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ThePattayaGuide | contents

The Pattaya Guide is a monthly publication which is on display in many hotels, shopping centre’s, restaurants and entertainment venues throughout Pattaya, Jomtien and Naklua. Created & Published by: The Pattaya Guide Company Limited, 482/14 Moo 10, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Email or Call us if you would like to be added to our distribution list Telephone: 086 832 3967 Email: Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, we always like to hear from our readers. All contents of this guide are the copyright of The Pattaya Guide Company Ltd, all rights reserved. Reproduction, use of editorials and use of pictures in any manner is prohibited without written permission of The Pattaya Guide Co Ltd.


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History Of PattayA Pattaya - Thailand’s capital of fun is a popular resort on the North Gulf Coast of Eastern Thailand, 150 km south-east of Bangkok. Once a sleepy fishing town, Pattaya first boomed as an R & R spot during the Vietnam War and has been a popular tourism destination ever since. Currently, Pattaya is booming and the opening of the Suvarnabhumi Airport has made visiting easier than ever. Pattaya is popular not only as a beach resort and for its entertainment, nightlife and shopping, but also for the broad selection of recreational activities it caters for, from golf and horseback riding to bungee jumping, karting and shooting - not to mention a wide variety of watersports such as scuba diving, jet-skiing, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Pattaya, unlike other beach resorts, shows no respite after sundown, Pattaya’s nightlife is unique and fascinating with Walking Street, South Pattaya in the centre of it all. This is the most popular place to go amongst tourists and expats here you will find many go go bars, beer bars, discos, street entertainers and the odd ladyboy. Food is another one of the highlights of any trip to Pattaya. From giant prawns to spicy som tam salad, there is every imaginable cuisine here. Cajun, Chinese, Indian, Italian, English, French, Vietnamese, German, Russian and many more. Today Pattaya attracts annually more then a million tourists from all over the world. Pattaya provides high standard hotels, restaurants, sports, entertainment and shopping. It really has it all and a whole lot more. history of pattaya | ThePattayaGuide


Learning thai Always use

“krup” (for men)


“ka” (for women)


khorb khun


Thank you Hello & Goodbye Goodbye See you again Good luck How are you? I am fine What is your name? My name is It’s ok I don’t want any don’t have any money Where are you going? I don’t believe you 

nueng song sam









lao jer gun



sabai dee maI



sabai dee



chok dee

khun chue aria



phom chue.


sib et

mai ben rai


sib song


sib sam

mai ow khrap/Ka mai mee dtung

14 = 10 + 4

bai nai?

sib see

15 = 10 + 5

sib ha

mai chue


yee sib



yee sib et




yee sib song


khor thot


yee sib sam


(you will say it when you want to interrupt someone, when you want to pass by someone or when you do something wrong) Sorry 

sia jai

(In this case it means a different thing. Like if someone died or got hurt, you say “phom di chan sia jai” which means “I am sorry”) 8

ThePattayaGuide | Learning Thai

24 = 20 + 4

yee sib see

25 = 20 + 5

yee sib ha

100 200 1,000 2,000 10,000

nueng roi song roi nueng pun song pun nueng MUNg

Useful phone numbers Pattaya City Phone Center


Emergencies Police Emergency


Sawang Boriboon Foundation

038 488 882


Tourist Police

038 425 937


Pattaya Immigration

038 410 24

Police Station (Pattaya)

038 420 802-5

Police Station (Jomtien)

038 232 330-1

Police Station (Banglamung)

038 221 331

Fire Brigade (Pattaya)

038 425 943

Fire Brigade (Naklua)

038 221 000

Hospital (Bangkok- Pattaya) Hospital (Banglamung)

038 429 244

Hospital (Pattaya International)

038 428 374-5

Hospital (Pattaya Memorial)

038 488 777

199 1719

Transport Bus Station (to Bangkok)

038 429 877

Pattaya Railway Station

038 429 285

U-Tapao Airport

038 245 593-5

Bangkok Airways

038 412 382

Thai Airways International

038 425 934-7

Suvarnabhumi Airport Phone Centre 021 321 888 Please text any useful phone numbers that you come across to 086 832 3967 Useful phone numbers | ThePattayaGuide


Getting Around Pattaya is a very easy city to get around although the busy traffic causes frequent hold-ups at peak times (07:00 – 09:00 and 15:00 – 18:30), particularly on the major roads. Unusually, for Thailand, there are no tuk-tuks in Pattaya, so everyone usually gets around on the baht-buses (songtaews) or on motorbike taxis. There are literally hundreds of both all over Pattaya. Motorbike taxis Motorbike taxis are a way of life in Pattaya. They are your best bet of getting around if you want to get somewhere quickly or conveniently, particularly at busy times. On every corner in Pattaya, no matter how small the Soi (street), you will find a gathering of motorbike taxis. They are operate 24 hours a day 7 days per week and provide a very convenient service. However, this option is not for the faint-hearted and can be dangerous. These guys, and the occasional lady will take you anywhere but agree on a price first! Renting cars and motorbikes Another practical way to get around Pattaya is by renting a motorbike. Most people simply don’t have the nerve to tackle the traffic and bizarre driving habits here, but if you do, renting a motorbike is your best option for getting around Pattaya. You can rent a motorbike for around 200 baht a day or cheaper for longer periods. There are scooter type bikes which are actually extremely easy to ride, with no clutch when changing gears, and very reliable, larger motorbikes are freely available as well, but obviously more expensive. 10

ThePattayaGuide | getting around

In Thailand it is illegal to ride a motorbike or to be a passenger without a helmet, to ride with more than two passengers, to undertake in traffic, to go the wrong way down one-way streets, to exceed the speed limit, or, to jump red lights, which means very little to anyone in Thailand and driving habits here are dreadful. If you decide to rent a motorbike, make sure your medical insurance is up-to-date as accidents here are a daily occurrence. Cars can be hired too, but driving them in and around the city is likely to be a frustrating experience, particularly at school times, market days, rush hours and on Sukhumvit Road. There are many car rental companies around the city with prices starting at around 500 baht a day for the older cars, to a more realistic 1200+ baht for more modern or four wheel drive vehicles. WARNING… Driving habits in Thailand are appalling and most drivers are quite irresponsible and ignore simple safety rules. In contrast to the Thai’s usual polite and peaceful behaviour, they become quite inconsiderate behind the wheel. Be very wary of your speed and always look out for bad drivers, Pattaya is full of them. Unlike many Western countries, it’s very easy to pass a driving test here, so many drivers have little or no experience of driving either in town or on main roads. Many simply don’t have a licence at all or any awareness of road rules. Be prepared at any time for other drivers to suddenly pull out in front of you without even looking, stop without warning, overtake dangerously (and on the inside) and ignore motorcyclists. Some people just stop and park where it suits them, weave through the traffic with a death wish, ride the wrong way up the road into oncoming traffic and more. Do pay careful attention and drive conservatively. Accidents are regular in Pattaya and when they do occur, the offender is usually reluctant to accept any responsibility, should the worst happen however, the Pattaya police and ambulance services are exceptionally good, as well as being very quick to the scene. getting around | ThePattayaGuide


