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October 3, 2011




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GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

RHA Leadershop 2011: Camp Sweyolakan Written by: Samantha Widner

This past weekend I (Sam) and the rest of the members who make up the RHA council went to camp Sweyolakan on Lake Coeur d' Alene to participate in a leader shop. While there I had some unique and new experiences. On arrival to the camp everybody was informed that they had to get rid of any food on them before they went to their hut unless they wanted a nighttime visitor. After putting our things away we went down to the main lodge where got down to business. One of the first questions we were all asked is what RHA stood for. There were a variety of answers but my personal favorite was “Really Hot Americans�. As the day progressed we did a variety of different activities. One of the activities that stood out the most to me was one where you crossed a line if a statement applied to you. I was surprised to see that I had

more in common with the people doing this activity than I originally thought I did. In the evening all of the Hall Presidents and Area Representatives got together with their areas and met each other. During this meeting my wing planned a movie night, Halloween party, and worked on a sketch for a presentation in the morning. Afterwards everybody gathered

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

outside to eat s’mores and hear Shevin sing campfire songs. The next morning everybody gathered to present their skits. All of them were funny but in the end the Tower won the competition because of their amazing impersonations of the E-board. After the skits we learned how to fill out a money request form, and listened to a presentation called Stop the Hate. The Stop the Hate presentation taught us about hate crimes on college campuses and how we can help prevent them. We spent a couple more hours doing work shop stuff and then packed up and headed back to UI. Overall I had a lot of fun at the leader shop and learned some new skills. I also made some new friends while I was there. I really look forward to going back next year.

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011


All Day Every Day

Mike’s Awesome

It is very vulgar to talk about one's business. Only people like stockbrokers do that, and then merely at dinner parties. - Oscar Wilde

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

We are Tweeting? RHA on Twitter @uirha Find yourself having a hard time find info of events, or when important announcements are made? Well don’t be afraid we now have a Twitter. Every day we promise to “tweet” something, whether it is an event announcement or applications are due, maybe even just a reminder of your hall’s hall meeting. Be sure to follow us!

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Editor’s Note Our Promise to you! Mission Statement

We at The Graffiti hope to be able to make you aware of campus and residence hall events regularly. Our goal this year is to make The Graffiti more main stream than the previous years. This will be done through our access in all forms of media. Facebook will be used to archive our weekly editions as well as shown in our “Current Issue” tab. Like our page.

Contact Us! Community Service interact better with other school Coordinator publications, like the Argonaut, Blot, and Rawr, as well as Events Coordinator organizations. We plan on working closely with these and other Marketing and organization, while allowing them Communications to utilize our FREE advertising Coordinator page, which is featured at the end of every Graffiti. Writers are National Communications welcome to submit articles to be Coordinator featured in The Graffiti.

NRHH President Our other goal this year, along Send all articles and advertisement with making The Graffiti more to President main stream is to be able to Vice President

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

Humans V. Zombies ZOMBIE EXPERIENCE By: A Blood Thirsty Zombie

Playing humans vs. zombies is a great experience. During the first few days of the game I was a human, and I’ll admit that it was fun. Being a human consisted mostly of running from the dorms to my classes along obscure routes that I didn’t normally take. I saw groups of humans, and they were, but I never made friends as a human. I went on the first mission as a human; we were successful and it was a rush. Later that night I was changed.

or not wearing their tags. I think that if you sign up to play the game you should play it all the time, not just when it’s convenient. Some of my favorite zombies are being forced out of the game by starvation because someone decided that they wanted to get to class without worrying.

