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The President’s Message Ruminations Yearbooks have always been a favorite hobby for me. At home, I have a collection of about thirty. I often go to them for information (visual and factual), and for reminiscing. That is why I am so grateful to all of you who worked to make this edition possible. As we complete the fifty-first year of Walsh University, we again look back on a year filled with great people, great events, great surprises, and ultimately great blessings from our God. Despite the economic, financial, and educational challenges, we have, as William Faulkner once said, “Not only endured, but prevailed.” It is a testimony to a lot of hard work by students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The Class of 2011 is certainly an excellent one. The seniors have been leaders in every aspect of campus life. Record numbers of students have engaged in global learning. New heights have been reached in academics, athletics, and volunteer services at unprecedented levels. The reputation of Walsh has been greatly enhanced, and a legacy of accepting challenges and exploring new horizons has been established. Thank you to all of our seniors for outstanding contributions. May you all enjoy this yearbook as much as I. It would indeed be a blessing if this history repeated itself.

Richard Jusseaume, President

In Memory of Alexandra Slates The Light of the World: The Legacy of Alex Slates “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Alex was a beloved part of the Walsh comunity; to honor her memory the Walsh University Student Government had a tree planted in her name. Her hard work and dedication to her schooling was rewarded by an Honorary Degree, given to her family during the May 1st graduation ceremony. The following is an exerpt from the memorial Mass in Alex’s honor: Alex embraced her faith and allowed Christ to lead her in her faith as a counseling student because she truly wanted to help people in her life. Alex was a mentor who sought to teach by example and challenge others to excellence. We can think about her legacy, analogously, like a decorative pillar candle. This candle is beautiful. It is intricate and intentionally designed with purpose and meaning. It is ornate, molded carefully to reflect a greater beauty. In a similar way, God intricately, carefully and ornately designed Alex in her being. God molded and shaped her into a reflection of His Grace and beauty. This candle is unique and looks different from other candles. Alex, as an athlete, coach, and competitor encouraged those around her to be uniquely what God is calling them to be. She encouraged those she worked with to embrace their gifts and use them to bring about God’s Kingdom. This candle gives off fragrance…this scent can be related to the impact of Alex’s life on those who knew her well and how she used the gifts God gave her to make a difference in people’s lives. As a fragrance sweetly fills a room enhancing the ambiance for all present, Alex beautifully enhanced the lives of all who knew her. The Pillar candle: A “pillar” represents strength, support, encouragement…Alex, as a student of counseling, strengthened in her faith, sought to be that pillar for others who may be struggling. Most important in this analogy, this candle carries light. Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 5, “You are the light of the world; let your light shine before others and glorify your heavenly father.” This light represents Alex’s faith in Christ. Alex had the ability to illuminate and animate the lives of those who knew her. As a counseling student, she sought to be light in a sometimes very dark world, and as Jesus said, she reflected the transformative light of God burning bright to those who were consumed in the darkness of the world. Alex, as the light, was not afraid to shine bright, especially in the face of adversity. Her light shone bright in the hearts of all who knew her and continually pointed to a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, integrity and service. Alex, through her short time on this earth, rested on various pillars; strongholds that guided her throughout life. These “pillars” shaped her into the devoted and committed young woman she was. As we carry out Alex’s legacy today, her memory and spirit is alive in each of us. Let us also be challenged, as Alex was, to rest on these key pillars.

“Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another, love as brothers, be tenderhearted, be courteous.” 1 Peter 3:8

50th Anniversary


50th Anniversary Recap The 50th anniversary of Walsh was a time of immense celebration and many events which involved the students, faculty, staff, and the community. The year opened with a welcome speech from President Jusseaume on the Farrell Hall steps; the same location Brother Farrell opened the first academic year of the University. Fall Family Weekend and the 50th Anniversary Gala both took place in October recognizing past events and people. An influential guest also visited Walsh in October, Immaculee Ilibagiza, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. She spoke about her experiences of the genocide as well as the faith which got her through all of her horrid experiences. And to close the year long celebration, a 50th Birthday Party was held on November 17th, Walsh’s “Birthday.” Students sang “Happy Birthday,” made cards, and enjoyed cake in the David Center. There were many memorable events that commemorated the 50th anniversary of Walsh and we now look forward to the moments that will commemorate the next 50 years.

“My favorite part about Walsh University is the close friendships that I've made and will carry with me forever.” -Mackenzie Smith

conversations. Without the beautiful people that make up the Walsh community, my college experience would not have been as grand as it is. Walsh is the perfect place for me!”

with such a friendly environment.” -Emily Rogers

4 Spirit

“Without question, my favorite part of Walsh University is the community! Everyday at Walsh, I feel the love of others from friendly smiles and meaningful

-Kathleen Amnah “My absolute favorite part of Walsh is the community like campus and the friendly faces. You probably couldn't find another university

I've come in contact with cares about me and what's going on in my life - I'm proud to say that I'm part of the Walsh family and this is my home!" -Raymond Davis “My favorite

“Walsh has become more than just my college. It is my home. I step on campus and I am surrounded by love and friendship. When I am not at Walsh I want to be.” -Olivia Gruber

5 Spirit

"My favorite part of Walsh University is how close I've gotten to other students and faulty alike in such a short amount of time. I truly feel that every one

part of Walsh University would have to be the people I have met so far, and the friendships I know I will have long after college is over!” -Katy Collins

Major Events


Year In Review 2010 How Much things cost in 2010 Average Cost of new house $232,880 Cost of a gallon of gas $2.73 US Postage Stamp 44 cents Dozen Eggs $1.37 Loaf of Bread $2.49 Economics, Politics, and Natural Disasters • January 12 - A magnitude 7 earthquake hits Haiti and devastates the country. Walsh raised funds to send to the Brothers of Christian Instruction who reside in Haiti • February 27 - Chilean earthquake & tsunami: 8.8-magnitude earthquake shook the Maule Region of Chile, triggering a tsunami. The death toll from the two natural disasters reached 800. • March 23 - Obama signs health care into law- one of the most sweeping pieces of social legislation ever passed by Congress. It ensured medical coverage for almost all Americans. • April 20 - BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico leaves gulf beaches / fishing and the shellfish industry reeling. • September 3 - Unemployment rate rises to 9.6% • September 16 - Poverty rates hit 15-year high • October 29 - U.S. economy grew at a Rate of 2% • November 4 - In Midterm Elections, Republicans win House, Democrats keep Senate • December 18 - Senate votes to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Technology • The death of the CD • Auto Tune rears its eerily perfect, robotic head • The death of afternoon soap operas • New wave video games: Not only have gaming systems like Wii and PlayStation Move forced you up and off your bottom, but now the XBox Kinect is getting you to drop that controller, too! • Android powered phones begin to outsell Apple in the smart phone market. • Apple releases the new iPhone 4 • January 27 Apple releases the iPad taking the new technology of touch screen computing to new levels. • Microsoft ( Bing ) and Yahoo ( Search ) combine search technology into a single unit attempting to break Google monopoly of search. • March 15 - Full body scanners installed- TSA began testing new body scanners at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The scanners show a full body X-ray through clothing. • March 20 - First full face transplant • March 30 - CERN collides protons- The world's largest atom smasher collided two protons at a speed three times faster than ever before. The experiment was designed to simulate the Big Bang Model, and help explain the origin of the building blocks of the universe. Some believed doing so would create a black hole and the earth would implode. Popular Culture • The 2010 FIFA World Cup takes place in South Africa; Spain wins the World Cup • Justin Bieber continues to dominate the charts around the world attracting millions of fans showing the power of social networking. • February 7 - New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl • February 12-28 The 2010 Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver, Canada • May 9 - Betty White hosts ‘SNL’ • June 17 - Lakers win the NBA Finals • June 24 - Longest ever tennis match ends- American John Isner defeated France’s Nicholas Mahut 70-68 in an 11 hour, and five minute tennis match, which spanned three days. The Wimbledon match was the longest match in history. • July 8 - LeBron James makes ‘The Decision’- LeBron James announced he would be leaving Cleveland and would join the Miami Heat. The announcement came as a shock to Cleveland fans, some of which took to the streets burning James jerseys. • November 1 - Giants Beat Rangers to Win World Series

Fall Family Weekend

Entertainer “Mad Chad” preparing to juggle three chainsaws.

