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ome join us at Horse Creek Ranch for a complete immersion into horsemanship! These fun and educational camps are a learning event of a lifetime. Horse Creek Ranch will be your home for 3, 5 or even 10 days where Steve will lead you to a higher level of understanding & communication with your horse. The things that you will learn during your stay at the ranch will enable you to go home with the tools you need to have a better equine partner. There is a great group atmosphere that will ensure lots of personal instruction as well as meeting new like-minded friends. At the end of the camp you will head home with new and exciting concepts of how to communicate with your horse, allowing you to continue building a relationship based on respect and understanding. Horse Creek Ranch is located in Northeast Washington, approximately 1.5 hours Northwest of Spokane. If you have a group between 9 and 14 people, we can even customize a camp just for you. For more information please email: or call, 971-533-6114.

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Saturday, June 23 • 3:30pm

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HEArt BANQuEt is a 501(c)3 event to raise funds for vet care & other necessities for 15 rescue horses! the catered menu is Prime rib, Pulled Pork, Buffet side dishes, a Rescued Horse Wine tasting & Silent Auction. there is also a “show” where we bring out the rescue horses, tell their stories & the rescue Horse Drill team performs... It is literally “Dinner and a Show!” Healthy Equine Association for Rehabilitation and Training specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of horses that may be candidates for euthanasia. How You Can Help: | DONATE | VOLUNTEER forSPONSOR more information visit our website: Our Programs depend on your support:

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Approved by WDAA, WSH & NEZ WEStErN DrESSAgE clASSES from INtro tHrougH lEvEl 3 Judge: lillian Evaniew-Phelan, uSEf/WDAA “r” call for entry form or email michelle at

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Learn More About Upcoming Events and Shows at: APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 3

Regal Arabians Presents: Rasheem Bay BR

Dana Valenti

#662128, 2014 Arabian Stallion, at stud

#602974, 2003 Arabian Stallion, at stud

His sire is the famous, FA El Rasheem out of the beautiful Brazilian mare, WSR Chocolat Blanc. Rasheem Bay is very correct with an exotic head and ears, exceptional hip, smooth body, correct legs, shapely neck, big eyes and a wonderful personality. He has it all! His first 2 foals are due this spring.

He is Scottsdale and Region V Champion Halter Stallion. He is by the National and International Champion, Baywatch V and out of Scottsdale top ten mare, Shannacey D. Valenti has produced champion get. He is a big mover and sweet temperament.

2018 breeding fee: $1200

For Sale

2018 breeding fee: $1000

Atreyu - #660411, 2012 Arabian Stallion He is Region 5 Reserve Halter Champion. He is by Scottsdale and Region 5 Champion Stallion, Dana Valenti out of a lovely Magnum Psyche Daughter. Big, beautiful & almost black. Great English potential.


Barsani #669439, 2015 Arabian Stallion He is son of National Champion, NYN Hisani out of National Champion Baywatch V daughter. Great potential as a western horse.


Baylalinka #628815, 2004 Arabian Mare

Regal Valour #669438, 2015 Arabian Gelding

Daughter of the famous National Champion & International Champion, Baywatch V out of one of the last producing Barbary daughters. Great broodmare (champion daughter), broke & good trail horse.

Tall, very friendly, sweet gelding who is easy to handle (loads trailer with no halter). Sire, Dana Valenti (Baywatch V) x FVF Sugar Magnolia (Magnum Psyche)



111 Regal Road • Elk, Washington 99009 egal rabians R A 509-292-9685 (Rand) • 509-998-9322 (Adam) APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 4

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800 424-7114

Ann Kirk A Fresh Start Greetings to all you horse lovers! By the time you read this, we will be in the fourth month of 2018 already. It is amazing how fast time goes by but Spring is such an exciting time with all the possibilities of the summer ahead. It is filled with anticipation as we attend clinics, get ready for shows and once again go for rides along our old familiar trails. I love the promise of Spring after the barrenness of Winter. It is like getting a fresh start every year. And that is what I want to talk about this month; a fresh start with our horses. I am often asked how to solve this problem or that problem concerning riding or handling a horse. But often the “problem” is only a symptom pointing to a violation of the teacher/ student trust during training. And this often stems from a misunderstanding of why the horse does what it does. There are two aspects of the horse that must be taken into consideration every time you enter its space; one is the prey animal instinct and the other is the herd animal dynamic. Either one is a recipe for disaster if they are ignored. We are often so focused on riding to enjoy the trails (or the rails) that we try to push the “student” to accept things on our time schedule. This usually leads to behaviors that are natural to the horse but can be quite scary to us. They don’t plan on being “bad” or “disrespectful”. These concepts do not even exist in horse language. They are just reacting to the pressure like a horse. This sometimes takes the form of biting or kicking, rearing or bucking. Or maybe

