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SW Ferrari (RHR Marcedes x Fantastica HVP~magnum Psyche)

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ulti-regional Halter Champion SW FERRARI is also a multiple Western Pleasure Champion and a sire of multiple regional halter champions. An exceptional 86% of his shown get are champions! Ferrari is a big 16hh beautiful, powerful and exciting chestnut stallion. Ferrari is the symbol of excellence. He has heart, type, body and size. His pedigree can speak for itself, he is sired by the fabulous US National & International Champion Marwan Al Shaqab son RHR Marcedes who is a Canadian National Champion as well. Ferrari is out of the beautiful multi Champion Magnum Psyche daughter Fantastica HVP who is also full sister to Magnum Chall… This genetic giant only has the best of the best running through his veins. Ferrari is already proving that he is a Breeding Stallion as well, his kids are all showing consistency in size, and type and overall beauty… Ferrari has been tested, he is Aa = heterozygous agouti. If a horse is “Aa”, then he/she is heterozygous for the agouti and can throw black horses with or without the agouti. Shipped Semen Available SID & CA Clear Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated sire.

eDiTor Helen V. Boyd-Schwartz

Multiple mare discounts Special discounts to Champion or Champion Producing Mares.

sales & aDMinisTraTion Donna Eslick

Breeding Fee: $1,500. LFG, Shipped Semen Available

ProDuCTion: Patrick McHale, Devon McCarthy, Ashley Teel, Heath Harmon PublisHer: Exchange Publishing, LLC.

Sunshine Acres Arabians, Mike and Sheri Boito Hibbs invite you to come see SW Ferrari and his Kids. Located in Spokane, Washington. 509-847-4701

oFFiCe loCaTion: 304 W. Third Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201 ConTaCT DeTails: Tel: 509-922-3456 • 1-800-326-2223 Fax: 509-455-7940 • Text: 509-998-3231 Mail: PO Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210 HorsePreviews@spokane.Exchange



Ann Kirk Who’s Leading Who? It’s great that the weather is finally starting to warm up. YEH! It doesn’t appeal to me to ride in the rain, the wind and the storms but the warmer temps do draw me out of the house to play with my friends. And playing is what we should do with our horses. It is a way to get a lot of training done without them or us getting stressed about the process. Isn’t that what we both want? Shouldn’t learning be fun? Have you ever just stood and watched foals romp and play? Do you notice how much it looks like adult horses when they are truly fighting? Why do you think that is? It is because they are practicing the behaviors needed to establish themselves in the pecking order of the herd when they are grown. I once heard it said that “play is life practice” and we see this in all forms when animals are young. All the nipping, kicking, biting, mounting and chasing have a distinct likeness to adult behaviors. Why is this an important observation? Last article, we talked about 2 dynamics that rule a horse’s existence; the prey animal instinct and the herd pecking order. You must take them into account every time you enter your horse’s space. You are seen as a part of his herd when you become familiar to him. Once he has determined that you are not an enemy, he will begin the process of seeing where you stand in the pecking order. He may use some or all of his “playful” behaviors while testing the leadership role between you and him. He

will treat you as another horse if you let him. That is why a horse behaves differently when handled by different people. He is submissive to those who have established the leader role but not so to those who have not. When a person learns the language of the herd, understanding horses becomes a lot easier. Horses like being part of the herd; it makes them feel safe. They know that a horse alone doesn’t stand much of a chance against predators. So when you remove the horse from the herd, you must assume a role that encourages confidence in you as his leader. This is not always easily done. According to herd dynamics, you are allowed to lead only if you have proven yourself to have the best leadership skills. You do this, not by force, but by acting like a leader. But, how does a leader behave? For a lesson in this, watch your herd interact sometime. Just pull up a fence post and hang out. It is quite amazing! The lead horse can move the

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

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Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 4

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Sat, Oct. 6 & Sun, Oct. 7 Catalog Deadline August 20

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other horses anywhere at any time, usually with no more than a look or suggestion. Most horse-to-horse interaction is non-contact. When contact is used, it is firm enough that it does not have to be repeated constantly. The lead horse is relaxed and confident but seldom tolerates any behavior that ignores its position. Even if frightened, the other horse would never run into or over the lead horse to get away. He sees that lead horse as a bigger threat than whatever else might be out there. And that is how I want my horse to view me when I am in his presence. To not establish this type of “respect” in our relationship leaves me at the mercy of his whims, desires or fears. This leader position is one of respect and trust, not fear and intimidation. You want your horse to be secure enough in your presence that he can leave the horse herd and not be afraid. You must spend the time to establish this trust. Otherwise, you might become harsh and demanding or frustrated and afraid when your horse lets you know that he does not see you as the leader and wants to return to his herd or place of safety. This will just reinforce the horse’s concern that he cannot trust you to keep him safe. We tend to view training from a “classroom” mentality and think the lesson doesn’t begin until we get to the round pen or the arena or get on the horse’s back. But to a horse, the lesson begins when he sees us coming, whether with a halter or food. The horse is always learning from you how you are to be viewed in his eyes. If you allow your horse to push you with his body, drag you around on the lead rope, eat grass whenever he feels like it or refuse to stand quietly, you will

