Page Editors: Jessica Wright and Caitlin Varley

The Drama That Is:

American Idol

By Kendall Bernstein Staff Writer th

It’s the 4 season of the hit reality series American Idol and many people are asking themselves if it is going to be the last. This season has been filled with more drama then ever before, leaving audiences wondering, is it just for the attention? Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, and Fantasia Barrino were the winners of the past, but it seems as though Kelly, the show’s first winner, was the only one who gained true success. With that, the show’s overall rating has been falling. One has to ask them self, is all this drama to get the ratings up and get another Kelly Clarkson? It all started the very first week of the show. Fans watched as Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, two of the judges from the show, went at each other’s throats like never before. They had always teased and taunted The top 12 pose but things got serious when, in one episode, the show’s producer had to come in and break the two up. In a few instances, either Simon or Paula would have to leave the room. Now do they really not like each other? Or are these fights just scripted because people love the drama? Guess we will never know. Both Simon and Paula deny any accusations that the show is scripted. They say they simply have very differing opinions and find it hard to agree . . . Hmmm... Things got fired up again when front-runner, Mario Vazquez decided to quit the competition for apparently no reason. As a member of the Top 12 and a crowd favorite, 27 year old Vasquez’s departure was frontpage news everywhere. Although he denies it, his time on the show earned him a fan base that will now follow

April 22, 2005


his every move. There has already been talk of a record deal for the singer. So was this little stunt planned? Well, no one can deny that his departure gained attention for both him and the show, that’s for sure! The drama continued when on March 22nd the wrong numbers were listed for contestants: Anwar Robinson, Mikalah Gordon, and Jessica Sierra. If viewers called to vote for one of the three, then their vote would go to another contestant. The number shown on the screen using letters was correct, but the complete phone numbers printed below were incorrect. Now, the show has been on for four years, one would think that they would know how to list the numbers by now, or could of caught the problem earlier. Especially, since the numbers are the same for each performer except the last two digits, which are simply the order in which they appear. For example if I performed second Courtesy of: idolonfox.xom my number would be, 1-866for a picture. IDOLS-02. So was this “mistake” really accidental? No one knows for sure, but on March 23 rd the contestant’s performances were re-shown and all votes from the previous night were apparently discarded and voting took place again with the right numbers. Drama, drama and more drama pretty much sums up this year’s show. There is probably only more to come as the show rounds down to find the next American Idol. My personal opinion? The show should follow the lead of Friends or Sex and the City and stop while they are ahead. Lets face it, the next winner will probably only be a one hit wonder like the others (besides Kelly) . . .wait . . .did Ruben even have a hit?


Fallon 2nd String Actor By Jessica Wright Page Editor

Spring has arrived. For girls, this means the beginning of the best clothes, the best shoes, and the best tan. But for boys, this new season brings only one thing: baseball. Teenage boys line up outside Great American Ballpark to get a glimpse at their childhood idols, but they are also running to the theatres to see Fever Pitch. For Ben Wrightman, played by Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live, he’s not just a fan of baseball, he lives and breathes it. Fever Pitch begins with a flashback to Ben’s first experience at the Boston Red Sox’s house of glory, Fenway Park. He instantly falls in love with the game, the smells, the food, everything. Then, twenty-three years later, he meets someone who ranks up to Red Sox baseball. Ben is a high school math teacher who takes his students to visit a woman who uses algebra in her everyday life. That woman turns out to be Lindsey Meeks (Drew Barrymore). Lindsey is a business executive who is attracted to Ben but he’s not exactly in her league, or so she thinks. After turning down Ben’s first date proposal, Lindsey finally accepts. Their love begins to blossom but only through the offseason. When opening day begins, a new Ben arises. Lindsey gets jealous. What will happen? Will Lindsey live up to Ben’s beloved Red Sox? You’ll have to go to the movie to find out. Fever Pitch is a perfect movie to see if you are in love and your boyfriend loves baseball. My boyfriend loved this movie more than I did. Granted he is the biggest baseball fan in the entire junior class. The movie is more of a baseball movie than a romantic comedy. I thought I would be laughing out of my seat, but there were only a few funny moments. Though the screenplay is well written, Fallon drops the ball. He does not grasp the character and, therefore, the love story is lame. I would only see this movie if you love Drew Barrymore or are a die-hard baseball fan.