less obvious forms such as barn sourness or hard to catch or shying on the trails. Whatever their attempt to communicate, it is important not to ignore their “voice”. It pays to take time to evaluate the source of their resistance. It bears repeating that terms such as “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad,” “respect” or “disrespectful” not exist for a horse. Horses are governed by instincts programmed into their being by the Creator. They don’t think in terms of “good” or “bad”, but in terms of what works and what doesn’t according to what comes natural. If I begin working with my horse with the thought that he is being disrespectful, I can get a mindset that I have to show him who’s boss. This often leads to being too aggressive which in turn puts the horse on the defensive, thinking it’s trying to save its life. The first priority of any horse is to be safe. If he feels threatened or attacked, he is wired to try to escape first and fight to the finish second. I have been in far

My goal is to connect you with your horse by teaching you sensible, hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your partnership possible. You are personally invited to come and join this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Spring Clinic April 20-22 Summer Clinic June 22-24 SHAPE Classes Start May 5

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship Contact: Ann Kirk email: (509) 292-2475

Teaching the Art of Reading the Heart - Sensible Horsemanship APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 8

IEQHA 60th Annual Silver Circuit Spokane County Fair & Expo - Spokane, WA May 18-19-20, 2018

Approved by: AQHA, IQHA & MSQHA Fees: All Inclusive Circuit Fee $325.00 Unlimited Classes (All Novice Show not included) Novice/Rookie Show (May 18) $10.00/Class Open & Amateur $19.00 Novice, Rookie & AQHA Walk Trot $15.00 Stalls Paid by May 11 $105.00 Stalls Paid After May 11 $120.00 (Based on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights) Entries due May 11 (To avoid post entry charge of $20) Office Charge $10.00/Horse AQHA Drug Processing $6.00/Judge Haul Ins $20.00/Horse Per Day Pre-bed $5.00 (must order ahead) Early Arrivals, late Departure $30.00 Pre-bed $5.00 (must order ahead) RV/LQ $35.00 Day/Night Shavings $15.00 Per Horse/Stall Electricity Only $30.00 Dry $20.00 Trail Warm-Up Sat Eve & Sun AM $10.00 Friday, May 18 – 5:00 p.m. Evening Performance 1. Reining, All Ages 2. Novice Amateur Reining 3. Amateur Reining 4. Novice Youth Reining 5. Youth Reining, 18 & Under SMALL BREAK 6. Green Horse Ranch Riding 7. Ranch Horse Riding, All Ages 8. VRH Ranch Riding 9. Novice Amateur Ranch Riding 10. Amateur Ranch Riding 11. Novice Youth Ranch Riding 12. Youth Ranch Riding 13. VRH Reining 14. VRH Trail 15. VRH Conformation Saturday, May 19, 2018 – 8:00 a.m. 16. Yearling Stallions 17. 2 Year Old Stallions 18. 3 Year Old Stallions 19. 4 & Over Stallions 20. Open Performance Stallions Grand & Reserve Stallions 21. Amateur Yearling Stallions 22. Amateur 2 Year Old Stallions 23. Amateur 3 Year Old Stallions 24. Amateur 4 & Over Stallions 25. Amateur Performance Stallions Grand & Reserve Amateur Stallions 26. Yearling Geldings 27. 2 Year Old Geldings 28. 3 Year Old Geldings 29. Open Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Geldings 30. Novice Amateur Yearling Geldings 31. Novice Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings 32. Novice Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings 33. Novice Amateur 4 & Over Geldings 34. Novice Amateur Performance Geldings No Grand or Reserve 35. Amateur Yearling Geldings 36. Amateur 2 Year Old Geldings 37. Amateur 3 Year Old Geldings 38. Amateur 4 & Over Geldings 39. Amateur Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Amateur Geldings 40. Novice Youth Yearling Geldings 41. Novice Youth 2 Year Old Geldings


SHOW SECRETARY: Darlene Chase 1733 Alder Avenue Lewiston, ID 83501 PH/FAX: (208) 798-0763 CELL: (208) 305-6130 EMAIL:

MAY 18-19-20 Mark Sheridan, AZ Teresa Sullivan, WA Rod Safty, CA AQHA Walk Trot classes CANNOT Cross over into that respective lope class 42. 43. 44.

