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McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital Is Proud to Welcome

Alyssa K Doering, DVM

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Summer 2020

horse previews with FARMS & RANCHES



Veterinary Knowledge ageless horsemanship Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy by.Dr..John.Herning,.DVM....................... .4

McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital welcomes

Sacking Out, Part 4 - Adding Objects by.Ann.Kirk........................................... 10

We are thankful to have our roots in a beautiful part of the West. Dr. Jed McKinlay began the practice at his home in the Green Bluff area, north of Spokane, in 1993. Since then the practice has grown and flourished.

baxter black, DVM On.The.Edge.of.Common.Sense.. corriente auction................................. 16 Riverside State park New Trail Map ponderosa back country horsemen by.Ken.Carmichael................................ 18

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Alyssa K Doering, DVM - our New Equine Surgeon!

In 1999, Dr. Bob Peters joined the practice and a solid partnership in equine veterinary care formed. From our humble beginnings on Green Bluff, to our first facility and Reproduction Center in Colbert, to our new state of the art hospital in Newman Lake, our main focus has always been to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate care for horses possible. For the Love of Horses is not just our motto, but also our way of life. Each of our doctors, technicians, and staff are horse owners or have a deep and abiding love for horses. We invite you to read our bios on our website, www.McKinlayPetersEquine. com. We hope that you will come to know that when you trust your horses care to MPEH, your horse is being cared for by horsemen and women who dedicate their lives to one of God’s most beautiful creatures on earth, the Horse. MPEH has seven doctors on staff: Jed D. McKinlay, DVM Bob Peters, DVM Bob Schneider, Diplomate ACVS Freya Stein, DVM DACVIM (LAIM) Michelle Roseburg, DVM John Herning, DVM Alyssa K. Doering, DVM JULY 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 3

Hello, in.Missoula.I.developed.a. passion.for.horses..As.a.barrel. racer.(amateur,.collegiate,. and.professional.levels).I. understand.the.importance.of. up.and.running. practice.the.skills.I.acquired. from.Oakridge.Equine.Hospital,. University.of.Pennsylvania,.and. Texas.A&M.(where.I.completed. my.surgical.residency). include:.Orthopedic.surgeries,.throat. surgeries.for.performance.horses,.colic. surgeries, remove.ovaries.and.testicles,.and.other. soft-tissue.surgeries. developing.a.traveling.sports.medicine.unit.,. diagnose.bleeders.and.provide.all.of.the. keep.performance.horses.doing.their.job...’s. surgical.needs..Please.don’t.hesitate. Best.regards, Alyssa.K..Doering,.DVM.Equine.Surgeon McKinlay.&.Peters.Equine.Hospital 509-928-6734.•.509-238-4959 208-457-8813.(Idaho.Residents)

veterinary knowledge

agel es s horsemanship

ExtracorporEal shock wavE thErapy Dr. John Herning, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital

With the news dominated by the human Corona Virus very few people have noticed an equine virus has been slowly spreading across parts of the central and southwestern US. First identified in New Mexico April 15th, it has continued to march into Arizona, Texas, Kansas and as of June 25th Dr. John Herning, DVM Nebraska can now be added to the list as states affected by the virus, Vesicular Stomatitis. Vesicular Stomatitis or VS can infect cattle, horses, pigs and occasionally sheep/goats. Little known fact is people can also contract VS and become ill with flu like symptoms and fever. Symptoms in horses consist of painful blisters to the tongue, lips and mouth making it difficult to eat and drink. In addition, teats can be affected on nursing mares causing associated foal problems, and blisters can also form on the coronet resulting in laminitis and sloughing of hooves in severe cases. Transmission of the disease is mostly by biting flies/midges, which is why VS is more prevalent in the warmer months. VS can also be transmitted horse to horse by direct contact with the fluids from ruptured blisters and

