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Dimapur VOL. VI ISSUE 7

FGN on ‘joint financial policy’ DIMAPUR, JANUARY 8 (MExN): Federal Government of Nagaland (Singya) today said a Joint Financial policy of the three groups NNC/FGN, GPRN/NSCN and NNC existed since December 16, 2010 and advised the public to disallow the “spiraling rampant taxation and extortions”. Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Chaplee (Finance) Affairs, FGN said the December 14, 2010 declaration of the joint financial policy remains intact and will be pursued till a ‘proper taxation policy’ is formulated and announced by the signatories of the agreement. This is being done to ensure transparency and accountability and informed the general public, businesses, concerned parties and individuals that all forms of financial transactions in the interest of Federal Government of Nagaland are to inform the telephone numbers 8575238191and8014955715, the release added.

Oimyakon in Russia records minus 61.2 degrees Celsius VLADIVOSTOK, JANUARY 8 (PTI): Air temperatures of minus 61.2 degrees Celsius were reported last night in the settlement of Oimyakon in Russia’s republic of Yakutia, known as the cold pole. Daytime temperatures here rose to minus 53.9 degree Celsius. An intense spell of cold weather will stay in Oimyakon with a population of 500 for several days more, according to weather forecasts. Heavy frosts were reported in neighbouring settlements as well. Thus, air temperatures in the settlement of Ust-Nera, the Oimyakov district administrative centre, were minus 54.7 degrees Celsius. Ust-Nera’s population is 8,500 people. The city of Yakutsk is “lucky” to have much “warmer” air temperatures of 35.7 degrees below zero. The record low air temperatures of minus 67.7 degrees Celsius were registered in Oimyakon in 1933. In the 21st century, the lowest temperature was 64.5 degrees below zero. It was registered in 2002.


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Sunday, January 9, 2011 12 pages ` 3

” Give up discretionary powers

A nation may lose its liberties in a day and not miss them in a century

-Baron de Montesquieu

Sonia Gandhi writes letter to Union Ministers, CMs

Bollywood actress and co-owner Rajasthan Royals team Shilpa Shetty, right, arrives with her husband Raj Kundra for the Indian Premier League (IPL) player auction in Bangalore on January 8. The IPL auctions began in Bangalore on Saturday and will continue through Sunday. Around 350 cricketers are up for grabs ahead of the fourth edition of the domestic twenty20 Related Story on p-12 tournament, which will be held here from April 8 to May 22. (AP Photo)

BJP wants bill for creation of Telangana state

GUWAHATI, JANUARY 8 (PTI): BJP on Saturday adopted a statement on Telangana issue at its national executive meet, demanding that the government introduce a bill in Parliament at the earliest for the creation of a separate state. “BJP demands that the government should announce that a bill for the creation of a separate state of Telangana will be introduced in Parliament for passage at the earliest,” the resolution said. The statement expressed disappointment at the “attitude” of the UPA government in “delaying” the creation of

a separate state of Telangana and said, “BJP believes that the expectations of the people of the region for the creation of Telangana are legitimate.” The principal opposition has maintained that Telangana should be carved out of Andhra Pradesh without any delay and termed the formation of the Srikrishna Commission as a “diversionary and delaying tactic” of the Congress. BJP reiterated in today statement its stand on smaller states which it claims are easier to administer and helps in accelerating the economic growth of the region.

NEW DELHI, JANUARY 8 (PTI): Taking forward her resolve to take corruption head on, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has written letters to Union Ministers and state chief ministers asking them to give up their discretionary powers especially in land allotment issues. Ms. Gandhi on Saturday also held a meeting of party general secretaries and asked them to start preparations to hold block level campaigns against NDA on the issue of corruption. Her letter to the Union Ministers and chief ministers is a follow up of her appeal made to them during the party’s Plenary session on December 19. Ms. Gandhi, who prescribed a four-point action plan to battle corruption in the Plenary had also asked party chief ministers and central ministers to relinquish discretionary powers in land allotment, de-

DMC criticized over calendar sale DIMAPUR, JANUARY 8 (MExN): Today one can get into trouble selling calendars. A complaint has surfaced against Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) that in addition to allegedly raising the price of trade license renewal fees two-fold, a ‘must’ buy of a Rs. 300 calendar has been enforced by the municipal body. Assembly Youth Congress (AYC) of Dimapur-II AC has renewed its call on the DAN government to review an earlier demand regarding the DMC advisory board’s ‘unconstitutional move’ to revise rates on items and the two-fold increase on trade license fees during renewal. Mughavi Swu, president of the AYC Dimapur-II AC said the DAN government had on earlier occasions asked to rectify the compulsory sale of the said calendar to the business community and criticised the government for maintaining, what they described as, a “who cares?” attitude. He lamented that the trend is “anti-people and a mockery against the norms of Nagaland Municipal Act 2001”.

