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Welcome to T Salford Qu he Lowry, an inspirin ays, close g landmark to winning a rchitecture Manchester city ce on the contemporary ntre. We o * and brea waterfront views of ffer a perfe thtaking s of ico ct mix of a urroundin Old Traffo nic developments wardgs, with s including rd and M tu n n ing waters ediaCityU meeting o K, an outs the Imperial War ide r special e Museum tanding s vent. North, etting for y o u r conferen The Lowry ce, is our stunnin a place where busin e g exterior s s b e c o m houses a spaces with vibrant ve es a real pleasure. W nue offerin hy? Becau personal se first class facilities, g a wide c se and becau rvice, deliv hoice of e se our tea ering an e xciting vent which m offers yo is as impo u a uniqu Take a loo rtant to us k inside, y as it is to yo ely ou’ll disco u. ver even m ore… *Building of the Year 20

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Fine Art C




One of th e joys of hosting an variety of event at T cu he Lowry building, g ltural experiences is the uaranteed o to impress n offer throughout Take your the your guest event to a s or deleg nother leve or at the e ates. l during b nd of the reaks, lun day, with The Lowry ches gallery tou R rs, fine din magnificen estaurant or a fabu ing in lous show t theatres. in one of our



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For more in or visit ww formation or to arran w.thelowry .com/confe ge an appointment, ca rence-and -venue-hir ll our Corporate Re e lations Tea m on

0161 876 2040,

At The Lo wry, first cla visual tech nology co ss facilities, caterin me as sta g and au ndard. dio- up to 250 dele What sets gates, is a us apart top of our magnifice is our pro events tea building, w nt circular fessional m and the ith floor to beautiful room at th conferenc personal s who are w v ceiling win ie e w s e of the wa ervice of d ith you ev & skylin dows offe terfront a ery step o e from it edicated s ordinators ring nd the M s panoram f the way. taff spa not only k anchester c ic private Our Even now the fa experts in t Co- pa ious room is ideal cilities ins the rties and d for confere balcony. This airy, ide out, th on matters ir field, able to prov inner danc ey are o nces, pre ide advice re e ne of two sentations and guida room dres lating to technical colourful th s. For larger events nce con and AV su sing and , choose fr , e a tr fe e pport, ligh s much mo re , Event Duty p n e c om rf e s e c of t for AGMs ti re. You’ll Manager, and sales be assign ng, range of purp up to 1730 delega so from p itself, we’ll e te o d s s e la . a wo built, mod We also h nning stag n confe ern rooms rences an e ave a are met, y rk with you to ensu d meeting re that you s to the day our ou s for 10 to which are ideal for spaces is r requirem one to rem r expectations exce fully air-co 100 people ents in eded and ember. nditioned aud . Each of your even and includ t is team io-visual technolog es the late y, and ou are alway The choic st r in-house s on hand e of versa technical to support tile space we can ca y s at The L o u ter for eve r e v e S nt. o, the flex owry mea ry need. T ib ns that he Compa you the fr ility of both our facili ss Room, eedom to ties and o holding ur team o make cho event tailo ffe ic r-made ju st for you. es which will create rs an





am & Events Te onference C r u o ll ca e ointment, -venue-hir ge an app rence-and fe or to arran n o n /c tio a m o rm fo helowry.c For more in visit www.t 6 2040, or 7 8 1 6 1 0 on




Air conditi


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Natural da yl




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250 90

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Total room area (m2)



Inclusive projectorLCD & screen


Lunch or Di (seated ta nner bles of



Ceiling Heig



Width (m)

South Roo



Length (m2)







Dinner Dance



Classroom (3 per 6ft table) Reception (drinks & canapés)


