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It’s ok, we know you’re busy. Which means we’ve only got a few minutes to impress you, none of which we’re willing to waste on a lengthy introduction. We simply invite you to turn the page and start the clock – we’re quietly confident that our work speaks for itself, and that you’ll consider it a few minutes well spent. Kind regards from the team,

01. Why choose us?

Six very compelling reasons.

02. Who chooses us?

Our list of clients.

03. What do we do best?

Creative | Broadcast/Visual FX | Graphics | Web | Copywriting | Industrial Design

04. Who are we?

A few things about us as individuals.

05. How do we operate?

We make your job easy.

01. Why choose us? (Six very compelling reasons) What a great place to start – after all, we know you’re less interested in who we are than what we can do for you. And that’s ok with us. Read on to explore six compelling reasons why you should choose us… after which, we’ll actually introduce ourselves to you.

One We think outside this dimension There’s always an ‘Other’ way to look at things. We’re committed to seeing things differently, developing new ways to fulfil clients’ briefs and achieve greater results. We don’t just talk creative rhetoric; we deliver fresh concepts every time. Of course, we can also add our magical touch to tried and trusted ways to ensure they perform even more strongly in future.


Philips Lighting Australia


Create an education pack for staff outlining the company’s green policies.

The Luxurious Lotus. Relatively speaking.

The new Europa S introduces an unprecedented level of refinement‌ for Lotus leather seats, air-conditioning, dual airbags, and noise insulation. It even has ca room for your weekend luggage to boot. And yet with all this luxury, the car r complementing the raw performance of its turbocharged two-litre engine. Af balance.

For more information, contact one of our authorised Lotus Cars dealers direct NSW | Sydney: Rick Damelian Prestige 02 9560 1000 VIC | Melbourne: Zagame Lotus 03 9320 8888 QLD | Southport: Zupps Performance Cars 07 5561 6161

SA | Adelaide: Prestige Walkerville 08 8269 2922 WA | Perth: Barbagallo Lotus 08 9231 5588 NZ | Auckland: Lotus Cars NZ 09 235 0057

NSW | Sydney: Rick Damelian Prestige 02 9560 1000 VIC | Melbourne: Zagame Lotus 03 9320 8888 QLD | Southport: Zupps Performance Cars 07 5561 6161

SA | Adelaide: Prestige Walkerville 08 8269 2922

WA | Perth: Barbagallo Lotus 08 9231 5588 NZ | Auckland: Lotus Cars NZ 09 235 0057

NSW | Sydney: Rick Damelian Prestige 02 9560 1000 VIC | Melbourne: Zagame Lotus 03 8420 8888 QLD | Mt Gravatt: Zupps Performance Cars 07 3243 8888 QLD | Southport: Zupps Performance Cars 07 5561 6161

SA | Adelaide: Prestige WA | Perth: Barbagallo NZ | Auckland: Lotus C

Model illustrated is a Europa S in Polar Blue which is a metallic paint at extra cost. Lotus reserves the right to change vehicle specification at any time To check specifications and pricing please contact your nearest authorised Lotus Cars dealer.

Get out of town.

A Lotus Elise S for $69,990*?


Lotus Cars Australia

Project: Create a print and online campaign which focuses on the feeling of escapism evoked when driving a Lotus.

s. The ergonomically designed cabin features arpet. Plus there’s a more compliant ride and remains a pure Lotus with sublime handling fter all, Lotus cars have always been about

Get out of town. A Lotus Elise S for $69,990 *?

Two We manage campaigns from beginning to end


e Walkerville 08 8269 2922 o Lotus 08 9231 5588 Cars NZ 09 235 0057


From concept to execution, we ensure your campaigns achieve maximum effectiveness. Once we understand your business, we’ll take your message from creative right through to deliverables: one agency and one point of contact.


Sultanate of Oman Tourism, Australia


Print advertising – concept, copy, direction and production




Develop 4 products from initial circuit layouts, all the way though to production.

