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May 2012

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Parnassium (n): a reference to literature from Mt. Parnassus in Greece, home of the Muses

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As we grow up, we are overcome with an array of responsibilities. Do well in school, participate in sports and after-school activities, eat right, clean your room, get a job, and spend time with your family! Overwhelmed by all of these different things to worry about, we begin to lose focus of their importance and shut them out, dazed by the pressure of it all. However, the key to maintaining hope and preventing ourselves from falling into an abyss of stress is simple; it all pays off in the end. “The future.” It seems so far away, doesn’t it? These words are associated with a world full of tomorrows, far away from the worries of today and certainly nothing to worry about at the moment. However, the future is every second of every day, passing by as we brush our teeth in the morning, walk to class, and watch television at night. Although the future appears to be quite far, everything we do today helps to build for this tomorrow and prepares us for the rest of our lives. As I began the entire college process, thoughts like these continuously began to pop into my head. Looking at the array of different options before me, I realized how much the saying “hard work pays off” actually rings true. By fulfilling all of the responsibilities I had been overwhelmed with in the past, I had helped to shape my future and create a building block for the rest of my life. The most important thing I learned from this process was the benefit of taking chances. Go out for the sport you think you cannot play, audition for the solo you think you cannot sing, apply to the colleges you’ve always dreamed about, and take the risks you never thought you could. Never let the words of others or the belief that you cannot achieve something keep you from doing the things you actually can. In the end, you’ll be surprised with the outcome and happy you took that chance. — Alea Caporrino


A spring morning, A tree as tall as a giant stands high, Petals delicate as glass, Scent so good like women’s skin, This tree beholds such beauty, It brings me such bliss, A whistling wind approaches, Making the pink petals look like butterflies fluttering, Drops of rain soak the petals with a glazy appearance, Thunder crashing, lightning flickering, The petals are washed away. — Brianna Reyes

The little rain drops on my window are tiny fish. Swimming along the smooth glass racing against each other I follow each one with my finger as one by one, they dive back into the sea. — Julie Lin


ick, tock. Tick, tock. I look up at the large white clock with the big black numbers and hands. It’s not moving. Back and forth the hands on the clock taunt me. They move a minute forward, then two long minutes back. As I lay my head on my stack of books for the afternoon, I await what is to come after the final bell signals and releases hundreds of

Photo By: Brooke Biondi

students who just want to leave what seems like a week long sentence in prison. I take a glance back at that clock, and once again it lets me down; it hasn’t moved in what feels to be half an hour. The teacher drones on about a topic, I’m not completely sure about. Slowly, but with pace picking up, he stops talking; then everything in the background becomes a faint hum, into pure silence.


I pick my head up, turn and look around the room. No longer am I stuck, locked inside the unadorned, claustrophobic classroom. The blinding sun glares down into my now scrunched up face. I effortlessly grab and pull the pair of sunglasses from the top of my head, tangled in by long hair and place them on my face to shield from the rays of sun. Everything begins to become audible; I hear the wave’s crash up against the shore with full force, and the laughter of children playing in the sand without a care in the world. To the left of my hand, approaches a hungry little seagull, begging for food but I just shoo him away. The sun warms every inch of my now tan skin, making me get up and walk towards the ocean. At this point, the ocean begins to move almost farther away, but I make the best effort to make my way into the chilled, salty water.

Everything turns white. Shaken, I

gaze around at my surroundings. I turn left, then right, then left again. Sigh. Once again I look up and see that big, white clock with the black numbers and hands still taunting me. Class, happily, almost over, wasn’t quite the tranquil beach I silently dreamed of.






Her Torch ablaze, held high above the rest A fire held still in freedom. Through tangled masses of sleeves I can do my best to mimic her in pride. With strange things and people in every direction, She may be the only one I ever love. Past the Heavenly Gates She so gracefully opened I see only people of vast cultures, yet identical countenances. The hum of a violin softly vibrates through the air Stirring within me memories of home. Approaching the final entryway into the Land of Opportunity, A man of clear Irish descent and great authority greets me. I am bombarded with questions of myself, Questions so carelessly asked that I did not care to answer. Fortunately, another from my homeland saves me from certain rejection. I am marked off like a piece of herring, and sent through to the upcoming obstacle. A man in a cloud white jacket brutally forces an odd metal plate upon my chest. The coldness strikes me like a tidal wave, Breaking down my innards as if they were made of dirt. As if the Statue herself had been brought to life, A young woman in my native tongue gently explains my horrid conditions. Had it not been for this slight touch of hope, The three months in that quarantined Chamber of Hell might not have passed so quickly. — Adam Casner