have a hard time getting him to do the things you need him to do when necessary. These are all signs that you have not gained the leadership role in the horse’s mind. To truly enjoy your horse and remain safe, this position needs to be clearly defined. Even if it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to you, I can assure you it is to your horse. He is happy to assume the leadership role and you will eventually get hurt when the horse has a good enough reason to ignore your presence. So now what? You may have an inkling that things are not all they could be between you and your mate but what can you do about it without getting hurt? Next article, we will begin to work on some specific exercises to raise your expectation level and help you establish clearer boundaries in your relationship with your horse. Until then, go spend some quality time with your buddy if you can do so safely. Groom and pet, hug and love on them. Teach them to move away from pressure and to lower their head when asked. Anything that asks and receives is a good way to begin the journey to becoming a leader that your horse will follow. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy…………….Ann Ann Kirk is available for Sensible Horsemanship Clinics or Workshops in your area. For more information and other Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to Beginning Sensible Horsemanship is available in a DVD series with a new addition - Sensible Trailer Loading.


aka Rocket

APHA Reg#910883 2007 Homozygous • Black & White Tobiano • 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar “Rocket has a great disposition and great conformation that he is passing onto his foals from a variety of mares! Rocket is homozygous for the tobiano and black gene so guaranteed a colored foal and all black based! All of his foals to date have been awesome and are very versatile! His oldest offspring are 3 & 4 this year and there are some being trained for hunter/jumper, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and barrel racing! Also check out Rocket’s excellent pedigree! Please consider breeding your mare or mares to Rocket and you will also be a very happy and proud owner of a beautiful Rocket foal!” 2018 Breeding Fee: $500 • Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

er aka Casp

Live Cover and Shipped Semen

Poco Buenos Ghost

AQHA Reg#4504586 2004 Cremello • 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs • Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc • Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda “Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition & conformation. He has offspring that are excelling in the roping pen, speed events, cow horse events and also great trail riding and family horses! And to add to all that he adds the great colors of either palomino, buckskin, smokey black or even smokey grullas, depending on the color of the mare!” 2018 Breeding Fee: $400 • Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150 Young Prospects Available for Purchase by Both Stallions

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Riverside State Park Equestrian Area 3402 N Equestrian Lane Spokane, WA 99224 “Discover Pass Free Day”


Saturday, September 29, 2018 9am - 1pm *All riders MUST return to the PBCH booth by 1pm to turn in their results 1pm through the a�ernoon: chili feed, door prizes, awards for scavenger hunt, raffle, music



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The ride area is well defined over relatively level but rocky ground and varies in difficulty. Some experience is required.

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veterinary knowledge

Let’s Have Healthy Foals!


Dr. Jed McKinlay, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital


I have written about this before. It is something we think about and talk about every year, but something that is easy to forget about and neglect. It doesn’t help to know that we have so little concrete evidence about the topic. We see the disease every year, but nobody has ever taken it upon themselves to study it or attempt to repeat Dr. Jed McKinlay DVM, it with a controlled group of McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital research horses. What I am alluding to is called, “Congenital HypothyroidDysmaturity Syndrome”. It is also referred to as “Mustard Disease”, which is easier to say and remember. Each year in the Inland Northwest we see foals that are born with varying degrees of angular limb deformities, contracted tendons, a premature look, long lower jaws, and various other abnormalities. Some are affected very mildly and tend to do fine. Others are affected severely and require intensive care and in many cases euthanasia. The severely affected foals are usually unable to stand and nurse and have

great difficulty even when supported with splints or casts. Often the small cuboidal shaped bones in the knees and hocks are misshapen or not formed at all. They are usually all born at long gestational lengths, sometimes over a year! Most of the time they are hungry and nurse well when supported or are bottle fed but if they are unable to become strong enough to nurse unassisted the prognosis is very poor. It’s so sad, after waiting nearly (and sometimes over) a year for the newborns only to witness that the weaknesses and abnormalities attributed to this syndrome are often incompatible with life. A strange thing about this problem is on any given farm there may be only one foal affected among many that are born there in the same year and under the same management and husbandry practices. Two different studies have been done to investigate this problem. Both are what we call epidemiologic studies. What that means is groups of veterinary investigators visited farms where the syndrome is known to occur. They look around at all the evidence and risk factors. They compare one farm to others with affected foals and come up with a list of things they find in common between various locations. A group in Western Canada where the syndrome also occurs found that oat hay was the primary suspect among the many things they identified as potential risk factors. The group from WSU found

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complete, compassionate care for the Horses in Your life.