GPRN/NSCN refutes allegation on torture

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 8 (MExN): The GPRN/ NSCN today refuted the allegations of the Zeliangrong Union that the outfit tortured a person, understood to be a Zeliangrong. A note from the MIP of GPRN/NSCN today said that “according to information” the person, one M Thomas “was a suspect” in the abduction of Dimapur businessman Hariram Gupta on November 24. He was then “arrested and taken into custody like any other crime suspect for questioning” on December 26. “During the course of interrogation, Romio, another suspect, admitted

that M Thomas was not involved in the abduction on 24th November abduction but he the mastermind in another criminal act, that is, hijacking of Manipur bound oil tanker days before Hariram Gupta’s abduction,” the MIP said. As the GPRN/NSCN was “pursuing” the abduction case “and not the oil tanker hijack case, M Thomas was released after signing a bond agreement which also has a clause that as and when called, he would report to the GPRN authorities.” When a suspect who has a criminal background and suspected with “potential intent to murder businessman for

New country likely to emerge from Sudan’s referendum JUBA (SUDAN), JANUARY 8 (AGENCIES): A new country is widely expected to emerge on the African continent following southern Sudan’s independence referendum, which begins Sunday. The week-long poll gives the Sudanese voters a choice between staying united with the rest of Sudan or breaking away to form an independent country. The vote was promised in the 2005 peace agreement that ended Sudan’s civil war between the Muslim majority north and the mainly Christian and animist south. The U.N. Security Council has expressed “deep concern” about the lack of an agreement on the future of the oil-

producing Abyei region. Abyei was scheduled to hold a separate referendum Sunday to decide whether to join the north or the south, but the poll was put off because of disputes over who would be eligible to vote. The disputes have sparked fears that regardless of the outcome of the balloting, Sudan may plunge back into civil war. Sudanese President Omar alBashir has made comments to allay fears of war, saying the north will “celebrate” the south’s independence if that is what voters choose. The U.S. Carter Center has dispatched 100 observers to monitor the vote in Sudan and at overseas polls.

money” is interrogated, the MIP asserted, “There is no question of luring him with chocolate bars to unearth the truth.” Nonetheless, the GPRN/NSCN added that “there was no absolutely no question of GPRN using inhuman torture tactics against M Thomas.” The MIP claimed that the Zeliangrong Union has “belittled itself by going to the media without ascertaining the facts” and the “sob story” of the said Thomas “melted the very heart of Zeliangrong Union, completely drowning its practical duties and responsibilities.” The MIP further stated that “if they

wish so, the Zeliangrong Union could do well to seek an appointment anytime, sit down and convey their grievances to the authorities while GPRN would explain to them the activities of Mr. Thomas in the recent past.” “The spate of terminations, discharges and indefinite suspensions given to erring civil and military authorities, depending on the gravity of indiscipline is for all Nagas to see” the faction stated. The said Thomas is also “directed to report” to the “office” of the secretary, “kilo affairs” within three days from the publication of this statement. Full text on page 4

Manmohan says efforts on to make systemic changes for transparency NEW DELHI, JANUARY 8 (PTI): Against the backdrop of various scams hitting the government, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said efforts are underway to make “systemic changes” to ensure more transparency and safeguards in the governing processes. Addressing the 9th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas here, he said consensus would be needed to bring about far-reaching changes that may be required in governance and asserted that the government would “sincerely” work towards this end. He said the Indian “democracy and our systems are sturdy, vibrant and have their own in-built mechanisms for redressal and course correction.” Noting that “We need to build consensus on far-reaching changes that may be required in governance and in our legal or electoral systems,” Dr. Singh said, “We are determined to work sincerely towards this end.” Thecommentsassumesignificanceasthegovernmenthas been hit by a number of scams like those related to the 2G spectrum allocation and Commonwealth Games. claring that “we must take corruption head-on”. Shesaidtherewas“ample evidence” that all discretionary powers, particularly in land allocation, breed cor-

ruption. “I would like all Congress chief ministers and ministers both at the Centre and the States to set an example by reviewing and relinquishing powers.” Ms.