I was just a baby when I boarded those many years ago. Back then, the train was carrying only a few billion passengers. The world population was growing exponentially and a high percentage of us were relatively new arrivals. Capacity was not a problem. The all powerful engine would easily accommodate the tens of billions to follow. As I grew older, I thought a lot about the mystery surrounding each of the many stops to pick up new passengers and drop off those (young and old) who had reached their final destinations. It became clear to me no one knew exactly, or could control, when they were going to be picked up or dropped off. Despite some mention of a “better place,” saw no hard evidence prior to boarding or after leaving the train. Given the millions of years since the birth of our beautiful planet, a century’s time passes in a virtual blink of an eye. Ten decades or so from the day you were born, not one living soul there on your birthday will still be on board. Billions of new passengers will have replaced you. Thus, in a broader perspective, everyone’s trip happens in a flash and a few years more or less are insignificant. It all seemed to boil down to a simple question. How can one make his or her speedy ride as enjoyable and meaningful as possible? As my hair turns grey, it strikes me that sheer longevity and the accumulation of worldly possessions are not among out most meaningful accomplishments. Creating happiness, loving deeply, embracing tolerance and helping to make the ride more pleasant for others are far more important. Then, whatever the length of your trip, when the whistle signals for your stop, you will be smiling and, if there is a “better place,” you should find the door wide open. -C.V. Linfante


Vibrant colors laced in the sky Could not help but notice, really caught my eye. The coy Roy G. Biv made an appearance Sprouting behind the trees he made his clearance. The clouds departed Giving strength to the fainthearted. Hope was here, Have no fear. Thought to myself "I want that pot of gold" Found a leprechaun and did what he told, " Over the river and behind the trees, That's where you have to go if the gold is what you want to seize." Went searching and lurking following the advice But what happened next was a result of my avarice. Pot of gold was within my sight But was guarded by a man with a knife. Little did I know the man was armed, So I approached expecting no harm. "Listen here, the gold is mine, Back up or I am going to gut you like a swine." The man grinned from chin to chin An evil grin, that looked like he just committed the original sin. Walked slowly unveiling his tool of destruction I realized I had nothing but seduction. "Hey we can split it, lets not be rash, Knowing he was set to kill, I started to dash." I was as slow as molasses, definitely not good, Before he killed me he lowered his hood. Was the devil who was wielding the metal. Down for the count the game ended, With him for eternity..."splendid." —Anthony Stefanelli


“There are apples that I did not pick off the bough” If only I had said goodbye before I left, Before the winter came, If only I could say that it was not your fault And mean it. I remember the summer you went away And I could not come with you. To the beach and to the boardwalk, To swim and feel the sun on our skin, To laugh and look at boys, And their candy-apple eyes, that we could talk about, All night

“In my dreams for the future, I hope to pick good apples” From the best trees, But I know that every once in a while,

“I have enjoyed many apples”

Bad apple trees will stand in my way,

Gone to Princeton for a weekend,

Tired and rotting,

Learning how to be a leader,

Cranky and worn,

How to pick the right apples.

Willing to bring me down with them.

I met many people along the trees, Finding that there was much more to applepicking Than the apple

I hope to pick the apples that will allow me succeed, I hope someday to find my apple, The scarlet fruit, sitting at the top of the tree, Waiting to be chosen, An apple that has just the right amount of flavor, An apple blushing with such color, That could maybe compliment mine. — Flannery Mackin


Many people don’t believe in spirits. I do. If spirits aren't real, how do people explain the connections that they have with the dead? For example, after someone close to you has died and you’re upset, you could get a sign from the dead to simply tell you that it is going to be okay. I’ve only had two experiences but that’s probably two more than people have had in a lifetime. My first encounter could have been taken as an actual experience or as a mistake. When I was only five years old, I was very close with my grandfather. Every time I went to his house, he would read this book called “Sweet Potato Pie” to me. The night he passed I remember thinking about him. I took out the book and read it over and over again. I was crying in my room; he wasn't only my grandfather, but also my best friend. The last time I read the book I heard his voice, like he was reading it to me. Like I said it could have been taken as an encounter or just a mistaken experience. However, this past summer something happened that changed my life forever. The summer of 2011 was a life changing experience. On Friday, July 1st, 2011, my friend Jake went into the hospital. He had been having trouble with his heart for about two years and had had multiple surgeries. We were very close and I trusted him like he was my brother. I told him everything. One day when I was talking to him, he said he was suspended from school because he got caught doing drugs on school grounds. I was astonished. Jake wasn't that kind of kid. I had a really bad feeling and told him to stop. If he started at this age, he may never stop. I told him how my mom started drinking at a young age and now she’s an alcoholic. He told me not to worry and that he knew what he was doing, I said if he didn't stop I wasn't going to talk to him anymore. About a month after I stopped talking to him, my friend told me that Jake tried to commit suicide and that he was in the hospital. After he got out of the hospital, he started drinking and doing drugs a lot more. On July 1st, he went into the hospital because he tried to overdose. It affected his heart and he passed away that morning. I was so upset that I fought with him and now I will never be able to talk to him again. While I was watching Jersey Shore, about a month after he passed, I was crying because I missed him so much. It was the show we always watched together. I thought I heard his laugh and, just when I thought I was imagining it, I heard a soft whisper. “I should have listened to you.” Spirits are real and there are facts to prove them. 16