Quays Th


Lyric Thea tr

Boardroo m Hollow Sq / uare

Contents, Capacities , & Sizes

Theatre Style (front proj ection) Cabaret Style

f lexibilit y & choice


Page number



x 18.0 Note x 2 216.0 40 North Roo 70 24 4.5 60 m 18 √ 70 15.9 18 √ 18 13 x 8.3 132. --- 20 The Studio --- 0 4.5 --- --- 14 (Note 5) √ --- --- √ 8.0 --16 √ 8. 0 --240 120 Studio 1 64.0 3.0 --- --- 66 √ --- 54 x 7.3 81 300 16 √ 4.9 150 Studio 2 36 28 .0 3.0 0 260 96 60 √ 240 48.0 48 x 63 16 √ 8. 15 4 0 40 Studio 3 403.2 4. 150 120 24 5 18 √ 150 22.8 18 √ 18 8.4 16 x 40 100 Conferenc 19 1.5 4.5 30 48 --e Theatre 42 √ --36 √ 7. 8 51 100 17 x 8. 4 10 West Roo 0 65.5 4.5 80 --- 60 m --- √ 80 15.3 --- √ --- 8.4 18 x --60 West Roo 12 8.5 4.5 --36 --m 1 36 √ --30 N √ ot e 1 --- 30 18 x 60 28 West Roo --- 40 18 --- --- m 2 18 √ --- 15 √ 14.0 4.9 12 18 √ --- 28 East Room 68.6 3.5 20 18 --- 18 √ --- 15 √ 7.0 12 18 √ 4. 9 --60 East Room 34.3 3.5 20 36 --- 36 1 √ --30 √ 7. 0 24 18 x 4. 9 60 18 East Room 34.3 3.5 50 --- --- 12 2 √ --- --- √ 14.4 Note --- 18 x --2 32 Central R 77.7 3.5 --- 24 oom --- 18 √ --15 √ 6. 4 18 19 N √ ot e 2 28.7 --- 60 Central 1 40 36 3.5 --- 36 √ --- 30 √ 7.9 24 19 x 6. 2 60 20 Central 2 49.0 3.5 40 --- --14 √ --12 √ 12.6 5.6 12 19 x --- 28 Exhibition 70.6 3.5 --- 18 --- Space (Not 18 √ --- 15 e 3) 19 x 5.6 18 √ 5. 6 --- 240 164 Lowry Ga 31 .4 20 3. 5 --lleries --- √ ---- x 7.0 108 240 20 x 5. 6 --- Food and 39.2 3.5 180 --- --- drink --- √ 200 20.9 --- x --- 15.5 21 x 200 Restauran 35 6.3 3.5 --- --- t, √ -- √ 57.6 Note Coffee sh x 4 678.5 op & bars Note 1: Th Note 4 e Lyric, Qua √ 27 √ Audio visu ys and Con Room is a x ference Th al support circular sh ea ap tre ed room w Note 3: Th s ar 28 e al l fix ith a diam e Exhibition Corporate ed an d tie et er of 9 x m red seatin Space incl Membersh Conferenc g. Note 2: etres and udes all sp e Theatre. ip 29 The East 2 The Compa ace within Note 4: Th Note 5: Th Location room is an ss the ground e Galleries e Studio co irregular sh flo co or ns co ns is nf is ca t ape. er ts of three of a numbe n be open ence cent 30 rooms, se ed/flat-floo r of rooms re, includin Terms and pa re w g The rated by so a stage ar d into one ith various conditions ea at the fro large area und-proof ceiling heig 31 . Studio 1 floor-to-cei nt. hts. has tiered ling partitio theatre styl n walls, an e seating d for up to 15 0, with 13



Please refe r to

the price lis t

inserted a t the back of this bro chure.


d , opera an for drama r te a e ra y o e rp th o y our c ughout en used b used thro ons. heatre is w. It is oft presentati T fe d c a n ri a y e L s m e e a c n n Th re to p to fe u s n e t o c a c orman can se , sales ballet perf h as AGMs and vibrant theatre isual c u -v s io d ts u n a e v e rn latest in clients for this mode d and the e in size, conditione . ir a Impressiv lly fu gates, is provided 1730 dele technology can be n o ti ta presen

page 7 for capacities and sizes.

e r t a e h t c i lyr

Please refe r to


lease e listings p 0843 208 6000 our theatr n n o o e n c o ti ffi a inform ur box o For more m or call o o .c ry w lo e h visit www.t

quays theatre

The Qua ys Theatr e is an adaptable extremely space, pro setting fo viding an r confere nces, fash unusual and prese ion show nta s allows a ra tions. Its hydraulic te chnology nge of sea ting config make you urations to r e catwalk, fla vent more unique, t-floored o such as r th Alternative ly, the tr eatre in-the-round. ad setting pro ves popula itional end-stage r for confe up to 440 rences for people.



m o o r s s a omp


g, circular the stunnin access , ry w o L e ith easy floor of Th On the 4th om stands proud. W e, this popular o lik R a s rs s a Comp ents, contracto nge of ev and event ing for a ra tt for guests rs for e e s n t in c d e rf e pe legates to e d 0 5 room is th allow 2 s r rences fo ng window the from confe ple. Its floor to ceili te a in m u peo ylight to ill a d nic l o up to 200 ra tr c tu a le nce of n n, the e out k an abunda the push of a butto c la b te at or comple l ia rt room, but a . p s provide sentation blinds can ential for formal pre s s e , s e faciliti CityUK ys, Media of the Qua the Compass s w ie v ic m ram The pano skyline fro factor anchester d the wow and the M private balcony ad an be c ts n e m wn Refresh t. n e v Room’s o tes to e a r g o le ing de ference etting allow nd scenery. to any con s e u iq n u this air a enjoyed in y the fresh out to enjo ays take time is the Qu d, ass Room p xe m la o re C a e vides low th Directly be tile space which pro rink, delegate rsa d and d Bar*, a ve ent for foo ns, and offers views m n ro vi n e informal r exhibitio gs. and smalle nic buildin registration nchester’s most ico Ma of some of

availability *subject to

availability *subject to

. is brochure back of th e th t a d e rt ce list inse r to the pri Please refe



nor th & south room s

hexagon room

The versa tile Hexag on Room space for is a perfe both confe ct rences for and intim 90 delega ate dinne tes rs for up Air conditio to ning, natu 60 people ral dayligh . facilities a ta re availab le, and vie nd blackout quayside ws of both and our p the ublic prom enjoyed fr enades ca om within n be the room. Walking to th Bridge, th e room via the intern e colour, al Hexago light and n The Lowry personalit ca y of Overlookin n be experienced b y delegate g the pu s. blic area Hexagon s below, Bridge pro the vid interesting space for re es a unique an d g service an d pre-dinn istration, refreshme nt e the nearb y Circle B r drinks. Alternative ar*, w ly, balcony pro vides anoth ith its own outdoo r can be uti er public s lised in co pace, whic njunction h Room eve with Hexa nts. gon

Please refe r to

page 7 for capacities and sizes.

