Ontario Holstein Branch 2017 Annual Report

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36th Ontario Holstein Branch Annual Meeting

Perth County Welcomes You! February 27 & 28, 2018 The Festival Inn, Stratford 1144 Ontario St, Stratford, ON N5A 6W1 - (519) 273-1150 Group Rate of $104.00 - Group ID: Holstein AGM

Special Events

Meeting Day

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

10 am – 3 pm Open House Farm Visits Tour some of the finest dairy farms

Perth County has to offer.

Evening of Excellence

6:00 pm

Wine & Cheese Social

7:00 pm

All-Ontario Presentations

Breakfast available in hotel restaurant

10:00 am

Annual Meeting

12:00 pm


Sponsored by

1:00 pm

GayLea Production Awards

Return to The Festival Inn for our first ever

8:30 – 10 am

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2:00 pm 7:45 pm

Dinner * tickets available for purchase via eventbrite

8:15 pm

Master Breeder Awards

10:00 pm

Fun Auction

• Minutes • Branch and National Reports • Resolutions • Heart of the Herd Winner • Ontario Dairy Women’s Award

Youth Activity Update

Part of proceeds to support the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund. Full auction details will be available on the Branch’s website.

Dinner tickets can be purchased for $35 at: www.eventbrite.ca/o/ontario-holstein-15883391867 Ontario Holstein Branch Interim GM, Adrian Vander Wielen (r) and Ontario Holstein Board President, Sandy O’Hara (2nd from l) present gifts of appreciation to Hank and Nancy-Lee Hazeleger at last year’s AGM. Hank served as President of the Board in 2016/2017.

For more information, contact Ontario Holstein:

20 Corporate Place, Brantford, ON N3T 5R4 • 519-653-6180 branch@ontario.holstein.ca • www.ontario.holstein.ca

36th Ontario Holstein Branch



2017 Annual Report


As I write this message, I can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly! In the time that I have been President, a lot of positive changes have taken place at the Branch, and new beginnings have been made. From this, great developments have taken place with many more to follow. Change can be hard, not unlike changes on the family farm; the Branch has had to step out of its comfort zone and make changes that didn’t come easy. But one thing is certain - a lot of thought and research was put into the decisions that were made. As a result, these changes will drive us forward for years to come by further servicing our members more effectively and efficiently in our rapidly changing industry.

I would also like to show my appreciation to the National Board of Directors and Ann Louise Carson for giving us the opportunity to move our office to Holstein Canada. Your preparation and very warm welcome made for a very smooth transition indeed. We look forward to a great partnership, which will only continue to grow going forward. As I mentioned, we had an extremely busy year. We started with the National Convention in the Region of York, which turned out to be a wonderful success. A great crew of passionate members came together in 2014 taking on this project, wanting it to be a convention for members to remember - and they did just that! Thank you to this great team!! Thank you to Hank Hazeleger for your dedication to the Ontario Holstein Board of Directors! Hank retires from the Board this year and we will miss his great passion for and knowledge of the breed. Thank you to all of the past Directors I have worked with since joining the Board. I appreciated all of your guidance and support throughout the years. I would also like to thank Jason French for all of your hard work and inspiration that you put into the Branch during the time you were General Manager. Thank you to the staff of Ontario Holstein for your continued dedication. You carried the load while we were transitioning. Thank you to Adrian Vander Wielen for stepping in as Interim Manager during this time. The Board appreciated everyone’s efforts. Thank you to Merina Johnston for joining our team as our new General Manager in May of 2017. We are thrilled to have you on board! Your fresh outlook and business skills will no doubt take Ontario Holstein to a new heights. And last but not least, I would like to thank my husband, Dennis, and my family for your support throughout the time I have been on the Board. Your continued support helped make everything happen!

Thank you to everyone who was involved throughout my time serving as your President; you helped make these decisions, plans and goals a reality. As my term comes to a end, I leave you with an outstanding executive and Board of Directors, staff and new General Manager that you, as members, should be very excited about. I have great confidence that this group of people offer experience in the field and expertise from long years of loyalty and service. We also have individuals from outside the business that make us think outside of the box to grow with our industry. Our ‘business-minded’ Directors, who have great stories of their own, bring their expertise to the table and hard-earned knowledge to every discussion. Our next generation - our youth - we have that covered, too, with the new faces we see becoming involved with our Branch. I am particularly proud of their involvement and what they have brought to the table. This group of great mentors and leaders will take the Ontario Holstein Branch to even greater heights in bringing relevant services to our members, rejuvenating our programs to our members and youth of tomorrow. Enjoy the ride - it’s just the beginning!!

