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Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. ~Edward Gibbon

Successful Conference Development


INTRODUCTION OUR SERVICES: Concept through Conference - Start to finish - The Langfords Group is part of your team. We measure success very simply: The event must exceed the expectations of both the attendees and our clients We must make all complex logistics look simple The event experience must stay alive from year to year In the event world, there are no second chances. Executing a flawless event on budget is achieved seamlessly, integrating many “moving parts� at the right time, in the right place. We will become an extension of your team, and remove all worry and stress from the events.

OUR TRACK RECORD OUR PORTFOLIO OF EXPERIENCE: You name it, we have done it. We have run webinars, audio conferences, one/ two day workshops, multi-track conferences and seminars as well as large industry trade shows. Here is a list of just some of the events we’ve worked on. CoalTrans (global coal conferences and tradeshows) PowerMart (US based power trading tradeshow) Financial Times Energy Global Energy Award (NY awards show) FDA Regulatory and Compliance Symposium NEPA 22nd Annual Marketing Conference eTail 2000/2001 (online retail conference and tradeshow) DiscoveryTech (drug discovery conference) ODT Conference and Expo (Orthopedic manufacturing event) NEMA/JAMA (Automotive one-on-one executive meetings)


CONFERENCE PLANNING STRATEGY STRATEGY: We will work with you to discuss concepts, topics and your business objectives for the event or series of events. We will establish an event roadmap that clearly shows what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and who will do it. Help to define event objectives Develop event strategic plan Create and manage event budget Produce project management task and time plan


VENUE COORDINATION VENUE: After developing the strategic plan, we will take care of every aspect of actually putting the event on. The devil is in the detail of every contract. Knowing the intricacies of venue and vendor contracts and understanding what’s hidden is how we bring value to you – by negotiating clauses, mitigating hidden risks and providing you contracts that are fair and manageable. Select venue (following attendee demographic analysis) Select lodging options (if different from venue) Negotiate and manage contract Manage all F&B details Manage audiovisual needs Obtain quotes and order event incentives (Tote bags, notebooks, pens) Coordinate shipping/delivery of conference materials Run registration desk Coordinate welcome bags/materials 4 6

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Leveraging your internal expertise and our program creation knowledge, we will create great events that stand out. We will research the current and future hot topics that will impact your customers business. We know how to get your industry thought leaders onto your program. We will help create an event advisory board and produce a program that people will remember. Research and write conference hot topics/theme Research and recruit knowledgeable subject matter expert(s) Coordinate speaker administration/liaison

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MARKETING PLAN MARKETING: We have a unique industry-leading marketing methodology that will make your event the must-attend event in your market. We execute a continuous multi-media marketing plan incorporating websites, direct mail, email, online/offline ads and strategic alliances - all with common branding and a unified goal -- getting people to attend your events, time and again. Create and manage a multi-media marketing plan Branding creation (logo & other branding elements) Create event website Design and write ads, brochures, postcards, eblasts, websites and other marketing pieces Design and produce collateral material Direct mail and email list identification and management Develop strategic alliances/partnerships with vendors and associations 4 6 8

MARKETING PLAN (cont...) Podcasts

Viral marketing White papers Online ads

Editorial Videocasts

Print ads

Event or Series


of Events Tradeshows Direct mail Article reprints


Email marketing

Custom publishing

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CUSTOMER SERVICE SERVICE: Because we become an extension of your team, a partner, our staff will integrate with you to provide a professional, helpful “face� to your customer. If you are not equipped to handle customer service, our team can take care of it for you -- ensuring your clients get the best service possible. We firmly believe great customer service before the event is just as important as during and after the event. Creation of online registration system Assist with registrations questions/concerns Fielding of general event questions from attendees sponsors/exhibitors Handle special needs requests

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POST EVENT POST: The event is never over! It is essential to capitalize on the momentum generated and build for the next year. We will tie up the loose ends and then execute phase II -- a post event series of webinars or workshops and create unique networking opportunities using today’s social networking tools. This will dramatically increase the effects of viral marketing with their colleagues, your future prospects. Tabulation and distribution of evaluations Review final hotel/venue bill Post event debrief including venue review Phase II event series Post event social networking Launch next year’s event marketing and advertising

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NEXT STEPS LET’S GET STARTED: When is your next event? It’s never too soon to start planning. Do you know who you’re targeting? There are clients and prospects out there desperate for quality information. Do you know where you want to hold it? Decent venues book up fast, reserve your space now. How are you going to get the message out? Multi-media marketing is crucial in today’s environment. Who’s got the time to organize it? The Langfords Group. Call us 703.854.1125

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THE LANGFORDS TEAM MEET THE TEAM: Marti Adams Marti is a co-founder of The Langfords Group and brings her experience as a marketing and advertising guru. Marti also co-founded Lawrence Adams, Inc. (LAI) in 1977 with her husband. Mary Adams Mary has over 10 years’ experience in the conference, meeting planning and events business. In addition to her leadership role in The Langfords Group, she runs a conference management company, Event Consulting Group. Matt Salt Matt is a co-founder and principal of The Langfords Group. With expertise in conference strategy, marketing and advertising, Matt is responsible for overall business development.

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