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Elated and scared!!!

What prompted you to write a story about lying?

Has it been rewarding to have a leading man who has pushed so hard for the staging of the piece?

I found the idea of four people consistently lying to each other amusing and was interested in exploring how each lie tightened the web around them. The project nearly never came to fruition, did you ever reach the point of giving in?

Of course rewarding - but also essential. It wouldn’t be happening otherwise. What made you choose Alan Dossor as the director of the project?

Yes. It went into a drawer for a year!!

I showed Alan the first draft ages ago when we were both on tour with one of his productions (I was stage How do you feel now the piece will finally be manager). He liked it enough to work extensively with me on it and agreed to direct it. So, actually, he chose staged? me. best version. We hope the audience enjoy it! ALAN DOSSOR - DIRECTOR: “Liars’ Market” marks your return to directing af- What is it about the piece that brngs you back to ter a period of recuperation, Are you looking for- the realms of a director? ward to the challenge ahead? I have loved this play since the first time I read it Yes, very much so. I’m hoping it’s like riding a bike, and have awaited an opportunity to stage it for sevyou don’t forget how to do it. However, I’m very much eral years. That, coupled with my desire to get back looking forward to the ride. to work. When Jamie approached me to direct it seemed an obvious choice. You have been involved with the piece since it’s conception- how has the production evolved over Can you tell me a little bit more about the intenthat time? tions with the piece? The production doesn’t begin to evolve until the rehearsal process. However, the play was changed a lot since we first began work on it which is normal for a new play. The finished article we feel is definatley the

The point of the journey when working on a production is that your not truly steering it until you’re sure which direction it should go. My intentions are to get it to the place it deserves to be. I can.


You performed in the initial rehearsed readings of the piece, was it through this that your passion for the piece was sparked?

You have been instrumental in bringing around the staging of “Liars’ Market”, what about the piece do you connect so closely with? There s nothing more exciting as an actor than the opportunity to work with good new writing. I instantly connected with this piece, because it’s brilliantly written and has such depth to it. The piece was put on hold after director Alan Dossor fell ill, did you ever worry that the piece would never be performed?

Definitely. It has a fantastically clever plot line, brilliantly observed characters and excellently written dialogue. All of these factors would spark a passion in any actor for a piece. Can you tell me a little more about your character Max?

He is an East End lad who has disserted from the army during the war. He has fled to Bradford and found a niche lifestyle. He is a strong powerful, maIt was a worry, because initially there was talk of West nipulative character who always tends to get what he End runs and then it lost momentum. However, we are wants. However, his family means everything to him. delighted it is finally getting the run it deserves. Hope“Liars’ Market” runs until May 15th at the fully the West End ambition is not dead and buried. Union Theatre, Southwark, London.


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The Kaje, Issue 1 (May 2010)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 1 takes a look at: Alexan...

The Kaje, Issue 1 (May 2010)  

The Kaje is all about the arts - from the upcoming and underground through to the commercial mainstream. Issue 1 takes a look at: Alexan...

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