Not all people are good. Everyone has bad in them and it is just a matter of if you let the bad take over you. People can be “reborn” again, which means God forgives the sins you have made and you start your life over again. Many people can get confused about whether they have had a paranormal experience or if it is just their imagination. The advanced technology and scientists we have now a days can prove that spirits are real. However, the shows we have about ghosts, such as Ghost Hunters, are all a lie. Maybe that’s why people don't believe in ghosts? The law of thermodynamics explains that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. For instance, humans changing into spirits after death. Human energy changes forms. Our bodies our are decomposed by microorganisms. However, energy never dies. Not all spirits can contact that living. It’s been proven that if you believe in the afterlife, when you die, you can contact the living. In other cases, someone who does not believe in the afterlife may never be able to contact the living after they die. Some people have a gift where they can communicate with the afterlife, then there are others who cannot or will not. Spiritual researchers can especially make great communications with the living after they have died and crossed over. If you have no communications with someone after they die, it doesn't mean they aren't there. If someone can’t communicate with spirits they may pray or think of a vivid memory. People would be so surprised how strong the power of lover and emotion is.

— Ashley Cosgrove


With only little time to live, What should I do? I would start something daring and crazy, One thing I have always wanted to do is go skydiving. As the countdown to 6 p.m. keeps ticking, I decide that I should try to meet someone famous. So I make some calls and, before I know it, Tom Hanks is at my front door. After my three hour long conversation with Mr. Gump, I think it is a good time to go scuba diving with some dangerous sharks and fish. With only two more things to do and only one hand left, I figure it is a good time to have my last meal. I make it a good one consisting of the best steak on the planet ad finishing with a double layer chocolate cake. Finally, with only two more hours, forty-one minutes, and eighteen seconds left of my life, I decide I should spend some quality time with my family and friends. — Max Bambara 18

Life is a beach. Life is a box of chocolates. Life is a highway. What about Life being a clock, because that is really all it is, right? Our “clock” can be divided into three short sections. Short being the fundamental word. The seconds turn to years with quick blinks of the eyes. There is a point in time where we cannot wait to reach the next section of our lives and there is a point where we are begging to freeze the clock for just that much longer. One o’clock. Hard work and cries of pain quickly transform into tears of happiness and new life. We enter the world without being able to see in color, but O’ what a colorful world it is! Time ticks. Actually, it flies. From our first steps, to our first words, to the first time we rode a bike, to the first friend we made, to the first spelling quiz we took. Milestone after milestone passes, yet we cannot wait for the next to come. We want to be bigger. We want to be taller. We look forward to being older. Five o’clock. With a few more years added on, we think we can conquer the world. More freedom equals more power. The voice we have longed for in this world grows that much stronger. We try new things and learn that the old ones just do not cut it anymore. Middle School occurs in, what it seems like, overnight and we move into high school full speed ahead. Freshmen. Sophomores. Juniors. Seniors? There is just no possible way the hours have gone by this fast. Suddenly that person who could not wait to sprout, wishes they were that tiny seed just planted in the ground again. The friends we have made along the years, the family that we have grown so close to, the place we have become so comfortable in. It is all slowly drifting away and the next section of our life is approaching. Nine o’ clock already? Eighteen years have flashed right before our eyes. Those people who we thought would never leave our side are the ones who cannot even stand to look at us for more than a second, and new people have taken their place. The carpools that our parents made to get us from point A to point B have been swapped with our own licenses. Even our homes will soon be replaced by a small room consisting of only two beds, two desks, and a closet, which will all have to be shared with a complete stranger. Our lives have been altered altogether by the clock that controls it. Though we still have two hours left before the dark silences us once and for all, it is obvious that the grains of sand in our hour glass are running scarce. We travel to a foreign land in hopes of creating a better future, not knowing what these final hours have in store for us. All we know is that we are all a part of life, one big clock. The countdown we cannot control; however, how we use the final time we have here is completely in our grasps. — Erika DeLellis 19

Piercing pitter patters of rain drizzle down the cold class of the windows, as fog spread far up onto the top of the longest panel. Peering out into the dark horizon, anything bright begins to fade into the deep background of the blackness. Calm before the storm, the downpour begins to speed up, and the loud pounding of the thunder is finally clear and audible. Time slows, turning seconds into hours. Something so tranquil and calm is aggressive and rough.

