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Do you love blogging and blog just for the fun of it? Even though you might view blogging just as a hobby, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could earn some money too through your blog? There are various ways you can earn money through your blog - like promoting affiliate programs, paid reviews, selling advertisements etc. Here let us discuss how to make money from blog by selling advertisement space on your blog. Placing advertisements on your blog or website in return for money can be a simple and free way to earn money online. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs in the blogosphere, so how do you get advertisers to advertise on your blog? This work can be eased by using advertising networks. By using advertising networks, you can have a nice time blogging and earning money. Here is a list of advertising networks : 1. Adbrite: Offers a variety of advertising options to bloggers like text ads, banner ads, video ads, full page ads and also inline ads. You, the blogger, has the ability to accept or reject ads. How you are paid varies from advertiser to advertiser. 2. Expoactive: This ad network offers you with a lot of freedom right from choosing specific ads you want to display on your site, to the visual appearance of the ads. You are paid per click. 3. crispads: This ad network allows publishers to namer their own price. It allows smaller blogs to participate in larger sponsorships unlike many other networks. 4. Chitika: They also offer several advertising options to choose from. Some of their ad formats are - shoplincs, eminimalls, owna, linx etc. The above listed ad networks can be a good source of revenue for bloggers. They are some of the best blog sites to make money. Earn free fast money online now by monetizing your blog with these advertising networks. Additional Resources:

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==== ==== Awesome! This is what I was looking for! I share videos with friends and get paid! ==== ====

Just share videos with your friends and get paid!  

Make money by sharing videos with your friends!

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