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Pictures Of Lily (Constable & Robinson Ltd.) Matthew Yorke 4/5 “Pictures of Lily”, no not The Who song, by John Llewllyn Rhys Prize-winner Matthew Yorke, is the much anticipated second helping to experience Yorke’s gift of completely enthralling the reader. Focusing on the themes of adoption, the effects that has on the individual and the need to belong, Yorke explores a difficult and meaningful subject.

and then disappear again. But that is how real life is, how many of us meet individuals who just disappear shortly afterwards. This supposed world of fluidity and the continuous pursuit of an individual’s personal ambitions, has meant that Yorke’s characters mirror ourselves in same ways.

Seventeen year-old Lily Myers is the focal point, it is through her experiences and thoughts that the reader begins to understand in their own way what is happening to Lily. Weaving adoption through the Northern dub-step scene and writing about drug-taking is certainly not the easiest of challenges. But it is the slightly choppy cast of characters that make the novel so real, and provide a platform for the author to succeed on.

In some ways this novel strikes to closely to reality, and may cause some readers to flinch with that thought, but Yorke strikes at the heart of his subject with intriguing and even intrepid writing. For a man that is a engineer, we are told, he certainly can write and is not afraid to tackle themes that many ‘experienced’ writers may have reservations about.

As in real life people come and go, changes in circumstances, changes in outlook and just sheer opportunism mean that some characters only surface for a short period of time. Help develop the story in their own way, The Big Book Of Gaydar (Uncut!) (Book Guild) JockBoy26 3/5 The target audience for this brief insight into the world of online dating is clear. JockBoy26, whoever he may be, is not trying to target a straight reader. He is celebrating a gay phenomenon that many outside the scene would not understand. With its instant access to literally thousands of gay/bi men, with an equal amount of indecent pictures, Gaydar has become essential to everyone who defines themselves as non heteronormal. The colourful cover lacks appeal but as they say, you should not judge a book by its cover even if it gives insight to the contents. On first flick through, “The Big Book Of Gaydar IUncut!) is intended to be a quick, fun and informal real. JockBoy26 concedes that he is a journalist and Gaydar addict, this book is pure celebration of a medium through which he has apparently met 38 friend, 2 husbands, numerous boyfriends and even a stalker!

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The reader may not be into dub-step, let’s be honest not everyone is(!), but through Lily’s experiences and Yorke’s insightful and progressive craftmanship, the novel engages and holds the reader until the end.

“Pictures of Lily” is a novel that should be experienced and not just read. Constantinos Kypridemos

So, what worth does his homage truly have? I have to concede that despite my preconceptions, “The Big Book Of Gaydar (Uncut!) `is cheerful enough read Despite its apparent limited appeal, JockBoy26 manages to make his observations humorous enough that his writing is not limited in appeal to only the Gaydar addict. In fact, I found my straight housemate giggling to a couple of pages when I left it accidentally in the lounge! “The Big Book Of Gaydar (Uncut!)” proves itself to be a clever combination of funny statistics and valuable advice. A sort of untraditional how to.., JockBoy26 has invaluable advice to anyone trying to setup a profile - the essential dos and most importantly don’ts. The precious advice could apply to any online dating site making “The Big Book Of Gaydar (Uncut!) relevant across the board in a world where internet dating is fast becoming the norm. I am surprised to find myself saying this, but “The Big Book Of Gaydar (Uncut!)” is in fact a thoroughly enjoyable read! Adam Finch


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The Kaje (September Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 5 takes a look at: Stornoway,...

The Kaje (September Issue)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 5 takes a look at: Stornoway,...

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