contact with buckets, shared water sources and other equipment that has been contaminated. While a horse is suffering from VS, horses should be fed soft foods to decrease mouth discomfort and anti-inflammatory medications can reduce swelling and pain to encourage a horse to continue to eat and drink. Sometimes fluid therapy may need to be administered if the horse becomes dehydrated, and measures to protect and support their feet if laminitis is a concern. Luckily the disease is self-limiting in most cases and with this proper supportive care horses can heal and return to full health typically within two weeks. The number one way to prevent the spread is quarantine of infected horses and adequate separation and repellents to protect from fly transmission to healthy horses. The real problem with VS is its enormous economic effect it can have on the horse, cattle and swine industry in terms of lost revenues, costs of treatment and cancellation of equestrian/show livestock events. VS clinical signs mimic Hoof and Mouth disease seen in cattle, pigs other cloven hooved animals, even deer and buffalo. Hoof and Mouth disease hasn’t been seen in the US since 1929, but the 2001 outbreak in England resulted in the destruction of 6 million cows and sheep and the cancellation of almost all equine transport and activities. For these reasons, the Federal Government’s response to control the spread of VS is


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swift and far reaching. This involves quarantining affected properties, cancellation of horse shows, auctions and restrictions or outright bans on some interstate transport. Canada also implements travel restrictions and bans from affected states/counties. To control the spread of VS the importance of veterinary inspection and writing of health certificates for interstate travel becomes our first line of defense. The spread of this disease from state to state and county to county came about from the transportation of infected horses without proper veterinary inspection. VS has made its way to the Pacific Northwest as recent as 2009 affecting Montana and impacting us locally, and was as close as Colorado last year. For this reason, quarantine any new arrivals from out of state and carefully

ArAbiAn Horses For sAle

review health papers. If in doubt, have any out of state animals tested quickly by your veterinarian before further transmission can occur. When at shows practice strict biosecurity, especially avoiding contact with any animals from out of state, and practice good fly control. If planning an interstate trip, consult with your veterinarian as to any new outbreaks and if travel to this area is advised or if there are any difficulties, such as a second veterinary inspection and certificate required before returning to Idaho or Washington before getting your departure travel certificates. Hopefully, like Covid 19, we can get this all behind us as quickly as possible and return to normalcy.

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Shalwyn Arabians Gerwyn & Diane Jones 411 Caldwell Road Walla Walla, WA 99362-9712 509-529-4067 Email:

“Making the World a Better Place, One Horse at a Time!” Jed D. McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM Bob Schneider, DVM, Diplomate ACVS • Michele Roseburg, DVM Freya Stein, DVM, DACVIM (LAIM) • John Herning, DVM Alyssa K. Doering, DVM - Surgeon Rev.19:11-16


Poco BuenoS GHoSt AQHA Reg#4504586

2007 Homozygous • Black & White Tobiano • 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar “Rocket has a great disposition and great conformation that he is passing onto his foals from a variety of mares! Rocket is homozygous for the tobiano and black gene so guaranteed a colored foal and all black based! All of his foals to date have been awesome and are very versatile! His oldest offspring are 5 & 6 years old and they are performing in Western Pleasure, dressage and hunter/jumper, English Pleasure and barrel racing! Rocket’s offspring are very versatile! Also check out Rocket’s excellent pedigree! Please aka Rocket consider breeding your mare or mares to Rocket and you will also be a very happy and proud owner of a beautiful Rocket foal!”

2004 Cremello • 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc • Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda “Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition & conformation. He has offspring that are excelling in the roping pen, speed events, cow horse events and also great trail riding and family horses! And to add to all that he adds the great colors of either palomino, buckskin, smokey black or even smokey grullas, depending on the color of the mare!”

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“A big thank you to everyone who has chosen to breed their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2019 and over the past 11 years! Also, thank you to all of you who have purchased a horse from us! It is your support and hearing the wonderful stories of the resulting foals or the progress of our home bred horses that keeps us doing what we love every year!”— Charlene & Steve Ulrich



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Midnyte Shetlands

Classic & Modern American Shetland Ponies American Show Ponies Clockwise:  Wilk. Radioactive  Wilk. Midnyte Mona Lisa  Soundview’s Going GaGa (HOF)  Midnyte My My Flying High  Michigan’s Party Girl FMF