It has been a true honour serving as your President this past year. We have a great industry here in Ontario with amazing people - young and old - that have a lot of passion for our beautiful Holstein cow. Thank you!! Great Times!! Great People!! Great Cows!!

The most dangerous phrase in the language is

“we’ve always done it this way.”

– Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report


When I became General Manager in May, there was one constant in my mind – your Branch exists because you, the members, have trusted us with your hard-earned money to provide value and service across Ontario. For that trust and patience as we move forward, I sincerely thank you. As stated on the cover of this Annual Report, 2017 was the year for Holstein Ontario to position itself for future success. It was a year of change, a year of progress, and a year of building the framework required to drive the organization forward in a tumultuous and ever-changing industry. Your Branch has dedicated itself to creating a strong foundation for the future of the organization and the membership it represents. Several initiatives were started in 2017, including a financial analysis of the organization. This analysis aimed to identify efficiencies and areas of redundancy, as well as review the real costs of field services. By reviewing our financial situation more in-depth, there is an opportunity to decrease expenses long-term and create a more sustainable and secure financial position for the organization and our membership. We have also been working to understand our organizational assets and strengths, as well as how the Branch provides value to our membership by asking the ever important question,

“Why?” Comprehending the work our members deem valuable is instrumental to implementing a strategic plan to move us into the future. While the long-term goal is to create a stronger foundation for the future of the organization, your Branch has already made positive changes to become more sustainable, including the move into our own unique space at Holstein Canada, which will provide a reduction in several expenses thanks to shared resources. All of this work has been done with the member in mind, because working towards a healthier financial position and more strategic positioning of our resources will allow us to become a more effective organization for our members. Moving into 2018, we will continue to explore how we can provide more value in the services we provide, with our membership at top of mind. Thankfully, we have an excellent team surrounding us, including a capable staff who are excited and prepared to take on the challenge. Thank you to the Board of Directors for their insight, advice, and support over the course of 2017 and beyond. A special thank you to Sandy O’Hara for always being ‘just a phone call away’ and helping to build the momentum driving us forward. Thinking back on the work we have done in 2017, I am thrilled and excited to be moving into 2018 with momentum, purpose and drive. Your Ontario Holstein Branch will be working for you, with you, and beside you from 2018 and beyond.

Ontario Branch Presidents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

William Grieve, Dorchester Jack Gillespie, Cambridge Allan Orr, Bradford Campbell Murray, Martintown Court Carmichael, Ilderton Robert H. Brown, Welland Frank Barkey, Blackstock Clarence Diefenbacher, Elmira Gordon Dodge, Cardinal James King, Brampton James Ismond, Powassan Harry Stanley, Norwood Ken Allen, Vankleek Hill Wayne Lennan, Petrolia Brian Coleman, Brantford John Hess, Kemptville Glen McNeil, Goderich John Fraser, Richmond

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36th Ontario Holstein Branch

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Steve Walters, St. Thomas Wayne Crossfield, Powassan Dean Warner, Hastings Ron Sleeth, Battersea Doug Karn, Woodstock Gerald Nyman, Bloomfield Russell Bennett, Spencerville Heather Parkin, Owen Sound Ken Empey, Dorchester Dennis Werry, Oshawa Brian Slaughter, Forest Brian Slaughter, Forest Ron Greaves, North Augusta Elvin Petherick, Campbellford Gary Cain, Paris Ian Fraser, Dalkeith Hank Hazeleger, Embro Sandy O’Hara, Schomberg

2017 Annual Report

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Ontario Holstein Branch

Minutes of the 35th Annual General Meeting Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best Western, Brantford

Opening Remarks:

The 35th Ontario Holstein Branch Annual Meeting took place on February 22nd with President Hank Hazeleger welcoming everyone in attendance.


The minutes of February 24, 2016, 34th Ontario Holstein Branch Annual Meeting were approved as printed.