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weeds, many from the ‘mustard’ yellow flowering family, or what they also termed ‘weeds in waste places’ meaning those weeds that commonly grow in overgrazed horse pastures and along fence lines - thus the term “Mustard Disease”. What oat hay and various weeds have in common is they tend to accumulate nitrates. For years we have been begging people not to feed oat hay to their brood mares (a practice that is more common in Canada) and to buy good clean hay and keep their mares off pastures where weeds are abundant. But, we still see cases every year, even in well managed farms. There has not been enough done to prevent this disease, partly because of its sporadic nature and partly because we are still uncertain what the actual cause is. More recently it was brought to my attention, by a very good manager at a large quarter horse farm that feeding a particular mineral to brood mares eliminated the syndrome from their herd. This was a herd where the disease was commonly found year after year, and they raise quite a few foals. Because of their success we have advocated that all mare owners feed a good mineral, trace mineral, vitamin supplement to their mares. To my knowledge there has not been a case of the syndrome reported where this practice has been implemented, so we continue to highly encourage it. There are many supplements that are suitable, but it’s important to make sure the minerals and ingredients are bioavailable, meaning the horses can digest and absorb them in a usable manner.

A very kind lady, who had a foal that was affected this year, said to me, “It’s not always the other guy!” This is so true. We never know when the syndrome will raise its ugly head. We get nervous when mares go long in their gestation. We worry when we get a call that a foal is unable to stand. This article is for her and for the many others I think of and could name that have had this terrible problem occur with one or more of their foals. And it’s for you who may have never had the problem but would like to do all you can to avoid it, and trust me, you want to avoid it. My message is one of encouragement. We encourage you to avoid the things mentioned earlier in this article and to strongly consider adding a good bioavailable mineral to the rations on your brood mares. Nothing could make all of us happier than to never have to witness this disease again!

Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Lisa Pearson, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT • Freya Stein, DVM Robert K. Schneider, DVM • Charlotte Hemstock, DVM 509-928-MPEH (6734) • Email:

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“Bask”, Pencil by Susan Hedstrand JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 12

Mr Bo Button - Sire o f


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World Champion Yearling Stallion UnanimoUs Under all 4 jUdges! our heart warming CongraTUlaTions go out to our great friends, roger and desiree meeks of oklahoma! • Kettle Falls, WA • 509-675-1223 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 13

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208-687-2196 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 15

On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe by Baxter Black, DVM

A Close Call

Talk about takin’ a beating. I stood on the porch at Dale’s horse farm and soaked up the view. It was deep springtime in west Tennessee. The grass was so green it hurt your eyes. The dogwoods were in bloom and two sleek and shiny horses grazed in the picture. It looked like a cover off the Quarter Horse Journal. “Nice fence,” I said, commenting on the pole fence circling his pasture. “Thanks,” said Dale, “But we had a heckuva scare buildin’ it. See that post...” I noted a stout post at the end of the driveway. The harrowing tale unfolded. Dale had decided to build this fence and finally got around to it in December. He enlisted the aid of two friends, Chuck and Phil. They all dressed warmly since it was twenty degrees the day they started. At the particular post in question, the boys were havin’ trouble diggin’ the hole. It was close to the paved road and the ground was hard. Dale backed his tractor up to the future hole and poised the

ArAbiAn Horses For sAle

posthole auger over the designated spot like an ovipositing wasp. The auger spun on the surface of the frozen ground. Chuck, who’s big as a skinned mule, pulled down on the gearbox. No luck, Chuck. So Phil stepped between the auger and the tractor and leaned his weight on the horizontal arm supporting the auger. Now, Phil had come prepared to work in the cold. He had on his hat with Elmer Fudd earflaps, mudboots, socks, undies, long johns, jeans, undershirt, wool shirt and Carharts. Carharts, for you tropical cowboys, are insulated coveralls made out of canvas and tough as a nylon tutu. Phil gave Dale the go-ahead. Dale engaged the PTO. The auger clanked and started to turn. Suddenly Phil seemed to explode in front of Dale’s eyes! Dale engaged the clutch immediately and everything stopped. Phil stood before them naked. I said naked. Not quite. He had on his hat and his boots and his belt, still through the beltloops. The jeans had been ripped off his body from the pockets down, leaving only a small piece containing the fly. It flapped like Geronimo’s loincloth. As explanation, Phil’s pantleg had brushed up against the extended arm of the PTO. In a split second, as fast as Superman could skin a grapefruit, the PTO had torn all the clothes off Phil’s body. In less than three minutes his body turned blue. Nothing was broken but he was as bruised as the top avocado at the supermarket. Chuck commented later that he looked like he’s been run through a hay conditioner. I figger he was the blazing example of that expression, “...he looked like he’d been drug through a knothole.” —

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13011 N. Freya, Mead


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The premier SERVICE & REPAIR center of the Inland Northwest

We care about your horses, too. Safety inspections and repairs are crucial to your horse trailer.

