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How can field marketing companies help my brand? What is field marketing? Field marketing is a term used in business often but perhaps not fully understood. By definition it is the use of marketing within an individual brand’s field. This can involve distribution of a product, auditing, selling, sampling or running promotions among a whole host of other things. In a nutshell, it all aims to get your brand noticed for exactly the right reasons and monitor how well this is achieved. Whilst most forms of field marketing are carried out face to face, the internet is being increasingly used to ask for feedback and grasp a more permanent following from your consumers. Many brands now use social media to their advantage, and attract a good number of fans onto their Facebook and Twitter pages. From here they can offer special promotional deals and broadcast any important information to their customers with ease. Some brands are not as confident in setting up or running their own campaigns; this is where specialist companies come into the equation. How can they help my business? A designated team can become the eyes, ears and mouth on the street for brand owners. They will be able to relate all their knowledge of how to best attract customers to your brand on a very personal level. This can be extremely useful from the very initial stages of a brand launch onwards. You may benefit from their professional help and advice throughout ongoing tactical activity or simply make use of a field marketing company for a one-off campaign, ensuring short term goals are achieved. They are sure to be flexible around your company’s needs. Some of the more specific ways these companies can help a business include: •

Staffing recruitment - Field marketing companies can help provide you with a full team to represent your brand at events or exhibitions. Alternatively you may only require a small number of staff to work under your provision on an ad hoc basis.

Direct customer contact - If you prefer to remain the brains behind your brand and leave the promotional activity to others, a marketing team can plan and even run product sampling and in-store demos on behalf of your brand. You can also use them to run surveys and generally talk directly to consumers about your products and services.

Monitoring and compliance - Within larger brands and companies it can be difficult to monitor how well you are doing on a consumer level. Mystery shoppers can be employed to evaluate their experiences within specific stores and chains, looking particularly at whatever details your brand values most. This is an invaluable way of completing realistic audits and capturing truthful data, ensuring your brand is represented at an excellent standard.

Sales and distribution - Field marketing companies can be as involved or uninvolved in this process as you wish. You may just need advice on what to order. However some brands like to pass the responsibility of the entire transaction and delivery onto an experienced team.

Merchandising and installations - Whether you’re opening up your first store or refurbishing your 100th store it can be useful to have a professional’s view on the installation of stands, equipment, point of sale placements, displays and the endless list of other considerations. A field marketing company will understand just what needs to be implemented to help your individual business and how to do so. They can assist you all the way down to the fine details of how the products are merchandised on the rails and shelves, along with holding highly successful product launches and store openings.

How can field marketing companies help my brand?  
How can field marketing companies help my brand?  

Field Marketing and how it helps a brand.