The North and South dramatic Rooms b colour sc hemes an oth feature for smalle d r meeting s or break are perfect These gro -out sessio und floor ns. rooms co with air me equip con ped visual eq ditioning and mo dern aud uipment ioes conferenc e organise sential for today rs. ’s Food and drin of these ro k can be enjoyed in om the privacy formal optio s or, alternatively, fo n and Terrace choose The Lowry r a more R Bar offerin waterways g views of estaurant pic w in the warm ith the option of al fr turesque esco dinin er months. g

*subject to availability

For more in call our Co formation or to arr a rp or visit ww orate Relations Tea nge an appointmen w.thelowry t, .com/confe m on 0161 876 204 0, rence-and -venue-hir e


stunning l


876 2040, m on 0161 a Te s n tio Rela r Corporate ent, call ou tm in o p p a ge an or to arran nce-and-venue-hire formation re For more in w w w t si vi r o


o i d u t s e h t e space single larg used as a 0, or as three e b n ca 28 tudio for up to versatile S one room The highly te dinners ties. When used as va ri p g tin ibitions. a ci accommod oms of varying capa aking it ideal for exh rium; m ro ito d u ce ce a a n floor sp confere a tiered e option of has a vast th io s d a h tu S e n e Th 1 alo ed, Studio 0 people. When divid ferences of up to 15 rfront n co nning wate perfect for s offer stu ir conditioning w o d in w -ceiling ylight. A atic floor-to dance of natural da out. n The dram u gh b u a ro n a th ell as feature views as w ut facilities o ck la b ption te le tudio Rece and comp ms, in our S io Reception o ro e th in he Stud enjoyed ace Bar. T nts can be nt and Terr ptions. Refreshme ra u ce a re st r e e R n -din wry or in our Lo a great space for pre es also provid



und floor on the gro s m o ro ble g al meetin . An adapta d of addition The Lowry n se io to u t ct n e lle b ce co n ja ca ffer a cility ad ace which lighted to o f the art fa 2 exhibition sp We are de e - state o m tr 0 n 5 e 3 C a d rl r o so g. of Digital W eight room ain buildin ring up to nts in the m ve e f o space offe rt a ntly or as p independe

nce Main Entra

West Room One

Central Room One

West Room Two

Central Room Two

e Theatre Conferenc

e c n e r e f con e r t a the 00 n hold 1 Theatre ca le b a rt ce n fo re m fe d Con nt and co ern, tiere l equipme ce for a a su sp vi ct e io rf d The mod e au is a p ith built-in g tablets it people. W -away writin ld fo ith w seating ures. ns and lect presentatio

East Room one

East Room Two

Fire Exit

ork ducation w unity and e d-take-part m m co r u arn-an ation on o For inform www.thelo t si vi se a ple





& t s a e s m o o r t s we s offer a est Room W d your n a lution for Our East flexible so op or training y, lit a u q high worksh , meeting, artitioning, conference dproof p n u so ith to make W d . te ts even be separa n ca ect for s e m oms, p rf both roo meeting ro k-out spaces. r lle a sm two as brea etings or g windows board me or to ceilin flo ve a h s l daylight, m o ra ro tu a Both ance of n d n u b a ounding n a allowing ry, the surr f The Low o with full s t w u e b vi , with ediaCityUK d. M d n a Quays require cility when blackout fa d in our be serve n ca ts u can n Refreshme rea. Alternatively yo urant a a st l e a n R commu r Lowry lunch in ou ain building. r u yo y jo en m Bar in the and Terrace

nt? nce or eve ur confere yo f o rt a p ur as building to informative n a ke ta r ries o sit our Galle Why not vi

n o i t i b i h x e e c a p s ibition 2 50m of exh lls create 3 on an exclusive a w n o iti rt pa hired Removable e facility is atre. is format th rence The fe n o C e space. In th th s e d u cl so in basis and exhibition in situ, the s m o o R est lution for ast and W 2. This is a perfect so With the E m ition and 0 1 ib ces to 2 m, an exh o ro ry a areas redu n central le aces. If no uiring a p clients req rea and 4 breakout sp e requirement, th nt a ut rooms is s one refreshme ore breako l Room, available a m t ye ce a tr spa n e C e stall Th we can in aces. o small sp tw r o r e larg