Good Food Guide With a wealth of international restaurants offering delicious food. Pattaya is truly the crossroads of cuisine in Asia. French, Mexican, German, ltalian, Indian, Chinese, Scandinavian, Korean, Japanese and of course, Thai plus many other varieties of restaurant are located within the city. For most visitors to Pattaya the experience of new and interesting dishes is an exciting alternative to the traditional foods available at home. However, along with wonderful Thai dishes, one should sample the culinary delights available from other countries. Try “Kimji” a type of Korean spicy salad or maybe “sizzling Fajitas” a popular Mexican dish. Also, why not take this opportunity to find new ways of cooking traditional ingredients… there are now several cooking schools around the city where for a nominal fee you can learn to cook local dishes as well as go shopping to local markets and buy the ingredients you will need. Local specialities include: Tom Yam Gung (spicy prawn soup), Gaeng Kiewan (green spicy curry). If you like your food “hot” then try some of the food served from the vast number of vending carts across the city. At these you can sample such delicacies as: Som Tam (spicy salad) or Hoy Tord (fried mussels or oysters with egg) and the amazing variety of seafood. 12

ThePattayaGuide | Good Food Guide

KPK FOOD SERVICE KPK FOOD SERVICE Fine Quality English Foods - Both Wholesale & Retail KPK Foods have been delivering the finest foods to hotels and restaurants for the last 4 years. We supply a wide selection of quality fresh and cooked meats, savoury pastries and all the accompanying food products to Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard. As well as supplying hotels and restaurants KPK Foods also cater for your home cooking. Customers can buy direct from our retail outlet, located behind Carrefour, just off Soi Yume. The outlet is open from 10am - 6pm Monday to Saturday. There is plenty of parking space outside the shop. If you can’t get down to our outlet you can call our hotline 086 145 0147 and place an order. We have a comprehensive product and price list on our website All orders received will be delivered to you the next day and in perfect condition by our refrigerated vehicle delivery service. We will also do our very best to accommodate your needs in the case of any very urgent orders you may require outside this time-scale.

Some of our best selling products... Beef, Pork, Sausages, Burgers, Bacon, Gammon, Lamb, Veal, Pastry & Pies, also available Baked Beans (not Heinz but close to it) PG Tips, Tetley Tea Bags, Colmans Mustard, Branson Pickle plus new products every month!!! 24-HOUR WHOLESALE HOTLINE - 038-416-470 (English : 086 145 0147) - Fax 038 416 471 Orders before 4pm - Guaranteed next day delivery Monday-Saturday Email us for more information - -


Wholesale & Retail Supplier to Hotels, Bars & Restaurants Bacon, Sausages, Black Pudding, Beef, Fresh Pork, Steaks & Imported Lamb

The Sportsman

FLAMBOYANT Creative Cuisine


E-mail: Phone: 038 416 470 Mob: 086 145 0147 (English) Fax 038 416 471

Pattaya Map

Mini Siam

Police Box


To Chonburi & Ba


H Bangkok Pattaya

Air Con Bus Station to BBK

North Pattaya Road


Police Box Tesco Lotus

Thai Garden Resort & Moon River Pub


Soi 1

Easy Visa Big C

Best To Naklua

Sanctuary of Truth

Garden Sea View


1 Dusit

Asiawan Resort Garden Cliff


P.I. Hospital


Long Beach Garden

ThePattayaGuide | Pattaya Map





KCR Homefinder

Soi Nern Pl ub wan

Siam Country Club

Siam Golf

Bus Station to Northern Thailand

P Police Box Sukhumvit Road

Big Banner

Nick The Pizza Premi Air


Soi Bongkot

Valentino KPK

Soi Boukhao Pattaya Memorial


LK Metro

Take It Easy

Golden Homes

Big Horn

Casa Pascal Shenanigans


Tops 6

Police Box Sportsman

Soi Yodsak

Jazz Pit & PIC Kitchen



2nd Road


Soi Lenkee

X-Zyte Disco Newspaper Direct

Modern Smile

Soi Diana

Central Pattaya Road

-5 Icebar

Soi Chaiyapoon

Carrefour 3rd Road TOT Telephone

Tequlia Reef Nova Lodge


9 Police Station 8





Beach Road

Five Star 13 Visa Runs

Pattaya Beach :- Real Estate

:- Shopping

:- Restaurant & Bar

:- Services

H :- Hospital :- Hotel

:- Activities

Pattaya Map | ThePattayaGuide


Highway Police Station


The New Inn

Soi Khaotalo

Soi Wat Tham Samakkee

Jomtien Map P Police Box

P Police BoxTesco Lotus

Outlet Mall

Big C

Oasis Spa


Thai Decor Beach Properties



Exotiq Decor


Siam Internet Marketing

Phr ata m

Ahaar Indian Soi Yamoto Soi Post Office

Open Advertising



Adventure Divers

ad South Pattaya Ro


Amor Restaurant CafĂŠ New Orleans

Marine Seafood

Post Horn Bar

Walkin g

Kinnaree Palace

Blues Factory :- Easy Kart


Siam Bayshore

Lobster Pot

Mountian Beach

Ialand View

Sheraton Cosy Beach




Northern Thai Reality & Export


Sugar Hut


Soi Buakhao


pp The

P Police Box


ThePattayaGuide | Jomtien Map

Royal Cliff

Asia Pattaya

Pattaya Bay

Soi Norng Kraborg

Soi Chaiyapruk 2

To Rayong, Sattahip & U-Tapao Airport

Sukhumvit Road


Pattaya Properties

Welcome Jomtien

Soi Chaiyap

Royal Garden


Beautiful World

o at Bo Soi W

North Shore

Underwater World

Poseidon Post Office

Grand Palace Hotel

Immigration Shenanigans

9 5

7 ien Jomt


h Ro


Pattaya Park

Police Box P

Jomtien Beach P


B tan

:- Shopping

Police Box


n Do

Bus to Bangkok


h ac

:- Activities :- Real Estate :- Restaurant & Bar

:- Services

H :- Hospital :- Hotel

Jomtien Map | ThePattayaGuide


Watch this space for details about the opening of the new

Stork Club Coming soon...

For Home Deliveries Please Call Door 2 Door 038 720 222





Soi Pattayaland 2 (13/4) Between the Royal Garden & the Walking Street Phone:- 038 710 805/6 Fax:- 038 710 283












Shenanigans has expanded now at 2 great locations Pattaya & Jomtien


Pattaya Beach Road The Sea

For Home Deliveries Please Call Door 2 Door 038 720 222





Royal Garden Plaza


Soi Post Office


Soi Yamoto


Soi 13

Soi 12





Soi Diana

Great beers & spirits, English & Thai cuisine, beer terrace, pool tables, live sport on plasma screens, free internet & wireless Situated at The Avenue, The Avenue Second Road 2nd Road, Pattaya Phone:038 723 939 - 40







Phone:038 303 490



Jomtien Beach Road



The Sea











Police Box





Situated at 414/21, Jomtiem Complex Condotel Ground floor corner unit Thappraya Road Jomtien





Come & try our superb daily specials Happy hour drinking times from 4:30pm till 7pm daily





Jomtien Complex










Formaly Flannigan’s

Thappraya Road





Fine ales, wines, spirits, european & Thai cuisine, beer garden, sports bar, library, live music, live sport on big screen free internet & wireless