Have your horse trailer repaired and inspected by our ASE Certified Technicians for peace of mind.

Have your truck serviced and inspected at the same time. We specialize in:

Axle Alignments • Body & Paint Repair • Electrical Wiring & Lights Fabrication & Welding • Frame Repair & Straightening • Hitch, Tow Bar & Tongue Jack Replacement & Repair Reflooring • Sheetmetal Work & Fiberglass Repair • Spindle, Brakes, Suspensions Truck/Auto/RV Air Conditioning Repair & Service Wheel Bearings Repacked • Boat, RV, and Equipment Trailer Repair

...and EVERYTHING ELSE your rig needs to operate at its best. 509-535-0363 • 800-456-0363

5301 E. Broadway • PO Box 11435 • Spokane Valley, WA 99212 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 19

Washington’s Fleet Service & Repair Center Since 1906




ert Road Deer Park, WA 99006

E. Insert Rd. Diamond Deer309Park, D DD D D(509) D 723-8166 DWA 99006 Horse Boarding Pine D DD D D D(425)D 681-0142 D D t an affordable price! Ranch Your



Insert Road Deer Park, WA 99006 lter/HeatedPREMIER Water309 East FULL SERVICE BOARDING Horse D D D D D DD D … ividual Runs WITH RESIDENT ATTENDANT

St. MarieS Saddle Club AnnuAl Horse sHow & omoksee Sat & Sun, July 28-29 Benewah County Fairgrounds, St. Maries, Idaho

Needs Premier Horse Boarding heated water & individual runs Cleaning◆ Outdoor shelters with Us! ◆ Premium alfalfa/grass hay, fed 2x daily Personalized alfa/Orchard Grass Haycare at an affordable price! ◆ Heated wash rack, tack room, parking Your IndoorOutside lighted arena 80x144 Shelter/Heated Water ntion ◆B Horse ◆ Outdoor arena 150x250 with scheduled open riding, evenings B 50’ x 50’ Individual Runs y* Needs ◆ Endless Trails B Weekly Pen Cleaning FOR SALE: Us! or


*Additional services upon request


◆ Blue Mountain Premium Alfalfa/Orchard GrassPellet Hay

Bedding - less labor, less waste, by the bag or ton, B On-Site Attention 100% Natural Zeolite services upon request B $300 Monthly * *Additionaleliminates odor ◆ Irrigated Hay Sales Indoor & Outdoor small bales available

09-723-8166 or De: 425-681-0142 Riding For moreArenas information Proud Distributors of:

MilesPanels & miles of◆ Blue Mountain Pellet Bedding Noble & Gates groomed trail riding trails

awardS & buCkleS 2 day Overall High Point trophy Saddle St. Maries Saddle Club was founded 64 years ago

President, Carol Lindberg For more information and to download entry forms, or call 208-245-0861


Contact Doug: 509-723-8166 or De: 425-681-0142 E-mail: For more information

(no Personal residence loans)

25,000 - loans noW UP To $1 Million! $

Apply by a simple phone call I Can Often Fund In A Week To 10 Days! 160 acre Fenced Horse rancH, TWin laKes area: $1,550,000

Edward andErson • Kingston, id 509-994-2557 • JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 20

ImagIne your perfect Horse property In eastern WasHIngton Valley, Washington - MLS #201715855

stevens county location just minutes to Loon Lake and Hwy 395



Gorgeous Property! 152 Acres with very comfortable 2018 remodeled home with granite countertops, open living area, huge barn, shop (50'x40') machine shed (36'x20'), corrals and fenced pastures, rolling grasslands prefect for horse set-up. Beautiful area plenty of room for recreational activities. For more pictures & details,

Deer park, Washington - MLS #201812505

park like setting just south of Deer park, Wa. perfect horse property!