Kevin Bacon Would Be Proud By Alyssa McClanahan Page Editor

Partridge as Ren McCormack, carried his role very credibly. These two performed with strong onstage chemistry, singing songs together such as “Almost Paradise” and dancing in jaw-dropping sequences. It isn’t everyday you see someone roller-skate on stage or do back-flips in the spotlight. The three best friends of Ariel Moore, played by Katie Henn, Gabby Henskens, and Arielle Warner, were not only hilarious but showed off amazing voice capabilities in songs such as “Somebody’s Eyes” and “I Need a Hero.” I must say that the only word to describe the town reverend, Josh Morford’s, acting and singing is wow. I think I see Broadway in his future. From the moment he walked on in his cowboy hat, Kevin Rutkowski owned the humor of the play. As the riotous sidekick for Partridge, Rutkowski had the entire audience doubled-over as he tried to learn to dance and refused to put his fists down. Jeremy Braley’s bad guy character of Chuck Cranston was played awesomely and it helped having two sidekicks with talent as well. Kendall Bernstein shined as the wife of the local minister, singing songs such as “Learning To Be Silent” with skilled sadness in her kitchen scenes. Overall, it seemed as the entire cast, people I know and go to school with each and every day, were truly their own characters. There was no

Josh Morford on that stage; what I saw instead was a confused, forlorn man determined to stop dancing to cover up his own pain. I think that if any cast can succeed being completely in character 24-7, then the show is without a doubt a winner. For any show to succeed, the crew has to be just as efficient and skilled as the cast. Footloose had no trouble with this. I laughed out loud when I saw my friends stroll onstage in perfect 80s attire. Thanks to producer, Mrs. Sandy Lynn, Footloose had me ready to break out the leg warmers. Also, a universal comment after the play was the noted number of scene changes—there were so many and the stage crew, under the direction of Dennis Kossen, handled them with maestro proficiency. From the Bar-B-Que to the Moore’s quaint kitchen, the sets were quite authentic in their appearances. I personally liked the hallway of lockers with the writing on them—a pictogram of the 80s. Also important to note is James Sturges, the head of lighting and sound; without him, Footloose would have lost its overall appeal and magic. To sum up, Footloose was a show not to be missed. A classic story of the 80s with a good message, Loveland High School’s production of the show would make Kevin Bacon proud. I congratulate the directors, cast, and crew on a job well done.


One word: magic. This year’s spring production of Footloose, directed by Doris Osborne and Marjorie Henderson, was without a doubt a major success. With everything from the sultry dance numbers choreographed by Brian Anderson to the impressive acting to the hilariously perfect 80s costumes, Footloose had me singing and smiling the whole way home—it was a sensational hit. After opening on Wednesday, April 13, this production inspired a rave of comments about the enjoyment of going to see it—the rave came from people who usually do not attend any drama productions or know anything of them. As an active member of dramas, I was then greatly intrigued; Footloose must really be good. And wow, it was definitely more than just good. It was awesome in my opinion. I have attended Loveland high school musicals my entire life and I rank this one at the top of my list. I give the entire cast kudos. As the minister’s daughter, Ariel Moore, Joanna Bateman starred in the spotlight with an extraordinary portrayal of her character and a powerful voice. The male star, Austin


April 22, 2005



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O M I Accessorizing S L By Liz Carroll

Staff Writer

By Katelyn Bellville

Staff Writer

A Bee Limousine Company Number: (513)-336-8108 Special Features: A Bee is equipped with the new H2 Hummer Limousine, a 15 passenger van, a Cadillac Deville limousine, and the traditional 10 and 12 passengers.

Not only is shopping for that perfect prom dress exciting, but accessorizing for the big night is half the fun! Purses are a key accessory, but before buying that adorable clutch for the big night make sure it will also be practical. The following is a list of items that might be useful to have on the night of May 14, 2005...

-Lip-gloss to touch up lips after dinner and before Jimmy’s Limousine Service Number: (513) 769-1888 Special Features: Jimmy’s includes a special prom package, which makes it cheaper to rent one of their Lincoln Navigators or Lincoln Towncars.

the pictures.

-Breath mints to freshen unwanted bad breath! -Camera for all of those quick snap shots. -Tissues are a good thing to have, in case it gets emotional.

CGG Limousine Service Number: (513) 851-5300 Special Features: This family owned business charges hourly and could end up saving you some money on transportation. It is equipped with only the basic eight and ten passenger limos. Some type of entertainment is provided in every car.