Novice Youth 3 Year Old Geldings 4 & Over Novice Youth Geldings Novice Youth Performance Geldings No Grand or Reserve 45. Youth Yearling Geldings 46. Youth 2 Year Old Geldings 47. Youth 3 Year Old Geldings 48. Youth 4 & Over Geldings 49. Youth Performance Geldings Grand & Reserve Youth Geldings 50. Yearling Mares 51. 2 Year Old Mares 52. 3 Year Old Mares 53. 4 & Over Mares 54. Open Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Mares 55. Novice Amateur Yearling Mares 56. Novice Amateur 2 Year Old Mares 57. Novice Amateur 3 Year Old Mares 58. Novice Amateur 4 & Over Mares 59. Novice Amateur Performance Mares No Grand or Reserve 60. Amateur Yearling Mares 61. Amateur 2 Year Old Mares 62. Amateur 3 Year Old Mares 63. Amateur 4 & Over Mares 64. Amateur Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Amateur Mares 65. Novice Youth Yearling Mares 66. Novice Youth 2 Year Old Mares 67. Novice Youth 3 Year Old Mares 68. Novice Youth 4 & Over Mares 69. Novice Youth Performance Mares No Grand or Reserve 70. Youth Yearling Mares 71. Youth 2 Year Old Mares 72. Youth 3 Year Old Mares 73. Youth 4 & Over Mares 74. Youth Performance Mares Grand & Reserve Youth Mares BREAK FOR SHOWMANSHIP 75. Rookie Youth Showmanship 76. Novice Youth Showmanship 77. Youth Showmanship, 18 & Under 78. Rookie Amateur Showmanship 79. Novice Amateur Showmanship 80. Amateur Select Showmanship 81. Amateur Showmanship BREAK 82. Hunter Under Saddle Warm Up - $5 83. Green Horse Hunter Under Saddle 84. Novice Youth Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle 85. Rookie Youth Hunter Under Saddle 86. Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 87. Youth Hunter Under Saddle, 18 & Under 88. Hunter Under Saddle, Open 89. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Hunter Under Saddle 90. Rookie Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 91. Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

SHOW MANAGER: Judy Malby 92. Amateur Select Hunter Under Saddle 93. Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 94. Novice Youth Walk Trot Hunt Seat Eq. 95. Rookie Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 96. Novice Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 97. Youth Hunt Seat Eq., 18 & Under 98. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Hunt Seat Eq. 99. Rookie Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 100. Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 101. Amateur Select Hunt Seat Eq. 102. Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. BREAK 103. Green Horse Western Riding 104. Open Western Riding 105. Novice Amateur Western Riding 106. Amateur Western Riding 107. Novice Youth Western Riding 108. Youth Western Riding, 18 & Under Saturday PM Trail Warm-Up Sunday, May 20 – 8:30 a.m. 109. Open All Breed w/t Trail 110. Green Horse Trail 111. Novice Youth w/t Trail 112. Rookie Youth Trail 113. Novice Youth Trail 114. Novice Amateur w/t Trail 115. Rookie Amateur Trail 116. Novice Amateur Trail 117. Trail, Jr. Horse 118. Youth Trail 18 & Under 119. Amateur Select Trail 120. Amateur Trail 121. Trail, Sr. Horse BREAK For Western Pleasure 122. Leadline 6 & UNDER 123. Western Pleasure Warm-Up 124. Green Horse Western Pleasure 125. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Western Pleasure 126. Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure 127. Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 128. Amateur Select Western Pleasure 129. Amateur Western Pleasure 130. Junior Horse Western Pleasure 131. Novice Youth Walk Trot Western Pleasure 132. Rookie Youth Western Pleasure 133. Novice Youth Western Pleasure 134. Youth Western Pleasure, 18 & Under 135. Senior Horse Western Pleasure 136. Novice Youth Walk Trot Horsemanship 137. Rookie Youth Horsemanship 138. Novice Youth Horsemanship 139. Youth Horsemanship, 18 & Under 140. Novice Amateur Walk Trot Horsemanship 141. Rookie Amateur Horsemanship 142. Novice Amateur Horsemanship 143. Amateur Select Horsemanship 144. Amateur Horsemanship


End of Show! Thanks for attending our 60th!

12th Annual IEQHA All Novice/Rookie AQHA, IQHA, & MSQHA Approved Show May 18, 2018 - 9:00am - Spokane Fair & Expo