20 acres with Dragoon Creek running through it! House in shop! 100’x70’ indoor arena with power, lights, rollup doors, 8 stalls with pads & tack room. Additional 20’x40’ shop/ barn combo with 2 stalls & corrals, trees and pastures, RV hook up for guests, paved county road. For more pictures & details,


elk, Washington - MLS #201818543

Just minutes from Hwy 2 on paved county road



4 bedroom, 3 bath home on gorgeous rolling 120 acre parcel with approx. 1/2 timber and 1/2 pasture/ tillable ground. Large home with a panoramic view, big 40x50’ barn for your critters and 2 shops (big one 30x50, little one 24x36) for all your tools & toys. Year round creek and trout pond makes this one hard to pass up! Some of the best hunting in the region (elk, deer, turkeys). Daylight basement has in-law set up with kitchen and appliances, attached 2 car garage. For more pictures & details,

elk, Washington - MLS #201815279 great Horse property!


Cozy Country Home with views of Mt. Spokane on 22.62 acres, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on paved County Road. Home remodeled in 1998 with large master suite, attached 2 car garage with a barn for critters, wood stove in living room makes it warm & toasty on cold winter nights. Well, log shows 9gpm, State Park land adjoining. For more pictures & details,


Deer park, Washington - MLS #201811181 saddle mountain ranches



23.41 acre premium view lot overlooking Long Lake, unique gated community, low taxes, wildlife, bridle paths & common areas, hunting & shooting allowed, miles of road & trails, State land connects to this amazing Subdivision. Come build your dream horse ranch property For more pictures & details,

Jim Palmer, Jr. • 509-953-1666 •


Barbee Scheibner, an Equestrian By Ken Carmichael Once in a while a person comes along that makes a difference. Barbee is one of those individuals. She has dedicated a good portion of her life to improving the equestrian experience in the Spokane area. I have known Barbee since 1988 when I joined Back Country Horsemen. Right away it was evident that Barbee was there to make a difference. She always carried her weight in board meetings and public meetings. She has always been a joy to ride with because she was never lost and carried everything you would need in an emergency. It is easy to spot Barbee on the trail with her baseball cap, sweatshirt, tennis shoes and large camera slung across her shoulder always ready to jump off her horse to take a picture of a flower. While Barbee does not ride any more her heart is still with the horses. And we can all thank Barbee for the wonderful work she did for us and wish her the best. In 2014 Barbee was awarded a special Life Time Achievement Award from Back Country Horsemen. I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to Barbee than to repeat that award. Here is that award: Barbee Scheibner is a charter member of the Inland Empire Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Washington, having joined when the chapter was formed in 1986. It may be impossible to accurately document all the work that Barbee has done for the chapter over these years. Her most visible role, and the one most people associate with Barbee, is being Chapter Secretary for many years. Some people may say since dirt was new. In this position she has documented our board and membership meetings and ensured our history was recorded, including maintaining the chapter Brag Book. Barbee is the first one in the meeting room and the last one to leave as she has been entrusted with the key and access code to the building. Barbee took two years off in 2004 and 2005 as Secretary to take her turn as Chapter President using her experience in BCH and the chapter to further our mission. Barbee has also been very busy behind the scenes in IEBCH. She has served many years on the Awards Committee generating the guidelines for recognition of others in the

chapter. She is responsible for creating an in depth Trail Guide identifying trailheads and trails within 50 and 100 miles of Spokane. She helped create the Trail PONDEROSA CHAPTER Etiquette guidelines that we follow today. She almost single handedly created the first detailed trail maps of Mt. Spokane State Park and Riverside State Park. These two maps have been used by hikers, bikers and equestrians and have become a major fundraiser for IEBCH. She is always there for the Poker Ride, primarily supervising a game station. Outside the chapter functions Barbee has spent countless hours representing IEBCH in many ways. She served as Secretary to the BCHW Columbia Plateau Regional Council, Secretary and board member of the Riverside State Park Foundation and Advisory Board, member of the Friends of Mt. Spokane State Park and Advisory Committee and represented equestrians on the Dishman Hills Alliance, the Inland Northwest Trails Coalition and worked on the Conservation Futures Program. She has also maintained contacts with Spokane County Parks. Barbee’s dedication to so many board meetings and public meetings has contributed greatly to equestrians being welcome on our public lands. And then when she is not attending board and public meetings she has enjoyed riding many miles

lady raven stables Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075

CUSTOM HORSE PAINTINGS Have a photo you love? I’ll capture it on canvas!

Deanna Hormann Painter & Realist

509-924-4796 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 22

20.49 Acre Horse PArAdise in nortH idAHo


549, 000

F eAtures :

• Turn-key horse property fenced & cross fenced! • 1872 sq.ft. home with wrap around deck complete with hot tub!