President’s Report:

Hank Hazeleger read his written report in which he stated this past year has not been without its challenges, however this was an opportunity to realize where the organization can improve and identify strengths and weaknesses. As the Board worked through these challenges, the service to the members continued at the level they deserve and have been accustomed to, largely due to the efforts of the hard-working and very committed staff. Hank also thanked the members for their patience as the Board addresses these challenges. The Branch is actively involved in developing, supporting and enhancing programs to benefit the members, particularly the youth. Hank noted the many programs supported and announced that the Junior All Ontario Show Program will be taken to the next level with the possibility of a standalone show this year. He thanked Holstein Canada for their support of this program in Ontario, as well as their continued support throughout the year. All of these programs do, however, take a lot of staff time, resources and money to facilitate. Although the activity level in Ontario was strong this past year with registrations and classifications being up from the previous year, the Board voted to increase the membership fee by $15 to coincide with Holstein Canada’s increase. It is the first increase in ten years and necessary to maintain the level of service to which the members are entitled. The Board acts as an advocate for issues affecting the members and has representation on and provides input on various programs. Another big mandate is to promote Ontario Holsteins and this has been done though the Link magazine as well as social media. Hank went on to congratulate the Ontario Master Breeders along with other award winners. He again thanked the Branch staff who put their heart and soul into making sure things ran smoothly and efficiently. He thanked outgoing President Ian Fraser for his eight years of service and welcomed Cole Verburg as his replacement. Hans Pfister was also welcomed to the Board representing Western Ontario. Hank expressed his gratitude to the Board of Directors for their dedication, passion and hard work for the benefit of the members and the dairy industry. Last but not least, he thanked his wife Nancy and his family for stepping up at home while he fulfilled his duties as President. At this time, Hank introduced the 2017 Ontario Holstein Branch Board of Directors: . Western Ontario

Hank Hazeleger (Past President), David Johnston, Hans Pfister

. West-Central Ontario

James Cranston, Wilfred Strenzke

. East-Central Ontario

Tara Bullock, Sandy O’Hara

. Eastern Ontario

Brad Lowry, Cole Verburg

. National Director appointed to Board: Gerald Schipper General Manager’s Report:

Adrian Vander Wielen acknowledged that the Ontario Holstein Branch turned 35 years old as an organization and he’s had the privilege of being part of most of them, having completed 30 years of service this past fall. Last October he was asked by the Ontario Board to act as Interim GM until the next team leader is in place and trained, noting this is the second consecutive year the Branch is going through this transition. Being short a staff member certainly leaves a void, but Holstein Ontario is blessed with an outstanding team of employees who regularly anticipate the needs of the Board, clubs and members. Adrian stated he was very proud of the fact that the team has achieved a great deal of success under extenuating circumstances.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

He also expressed appreciation for the support of clubs and thanked everyone for their understanding and cooperation during this time of change. Adrian outlined in detail programs the Branch supports and administers and explained how these have all evolved over the years. Many of these are an investment into the future of the industry and many of those that have participated go on to become outstanding dairymen, veterinarians, AI personnel, feed advisors, bankers, classifiers, lawyers and equipment salespeople. Everyone plays a role to continue developing the Ontario cow, which is respected worldwide for her ability to economically produce large quantities of milk over a long and trouble-free life. Adrian congratulated and thanked those people who take an active role in this development. Each year offers new challenges - together in this great Holstein fraternity we can overcome them all. Financial Report:

The 2016 audited financial statements of the Ontario Holstein Branch were reviewed by Vice President Sandy O’Hara, which were approved by those members in attendance. The meeting membership also approved a motion to appoint BDO, LLP Chartered Accountants and Advisors, as official auditors of the Ontario Holstein Branch. The 2017 Ontario Holstein Branch budget was presented and reviewed. David Johnston, Chairman of the Resolutions Committee, introduced the scrutineers and presented the following four resolutions, all of which were approved by the meeting.


1. National Judges’ Committee Whereas Ontario and Quebec have provincial Judges’ Committees and judging programs in place to enhance the training of Judges; and whereas we need to develop, promote and utilize our Canadian Judges domestically and internationally; and whereas a national committee could advise on: national Judges listings, judging and showmanship manuals / videos, content for National judging schools, International judging assignments and promoting Judges at domestic and international levels; and whereas the importance of continuity and communication between the Branch and Holstein Canada is paramount for the success for any program; Therefore, be it resolved that a National Judges’ Committee be formed similar to the following: The National Judges Committee would be comprised of eight (8) committee members; two (2) members from the Ontario Judges’ Committee, two (2) members from the Quebec Judges’ Committee, one (1) Judge representing Western Canada Judges, one (1) Judge representing Maritime Judges, one (1) Holstein Canada Director and one (1) Holstein Canada Staff member (non-voting). The committee would meet annually and additional meetings could be held by conference call. Committee member Judges would serve a minimum three (3) year term, provided they are an active Judge and are a committee member of their provincial Branch Judges’ committee, if applicable. The committee would annually elect a chairman. The committee would report annually to the Holstein Canada Board of Directors.