Being a zombie makes the game totally different. We go outside and seeing a headband marks a friend. During the second mission the cameras in the video follow the humans around, when I watch that I can’t help but think, “Wow, we were right there on the other side of that hill there…” or, “I remember watching them from somewhere behind that bush, why didn’t they notice us?” Zombies stay up and get out on campus. You get to know people. We walk around together for hours just watching and waiting. Almost any night of the week you can go into Bob’s during late night and see a table of zombies who will wave you down to come sit with them. I feel like there’s a lot more acceptance and teamwork on this side of the game. While we have teamwork and friendship and get to use awesome ninja skills, over the last couple of days it has been really

frustrating to see human players on bikes

! r a e y t x e n See you

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

Did You Get Your Free Root Beer Float? By: Rachelle Ausman On September 15, 2011 the members of the National Residence Halls Honorary (NRHH) handed out over a hundred root beer floats to students, University of Housing staff, and local community members on the Tower Lawn. This event was to recognize everyone’s hard work over this past month. Thank you everyone! If you would like to learn more about NRHH recognition or community projects please contact Amanda Eagle at


(Of The Month)

Community Targhee Hall Nom: Sarah Patterson Exec Board Member: Sam Koester Nom: Jamie Lockie Faclty/Staff DeeDee Kanikkeberg Nom: Keilah McIaney Organization RHA E-Board Nom: Jamie Lockie and Cody Kinzer Resident Assistant Cody Lewis Nom: Rachelle Ausman Social Program “Hello Week” Nom: Amanda Eagle Spotlight Wallace Eastside RA Staff Nom: Brett Kohring Campus/Regional Winner First Year Student Hanna Bush Nom: Brett Kohring Read at

GRAFFITI October 3, 2011

The 2011-2012 RHA Public Relations Committee

Samantha Widner

Matthew Hurt

Khang Nguyen

David Ruiz

My name is Samantha Widner and I’m freshman studying Psychology and Sociology here at UI. I grew up in the small town Weiser, Idaho where I participated in many activities including the high school newspaper. I am currently the president of Houston Hall, a member of the Residence Hall Association, and looking forward to putting the Graffiti together with all the stories and pictures you submit to us.

My name is Matthew Hurt. I am one of the area representatives for the tower. I basically serve as a go between for RHA and the residents of the tower. This is my second year of college and my second year in the residence halls. I am double majoring in economics and operations management. The tower is awesome and I am looking forward to doing anything I can help to make it better by keeping people informed.

Hello, my name is Khang Nguyen and I am an Idaho native, hailing from Boise, Idaho. I am this year’s LLC area representative and public relations committee member. I love business and economics which fits my major, Marketing and Finance. My past experiences with RHA includes being Upham’s Hall President and being last year’s LLC area representative. I also served on the public relations committee last year.

I'm David Ruiz and I am a Doctoral Teaching Assistant in the new Doctor of Athletic Training Program. The Doctor of Athletic Training Program is a groundbreaking post-professional doctorate degree for athletic trainers who are certified/licensed and have been working in the field for several years.  I am from California and am enjoying getting to know Idaho.  I am the president of Syringa Hall.

Sam Koester Hi I’m Sam. This year I am the RHA Marketing and Communications Coordinator. One of my duties is to market the RHA as well as market other events within the Residence Halls. Each week I will be publishing a Graffiti, similar to this one. I will be putting one also online, follow both RHA and the Graffiti on Facebook. My goals this year are to make the Graffiti more main stream than the previous years. I am going to achieve this by using all forms of media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Posters, Commercials, you name it.

Sean Heagerty My name is Sean Heagerty and I am the Oleson Hall President. I am a junior here at UI and am majoring in computer science. I joined RHA because I wanted to help my hall and learn to become a better leader in the process.

Acme - The highest point of something; the highest level or degree attainable.

RHA Movie Channel: Channel 16 Check it out! Free Advertising Opportunities

NRHH Root Beer Pictures: Picture One NRHH Members Caitlin Keith and Elizabeth Ehrsam serving Root Beer floats Picture Two: Kyle Morgan enjoying his Root Beer float Picture Three: Shevin Halvorson ready for another float Picture Four and Six: Tower residents enjoying being recognizing  Picture Five: Lots of Rootbeer Floats to give away Picture Seven: Vandal Chapter NRHH Members


October 17th-24th

Can your hall collect the most pennies?


Pennies go to the American Diabetes Association

The Graffiti Oct 3, 2011  
The Graffiti Oct 3, 2011  

3rd issue of Teh Graffiti