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You can eat the stew on its own, perhaps with some bread on the side. You can garnish it with things like sour cream, kefir cream, prepared horseradish, radishes, or celery. I like to use what I have around in the fridge. This time I happened to have some kohlrabi and horseradish root I bought for a salad, so I used those shredded and grated over the stew with sour cream, celery leaves, and some hot sauce. To make the stew into another distinct meal, you can heat it up in a skillet with roughly chopped greens, like collards or mustard greens. You can serve it over rice or barley or with green lentils. You can add chickpeas to the stew, or you can serve it with chickpeas after making it with vegetable stock for a vegan meal. This is an immensely forgiving and versatile dish that can accommodate much of what you may have already in the refrigerator and that can be transformed for days into different meals. I freeze three-cup portions for easy meals. That’s enough for two people to have dinner, or for you to have dinner and then lunch the next day.

New Economy Chapbook Cookbook Volume 1  

Inexpensive, Healthy, Hopeful Feasts for 2017. Inexpensive, Healthy, Hopeful Feasts for 2017. Designed in community, for community. Pleas...