2. Holstein Canada Voting Procedures Whereas Holstein Canada was founded as a member association that values accuracy and transparency; and whereas Holstein Canada conducts annual membership voting concerning Director elections, National Judge selection for R.A.W.F. and annual award selection for Cow Of The Year; Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada’s Board of Directors implement a secure system that ensures proper identification of members on ballets, transparency and accuracy of voting procedure involving all Holstein Canada membership votes.

3. Cow Signs Whereas “Cow Signs” are an important part of promotion in barns and at shows; and whereas the required information is on the web on a cow’s animal information sheet; Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada develop a printable “Cow Sign” section on the web page to allow an instant, up to date sign for easy use on farm and at the show.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

4. Master Breeder Award Program Whereas the Master Breeder award is a coveted award for the Holstein membership across Canada; and whereas it appears that the premise of the award is based on percentage of registrations submitted; and whereas it is awarded to a membership based on prefix; Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada Master Breeder award be presented with the following adjustments to reflect the importance of a membership award. As an example, a Master Breeder Shield be presented to approximately 1 in every 200 prefixes per category.

By-law Change:



Registrations (2016)

# Shields Awarded Currently



7-14 (154, 152)




15-19 (250, 454)




20-24 (266, 615)




25-29 (207, 948)




30-39 (309, 432)




40-59 (312, 640)




60+ (269, 366)


The following by-law change was approved by the meeting. Change: Repeal Article 3.1 The majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board. Fifty (50) Members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Members. and replace with The majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Board. Forty (40) Members shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Members.


James Cranston introduced a number of guests attending the Branch Meeting. He also noted that the Ontario Spring Discovery Show committee has organized a calf raffle and encouraged all to support. Perth County Holstein Club is also selling tickets for their 100th anniversary Gala.

National Report:

Robert Chabot, President of Holstein Canada, brought greetings to the meeting on behalf of the National organization. He congratulated all the Ontario Master Breeders for their achievement, a sign of long and hard work. Ontario is the last of the provincial Annual Meetings he has attended and the atmosphere has been very positive all around. Many members are building new barns, producing more milk and Holstein Canada is improving services to meet their needs as well as putting together new ones. Robert introduced the National Board members present and advised that Ontario is well represented on Holstein Canada’s many committees. He appreciates the good partnership with Branches and the Joint National / Branch workshops are important meetings, a chance to go over business and always a good time to visit and chat with people from all over the country. A big discussion has been field service and how best to provide this service to other provinces, while being fair to Ontario and Quebec who have full time field staff. Robert stated that Holstein Canada is a proud sponsor of the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic and thanked Ontario for putting it together, which is very much appreciated. Ann Louise Carson, CEO of Holstein Canada, also extended greetings and was thrilled to take part in the farm tours the day previous. She conveyed that Ontario had an incredible year in regards to registrations

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

and classification and that Holstein Canada is doing all they can to stay sharp, starting with adjustments to the herdbook software to help. Ontario registrations up 2%, classification 10%, herd visits 6% and genomic testing -3%. Looking ahead, Holstein Canada will be using edocuments to save paper, postage and time, enhancements of the herd trend / genomic reports; the way certificates are produced and office efficiency are some areas of focus for this year. A little over 400 members are signed up at the moment for edocuments and members were encouraged to talk to their field Reps to aid with this process. All the new and enhanced options available does require some adjustments and members were encouraged to contact staff with any concerns they may have. On behalf of the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) and the provincial milk boards, Holstein Canada is the service provider for the Cattle Assessment portion of the proAction Animal Care pillar. Producers are encouraged to return the proAction Cattle Assessment survey that was mailed out in mid-December. Brad Eggink is the new Classification Manager and Carolin Turner the link between the Board and Classification committee. Linda Markle, Manager Herdbook and Genotyping Services, and Donald Carron, bilingual Administrative Assistant, were introduced at this time. Ann Louise acknowledged that one of the main challenges includes accessing data as so many herds have invested in systems wanting such. There is no easy answer and Holstein Canada is working with industry partners on doing the research. Perception of Genotesting another issue they are tackling. The Young Leaders committee has expanded and coming up with lots of ideas. It is hoped to have a new co-coordinator in place soon. The two-year pilot project for field service personnel has been extended until the end of 2017 with Branches involved in analysis of the next step. Congratulations were extended to the six outstanding young leaders selected to receive Holstein Canada Educational Awards, two of which are from Ontario. The National Judging School will be held in Quebec this June. Ann Louise thanked the great committee who organized this year’s National Convention in York County. Two special people will be recognized for their contribution to the dairy industry, Albert Cormier and Steve Dolson. She reminded all to vote for Cow of the Year and congratulated the Master Breeders in Ontario for their accomplishments. Heart of the Herd:

Bosdale Farms were presented with a plaque to commemorate their win in the Link magazine’s Heart of the Herd Competition with Bosdale Outside Portrait.