Family Festival photos

Cupcake Decorating Contest

Major Events Toy Story 3 in Alumni Arena


Year In Review 2011

How Much things cost in 2011 Average Cost of new house $225,400 Cost of a gallon of gas $3.49 US Postage Stamp 44 cents Dozen Eggs $1.19 Loaf of Bread $2.28

Economics, Politics, and Natural Disasters • March 11 - A 9.1-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit the east of Japan, killing over 15,000 and leaving another 8,000 missing. In the aftermath three nuclear reactors exploded, and over 200,000 people were evacuated. • April 29 - The Royal Wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London was watched by an estimated two billion people. • May 1 - U.S. President Barack Obama announces that Osama bin Laden, the founder and leader of the militant group Al-Qaeda, has been killed during an American military operation in Pakistan. • May 22 - A massive tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, killing at least 132 people and carving a mile-wide path of destruction through the city. This was the deadliest tornado in the United States since 1950. Technology • January 26 - The number of Internet users worldwide reaches 2 billion. • February 17 - Scientists build the world’s first anti-laser, capable of absorbing an incoming laser beam entirely. • April 4 - A human heart is grown in a laboratory from stem cells • May 21 - Some theologians and scientists believed this day would be “The Rapture” Popular Culture • February 6 - Super Bowl XLV, The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31–25. • March 23 - One of Hollywood’s most legendary beauties, Elizabeth Taylor, dies at the age of 79 • May 30 - Jim Tressel, who guided Ohio State to its first national title in 34 years, resigned.

Walsh’sYear In Review 2010-2011

Tailgate at Fawcett Stadium

• June 2010 - Men’s Track - Joe Morgan earns second in the nation for long jump at the NAIA Outdoor Track and Field Championships • July 2010 - Walsh is accepted into the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) Division II membership process • September 2010 - After a campus visit, The National Catholic Register identifies Walsh University as “Ohio’s Hidden Catholic Gem,” citing Walsh strengths as the University’s serious commitment to Catholic identity and hiring for mission. • October 2010 - President Richard Jusseaume and a group of Walsh students appear live on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) national telecast of the Special Family Celebration Live Show -The Life and Legacy of Mother Angelica at the Canton Civic Center. • November 2010 - Walsh dedicates its first formal school as The DeVille School of Business in honor of Walsh 1965 alum Roger L. DeVille. • March 2011 - Walsh’s men’s basketball team captures their seventh AMC Championship Title and qualifies for the NAIA Tournament for the seventh straight year. The team advances to the Sweet 16 of the NAIA Tournament, where they were defeated by the host team, College of the Ozarks. • March 2011 - Walsh’s women’s basketball team won their first regular AMC Championship since 1989 and reached the Final Four in the NAIA Tournament. Walsh’s 30 wins are the most in school history. The team was ranked fourth in the final NAIA Top 25 Poll of the Season and was one of the four number one seeds at the National Tournament. • The Walsh nursing division announces two new professional degree programs -the Master of Science in Nursing and the Doctorate of Nursing Practice. • May 2011 - Walsh breaks ground for the new Birk Center for the Arts Building • June 2011 - The Walsh Chamber Singers perform for the Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City as a part of their first international tour to Rome, Italy.


Major Events WalshFest: Walsh-A-Rita-Ville

Spring Formal: Carnivalesque

Major Events Lil Sibs Weekend: Wizard of Walsh



The Brothers

Brother Power’s Last Speech This year’s Opening Day Mass will not be forgotten by many, as it was the last time that Walsh’s beloved Brother Power would give a public speech. At 87 years old Brother Joseph Power is the oldest Brother on campus, but is still very active. Born in Liverpool, England in 1925, he grew up a fan of futbol and The Beatles, but he was also very interested in the Brothers of Christian Instruction. He attended a boarding school and secondary school at institutions of the Brothers. His post secondary education took place at Oxford University where he not only broadened his intellect, but also was greatly influenced, educated, and befriended by two very famous individuals, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken. He was invited to Walsh by Brothers Patrick and Farrell in1965 and has been here ever since, with the exception of a few mission trips over the years. Brother Power’s message to students is, “To all students at Walsh, you chose a Catholic college, one that upholds the message of the Gospel: make the best of your opportunity intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Keep to the forefront, the interest of all the people that you meet in your academic and social lives and you will discover that by adding to their happiness you add to your own.” It is clear to see Walsh has retired one of its most loved and famous orators, but his words will forever be held closely to all he has influenced.

Faculty and Staff

Academic Support Center







Faculty and Staff

Campus Ministry and Outreach

Career Center

Student Service Center

Human Resources & Finance Office

Campus Police

Counseling Services

Global Learning

Information Systems

Health Services

Jewish-Catholic Institute

Faculty and Staff Library

Post Office


Residence Life

Sodexo Food Service


President’s Office


Student Affairs


Student Life Walsh Traditions

Ever wonder what Walsh was like once upon a time? For being only 50 years old, this campus holds some very interesting secrets and traditions. During the early days of Walsh, the Brothers surpassed lay people in numbers. Between the student and administrative Brothers, there were approximately 50 Brothers walking around in their black robes, performing their campus duties, and following their extremely strict schedules. The student Brothers were known for their intellect and angering many students for ruining the grading curve in many classes. However, outside the classroom they were everyone’s best friend. They really got to show off when it came time for the annual Walsh versus Malone Intramural Flag Football Game in which they were often key players. The game occurred once a year and became so intense an ambulance was present each year. In addition to the student Brothers, the lay students also did their share to contribute to campus culture. Walsh had many students from places other than Ohio, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Parents would literally drop their kids off without warning and most of the time it was tough for parents to get students to come home because of how much fun the students had. A freshman rite of passage was the annual tug-of-war competition in the “mud pit” next to Menard Hall, where Wilkof and Olivieri Towers now stand. Held during Opening Weekend, the tug-of-war pitted freshmen against seniors. The seniors always won because they tied the end of their rope to a tractor which was needed because the seniors were usually outnumbered due to the increasing size of the freshmen class. It also ensured that the freshman would be covered from head to toe in mud.

The Stumble Inn was the hot spot on campus. Presently the Stumble Inn exists as the Betzler Grille, but at one time it was a club where students would pay a two dollar membership fee to receive beer.

Beyond the Stumble Inn, campus was alive with many yearly events. Student Government usually held weekly dances with beer and music for the students to enjoy. Two big events sponsored by Student Government included Oktober Fest and the Ox Roast. These events were primarily for students but were also open to the North Canton community. Many Alumni have fond memories of these events, especially since the drinking age was 18 at the time. If you were a well driven student and you made it to Graduation, Senior Week was waiting. This week, after finals and before graduation, was a memorable event for many. Trips were taken. The pool was used. The Stumble Inn held nightly events. A Senior Gala was held the night before graduation. And then it was time to walk, enter into real life, and leave the experiences to memory. Walsh was a place where people not only received a post secondary education, but they had fun, made lifelong friendships, and learned about themselves. Though Walsh has changed immensely over the years, a few things still hold true. Students are guaranteed to have fun, make incredible friendships and memories, and learn about who they are and who they want to be.

Student Life American Marketing Association


B.A.M. (Art Club) Behavioral Science Club

Black Student Union

Business and Communication Club


Student Life

Dance Team

Education Club

Environmental Club

Student Life Intramurals Flag Football





18 Basketball


International Club

The Lamp

Student Life

Student Life Literary Society

Orientation Leaders

Pre Physical Therapy

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Science Club



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Walsh for Justice and Peace

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Brother Charlie Bowl-a-thon Annual Fish Fry


Student Life


Organizations Not Pictured Campus Ambassadors Campus Ministry Colleges Against Cancer College Entrepreneurs Organization Council for Exceptional Children Ex Nihilo (Theology Club) Golden Touch Habitat for Humanity Institute of Management Accountants Martial Arts Club Philosophy Club Pre Health Care Professionals Serving Our Servicemen and Women The Spectator Students for Life

Student Life Retreats Shape





Performing Arts Walsh Chamber Singers Tour Rome

In June 2011 the Walsh University Chamber Singers, a select group of traveling choral members, participated in their first international tour. This trip would not have been possible without the hard work of Choral Director, Dr. Britt Cooper; Director of Global Learning, Ryan Ozar; Rome Site Director, Danilo Mori; and President Richard Jusseaume. The Choir completed many fundraisers which included singing for various donors and a raffle drawing (the Grand Prize was two plane tickets to New York, two nights stay at a hotel off of Times Square, and two tickets to Tony Award Winning Musical, Memphis). Participating students were also required to take a class on the “Spirit and Culture of Collective Song.” The Chamber Singers stayed at the Walsh campus in Castel Gandolfo near Rome, Italy from June 9th to the 21st. The choir gave many performances which included three of the four major Basilicas in Rome: a Mass at St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, an impromptu performance at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, and they sang for Pope Benedict at a Papal Audience outside of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Other performances included Mass at St. Francis Basilica in Asissi, a concert at the Piazza Chiesa Nuova also in Asissi, a performance at the American Embassy in Rome, and a concert at the Chiesa of St. Tomassino of Villanova in Castel Gandolfo. The Walsh students also gave a few spontaneous performances in town squares, restaurants, and other churches. I think Dr. Cooper said it best in his blog when he stated “sometimes an unplanned performance (or two) can be more meaningful than the planned ones.” The true spirit of collective singing warms the hearts of those listening. The 32 students spent nearly two weeks giving performances and seeing the sites of Rome and Asissi, while witnessing the spirit and culture of collective singing. Sophomore, Felecia Majors says “The Romans [Italians] truly enjoyed listening to us. You could see it on their faces. They have a fine appreciation for art over there and it was amazing sharing that with them.”