5 bedrooms, 1.5 baths 15948 N. Boot Hill Road Hayden, ID

• 11,088 sq.ft. lighted indoor riding arena! • 2 barns boasting 3200 sq.ft. with 18 stalls! • Just 10 minutes outside of town in the sought after Rimrock area!

Check out the aerial property tour! Search ‘Boot Hill Horse Property’ on Youtube

Danny Davis, Associate Broker 208-691-6003 • (office) 208-664-1461 Please visit our website at for additional information today!


with the Trail Markers. Never sitting in the back row Barbee has always been willing and able to hold important offices and provide valuable input on behalf of equestrians wherever she goes always representing IEBCH and equestrians with the style and knowledge that is so important. Barbee has demonstrated that everyone is welcome and needed on our work parties with her loppers and hand saw. While she does not operate a chainsaw she is always working as hard as she can providing that extra support. No matter the work party she is always there doing what she can. It has never been hard to identify Barbee on the trail rides. Whether she was on Bourbon, Spanky, Toby or Pikuni you can spot the baseball cap, sweatshirt, tennis shoes and the very large camera strapped across her shoulder. This is important as Barbee loves getting off the horse for that special close up picture of yet another beautiful flower. While Barbee has led many rides in her favorite locations, and she has many, she is always there supporting other rides as well. She is one of the most “PREPARED” riders you want to be with as her saddlebags and pommel bag are full of first aide and survival equipment. In addition, Barbee is one the best map readers around. Barbee also participates in all the educational programs offered by IEBCH including packing clinics, first aid, Leave No Trace, map reading and equestrian care. As a charter member of IEBCH Barbee has dedicated over 28 years to the BCH mission. She has received many awards, including: the Phil Bolich Life Time Achievement Award, Good Hoofmanship Award, Good Sportsmanship Award, Outstanding Member Award, the Award for Public Meeting

Attendance, the Award for Trail Maintenance, and the most coveted award of all, the Hard Luck Award (she has fallen off a horse more than once). The thanks and appreciation we owe Barbee goes beyond words. She has done so much for all of us and Back Country Horsemen. We may have left something out of this letter but it has not gone unrecognized over Barbee’s years of service to the equestrian community. THANK YOU FROM ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN BACK COUNTRY HORSEMEN! For more information about Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen see the website or call me at 509466-2225. I will always talk horses.

Rosemary Barber 509-981-1813 First Look Real Estate

627 Highland Loop, Kettle Falls WA WAnt to Live in pARAdise?

$720,000 MLS# 201817687

this amazing property has tons of potential. the main home is 3720 sq ft with mother in law setup in daylight basement. the 2nd home is 1992 3 bedroom/2 bathroom MFG. included on this 38+ acres are; 3 car garage w/ shop, 4 stall barn with great tack area, a 36x60 “bunkhouse” with 8 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & a kitchen, second 30x60 building with 2 baths with an event center, equipment shed, hay shed, wood shed, orchard, & garden area. plus stunning views in every direction! Just waiting for your imagination!

©2017 BHH Affiliates, LLC. An independantly owned and operated Frachisee of BHH Afilliates, LLC. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices symbol are registered service marks of HomeServices of America, Inc. ® Equal Housing Opportunity.


SPORTSMAN’S PARADISE! 20616 N Day Mt Spokane Rd, Mead, WA 99021

• Amazing views overlooking Green Bluff • 2 story contemporary home w/ basement • Built in 1945, complete remodel in 2010 • 3 bed, 3 bath, 3,473 sq.ft. • Open floor plan, fireplace • Gated entry, fenced yard & sprinkler system • Forced air, propane & central AC • 15 minutes to shopping & restaurants in Mead School District • Huge 4 car heated garage/ shop (22’x48’) 12’ door & ½ bath

For a virtual tour

• Well designed private horse facility surrounded by cross fence pastures! • Horse barn w/ indoor arena (60’x144’) 12+ stalls & 2 runs & ¾ bath & laundry • Fancy shop (22’x40’) heated & insulated w/ cabinetry & concrete floor • Good well


849,900 65 Acres

SUZY DIX Lic. # 13922

(509) 994-9300

An Expert You Can Trust With Your Property Investment


Call Tammy Mason 509-922-7807

MLS #: 201818014

To Enhance & Secure Your Investments

Craftsmanship & Integrity Craftsmanship & Integrity • Commercial Commercial, Farm, Home• Home • Landscaping • Farm Established 1983 Landscaping Summer Schedule Almost Booked, 509-276-1140 Call Now for Fall Appointments! Proprietor: 509-276-1140 Austin Wells Established 1983 Lic. #NORTH4F96004

699, 900


Proprietor: Austin Wells FANTASTIC HOME ON 10 TREED Lic. #NORTH4F96004 Indiana ACRES LOCATED IN GREENACRES Lovely updated 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with guest/in-law house. Huge kitchen & dining, lots of cabinets & counters. Living room is bright & big, lower level is walkout. Great shop with wings for RV, boat & other toys! Fenced & cross fenced for animals, treed with seasonal creek & pond. So many updates, special features & quality.