r to page 7 Please refe

s. s and size for capacitie




The Lowry Galleries p work reve aling a bro resent the world’s largest pu ad range landscape blic of s. Alongsid e this colle paintings, drawings, collection of LS Lo bringing to w ction, our gether fresh Galleries h sketches and breath ry’s , new and Greater M ost contem taking innovative anchester’ p orary exhib s waterfron work of art ists from a itions, t. ll over the The Galle globe to ries offer a n ex alike. Duri ng the da citing and unique s pace to en y, a grou conferenc tertain gue p e program sts and de me for a s introductory talk c more abou le an be sc mall fee, g t Lowry’s w heduled in gates iving dele ork. Furth interest, fr to your gates the ermore, to om 6pm th opportunit give your e Gallerie for drinks y to learn even s ca receptions for 200 pe n be hired exclusive t added individualit y and ople, yet e ly for a pri v qually suit able for sm ate view; perfect aller numb ers.

Please refe r for capacitie to page 7 s and size s.

food & dri


Our Chefs have crea ted menu designed s to accom modate th needs of a e ll types of conferenc and even es ts, and hea by combining fres h lthy ing red produce d elicious fo ients to od, fantas choice an tic d great va lue for mo We consta ney. ntly aim to service w provide a hich we a re truly pro of with ud the conv enience speed to s and uit your ne eds. There are numerous options fo the locatio r n of your refreshme service; in nt your mee ting room in a priva te , Restauran area, or The Lowry t. Please your Even speak to t Co-ordin ator who discuss can the optio ns availa along with ble, any speci requireme fic dietary nts to me et the ne of all yo eds ur delega tes. Plea note optio se ns may b e subject availability to , delegate numbers a must be a nd rranged in advance o your even t. f Please refe price list in r to the se back of th rted at the is brochure .

nt, appointme arrange an 0161 876 2040, to r o n tio forma m on e For more in orate Relations Tea nce-and-venue-hir re rp call our Co w or visit ww


ents tions that refreshm ber of op m u n a ing r ee, includ d to offe

lease nd coff We are p pastries your tea a h it w d e ies, mini rv ked cook can be se a pcakes. -b u e c m d o n h ini kes a are biscuits, m n of muffins, loaf ca fr fresh uit ctio on tions and p d o and a sele re t e a ff -f o d e reduc ments are om or a h s e fr Healthier re r ro ble. All er in you also availa asis, eith b e ic rv e a self-s d area. designate

breakfast we can offer tea and coffaeuesawgitehs

rk s rlier start, bacon, po ernatively, For an ea lled with fi Alt , . s lls n a ro ri t led r vegeta breakfas fo s e g d scramb a n s a sau salmon d e or Quorn k o m s try our why not . ls e g a egg b need a when you g n ti e e m served ing breakfast arly morn For that e boost, our working les is ideal. For nt e abaret tab refreshme also provid room or c rd a o b r u o e day, we e th id v to onto y ro rt p ta appy to bstantial s r we are h o a more su t s fa k . a s r need lish bre a full Eng to suit you ke menus o p s e b r e oth nu

t me g breakfas


offee Tea and C ies Mini Pastr olls R t s Breakfa Fruit h s Bowl of Fre

nch that don’t working clu for those d e n or ig s e h is d oardroom

g lun your b Our workin stop, served onto a buffet to served as e e b m ti o e ls ee v a a h can a and coff bles. This cing the te la p re cabaret ta y b nch box, nge juice. or as a lu f fresh ora o n o rt a c with a

rted ce list inse r to the pri Please refe of this brochure. at the back

nch menu

working lu

sh Juice) rton of Fre a C r (o e e off Tea and C dwiches Fresh San Platter of of Cakes Selection sh Fruit Bowl of Fre

tea afternooptinons are available. Please speak tea o Afternoon inator. ent Co-ord v E r to you

fets f inger bubfeen designed with

have g your us menus d, enablin Our delicio nce in min ie suitable n re ve a n y co nd alise. The ci so flexibility a d here n a s ception w to network evening re r ne delegates o o s s e u n ch e n ss lu quired. M for busine menus meal is re t l a ils h rm w fo s, in m a lighter ld finger ite s are inger item nsist of co and two co r are served warm. F and additional fou r like basis three and be added. on a like fo le b a e g s can also n m ite r e g intercha fin nd dessert savoury a

et one

finger buff

s andwiche of Fresh S s g Selection in W hicken Pepper C e Lemon & tt e roch d Prawn B Thai Spice Vegetable n a diterrane e M d te hed with s a Ro Tart Garnis (v) e s e e h C etables & Goat’s Salad-veg Seasonal chette Ricotta Bro d n a to a m To

et two

finger buff

Deli-wraps Assorted hives Platter of hed with C en Garnis k ic h ed C i ir S P Piri uiche erv d Cream Q bles e tt lo C & i eta Scamp Salad-veg sti (v) with Fresh Olive Crou k c la B d n a e s e e ers eta Ch reen Pepp Tomato, F Red and G ese (v) t e e w S i e Min Cream Ch filled with

et three

finger buff

s andwiche of Fresh S n o ti c ab le e S epper Keb ken and P ic h C d te Marina Basket ’s Seafood asil Fisherman Tomato, B filled with t a o B ) to ta ese (v Jacket Po arella Che hetta (v) and Mozz ped Brusc p o T n a e n a of Mediterr Selection

et four

finger buff

Deli-wraps Assorted Platter of o Skewer nd Choriz eet Chicken a ns with Sw King Praw d te a e o C im L Crispy nd Fresh (v) Chilli Dip a Brochette le b ta e g e V d e h is Cheese Pesto Garn Mozzarella toes (v) h it w d e ff Toma alls Stu w Cherry Arancini B d and Yello e R h it w d Serve

