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Melissa Studdard: Melissa’s Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup

Although my daughter and I are vegetarians, she loves comfort food, especially when she’s sick. I developed this recipe when she had a cold, and now she requests it regularly, whether she’s sick or not. Like a poem, it’s versatile—as long as you throw in an aesthetically pleasing balance of the ingredients, you have the soup. I keep frozen peas, Quorn chicken, and vegetable broth on hand, and I grow the parsley and rosemary.


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Vegetable broth bullion cubes (about 4-6) Quorn chicken or other vegan chicken (about 2 breasts, set out to thaw a bit) Celery (a stalk or two) Carrots (a large carrot) Peas (about a half cup to cup) Fresh Rosemary (to taste) Fresh Parsley (to taste) Pasta (a cup or two uncooked—the denser spiral noodles and shells work great) Pepper (to taste) Salt (to taste) Olive oil or butter (about a tablespoon)

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