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Begging your forgiveness for my complacency I remain your humble and obedient servant.

wud hop for me, I was very dilgent and drank in every detail. Get it? Drank in every detail! Ha.


Then cam basic conjoring, wher pon, I did, with great skill and daring perfom my first ‘Kantrip’ ‘Conjoring of the Celestial Shpere’. There was only the slightest hiccup with it but the tutor said I was a natural. I might bring Manny to the klass next time to hang me coat on eh!

Kalandae (1st) Septimus Dear Manfrey Two whole silver pennies for glass? Outrageous! Why Vergnar’s sword I had specially commissioned for him when he was promoted hardly cost as much. This is too much sir! Do not misread me, I do not admonish your efforts which have been admirable and regrettably – necessary. I would thank you if no such word of my son’s loutish behaviour were to reach the ears of my Lady wife – I fear such tidings would be too much for her.

Tell mother I’ve ben wearing my coat buttoned up all the tim and that I’m making more friends than “she could shake a stick at”. Wondrous turn of word from these filthy freemen types. I love it

Will Write soon in fact a. Bertie Diary Entry of Magus Conrad Stelherm: Magus of the 5th Circle and Wielder of Astraleum

At such costs, I can but look forward to Bertrum’s impending erudition. An expectant Lord BottyKaeck

1st of Septimus ? Dear Father Today was stellar. I begaen classes. We did basic alkhemy. Wondrous stuff. I met a chap from the lower classes who show’d me to use the eqipment to brew a beverage that is a rather handsome sort of purple color. Kicks like a hungover mule, whatto! Never knew such fell’ows cud be so useful. As I expect yuo

1st Septimus, 1256 by Eslandic Reckoning, First years again today.As usual, started with the ‘Conjuring of the Celestial Sphere’. Never in my considerably long years have I seen such a class of wanton ignoramuses. The class started with the usual guffawing and back slapping; ill-founded self confidence of youth, from ill begotten brats. After citing the necessary incantations, I showed them the arcane gestures. The phrase ‘arcane gesture’ was taken too far by a one Betrum BottyKaeck – or some

such. His leering antics, hanging from the window, huge black coat open and displaying himself, making his own “arcane Gestures” at the scullion maids below, are something I never wish to see again. I reprimanded him and demanded he climb down from the window but as the fool turned to stick his tongue out at me, we were cursed with a view of his nether regions.

In his haste to look away, Nigel Upthorne, yelped and spun, unfortunately sending his spell awry and flying into the gesticulating idiot sending him plummeting into the classroom below and the hapless - now prostrate - Nigel. So soaked in spirits were Bertrum’s clothes that Upthorne’s quasi-successful incantation set the buffoon alight.

I must say that for all his drunken loutishness, young BottyKaeck moves like a Churnish panther with its arse on fire when he needs to. Tearing at his ludicrous coat he spun it off in a deft manoeuvre before I could even recite a spell and with a flourish, spun it over his head and let fly. For one obscene moment it sallied forth above the expectant heads of the students like some burning fae, will-o-thewisp, before descending into the milling masses of magicians, who, alas, were also half way through their own incantations. A series of explosions knocked out the wall and I was forced to re-prioritise my spell to contain the damage, dropping the former spell which now leaked out in noxious fluids and petrified some young chap whose name

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The Gazebo - Issue #3  

The Gazebo is a free, quarterly e-zine dedicated to gaming in the UK and Ireland.

The Gazebo - Issue #3  

The Gazebo is a free, quarterly e-zine dedicated to gaming in the UK and Ireland.