For more in on 0161 8 formation or to arran 76 2040, o r visit www ge an appointment, ca .thelowry.c om/confere ll our Corporate Re la nce-and-v enue-hire tions Team


hot fork bu

f fets

For a more substantia option for l offer, ch your gues ts from the oose one along with dishes be a vegetari low, an alterna main cours tive. Each e is serve d with a g salad, tom reen leaf ato and on ion salad, and mixed and carro pepper sa t lad, along crusty bre with fresh ad. To enh ance your why not a dd some a fork buffet, dditional s wedges s alads or p erved with otato a selectio n of dips. Traditiona l Lancash ire Hotpot Accompan with Beetr ied oot Chutn ey Morroccan Spiced La mb Serve with Cous d Cous Thai Red Chicken C urry with Fragrant S teamed R Slow Coo ice ked Chick en Maren with Black Olives and go Topped Se with Parm entier Pota rved toes Braised B eef Goula s h C omplete with Minte d New Po tatoes Tiger Praw ns with Ch unky Creo Sauce Se le rved with Mixed Ric Fisherman e ’s Pie Top ped With Mash And Creamy Cheshire Cheese Seafood P aella Poached Salmon a nd Cod M ornay with New Potatoes Penne Pa sta Tun with Parm a Bake Topped esan Che ese



Coleslaw Mixed Bea ns Proven çal Baby Pota to and Sp ring Onion Sun Blush ed Tomato and Penn Traditiona e Pasta l Waldorf G arnished w ith Grapes Sweet Pe ppers, F Mixed with eta and Olives Cous Cou s Button Mu shrooms C o a te d in a Mediterra nean Sau ce


ot Jackets R oasted wit h Rosema Salt Toppe ry and Se d with Ga a rlic Crème Lancashir Fraiche e Cheese and Sprin g Onion P Mini Meat, ie Potato an d Stout Pie Cumberla s nd Sausa ge with Sti Red Onio cky n Marmala Mini Yorks de hire Pudd ings with R oas Creamed Horseradis t Beef and Haddock h and Bury Black Pud Spanish C d ing Tarts horizo and Creamy C hive Mash Mini Steak Cottage P ies cold

Assorted Vegetaria n Quiches Smoked S almon Blin is Tower w Cheese a ith Cream nd Deep F ried Cape Tikka Chic rs ken with S our Cream Coriander and on Mini N aan Bread Creamy M ushroom A nd Thyme in a Puff P Paté astry Cas e Crisp Brea d with Ma ture Stilto and Fig C n hutney Chicken L iver Paté with Marmalad e on Crisp Red Onion Olive Brea Tartlet of B d oursin Ch eese with Baby Asparagu s Spears Goats Ch eese and Sun Kisse Tomatoes d Crostini Quail Egg and Toma to Mirror Rare Roa st Beef an d Celeriac Remoulad e


ptions Four Chee se Ravioli in a Toma and Fresh to Basil Sau ce Mushroom Stroganoff Served with Wild Rice Thai Gree n Vegetab le Curry w Fragrant S ith teamed R ice Roasted R oot Vegeta ble Creamy H orseradish s in a Topped w Sauce ith Chees e Crumble Sautéed P otato Gno cchi in a S Sauce, To weet pped with Mozzarella Pepper Gratin


Ideal for a n appetis er p with a gla ss of cham rior to dinner or pagne at viewing o a gallery r pro from our lis duct launch. Plea se t below, w 5 per pers here a min select on must b imum of e ordered selection . If mixing of hot and a cold, at le hot. Enha ast 2 mus nce your t be choice fro speciality m our list canapés o of r why selection of dessert not finish with a canapés, a minimum with order of 2 per perso n.


An extensi ve price list in range of wines, b ee serted at th e back of r and soft drinks are this broch ure or spe available. Please re ak to your Event Co-o fer to the rdinator.


seated bu


For a more formal opti on, where are seated guests at linen co vered set why not ch tables, oose a sea ted buffet. select a sta Please rter and/o r dessert fr lunch and om our dinner me nu on pa and a ma ge 26 in course from our buffet me hot fork nu. Pleas e no can only b e provided te this service in certain Your Eve areas. nt Co-ord inator will full details provide .

