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Irene Svete: Make Your Own Vegetable Stock Back in 2008, after the economy crashed and before Facebook took over the world, I joined a cooking group on LiveJournal. The idea behind pollanesque was to cook more, eat better, create community, and maybe through that “support a healthier economy, a more complex and human political system, and a globally responsible life.” I don’t know how much of that we accomplished but I made some great inexpensive soups based on our shared recipes. Eight years later, I still swear by dogeared’s tips for making vegetable broth. And I’ve never found a better practice to make sure everything I buy gets used. This is one of those old school “granny recipes” with a bit of this and a dash of that. You begin by tossing into a one-quart freezer bag all those unattractive but still edible bits of leftover raw vegetables, then putting the bag into the freezer. Simply add more vegetables to your freezer bags as they accumulate. Right now, for instance, I have two bags full of frozen wilted lettuce, onion peels, limp carrots and celery, mushy tomatoes, and zucchini ends that didn’t get used before I left for a weekend last month. Once you accumulate four one-quart bags (a gallon of tightly compacted vegetables), you’re ready to start cooking. One caution: Do not use members of the cabbage family or the white parts of your green/yellow/red peppers. They will make the broth bitter.

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Ingredients 1 gallon, frozen vegetable gleanings 1 onion, chopped 2-3 garlic cloves A small leftover Pecorino Romano rind Peppercorns (I use 8-12. Sometimes I crush them for more flavor.) Dried rosemary (1 – 1 1/4 teaspoons) Bay leaves (usually 2) Dried Italian seasoning (I generally make my own using a mix of thyme, marjoram, savory, sage, oregano, and basil, about a ½ teaspoon of each, a bit more of the marjoram and thyme.) 12 cups of water Optional: I freeze leftover wine in an ice tray and will sometimes add a cube or two Throw the frozen vegetables into a large pot. I have a 12-quart stockpot from a restaurant supply house but you can use one as small as 5.5 quarts. Then add the other ingredients, water last.

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