National Convention:

A short video was shown encouraging those in attendance to be part of the 2017 National Holstein Convention, hosted by York Region. Registration deadline for events is March 20, 2017.


President Hazeleger thanked all the sponsors for supporting the AGM and surrounding events. Furthermore, he thanked those that provided items for the fun auction as well as the buyers. He thanked the organizing committee for all their help. A slideshow from Ayr Farmers Mutual was shown at this time with Don Cruickshank saying a few words.


Lunch was enjoyed by all in attendance.


The crowd enjoyed a humorous talk at this time given by motivational speaker Eleanor Wood.

All-Ontario Awards:

A special presentation was made to the 2016 All-Ontario winners. Sponsors Quality Seeds, Canadian Livestock Photography and Select Sires GenerVations were on hand to present these plaques. Eleven Ontario Master Breeders were honoured the previous evening for their outstanding achievements. The Ontario Outstanding Dairy Woman Service Award was also presented the previous evening to Janet Ringelberg. Combined Component Production Awards for Highest Fat and Protein Total Kgs. in Ontario during 2016 were handed out at this time, sponsored by Gay Lea Foods Co-Operative.

Dairy Youth Award Winners:

Jason Gould, Laura Schuurman, Derek Van Dieten and John Werry all gave presentations to the meeting on their farm operations. Kris MacLeod, who accompanied the group to Madison, presented the group with plaques after showing some pictures of their U.S. farm stops.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report


President Hank Hazeleger was presented with a gift of appreciation for his term as President this past year, along with his wife Nancy, who was also recognized. Ian Fraser was presented with a Past President pin at this time.

2018 Ontario Branch AGM:

David Johnston invited all to attend the 2018 Ontario Branch Annual Meeting to be in held in the Stratford area with Perth County hosting.

New Business:

Brian Coleman spoke on where the Branch came from and all that has been accomplished since then. He expressed concern over the Branch finances and the need to work closely together with industry partners. He encouraged the Ontario Board of Directors to evaluate and consider all options with regards to staffing the Branch to most efficiently meet member needs.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Attest: Adrian Vander Wielen, Interim GM Ontario Holstein Branch

Results of Resolutions Carried at 2017 Ontario Branch Annual Meeting 1. Therefore, be it resolved that a National Judges’ Committee be formed similar to the following: The National Judges Committee would be comprised of eight (8) committee members; two (2) members from the Ontario Judges’ Committee, two (2) members from the Quebec Judges’ Committee, one (1) Judge representing Western Canada Judges, one (1) Judge representing Maritime Judges, one (1) Holstein Canada Director and one (1) Holstein Canada Staff member (non-voting). The committee would meet annually and additional meetings could be held by conference call. Committee member Judges would serve a minimum three (3) year term, provided they are an active Judge and are a committee member of their provincial Branch Judges’ committee, if applicable. The committee would annually elect a chairman. The committee would report annually to the Holstein Canada Board of Directors.

At the time of writing this update/report, this resolution is pending action; it has been referred to the Holstein Canada Show and Judging Committee for review and discussion. 2. Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada’s Board of Directors implement a secure system that ensures proper identification of members on ballets, transparency and accuracy of voting procedure involving all Holstein Canada membership votes.

Voting procedures and processes were reviewed at both the Holstein Canada Awards and Governance Committees to ensure the process is secure, reliable, and has integrity. The Cow of the Year (COTY) voting will remain the same. Ballots for National Directors will be sent to the office of the Holstein Canada auditor. Options are currently being analyzed for Royal judge voting with a goal of being implemented for the selection of the 2019 Royal Judges. 3. Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada develop a printable “Cow Sign” section on the web page to allow an instant, up to date sign for easy use on farm and at the show.