Three We make things happen We’re proactive, we’re responsive, we’re flexible and we’re well-connected. We deliver on time and budget with impressive results. Whether you like to ‘dump and run’ or micro-manage, we’ll work with you to ensure that things happen when they’re supposed to, how they’re supposed to, and with as little fuss as possible. We understand that it’s our job to make yours easier. We’ve even developed an online project tracking system to facilitate easier workflow.




Rising Star Award Nominations 3D and FLash Animation

Four We use amazing people Our partners are people who are passionate about their work, and whose portfolios testify to their level of expertise. Further, our virtual team includes specialised contractors in every related field, allowing us to pull together the absolute best resources for each and every job. Whether it’s video production, photography, illustration or any other related field, we access the leaders and the experts, and do it at a reasonable cost to you, the client.

BEN | Video

wall spread



Project: Some examples of our video and special effects

Six We’re ahead of the curve The world is changing rapidly. You’ll need an agency that’s evolving with the times, one you can trust to help you navigate the changing technological and media landscape. That’s us. We understand that brands need to adapt, but you wont find us spouting hype. Like any serious organisation, we understand that the rules may have changed, but the game remains the same. We combine age-old wisdom with social media know-how to delivering engaging, integrated brand messages that can create conversation with your customers.

There are 2,420 m2 of glass in this building, supported by 15.2 km of aluminium with 8.1 km of electrical cabling powering 2,520 power points. Access to each oor comes through 668 m of 12 gauge lift cabling, carrying 10 lifts up and down 2,592 times a day. These shuttle 10,004 industrious people an average of 5.6 times per day, up and down the 29 oors each with 2,500 m2 of sea-mist green wool mix carpet. On these oors, 8,240 work stations live, with a controlled environment from a 24 hour air conditioning plant which uses 28,567 kWz



of electricity which pushes the ltered air through 15 km of






Leasing There are 8,180 m2 of morning dawn white paint, 964 km of

Asset Ma

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plumbing, 8,675 m of rubber seal supporting 3.2 km2 of

Sales and

windows washed quarterly by 8 window washers who take



a full se rv networ ice commercia k which l real es ha remarka ta ble grow s experienced te sales  re powe th and r






16 hours to complete the task,




and Raine & Horne Commercial can sell, lease & market it locally, nationally &



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Just as busi have beco ness operations of compani me more importan ce of ndin specialised in rece es and individua ls nt g the mos t suitable years, so has the Increased accommo dation. specialis ation most suita ble location. places a prem or retail ium on iden This appl premises tifying the ies equa . lly to of ce, industria Raine & l Horn include excl e Commercial’ s range of leasing market rent usive leasing strat capabiliti egies and es leasing of estimates as well pre-com mitm complete as d buildings property marketin ents; . g and Raine & Horne Com terms and mercial is condition able to bala and the nce  achievem s with regard to investme exibility in lease ent of long lessee. nt perform term mutu ance al bene t for less or and The abili ty of leasing serv Raine & Horne Commer ices for appr value to opriate prop cial to provide clients. national erties, grea tly enhances its




the value of the property ultimately depends on its return to the Lessor







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14 10/7/06 5:03:57 PM


success lies in aligning with the best people and organisations internationally.



Raine & Horne vast exp Comme rcial’s exp erie ofce buil nce in the ertise stem ma s from investm dings, shoppin rketing and its sale of ents, hot g com proper els, res centres, indu ties. strial pro mercial orts, dev perty, reta elopme nt sites Sale of and spe il pro cialist & Horne perty by auc tion, has auction Commercial. been the As the is arguab ly the mo oldest form cornerstone of of selling Rai st effectiv A concen real esta ne e. te, attentio trated marke ting cam n of the paign is Horne market Comme on able to rcial’s ma the property except focus the ional res for sale rketing ults in . Raine prowes selling all form s, is borne out & Auction s of pro forms one perty by by its Comme of the auc rcia largest tion. is simple. l’s busines parts of s. exposu At auction, a The reason for Raine & Hor ne re pro to freely and its maxim perty achieve the popularity of auction um pric determ s both proces s itself, ine the true value potential. The maximum creates atmosp e of a pro market a here of heighte sense of urgenc perty and the is able ned exp auc y and tion ectation The invo adds to s. the lvement and inte rnation of Raine & Hor al approp riate pro network in the ne Commercia perties strateg , provide marketing cam l’s local, nationa y. s an extr paig l a stimulus n for to the sale s




sale of property by auction, has been the cornerstone of Raine & Horne Commercial