Where can you find‌ Flame grilled steaks

International dishes

Succulent seafood

Relaxing cocktail lounge

Fantastic wine selection

Complimentary transport

Early Dining 5 to 7pm 2 course 795B| ~ 3 course 895B|

Sunday Lunch 12:30 to 5pm 2 course 650B| ~ 3 course 795B|

...Only at Bookings 038 259 790

Discover us at Nirvana Place, Thappraya Road. Last dining orders 10:30pm / Closed on Mondays

For Home Deliveries Please Call Door 2 Door 038 720 222

Phone:- 038 710 609

days a week Open t7ill 12 midnight n 12 noo One of the finest Indian Cuisine in the City of Pattaya Soi Post Office, off 2nd Road

Soi Post Office

Soi Yamoto

Tel: 038 711 151 Royal Garden Plaza

Top Ten New Year Resolutions the Pattaya version The New Year’s holiday is the only one that celebrates the passage of time. Perhaps that’s why, as the final seconds of the year tick away, we become reflective. Inevitably, that reflection turns to thoughts of self-improvement and the annual ritual of making resolutions, which offer the first of many important tools for re-making ourselves. Here are our top ten New Year’s Resolutions… the Pattaya version 1. Lose Weight and Get in Better Physical Shape Most people make the resolution (every year!) that this will be THE year when they finally get into great shape. Fitness centres love January, when they generally have a stampede for new memberships, most of which fizzle out after a month or so. It’s a shame because even a workout of 30 minutes 3 or 4 times per week will make a considerable difference to the way you look and feel. Physical activity builds physical vitality. With every year of your life, you have more to gain from being physically active. If going to the gym is not your thing, why not take up golf this year? Golf is a great way to keep active and there is no better place to start than Pattaya. Pattaya has 19 superb golf courses within 45 minutes of the city (see our golf guide), 5 golf driving ranges and well over 40 golf societies. For more information visit or join the Sportsman Golf society who play every Wednesday from the Sportsman Pub and Restaurant, Soi 13. Call 0857327001 for directions and further info 2. Stick to a Budget It’s been said that the best defense is a good offense. Developing and sticking to a realistic budget is a brilliant offensive move as it prevents overspending and ensures peace of mind. Many people find it very difficult to stick to a budget especially when on holiday in Pattaya. You were all told how cheap Thailand was, weren’t you? Top Ten New Year Resolutions | ThePattayaGuide


Well the guide book didn’t include nights down Walking Street buying a multitude of lady drinks. It does take hard work and a lot of self-discipline, at least in the beginning. The good news is that most people find the longer they can stick to a budget, the easier it becomes. Now more than ever it is important to live within your means. Use credit cards only when absolutely necessary. Credit cards encourage people to buy things they don’t need at prices they can’t afford. If you own more than one it is even more of a burden, dragging you into a downward credit spiral until you are effectively working for the credit card companies. 3. Enjoy More Quality Time with your Family and Friends Generally we are so tied up dealing with each day’s activities that we neglect the most important thing, spending enjoyable time with those closest to us. If you are living in a foreign country, friends are perhaps even more invaluable, as generally you are away from your family, so set aside some time to show how much you appreciate them. Here are a few ideas; - Invite your friends out for a meal at Manhattans Restaurant and Bar - Take a trip down to Koh Chang. - Organize a Go Karting session at the new Easykart track by Bali Pier 4. Find My Soul Mate You might find it difficult to find a soul-mate in Thailand due to the considerable cultural differences, which put you on a different wavelength. It is possible however. The biggest mistake most men make (both expats and tourists) is to look for that special someone among the many bar girls in the resort and completely miss the sweet young lady on reception or in a restaurant who are also looking for a guy just like them. Finding your real soul-mate is a cosmic improbability, but if you do, the relationship is so deeply satisfying on every level, emotional, physical and even spiritual, that it really is worth searching for. 34

ThePattayaGuide | Top Ten New Year Resolutions

5. Cut down on Drinking It is vey easy in Pattaya to wake up and hit the booze after a heavy night because of the abundance of bar and restaurants but resisting the temptation could help you lead a longer, healthier life. Why don’t you set yourself a time of day that you consider a sensible time to start drinking, lets say seven o clock (in the evening!) and try not to drink before that time throughout the year The benefits to your health, relationships, finances, vitality and to your sense of self-esteem for having conquered a really hard-to-kick habit will make all of your efforts and determination more than worthwhile. 6. Find a Better Job It’s a cliché but true -- most of us get reflective at this time of year particularly with regard to our career: Am I in the right job and position to make the most of my abilities? Is the company heading in the right direction? Am I happy? So you’ve been hearing that voice again, the one that says you’re not doing what you were born to do. That may be true, but how do you figure out what you should be doing? To begin answering this question, examine whether your current career path matches your core interests, beliefs, values, needs and skills. Resolve to ask and answer those questions before making any new career changes. For the latest vacancies for foreigners in Thailand visit www.workthailand. com or 7. Learn Something New People throughout the world are realizing that a strong resolve to lifelong learning is more than just education and training beyond formal schooling. A lifelong learning framework encompasses learning throughout the life cycle, from cradle to grave and in different learning environments, formal, non-formal and informal. Why not learn Thai? It will make visiting or living in Thailand much easier and more enjoyable. It could help you land a job or even help in the search for a Top Ten New Year Resolutions | ThePattayaGuide


soul-mate. Below are some language schools in Pattaya that offer individual and group lessons: Walen School of Thai – Their school is conveniently located in soi Yume across Carrefour in central Pattaya. See for further information Pro Language – Their school is located opposite Carrefour on central Pattaya road. See 8. Volunteer and Help Others A popular, non-selfish New Year’s resolution, volunteerism can take many forms such as spending time helping out at your local library, sponsoring a child, or helping to build a house to name but a few. Resolve to replace or at least incorporate, the pursuit of success and materialism with the pursuit of contribution and generosity. The Mercy Center is a very worthwhile Pattaya based charity. The work of MERCY began in the year 2000 with our growing desire to help the “street children” of Pattaya. There are the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of children and youth who live most of their young lives “at risk”, as a result of direct abuse, severe neglect, or the danger of being swallowed up in the life threatening environment of crime, drugs and sexual abuse that surrounds them on a daily basis. Visit for further information 9. Reduce Stress Overall It’s easy to say just relax and deal with your stress, but the reality for most people is that they don’t really know how, and the kind of stress we experience today is actually very different than it was years ago. It seems that stress has become a chronic condition and is literally built into the fabric of our society: rush-hour traffic, constant deadlines, sirens and loud noises, girlfriend problems, financial and family pressures. Everything seems urgent. I get stressed just writing about it. If you don’t spend your time relaxing at the beach every day, you might want to consider having regularly scheduled massage visits.


ThePattayaGuide | Top Ten New Year Resolutions

Massage is a known antidote for stress. If you are looking for stress relief, try one of the many different massage parlors available. The Pattaya Guide recommends – Health Land on Pattaya North Road. Call (038) 371 473-7 10. Get Organized Resolve this year to plan your days, reduce interruptions, clean off your desk, say “No”, and make detailed lists. The benefits of getting more organized include being able to save time, as you no longer look for the same things over and over again or need to replace things you can’t find at all. One easy way, is every evening make a list of the tasks you have to complete the following day, documents you need to look at, phone calls you have to make (business and personal) e-mails that need to be sent and even household items you need to purchase. This will take a few minutes, and then take a few minutes more to put them in order of priority. Anything on the list that you didn’t have time to do, can go on the list for the next day. You will be very surprised at how this will increase your productivity. It is also good for your mind, freeing it from mundane tasks so that it is clearer for more creative and appreciative thinking, which will help you enjoy life even more. So, take your pick from the above or try them all, but most of all, have an excellent and fulfilling 2009!