Performing Arts Choir



Performing Arts

Birk Center for the Arts

Over the past few years, Walsh has enhanced the fine arts department with the addition of the Walsh Pride Band who has shown their dedication at every home basketball and football game playing the tune of Walsh spirit. The fine arts department also expanded the choral experience incorporating the Chamber Singers, a smaller traveling choir. Perhaps the biggest addition to the music department is the building of Walsh’s Center for the Arts. Opening in January of 2012, this facility will house the band, choir, and art classes. The center will feature a rehearsal hall, art studio and an atrium to showcase student work.


Performing Arts


Improv’ n’ Cheese

Improv Experts Alissa Brooks Taylor Landgraf Ursula Buzzacco Tara Shooks Ryan Carrier Melanie Stone David Eaton Michele Thomas Johnny Goodman Maureen Wood Betsy King


Performing Arts

The Pajama Game

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Sid Sorokin ... David Eaton Babe Williams ... Maureen Wood Mr. Hasler ... Nick DeSarro Gladys ... Cathy Rosza Hines ... Ryan Carrier Mabel ... Melanie Stone Pop ... Mike Reed Mae ... Michele Thomas Prez ... Kyle Dillon Brenda ... Paige Kreye Poopsie ... Megan Jeffery Virginia ... Tara Shooks

Mara ... Ursula Buzzacco Sara ... Allie Garisto Rita ... Ali Imbrogno Dancers for Gladys’s “Steam Heat” ... Michele Thomas & Alissa Brooks ENSEMBLE: Joe ... Johnny Goodman Charlie ... Taylor Landegraf First Helper ... Julie Gill Second Helper ... Alissa Brooks Saleswoman ... Leah Beatty Worker ... Krystal Lynch

Performing Arts


The RunnerStumbles

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Amos ... Johnny Goodman Father Rivard ... David Eaton Erna Prindle ...Maureen Wood Toby Felker ... Ryan Carrier Sister Rita ... Alissa Brooks Mrs. Shandig ... Melanie Stone Prosecutor ... Kyle Dillon Monsignor Nicholson ... Mike Reed Louise ... Michele Thomas


Global Learning

Rome Fall 1 2010

Rome Fall 11 2010

Dominican Republic December 2010

London December 2010

Going MAD in Europe December 2010

Global Learning


Rome Spring 2011

Rome Summer 2010

Uganda Summer 2010



Champions of Character Dustin Lancy Danielle Kehr Jason Stiel Steve Stack Jeremy Shardo Lamar Skeeter Robert Fay Samuel Deighan Matt Charek Jonathon Esber Lucas Immel Ashley Hoover Dayna Daltoria Darlene Woolf Megan Case Courtney Klemens Lauren Jokovich Julia Kole Emma Heck

Walsh vs. Malone

Baseball Cheerleading Football Lacrosse Men’s Basketball Men’s Basketball Men’s Cross Country Men’s Golf Men’s Soccer Men’s Tennis Men’s Track Softball Volleyball Women’s Basketball Women’s Cross Country Women’s Golf Women’s Soccer Women’s Tennis Women’s Track

The Road to the NCAA A note from VP of Athletics, Dale Howard

The move to NCAA, a process that should be completed by the Fall of 2013, provides many benefits to the university and to the student athlete. First, the branding of the university as an NCAA institution signals a new level of expectation and success for the athletic department and the university. Just a few short years ago, Walsh was not positioned to make this move as our facilities, staffing and scholarship funding all were insufficient. With the leadership of President Jusseaume and the Board of Directors, all of these areas have been addressed. Walsh has established 7 JV teams. Athletic facilities have seen unprecedented growth and improvements during the past ten years, including the construction of an artificial turf field, a competitive track, a lighted stadium, a tennis complex with 6 competition courts, the development of a volleyball arena and the construction of the new Alumni Arena; a facility that more than doubled the seating capacity for our men’s and women’s basketball games. The soccer field, softball field and baseball field have all seen enhancements as well and the university now boasts 3 outdoor practice and intramural fields.

33 Men’s Cross Country

Top Row: Kevin Perry, Brandon Wollenberg, Brian Walsh, Ryan Garrott, Chris Gillis, Dan Baumann, Bob Fay, Justin Eddy, Bryan Myers, Evan Heck, Adam Hrdlicka, Luke Immel Bottom Row: Nick Isla, Matt Roshak, Chris Wilson, Devin Gates, Chase Harshberger, Caleb Stevenhagen, Jordan Groubert, Adam Stilgenbauer, Andrew Miller, Dan Opeka, Nick Reed, Ryan Opeka, Travis LeVan, Mark Mayle

Women’s Cross Country

Top Row: Coach Al Campbell, Lissa Yoder, Michelle Green, Courtney Knox, Chelsea Megyes, Rachelle Miller, Rachel Reed, Kim Swartz, Cecelia Knox, Allie Simmons, Maggie Finnerty, Erin Clark Middle Row: Nicole Culler, Emily DePalmo, Kaley Charek, Clara Hawkins, Brittany Wile, Kelly Vigars, Lauren Cameron, Sarah Martter, Katie Laughlin Bottom Row: Missy Moziejko, Ashley Dempsey, Megan Case

34 Volleyball

Top Row: Mandy Taylor, Natalie Philips, Megan McCarthy, Paige Chandler, Brittany Morris, Jenna Golic, Amber Silver. Bottom Row: Dayna Daltorio, Hannah Duran, Lauren Rohlfs, Kristen Caccimelio, Marie Jubak, Krissy Sokol, Julianne O’Donnell, Kristen Rohlfs. Head coach: Erin Foster. Assistant coach: Kelli Brown.

Cheerleading Top Row: Meredith Lowry, Grace Gotschall, Gina Montini, Diana Lowry, Danielle Kehr, Ally Thomas, Sarah Sabol. Middle Row: Ali Natoli, Kiani Marstrell, Sarah Lemin, Karleigh Parks, Kacey Wyman, Emily Smith. Bottom Row: Jasmine Price, Gabrielle Crowl, Ashley Boyson, Bri Lorenzini, Stephanie Wilson, Lisa Price. Not pictured: Jamie Dietz.


1 Robert Wigfall 2 Brad Ziegler 3 Joe Morgan 4 A.J. Bunton 5 Alex Racius 6 Dominic Williams 7 Reggie Garner 8 Tyler Erb 9 DeWayne Richardson 10 Jack Dawson 11 Mike Welce 12 Brett Wycinski 13 Brandon Mingo 14 Tyler Pierce 15 Kade Wagner 16 Michael Jefferson 17 Matt Shelton 18 Jim Shiplett 19 Cody Welker 20 Clinton Blossomgame 21 Andrew Oracev 22 Ryan Christianse

23 Pat Kane 24 Kevin Beichler 25 Rashid Sharif 26 Mike Kohler 27 Toba Olarewaju 28 Devin Richardson 29 Steve Smith 30 Ryan Christmann 31 Kyle Vaclav 32 Chris Bivins 33 Alfred Roberts 34 Nathan Filut 35 Justin Gidcumb 36 Ethan Oliver 37 Adam Harris 38 Tyler Crowl 39 R.J. Jones 40 Judd Ellinger 41 Mat Schaefer 42 Donte Bryant 43 John Schweinfurth 44 Bo Beegle


45 Rodd Story 46 Bart Randolph 47 Marcus Baker 48 Corey Wortinger 49 Cory Farcas 50 Ryan Hardie 51 Victor Ledezma 52 Brandon Sayles 53 Cody Kilar 54 Dan Baco 55 Cameron Trudell 56 Jason Stiel 57 Mike Garcar 59 Jason Lee 60 Joey Walker 61 Anthony Skrabak 62 Lewis Dunn 63 Anthony Rodriguez 64 Matt Laubert 65 Brandon Thomas 66 Tymichael Powell 67 Nick Kohuth

Men’s Soccer Left to right, top row: George Moga, Jordan Semple, Andy Mansour, Matt Bly, Derrick Gullen, Todd Janiga, Jarod Weaver, Rick VanDorsten, Steve Alicandro, Marc Julian. Second row: Adam Greenwood, Nathaniel Milhoan, Colin Davis, Kyle Dummermuth, Broc Sutek, Ben Latimer, Chad Dickerhoof, Christopher Lynch. Third Row: Chad Flath, Jeremy Dietrich, Ethan Liskey, Matt Charek, Clint Merck, Tim Cavanaugh, Even Binkley, Ben Truax, Tony Rome, Pat Julian. Bottom row: Nick Inglezakis, Brandon House, Andrew Baloun, Mike Kelly, Nathan Rech, Matt Godfray, Ryan Tucker. Head coach: Tim Mead. Assistant coaches: Rick King, John Fisher, Heinz Pak.