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the growt h been ou in this eld has tstanding thr property market cy ough all cles

e Since 1883, Raine & Horne’s corporate goal has been to give personalised service and above all, exceed clients’ expectations. Our history of a family owned company is never overlooked and is the difference which has strongly branded Raine & Horne Commercial in the market place.

increas ed a premium specialisation places the most on identifying suitable location .


Raine & Horne Commercial has more than simply survived through all market conditions,it continues to ourish. We are a full service commercial real estate network which has experienced remarkable growth and sales re power, underpinned by a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of agency.

The Raine & Horne Commercial network, offers an Australia-wide coverage, with international strength of 55 Raine & Horne of of ces in the Asia-Paci c and af af liate Asia-Paci ofces around the world. of

Property is all about geography and location. The advantage Raine & Horne Commercial has, is that our agents work “on the ground” in their local areas and not just the CBD locations. As such, we know the dynamics of the local markets intimately, operating at street level to answer our customers individual needs.

In our continuing expansion into Asia, we have established Raine & Horne Indonesia with 30 of ces. This is in addition to of Raine & Horne Zaki Partners in Malaysia with 15 of of ces, PRC Raine & Horne in Thailand, Raine & Horne Fiji and Raine & Horne Projects Hong Kong and af afliates in India, Singapore and Japan.

This focus has proven its success with strong growth through Asia-Pacic and the world.

The growth in this eld has been outstanding through all property market cycles. This ability to expand in all economic conditions, is evidence of our prowess in a highly competitive marketplace.

Raine & Horne Commercial continues today to be a leader in the property industry.

Raine & Horne Commercial can market property: • Locally • Regionally • Nationally • Internationally Ireland Spain






Switzerland Italy


Czech Republic Hungary Austria Greece



Fiji Cairns

Hong Kong

8 India



Malaysia Singapore




10/7/06 5:02:48 PM





Brisbane Gold Coast


Perth Adelaide

Port Macquarie Newcastle

Wagga Wagga



















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One of the rea sons why succes s is not only bec Raine & Hor becaus ne e ause it employ Commercial interna it aligns itself is a tionally s the bes with the . best peo t people, ple and but All of our organis ations high ly trained the wor ld, hav industry e built service exp erts on , synony the in Austral mous with family-orien ted, per ia and around Raine sonalis & Horne ed Comme rcial. Raine & Horne profess Comme ional ser rcia and reta vices for l provides a il complet compon sales, leasing all aspects of e range ent of this com and of service powerfu specialist pro mercial, indu , which strial perties l marke can rea . One ting ch vas t potent strength, is the Raine ial buy & Horne er resour online oor are Comme ces. rcial onli a images and location ne, offers buy , informa search ing ers and allows for more tion and interac ability, disp less ees lay , informe tive d comme contact me of up to date Raine cha rcial dec & Horne isions to nisms. This for inve Comme be made. stors. Les rcial also access offers the full sors, manag ers and great opportu potential informa nities inve tion on all type of local, nationa stment gro access ups can s routes and rate of property. Info l and interna Horne tional s are Comme rmation about are visit ww rcial website, all available from a, the Rai ne & m.


we believe that the provision of or service to clients does not begin end at geographic borders

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The ben e & Horne ts of entrusting your pro compan Commercial, perty are ies, corporatio national and equally app requirements licable multi-n ns, loca to large to Raine atio l, state and sma and fed nal We beli ll eral gov eve tha ernments. t end at geogra the provision phic bor of service organis ders. Wit ations, s does Raine our clie not beg & Horne h increasing nts wou in or glob Com ld be bes structur ilisation e. t served mercial has anticip of by a rm ated tha with an The wor t interna ldwide tional pre demogr aphic and sence, provide As with any oth market informa s an invaluab er le source and nev er more commercial endtion. of loca l so than eavour in the inte , knowle dge is rnation power al arena.


