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willas_24 27 20 Eat 0.28 Gold 174 PLN Missions


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Food limit reached You have reached your food consumption limit. You can recover 100 health every hour. 100 more recoverable Health in: 00:25:38

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Spain 20 allies Slovakia Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Slovenia Iran Mexico Sweden Poland Latvia Estonia

Venezuela United Kingdom Peru Paraguay Saudi Arabia Serbia Lithuania Montenegro New Zealand Hungary Indonesia


50.33% 49.67% 01:07:58

trikis 2796 galu25156 Tomi_ur4344

Hrcozgb 13095 zvoc1551

USA 20 allies Greece Portugal Argentina China Australia Ireland South Africa Russia Germany Croatia Israel Colombia Ukraine Philippines Romania

Brazil France Finland Japan Chile addictive197... 476255 Technician


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My influence


willas_24 2,918

Change weapon

Chokoyo 2,840

366860 rank points Close No more food Buy food Close Food limit reached You can recover 100 health every hour. To fight now buy health kits using gold. Not enough gold Get gold


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Battle Hero The citizen with the highest war influence so far Battles won by each side Be the first to gain 8 victories to win the campaign.

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Battle statistics Battle 9 Citizen Kills War influence


1 32 476255


2 29 376244


3 24 310652

S. Timi

4 20 277620


5 21 265472



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