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REVIEWS:ALBUMS Ambeson “When Colours Flow” Independent 4/5 Here at The Kaje we receive a lot of promotional material, and every now and again something completely surprises us – “When Colours Flow” is definitely one of those cases. Unsigned Ambeson a.k.a Rich Keyworth has put together an album which makes you question exactly why he isn’t signed up to a label somewhere in the UK.

‘A Window To Look Through’ opens the album in a haze of gentle futurism which sets out Ambeson’s experimental stall. For near-on 90 seconds very simple melody just flows back and forth, in a relaxed manner. At that 90 second mark Ambeson adds the twist which suddenly builds the track with the odd triangle-esque twang, and a second melody moving the listener on beyond the window.

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Sirens “Stilettos” Kitchenware Few girl bands have lasted the distance in the same way as this Newcastle trio. Having never fully made it into the chart territory, “Stilettos” could well prove the song to break them in. A sohpisticated pop number, the trio delight with delciious vocals and something to move to.

Momo:tempo “Sweetseeker” Momo Creative 3/5 Momo:tempo is ‘feeling the slip and feeling the slide’ on his latest musical outing. The musical alter ego of Bournemouth based Timo Peach is clearly designed for fans of the dancier side to The Chemical Brothers. From opening track “Sweetseeker”, Peach barely relents from seeking dance floor stardom. However, it is in the more melodic moments that he really excels. Perfeclty hidden within “The Golden Age Of Exploration” are tender moments which should have been exploited to further degree. Perhaps it is my own dislike for the try-hards that makes me dislike elements of “Sweetseeker”. Momo:tempo simply throws everything in the pot and stirs in the hope that he hits gold. However in doing so, he has missed


The Kaje

That glimpse through the window, is only the start with “Carapace” and “Djerzinski” both cracking tracks in their own right. This isn’t a hard-edged experimental album, with scrapes, bangs and friction. This is an album carefully crafted, smooth and subtle. Even the slightly more electronica elements of “Carapace” are tasteful and educated in their inclusion. “Our Blue Opel Friend” is, together with “Triptych”, more developmental with those darker strands of Ambeson’s psyche coming through. But the almost Moby-esque vocals hauntingly taunt the listener before sending them on a little electronic whirlwind. For the sake of £3 on Bandcamp it’s difficult to see why you shouldn’t buy the album. It has everything you want from a chilled, modern electronica recording. Put it on, sit back and be drawn into the world of Ambeson. Constantinos Kypridemos Eliza Doolittle “Rollerblades” EMI You may have guessed by now that Eliza Doolittle is firm favourite for us at The Kaje. Her upbeat musings may seem all summery and bright, but there is always more depth to what Doolittle says than first meets the eye. Without doubt a true star! many potential moments of true musical perfection. At nearly fourteen minutes in length, the aforementioned “The Golden Of ExploratioN” could have been spliced into far more digestable and productive snippets. When he cuts his tracks back, the results are mixed. “I Saw You Get On, Would You Like To Get Off” nearly works. The only issue is that The Avalanches would have made it ten times better. It is safe to say that the only track that works as a wole in “Al Hamdu Li Lah”. Though not in any way radio friendly, the beat is simple and the vocal directed. It appears that Momo:tempo does really know exactly what to do, he just needs to find his own voice amongst the experimentation. What Momo:tempo does best is layering beats with quirky spoken word lyrics. Clearly this is not going to be to everyone’s taste. Dan Bright

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The Kaje (October Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 6 takes a look at: Imelda May...

The Kaje (October Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 6 takes a look at: Imelda May...

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