Fees: $10.00/Class or $50.00/All Inclusive ALL Exhibitors are required to have knowledge of their leveling status in each class: 0-10 points for both rider & horse = Rookie 0-10 points for rider = Novice JUDGE: Ginny Miller, WA Walk trot entries cannot cross enter into that respective Lope Class SHOW SECRETARY: Darlene Chase 1733 Alder Avenue Lewiston, ID 83501 PH/FAX: (208) 798-0763 CELL: (208) 305-6130 EMAIL: May 18, 9:00am 150. Walk Trot Novice Youth Trail 151. Rookie Youth Trail 152. Novice Youth Trail 153. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Trail 154. Rookie Amateur Trail 155. Novice Amateur Trail SMALL BREAK 156. Rookie Youth Showmanship 157. Novice Youth Showmanship 158. Rookie Amateur Showmanship 159. Novice Amateur Showmanship BREAK 160. Walk Trot Novice Youth Western Pleasure 161. Rookie Youth Western Pleasure 162. Novice Youth Western Pleasure 163. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 164. Rookie Amateur Western Pleasure 165. Novice Amateur Western Pleasure 166. Walk Trot Novice Youth Horsemanship 167. Rookie Youth Horsemanship 168. Novice Youth Horsemanship 169. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Horsemanship 170. Rookie Amateur Horsemanship 171. Novice Amateur Horsemanship 172. Walk Trot Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 173. Rookie Youth Hunter Under Saddle 174. Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 175. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 176. Rookie Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 177. Novice Amateur Hunter Under Saddle 178. Walk Trot Novice Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 179. Rookie Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 180. Novice Youth Hunt Seat Eq. 181. Walk Trot Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 182. Rookie Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 183. Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Eq. 184. Rookie Youth Reining 185. Novice Youth Reining 186. Rookie Amateur Reining 187. Novice Amateur Reining 188. Novice Youth Ranch Riding 189. Novice Amateur Ranch Riding Thanks for attending our 60th!

too many power struggles with horses when I have forgotten this and even if I win, I lose. If a horse is scared or defensive, I may be able to force him but I can not teach him. I always have to go back and reestablish trust before I can proceed with teaching the horse what I want him to learn. Does this mean that I have to be super gentle all the time and seek to never raise the emotional level of my horse? No! Quite the opposite! Raising the emotional level is essential to having a calm, trusting horse. Pressure is not bad if you understand what you are looking for and how to get it. Being persistent is a must because most horses’ first reaction to pressure of any kind is to resist. This is in their DNA. If they wait to see if it’s dangerous, they could be dead. That’s how they think. So the pressure must be persistent enough to get them to look for the right answer but passive enough that it does not produce a panic which will shut down their ability to think it through. Then, as you begin to get more and more right answers, you can combine them to make a great performance horse that becomes like a dance partner. Only when he trusts you, can you direct him where you want him to go. So never disregard the prey animal instinct in your horse. All your dealings with him must take it into consideration. When you encounter a “problem” area, give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that fear is making him act out in an inappropriate way. If you are wrong and the behavior comes from the pecking order dynamic (which we will talk about next article), you will find that the same lessons still apply for solving the dilemma. Though most of you may not want to be horse trainers, if you own a horse, you are training him. Taking the time to learn how you can condition the desired response in a way that is none threatening and clear, is essential to your safety and enjoyment of your horse. Consider your horse as a kindergarten or 1st grade student and you are the teacher. You want to be consistently advancing but in small enough steps that the “child” can learn the lesson. Remember, the lesson is always clearer to the teacher than it is to the student and the teacher cannot tell the student when the student has learned the lesson. A good teacher never “beats” or scolds the student for not understanding a lesson or for being afraid for the teacher knows that it is his responsibility to explain the lesson in a clear enough manner that the student can get the right answer. I cannot expect my “student” to spell or read until he knows the individual letters so I must teach the separate pieces of the maneuver before I can put them together for control. I can’t expect to enforce what I haven’t taken time to teach. So, with all that said, take time to enjoy your horse. Challenge yourself to get better acquainted with his behavior patterns and seek to make a connection that is not linked to the demands of riding. Work on anything that needs improving on his ground manners and it will carry over to more respect and trust when you get on his back. Hope this is helpful to someone and I will look forward to hearing from anyone who has a question that I might help with Be sure to come ride with me this month at my Spring Clinic, April 20-22. You will see the reality of what we talked about in this article addressed in many ways. Next issue, we will talk about the herd animal dynamic and how understanding it can make us safer around our horses. God Bless until next time.....Ann


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208-687-2196 APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 12

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On The edge Of COmmOn SenSe by Baxter Black, DVM

I Was Only Trying to Help It is a wonder that some vet students don’t get discouraged. I don’t mean from the grueling hours of study, the four years without sleep or the daunting specter of trying to cram ten metric tons of knowledge into a six-ounce brain. No, I mean when the student first begins to realize that despite all their skill, mental prowess and cow savvy, even the lowliest animal can reduce you to a bumbling klutz. Young Bruce was an enthusiastic vet student who spent his holidays and summers at Dr. Lionel’s clinic. He showed up one fine afternoon during spring break and asked Doc if he could go on call with him. Bruce dressed in his finest and sporting a new straw hat. He was anxious to observe and assist, if Doc needed it. Off they went to check on a horse with the vague complaint of bein’ touchy about the head. They arrived at the address on the outskirts of town. The owner, a lady, explained as they walked around the back of the house that they’d had the horse a month and wondered if he had an ear infection. Standing ankle deep in the sprouting pigweed was a scruffy little stallion. He stood 13 hands and maybe weighed 800 lbs.