Happy New Year 2009

Top Ten New Year Resolutions | ThePattayaGuide


Nightlife Guide As you would expect from one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world. Pattaya offers the visitor a kaleidoscope of entertainment possibilities. Live music & be enjoyed at several clubs around the city. These venues provide the visitor with wonderful atmosphere, cold beer & cocktails & the opportunity to see artists from various parts of the world playing a wide selection of popular & new music. There are also a number of traditional nightclubs in the city. These nightspots also offer live entertainment… the live music is usually performed by Thai singers & bands with regular interludes where the resident DJ will play a selection of dance/house or other forms of music. For visitors who like to sit back & watch a truly spectacular show, check out Alcazar & Tiffany’s located on 2nd Road, Pattaya. These are the lady-boy shows, where the singers perform in a vast array of costumes & sing their way through songs in several languages. A little outside Pattaya you will find the Alangkarn Extravaganza. A show which features animals, pyrotechnics, acrobats etc. Alangkarn is now creating itself as one of the “must see” shows for visitors.

t All Live Sports Shown - Open Late t Happy Hour 6pm till 1am - Win Free Drinks t Drinking Games - Giant Playground Free Shot With This Ad* Soi Happy A-Go-Go, South Pattaya, Phone: Jason 085 285 1800 or Karl 087 835 6890 *1 per customer

Considered by many to be the No 1 live music venue on the Eastern Seaboard and with traditional and modern music it combines to make The Blues Factory a truly excellent night time venue. Our first band “The Blues Machine” feature USA’s BB King awarding winning guitarist Ken “The Snowman” Minihan and along with the wonderful Mary and drummer Oy who was the first Thai to ever play the Montreux Jazz festival they will have you dancing to great music ranging from BB King & Muddy Waters to Etta James and Tina Turner. Our second band features the “Guitar King of Thailand” the one and only Lam Morrison Thailands most famous Rock guitarist and along with “The Rock Machine” featuring Pattaya’s hottest new guitar sensation “Nueng” they play a wide range of Rock n Roll & Classic Rock songs along with modern hits in their own inimitable style. So for a wonderful night of entertainment check out The Blues Factory on Soi Lucky Star (just off walking street and Marine Plaza), perfect for couples or singles looking for a great hassle free night out.




Soi L.K. Metro

Soi Diana

Soi Buakhao

Pattaya 2nd Road





For reservations, please contact Carina F채hrmann on 038 370 614-8 or with

Koh Chang The island of Koh Chang is a tropical marine national park. It consists of over 70% rainforest and is the best preserved tourist holiday destination in Thailand. Situated 4 hours from Pattaya, it’s Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket. Recently, with the surge of development and popularity, it has been elevated to Thailand’s new tourist haven. Koh Chang has everything, white sandy coves and beaches, pristine rain forests and abundance of wildlife and marine life, high mountain peaks, several scenic waterfalls, a rich variety of cuisine and great nightlife. Accommodation on the island ranges from simple beach huts and bungalows to luxury villas and apartments. If you drive, you can hire motorbikes, jeeps and cars to take you to any of the beaches along the coastal roads and, in the evening, there are plenty of restaurants, live music bars and nightclubs to choose from to spice up your stay. Accommodation Paddy’s Palms Resort, 32 room resort with hot water, air con, TV and fridge. The resort itself has a large swimming pool, excellent parking and is located 5 minutes from Whites Sands Beach. 1000 – 1300 baht Palm Garden Hotel, a small 12 room hotel with hot water, air con, TV and fridge. Just 50m from the beach in the heart of the main tourist spot, White Sands Beach. Restaurants 15 Palms, a beautiful beach side restaurant on White Sands Beach serves European food with everything from pizzas, salads, pasta, burgers and of course Thai food. Paddy’s Palms, Koh Chang’s first Irish Pub is a well managed pub with a great atmosphere. They have a pool table, wireless internet, live sport on big screens, great Italian coffee, traditional Irish dishes, Kilkenny and Guinness on tap. The restaurant is the most popular on the Island and must be visited. 44

ThePattayaGuide | Koh Chang

Outside Pattaya Sponsored By KCR Homefinder | Phone 038 405 167-8

I am again privileged to write a few words on what goes on east of Sukhumvit highway in what some refer to as the jungle & others rather derogatively as the dark side … why one asks. We have electricity, street lamps, decent roads (almost) & some wonderful places of entertainment. Is it because some people are jealous of our greenery & clean air or is there something more sinister afoot? We enjoy a good lifestyle in neighbourhood’s with like minded people who enjoy a quieter life yet still have the opportunity to wine and dine at any level from a pie & mash pub to fine dining. We have sports bars, British & Irish pubs, & family restaurants galore catering to every palate & taste. British, French, Italian, Swiss & German along with Thai of course. We have the excellent Outback Bar with golf syndicates & away day trips every week. They also serve up bumper sized portions of Ozzie style grub & have live Ozzie rules football, golf & the English Premier League on the TV, there’s never a dull moment & Bob & the girls are on hand to cater for those just wanting a beer or three or a plateful of something nice. You will find them along Siam Country Club road on the right just before hitting the Mabprachan reservoir. Call 081 578 1956 for info on their golf tours. Another favourite is of course the Peacock Place, clean, well managed, rooms for rent & a free to use pool for the kids whilst you enjoy your drink or a meal. A nice drinkers pub is Sammy’s bar, bear left at the archway to the golf course & It’s on the right. Plenty of safe car parking & always a nice atmosphere. Billy the guvnor is a well read & interesting chap who always has time for a yarn & a chinwag. So, welcome to the jungle or if you prefer the dark side. Join us for a beer & a bite at any of our roadside hostelries, we aren’t demons & don’t bite … well maybe just a bit. Happy new year to you all. 46

ThePattayaGuide | Outside Pattaya

Outside Pattaya Sponsored By KCR Homefinder | Phone 038 405 167-8 So goodbye 2008. Personally If I never see another year like that I will be more than happy. Economic strife, political upheaval, people dieing on the streets, inflated food & fuel prices & businesses in turmoil. What next one asks. Again on a personal level I am hoping for stability amongst the population, parliament & some strong examples of leadership by those in power. The country needs to settle down, regroup & go forward with positive direction to attract tourists & investors back to the country. It won’t be an easy task but I feel it can happen if the will & desire is there. OK, off my perch & down to basics. My industry has taken a severe hit over the last couple of years & house & land sales are at an all time low. This trend must be broken if we are to survive & some ways to do this are already in place. My company has been running a series of auctions & showcases of very attractively priced homes, condos & land. This has been moderately successful with some good results post events. We will continue with these into the new year as now is the time to keep pushing the boat. Another idea that is being employed by a number of sellers is owner finance. This can be a bit daunting to some people until the system is properly explained. It’s actually quite straight forward with multi facet protection in place for both parties. A number of sellers are willing to offer short term deferred payments, this too is very simple & the same elements of protection are in place, basically it’s to give buyers time to bring in funds at hopefully improved exchange rates a few months down the line with time limits in place. Property exchanges are also coming into the picture as some people wish to downsize & others upscale. This is a neat & clean way of exchanging property with a cash balance in one direction or the other. And finally … to be frank I am still not seeing fire sales in any great numbers however, a number of people have drastically reduced their selling prices as when they repatriate their money at today’s rates they don’t actually lose. Paul, Greg, Suzie, kanya & Poo at KCR wish everyone a super 09.