68 Dan Robinson 69 Garrett Patterson 70 Andrew Bauer 71 Clay Cooper 72 Zach Durant 73 Michael Seibert 74 Derrick Showell 75 Ben Buzzelli 76 Ryan Enlow 77 Tim Goodman 78 William Patrick 79 Adam Ferback 80 Andrew Roy 81 Jeff Farrell 82 Brad Schrecengost 83 Alvin Howard 84 Nathan Elliott 85 Jerrod Combs 86 Jake Kruegel 87 Matt Fahey 88 David McLaughlin 89 Eddie Morrison

90 Aaron Forte 91 Justin Brown 92 Ryan Fehrenbach 93 Josh Patten 94 Chris Harvey 95 Tony Reed 96 Kirk Richardson 97 Jamaal McClain 98 Kyle Kelly 99 Eric Buchanan Also pictured: Noah Baldwin, Glen Harvey, Mike Simonetti, Zach Thomas, Robert Thompson, Thaddeus Tyson, Carlton Wilson, Adam Zahner.

36 Women’s Soccer Top Row: Brittany Kungle, Colleen Hernan, Jessica McMasters, Michelle Sloan, Rachel Naumann, Kelly Sklenar, Erin Naumann, Emma Engler. Second Row: Liz Broome, Holly Repas, Gina Pinzone, Mollie Vanover, Leanne Louive, Carley Adams, Chloe Zidian, Kristen Gillespie, Lauren Block. Bottom Row: Lauren Jokovich, Olivia Buttery, Alyssa Akers, Maggie Vinopal, Molly Martin, Maggie Petros, Rachel Rucker, Cassie Wright. Front Center: Megan McMaster, Jillian Zanney, Sara Boytim. Head coach: Sara Renard. Assistant coach: Dave Renard.

Men’s Basketball

Top Row: (52), Ron Kinney, Kenny Kornowski, Terrance Saintil, Chris Henderson, L.J. Sutton, Caleb Hicks. Bottom Row: Cameron Mitchell, Lamar Skeeter, Nikola Knezevic, Jeremy Shardo, Ryan Vanderhorst, Kevin Mitchell, Tim Congrove, Eric Schiele. Coaches: Jeff Young, John Hippley, Jon Boldon, Corey Jones, Kyle Triggs

37 Women’s Basketball

Top Row: Amanda Bennett, Katie Berry, Magie Berry, Tara Gallupe, Cara Bedard, Kristi Yoder, Katelyn Earnest, Mandi Swickard, Kayla Kovach, Jessie Miller. Bottom Row: Katherine Laubert, Darlene Woolf, Danielle Ciccarone, Tatiana Hall, Bianca Hooten, Alyssa Chovan, Ciera Burkes, Alli Kittell. Head coach: Laurel Wartluft. Assistant Coach: Kevin Longanecker. Graduate Assistant: Sara Pratt.

Baseball Top Row: Sam Fondriest, Kyle Dummermuth, David Roper, Kyle Rosen, Bryon Holland, John Stephenson, Steve Wido, Matt Shelton, Dustin Lancy. Second Row: Ronnie Harris, Jordan Tucker, Jeff Kotlar, Jared Roberts, Nate Stuntz, Travis Danner, Billy Gura, Casey Roch, Ian Drapcho. Third Row: Eric Shimko, Drew Link, Mike Muenster, Andy DePeel, Spencer Festi, Michael Lee, Marc Miller, Tyler Jones, Brian Dougherty. Last Row: Zach Speer, Jake Palidar, Tim Stinson, Roberto Morales, Kyler King, Trevor Smith, Justin Clements, Kevin Storch, R.J. Vukovich, Joe Piporo. Coaches: Tim Mead, Chris Cappozzi, Dale Herbert, Andy Steiner, Rob Rose, and Dan Oberhauser.

38 Softball Front Row: Maggie Yavorsky, Dana Brown, Megan Cain, Ashley Walker, Jenna Rosso, Alyssa Reed, Kendra Gerber, and Ashley Hoover. Second Row: Rachel Dedinsky, Crystal Pfleger, Ashley Virgin, Kelsey Ford, Erin Ebert, Erica Krieling, and Lindsay Bates. Third Row: Coach Sarah Rante, Kacie Donahue, Chelsy Testa, Chesly Kwiatkowski, Eryn Simon, Jeanine Brant, Sara Selinsky, Brooke Hedrick, Kayla Marcus, and Coach Jamie Porter.

Men’s Golf Top Row: Collin Mottice, Andy Fox, Carl Lemmon, Cody Cutwright, Dennis Finneran, Michael Mann. Bottom row: Doug Smith, Stephen Ely, Sean Myer, Kyle Barkhurst, Sam Deighan, Chuck Demchak. Head coach: Anthony Risaliti. Assistant coach: Brant Harbart.

39 Women’s Golf Top Row: Nicole Barr, Courtney Klemens, Ashley Winston, Mackenzie Smith, Kelsey Ozanich. Bottom Row: Kim Smith, Katy Collins, Katie Kohut, Nikki Kulasa. Head Coach: Kevin Longanecker. Assistant Coach: Christine Haver. Not Pictured: Abigail Kimar.

Lacrosse Top Row: Nick Sabatino, Jeff Balzano, Joe McCarthy, Paul Scheetz, Matt Milano, Ian Maurer, Jason Lockwood, Jonathan Duckworth Middle Row: Andy McCarthy, Adam Reolfi, Steven Stack, Maroun Estephan, Matthew Sikula, Josh Jacobs Bottom Row: Robert Mayo, John England, Mason Axline, Cody Stoll, Stephen Stanbro Not Pictured: Nicholas Colston Head Coach: Ron Meiser Asst. Coach: Paul Beers, Drew Spears, Vince Diana

40 Men’s Tennis Top Row: Joshua Gambow, Justin Kole, Chase Pucci, Pierre Le Grange, Jonathan Esber. Middle Row: Jose Chalan, Gary Innes, Jarred Gable, Louis Thomas. Bottom Row: Mark Innes, Diego Yung. Head coach: Sherry Bossart. Assistant coaches: Dirk Rowbotham, Rob Miller, C.J. Kugler .

Women’s Tennis Top Row: Laura Meiler, Jaclyn DiDomenico, Shellie Webster. Middle row: Nicole Duncan, Julia Kole, Allison St. George, Rebeka Beresh, Estelle Byelene. Bottom Row: Kayla Shaheen, Kara Papatheodorou, Barbara Lewis, Alison Rossi. Head Coach: Sherry Bossart. Assistant Coaches: Dirk Rowbotham, Rob Miller.

41 Men’s Track

Bottom Row: Coach Andrea DiNinno, Adam Stilgenbauer, Mark Mayle, Nick Isla, Brian Williams, DeVon Gates, Jordan Groubert, Dan Opeka, Coach Dan McCallion Second Row: Travis LeVan, Matt Roshak, Cody Horner, Dan Harsh, Caleb Stevenhagen, Brandon Wollenberg, Carlton Wilson, Ryan Garrott, Jeff Farrell Third Row: Glen Harvey, Ryan Opeka, Luke Immel, Andrew Miller, John Sweinfurth, Thad Tyson, Kevin Perry, Justin Eddy, Chris Wilson Back Row: Ryan Christianson, John Prokop, Colin Davis, Joakim Frisk, Evan Heck, Dan Bauman, Chris Weirtz, Phil Beidenbach, Joe Paulenich Not Pictured: Kevin Beichler, Luke Cade, Nate Collins, Tyler Cosma, Jack Dawson, Bob Fay, Chris Gillis, Josh Habeck, Chase Harshbarger, Adam Hrdlicka, Jordan Johnson, Phil Kress, Kyle McBride, Chris Noussias, Toba Olarawaju, Nick Reed, Brad Schrecengost, L.J. Sutton, Brian Walsh, Brad Ziegler.

Women’s Track

Bottom Row: Emily DePalmo, Melissa Moziejko, Megan Case, Nicole Culler, Kaley Charek, Lissa Yoder, Amanda White, Melissa Overmann, Ann Bendetta, Renee Genetin, Head Coach Al Campbell Second Row: Sara Stone, Jeni Eichler, Allison Swarney, Courtney Knox, Liz Emmanuel, Michelle Green, Kristen Havens, Sy’ron Lewis, Erin Clark, Sarah Morrison, Coach John Third Row: Whitney Hall, Sarah Knight, Kelly Vigars, Catie Shears, Carley Adams, Ruth Giles, Molly Martin, Kristine Sokol, Liz Broome, Sarah Martter, Coach Natalie Borland Fourth Row: Kayla Braun, Lauren Ignazio, Ashley Smith, Erika Globits, Holly Gospodinsky, Leah Beatty, Rachelle Miller, Emma Heck, Chelsea Megyes, Dayna Daltorio, Stephanie Foster