ty Asparagu s, Sun-Blu shed Tom and Rock ato e Parma Ha t Pesto Wrapped In m on the T ines of a F Chinese P ork rawns with Oyster Sa Wasabi R uce and ice Set on a Chinese New Zeala Spoon nd Green Lip Musse a Tabasco l with and Lime Dressing Fillet of Be ef Welling ton with Mushroom Duxelles Char Grille d Halloum i with Bals Roaster C amic and a Kala herry Tomatoes mata Oliv e Tapanad Mini Lobs e ter Therm id or Topped with Gruy ere Chees e Crispy Aro matic Duc k P a ncakes with Plum Sauce Chicken S atay Shots with a Wa Crunchy P rm eanut Sau ce

Please re fer list inserte to the price d at the ba ck of this bro chure.


lunch & din

restauran t , cof fee sho p & bars


Our lunch and dinne r selector great cho menu offe ice for yo u to choo your gues se a set m rs a ts. Please enu for se dessert, w hich are s lect a starter, main erved with and chocolate tea, coffe mints. Ple e and ase note and main certain sta courses** rters* incur sup charges. plementa Dietary re ry quiremen ts must b specified e in advanc e.

Please refe at the back r to the price list inse rted of this bro chure.


Roasted P

lum Toma

to and Bla ck Olive S oup Potato wit hC and Chive rème Fraiche Soup English Fie ld Mushro om and Th yme Soup Mediterra nean V with Parm egetable Tartlet esan Sha vings Home Cu red Salmo n w it h Honey and Citrus Dressing Stilton, Le ek and W ild Mushro om Tartlet Duck and F ig Terrine wit Pistachios h , wrapped in Parma Ham Greek Sa lad with F and Mint D eta Cheese ressing Smoked C hicken an dW Salad with a Caper D alnut ressing* Tiger Praw n and Roc k e t Salad with a Piri Piri Sauce * Smoked S almon and Pinea with a Mango pple Salad * Leek and


ins Roasted L ancashire Beef with Pudding a Yorkshire nd a Red Wine Gra Roasted R vy ump of La mb with a Redcurran t and Ros emary Jus Poached Chicken B reast with Sweet Tom a ato and B asil Sauce Supreme of Corn Fe d a Wild Mu shroom an Chicken with d Cream Sa Caramelis uce ed Duck B re a st with a P Sauce an lum d Pak Cho i Stir Fry Pan Fried Sea Bass with Crush Potatoes ed Herb and Saffro n Sauce Rib-Eye S teak with Horsera Butter and Grilled Tom dish ato** Venison S teak with R e d O n Rosti and Cranberry ion Potato Sauce** Roasted C od Loin, H a n d Cut C Pea and M int Puree** hips, Parmesan a Lamb, Italia nd Herb Crusted Ra c n Potatoe s, and Ga k of Tomato S rlic and tuffed Cou rgettes** (all mains serve and potato d with seasonal ve getables es unless otherwise stated) vegetarian

The Lowry R venue for a estaurant is the p erfe relaxed me al with frien ct business lu d nch with cl ients. Its st s or waterside unning setting, p lu informal a tmosphere s stylish yet , is match a friendly ed service an d quality m with British coo odern king. Why no night of it and join u t really make a s before a We can de show? liver theatr ep your table, pre order yo rogrammes to u or even in vite you ba r interval drinks ck for dess coffee at ert and the can also interval. The Resta urant a cc o m mod functions su ch as birth ate private days or so club dinne rs. ciety/


Cheese B oard Continenta (English and l Selection ) Petit Fours (served w ith Tea / Coff ee)


ains nean Veg etable and Cheese W Baby Spin ellington ach and W oodland M Goats Ch ushroom T eese and art Roasted R Wild Rice, ed Peppe Leek, Mus r Ravioli hroom an d Walnut S (all vegeta trudel rian main mixed sid e salad an s served with a d seasona l potatoes ) Mediterra


s Caramelis ed French Tart with W A hipped Crepple am Lemon Me ri n g u e with Wild Straw berry Cou lis Forest Fru it BrulĂŠe T with Black a berry Sau rt ce Mancheste r Tart Honeycom b a n d Cheeseca ke with To Pecan ffee Sauce Chocolate T ru ffl e T White and o Dark Cho rte with colate Go o Chocolate Ro a Raspbe ulade with rry Coulis Strawberr y Tart with Mint Syru p

To book a

table in ou r Lowry Re staurant p lease call 0161 876


Take time o Lowry and ut from exploring T relax at th e Tower C he Shop, with offee a range of coffe cold drinks together w es, teas and selection o ith a tem f cakes, pa pting stries and sandwiche quality s. Open da ily from 10 am. Our Terra ce Bar o ffers a st waterside unning location, id eal as a p meet for a lace to drink or a sunny, so light lunch uth facing with terraces. evening, e In the njoy a rela xing drink to eat befo or bite re a show.



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Our in-h ouse tech nical su rivals any pport profession company. al product We offer a very comp ion and profe etit ssional se rvice utilis ive range of e ing a quipment and audio services -vis and high ly experi ual corporate enced technical discuss yo staff. Ple ur ase Co-ordinato needs with your E vent r who, if re quired, will you in tou ch with on put eo experts. N o matter h f our technical ow large o we will en r small sure that your audio requireme -visual nts go with out a hitch . Our stan dard pack ages fulfi needs of ll the mo specific ne st events, but for your eds we are happy to d bespoke p esign ackages.