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Sports and Activities in Pattaya The city of Pattaya has a wide variety of activities to suit all ages and preferences. If you want to try something new, Pattaya is a great place to start. Watersports are inexpensive and very popular, they include windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, parasailing, gamefishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. On land, high energy people can choose from tennis, go-karts, squash, badminton, bowling, horse riding and boxing! Lessons are available for most sports at reasonable prices also. We have put the following guide together for all your sporting needs‌ Aerobics A free open-air aerobics class is held alongside the beach next to the junction of Beach Road and Soi 6 daily at 18:00. Aqua-aerobics exercise classes are held at the Dusit Resort Sports & Fitness Club (next to the Dolphin Roundabout) Badminton The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Pattaya Badminton Courts on Soi 17, 2nd road, they are open 1400 - 2400 daily, there are 4 courts. Hourly rates: 60Bt per hour, racquet rentals 20Bt, shuttlecocks 25Bt. Members fee is 500Bt month Bowling There are 3 bowling alleys in the Pattaya area. 1) Pattaya Bowl is located on Pattaya 2nd Rd in North Pattaya (opp Big C) 2) PS Bowl is on the third floor of the PS Plaza (Tops) at the corner of the Central Pattaya traffic light between Central Pattaya Road & Pattaya 2 Rd. 3) The Avenue Shopping Centre plays host to a bowling alley


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All alleys have a sufficient car parking, air-conditioning, snack bar and coffee shops, serving Thai and international dishes. Operating hours for all are from 10:00 am until late The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Pattaya Bowl, North Pattaya 20 lanes, price between 70-90 baht depending on the time of day. The complex also has 6 pool tables, 2 full-size snooker tables. 120Bt / table / hour It’sopen daily 10:0002:00, Tel: 038 429 908 Fishing For a quiet afternoon, you can fish in a local fishing parks; ponds or lakes which are all well stocked with local fish. You can hire equipment. The fishing parks charge around 80Bt / day and extra for rod hire, bait, etc., (Some parks also charge for fish caught by the kilo, if you want to take your fish away) The Pattaya Guide Recommends - North Pattaya Fishing Park also known as “Soi 3 Fishing Park” charges 100Bt / house rod, bait 20Bt / packet - and serves food and drink and has live music after dark. If you prefer to go for the big one! The waters around Manwichai, Rin and Kram islands are popular for marlin, king mackerel and barracuda. Offshore fishing trips are organised by many local operators. Enquire at the tour shops Fitness You can keep yourself in shape during your stay here at one of the many gyms that admit people on a daily / weekly or monthly basis. Tony’s on 3rd Road, South Pattaya and also in Walking Street is the most famous and offers modern equipment, swimming, tennis, Thai boxing and more. Golf / Driving Ranges Golf is a speciality of the region, with more than 20 courses within an hour’s drive (most within 30 minutes) of Pattaya, many designed by some of golf’s Activities guide | ThePattayaGuide


most famous names, including Nick Faldo (Great Lakes), Jack Nicklaus (Laem Chabang), Gary Player (Sri Racha) and Robert Trent Jones (Eastern Star Resort and Country Club). All offer good facilities and value for money in the 500Bt (green & caddy fee) to 2500Bt range. For more details see our golf guide, if you can’t make it to the course but fancy hitting some balls, there are plenty of golf driving ranges in the area The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Siam Golf & Driving Range, Soi Siam Country Club Tel: 038 405 166 Go Karting The Pattaya Guide Recommends – Easykart, Bali Pier (see map for location) There are 2 tracks 160 cc. (350 m.) for Kid and beginner, 270 cc. (750 m.) for Adult and advanced driver and the both track can be combined for the special event which support over 500 guest with the panoramic bar. Drivers are timed by special computerized equipment so you can also see who is the fastest in each lap. Horse Riding The Horseshoe Point Resort & Country Club offers several kinds of riding, including dressage, trail riding, jumping, polo and pony club riding for children. Located on a ranch spread of 1,500 acres with trails, paddocks and beautiful tropical gardens, the owners have turned a passion for horses into a full-fledged riding academy. It is one of South-East Asia’s largest and most respected riding schools, catering to all experience levels and offering private lessons for 1600Bt / hour (discounts available for groups of 5+ and multi-lesson-packages) Horseshoe Point, Tambon Pong tel 038 735 050. Jet Skis Jet skis can be hired directly from most beaches in Pattaya for around 900Bt / hour and fast speedboats can be hired by the hour or day for 1500 to 5000Bt


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Motorsport The Bhira international Circuit periodically stages international motor and motorcycle racing. The 2.4km track is ideal for Formula 3 racing and you can drive your own two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles around the challenging track for a nominal fee. Located Highway 36 (Pattaya - Rayong) about 15km from Pattaya City. Call 02 280 3547 or 02 522 1731-8 (Bangkok) Muay Thai Tony’s Gym & Muay Thai Academy, Third Road is open 14:30 - 20:30. Two prices for everything - the lower price if you’re already paying to use the attached gym, otherwise the higher price: 180 - 280Bt / day, 950 - 1400Bt / week, 1500 - 2400Bt / fortnight, 2000 -1490Bt / 3 weeks, 2800 - 3900Bt / month - or 1500 - 2300Bt for 10 visits (no expiry date). Parasailing / Parascending Speedboat-towed parachute rides are available along the main beaches and in Pattaya Bay from several large floating platforms with speedboats ferrying customers out from the shore - typically about 500Bt / flight Sailing The most popular boats for hire are small Lasers, Prindles and Hobie Cats, which can be rented by the hour. You can sail year round in Pattaya’s waters. For further information regarding charter, boat hire and weather conditions The Pattaya Guide Recommends – Serenity Shipyard Tel: 081 577 4428 Swimming Most hotels and condos of any size have at least one swimming pool. Alternatively, if yours hasn’t, others are happy to have you as a daily guest of their pool for a small charge. Most people who come to this seaside resort also enjoy swimming in the warm tropical sea. Mike Shopping Mall also has Activities guide | ThePattayaGuide


a large rooftop pool available for public use take the elevator or stairs up to the 10th floor.There’s a very small snacks counter and a good view of most of Pattaya Bay. Get there early to grab one of the sun loungers, and don’t forget your swimming costume (shorts are not permitted). Open 11:00-19:00, 80Bt / adult, 60Bt / child, or 1600Bt for a one month pass. Scuba Diving Pattaya is also one of the oldest diving centres in this part of Asia. It has a year round diving season with good visibility, & a sea temperature of around 28C which means that there is a rich variety of marine life & coral. Scuba dive training and trips for a wide range of ability levels and interests, certified by a number of different organisations, including both NAUI and PADI, are available through numerous dive shops. Several diving courses are available in Pattaya. These range from one to four days, depending upon the proficiency one desires to reach and the type of diving one wants to learn. The islands far from the shore take longer to reach but are lot quieter and do not suffer from the speedboat and jet-ski traffic of the islands nearer to Pattaya. The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Adventure Divers and Watersports Tel: 038 364 453 (Tappraya Road) For all your diving needs Shooting Club The Pattaya Guide Recommends - Tiffany’s on Pattaya 2nd Road. N. Pattaya Tiffany’s on Pattaya 2nd Road. N. Pattaya has an air conditioned shooting range with 19 fully equipped galleries. Open: 0900 to 2200 daily. Wide selection of hand guns and field rifles of varying calibre - .22, .38, .45, and 9mm. Demonstration room and instructors. Rates: 200Bt range fee. Single bullet price: .22 - 6Bt; .38 - 15Bt; .45 - 20Bt; 9mm - 20Bt & Targets 10Bt. 52