42 Thomas Abberton Heather Abner Alisha Abramson Carley Adams Suhair Adya Sylvester Aina Jonathan Albarano Megan Allen Monica Allison Adam Amato Kathleen Amnah Annalesa Anderson Benjamin Ankrum Alexis Arciello Alyssa Arciello Jessica Asmus Jennie Avsec Courtney Bainbridge Lori Ballas Andrew Baloun Brittany Balser Adam Balsinger Katherine Banaszak Kyle Barkhurst Margaret Barrett Lindsay Bates Cassidy Battles Christopher Beal Kati Beane Leah Beatty Cara Bedard Andrea Begue Kristen Bennett Jamison Beres Zachery Beres Rebeka Beresh Jeffrey Besong Lauren Birtcher Chelsea Blank Lauren Block Matthew Bly Samantha Bodnar Jacqueline Boehnlein Allison Bonvissuto Rachel Boron Sean Bowman Iva Boyd Kendra Boyd Sara Boytim Kyle Brannan Katie Breyer Francisco Briceno Aaron Brooker Amy Brown Dana Brown Katelyn Brown Katie-Elisabeth Brown Ryan Buck Michael Buckridge Samantha Buehrle Joshua Bullock Stephanie Bullock Kelly Burdick Gabriel Burgos Miranda Burley Rachel Burns

Awards and Honors Olivia Buttery Ursula Buzzacco Megan Cain Annamarie Calo Chloe Campisi Megan Capitena Matthew Carley Carla Carper Ryan Carrier Gina Carrino Paulette Carswell Raymond Casey Shana Catanese Brooke Catazaro Stephanie Cayanus Jody Chamberland Paige Chandler Matthew Charek Christine Chastain Nicholas Chernay Ashley Ciarrochi Ellen Cinadr Kristen Clapper Erin Clark Sheila Clark Melvin Claure Edward Clupper Jennifer Coffee Emma Coleman Katy Collins Michelle Colopy Benjamin Colston Dominic Colucy Anthony Congeni Timothy Congrove Aaron Cook Judy Cooper Christopher Costa Katherine Coyne Jessica Cramer Brittany Crawford Hannah Crews Amanda Crookston Emily Crookston David Crowell Amanda Crowl Nicole Culler Sean Cunningham Susan Cutshall Alison Dain Dayna Daltorio Angela Dancik Katie Dancy Jack Dawson Kylee Dawson Elizabeth Dayer Rachel Dedinsky Andrew DeLong Michael DeMatteis Adam DeMonte Melissa Dennis Lynne DePaulo Christina DiCioccio Marva Dickerson Danielle Didado Jamie Dietz

Deans List Fall and Spring

Dominique DiGuilio Ashley Dilbeck Maureen Diloreto Cora Dion Elaina Doering Maurice Donahoo George Donkers Terry Donnenwirth Kaitlyn Dougherty Jessica Doughty Valerie Downs Bridgette Drockton Catherine Duffey Nicole Duncan Scott Dunn Whitney Dunne Louis Duplain Kristi Dutko David Eaton Michael Ebel Erin Ebert Sarah Edwards Heather Ehret Aleena Eigel Abigail Eisenbrei Rita Eisenhauer Erin Elliott Stephen Ely Elizabeth Emanuel Laurie Engler Jonathan Esber Amanda Evans Sarah Evey Loren Fallert Jessica Farragher Sarah Feeney Melissa Feighner Christina Ferrero Sara Fetrow Janelle Fetty Elizabeth Filimon Kathryn Fimognari Sarah Finch Carly Finlen Dawn Fitz Brad Fletcher Julie Flint Melissa Folan Lara Foley Michaela Fondriest Matthew Ford Stephanie Foster Rhonda Frantz Alexandria Freese Steven Fregeau Joakim Frisk Jamie Fynes Ava Gabriele Matthew Gajda Steven Gambone Jenelle Ganchar Allison Garisto Ryan Garro Ryan Garrott Katie Genetin

Kendra Gerber Emily Giangiulio James Gliatta Erika Globits Aaron Goffus Abby Gooding Katelyn Gorbett Maggie Grant Elizabeth Grau Therese Greco Michelle Green Alivia Greene Kristie Griffith Anna Grismer Jamie Gromes Michael Gromofsky Jennifer Gross Jordan Groubert Jessica Grove Olivia Gruber Stewart Gruey Lisa Habuda Joshua Haller Chelsea Halter Christopher Hammond Jaclyn Hamrock Denisa Hannah Adam Harris Vandana Harrypersad Daniel Harsh Rachel Harter Daniel Hartley Vincent Hartzler Nicholas Harvey Brian Hawn Emma Heck Stacie Helm Colleen Hernan Jason Herold Trevor Herpy Spencer Hershey Victoria Hetrick Connie Hillyer Hillary Hipp Kelly Hirschfelt Rachael Hohenadel Traci Hohler Victoria Holbrook Andrea Hollinger Nina Holman Anthony Hornbeck Zachary Hostetler Meghan Houston Timothy Hromada Ashley Hunter Shelby Hutton Tyler Hysell Selahaddin Ibrahimy Lauren Ignazio Lucas Immel Megan Ingrassia Mark Innes Christopher Ippolito Jessica Isner Jessica Italiano Theresa Izzo

Evangelia Jackson Amy Jennison

Jaclyn Jewett

Stacie Johns Amanda Johnson Bryan Johnson Jason Johnson Mallory Johnson Lauren Jokovich Carli Jones Tyler Jones Krystine Jordan Alycia Kakos Melissa Kalan Eric Kampman Patrick Kane Mathew Kapas Danielle Kehr Katelyn Kemmerer Veronica Kennedy Joeleen Kight Cody Kilar Elaine Kilker Caitlyn King Chelsea Kinkade Nathan Klein Melanie Kline Nikola Knezevic Cecelia Knox Jillian Koesling Faye Kohler Katherine Kohut Julia Kole Jenna Kolivoski Courtney Kook Kayla Kovach Steven Kress Emily Kruger Emily Kuglics Abby Kula Nicole Kulasa Kassandra Kuzma Brenden Lalli Dustin Lancy Robert Landgraf Tina Largent Kami Lash MyQueesha Lately Kathleen Laughlin Zachary Laughlin Kristie Leahy Christine Ledford Ryan Leedy Rachel Leisure Katherine Lemmo Emilee Lemmon Catherine Lengler Annaleise Lessick Amber Levengood Barbara Lewis Andrew Link Ethan Liskey Kayla Little Alyssa Logozzo Courtney Long Matthew Long

Kayla Loughry Benjamin Louis Diana Lowry Meredith Lowry Michael Luthy Felecia Majors Karl Majors Jordan Manley Jacob Mannarino Kelley Manning Lauren Mansour Celeste Marchand Michelle Margroff McKenzie Marino Megan Marino Vena Marshall Marella Martin Molly Martin Sarah Martter Nicole Mascha DeJan Maslenjak Karen Mason Marco Massoli Dominick Mastracco Evan Matthews Kristen Maurer Logan May Taylor May Erin McBride Anthony McCallister Patrick McCarthy Scott McCreery Sarah McCrory Courtney McGinnis Brendan McKee Matthew McLain Jessica McMasters Marla McNutt Megan McQuillen Chelsea Megyes Laura Meiler Sally Mellinger Ivy Meloy Deanne Mengor Clinton Merck Katelyn Michalak Kristen Miday Alexander Miehls Christin aMiller Jordan Miller Rachelle Miller Sarah Miller Patrick Mitchell Jonathan Moffie Claudette Monea Joseph Moore Rod Moore Sabrina Moritz Ashley Morris Brittany Morris Megan Morrison Collin Mottice Shandrika Myers Kristin Nau Erin Naumann Rachel Naumann

Aimee Neff Loren Neubert Madeline Newell Shanna Newell Kelly Nicholas Craig Nida Heather Niebauer Julianne ODonnell Melissa Ogg Emily Ohliger Emily Ohman Theresa Oliverio Jeffrey Ondracek Kelsey Ozanich Giovanni Ozbolt Cassandra Page Aaron Palmer Christine Pamer Christie Paolino Kara Papatheodorou Rebecca Paridon Tonya Parker Devon Parks Kyle Parks Elizabeth Patchan Garrett Patterson Katelyn Paul Nicole Pawlowski Robert Pecl Jeremy Penn Rayanne Perez Rhonda Perritt Emily Perry Alyssa Petersen Cameron Petrosewitz Amy Phillips Bradley Phillips Joseph Phillips Kelley Phillips Natalie Phillips Shannon Phillips Morgan Piacquadio Tyler Pierce Gina Pinzone Amy Pisanelli Tyler Pizzute Sarah Polomsky Eric Pound Jamie Prezioso Lisa Price Janie Prince Hannah Prochaska Alexandra Quitugua Luboner Racius Marcia Radosevic Alexis Rafoth Kelsey Rathbun Nathan Rech Sara Reece Margaret Regotti Emily Reser Benjamin Reynolds Samanth aRhoads Brian Richards Elizabeth Richards Kirk Richardson