-Planning to wear hose? Bring a bottle of clear nail polish just in case you happen to get a run. -Travel perfume to smell pretty on and off the dance floor. -A mirror to ensure your good looks! -Hair spray and bobby pins just in case that wild piece of hair can’t be controlled.


Head over heels f


April 22, 2005


for prom?

r e n n ? Di ? s n a l P gs Page

essi By J

ag We l l





an h C P.F. $30 0 and

, 1 food een $ e s w e t n e d es b stro l Chi . Locate e a r t n n o i i n B pi dit e: E Pric : Chinese atures tra st Asian s a e u Men s: Menu f tle Southe od. a l r a it okwo Ext with in Ro

La Normandie Price: Average meal is aroun d $25 Menu: Mostly steaks and sea food Extras: Four-star restauran t located two minutes away from the Phoenix.

Montgomery In n @ the Boathou se

Price: Entrees be tween $8 and $2 5 Menu: Famous ribs and Saratog a ch ips Extras: Rated ex cellent atmosph ere and service and also the nu mber one restau rant in the area Located about . three minutes away from the Phoenix.


Photos couresy of:

se u o h k a e t S s ’ Jeff Ruby to $40 can cost up s e e tr n E : Price lly steak ats, especia a mile away from the e M : u n e M an cated less th Extras: Lo Phoenix.

Aioli Price: Entrees averag e $15 to $25 Menu: A Saucy Bist ro Extras: Colorful, casu al and relaxed atmosph ere. Theres a to-die-for ric otta cheesecake and a full vegetarian menu. Lo cated downtown, on Elm.

Carrabb a’s

Price: Av erage mea l around $ Menu: La 15 sagne, Spa ghetti, min food. estrone...Ita lian Extras: Fre sh, flavorf ul it Located o n Mason-M alian dishes. ontgomer y.

a’s n a h i n Be

Photo couresy of:

achi $35 e hib o l t y t 5 s 1 $ e s s Dinner onal Japane Price: i t i by a : Trad served on d n a Menu se d e u prepar ble! Located steakho our meal is ta at your :Y Extras ng chef, right n) i w perform treet.(downto hs East 6t

EDITORIALS Page Editor: Chris Mastrilli

April 22, 2005



I Thought this was America! A Savage Journey into the Heart of American Education By Chris Mastrilli and Max Stier

just blank staring at beige walls. Why beige? To make Page Editors “I have never let my schooling interfere with my it the most unappealing place in the world. Of all time. education.” – Mark Twain Ever. The floor’s grey, the walls are beige, everything looks dirty and boring. Why?! How much do students actually learn in public high One major problem, as was mentioned, is the “busy schools? Are all teachers always capable of filling work” that plagues every classroom except AP classes their 90 minutes of class with useful educational and Fantasy/Sci-fi. What is “busy work” you ask? If material? Absolutely not. High school could easily be you don’t know, you’ve never attended high school. condensed into three years or less. The amount of Busy work is the crap that teachers give students when work done by the average student everyday could we all have to be here, but there’s nothing productive easily be accomplished in four hours. to be done. Teachers seem to believe that something In the last few weeks, I have seen at least three is actually being accomplished here, but not much is hundred hours of video, ranging from CNN Student besides a decrease of intelligence and an increase in News to the Sandlot. One student in particular has boredom/depression/suicidal tendencies. seen the Sandlot at least four times. That student’s The current form of public education, laws and all, name is Cory McDole, someone please end his doesn’t make much sense on the whole. I’m sure it suffering. Sure, the Sandlot’s a good movie, but not looked good on paper…but it does not work. Learning 16 times. The law actually requires that we be here, is fantastic, but we’ve gone entirely in the wrong yet…we don’t seem to accomplish anything after mid- direction with it. Worksheets and other assignments March, no matter how many unneeded credits we’ve that can only be considered as worthless busy work, earned. We attend high school 35 hours a week, 36 do not make people learn. They make people angry. weeks a year, and MUCH of this time is completely You can’t learn angry! Students are bored and wasted on busy work, movies that relate to nothing or disgusted with school to the point that they will actually

fall asleep in ridiculously uncomfortable seats. Seats that are actually concave, and locked in an ongoing battle with the spine. Most of the time, I’d prefer no “back support” at all. The chairs in this school are satanic. And that brings us to higher mathematics. When’s the last time one of your parents came home from work complaining about sines, cosines and tangents?? When’s the last time anyone used the quadratic formula in a real-life situation!? NEVER, THAT’s WHEN. You want to get a career in aeronautics, then fine, learn some trig. But why should we, English-loving math-haters, have to concern ourselves with something we have no interest in…like chemistry. Chemistry, in my life, is a total waste of time.

