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How did you start out as a playwright? It has been a very recent voyage of discovery. I started writing when I started working on this project, “Suffocating”, back in 2006. I was initially asked by Rachel Feeny-Williams to look at four monologues she had written which were, at the time, four separate pieces. I read the scripts and told her they were good but they needed to have more work done. We decided to link these four pieces and present it as a full play. We met up a number of times and started working on this project.

Why did you chose to present Charlotte’s story in one act? Back in 2007 we entered the script into a one act play competition at Liverpool Hope University. We came second but because it was a very close second to winning the competition. We were awarded a Deanery Prize for the script and we were also allowed to show the play over three nights which we did in March 2008, when we both directed the play. Explain Charlotte character to us.

“It was really enjoyable being able to bounce ideas off each other.”

Charlotte is a young girl who is thrown into a life of prostitution drugs and neglect and eventually ends up incarcerated.

What was your inspiration for this piece?

Who does Charlotte represent?

The initial stimulus for this piece was not my idea. Charlotte represents an unlucky few. I think It was actually Rachel’s inspiration originally. Charlotte is, like any other young person today who ends up on the wrong road, alone and vulHow was working with Rachel Feeny-Wil- nerable. It shows how easily we can all fall out of liams? the little bubble that is our safety zone. We must realise that we can all end up like Charlotte, it is It was great working with Rachel, it was really not only the bad who have bad life styles. enjoyable being able to bounce ideas off each other. It was when it came to directing the piece, when we showed it at University that we found “We all have a responsibility to problems so we broke it down and I directed two treat our fellow man with dignity scenes and Rachel directed two scenes and and respect.” each week we would meet once to see what the other person had done and fitted it together to Similarly, What does the character ‘Man’ repmake the play work. resent? Who has influenced your interpretation of theatre?

“Man” represents the nasty people of this world who do the things he does, we called this character “Man” because we felt he was too nasty to I think the main theatre practitioners whose influ- have a proper name so we didn’t give him one. ences I use are Brecht, Stanislavski and Meyer- To name someone we are allowing them to be a hold. part society, therefore by taking away his identity we are, in effect, further alienating his character If you could work with any actor who would and creating a far more fearful design. it be? I have worked with some people I really respect and I’m really pleased to have had this opportunity. So far I have worked with Martin Shaw when I was working as a TV Extra on his series Apparitions. I think that he would be great to be cast in this play, I can just imagine him as the main male character. Also Andrew Lancel from The Bill is also someone who would be great to work with.

How can society stop girls living a life like Charlotte? Society will never be able to. We all have a responsibility to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect. When we forget this and start living for selfish means we become like the men in this play, soulless.


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The Kaje - Issue 3 (July 2010)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 3 takes a look at: Ballet Boy...

The Kaje - Issue 3 (July 2010)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 3 takes a look at: Ballet Boy...

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