Awards and Honors Jessica Richmond Robert Riese Veronica Ringel Giovonna Rion Erica Ritchey Jared Roberts Sarah Robinson Michelle Rocca Sarah Rogers Allison Rohlf Lauren Rohlfs Elizabeth Rolle Nicholas Romanoff Joey Romar David Roper Barbara Rosario Garcia Eugen Rosca Lauren Roska Alison Rossi Jenna Rosso Andrew Roy Catherine Rozsa Gina Russo Melissa Russo David Saba Donald Sabine Megan Sakas Tony Salvino Nicholas Samples Jule Sarachman Kristie Satterfield Vincent Scaia James Scanlon Thomas Scanlon Margaret Schaad Kylie Schaer Malori Schillig Julianne Schrock Steve Schroeder Sarah Schwitzgable Rachael Sciplin Leah Seaman Gabrielle Sebben Erin Seeley Michele Seese Michael Seibert Gretta Seif Sara Selinsky Kevin Sellers Tiffany Sexton Mark Shadi Kayla Shaheen Jeremy Shardo Erika Sherman Taylor Sherrod Jessica Shoemaker Willis Shultz Pheobe Siegfried Kristie Sigler Amber Silver Emily Simon Eryn Simon Theresa Simoncic Sheree Simrak Chelsee Singer

Lamar Skeeter Kelly Sklenar Alexandra Slates Kristen Slaughter Alyson Sliman Lukas Slipski Steven Slopek Tiffany Slutz Amanda Smith Ashley Smith Caroline Smith Cassandra Smith Emily Smith MacKenzie Smith Anne Snyder Brandon Speck Matthew Spillman Jennifer Stamp Tammy States Erica Stauffenger Sarah Stawicki Shannon Steele Stephanie Steiner Adam Stilgenbauer Andrea Stitzlein Cody Stocker Melanie Stone Sara Stone Heather Studer Lisa Sturgill Stephanie Sussman Allison Swarny Amanda Swickard Megan Taggart Haley Tavallali Michele Thomas Michael Timmons Aaron Tovissi Ryan Tozzi Stephani Trescott Benjamin Truax Christina Tylka Michael Uber Monica Ursick LauraVan Metre Mollie Vanover Amber Vigneault Ross Vukovich Jennifer Wade Amanda Waers Jenna Wagner Kathleen Wagner Bethany Walker Michelle Walker Courtney Walter Matthew Warden Katie Warner Erin Waters Jarod Weaver Jordan Weaver Steven Weigand Christopher Weirtz Melissa Welker Douglas Weyrick Lacey Wheeler Katherine White-

hurst Ryan Whiteleather Stephen Wido Ashley Wilcox Kassandra Wilhelm Sara Wilkes Allison Williams April Williamson Ann Wilson Stephenie Wilson Lorin Wimberley Ashley Winston Danielle Wise Tina Wise Danielle Wisniewski Elizabeth Wladyka Kali Woodside Kelly Woolsey Brett Wycinski Maggie Yavorsky Kristi Yoder Kaely Yost Ashley Yuhas Diego Yung Dustine Zack Rebecca Zadd Mia Zamana Anthony Zampieri Megan Zampino Jenna Zavasky Chloe Zidian Rose Ziemba Amy Zink


2011 Gold Service Award Recipients Allyson Baroni Margaret Barrett Katie-Elisabeth Brown Rita Eisenhauer Olivia Gruber Selahaddin Ibrahimy Faye Kohler Jordan Miller

Lisa Powalski Sarah Reed Emily Rogers Kimberly Smith Erica Stauffenger Jason West Darlene Woolf

2011 Silver Service Award Recipients Kathleen Amnah Kyle Barkhurst Jacqueline Boehnlein Diana Burnham Ryan Carrier Megan Case Alyssa Cereceres Carey Cothren Nicole Duncan Julie Flint Monica Greczanik Emma Heck Rachael Hohenadel

Ashley Hoover Katie Jansen Molly Karg Alexandra Knight Marc Malleske Morgan Piacquadio Michael Reynolds Allison Rohlf Joey Romar Sara Skoczen Amanda Smith Alicia Vasto Nicole Vaughn

Student Organization Award Recipients Anna Wilson Joey Romar Shondor Thomas Julia Kole Marella Martin Jennifer Sielski Michael Thompson Allyson Baroni Ashley Dilbeck Theresa Izzo Kyle Whiddon DarleneWoolf Danya Daltorio Rita Eisenhauer Shondor Thomas Shaun Vineyard Kyle Hennis Sean Cunningham Julie Flint Lisa Powalski Selahaddin Ibrahimy Robert Pecl Brittany Clifford

American Marketing Association B.A.M. The University Art Club Black Student Union Business and Communication Club Campus Ministry Club Colleges Against Cancer Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization Habitat for Humanity Kappa Delta Pi Martial Arts Club Martial Arts Club Pre-PT Club Student Affairs Student Affairs Student Affairs Student Wellness Organization The Institute of Management Accountants The Spectator University Programming Board University Programming Board Walsh University Student Government Walsh University Student Government WUSNA

Awards and Honors


Outstanding Student of the Year - Shana Catanese Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology)

Michelle Beachy Erin Elliott Dee Hannah Jill Herstine Kylie Schaer Alexandra Slates

Alpha Mu Chi Sigma Iota Christine Alam Katherine Barrows Elisa Brown Japiya Burns Linda Clark Zachary Cottrell


Corey Fling Shannon Richardson Katharine Green Christopher Stiel Stacy Ionno Godffrey Torac Mary Jackson Mellissa Walinski James Miller

Kappa Delta Pi Suhair Adya Courtney Bainbridge Jenna Baker Toni Bossart-Zofchak Matthew Carley Shana Catanese Jessica Cramer Elizabeth Filimon Katie Genetin


Meghan Houston Cheryl Pribula Travis Hutchinson Diane Smith Jason Stanley Mathew Kapas Michael Timmons Monica Kopas Matthew McKee Rebecca Zadd Andrea McSherry Kellie O’Brien Theresa Oliverio Kara Papatheodorou

Tower Award Recipient - Sarah Reed

Phi Alpha Theta (History)

Monica Allison Matthew Carley Anthony Congeni Amanda Crookston Jason Johnson Faye Kohler Matthew Long

Benjamin Louis Marco Massoli Megan McQuillen Jonathan Moffie Sarah Reed Nicholas Samples Michael Timmons

Pi Sigma Alpha

(Government and Foreign Afairs) Ryan Carrier Hannah Crews Selahaddin Ibrahimy Alex Miehls Rod Moore

Sarah Reed David Roper Kristen Slaughter Adam Stilgenbauer Michael Timmons.

“Receiving the TOWER Award was such an incredible honor and I was truly touched by it. It was thanks to the people I met and worked with that pushed me to grow both personally and spiritually that made me into the person I am today. My time at Walsh University has blessed and changed my life in so many ways and I will be forever grateful.” -Sarah Reed

Awards and Honors T.O.W.E.R Award Nominees All nominees demonstrated the following characteristics: Talented leadership; Outstanding campus and public service; Walsh commitment; Ethical, personal and spiritual integrity; Responsible extra-curricular distinction. * Katie Elisabeth Brown Alexandra Knight Ryan Carrier Faye Kohler Shana Catanese * Julia Kole Carey Cothren Jordan Miller * Monica Grezanik * Lisa Powalski Evan Heck * Sarah Reed Emma Heck Amanda Smith Ashley Hoover Anna Wilson Selahaddin Ibrahimy Darlene Woolf * Denotes Finalists

Mentor of the Year Terrance Portis



Erin Elliott Melissa Folan Kyle Garrison Kendra Gerber Dee Hannah


Brooke Hedrick Kelsey Ozanich Andrea Hollinger Michelle Rocca Matthew Kelley Erin Waters Jordan Manley Julianne O'Donnell

Sigma Beta Delta Nicole A. Boatright Katy M. Collins Christine M. Court George A. Donkers Jennifer L. Dyer Eric R. Ellis Elizabeth R. Emanuel Laurie J. Engler Abby L. Gooding Anna M. Grismer


Daniel R. Harsh Frank E. Kaczynski Eric J. Kampman Timothy J. Kastellic Allyson L. Kelly Elaine R. Kilker Caitlyn M. King LeeAnn Klein Kristopher J. Koskovich

Karl G. Majors Amy M. Phillips Deanne Mengor Donald M. Sabine Collin R. Mottice James T. Scanlon Deanne Mengor Lisa A. Sturgill Collin R. Mottice Denise C. Tucker Shandrika J. Myers Michelle F. Walker Samantha M. Naug Sharon K. Weber Martin M. O’Brien Kelly L. Woosley Kieonna T. Peake Amy E. Zink

Sigma Tau Delta Alissa Brooks Maria Conti Sheila Clark Amanda Crookston Angela Dancik


Rachel Gift Jennifer Gross Olivia Gruber Chelsea Halter Lauren Ignazio

Loren Neubert Mary Sullivan Bradley Phillips Jessica Tuma Thomas Scanlon Steve Weigand Tiffany Sexton Kelly Spencer

Sigma Theta Tau Janet Allen Connie Baker Kendra Boyd Linda Bryant Megan Case Christine Chastain Sharmel Culver Megan DeArdo Amy Denham


Marva Dickerson Brett Dinger Adam Farage Carly Finlen Renee Fung Lacey Glover Tina Harris Elizabeth Hines

Megan Kelly Rachel Klaiber Brittany Kobasic Linda Lenz Janet Lofgren Kelly Mason Jordan Merry Ashley Morris