For example, I never want to see this: Calculate the pH of 0.500 L of a buffer solution composed of 0.50 M formic acid (HCO2H) and 0.70 M sodium formate (NaHCO2) before and after adding 10.0 mL of 1.0 M HCL. Come on, that’s just ridiculous!

Cincinnati Sports Take A Step In The Right Direction By Cory McDole Page Editor



Going to a sporting event is intended to be a way of enjoying some well needed down time. Possibly going down to the ballpark for an evening game, or showing your local spirit in attending a Bengal’s game in freezing conditions. This basic concept is taken for granted by most big named cities in the U.S. Although for many local residents, this concept has proven difficult over the past decade or so. Let’s be honest, Cincinnati sports have taken quite a hit since the early 1990’s. Cincinnati sports are centered around the Reds and Bengals, both which have earned the reputation as below average teams. This reputation can be attributed to many things, but the most blunt would have to be the lack of effort to compete. With current changes in the economic world of sports, big money franchises take the obvious advantage over conservatives any day. Conservative is exactly what the Bengals and Reds have been and the local fans responded in loss of ticket sales. This trend has been routine the past ten years. Now 2005, and many believe that the down years have ended for both franchises. Back to back .500 seasons for the Bengals and the start of the

Marvin Lewis era bring hope to a new and greatly improved football team. At the same time, a greatly improved Reds team brings quite a bit of offensive punch to the table. What sets these teams aside from previous years? It’s simply the willingness of Carl Linder (Reds Owner) and Mike Brown (Bengals Owner) to open up their wallets. Both programs have coaches that know what it takes to win (Dave Miley and Marvin Lewis) and money to offer bigger named players. If the local sports teams can continuously win games and turn around the sour taste in many fans mouths, the money spent is more money earned back. Both Linder and Brown understand the basic concept, now they are showing it. Not only has the local sports atmosphere benefited from improved teams, but the cities overall uncertainty is being destroyed. With winning franchises, money spent by the city on the new stadiums is no longer questioned. Excuses are no longer needed and sports events become a fun means of down time again. As excited sports fan Aaron Dries puts it, “I’m excited about this year because both teams are expected to have better squads than they did in the previous seasons.”

EDITORIALS Page Editors: Cam Catalfu and Emily Odioso

By Robby McGohan


Steroids have been a dormant drug for many years and believed to be used only by body builders and weight lifters. But, with the recent wake of the congressional hearings and grand jury indictments, which has allowed the American public to learn that steroids are the new drugs on the block. However, what has not been told to the American people is that not only are our baseball heroes juiced, but also our teenagers are taking the very same steroid cocktails. The use of steroids among high school students was on a steady incline from 1993 to 2003, when finally the amount of students taking steroids dropped. Even with a drop in the number of users, over 300,000 eighth to twelve grade students last year used steroids, and surprisingly one third of those students were females. Experts say the alarming problem is that many of these teens are not using steroids to gain an edge in the sports world; however, they are getting juiced so they can get an edge on the social scene. Many of the teens, especially the males, began taking steroids to look like the Abercrombie and Fitch models. For teenage girls, the pressure by society to be fit and thin drives young women to use steroids. The reason American adolescents use steroids is not what worries the experts, who feel the teens’ unawareness of the heavy baggage that steroids come with is often too much for the user to bear.

Most users realize there is a risk for physical side effects when taking steroids, but many users don’t realize that there are mental side effects to steroid use. Some of the mental side effects include depression, aggression, and users can become volatile. The most dangerous is depression, which occurs when the user tries to abruptly stop the use of steroids. The depression has led many of the users to commit suicide, which has alarmed many parents and school officials. To stop the use of steroids in high schools across the country has not been an easy task to tackle. Many people suggest the use of random testing, modeled after the one the National Football League has in place. However, testing for steroids in high school athletes is not a viable option for most, if not all, schools because the typical test costs well over a hundred dollars for each athlete. So many schools have taken a different approach at cracking down on steriod use by making the student athletes aware of the Courtesy of side effects that come with the use of steroids. Recently these programs have helped decline the number of steroid users among high school students. The decline has not eased the nerves of the experts who feel the problem has only begun. Even with the overall number of steroid users down in high schools across the country, there has been an increase in steroid users among non-athletes. With this increase Steroid prevention programs need to be for all students and not just limited to student athletes. Without the steroid prevention programs, many schools are risking the lives of the unaware students who want a quick fix.