Printable “Cow Signs” will be considered after analysis for feasibility according to priority, resources (staff/time/cost), and development projects. 4. Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada Master Breeder award be presented with the following adjustments to reflect the importance of a membership award. As an example, a Master Breeder Shield be presented to approximately 1 in every 200 prefixes per category.

This resolutions was defeated at Holstein Canada’s 2017 General Annual Meeting.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

Resolutions to be Discussed at 2018 Ontario Branch Annual Meeting 1. Submitted by the Peterborough County Holstein Club

Whereas All-Ontario awards are intended to recognize show achievements of Holsteins throughout the province and the entire show season, and whereas there is a growing number of open shows and regional shows which feature many high quality cattle, and whereas the current rule of a top 2 placing at a Branch, County or Regional show, or top 3 at Ontario Spring Discovery, Ontario Summer Show, Eastern Ontario Championship Show, Autumn Opportunity or Maxville Spring Show, can exclude some high quality animals from participating in the All-Ontario competition, Therefore be it resolved that the All-Ontario rules be amended to top 3 placing at a Branch, County or Regional show, or top 5 at Ontario Spring Discovery, Ontario Summer Show, Eastern Ontario Championship Show, Autumn Opportunity or Maxville Spring Show. 2. Resolution from Ontario County Holstein Club

Whereas the RAWF National Holstein Show provides exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their best animals and whereas the past 2 years the March and December calf classes (March calves 41 both years and December 53 and 45 animals shown) have shown in the Ring of Excellence without sufficient space for exhibitors to show their heifers to the judge, Therefore be it resolved that Holstein Canada and the RAWF show committee investigate alternative options to the current show schedule.


2017 was a tremendously successful year for the Judges Committee with the introduction of Ontario’s new Judging Program! The Committee is excited for further updates scheduled for 2018 to ensure Ontario’s Judges are offered every opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Thank you to the volunteer Committee members from each district for their time and effort!

Dan Doner, Chair, East-Central District Herb Henderson, Eastern District Brian Carscadden, West-Central District

Doug Karn, Western District Dave Johnston, Director Merina Johnston, Staff


Our policies are the framework for the organization and provide direction in driving the organization forward in a fiscally responsible way. Your Governance Committee reviews and updates policies as required, ensuring organizational objectives are in line with future priorities.

Dave Johnston, Director

Tara Bullock, Director

Merina Johnston, Staff

“Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.” - Author unknown 36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

BDO Canada LLP

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

Director Director

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund Supporting and Educating Ontario’s Dairy Youth

The Trust Fund supports a number of youth programs in Ontario.

Accumulated 2017 Donations

• Scholarships • Inter-County Dairy Cattle Judging Competition • Junior Shows • Ontario Dairy Youth Award • Dairy Sen$e • University Programs


Diamond ll Platinum

2017 National Convention RBC Scotiabank Edward Morwick Bertram Stewart


Tim Henshaw Earl Osborne Heather & Larry Parkin TD (Lindsay)


Jill & Brian Rivington

THANK YOU to all our donors, members, volunteers and supporters for helping with programs during the year that educate, encourage and assist the young people who are the future of our industry. Since its inception in 1994, the Trust Fund has expended over $800,000 towards supporting these programs.

Purpose of Committee In 1994, the Ontario Joint Dairy Breeds committee was formed to collaborate resources in order to offer strong dairy youth programs for all dairy breeds. The Toronto Stockyards Fund was developed with dairy industry funding available through the Ontario Milk Marketing Board. In 1999, the committee received the funding that was requested with focus to be put on youth and educational programs for all breeds. Programs presently supported are: Inter-County 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Competition, Junior Shows, Youth Seminars, Judging Schools, Dairy Sen$e, Recognition Awards, Scholarships, High Herd Certificates and University or College Workshops/Projects. Mission Statement “Providing support to youth programs that are available through Ontario’s dairy breed organizations.”

36th Ontario Holstein Branch

Committee Members The dairy breed organizations have one representative appointed to sit on the committee with terms decided by the individual breed organization. Responsibilities The responsibilities of the committee member are to bring updates of youth programs from their breed organization, give insight into funding opportunities and give approval of the Ontario Joint Dairy Breeds annual budget. Each breed will have one vote with staff recommendations taken into consideration. Administration The Ontario Holstein Branch has acted as the administrators of the committee since 1994.