He was tethered on a 25-foot rope and had mowed weeds in a fifty-foot circle. “He’s an Adopt-A-Horse,” she said. They’d named him Sparky. Bruce, eager to help, untied the tether. Doc gathered his thermometer and stethoscope and stood visiting with the owner. They watched Bruce gently work his way up the rope. The horse eyed him like a prisoner watches the hangman. Just as Bruce was reaching for the halter the stallion took a savage bite at him! His teeth locked onto the new Resistol and jerked it off his head! Sparky reared and pawed. Bruce fell back. Sparky wheeled and raced toward the back fence. “It’s only an acre lot,” the lady said encouragingly. Bruce caught the rope at the twenty-foot mark and was catapulted to his feet! He hung on as they coursed around, between and through the truck camper up on blocks, the boat covered with blue plastic, the tilting hay pile, aluminum storage shed, old appliances, sheep wire, pile of posts and collection of ancient farm implements. Sparky was finally yanked to a halt when his rope tangled in the remains of an old pickup bed. Bruce staggered from the bone yard streaked and tattered. He lost his glasses and his straw hat looked like a regurgitated cud. While Doc was prescribing a treatment she could put in the feed, the owner asked, “Since you’re here could you put my dog to sleep?” Doc agreed and returned from his vet truck with the euthanasia solution to find Bruce, trying to regain his lost dignity, holding the dog in his arms. The lady explained her reasons and said goodbye to the dog then remarked, “and another thing, every time I picked up that dog it peed on me.” As she spoke Bruce felt the warmth soaking down the front of his shirt. —

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veterinary knowledge

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Dr. Jed McKinlay, McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital


Rabies is one of the ‘core’ vaccinations recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). The AAEP is made up of veterinarians who specialize in equine practice, has members throughout the world, and has various committees made up of veterinarians from different regions of the United States and InterDr. Jed McKinlay DVM, nationally. The AAEP’s misMcKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital sion is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry. These principles have guided the AAEP for more than six decades in the activities and services it provides. One of the committees determines what diseases every horse should be protected against by vaccination. These diseases are known to have relatively high prevalence rates. The vaccinations for the diseases in the ‘core’ list are also very effective in preventing disease. Believe it or not, the core list is relatively short. It includes Eastern and

Western Sleeping Sickness (encephalomyelitis), Tetanus, West Nile Virus, and Rabies, only five diseases. We have commonly advocated vaccination for all of these diseases for many years, except Rabies. So why or why not Rabies? I think there are a couple of reasons we don’t protect our horses against Rabies. Mainly, it’s one more thing to add to the list. Here are some of the reasons for vaccination: Rabies can affect horses (as well as many other animals) and humans. Is this a good reason for vaccination? If by some unlucky chance your horse was bitten by a rabid animal, and then bit you, or you made contact with the horses saliva in an open cut, you could then get the dreaded disease too. The treatment for Rabies in people is costly (about $7,500 per person) and not any fun. Human Rabies treatment occurs about 40,000 times annually in the United States. Rabies happens 2.5 times more frequently in horses than it does in dogs. This is due in part to there being more horses that live outside. Many dogs have moved into the house where exposure is less likely. Horses, for the most part, live outdoors and therefore have a higher exposure likelihood. Many horses are curious and inquisitive by nature. We vaccinate our dogs for Rabies. Why not our horses? (It’s also important to note that this statistic takes into account that there are more dogs than horses. The frequency of Rabies in horses


APHA Reg#910883 2007 Homozygous • Black & White Tobiano • 15.2 hands, 1150 lbs Sire: Heza Blue Tomcat • Dam: Goin to the Cash Bar “Rocket has a great disposition and great conformation that he is passing onto his foals from a variety of mares! Rocket is homozygous for the tobiano and black gene so guaranteed a colored foal and all black based! All of his foals to date have been awesome and are very versatile! His oldest offspring are 3 & 4 this year and there are some being trained for hunter/jumper, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and barrel racing! Also check out Rocket’s excellent pedigree! Please consider breeding your mare or mares to Rocket and you will also be a very happy and proud owner of a beautiful Rocket foal!”

aka Rocket

2018 Breeding Fee: $500 • Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150

er aka Casp

Poco Buenos Ghost

AQHA Reg#4504586

2004 Cremello • 14.3 hands, 1050 lbs • Sire: Buenos Twisted Doc • Dam: Pocos Miss Miranda “Casper has a great foundation pedigree, great disposition & conformation. He has offspring that are excelling in the roping pen, speed events, cow horse events and also great trail riding and family horses! And to add to all that he adds the great colors of either palomino, buckskin, smokey black or even smokey grullas, depending on the color of the mare!”

