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Eve Linn: The Soup That Stretches *What you need:* olive or vegetable oil or butter 2 cans or more crushed tomatoes 2-3 onions 2-3 stalks of celery 2-3 carrots garlic bay leaf basil oregano red pepper flakes if you like, or ground black pepper and salt to taste. (I don’t use any) Veggie broth, chicken broth or water depending on your preference 2-3 cans of red kidney beans or a mixture small pasta, cut up and boiled potatoes, rice (I cook these separately so they don’t get mushy) spinach, chard if desired, sliced or torn. ( if you like greens, be aware spinach will cook down to almost nothing) Add at the end of cooking. *To garnish:*

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Parmesan cheese *To make:*

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