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Words: Constantinos Kypridemos 2006 saw you named by Paste magazine as big, tapestried record full of stories that include one of Top 100 Living Songwriters. How did as many details as possible. I’m very proud of that feel? it. It felt great to be included!

If the music had not worked out, had you thought of any back up plans?

It is a long way to come for someone who started as an independent artist. What would No plan B! you say was your secret to success? You are about to embark on a UK tour supI’ve always felt it’s better to be persistent than ported by your wife Dawn Landes, are you a good. You don’t need grace to push. fan of the touring lifestyle?

How much do you think the opportunities for It’s really the only one I know. I’ve been doing independent artists have altered since you it ten years and I love it. I get itchy feet if I stay home too long. I’ve learned to live with sandrelease “Josh Ritter” in 1999? wiches and strange showers, and I love seeing The world of music has become much more egal- new towns. itarian since 1999, mostly due to all the things people always talk about: the internet, the ensu- “Comparisons are only really ing fall of major labels, etc. An artist can record helpful in allowing people to a record in their bedroom in an afternoon and the entire world can hear it by dinnertime. For all the find new music.” hand wringing, I feel that music is much healthier now than it was then. Anyone who wants to can Do you foresee a time when you would rather be able to just release records and not hit the jump in. road for the touring?

“You don’t need grace to push.”

When that time comes, I’ll know it and I won’t be afraid to do it. I do hope that time comes, but I also hope that when I’m 105 and it’s time to die, that I die on stage, mid-song.

“So Runs The World Away” is your sixth album – did you ever think you’d get to this Now that you are established fully in your stage? own right, do you ever get fed up that inevitaI never had a doubt in my mind! No plan B! Seri- ble comparisons with the likes of Bob Dylan ously, I never would have imagined the route I’d or Bruce Springsteen? take to making six records, but that is the reason for doing it after all. For the long strange trip it’s Comparisons are only really helpful in allowing people to find new music. I take the comparisons been. to Dylan and Springsteen as great compliments, Do you remember what drove you to make but I also keep in mind that they’ve been doing it your debut album? If so, is the same thing thirty or forty years longer than me, and careers your driving force? can only be judged in hindsight. Whatever it is, it’s deep, it’s obsessive, it can With the tour taking up most of the rest of 2010 make me a real pain in the ass to be around, and – what other plans do you have for 2011? I’ll never see a psychiatrist for it. I have a novel coming out in July. It’s called Can you tell us a little about “So Runs The “Bright’s Passage” and I’m very proud of it. I’m also planning on putting out a new record next World Away”? year, and I’d like to sit on a porch somewhere I worked on the record for over two years. It is a and drink some lemonade.


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The Kaje (October Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 6 takes a look at: Imelda May...

The Kaje (October Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 6 takes a look at: Imelda May...

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