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Adventure Divers & Watersports organisation padi location thappaya road, between Pattaya & Jomtien phone 038 364 453 or 089 252 5026 contact Robert

For Taxi:



, 04 78 07 089 0

08 7

83 56 890

VERY COMPETITIVE RATES Opening Times:- 9am to 6pm everyday!


Pattaya New Plazza


Soi 8

Soi 7

2nd Road

Contact:- 089 007 7804 for further details We are located at:Pattaya New Plazza, 50m off 2nd Road, Opposite Soi 7 - Soi 8, Central Pattaya

Golf Guide Sponsored By Siam Golf and driving range | Phone 081 832 5338 1. Bangpra International | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 341 151 2. Burapha Golf Club | 36 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 345 153 3. Chonburi Century C.C. | 18 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 01 304 1545 4. Crystal bay Golf Club | 27 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 349 365 5. Eastern Star Golf Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 630 418 6. Emerald Golf Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 941 044 7. Great Lake Golf Club | 36 hole par 72 | Course 3 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 622 630 8. Green Wood | 27 holes par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 261 58 9. Khao Kheow C.C. | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 298 226 10. Laem Chabang | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 372 275 11. Mountain Shadow | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 389 210 12. Pattana Sport Club | 27 hole par 73,74 | Course 4 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 318 999 13. Pattaya Country Club | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 423 718 14. Phoenix Country Club | 27 hole par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 239 391 15. Rayong Green Valley | 18 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 893 838 16. Royal Thai Navy | 36 hole par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 701 843 17. Siam Country Club | 18 holes par 72 | Course 5 Clubhouse 5 | Phone 038 249 381-6 18. St Andrews 2000 | 18 holes par 74 | Course 4 Clubhouse 4 | Phone 038 893 838-42 19. Treasure Hills | 18 holes Par 72 | Course 4 Clubhouse 3 | Phone 038 488 349


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Siam Golf & Driving Range and Country Club is considered the number one driving range in Pattaya. It has the number one practice area for putting, pitching and sand practice and the number one fairway bunker, grass hitting facilities plus they use only the best golf balls. All areas are professionally kept to the very highest standards.

Plus Great Pro Shop!

Learn To Play Golf

tThe Swing tAddressing The Ball tPutting tChip tBunker tFairway Driver

At Siam Golf & Driving Range we are please to announce the appointment of Lo Holgersson our new Golf Cordinator. Lo has been teaching golf for 25 years in his home country of Sweden and is available for individual and group lessons. Lo's main role will be organising a weekly golf society. The society will run 3-4 every week and meet at the Range. Transport and Club hire are available.


Lo Holgersson

One-to-One individual instruction 900 baht per half hour One-to-One individual instruction 1500 baht per one hour 2 Players 1600 baht per one hour 3 Players 2000 baht perone and half hours 4 Players 2500 baht per two hours

For Bookings Phone: Lo 087 940 0386 Harold 081 832 5338 or 038 405 166

Golf Guide Sponsored By | Phone 089 932 6716 Pattaya’s best kept secret is undoubtedly the quality and value of its golf courses, there are 20 championship standard courses within 45 minutes of Pattaya, designed by the very best golf architects and designers. Clubhouse facilities are excellent with everything you might need and more, including great restaurants, swimming pools, massage facilities, superb shower and locker rooms. All courses provide caddies to guide you through your round with words of advice and encouragement. Quite simply, golfing in Pattaya is a match for anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost with each course offering a fantastic experience for golfers of all abilities (with no course requiring a handicap card). So, whether you are a low handicap golfer, one who enjoys a challenge or a complete novice there is no better place to play than the courses around Pattaya.

Course of the Month Mountain Shadow Golf Club Designer : Ronald Fream Course: 18 Hole Par 72 6722yds Crafted from a former Mango plantation this course is always perfectly manicured and very well presented. Although one of the shorter courses in the region, plenty of water and narrow fairways make a challenging day out for any handicapper. Lots of holes framed by palm trees make this a real tropical paradise. Facilities include a large Clubhouse with Restaurant serving Thai and Western food , Pro Shop, Driving Range and full shower and locker rooms. For all your golfing needs Phone Kevin on 089 932 6716


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Hotel & Golf Reservations

V.I.P. Minibus Service

For Your Perfect Golf Day Out...

Tel:- Kevin 089 932 6716 or 081 996 3058 E:mail:-

Accommodation With a projected 15 million plus visitors to Thailand predicted in 2009, it is expected that many of the hotel in both Pattaya and Jomtien will have high occupancy rates throughout the year. In the following pages you will find a selection of hotels and guest houses available for your stay. We have also included a page of popular hotels with their respective contact details. For those who are not familiar with the Pattaya and Jomtien geography, the South and Central Pattaya located hotels are the ones to chose if you are looking to be in the centre of the “action”. Lots of restaurants, bars, shopping etc. For those looking for perhaps a quieter night’s sleep, choose North Pattaya or Naklua, where there are several quality hotels down by the beach at Wongamat. If you really want to get out the city, then stay at Jomtien. The beach is better than that in Pattaya and it is easy to travel to Pattaya for evening by taking one of the many “baht buses” which congregate at several points along the Beach Road. 64

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Jomtien Beach Properties

Studios, 1 - 2 bedroom units for rent or sale We own and manage all our properties No agents - No commission

Tel: 085 697 8245

Health And Fitness A healthy lifestyle can be achieved anywhere in the world and Pattaya is certainly one of the most popular places people choose. Thailand has a tropical climate and is therefore ideal for the pursuit of outdoor activities: volleyball, soccer, sailing plus many more. However, for and in indoor healthy lifestyle, Pattaya is also among the best and the vast number of 5 star health massage organisations, beauty parlours, plastic surgery clinics, spas and fitness centre mean that Pattaya really is the place to improve your overall health and look. Many people now choose to partake of the various treatments from facials, to waxing and detox to botox in order to gain that healthier looking body and due to the current price of treatments in many western countries, Thailand has found itself an entire new market in patients arriving for plastic surgery treatment and general medical operations which in their own country would cost much more than locally in Thailand. Health and Fitness | ThePattayaGuide








Services Guide You will find during your visit to Pattaya that a vast network of businesses now operate within the city, everything from dentists and doctors to air conditioning companies and lawyers. There are thousands of companies offering a whole range of diverse services for both expats and visitors. Many tourists during their brief stay in Pattaya “Fall in Love with the City” and are determined to make the move to Thailand more permanent. They typically choose to invest in either a condominium or purchase land and house. Once they have purchased their dream home in Pattaya or jomtien, they then find themselves in need of a number of services; cleaners, accountants, electricians, builders and schools among others. We have decided to devote a small section of this publication to promoting a number of these services to help those who are in need. A little piece of advice for those “new arrivals” in town check out your own Chamber of Commerce and expat clubs, they are able to offer lots of help and information. Services Guide | ThePattayaGuide