50’s all over the place By Eric Ball Page Editor

One fourth of 2005 is already in the books and a trend is

spreading across the nation…the “world can’t touch this” beefs. More specifically, a me against the world attitude. Sure there have been plenty of beefs in the past, but an eruption of world can’t touch beefs have all recently began bubbling up and are about to erupt. The biggest group that does this more than any other, are rappers. (Haven’t seen a Bill Gates vs. Apple diss… yet.) The rap “clique” G-Unit (Guerilla Unit) consists of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and The Game. 50’s first album Get Rich or Die Tryin sold 11 million copies, and Banks and Buck both have platinum selling CD’s themselves. Yayo is releasing a CD later this year once he gets out of jail. The Game recently dropped The Documentary and is already being called the “savior of the west coast.” The one trend about every G-Unit CD (Besides hearing somebody yell G-UUUNNNNIT! in every song) is that 50 is in every single single. He is currently in as many music videos as he has been shot in the face. But lately he is on an ego trip of epic proportions. He told reporters it is lonely on top. He said he could end rappers careers if he wanted. He even suggested that he doesn’t even need the best producer of all time, Dr. Dre, for anything. Not bad for someone who just released his second mainstream CD. Last month 50 Cent was on a New York radio station being interviewed by D.J. Funkmaster Flex (Best name ever.) He told Flex that The Game recently returned from a trip to Europe and as 50 put it “Was all disrespectful and ****.” He then announced that

April 22, 2005


The Game was officially kicked out of the G-Unit. Later during the interview shots were fired outside of the station and being the gangsta that 50 is, he crept out the backdoor. Some believed The Game was involved, but the accusation was quickly thrown out. The Game was on a rival NY station at the time stating “50 is a singing ***** trying to benefit off of Eminem and getting shot nine times and living off of other’s legacies and accomplishments. His career is on a downward spiral. You will see. After this album, he ain’t going to be the same rapper you see now.” He also stated that Banks was “50’s little girl.” Recently 50 and The Game made up and are partners again. It looks as if it was just a stupid stunt to get more publicity for 50’s new CD that just so happened to be released a few days before the feud. They hugged, then sat back and drank some vitamin water in their G-Unit Reebok shoes (which 50 is a spokes person for both.) On 50’s newly released, The Massacre, he has a song entitled “Piggybank” which disses Jadakiss and Fat Joe just because they did a song with 50’s arch rival Ja Rule. Yes that’s the ONLY reason why. Nas and Shyne are also dissed in the song. If you lost count, that puts 50 at five separate beefs. Jadakiss and Fat Joe already released diss tracks responding to 50. Jada’s line: “since when is it cool to get shot nine times and not shoot back” should ignite a response from 50. But when you add Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad”, Jada’s “D-block”, and Ja’s “Murder Inc”, it equals way more than five beefs. Stay tuned to see if 50 can handle all these beefs with only two G-Unit guys and one that’s locked up.