Mara Mysliwiec Tracey Nauer Agatha Ng’ang’a Kayla Ocel Whitney Ord Joan Pugnale Michelle Ries Patricia Roberts

Jessica Russo Danielle Sams Cathy Saxon Colleen Sondles Leya Spence Sue Wallace Debra Wolfe Kali Woodside

Sigma Zeta

Educator of the Year Dr. Leslie Whetstine

Sylvester Aina Andrew Allensworth Amanda Almonte Jennie Avsec Brittany Balser Zachery Beres Rebeka Beresh Dana Brown Paul Buzzelli-Andes Annamarie Calo Matthew Charek Cameron Collum Ryan Conant Anthony Congeni Alison Dain Jack A Dawson Bridgette Drockton Monika Duda David Eaton Rita Eisenhauer Stephen Ely Loren Fallert

(Math and Sciences)

Robert Fay Stephanie Foster Aaron Goffus Therese Greco Kristie Griffith Michael Gromofsky Stewart Gruey Dominique Guyton Jamianne Hafer Jaclyn Hamrock Emma Heck Victoria Holbrook Theresa Izzo Tyler Jones Patrick Kane Veronica Kennedy Alexandra Knight Abby Kula Felecia Majors Michael Mann Lauren Mansour Dominick Mastracco

Brittney Matuschek Erin McBride Sara McCray Marla McNutt Natalie Metzger Katelyn Michalak Rachelle Miller Patrick Mitchell Heather Moor Ashton Mullett Christine Pamer Shannon Phillips Kelley Phillips Tyler Pizzute Jamie Prezioso John Prokop Nathan Rech Rachel Reed Nicolas Reed Sarah Robinson Michelle Rocca Joey Romar

Vincent Scaia Malori Schillig Rachael Sciplin Gretta Seif Kevin Sellers Jennifer Sielski Alyson Sliman Steven Slopek Tiffany Smith Sarah Stawicki Jason Stanley Jason Stiel Amanda Swickard Colleen Traxler Daniel Triner Marissa Ursick Kayla Vacha Justin VanBeusecum Jordan Weaver Kristi Yoder Ashley Yuhas

46 Graduating Students Winter Graduates

Joshua Aikens

Jonathan Albarano Bethany Beadmill David Bertman

Shelly Bevington Cum Laude

Kyle Brannon

Regina Burgan

Anita Burton

Carla Carper

Erin Castellucci

Stephanie Cayanus

Katie Dancy

Tina Davidson

Debra Davis

Ashley Dilbeck

Audra Dunlap

Serita Eiland

Erin Elliot

Jason Farris

Kevin Fasig

Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Graduating Students 47

Aaron Forte

John Galish

Jenelle Ganchar

Cum Laude

Jenna Gaston

Louis Giuliani

Carla Grimaldi

Jennifer Gross Magna Cum Laude

Vandana Harrypersad Katherine Heakin Cum Laude

Megan Gardner

Elizabeth Goodwin Christina Graf

Michael Guliano Courtney Halter

Traci Hohler Magna Cum Laude

Donna Gasper

Megan Griffith

Kyle Harrison

Jonathan Hritz Timothy Hromada Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

48 Graduating Students

Ashley Hunter Cum Laude

Tyler Hysell

Nicole Irwin

Abby Jones

Ashley Jones

Magna Cum Laude

Katherine Juhasz

Alycia Kakos

Matthew Kapas

Allyson Kelley

Chad Kelly

Debra Kinsey

Joseph Lacey, Jr.

Brenden Lalli

Tina Largent

Christine Leford

Cum Laude

Corey Leggett

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Katherine Lemmo

Linda Lenz Magna Cum Laude

Patrick Lindeman

Summa Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Alyssa Logozzo Cum Laude

Graduating Students 49

Kelly Luckie

Jacob Mannarino Michelle Margroff Jacqueline Marinelli Cum Laude

Heather McDonald Brian McGaghan Magna Cum Laude

Sarah Miller

Cassandra Page Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Heather Muckley

Katelyn Paul Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Matthew McKee Crystal McLendon Cum Laude

Craig Nida

Magna Cum Laude

Diann Peake

Steven Marsh

Beau Menegay

Jennifer Noble-Phillips Alison O’Neil Cum Laude

Frederick Pisani

Aditya Prahalad

50 Graduating Students

Alva Pugh

Joan Pugnale

Lyudmyla Rockaway

Erin Rogers

Ryan Shafer

Heather Thompson

Summa Cum Laude

Luboner Racius

Laura Rohr

Tieryn Trissel

Brenda Rickenbacker

Christina Savu Lana-Ann Schroeder Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Mary Shockling Theresa Simoncic

Patrick Torma

Beth Radalia

Cassandra Smith

Megan Taggart

Tricia Trissel

Michael Uber

Graduating Students 51

Jennifer Wade

Jenna Wagner

Michael Welce

Debra Wolfe

Derrick Wyman

Megan Zampino

Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Lacey Wheeler

Brandy Williams Magna Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Winter Graduates Not Pictured: Thomas Abberton (Magna Cum Laude ) Jennifer Barnett Katie Barrett Jennifer Bartholomew Linda Boni Raymond Borell II Rachel Bowen Daniel Brown (Magna Cum Laude) Daniel Cain Nalubwama Catherine Twegyesibwe Clare Ashley Conley Molly Conricote Laura DiNicola Abby Dobina (Cum Laude) David Dodge Jeffrey Drlik Rosemary DuMont Kristi Dutko (Magna Cum Laude)

Tracy Freeman Aja Joan Dragana Knaack (Summa Cum Laude) Curtis Kugler (Magna Cum Laude) Tara LaCroix Robert Lebo Joseph Libster Matthew Long Justin Madison Molly Manley Deborah McCullough Brendan McKee Erin Meek (Magna Cum Laude) Richard Meeker Ronald Milligan Kellie O'Brien Sarah Polomsky Jamie Pryor Sandra Reed

Lindsey Reindl Natalie Ricciardi Nicholas Romanoff Jeannie Saenger Ryan Shafer Robyn Sims Justin Snipes Crystal Snyder Alyssa Soto Brandon Speck (Magna Cum Laude) Ndhala Sylivia Wendy Thomas (Cum Laude) Leah Wagner (Magna Cum Laude) Janet Weeks Steven Weigand (Summa Cum Laude) Michael Welce Tina Wise Steven Workman Shane Zerbe

52 Graduating Students

Graduating Students 53 Spring Graduates

Amber Acierno

Suhair Adya

Sylvester Aina

Kelsey Albert

Cum Laude

Janet Allen

Cum Laude

Amanda Almonte

Maggie Antill

Jessica Baker

Summa Cum Laude

Bethany Baker

Connie Baker Cum Laude

Amy Barr

Timothy Bartholomew Cassidy Battles

Summa Cum Laude

Kathryn Bello

Stephen Alicandro

Jamison Beres

Magna Cum Laude

Angel Betz

Cara Bedard Magna Cum Laude

Kerilyn Bistak Clinton Blossomgame III

54 Graduating Students

Alexander Botsch

Kristen Bowen

Kendra Boyd

Jaclyn Brewer Katie-Elisabeth Brown Cum Laude

Elizabeth Brown

Linda Bryant

Eric Buchanan

Summa Cum Laude

Kelly Burdick

Ryan Buck

Joshua Bullock

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Miranda Burley Paul Buzzelli-Andes Kaleig Carlson

Ryan Carrier Magna Cum Laude

Caitlin Carrino

Megan Case

Raymond Casey

Shana Catanese Summa Cum Laude

Emily Catazaro

Graduating Students 55

Walter Cerrato III Matthew Charek Christine Chastain

Emma Coleman

Katherine Coyne

Brittany Clifford

Carey Cothren

Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Ryan Conant

Anthony Congeni

Aaron Cook

Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Brittany Crawford

Hannah Crews

Jessica Cramer

Cum Laude

David Crowell

Zachary Clark

Allison Crofford

Cum Laude

Sharmel Culver Sarah Cunningham Sean Cunningham Megan DeArdo Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

56 Graduating Students

Adam DeMonte

Ashley Demsey

Amy Denham

Joseph Detore

Cum Laude

Jamie Dietz

Cum Laude

Brett Dinger

Cum Laude

Nicole Duncan

Scott Dunn

Terry Donnenwirth Denise Douglas Magna Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Jennifer Dyer

Michael Dyer

Magna Cum Laude

Danielle Elias

Marva Dickerson

Laura Fairfax

Monika Duda

Heather Ehret Cum Laude

Adam Farage

Grace Faulds Summa Cum Laude

Robert Fay

Graduating Students 57

Melissa Feighner

Carly Finlen

Joseph Fiorello

Amanda Fisher Bridget Fitzgibbons

Magna Cum Laude

Anthony Fleming Alexandria Freese

Tracy Fuller

Jamie Fynes

Matthew Gajda

Summa Cum Laude

Bryan Gardner

Victoria Gaumer

Cum Laude

Holly Gospodinsky Monica Greczanik Cum Laude

James Gemind

Andrew Golias

Cum Laude

Katelyn Gorbett Cum Laude

Jessica Grove Christopher Hammond Kasey Handrich Summa Cum Laude

58 Graduating Students

Casey Haney

Tina Harris

Sylvia Harrison

Evan Heck

Cum Laude

Kyle Hennis

Corey Herpy

Emma Heck Cum Laude

Spencer Hershey Jr.