Harness Co.

“Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)

Deer Park equestrian BoarDing/training Facility with sPectacular Views



 30x30 Garage/Shop with roughed in plumbing,  34 Acres fenced and cross 200 amp electrical. fenced with Electric Fencing.  4 Bed, 2 Bath home.  70x100 Indoor riding arena with water and power.  Multiple loafing sheds, all with power and water.

 48x96 Barn 12 Large stalls, Heated tack room, 200 amp electrical.  Beautiful meditation garden, 48x90 vegetable garden, Large heated chicken house.  17x44 Clubhouse area attached to barn.

Don Hatch • 509-710-7339 • Exit Real Estate North JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 26




40x27 Shop • 50x50 Horse Barn • Double Garage • Tool Shed

Serene Setting with Mountain & Territorial Views

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Purchase This Gem! 12405 E Nelson Ave., Elk, WA • MLS #201819247 2,291 sq.ft Paved Access To Property & Property Has A Good Well And Septic System!

Main Floor Features:

Upper Floor Features:

• Spacious Living Room and Dining Room • Open Kitchen • Office/ Family Room • Two Bedrooms • Den or Could Be Used as Oversized 4th Bedroom

• Spacious Master Suite

Lower Floor Features: • Family Room • Ample Room to Add a 4th or 5th Bedroom


Tony Vaughn 509-230-3922

Incredible Multi-Use Farm! Only 10 miles north of Spokane city limits!

23720 N. Crescent Rd., Chattaroy, WA Private 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4,470 sq. ft. river front farm estate one mile from Hwy 2. 44.48 acres of pasture and forest borders Little Spokane River and Dragoon creek. Swimming pool, attached 2 car and detached 3 car garage. Horse paddock and fenced, irrigated summer grass pastures with auto-water systems. Zoned Rural Conservation with abundant ground water and wildlife. Includes commercial building currently used as artisan creamery. Perfect for a winery, retreat or B&B possibilities. Additional acreage may be available.

MLS# 201816557

Steve Hagen 509 879-3813 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 28






Western Skies Farrier Service Certified Farrier serving Washington, Idaho & Western Montana; Specializing in lame‑ ness & corrective trimming or shoeing. Hot or cold shoeing & fitting with all types of pads. Any size equine, breed orage accept‑ ed. Call or text Josh Lynott, 208‑659‑8368

We Can Start Your Ranch Roping Horse Develop confidence in your dressage horse & train solid trail horses; common sense training with Rob Dotts & Sally Shepard, a team of trainers with more than 45 years of experience; no gimmicks used, just good horsemanship. Northwest Trails, Deer Park 509‑276‑6345

Paints For Sale Three Yearlings One 2 year old gelding, one 2 year old filly, one 4 year old filly, one 7 year old filly. Registered & grade, $500 to $1500. 509‑253‑4631. Davenport

Barefoot Hoof Trimming 4Pb‑S.A.I.D. Method, nature’s correct healthy & pre‑ ferred alternative to metal shoes. J.B. Healy, third generation farrier. 509‑456‑5555

Want To Improve Your Horsemanship And equine knowledge? Like our Face‑ book page, Sunnyridge Horsemanship and be surprised how much you’ll learn! Ques‑ tions? email: SunnyRidgeHorsemanship@

40% Crude Protein Pelleted Camelina Meal in tote bags. Naturally high in Ome‑ ga 3’s & Vitamin E. $340/ ton, Ritzville, Washington. 509/520‑9642, www.Cam‑


Northwest Trails Horse Boarding Happy, healthy horses. Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pas‑ tures with shelter. Endless miles of beauti‑ ful trail riding. Natural horsemanship train‑ ing & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. www.Northwest‑ 509‑276‑6345 Deer Park Echo Valley Ranch Horse Boarding 12x12 stalls with large runs, 60x40 lighted indoor arena, round pen, (2) large outdoor arenas, 100x125 & 200x300, heated water, stalls cleaned daily, quality hay fed twice daily, trails nearby, stress free environment, references available. See our Facebook at Echo Valley Ranch Horse Boarding. 509‑936‑2039 Deer Park Boarding! Lady Raven Stables has new stalls for your boarding needs. Indoor/ outdoor arenas, round pen, miles of trails, wash rack, heated tack room, 8 minutes from North Division Y. www.La‑ Call 509‑953‑4511; 509‑993‑7758