Fighting for a

Cure By Emily Odioso Page Editor

For a medical breakthrough with huge potential, why are Americans not unanimously rejoicing? Embryonic stem cell research has been at the heat of debate for many years, since it was first taken notice in November 1998. Robert Harmelin, president of the Philadelphia chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, explains, “Human stem cell research has gotten caught up (wrongly, in our view) in the pro-choice/pro-life debate. Controversy has arisen because the most promising kind of stem cells comes from fertilized eggs.” On August 9, 2001, President Bush announced: “Based on preliminary work that has been privately funded, scientists believe further research using stem cells offers great promise that could help improve the lives of those who suffer from many terrible diseases—from Juvenile Diabetes to Alzheimer’s, from Parkinson’s to spinal cord injuries. And while scientists admit they are not yet certain, they believe stem cells derived from embryos have unique potential.” The President continued, “However, most scientists, at least today, believe that research on embryonic stem cells offer the most promise because these cells have the potential to develop in all of the tissues in the body.” Yet, not all Americans are jumping on the stem cell research bandwagon because many supporters of pro-life feel it is immoral to use fertilized eggs for research, which they feel, are being murdered. I do not understand how there can be concern about these soon-to-be-destroyed embryonic life forms be a match for the opportunity to save the lives of people. Stem cells are “unspecialized” cells that have the ability to generate healthy new cells, tissues, and organs. Embryonic stem cell research would not take the life of a single embryo; researchers instead would use embryos that are being discarded. Embryonic stem cell research has the potential to be the most effective treatment method for debilitating diseases. Having lived with a noncurable disease, Juvenile Diabetes, for the past seven years of my life, I am a firm believer in embryonic stem cell research. I can only imagine a life without worrying how I will feel the next day and having to deal with the countless pricking and prodding with needles. According to the Tampa Tribune, “There have been promising results in research using adult stem cells. But the science using embryonic stem cells is more advanced. It offers the best, simplest and safest means of establishing cell lines that can last indefinitely.” The science and technology is there, and researchers believe they have the potential for incredible good- to improve lives, to conquer disease, to rid those of their suffering.

“REAL” NEWS Page Editor: Scottifer Agee and Cara Fitzgerald

April 22, 2005



LHS “Real” Snippets By Scott Agee Page Editor

Loveland senior Sara Gentry to appear on the next season of the hit MTV reality show The Real World. After years of fruitlessly submitting audition tapes senior Sara Gentry’s number has finally come up. At the conclusion of the school year she will be packing her bags and flying north to fulfill her longtime dream, starring as one of the six roommates in the upcoming Real World Alaska. After the lull in success of the last season, Real World Philadelphia, the MTV network has decided to take the show in a fresh new direction, incorporating concepts from other popular reality shows in attempts to develop a wider fan base. According to an MTV spokesperson, the new season will be an eclectic mix of the original Real World and the CBS hit Survivor, where the roommates will, instead of living in the generally provide “dream house,” be forced to take refuge in a house made entirely of ice. When asked how she felt about the new twist Sara replied, “I just hope the walls don’t melt from all the hot drama!”

Picture courtsey of

The taping of the new Real World Alaska will take place in the small port city of Anchorage.

Follow-up to: Et Tu, Footlong

Then Fall Kevin Although placed on the “Real” News page, this is an actual news story about truth, love, and human sacrifice.

Nolte and Coolio collide on the big screen. With the copious success of the first two Barber Shop movies and the most recent concept spin-off Beauty Shop soon to hit theaters, the people at MGM Productions figured that it was time to fire up the old think-tank again. According to credited Internet move blog,, the movie making machines have already started production on the next Shop saga, this time with two new additions to the styling staff. Barber shop 3: Follicle Folly, scheduled to be finished in time for Christmas 2006, starts academy award winning actor Nick Nolte alongside rapper, and new-comer to the big screen, Coolio. When asked to comment on the role, Coolio enthusiastically replied, “I’m just thrilled to be working with the great Nick Nolte. He has inspired me in many different aspects throughout my career, and it just seems appropriate that it is hair that has finally brought us together.”

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Your New Neighbors Could be the Manson Family. By Jessie Cappa

By Pat Davis Staff Writer

Last issue I brought you the tragic story of one Kevin McLaughlin. A senior at Loveland High School, Kevin got sick from a bad footlong hot dog he obtained from the lunchroom. At the conclusion of the story, Kevin still had his chicken patty sandwiches to rely on for his daily nourishment. Sadly, that is no more. Two weeks ago Kevin entered the lunchroom yet again as if it were just another normal day. Still unable to eat his wieners, he picked up his usual two chicken patty sandwiches. Halfway through the delicious processed fried chicken, he met his downfall. As his teeth sunk in to the juicy white meat, they struck something hard and a white pebble-like particle hit the table. Kevin reared back like a mighty elephant that was just struck with several spears and let out a savage cry. His close friend, Drew Reed, shouted at seeing the white chip on the table, “HOLY CRAP!!! IS THAT A TOOTH?!?” And with those