2017 Annual Report

Combined Component Awards 2017 For Highest Fat & Protein Total Kgs. in Ontario

SEAVALLEY A MARILYNS AFFAIR, owned by Brownsonlea Farm, Marmora, Seavalley Holsteins, Campbellford & Courtney Ray, Corbyville Produced as 1 Year Old in 305 days 21,581 kg. Milk 729 kg. Fat 707 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,436 BCA (Deviation) 589 (+280) Milk 536 (+222) Fat 599 (+290) Protein BRABANTDALE SPRSR ROCKTHEBOAT, owned by Brabantdale Farms Ltd., Navan Produced as a 2 Year Old in 305 days 18,583 kg. Milk 1,016 kg. Fat 616 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,632 BCA (Deviation) 430 (+170) Milk 631 (+356) Fat 443 (+184) Protein TJR MCCUTCHEN DICE-ET, owned by Brabantdale Farms Ltd., Navan Produced as a 3 Year Old in 305 days 16,733 kg. Milk 1,024 kg. Fat 580 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,604 BCA (Deviation) 364 (+104) Milk 602 (+327) Fat 392 (+133) Protein ALBADON EPIC CRASH, owned by Albadon Farms Ltd., Teeswater Produced as a 4 Year Old in 305 days 20,056 kg. Milk 878 kg. Fat 606 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,484 BCA (Deviation) 389 (+62) Milk 457 (+91) Fat 372 (+50) Protein LOCHDALE SECURE POLLY, owned by Lochdale Holsteins, Alexandria Produced as a 5 Year Old in 305 days 18,369 kg. Milk 1,002 kg. Fat 574 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,576 BCA (Deviation) 357 (+91) Milk 519 (+211) Fat 350 (+85) Protein HOLZER BEAUTYFULL DESIGN, owned by Bushy View, Lakeside Produced as a Mature Cow in 305 days 21,841 kg. Milk 931 kg. Fat 675 kg. Protein CompositeFP 1,606 BCA (Deviation) 394 (+120) Milk 454 (+163) Fat 390 (+119) Protein


2017 Ontario Outstanding

Dairy Woman Service Award The Outstanding Dairy Woman Service Award winner for 2017 was Janet Ringelberg of Troy. Janet was recognized for her efforts and accomplishments to serving, promoting and enhancing the dairy industry at the AGM in Brantford. Presenting the award are past winners (l to r): Nancy Beerwort, Janet Ringelberg, Karen Velthuis, Heather Parkin and Sandy O’Hara.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

2017 All-Ontario Holstein Competition CLASS



Summer Calf

KIRKLEA JACOBY BUBBLEGUM Robert MacDonald, Bethany MacDonald, Rob Heffernan, Elmer Weeks, Frank & Diane Borba


Junior Calf


GLENNHOLME MARIO MERCILESS Glennholme Holsteins & Kingsway Farms

Intermediate Calf



Senior Calf

BOISBLANC DOORMAN SENSATION Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms & Peter Leach

MAPLE-DOWNS HYPNOTIC ALI-ET Silvercap Holsteins & Vogue Cattle Co.

KINGSWAY SOLOMAN GORGEOUS Kingsway Farms & Straitside Holsteins

FARAWAY DOORMAN MISSY Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms & Peter Leach

Junior Yearling

JM VALLEY DOORMAN LEXIE Patience Holsteins Ltd., Silvercap Holsteins & Vogue Cattle Co.

UNIQUE GOLDEN RING Clarkvalley Holsteins, Dalton J. Faris & Peter Leach

Intermediate Yearling

RIDGE-FIELD ATLANTA Joel Phoenix, Werrhurst Holsteins & Glamourview Holstein

ROSEDALE CATCH A GLIMPSE-ET Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach

Non-milking Senior Yearling

ALEAH MILLEN NAUGHTY SURPRISE Aleah Farms Ltd., Matthew & Tyler Yates, Millen Farms


Junior Breeder’s Herd



Milking Senior Yearling

FLORBIL DOORMAN LILLY Florbil Farms Ltd., Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier, Quality Holsteins & Agriber Societa Agricola Srl

MS SMITH-OAK PW D MAGGIE-ET Clarkvalley Holsteins & Eaton Holsteins

Jr. 2-Year-Old

KAWARTHA ARMANI MEMORY Riverdown Holsteins, Ferme Blondin & Ferme Villyvon


Sr. 2-Year-Old


VALLEYVILLE GOLDWYN BISSY Quality Holsteins, Agriber Societa Agricola Srl & Marcello Ladina