Owned/ Trained: Sylvia Glover MidnyTe SheTlAnd POnieS STeThMir ArAbiAnS

Colbert, WA


Trainer: Tim Wigren


Ridgefield, WA

360.901.2854 Photos: Hicks; Sims-Boosalis; Bickford; Glover


Sacking out Part 4 — adding objects By Ann Kirk

It’s hard to believe it is the middle of 2020 already! Many unexpected things have happened this year that have made it both exciting and challenging. I’m not sure how this will end or the changes this virus will have in the long run, but God knows. By trusting in Him, I can look forward to the year with anticipation and not fear. This can also work well when working with our horses. Whether the last lesson worked out better or worse than expected, we should always be positively prepared for greater results the next time. Be careful not to take old baggage into the next lesson or it can produce a mindset that will determine the course before you even start. We can become very emotionally involved and take the horse’s reactions as a personal insult. If we do this, we will defeat the whole purpose of what we were trying to teach. I cannot expect my horse to get a grip on its emotions when I can’t control my own. So, take time to be mentally prepared for their learning process and look for the positives in each lesson. This month we will add another phase to our sacking out session. Last month, we worked our hands over the entire horse, starting at the head and working towards the tail and legs. So this month, we will add some objects to get the horse even more solid on trusting us and on learning the correct response to unusual stimuli. This will be done in the same manner as when approaching him with nothing but your

hands. To prepare for this lesson, gather a few things that you will use. Some of my favorite objects are the lariat I use for the round pen lesson, a cotton twin bed sheet, a towel or saddle blanket, a piece of plastic (small and large), a whip to attach the plastic to when ready and a saddle or a saddle pad with stirrups. The list could go on and on but you get the picture. Then you will want to lay them out in an order that will make it the easiest for the horse. Don’t start with the scariest; start with what you believe will be the least scary for the horse to deal with. The more correct responses you get, the faster your horse becomes solid at facing his fears and not moving his feet. Let’s say we start with the towel. Fold it once or twice to make it even smaller. Starting from the opposite side of the round pen with your horse facing you, begin to approach him just as before. Don’t try to hide the object or overly emphasis it. Just handle it like you expect him to be totally comfortable with it. Walk as if you have done it a hundred times already. Don’t sneak up to him or hurry either. Pay close attention to

July Trail Clinic July 18-19

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

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Private Lessons Available July 17

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship JULY 2020 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 10

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his response and try to stop your approach just short of him moving to get away. By not scaring him beyond his ability to control his emotional response, yet always seeking to challenge him to tolerate just a little more is how you build his confidence and trust in you. Don’t get in a hurry to get him desensitized to the object. The longer it takes him to become comfortable with the towel, the more work you get to do on the emotional training with that towel. Do with the towel what you did with your hands starting at the head, rubbing it on him for a few seconds and walking away at an angle while kissing to have him face you. If he moves off, whether from fear or from disinterest, use the towel to excite him a little more and only drop it when he finally will respond by looking at you, turning in and stopping. The idea here is teaching the horse that as soon as he looks, the scary thing goes away. He will learn to stay focused on what scares him instead of wanting to run away. When he is totally comfortable with the towel on his main body, then you have to change objects to continue training on his emotional control. Remember, you are not trying to scare him but you are not trying not to either. You would be surprised at how many “quiet” horses fall apart when their emotions are raised because the only response they know is

instinct. If you don’t teach him how to handle his emotions, you are always at the mercy of whatever might trigger his fears. This is a great lesson to do with any horse but especially your young horses. Weanlings and yearlings are so programmable because they have not been reacting like horses for very long. If you can condition their emotional response when they are young, it gives you an entirely different animal to train as they get older. That is what imprinting is all about; programming the kind of reactions we want to the stimulus they will encounter in life. If I introduce an object to the horse and he seems fine with it, I do not spend much time on that object. I am not trying to make a problem so I can fix it. I will just go on to the next object. Different horses react to different stuff. One might be terrified of something like a tarp because they have never been around one. Yet the next horse has been fed on or near one and couldn’t care less. If you can’t find anything that causes undo concern, that’s a good thing. But, at least you now know a way to work things through with your horse if he is afraid of certain objects. Have fun and be safe… -Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Programs, go to And check out the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs now available!