Visa Information Sponsored By Five Star Visa Runs | Phone 038 416 088 A visa is fundamentally a document affixed into the passport issued to a foreigner by the Thai government allowing a foreigner to travel to the Kingdom and a granted permission to stay for a certain period of time. Visas can only be obtained outside of the Kingdom from a Royal Thai Embassy consulate. A visa has a validity period which denotes the period within which the visa may be used to apply for entry. The validity period is NOT the length of time you will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom. A’ permission to stay’ stamp is entered into your passport upon arrival into the Kingdom. Whatever visa you hold, you will always receive this stamp. It will include the date of entry and date when you MUST leave the Kingdom or make alternative arrangements. The ‘length of stay’ will be dependent on what type of visa you hold. The majority of Foreigners that enter the Kingdom without a visa will be granted a ‘permission to stay 30 day’ stamp only, which is free of charge. At the discretion of the immigration officer this permission to stay 30 day stamp may be extended for up to 7-15 days (THB 1900) at an immigration office after which time the holder must leave the Kingdom. This stamp is NOT a visa. WARNING: YOU ONLY GET 15 DAYS AT LAND BORDERS Different Types of visas Single entry tourist visa will permit the holder a 60 day’ permission to stay’ stamp upon entry. If required, this type of visa may be extended by 30 days (THB 1900) at an immigration office, but after that time the holder must leave the country. After one entry, the visa is used. Multiple entry tourist visa will permit the holder a 60 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp upon entry (only visa exempt countries listed overleaf ) or 30 days if not listed below. If required, this type of visa may normally be extended by 30 days at an immigration office, but after that time the holder must leave the Visa Information | ThePattayaGuide


country. The holder may then return to the Kingdom and will obtain a second 60 day ‘permission to stay‘ stamp which can also be extended and then the holder must leave. After the stipulated number of entries the visa is ‘used’. Single entry non-immigrant visa will permit the holder a 90 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp. This visa can be extended up to one year for specific reasons and with the required documentation. Multi-entry non-immigrant visa will permit the holder a 90 day ‘permission to stay’ stamp upon entry. Each time the holder enters the Kingdom whilst the visa is valid, he/she will obtain a further 90 day ‘permission to stay stamp’. Such visas can be issued for students/work/family etc., but normally require supporting documentation. This visa can also be extended up to one year for specific reasons and with the required documentation. Although most multi-entry non-immigrant visas are obtained in your home country they may also be obtained from some Royal Thai embassies outside your home country, if you can provide evidence of your marriage to a Thai citizen (marriage certificate) or support of a Thai citizen. 12 month extension to a non-immigrant visa: If you are holding a nonimmigrant visa, you have the option of extending this by 12 months based on either retirement (50 years old or over) or support to a Thai citizen, work, education and the like. This may only be accomplished at an immigration office inside the Kingdom and certain criteria has to be met. If you are residing in the Kingdom under and extension to a non-immigrant visa and wish to leave the Kingdom at any time, then you will need to obtain a re-entry permit to avoid losing the extension and having to re-apply. If you are residing in the Kingdom under an extension to a non-immigrant visa it is a legal requirement that the holder reports current address to an immigration office using form TM.47 (in person or by registered mail) every 90 days. Re-entering the Kingdom is the equivalent of a 90 day report. If you are in possession of a valid tourist visa or a 30 day visa exempt entry stamp and qualify for an extension of stay and plan on doing so you may be


ThePattayaGuide | Visa information

permitted to change to a non-immigrant visa at an immigration office inside Thailand. This change of ‘status’ has certain restrictions depending on your particular circumstances therefore you should check with an officer first. List of visa exempt countries (September 2007): Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brunei, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kingdom. Important Notes 1. Always check the stamp that the immigration officer gives you. If the officer gets your stamp wrong you may have to return to your port of entry 2. Check your passport and make sure you know when you need to leave Thailand. You can contact 5 star Visa Runs and we will log you into our computer and remind you 7 days before your visa expires as part of our service. 3. Never work in Thailand without a work permit. Even if you are not getting paid, you still need a work permit because you are taking a job from a Thai national. 4. You can convert your 30-day visa exempt stamp to a Non-immigrant Visa by going to Immigration with the proper documents and 21 day stay remaining, meaning you have up to 9 days after your entry. Application fee THB 2000.Please note that your passport needs to remain valid for at least another six months for any visa applications. 5. Overstay charges are currently THB 500 per day to a maximum of THB 20,000. 6. The information given above is for guideline purposes only. Each individuals circumstances may differ greatly depending on your age, financial position, what port of entry you use, what country you are from, what embassy you are visiting, what you are doing here and of course how long you have been here and, remember the final decision on visa application/issue or entry into the Kingdom will always be at the discretion of the immigration officer. 7. For full information please read the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website


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Shopping Guide Pattaya has numerous large malls, small malls, supermarkets, bazaar-style markets, and thousands of other shops. Expect to find plenty of clothes shops and coffee shops but do not expect to find variety as most shops are selling the same things. Pattaya actually has a long way to go to catch up with Bangkok for variety and volume of shops but it is trying with several new shopping centres opening in recent years, and there is a lot more to come. Bargaining is a way of life here but don’t worry if you don’t know your Thai numbers as most shop keepers will carry a calculator to show the price. Malls

Central Festival Centre is a large mall on Second Road across from Soi 2. Mike Shopping Mall is on Beach Road between Soi 11 and Soi 12, P.S. Plaza is at the junction of Second Road and Central Pattaya Road Royal Garden Plaza is a large upscale mall adjacent to Pattaya Marriott Hotel on Beach Road between Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) and Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) Tuk.Com (Com City) on South Pattaya Road is a new and predominantly IT mall. The Avenue is on second road directly opposite the entrance to soi 13


Carrefour Central Pattaya Road (between Third Road and Sukhumvit Road), Big-C South Pattaya Road (at the junction with Sukhumvit Road), Big-C Central Festival Center (opposite Soi 2). Foodland Central Pattaya Road 24 hours Foodmart Thapphraya Road (near the junction with Theprasit Road). 24 hours. Friendship South Pattaya Road. Tesco-Lotus North Pattaya Road Tops at the junction of Second Road and Central Pattaya Road, 24 hours. Villa Market The Avenue Shopping Mall, 2nd Road. 24 hours. Best Supermarket At the corner of North Pattaya Road and Naklua Road

Markets :- There are many bazaar-style markets in Pattaya

Thepprasit Market on Thepprasit Road (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings) Soi Buakhao Market - daytime, Tuesday and Friday; Made In Thailand Plaza on Second Road near Soi 10 - daily 08:00-23:00

Shopping guide | ThePattayaGuide


“Designs for life” Water Hyacinth Bamboo & Coconut Inlay Eco Friendly Products Rugs, Cushions & Textiles Custom Made Sofas Outdoor & Poolside Furniture Full Turn-Key Packages Available


EAST Furniture & Interiors Next To Pattaya Properties Tel: 038 252 201 / 081 863 6752