Jr. 3-Year-Old


WEBB VIEW BUTTERBALLS MCCUCHEN Kingsway Farms & Hodglynn Holsteins

Sr. 3-Year-Old




LOYALYN DUPLEX VANESSA Clarkvalley Holsteins, JM Valley Holstein & Mt. Elgin Dairy Farm




BOSDALE GOLD LUSTER Quality Holsteins, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier & Agriber Societa Agricola

Mature Cow



Longtime Production Cow



Summer Yearling

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report




Breeder’s Herd



Junior 4-H Calf



Intermediate 4-H Calf

BONNIE BRAE APE QUINN Exhibitor: Tucker Smith


Senior 4-H Calf

ROYAL LYNN DOORMAN JUB JUB Exhibitor: Loretta Bird

RONBETH SOLOMON DREAM Exhibitor: Collin Allardyce

Summer Yearling 4-H Calf

FARAWAY DOORMAN MISSY Exhibitor: Peter Leach


Junior Yearling 4-H Calf


HARMONY VIEW ELISHA Exhibitor: Justin Velthuis

Jr. All Ontario Junior – Senior Calf


RONBETH SOLOMON DREAM Allarway Holsteins & Sunny Terrace Holsteins

Jr. All Ontario Summer – Senior Yearling

DILLMAN MEGAWATT PAZZLIE Colin & Karen Leach and David Leach


Red & White Calf

MOUNT ELM REV ME UP TOUTOU Neil & Bryan Anderson


Red & White Yearling

VANDERWAY TEMNORTH DEFINT LYNZ Beckholm Holsteins & Justin Holeksa


Red & White Jr. Cow

KAWARTHA ARMANI MEMORY Riverdown Holsteins, Ferme Blondin & Ferme Villyvon


Red & White Sr. Cow

VALMAR HEZTRY LANA C.J. Vanderlip and Sons


To the staff of the Ontario Holstein Branch, Thank You!


Sincerely, Sandy O’Hara & Merina Johnston

makes the

Angela Howard Western Field Rep

Adrian Vander Wielen East-Central Field Rep

Kris MacLeod

Eastern Field Rep - until Dec. 2017

Mary Poirier Exec. Secretary

Andrea Emond Link Editor

The Link is our primary method of communicating with our membership, meaning we don’t have to rely on mail outs, or taking ads in other magazines or papers to communicate with our membership. The Link has grown significantly to become highly regarded as a top dairy magazine in Canada, while maintaining a positive net income for the organization. Thank you, Andrea, for all your hard work, and thank you to the membership for trusting us with your advertising dollars.

36th Ontario Holstein Branch


2017 Annual Report

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Gay Lea

TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic

Select Sires GenerVations

Ontario Dairy Youth Award, Provincial Production Awards, Product

TD Canada Trust Holstein Canada

Judging Schools, Inter-County Judging Competition, All-Ontario Competition

Trade Show Partner, Dairy Sen$e, TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic

Quality Seeds

Grenville Mutual Insurance Eastern ON Junior Show

36th Ontario Holstein Branch

All-Ontario Competition

Canadian Livestock Photography All-Ontario Competition


2017 Annual Report


George R., Nathan & James A. Thompson, Belmont


Les & Darlene Sharpe, Orton


Donald I., John & Fraser Doan, Norwich


Dan & Jeff Bross, Mildmay


Diana, John & Jeff Krul, Arthur


Rob & Alice Bumstead, Owen Sound


Kryn, Bryan, Hugh, Willie, Roeland Van Oostveen, Lakeside


Rick Shantz, Wallenstein


Roger Spence, Elmvale

Proud Ontario Holstein Breeder


Working for you!

Brad Lowry, Lanark County - Eastern Ontario Cole Verburg, Leeds County - Eastern Ontario Sandy O’Hara, York County - East-Central Ontario Tara Bullock, Peterborough County - East-Central Ontario James Cranston, Wentworth County - West-Central Ontario Wilfred Strenzke, Waterloo County - West-Central Ontario Hank Hazeleger, Oxford County - Western Ontario Dave Johnston, Perth County - Western Ontario Hans Pfister, Perth County - Western Ontario Dennis Werry, Ontario County - National Director

Cole Verburg, Gerald Schipper, Wilfred Strenzke, James Cranston, Tara Bullock, Hans Pfister, Brad Lowry, Sandy O’Hara, Interim GM Adrian Vander Wielen, Dave Johnston, Hank Hazeleger.

Our mission:

To assist and grow the membership of the Ontario Holstein Branch through youth activities, education, breed promotion, and act as an advocate for the dairy industry.

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