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***SQUASH BONUS!: YOU CAN AND SHOULD EAT ANY AND ALL SQUASH SEEDS. roast and SNACK. here’s how: wash these off all their gooey material, and set them aside. remove excess goo with a towel if you need (they shouldn’t be FULLY dry, just not still covered with material) and put them on a baking sheet. cover them with more salt than you really think you need. like a layer. you can also be creative here: I like garam masala or other curries, cumin, coriander, or occasionally a little maple syrup, or just black or red pepper. but always WITH the salt. you’re going to mix this all together with your hands and make sure the seeds are well coated. you don’t need any oil for this, the remaining moisture from the seeds will do the trick. you want them to dry out, not stay wet. again, try to space them out, a flat layer on the baking sheet. put this pan in the oven alongside your veg pan. it won’t need too long maybe 10 minutes. you may hear them start to “pop” like popcorn. take out if you do, and if they’re still damp move them around and put them in until they’re dry. these are great to mix in with your veg or put on a salad or eat while you’re waiting for the roasting to finish! ***7 MINUTE EGG! if you eat eggs this egg is IT! like poach without the trouble.

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literally the easiest: boil water. when it is at a rolling boil (really!) put eggs in water and keep it boiling! if needed/boiling over, reduce to a lower boil. set a timer to 7 minutes, and set a bowl of very cold water aside. when your timer rings, remove the eggs ASAP, setting in the cold water. you can run cold water into the bowl or rinse each egg in cold water individually, as well, once you put them there — this keeps the eggs from continuing to cook from their own heat. the eggs should have firm whites and runny yolks. you can make many and keep them in the fridge for later use.

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