Please refe r to

audio visu

inserted a t the back of this bro chure.


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llent ety of exce ri a v e id w ra d the ted. Indee spread ove in o re p a p a h is ic d h exciting ever been mbership w kes for an nts have n a y Club Me e a m li u c g r Q in u r o in u , a o ts with how entert t The Lowry e best sea and post s rmances a o re rf p e r p “Having th fo a e m u lf as a ven edy and dra Bank y Club itse -operative a music, com u Q e th f r, The Co e o g e a c n n a M ie b te al Corpora special am ce.” Region n e ri e p x e overall ormance a perf the range from Lowry can e to an exhibition in ts n tr e a v e e f th o ip e h n Members hip scheme in th s to a whole seaso b lu C y a Qu hip. llerie bers rate mem y sponsors y to ga Our corpo perfect opportunit al or a communit ti n offers the urrent and pote ith eme c ’s rship Sch . W entertain and staff re’s CSR Membe mber of The Lowry rs e m to s e u e lp m c th e , a h , e ts g n n a m in c lie m m c ra Beco Scheme erse prog ne at The CSR Membership the community, o ry such a div e v e it to su rship profile in nd meet something efits of membe build your putation a orting n re e r B u o . y ry e Low y supp enhanc ctives, b in the local je b o t s include: e R b CS wry of the of The Lo f membership allocation the work • A ticket e house for ts o fi e n e B y. th communit seats in e ormances include: any perf tickets sold out to th ucational to s s e c c ision of ed eatre tickets A v • ro P • public Club ops and th ren general VIP Quay worksh ild the private f o ry l school ch building e a ta s c n U e lo • for wry h complim rammes o it L w e h e g T n f u o Lo d prog r staff and • A tour snacks an es for you ri g lle in a g rk a d p drinks, n a entary car ilies ber • Complim for your staff at their fam on as a CSR Mem ts n u on ati it d d n a re c g • Disco c in A • wry build ry o w L o e d L h n e T a h e T in hir with e y ts on room ry’s websit • Discoun tary use of the Qua The Low for your staff at y n a e d ts complim eetings during the • Discoun rm ry Club fo The Low g ct in ation conta Entertain rtain Corporate ’re looking to ente nk For more inform t Team on en you tha Whether Developm r email ts or say we the , 3o y prospec e 2 e s k 1 a 2 b w 6 t 7 .com fe a ntire clien orporate 0161 8 entteam@thelowry e r u o y c m ff p -o lo e you to e n v o e s d bespoke red your need also offer is a registe ents to suit v e g in entre Trust not-for-profit in a entert e Lowry C h d n T )a t. ake . 1053962 and budge charity (no so every penny we m n , n tio ucatio d isa e n , a tic rg is o rt hip to our a reate Sponsors h companies to c invested in it ing is re treach work. it w c x rk e o w d an We and ou flexible t meet bespoke, ages tha iness k c a p ip sponsorsh marketing and bus The ific your spec rships at . Sponso objectives