Beginner Horse Riding Lessons Stressing safety, good horsemanship & fun. Hadley, 509‑723‑6876 Deer Park

TACK & TRAILERS Tack: Lots Of Supplies & Equipment Saddle pads, blankets, ropes, head stalls, and reins, saddles and racks, moving. 208‑816‑3140. Kamiah 3 Western Saddles, Bridles & Horse Equipment, starting at $150. 509‑258‑4653 or 509‑953‑0523. Valley, WA Spokane Tack Trunk English & Western saddles, tack, clothes & much more. We have horse themed wines too! From the trail to the show ring, we’ve got you covered! Find us on Facebook & In‑ stagram. 11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. 509‑927‑5891 www.SpokaneTackTrunk. com 2006 All Aluminum Bumper Pull 4‑Horse Trailer. Loaded, aluminum wheels, rumber rot‑proof floor, water tank, huge aluminum hay rack, heavy duty torsion bar suspen‑ sion, excellent condition, $11,000 or best offer. Call for more info, 509‑939‑5645. Spokane Valley


AQHA Horses For Sale Mares & Fillies North Pasco, call 509‑531‑5211 Free To Good Home Older Mare And older mule, not broke, gentle easy keepers, good condition, moving. 208‑816‑3140, Kamiah Old Horse‑Powered Hay Press First one in North Idaho, pictures available, $2500, cash only. 509‑988‑0142

SERVICES Excavation Work & Land Clearing Roads, block & concrete retaining walls, stump removal, all types of dirt work. Call Daniel at Rockhard Concrete, 509‑496‑7010 Lic. #ROCKHC*8905A Farming & Construction: Best Rates & Best Service Licensed, bonded & insured. University educated & generations of ex‑ perience. Custom farming: field mowing, weed spraying, fertilizing, tilling & seed‑ ing. Custom construction: laser grading & excavating, farm & ranch style fencing, horse arenas, site prep. WA & ID creden‑ tialed weed, insect & pest control. Weed board listed. BBB A+. References. North‑ west Custom Farming & Construction, 509‑389‑2095 WA #NORTHCF941J1




Anado Ace Wind DriftFarm ...........................16 Leitachic Mark McKinnon ............................5 MamaSaidDash C&S Ranch ....................................6 Mr Bo Button Meadow Starr Ranch ...................13 Mr Valentino Meadow Starr Ranch ...................13 Poco Buenos Ghost C&S Ranch ....................................6 SW Ferrari Meadow Starr Ranch ..............Cover


NW Cover-All /Fabri-Steel ...........18 Steel Structures of America,Inc ......8



C&S Ranch ....................................6 Shalwyn Arabians ..........................6 Wind Drift Farm Quarter Horses ..16

Hermiston Horse Sale Extravag. .....5 Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen ....7 St. Maries Saddle Club.................20 Weaver Quarter Horses Prod. Sale ...3


Lady Raven Stable .......................22 Upriver Stables ............................16


All Terrain Fence ............................9 Jasper Enterprises, Inc. ............. Back North 40 Fence Company............26 Washington/Idaho Fence .............15


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Indiana Harness Co. ....................26 Spokane Tack Trunk .......................5 Will Rogers Saddle Co .................17


Shalwyn Arabians ........................16 Weaver Quarter Horses Prod. Sale ...3 Wind Drift Farm ..........................16

Ann Kirk Horsemanship.................4 Morris Stables/Ed Morris ..............16


Huber Trailer Sales.......................14 Washington Auto Carriage ...........19

Class 8 Trucks ..............................10 HUB International - Fran Jene ......12



McKinlay & Peters Equine............11

Danny Davis................................23

45-Acre Lake Roosevelt View Property Excellent Horse Property Potential! • 45 Acres in Two Parcels • Mostly Grassy, Some Trees • Two Barns: 600 sq.ft, 480 sq.ft. • Long Private Driveway • Well, Power, & Septic • Full RV Hookups • Near Two Boat Launches • Lots of Quiet Open Space



4497 Hwy 25 S. Hunters, WA MLS# 201816817 JULY 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 30


John SHEP Sheppard 509-263-2099

P.O. Box 427 • Spokane, W A 99210 -0427 • (509) 922-3456

P.O. Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210 • (509) 922-3456 • 1-800-326-2223

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4 Installs Easily 4 Less Expensive than Vinyl or Metal 4 Stains or Paints Easily 4 Very Strong & Durable 4 Pressure Treated to A.W.P.A. Standards Our wide range of sizes & larger inventory allows our dealers to supply your post needs for the following; as well as many other applications for one acre or a hundred.




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