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On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe


It could only happen to a cowboy. Thurman had established himself as a figure of some note in the Corriente Association. The Association had developed over the years into a successful representative of livestock people dedicated to breeding and supplying roping steers. The Corriente breeders in the northwest were gearing up for their big regional meeting in Prineville, Oregon. Being a national officer, Thurman was asked to attend and was given dignitary status. In preparation for the auction fundraiser to be held at the gala on the final night, members brought items to sell. Jim, a California Corriente man, brought a big painting. As he scanned the other auction items he began to doubt the worthiness of his contribution. He asked Thurman’s opinion. Thurman looked at the tall three foot by two foot drawing. It was framed with simple, yet sturdy 1x2 lathe. A large paint horse was bucking against a desert and mountain backdrop. With no criticism implied, it was obvious that anatomy had

2BU Youth Ranch

BARN DANCE August 15, 2020 • 5-9pm Featuring Line dancing with gary & Penny Smith

not been the artist’s college major. ‘Course that didn’t make Picasso all bad either. Onboard the bucker sat a big-hatted, moustachioed cowboy, chaps flying, spurs flashing and a nose that cleaved the air like an ice breaker in Hudson Bay. The saddle and gear was intricately carved. The curled rattlesnake was detailed down to the papilla on his flickering tongue. Thurman stood back... overwhelmed, as Jim explained it had been drawn by an inmate at the state prison. “All done in ballpoint,” offered Jim hopefully. “Jim,” said Thurman, “I’m no art critic, but it’s beautiful. I’d love to have it myself, but I’ll bet it’ll top the sale!” Jim beamed. At the auction that night things were sellin’ wildly. A cassette brought $180.00. A little statue brought $350.00. Thurman was helping at the auction table. He personally carried Jim’s picture to the front. “Friends,” he said, “This spectacular hand-done original drawing in ballpoint donated by Jim is gonna be the catch of the day. It’s a treasure worthy of great museums, historic bar walls and unfinished tackrooms. Look at the detail, the contrast, the poetry in motion harkening back to our forefathers and their foremothers before them. It will be the purchase of a lifetime!” The crowd looked at Thurman in a new light. “Matter of fact,” he continued, “I’m gonna start the bidding at $125.00.” Jim was overcome. Admiration for Thurman swelled within him. He rose and walked to the front. “Ladies and gentlemen, our friend Thurman has done so much for us and although there is no way we can properly repay him, I suggest we stop the bidding right here and let Thurman have it!” A standing ovation followed. Thurman smiled like a sick dog and rapidly inventoried his airplane ticket home and the $132.00 in his pocket. P.S. It cost him $5.00 to package it for the plane ride home. He had coffee and a Twinkie and spent that night at the airport parking lot in his rent car. The picture now hangs on Thurman’s wall as a reminder.


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RiveRside state PaRk New tRail MaP Ken Carmichael

The Riverside State Park Foundation is proud to announce the publication of our new Riverside State Park Trail Map. The demand for an accurate and comprehensive map has been enormous in recent years. The 18x24 inch map of the entire park features more detailed information about 4 popular areas on the back. These areas include: Equestrian Area, Bowl and Pitcher, Seven Mile and Pine Bluff. Parks is in the process of installing new signposts with trail numbers to match the map. The map has taken more than a year to accurately plot with the combined efforts of park staff, Foundation members and professional map cartographer. The Foundation will sell the map through the Riverside State Park and cooperating retailers. Initial retailers include REI, Will Rogers Saddle Company, North Division Bicycle and The Bike Hub. Additional retailers will be identified on the Foundation website and Facebook as they come on board. If you are interested in being a retail outlet for the map please contact Lou Haymond

For sale Homes on AcreAge! mAjestic home on 1 Acre

at mlhaymond@comcast. net. We want to thank the many people that have contributed to this effort. PONDEROSA CHAPTER A special thanks to the sponsors on the map, the retailers and recreational groups that are distributing the maps and of course all the people that purchase the maps. The Foundation’s net proceeds directly benefit Riverside State Park, a natural treasure just outside of Spokane’s city limits. As one of Washington’s largest state parks, the park offers many recreational opportunities that are highlighted on the map. The map should enhance users’ ability to navigate and engage in the many natural and recreational opportunities the park has to offer. The Riverside State Park Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the sole purpose of supporting Riverside State Park since 2002. We help to fund the needs of the park. Many people are looking for a great outdoor experience that is close to home. We help Riverside State Park provide this opportunity to everyone. We know that when people have a great experience outdoors they are happier and healthier. Come join us in Riverside State Park.