10/7/06 5:04:23 PM

10/7/06 5:04:33 PM RHC_BROCHURE_SINGLE PAGES.indd







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Raine & Horne Commercial


Matt varnish multiple page sales booklet

PAGES.indd 20

10/7/06 5:01:35 PM

National Office Locked Bag 3002 Deakin West ACT 2600 33 Thesiger Court Deakin ACT 2600 Ph: Fax: Email: Web:

ABN: 52 008 445 485

02 6283 3200 02 6281 3488

National Disability Services Who are we? NDS is the peak industry body for disability services. Our purpose is to promote and advance services for people with disability.



NEW SOUTH WALES PO Box R160 Royal Exchange NSW 1225

PO Box 146 Deakin West ACT 2600 33 Thesiger Court Deakin ACT 2600

We represent a membership of over 600 not-for-profit organisations, located across Australia. NDS’s members support people with all forms of disability – including physical, intellectual, sensory and psychiatric. NDS is the only organisation that represents the full spectrum of disability services – accommodation, respite, employment, children’s services and more – at national and state/territory levels.

Ph : 02 6283 3218 Fa x : 02 6283 3240 E m a i l : n d s a c t @ n d s .o r g . a u

What do we do? • We provide information to our members to assist them in the provision of services to people with disabilities

New South Wales


52 008 445 485

National Office Locked Bag 3002 Deakin West ACT 2600

NEW SOUTH WALES PO Box R160 Royal Exchange NSW 1225

• We provide policy advice to governments – State and Federal – on all matters relevant to disability services

33 Thesiger Court Deakin ACT 2600

• We host national and state/territory conferences and workshops to foster networking and information exchange in the disability sector

Ph: Fax: Email: Web:

• We also provide a central point of contact for information and comment on matters affecting the disability sector in Australia.

02 6283 3200 02 6281 3488

Where are we based? NDS has a national office in Canberra and offices in every state and territory. The contact details for each are listed overleaf.

Corporate Identity Kit – Style Guide

Rebecca Gardner NDS_Name_Badges-WIP v2.indd 1

12/02/2007 2:35:59 PM

p Information

Five We’re affordable Big agency promises with small agency prices – that’s what we’re about. Put simply, this allows you to spend more on media and execution and less on fees, achieving superior reach with superior creative, at a lower cost. With our honest, upfront quoting, you’ll always know what it will cost before we begin, so there’s no sting in the tail at the end.




Branding rollout, print and presntation media

Who chooses us? If you want to know who’s simply talking the talk and who’s got the substance to back it up, look at who the leaders are using. We’ve got an assortment of prestige brands who will testify to our high level of expertise, great service, and reasonable rates. Does this make us too big for small business though? Not at all. We understand the needs and budgets of small businesses differ to our corporate clients, and we’re happy to find creative ways to serve our smaller accounts too. Big or small, start-up or bluechip, we’ve got plenty to offer you.

What do we do best? • Campaign Management – start to finish, creative to evaluation • Brand Development – from market insight to finalised branding • Creative Art Directing/Design – design and production for print, online, packaging and various other applications • Copywriting – for all applications from ad copy to brochures, websites to press releases • Online Production – websites from static HTML to Flash and full e-commerce • Video/3D Production – from direction to filming and post-production, specialising in 3D effects • Social Media – integrated communications across various platforms and audience engagement • Industrial Design – product design from concept to visualisation and rapid prototyping to production • Exhibition and Retail Design – concept generation, 3D visualisation and walk-throughs.

Who are we? Andrew Wilson – Partner, Creative and Copywriter An experienced copywriter, Andrew also provides strategic marketing advice. His creative work to date has involved development of advertising campaigns for print, cinema, and radio, together with copywriting for both print and online applications. When he’s not got his fingers glued to the keyboard, they’re likely wrapped around the handlebar of his mountainbike on a narrow track in the middle of nowhere.