Gandhi’sobservationsoncorruption had come in the wake of the party facing mounting attack from the Opposition on issues like Adarsh Housing Society Scam, Commonwealth Games mess and the 2G Spectrum issue. Sources said that the letter, which was sent to the ministers and the Chief Ministers more than a week back, has also begun eliciting responses. A number of ministers have already replied to the letter. In his reply, Minister of Minority Affairs Salman Khurshid is learnt to have said that no discretionary powers are being exercised by him or his ministry. In the meeting of General Secretaries that lasted for one hour, Ms. Gandhi asked them to ensure that simplicity and austerity are adhered to by Congressmen in states where they are in the government or in the opposition. Continued on page 5

High power committee inspect Champang oil fields

Members of the cabinet sub-committee (natural gas and oil exploration) including convener TR Zeliang, inspecting an abandoned oil well in Changpang area, under Wokha district, on Saturday. Morung Express News Wokha | January 8

The Nagaland Cabinet’s sub-committee on natural gas and oil exploration headed by Planning & Coordination minister TR Zeliang today visited Changpang oil fields, under Wokha district. The visit is part of the sub-committee’s task to work out “modalities” for resumption of oil extraction in Changpang area, which was halted 17 years ago under pressure from the Naga organizations. The high level commit-

State govt gets reaffirmation of public support; urged to expedite resumption of oil extraction tee consists of Zeliang as convener and members including Minister for Power Doshehe Sema, Parliamentary Secretary for Geology & Mining Yanthungo Patton, and Parliamentary Secretary for Transport

Dako Phom and member-secretary HK Khullu. The committee members toured the area and also interacted with the villagers. Minister for Agriculture Dr. Chumben Murry, Power ministerDosheheSema,deputy speaker of Nagaland Assembly Ralanthung Yanthan, Parliamentary Secretary for Home Guards W Kithan, Commissioner & Secretary, Horticulture,Geology&Mining Sentiyanger Imchen and other officials of the state Geology & Mining department also visited the oil fields. Continued on page 5

Celeb tweets make impact on top stories in 2010

NEW YORK, JANUARY 8 (REUTERS LIFE!): News organizations had the most influence on the top Twitter topics in 2010 but some celebrities were not far behind, according to new research. Alok Choudhary, the chair of the electrical engineering and computer science department at Northwestern University in Illinois, and his team analyzed the biggest trends on Twitter last year. They found that the Gulf oil spill, the earthquake in Haiti and the Chilean mine rescue were among the top events on Twitter and that singer Lady Gaga, actor Mel Gibson and pop idol Justin Bieber were the most tweeted about people. NPR News, The New York Times, Times. com and The Wall Street Journal were often the top influencers on politics and world events, but actor Adam Lambert, comedian Conan O’Brien and singer Ricky Martin also had an impact. “When it comes to world affairs, politics and those types of issues, these major news organizations seem to come on top as major

Justin Bieber

Lady GaGa

influencers,” Choudhary said. But in tragic situations celebrities can reign on Twitter. “For the topic of Haiti ... singer Adam Lambert was the most influential tweeter. For the Chilean miner rescue topic, comedian Conan O’Brien was the

most influential, and singer Ricky Martin was number two,” he added. A celebrity is more likely to have an impact on a major event if he or she has a large, active following on Twitter, if they are credible and also have a passionate interest in what

they are tweeting about, according to Choudhary. His results are based on a website he developed,, to rank the most influential tweeters using massive data mining of texts, network analysis and real-time response measures. He said more than 75 percent of the tweets in 2010 about Lady Gaga and Bieber were positive. But those for Gibson, who made headlines last year when angry voicemails he allegedly made to the mother of his baby daughter were released, were mostly negative. Bieber was also the top tweeter influencer about the television show “CSI,” but the top trending topic was about Bieber’s acting role on the show. Choudhary said basketball player Lebron James, quarterbacks Brett Favre and Michael Vick and Wimbledon and England football team Manchester United were the main sports topics but there was no clear influencer, unlike E! Online, which had the most impact on award shows such as the Grammys and The American Music Awards.

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Yes No Others Sunday, January 9, 2011 12 pages ` 3 Morung Express News Wokha | January 8 Members of the cabinet sub-committee (natural gas a...

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