words, Kevin realized what happened. There had been a bone in his chicken patty sandwich and that bone chipped his tooth. Kevin wrapped up that bad boy with the words, “Who you know do it betta?” and took the chip the dentist the next day. Thankfully, the dentist was able to fix the chip and at no cost due to Kevin’s insurance. Kevin’s obsession with chicken patties stems back to the third grade. He would look at the school’s lunch calendar to see when the next chicken patty day would arrive. He would patiently wait with great anticipation for the day to come and when it came Kevin was in shear utopian ecstasy. Upon reaching the 9th grade, Kevin learned that he could have his beloved chicken patty everyday, and everyday he did. Ever since his footlong betrayed him, Kevin has been relying on his chicken patties for nutritional and emotional support. No bone in a chicken patty sandwich will keep Kevin from enjoy his adored lunch. Kevin said it best with this, “Without chicken patties, I have nothing.”

Picture courtsey of

Nolte and Coolio posing for promotional poster for new movie Barber Shop 3: Follicle Folly

members, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten. After 35 years of jail time and currently There has been much controversy over in San Quentin prison in California, his parole, however, California courts and Charles Manson has been allowed his 11th judges have reviewed Manson’s case and parole hearing on July 23, 2005. He is behavior in the state prisons and believe that expected to be cleared and released on he is capable of merging back into society parole along with three of his “family” and attempting to lead a normal life but under strict supervision. Sandy McCall, a resident of San Francisco, is outraged by the thought of Manson and his family interweaving in society. She speaks out by saying, “This is an extremely dangerous man. He and his followers are psychotic and should never be allowed out of jail. People are going to fear the city that they live in and be in a constant state of paranoia. It’s absolutely absurd.” Manson and the three women will not be permitted to contact each other under any circumstances if released on parole in July and residents of California cities will be notified if Manson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten will be living in their city. The exact location will not be given out for protection of Manson and his accomplices and they will be accompanied by a guard at all Picture courtsey of times, if they wish to do so. Word has it that Manson Manson showing jubilation for his newly regained freedom. spoke of connecting with his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio when released. Staff Writer

THE BUZZ Page Editor: Sara Gentry

April 22, 2005



All Eyes On: Chiara Vaccari and Sarah Rahimi

By Emily Odioso and Cara Fitzgerald

Staff Writers

Whether you knew it or not, this year Loveland High School has been playing host to a few foreign exchange students: Chiara Vaccari, from Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Sarah Rahimi, from Bad Ems, Germany. Before coming to

Sarah Rahimi flashes a smile

Loveland, Sarah stayed with a family in Oklahoma and is now staying with Neelo Noory. Chiara Vaccari is currently staying with the Geiger family. Tiger’s Tongue decided to sit down with the two to hear about their thoughts on America.

Chiara poses for a snapshot

Photo by: Cara Fitzgerald

Tiger’s Tongue: How did you becoming interested in the foreign exchange program? Sarah: My parents wanted me to speak fluent English and have a good experience in another country. They also thought it would be good for me to get a job. TT: What do you like most about America? Sarah: There are so many good things. There is a lot to do, and a lot of friendly people. It’s really diverse here. TT: What things shock you most about America? Sarah: How conservative they (Americans) are. In Oklahoma they were very traditional, but not as much here in Loveland. TT: What stereotypes, if any, did you have about Americans before you came here? Sarah: Americans sometimes think their country is the best. TT: What do you miss most about Germany? Sarah: I miss my family, the parties, and going out with friends. TT: How is Loveland different from your school in Germany? Sarah: Everyone takes the same subjects, and the teachers switch rooms. I love the sports teams here and all of the cheering, it’s so much fun!

Photo by: Emily Odioso

Tiger’s Tongue: How did you become interested in becoming a Foreign Exchange student? Chiara: Studying languages was the first step, then I just understood how much living in a different culture could enhance my knowledge. TT: What do you like most about America? Chiara: The people are really friendly and open-minded. The possibility to meet tons of new people everyday, and the stores are cheaper. TT: Before coming to America, what stereotypes did you have about America? Chiara: We thought “fat Americans.” Also, I expected the stereotypes of students: the jock, popular girl, nerd. TT: How is Loveland High School different from your school in Italy? Chiara: You (LHS) have so many rules, like the dress code, yet you still have more freedom. In Italy there are more behavior rules, we must be very polite. We are considered adults, more like college. Also, we don’t change classes, we stay in one class while the teacher comes. Italy is harder and we have eleven subjects all year. TT: What is your favorite class at Loveland? Chiara: Photography first semester. Now, languages (in which she is taking both French 4 and Spanish 4).