Ben Xu – Partner, Art Director Ben has lectured at university level in multimedia design, and worked on corporate accounts across a variety of industries. Ben’s previous work includes video direction and composition for 3’s TVCs and in-store displays, and animation for the Australian Idol DVD. His other credits include animation sequences for various X-Box and Playstation titles, together with work on several television programs. Ben also has a background in professional photography. Accompanied everywhere by his various electronic gadgets, Ben occasionally puts them down to pick up a snowboard and hit the slopes.

Matt Wilson – Partner, Art Director Matt has experience across almost all conceivable design categories, including industrial design, graphic design, and web development. Matt also has experience designing retail environments and has won awards for his exhibition design. On regular weekends, Matt swaps the pristine environment of the office for the dusty gravel roads of rallying.

Creative Team We have developed a collaborative team of immensely talented people that work with us – highly specialised people for highly specialised projects: Illustrator, Web Programmer, Flash Developer, 3D Animator and Graphic Designers. Our virtual team of experts work on a project-by-project basis. It allows us the flexibility to compile the right team for each job, while minimising overhead costs to keep our rates competitive.

BEN | Christmas Gifts photos

How do we operate? We’re flexible We work with you in a way that suits how you want to do business. Certainly, we’ve got the procedures and the protocols to keep everything organised – but we’re far from rigid. We treat each client as an individual, and understand that the best relationship we can achieve is one that allows us to work as a seamless part of your team. For this reason, we’ll tailor our operations to suit you. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll work out the best system.

We’re creative in our approach to achieving results We committed to generating outcomes, not processes. What does this mean? We’ll question, probe, and evaluate the problem before simply heading down the same old path as before. You’ll be amazed what an ‘other’ perspective can achieve.

We understand your brand values We’re about balancing the need to grasp your brand ‘from the inside’, with providing ideas based on our perspective from the outside. We take the time to learn about who you are, where you’re going, and how you want us to help you get there. At The Other Dimension, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Take our approach to client Christmas gifts: instead of the ‘usual’ niceties, we looked at how we could use the opportunity to make everyone’s world that little bit brighter. So we created ‘Visual Eyes’, a tangible representation of the miracle of a cataract operation to be received by a person unable to afford it for themselves. We also created the ‘Goat Box’, a small diorama depicting the miracle of a baby goat to be received by an impoverished rural family. Both these gifts made Christmas a true miracle for people who really needed it, in honour of those who didn’t. From this concept, we recently launched About Others Corporate Gifts. It’s a small way of addressing the inequalities in our world, and it’s a win for all involved: the giver, the client receiving the representation of the gift, and the third party recipient of the actual item. For more details, log on to

We make ourselves available to our clients Why is there an adversarial relationship between many clients and their agencies? This is not so with us. We’re on your side, we’re there for you, and your success is our success. Try us and see – there’s genuine commitment behind the smiling faces!

We’re clear on the cost up front Straight-up pricing, no hidden extras, no surprises at the end. It’s simple, but it means you can budget effectively and aren’t confronted with unexpected agency fees. It’s the way it should be, don’t you think?

Luxury Car Tax on a Lotus? We didn’t think so either.

We tried telling them that lightweight bonded aluminium chassis, mid-mounted engines, and race-tuned suspension make for sports cars, not luxury cars. But we wouldn’t expect those government types to understand. So when they told us to increase the existing Luxury Car Tax across our range, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to pass it on. This means that you’ll now save thousands in Luxury Car Tax on your new Lotus. Plus, for a limited time, take advantage of free dealer delivery on the Elise S.* There’s never been a better time to buy a new Lotus. But hurry, it’s only a matter of time before they introduce a Race Car Tax – and then we’ll be in trouble.

We did promise we’d keep it short and sweet. But now you’ve listened to us, it’s only fair that we listen to you. We’d love to hear about your next project. When you’re ready to talk, you’ll find our details below. Regards,

Andrew, Ben & Matt Primary Contact Ben Xu Partner Mobile 0413 321 600 Email

The Other Dimension Habitat Building C.102, 11 Chandos St St Leonards NSW 2065 Phone +61 2 9439 8646 Fax

+61 2 9439 8747


The Other Dimension Pty Limited. ACN 121588609.

The Other Dimension Capabilities Doc  

The Other Dimension Capabilities Doc

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