2018 Breeding Fee: $400 • Non-Refundable Booking Fee: $150 Young Prospects Available for Purchase by Both Stallions

C&S paint and Quarter Horse Ranch Producing good working and using horses and adding color as a bonus

Elk, WA 99009 • 509 220-7712 Like us on Facebook!

“A big thank you to everyone who has chosen to breed their mare or mares to one of our stallions in 2017 and over the past 10 years! Also, thank you to all of you who have purchased a horse from us! It is your support and hearing the wonderful stories of the resulting foals or the progress of our home bred horses that keeps us doing what we love every year! ” Charlene & Steve Ulrich

APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 16 Full Service Reproductive Center Lameness MRI Surgery Internal Medicine Critical Care 24 Hour Emergency Service WELCoME ouR NEW DoCtoR! Lisa Pearson, DVM, MS, PhD Diplomate, American College of theriogenology

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6100 N. Harvard Rd. Newman Lake, WA | 5022 E. Ballard Rd. Colbert, WA

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Driveway SolutionS

is high relative to the entire horse population compared with the number of dogs affected with Rabies relative to the entire dog population). There are 14 cases of Equine Rabies reported annually in the United States. That’s 14 horses (that we know about) who die from Rabies every year. 7,200 animals die from Rabies each year. A good reason to vaccinate? In horses there is a furious (aggressive) form of Rabies as well as a dumb (quiet and sick acting) form. When we think about it in other animals it tends to be the aggressive form. Horses are more likely to exhibit the dumb form, which makes us less cautious when we are looking them over trying to figure out why they are feeling poorly. Another good reason for vaccination? Rabies has been called the great imitator. It can look like colic, choke, excessive salivation, depression, incoordination, ataxia, itching, self mutilation, or lameness. We could innocently be looking for any of these things. When a horse is bitten by a Rabid animal (or is exposed to the virus via an open wound or mucus membrane contact) the Rabies virus then replicates in the horses’ system. The Virus next travels to the brain or spinal cord. It is usually 2-9 weeks after the horse is bitten or exposed before it begins to show the various clinical signs described earlier. This can take up to six months! So, not only is it hard to tell what’s going on with the horse, it’s also very difficult to know where or how long ago it was bitten or exposed. Within 3 to 7 days following the clinical signs the disease is 100% fatal. Good reason to vaccinate? There are reports of people being exposed to the Rabies virus by horses in large groups (such as when a horse begins to show clinical signs while it is stabled at a big event) and also on a small scale. Vaccination is the key to prevention! It begins with an initial 2 dose series (just like almost any vaccine) and is followed by an annual booster. It’s also inexpensive. Another good reason to vaccinate?

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TREATMENTS T FREE DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS Until Recently , Asphalt Paving GRAVEL GRAVEL CHIP SEALING or Concrete GRAVEL Were Your Choices. ROAD OILING TREATMENTS Manage dust by bindingTREATMENTS TREATMENTS , Inc. ASPHALT - CHIP SEALING CHIP SEALING the surface material ACHIP DIVISION OFSEALING BST SURFACING, INC.of your IMPRINTING ROAD OILING more information ROAD OILING roadway with affordable OILING A Division of: ROAD REE A Division of: visionestimate. of: Lic#ASPHALT BSTSUI*998NA BST Surfacing, Inc. Surfacing, Inc. ASPHALT - TAKPEP*929DG ASPHALT BST Surfacing, Inc. Lic# Asphalt Spray! Jed McKinlay, DVM • Bob Peters, DVM 83-1005 IMPRINTING IMPRINTING Lisa Pearson, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT • Freya Stein, DVM Call today forfor more information Lic# BSTSUI*998NA IMPRINTING day for more information Call today more information & your free estimate 94-8995 Call today for more information DUST FREE DRIVEWAYS & ROADWAYS Lic# TAKPEP*929DG Robert K. Schneider, DVM • Charlotte Hemstock, DVM & your FREE estimate. your FREE estimate. 509-483-1005 • 509-994-8995 & your FREE estimate. 509-928-MPEH (6734) • Email: • GRAVEL (509) 483-1005 • 09) 483-1005 (509) 483-1005 Lic# BSTSUI*998NA Lic# BSTSUI*998NA TREATMENTS 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 18 09) 994-8995 (509) 994-8995 Lic# TAKPEP*929DG APRIL Lic# TAKPEP*929DG Lic# BSTSUI*998NA

(509) 994-8995 CHIP SEALING

Lic# TAKPEP*929DG • •




Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center

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High Selling Horse from our February sale: Lot #25, brought to us by Wayne and Bonnie Hamlin of Hermiston, Ore., purchased by Ted Georges of Sisters, Ore. for $7,750. Top 5 horses averaged $6,100 and the top 10 horses averaged $5,200.

