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SMILES & SWIPES almart has its warm, friendly greeters. Franklin College has Cindy Ibaugh. Ibaugh is one of Sodexo’s multiple cashiers. Her work day consists mainly of greeting people, swiping their cards, and helping where she is needed in the cafeteria. “I get in about quarter till six. Set up for breakfast. Make sure everything is full. Then I work the register. In between, I help set up for the next meal,” she said. Spending the majority of her week in the dining hall, Ibaugh works six days a week, from breakfast to lunch. Her attendance, according to general manager Les Petroff, is one of the things that makes her such a great employee. “She is here at the earliest. There are no issues with her attendance. She comes in and gets along great with everyone. She’ll even cover shifts for other people,” Petroff said. As monotonous as it is to be a cashier, Ibaugh has found the reason to keep going back to the same chair to swipe cards for hours. “The kids. That’s what I love most about this job,” Ibaugh said. “They’re just a bunch of good kids. They’re wellbehaved and fun to be around.” Because she gets to know so many students, seeing them leave is not only the best part about her job, but the saddest. “You get attached to the kids, and then they graduate. They come in as little high school kids and they leave all grown up,” she said.


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Her sincerity and warmth isn’t limited to greeting people at the register. It extends to showing a genuine concern for her fellow employees. “She is caring. She cares about how people are,” Petroff said. “She lets me know if something is wrong or if there are any concerns she lets me know. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t come to me and say something.” Whether it is handling the register up front or helping throughout the cafeteria, Ibaugh makes sure she can help out. Executive chef Rosie Neel shared how one time, there was an incident when Ibaugh even attempted to do both simultaneously. “One time the syrup flooded everywhere, and Cindy was running around working the cashier and helping to clean it up,” Neel said. “She is a great woman.” Neel said Ibaugh goes the extra mile to help others because it is just who she is. “Cindy is just authentic. What you see is what you get,” Neel said. “She is truly a person of heart. She really strives for teamwork and a family work environment.” Ibaugh’s favorite quote, words she tries to live by, explains her genuine kindness that so many people notice and reciprocate. “If you are nice to people, you’ll get it back in return. Try to stay happy and upbeat,” Ibaugh said. Although there are a million nice things Neel said she could say about her fellow worker, she only needed one to sum up Ibaugh in a few words. “She just brings a smile to your face.”

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The Franklin: Nov. 4, 2016  

The Franklin: Nov. 4, 2016