Swing into Spring By Caitlin Varley Page Editor

With the weather changing and the sun shining, it’s time to venture outside again. This Spring there are tons of fun things to do in the great outdoors. Here are ten ways to spring into the new season.


Take a walk on the bike trail.


Have a picnic.


Go to a baseball game.


Go play putt-putt.


Ride go-karts.


Go shopping at an outlet mall.


Walk around Newport on the Levy.


Spend some time at King’s Island.


Go to a Cincinnati King’s soccer game.


Go to a park.

THE CABOOSE Page Editors: Jaclyn Zinn and Liz Carroll

April 22, 2005



Q&A Dave & Chuck Mr. Dave Eads

Photos by Eric Ball

Mr. Chuck LaFata

By Eric Ball Page Editor

Mr. LaFata What is your least favorite thing about HS?

Paperwork, I HATE it.

Mr. Eads Paperwork

Mr LaFata on Mr. Eads

Mr. Eads on Mr. LaFata



Did you get into any trouble when you were in HS?

There was a swim club next to my school. I got caught swimming after hours with my friends.

I talked back to my teacher my Freshman year. I got swatted three times and never did it again.

Nothing, he was a good kid.

All the time. He was probably a radical.

What is your favorite sport?


Golf right now. I went to college on a b-ball scholarship.


Fishing, something on a boat.

What was your first car?

1962 Chevy Bisqune

Skyline or Goldstar?



Boxers or briefs?



Did you have a senior prank when you were in HS?

No. We just stayed in the gym all night, but teachers were there to supervise.

My principal’s nickname was “SPOON.” We made a float that said: “Lick em.”

Spiderman. He’s got a hot girlfriend.

Zoro. He helped with good causes and always had beautiful women around him.

If you could be one superhero, who would it be?

What is your favorite movie?

What other jobs have you had?


1966 black GTO

For Love of the Game

Message in a Bottle

Teacher/coach, carpenter

Factory worker, night custodian in a federal reserve in Boston, golf course attendent.

No idea... probably a truck.

55 Chevy


He goes to both. He never passes up a good meal.




Put a pig in his buliding

Mighty Mouse


Dean of students in a Middle school

Spiderman. He thinks he can fly and he always wants the good looking female. Men in Black

Something outdoors

tire a S s rah’


By Sarah Feagles Staff Writer

Sitting at home, eating the most important meal of the day, breakfast, I noticed that something about my beloved Cocoa Puffs was different because I was not in my usual sugar-induced coma and my milk was not turning the normal cocoa-y brown. Thinking that I was about to be awarded a full refund for the alleged spoiled ware, I was surprised to see that the box had something new on it; instead of the coo-coo bird (who I know many secretly wish would just help out the pathetic silly rabbit), there were the words, “All General Mills cereals are now made with whole grain.” My initial reaction was excitement. They couldn’t possibly have made this cereal even better, could they? The answer is yes, yes they have.

Thinking about this change, one could only be overjoyed that we at last have someone making our toughest decisions for us. Finally, food companies have decided to step in and take the heinous task of making America thin upon themselves, which naturally could only be called selfless on their part. No more will we have the chance to make an excuse of putting on those extra holiday pounds or be able to say that we’ll start the diet tomorrow. When starting you voluntary diet, be sure to look for phrases like ‘over 1,000 vitamins and minerals,’ ‘tastes almost like it used to,’ and ‘100% wholegrain wheat! No sugar! COMPLETELY natural!!!’ These slogans will narrow down your search for the tastiest and lowest in calories (and you thought those two words would never be in the same sentence!).

Luckily, our own cafeteria has not yet joined in on the growing fad, which was even more apparent after the sudden stop of selling single cookies, which forced us to eat three. However, the latest trend for students is brown bagging lunches. Students have even been spotted with the coveted and rare diet water (which is only known for a select few special people). When a random freshman was questioned how she deals with such a fat-oriented world, she replied sayng, “All of my friends and I like to chip in and split a salad for lunch. We usually each get one piece of lettuce, but even that’s a little too much for us to handle.” With all the sudden and steadily growing diet fads taking over the market, many have begun wondering, who really is coo-coo for the real Cocoa Puffs?

The Roar April 2005  

The roar newspaper

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