Remember, we are the people’s sale, open to all classes of horses for all classes of people. 21,000 copies of our sale catalog promoting the horses for sale will be distributed all over the great Northwest. Email us to be added to our mailing list! Randy: 509-778-3467 Any questions please call Mailing: PO Box 549, Prosser, WA 99350 Email: Website:

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WindDrift Farm AQHA Horses Schipperke Dogs

Craftsmanship & Integrity Craftsmanship & Integrity • Commercial Commercial, Farm, Home• Home Standing: ANADO ACE AQHA • Landscaping • Farm Established 1983 Usually a Few Young Horses for Sale Landscaping Spring Schedule Almost Booked, 509-276-1140 27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake (Espanola), WA 99022 Call Now for Summer Appointments! Proprietor: 509-276-1140 Austin Wells 509/299-4143 • e-mail: Established 1983 Lic. #NORTH4F96004 Proprietor: Austin Wells

lady raven stables

Lic. #NORTH4F96004

Call Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 509-993-7758 509-953-4511 509-466-6075

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Do it right the first time …Give us a call! All proposals are based on footage as quoted within the written proposal. Any increase in end-project footage will be adjusted & billed accordingly. Lic# ALLTETF903JA

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Excavator available for Ground Management, Water Lines & Automatic Livestock Watering Systems and Rock Drilling

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Stay Tuff Fencing –

A fixed knot fencing makes it an excellent alternative for chain-link & hinge-joint fencing – even for the smallest of animals; and costs 30%-50% less than chain-link. Useful life of the fence is 3 to 4 times that of traditional hinge-joint fencing. Can be installed with wood or steel posts and rails. Stay Tuff Fencing offers a 10 year manufacturer warranty on material.

EquiFence Power Fencing –

Designed for maximum visibility and delivers a short, sharp but safe shock to develop respect for the fence. Gallagher Equi-Fence is permanent horse control that takes less than half the time to build and can cost as much as 50% less.

Deer & Elk Fencing – Deer & Elk fence can be built

with a variety of materials and designs, from pressure treated or rough cut wood to composite materials. Wire mesh can be added to help with predator control or keeping your small animals in.

Custom Gates & Panels

Excellent quality, locally made, custom orders welcome.

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New Riding Opportunities By Ken Carmichael, Back Country Horsemen - Ponderosa Chapter Some of the best riding opportunities, in my opinion, are on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties west of Spokane. I find it nice to get out of the suburban area to ride some real open range country. Some of the BLM properties that I have ridden and enjoy include: • Fish Trap Lake • Escure Ranch (Rock Creek Recreation Area) • Lakeview Ranch • Telford • Coffee Pot Lake • Twin Lakes There are others that also make for good riding. This is primarily open range land. They manage for multiple use across regions and landscapes. Fish Trap Lake is close enough to Spokane for a day riding. Escure Ranch is further and we typically spend a weekend. It has a couple of corrals, highlines, restrooms and stock water. Lakeview is another overnight camp. We are still working to

11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

From the show ring to the trail - we’ve got you covered!

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improve this site but it will turn into a nice overnight camp. Telford is some nice open range riding. One of our projects is to identify a trail, work in progress. PONDEROSA CHAPTER Coffee Pot Lake and Twin Lakes are smaller sites and it has been a while since I was there. Always good exploring. PBCH is currently organizing work parties for Lakeview Ranch, Telford and Escure Ranch. At Lakeview we are rebuilding corrals that have deteriorated over time. They will be built to accommodate recreational stock. There is horse water there and we hope in the future to work with BLM on other improvements. At the Escure Ranch we will be putting in new trail signs and springs on the gates. At Telford we will be establishing a trail that has been planned by BLM for some time. All of these projects will enhance the riding experience. We call these work parties because we have fun. The Ponderosa Chapter of Back Country Horsemen (PBCH) enjoys riding and working on these properties because of the open terrain, fantastic riding and the fact that BLM staff is a fine group of people to work with. They encourage responsible horsemen to be on the land and work with us to have good facilities. To learn more about riding opportunities on BLM property please contact the BLM at 509-536-1200. Unfortunately their website www. does not provide any information about specific locations. However, the office can provide information and maps. For more information about Ponderosa Back Country Horsemen see the website or call me at 509466-2225. I will always talk horses.