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e WRY ss or damag that sibility for lo OF THE LO LIABILITYry accepts no respon its guests other than gligent • The Low operty of the client orrect result of any ne by the di pr d a y ne . as an po ry to st ed w be caus led or po g ATION by The Lo full CANCELL t needs to be canceln and signed bookinn which mayent act or omission its contents is the ent will ellatio fraudul ilding or pair or replacem an even ritten confirmatio nc f or bu • I ca e g th in to w re rw follo age 21 days. KINGS client aftebeen received, the • Any dambility of the client and ld for up to ed NAL BOO nts and PROVISIOal bookings will be he ings may be releas t form has will apply: responsi full. en ev e ry, its tena th ns, ok w g in on s • Provisi time provisional bo charge the date of bookin ed income. be paid indemnifies The Lo tees against all actio ages l na r is vi io ct om re is in th pe r hi d Fr s, dam • prov l ex an he ge s e ta Afte ar • T n. to er as ch pi e tio le t , th cu re ca en es oc or tifi loss = 50% of eeks before the ev come. the right to without no authorisedd demands, costs, on of accident, injury or in ry maintains • 10 – 12 wthe total expected ine event • The Low prior to 21 days. claims annses arising by reasoperty occasioned byhether th of re % w fo gs pr pe be = 75 Lowry bookin and ex to any persons or 10 weeks come. ing ent at The and • Less thanthe total expected in d on your contract ing the book damage connected to your evigence or otherwise,if The of by complet r. A verbal ATION base be % M is gl ill ed R 90 ay e w ne = FI w rm m is N ’s y nfi co O nt Th an tisfaction in to co C ie g. cl sa na ed be e rin di ’s t ct th te ry or us pe w oof ca m by ex C lt d Lo al an ovided • Total • Bookings lied by your Event oking. as a resu e the areas to The audio visu rmation pr including using the last info dinator. d as a bo form supp to reinstatall so require. ed or ill not stan at ow ul C ct lc sh nt ra ca ry ve nt co Low to your E e event the client itions reed with th oking cond PACITIES ry ed to be ne us PAYMENT ipt of the signed boice will be forwarded ROOM CA capacity, which is agdinator at The Low ht to en m g in ) ay ud G ce or cl id vo re in IN om oFr , C ro the rig – t in ts ER y nt si he es en AT da ve po rv • Upon m C • T E on de se ire e a re (M th qu wry ion) g re serves days r and d within 30ve ard this. g/ (confirmat • All caterin at least 7 working t done The Lowry re organise be exceeded. The Lo e is require ha who disreg to you. of the deposit invoicless arrangements ent confirmede event. If this is no menu choice. must not try to those people to change the meetinhas s ur ho t ym th • Paymen e date of invoice union stage. If the pa ncel prior to to provide the chef’s s to be provided 72 refuse enry reserves the right even after a bookingroom if be r need ot be the right nn m days of th ed at the confirmatserves the right to ca • The Low for your booking ill only change the event. ca nu rs al definitive finent. Catering numbe been agre ived The Lowry re • A event roomrmed. The Lowry w e purpose of your e th ev or at e is not rece prior to th beyond this time. g should be agreed drop been confi om is suitable for th e room hire ings, th r fo g. lly in rs ra d ok rin the book sit invoice is gene delegate rate bo form. change numbers for cate ing. If final numbe for the the new ro e s, availabl • The depo um number for daily ing on the booking audio • Minimum aking the initial booke Lowry will charge d condition ll terms an hich includes details the minimherwise stated in writts including catering, time of m agreed number, Th fu r ou y to lit r r a bar faci bar Please refe vent Co-ordinator, w ise levels, fire unless ote invoice for elemen , not included in the of below the inimum number. e no 0 + VAT fo ternal E A balanc d additional services t at the conclusion agreed mry will charge £100.0not been taken by th from your room hire discounts,and signage, and ex ou s w an nt ha Lo al se sters rding es. he .00 po ga be visu tim • T 50 re ill g, r w in £2 ba e, es ok of d ic rti te vo um , sm hristmas pa deposit int. if a minimduration of the reques regulations de-rig procedures. ngs and C the even rties such as weddi and conditions. over the set-up and RVICES y audio E S L s A pa N e rm te te r an DITIO • Privat t to separa UAL & AD the right to charge foequently are subjec AUDIO VIS ent. the ry reservesare booked and subs w m Lo fro he ys • T ior to the ev at due 30 da TERMS services than 5 working days prpaper & pens, al su vi PAYMENT of all invoices will be terest legate less th monthly in • Payment e invoice. cancelled services such as deceiving faxes, use ofThe to apply a dditional ing and re es are available at be date of thry reserves the right ars. • A nd se t , ou ng yi n ic • The Low 2% against any arreto change prices with photocop ent, and other serv . These services cant charge ofry reserves the right IT equipman additional chargeevent with your Eve d an w at ur T, Lo of yo ur for VA • The Lowry al, ent with yo e. in advance registered prior noticry Centre Limited is room hire, audio visu arranged tor or during your ev na di . or er oC ag • The Low ill be charged on all rvices. ivery Man so VAT wand other related se Event Del catering


r city Mancheste s from by all ile m le ib 2 Only ly access si a e early re a cl d, we are centre, we the ort. By roa m sp o n fr a tr ile f o forms st half a m ju re 62 a M d n e a ester to th signposted ark p ing Manch r ct e ca n n ll a co M602 Outlet M The Lowry entrance, and M60. the main te si o p p o d te is loca less. rking effort making pa s m connect link syste o tr y e a M ilw ra y The nearb anchester’s mainline irport to M al A us directly Internation anchester d or rail. stations. M minutes away by roa 0 2 ly n o o is als on ls ommodati ion of hote Hotel Acc llent select e e ic o xc e ch n a a offering There is t your The Quays e e n o m d te to loca star r Event et to 4 from budg n requirements. Ou n and o atio accommod will be happy to advise half. rs be Co-ordinato ommodation on your acc even book

ctions will find Local Attra g distance you Club, in lk a t w e Within ty Crick n u o and C b e all Clu Lancashir ited Footb r Museum n U r te s e Manch erial Wa ssive Imp wry and Salford the impre Lo e h T king for both North, ma location l a e id e Quays th pleasure. nd business a


n be found a c n io s r e ll v ns. The fu -ordinator. o io it C d t n n o e c v E d an ur 6 2040 ided by yo ced terms v u o d r ll 0161 87 e p a r c r e r o u b g o n in s e list is mis These are bsite or ca if your pric m o .c on our we ry w lo es@the ferenc

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mme, tres progra -class thea . d rl o w r u o n work pports income su munity and Educatio 3962). All m 5 o 0 1 C . g o in (n g n charity life-cha registered e and our tion and a programm a s is n n o a iti rg ib o r-profit tive exh is a not-fo , an innova entre Trust LS Lowry collection C ry w o L e Th of the nd display the care a



The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays M50 3AZ Tel: 0161 876 2040




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