Photo By: Katie Perrotta

Slowly walking towards the door of no return, grasping and twisting the cold brass metal of the door knob. Prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best, silence and a bright light fill the dark room of light and life again. — Jazzmin Kaynak

She walks through the alley of auburn autumn trees, The leaves crunching and crackling beneath her worn leather boots, And as her golden locks blow in the breeze, She wonders if there is someone who feels the way she feels. The feeling of loss and longing nostalgia, As if she’s missing something she could not control, As if Lady Luck refuses to be on Mother Nature’s side for six months per year. The summer when her friends were alive, The summer when she fell in love with the sun who kissed her skin so softly, The summer when she dared not think of autumn leaves. — Diana Shalenkova 20

The first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft will be chosen by the Indianapolis Colts. Who do the Colts select? Well let’s take a look at the last two months. After the 2011-2012 season, Indianapolis were 2-14 and had the number one overall draft pick. Following the Pro Bowl, quarterback Peyton Manning had to take a seat on the bench after yet another neck surgery, so the Colts had to make a very tough decision. Do they draft the top quarterback prospect Andrew Luck out of Stanford? Or do they keep the team as it is and keep Peyton Manning and pay him a $28 million dollar bonus? That decision was made on March 7th 2012 when the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning just a few days before the organization had to pay him that bonus. Over those next weeks as discussions occurred, another prospect was being looked at by the Colts. Robert Griffin III. This Heisman trophy winner was coming off of a stellar season at Baylor and was talked about as being as good as or possibly even better than Luck. This discussion lasted until April 24th 2012 when the Colts’ general manager, Ryan Grigson, announced that the Colts were taking Andrew Luck as their number one overall pick. Everything worked out in the end as Peyton signed with the Broncos and Robert Griffin III was chosen 2nd overall by the Washington Redskins. So to answer the question of who got drafted number one? It was indeed Andrew Luck, the Colts’ new quarterback and starter for next season.

—- John DeLellis


Life goes by, and I wonder why, why sometimes I even try. This world and life of mine go ‘round, and ‘round. As I sit with my pride and face looking down. Keep your head up, that’s what they say. As I think to myself, on my knees and pray. Pray to God all night long. Why do I say what I say if it’s wrong. Now through my life I have a lot of pride. My life is great and happy which I mean deep down inside. It has no meaning from what I just said. It’s just something I thought up in my head. I live my life to the fullest instead. — Jimmy Reilly

A yellow rose blooms

Pedals of velvet

As others wait for their time

Water trickles down your stem

Smells sweet like nectar

In the soil you grow You are a symbol of love

— Julie Lin

Your roots are the start of love

— Nick Candela & Ryan Boch 22


All your friends are about to get on the biggest rollercoaster on the East Coast. Do you join them?

Absolutely! Would you ever be a contestant on Fear Factor?

No way, I hate heights!

It d

Would you eat an entire jalapeño pepper? Probably not

Eat live cockroaches? NO way.

s nd e p e

Would you ever spontaneously get a tattoo or piercing? Sure! Why would I do that?!

Would you ever go skydiving?


Would you sing karaoke for a room full of 100 + people?

r! ve e N

De fin it


In a heartbeat!

Maybe with my friends

Would you ask the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen out on a date? Absolutely!

ely !

Falling out a plane? Nah, I’m good.


Would you get married in Vegas?

Ehh, probably not


I’d be too

Nervous Nelly

Somewhat Spontaneous

Well, adventure is definitely NOT your middle name! Taking risks and acting on a whim are things that scare you to death and you make sure to steer quite clear of them! Although this is playing it safe, don’t be afraid to have a little fun sometimes!

Although you do not use this motto all of the time, you still incorporate this spontaneous mindset into your life! You are eager to have a good time, but not if it’s too much out of your comfort zone. Living like this is great; just make sure to take some chances! 24

Addicted to Adventure Congratulations! You are an official user of the “YOLO” mindset! Your adventurous spirit puts no limits on what you choose to do. Be careful, however, because this impulsive mindset could get you into trouble!

There are 7 of them!


Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the final message.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Zanella Miscia Lasky Krehel Gallagher Ohem Corso Swanson Murphy Goduto Metallo Konopka

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.



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