Jill Herstine

Katherine Hillyer

Summa Cum Laude

Haley Hitchcock

Ashley Hoover

Cum Laude

Jennifer Huet

Lindsay Hostetler Meghan Houston

Amy Hovinga

Magna Cum Laude

Lucas Immel Magna Cum Laude

Gary Innes

Jason Johnson

Michael Jones Summa Cum Laude

Graduating Students 59

Carli Jones

Megan Kelly

Keisuke Kajiwara

Julie Kaufholz

Duane Kays

Danielle Kehr

Christine Kertis Stephanie Kiourtsis Dragana Knaack Alexandra Knight Summa Cum Laude

Brittany Kobasic

Matthew Kocsis

Eleanore Koesel

Faye Kohler

Kevin Kohlman Jr.

Magna Cum Laude

Julia Kole Magna Cum Laude

Jenna Kolivoski

Courtney Kook

Kayla Kovach

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Meredith Kreye

60 Graduating Students

Curtis Kugler

Emily Kuglics

Jennifer Laurello

Catherine Lewis-Beaverly Jeffrey Liptak

Kristie Leahy

Pierre LeGrange

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Matthew Long

Rebecca Lontor

Meredith Lowry Cum Laude

Jennifer Macuga

Michaela Maley

Magna Cum Laude

Lauren Mansour Cum Laude

Dominick Mastracco

Logan May

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Nicole Mascha

Dejan Maslenjak Cum Laude

Erin McBride Anthony McCallister Megan McDonald Cum Laude

Graduating Students 61

Megan McQuillen Andrea McSherry Summa Cum Laude

Natalie Metzger

Gregory Mikut

Laura Meiler

Sally Mellinger

Sarah Meredith

Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Kurtis Miller

Jordan Miller

Marc Miller

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Jonathan Moffie Claudette Monea Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Mara Mysliwiec

Tracey Nauer

Ashley Morris

Rachel Morrison

Melissa Moziejko

Magna Cum Laude

Rachel Naumann Monique Newkirk

Agatha Nganga

62 Graduating Students

Deborah Ondercin Robert Ondracek

Adriana Ovando

Allison Owens

Aaron Palmer

Philip Piazza

Tyler Pierce

Michelle Pinkerton

Cum Laude

Jennifer Passewitz

Rayanne Perez

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Sarah Polomsky

Lisa Powalski

William Poyser III

John Prokop

Jamie Pryor

Cum Laude

Rosemarie Quitugua Kristin Ravine

Sarah Reed Christopher Reinhardt Nicholas Reynolds

Graduating Students 63

Natalie Ricciardi DeWayne Richardson Alyssa Ricker

Jared Roberts

Patricia Roberts Cum Laude

Michelle Rocca Cum Laude

Gina Russo

Allison Rohlf

Jessica Russo

Summa Cum Laude

Thomas Scanlon Summa Cum Laude

Nicholas Romanoff

Robert Rose

Melissa Russo

Danielle Sams

Kelsey Savage

Catherine Saxon

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Kylie Schaer Bradley Schrecengost Steven Schroeder Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Abigail Schuster

64 Graduating Students

Leah Seaman

Kevin Sears

Kristen Selby

Tiffany Sexton

Whitney Sexton

Magna Cum Laude

James Seymour

Jeremy Shardo

Rashid Sharif

Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Jessica Shoemaker

Kristie Sigler

Sheree Simrak

Summa Cum Laude

Cum Laude

Amanda Smith

Justin Snipes

Diane Smith Summa Cum Laude

Lindsay Sharnsky

Eric Shimko

Cum Laude

Robyn Sims

Lamar Skeeter

Colleen Sondles

Brandon Speck

Cum Laude

Graduating Students 65

Kelly Spencer

Bradley Stanton

Sarah Stawicki

Kayla Stewart

Jason Stiel

Heather Studer

Michael Suliks,Jr.

Cum Laude

Melissa Stitt

Sara Stone

Melanie Stone Magna Cum Laude

Stephanie Sussman Michele Thomas Michael Thompson Jr. Jenna Tonkewicz

Ryan Tozzi

Stephani Trescott

Daniel Triner

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Jessica Tuma

Aaron Tovissi

Kayla Vacha

66 Graduating Students

Laura Van Metre Justin VanBeusecum Amber Vigneault Magna Cum Laude

Matthew Warden

Erika Weeks

Sue Wallace

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Stephen Weirich Christopher Weirtz

Cum Laude

Jason West

Amanda Waers

Edward Wells

Cum Laude

Brittney White

Ryan Whiteleather

Ashley Wilcox

Brian Williams Jr.

Cum Laude

Sara Williamson

Anna Wilson Magna Cum Laude

Emily Witmer

Daniel Wojtasik

Maureen Wood

Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Graduating Students 67

Carrie Woodring

Kali Woodside

Darlene Woolf

Luke Yetzer

Kaitlin Yoder

Jessica Zagari

Mia Zamana

Anthony Zampieri

Cum Laude

Ashley Yuhas

Rebecca Zadd Magna Cum Laude

Magna Cum Laude

Spring Graduates Not Pictured: Nicholas Brannan Charlene Briggs (Cum Laude) Kristine Brown Michael Buckridge (Cum Laude) Ashley Ciarrochi Kevin Colbert Ryan Conant Jason Czerwien Kimberly Diamond-Catazaro Cora Dion Michael Dougherty Phillip Elsey Lacey Glover Stormy Goodbar Jamie Gromes Tamara Guseman

Tatianna Hall Catherine Hanolt Kristin Havens Victoria Hetrick Selahaddin Ibrahimy (Summa Cum Laude) Bryan Johnson (Magna Cum Laude) Emilia Kandl (Magna Cum Laude) Catherine Lewis-Beaverly Dustin Lancy Paul Locke Tammy Long Jamie Meola Micah Miller Kayla Ocel Eric Peavy Peter Pohl

Cheryl Pribula Jesse Rastetter Sara Reece (Cum Laude) Thomas Richardson Jared Roberts Anna Scheiderer (Cum Laude) Laura Schmidt Alexandra Slates (Magna Cum Laude) Shannon Smith Michael Steele Samuel Strine Dana Tirabassi Rachel Wackerly (Cum Laude)

Letters from the Editors To all readers: When “The Lamp” editors initially sat down to decide a theme for this yearbook, it was not a simple task. Color schemes, font displays, and whimsical themes were tossed around, but we all looked at each other knowing that we had not quite hit the nail on the head. For some serendipitous reason, my mind reverted back to my freshmen year of high school, causing me to think of a phrase that I read in a book once, “Stay Gold.” As you may recognize, this phrase comes from the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Even though it just so happens that gold is one of our school’s colors, the reason for choosing this theme has much more depth than a color wheel can create. The phrase “Stay Gold,” is a reply to Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Frost explains that innocence and youth shift to responsiblilities in time, “So dawn goes down today. /Nothing gold can stay.” S.E. Hinton was a mere sixteen years old when she wrote The Outsiders. The book has surpassed best-selling status and is read among people everywhere. It is quite the achievement. She knew that when you set your mind to something that the impossible becomes a reality. Well dear readers, I challenge you to look through this yearbook and not find something that you are proud of, something that may have once seemed unattainable. Walsh has left each student with a sense of vitality and perserverance. Hold on to this gift. We have created this piece of memorabilia, documenting a tremendous year full of accomplishments, to remind and challenge us all to Stay Gold. Sincerely,

Marc Malleske

, Managing Editor

We have been celebrating fifty years of Walsh, the tradition and excellence set forth by seven Brothers of Christian Instruction and forty-seven young men. And in this time of celebration, we have had the chance to look back on what has been accomplished by what started as a small liberal arts college, that most of us now call home. We have followed in their footsteps, taking much initiative reviving and creating new traditions. The Lamp has been brought back this year to commemorate our part in this incredible history. The name of our yearbook comes from the Roman lamp at the crown of the University’s seal that is ingrained with a red Chi-Rho symbol. As a result of our time here at Walsh we have been imprinted ourselves, by the love and commitment we see each day to spread and become the “light of the world.” As we enter Walsh’s fifty-first year,The Lamp staff has worked hard to include all of the intricate pieces that make what we know and love as Walsh. So take The Lamp, wherever you may go. Look at it to remember your past and what has lit the way to your future. As it was best said in the first issue of The Lamp, “The darkness is ignorance and sin. The light is education. The light of education permeates Walsh.” Thus, The Lamp. It’s yours.

Olivia Gruber Editor-in-Chief ,

The Lamp: Stay Gold  

The 2010-2011 Issue of The Lamp, the Walsh University yearbook.

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