Open (mon - sat) 10am - 6pm email:

Real Estate Guide More than one hundred new housing or condominium development projects are currently underway in the Pattaya and Jomtien districts. Many of these projects are aimed at the “higher end� market. Properties offering large spacious accommodation some with private swimming pools, top end air conditioning units, Jacuzzis etc. These properties are typically around the 8-25 million price range and many represent very good value for money. One of the more up and coming development areas is just south of Jomtien, where several developers are now constructing projects near to the beach at Bang Sare and Baan Amphur. Because of the local laws in Thailand with regard to property ownership by foreigners, condominiums are still as popular as ever with something in the region of 5,000 condominium units currently in construction. Some of the better quality condos are La Royale, Northshore and North Point. However, it is possible to find cheaper units especially in South Pattaya and Jomtien. If you are thinking of a permanent move to Thailand remember to do your homework and seek a reputable real Estate Agent. 86

ThePattayaGuide | Real Estate Guide

Pool Villas & Luxury Condominiums for rent & sale Full service option available For more information

contact Gary at 081 295 01 62 Email:

40% developer assisted finance available

Contact: +66(0)898677969

Phase II

100% legal ownership structure To receive your complimentary E-brochure, simply email

KCR Special Land Sales for January These Are Heavily Discounted And Include Land Office Fees

Land 354. 3.0.82 Rai of excellent building land on three new chanods. Good road frontage with services to hand. Normal price 3.9 million baht reduced to 3 million for January. Perfect for three houses or one large estate. Call Kanya

Land 391. Lake front in the Phoenix area. Over 100 meters of frontage makes this absolutely ideal for a resort or high end housing development. Decent access with services available. Stunning setting. 53 rai for 53 M. Call Kanya

KCR Special Land Sales for January These Are Heavily Discounted And Include Land Office Fees

Land 393. 391 TW on Taylor’s Rise just behind Mabprachan Reservoir. Perfect shape, walled and water and electric to site plus a concrete road direct to it. Was 2.5 million now 1.9 for this month only. Excellent, call Paul

Land 401. Three 200 TW +/- land sections in an established village close to route 36. Private and public water to site along with three phase electric. Secure, drained and ready to build on. Buy all or one at 1.6 M each. Call Paul

KCR Special Land Sales for January These Are Heavily Discounted And Include Land Office Fees

Land 403. Two land sections this side of route 36. One has road frontage the other a private access. Excellent shape with water and electric to site. 175 TW and 192 TW. Buy singly at 7,000 or together at 6,000 baht Per TW. Call Paul

Land 404. If you like golf ‌ 1.5 rai of excellent building land just beyond the archway for Siam Country Club golf course. Excellent shape, electric to site and water 30 meters down. Was 2.2 million now 1.5 for January. Call Paul

KCR Special Land Sales for January These Are Heavily Discounted And Include Land Office Fees

Land 405. Almost 25 rai of hill and mountain view land close to route 36. There’s an opportunity for a man made lake with a stunning high mountain backdrop. Full price 30 million baht but 25 cash for January. Call Kanya

Land 406. More hillside close to route 36. Almost 8 rai with a mountain backdrop and a decent road access. Excellent for a private estate with fruit farming or live stock. Full price 8.55 million but only 6 for January. Call Kanya

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GSH 1670 South Pattaya, Excellent Location, Single House, with a small private pool, 3 beds, 3 baths, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, living room, 5 A/C, UBC, Tel.& internet, water tank, hot water, car parking, Size 240Sqm. 3.5 MB

PEH 867 East Pattaya, Single Private House, with large garden, 15 minute to pattaya city, 3 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, living room, Tel. & ADSL, A/C, covered parking, Size 652 Sqm, Price at 3.2 MB

PMH 1008 Mabprachen Location, 15 minute to Pattaya, Private tropical garden, 2 beds, bathroom, partly furnished, Euro kitchen, living room, A/C, water tank, covered parking, Size 460 Sqm, Price at 3.2 MB

GCH 921 Central Pattaya, Excellent Location, Single House, near Carrefour & Food Land, 3 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, living room, A/C, water tank, hot water, covered parking, Size 240 Sqm, Price at 3.95 MB

PEH 1708 East Pattaya, Single House with large garden, 10 minute from pattaya city, 3 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished, Euro kitchen, living room, A/C, Tel.& internet, Use of swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 404 Sqm, 3.7 MB

PEH 1704 East Pattaya, Single House, 15 minute from pattaya city, 3 beds, 2 baths, partly furnished, living room, A/C, hot water, water tank, covered parking, garden, Use of swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 336 Sqm, Price at 3 MB

PEH 2107 East Pattaya, Corner Single House, 10 minute from pattaya city, with 3 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished, living room, thai kitchen , A/C, cable TV, water tank, covered parking, Use of swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 304 Sqm, 3 MB

PEH 2101 East Pattaya, Single House, 5 minute from pattaya city, with 3 beds, 2 baths, fully furnished, thai kitchen, living room, A/C, water tank, hot water, covered parking, Use of swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 240 Sqm, 3.25 MB

PSH 2111 Bangsalay Pattaya, Corner Single Two storey House, 2 Km. to bangsalay beach, 15 minute from pattaya city, 3 beds, 3 baths, fully furnished, decorated, Euro kitchen, living room, Use of pool & security. Size 332 Sqm, 5.5 MB

Paradise Condo, Great investment at very reasonable price completely decorated ready to move in & nicely designed using high quality materials foreigner name contact us for more details. Price 1.9 MB. ( Foreigner Name )

Mark Land Condo, Great fantastic view a over Pattaya bay and island have many units in different styles on high floor for sale and for rent foreigner name and thai name direct to the owner the price start form 2.5 MB. For Rent 17,000 Baht/month

Metro Condo Great investment opportunity There are many Connecting & Studios available on both lower and higher floor with a very nice sea view over looking jomtien bay The price direct to the Owner. ( Foreigner Name )

Jomtien Beach Condo Connecting room & Studio many unit on high floor, fully furnished with a very nice sea view, Use of covered parking, fitness room, 2 large communal swimming pool & security, Price start form 1.25 MB. ( Foreigner Name )

Jomtien Plaza Condo Corner Dong Tan Beach Pattaya, lovely condo, Great investment opportunity there are many Connecting & Studio, available on both lower and higher floor with fantastic views over pattaya bay and island, for sale and for rent, contact us for more details

View Talay Condo, Following the completion of the View Talay project we have several apartments listed, ready for sale and available to move in immediately. Prices for the start at 1,300,000 THB Please contact us for further details

View Talay 6 Condo Great fantastic view a over Pattaya bay and island have many units in different styles on high floor for sale and for rent foreigner name direct to the owner the price start form 2.8 MB. For Rent 24,000 Baht/month

CPC 2093 Center Point Condo, Excellent Location, Studio room, Empty shells available on 16 floor, large balcony sea view, Use of swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 47.5 Sqm, Special Price 2.3 MB. Only call us !!!

CPC 2088 Nirun Condo, Excellent Location, Corner Studio room, high floor, fully furnished, cable TV, A/C, hot water, TV, DVD, Use of covered parking, swimming pool, 24 hr. security. Size 44 Sqm. Price 950,000 Baht

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13 Pattaya Guide January 2009  

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