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Beautifully Kept Home & Shop on 10 View Acres 10807 E. Hallett Road, Spokane $


MLS #2020015351 • Fenced & set up for your animals • Power & water to the covered animal area • Home has steel roof, vinyl siding, large mud room with laundry • New flooring & carpet throughout • Open Kitchen with gas cooktop/ oven, huge deck/ eating area • Western red cedar in master suite • 30x40’ shop with 12’ door, insulated with power & 6” floor

Steve Cain & Shelly Monahan-Cain

509-290-3229 North Spokane, LLC


Secluded Horse Property Just South of Spokane 8723 S. Southfork Lane, Spokane, WA 99223

799,900 MLS #202017264


Horse Setup on 5 Acres

Steve Cain & Shelly Monahan-Cain

• 6 bed, 5 bath, 5411 sq.ft. custom built 1-1/2 story home • Huge main floor master with corian double sinks, tub & shower • Corian kitchen, gas cooktop, oak floors • $6,000 of brand new stainless steel appliances • Formal dining & living rooms & main floor office • Family room off kitchen, main floor laundry • 3 bedrooms up & full bathroom • Finished daylight basement, big family room, 2 legal bedrooms with full bath • Gas heat, Central AC • New well pump, cistern cleaned, new iron filter • Water softener and ozonator checked and set. • Heated 40x40’ shop with 12’ door, attached 20x40’ barn with two 12x12’ stalls • Power, water & 7 ton hay storage, fenced pasture

509-290-3229 North Spokane, LLC

380 Acre Ranch For Sale - 1 Hour Northwest of Spokane 5717 Martha Boardman Rd, Ford, WA

5 Beds, 5 Baths, 3888 SqFt

Indoor 72' x 1080' Arena w/ Attached Barn 132' x 3280' Outdoor Arena



• Custom home built in 2010 • Large acreage equestrian property • Acres of forest with miles of trails for horses • 100 tillable acres for alfalfa/grass crops • Year-around creek in an accessible canyon Schedule your own private showing!

Jeaninne Dawson

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Parker Buildings .............................13 Steel Structures of America, Inc ...... 17

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C&S Ranch ......................................6 Shalwyn Arabians .............................6

Midnyte Shetland Ponies ..................9 Shalwyn Arabians .............................6 Stethmir Arabians ............................9 Weaver Quarter Horses Production Sale................................7



2BU Youth Ranch Barn Dance ......... 16 Weaver Quarter Horses Production Sale................................7

HUB International Insurance.............. 4


FACILITY Lady Raven Stable..........................12 Morris Stables ...............................16

FARRIER Ray Cunnington Farrier Services ...... 12

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TRAILERS & TRAILER REPAIRS Huber Trailer Sales ...........................8 Washington Auto Carriage ...............15

VETERINARIAN McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital ............. Front Cover, 3

One Owner – Custom Built Home on 10 Acres Plenty of Room foR eveRyone, IncludIng the hoRses!

5245 Quail ridge, deer Park

• MLS #202016484

• 4410 sq.ft., 6 bed, 4 bath home with central vacuum system • Master suite, private balcony, sunroom • 12x24’ shop & shed • Work shop area, 2 car garage with circle driveway

Gwen ArrAnd Exit Real Estate Professionals Deer Park

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Scenic Hideaway Paradise on 14 Acres Rockford Bay Rd, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

$1,695,000 New Construction Just Completed 2020

Stunning Lake Cd’A and Mountain Views

• Year-round Bellgrove Creek • High-end custom built, multi-generational home (can accommodate 3 families) • 2770 sf ranch-style home (3 bedrooms + den, 2.5 baths, lots of closets) • Plus 2770 sf walk-through finished basement divided in two. Half can be for aging parents/ adult kids with full bath and separate entrance. The other half is for owner’s use with 3 rooms/ storage, root cellar/ bunker/ 3 concrete walls all the way up. • 600 ft away is a 2/1 mother-in-law 896 sf house • You must see this home to appreciate the luxurious touches infused into it: chef-style kitchen with Viking appliances, formal entry, soaring ceilings, crown molding, large Trex balcony, tall 3-layer glass windows, knotty Alder trims. • 60x36 insulated shop for your boat, RV, or additional storage. • 2 large enclosures, 8’ high fenced areas for horses. • No HOA or CC&Rs. • 15 miles to hospital, 0.8 mi to I-95, easy access! • Easy to show. Relocation. • Seller financing available.

Ana Negru Professional Realty Services Idaho


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