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a significant battle or encounter. Others are more expansive, providing rules and backgrounds for a wide variety of events. Either way, telling tales within your game setting gives it depth and helps to immerse players. Firaxian Expansion: abstract setting the scene for a range of Broadside tales. A Firaxian expedition will primarily consist of one of two types. The first is based on expansion and exploitation. When new land is discovered, the Firaxians first land heavily armoured troops that construct a fortress close to shore. From here, expeditions are sent inland to look for resources or enemies on the surface. Sorcerers call upon their Titan backers to find seams of ore underground. Mining can begin within a quarter of the moons turning. Great trees are felled and rendered into timber for the city state docks. Locals are enslaved to further speed up the exploitations. Soon, the expedition leader can expect to bask in the wealth of his dominion and the laurels of his Conclave.

Words are important, but artwork can really bring a world to life. “

The second expedition is altogether more dastardly and is especially favoured by the smaller city states, although all are guilty. These are the buccaneer squadrons. Travelling off the major trade routes, these flotillas raid the minor settlements of others for resources, ships and crew. They trade their goods to anyone with

coin and usually at the end of a musket barrel to foster advantageous exchanges. If they come across other vessels then battle is joined. The enemy ship will have its masts and top decks blasted by disciplined volleys of shot and shell before the Firaxians close and board. Heavily armoured marines make short work of any resistance. The ship is picked clean of anything of use, her crew is enslaved and her very hull reworked. Most are sent back to a friendly dock to be converted into a ship worthy of their patron Duke. If too far from home or if the vessel is not fit for further use then it will be cut down, dragged behind those ships in the fleet that have boiler rooms, slowly reduced to splinters as she feeds the engines of the Firaxian flag ships

any weaknesses in the enemy fleet. Striking only when he fully has their measure and feels victory is assured.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Words are important, but artwork can really bring a world to life. I’m not an artist, but there are other ways to use images that don’t require quite the same flare. For example, collecting inspirational pictures and producing crude maps can help share your vision with those comfortable with a digital pen in hand.

The Protagonists

The core of all great tales, and subsequently the heart of a great setting, are the heroes and villains that make it all happen. Lovable and hateable characters with depth and the potential for drama will keep players engaged with your game. Admiral Artimus Reginald of the Eastern Fleet, Commander of HRHS Victorious If one was to describe Admiral Reginald in one word, it would be ‘serious’. His aging features are set as if stone as he barks orders to those under his command. His tactical genius and the loyalty of his Crew are renowned across the realm. He commands HRHS Victorious, flag ship of the Eastern Fleet and the Largest Geologion vessel to be commissioned in living memory. In battle, his actions are well thought out and perfectly timed. He will happily command his ships to engage in numerous feigns and harrying runs to expose

Prototype Map of Oceania

Until Next Time

We’ve had a whistle stop tour around the art of world building that will hopefully bring some inspiration. Next issue will see us delve into an area in which I am much more comfortable, the wonders of Game Mechanics and creating engaging balanced play...

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The Gazebo - Issue #3  

The Gazebo is a free, quarterly e-zine dedicated to gaming in the UK and Ireland.

The Gazebo - Issue #3  

The Gazebo is a free, quarterly e-zine dedicated to gaming in the UK and Ireland.