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Roy & Mary Forbes • 509-926-0028

3001 N. Idaho Rd, Liberty Lake •


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Excellent horse property in Hoyt Ranch! Breathtaking views of mountains & prairie from this 3 bdrm 2 1/2 bath home. Open living room has a lovely gas fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Huge open family room on 2nd floor as well as an office, and well appointed master suite. Roomy kitchen with large center island, central air conditioning, open deck, patio, and sprinkler system. Park like, forested, fenced 2.75 acre property is all set for horses to include a great barn AND 36X40 INSULATED SHOP! $495,000 MLS #18-1842 Amazing Hayden Lake Waterfront Estate with 400 plus feet of frontage on 3 acres! One of very few waterfront horse properties. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, separate guest quarters with full kitchen and bathroom, shop, barn with immaculate landscaping all fenced. Great acreage frontage. $1,250,000 MLS #18-1652 Majestic 110 acre ranch in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! Several free standing outbuildings, stables, waterfall features and private Totten Pond. “The Hanger” outbuilding alone is over 14,000 square feet. The outdoor onsite amenities include a heated in-ground pool, trails and property border with National Forest Land. $3,500,000 MLS #18-118 APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 23


SPORTSMAN’S PARADISE! 20616 N Day Mt Spokane Rd, Mead, WA 99021

• Amazing views overlooking Green Bluff • 2 story contemporary home w/ basement • Built in 1945, complete remodel in 2010 • 3 bed, 3 bath, 3,473 sq.ft. • Open floor plan, fireplace • Gated entry, fenced yard & sprinkler system • Forced air, propane & central AC • 15 minutes to shopping & restaurants in Mead School District • Huge 4 car heated garage/ shop (22’x48’) 12’ door & ½ bath

For a virtual tour

• Well designed private horse facility surrounded by cross fence pastures! • Horse barn w/ indoor arena (60’x144’) 12+ stalls & 2 runs & ¾ bath & laundry • Fancy shop (22’x40’) heated & insulated w/ cabinetry & concrete floor • Good well


849,900 65 Acres

SUZY DIX Lic. # 13922

(509) 994-9300

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40 Acre Horse Paradise in North Idaho




5 bedrooms, 1.5 baths 15948 N. Boot Hill Road Hayden, ID

• 11,088 sq.ft. lighted indoor riding arena!

• Turn-key horse property fenced & cross fenced! • 1800 sq.ft. home with wrap around deck complete with hot tub!

• 2 barns boasting 3200 sq.ft. with 18 stalls! • Just 10 minutes outside of town in the sought after Rimrock area!

Check out the aerial property tour! Search ‘Boot Hill Horse Property’ on Youtube

Danny Davis, Associate Broker 208-691-6003 • (office) 208-664-1461 Please visit our website at for additional information today! APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 25





309 East Insert Road Deer Park, WA 99006

E. Insert Rd. 230,000 D D D D D DD D … Diamond Deer309Park, D DD D D(509) D 723-8166 DWA 99006 reDuceD to Premier Horse Boarding Pine $ D DD D D D(425)D 681-0142 D D Personalized care at an affordable price! Ranch $



Insert Road Deer Park, WA 99006 Outside Shelter/HeatedPREMIER Water309 East FULL SERVICE BOARDING Horse D D D DATTENDANT D DD D … RESIDENT B 50’acreage x 50’ Individual Runs WITH Needs Spectacular country


Premier Us!Horse Boarding

7 Mile area, northwest Spokane B ofWeekly Pen Cleaning◆ Outdoor shelters with heated water & individual runs

• 19.36 acres of meadow & timber B • Year round pond and excellent building sites B • Beautifully maintained access road • Drilled 80 gpm well, B power at driveway • Views of Mt. Spokane and surrounding bluffs with aspen stands • Quiet, peaceful setting for your dream home • 15100 W. Burnett Road, minutes to Francis and Division

◆ Premium alfalfa/grass hay, fed 2x daily

Personalized Premium Alfalfa/Orchard Grass Haycare at an affordable price! ◆ Heated wash rack, tack room, parking

$300 Monthly *

Indoor & Outdoor Riding Arenas Miles & miles of This is a stunning piece of land groomed trail in North Spokane so close to riding trails town with great privacy and

Your Horse Needs FOR SALE: Us!

◆B IndoorOutside lighted arena 80x144 Shelter/Heated Water ◆ Outdoor arena 150x250 with scheduled open riding, evenings 50’request x 50’ Individual Runs *AdditionalB services upon ◆ Endless Trails

On-Site Attention


Weekly Pen Cleaning


◆ Blue Mountain Premium Alfalfa/Orchard GrassPellet Hay


On-Site Attention


$300 Monthly *

Bedding - less labor, less waste, by the bag or ton, 100% Natural Zeolite *Additional services upon request eliminates odor ◆ Irrigated Hay Sales small bales available

Indoor & Outdoor Contact Doug: 509-723-8166 or De: 425-681-0142 Riding E-mail: Horse For moreArenas information Proud Distributors of: Offered for sale by Shannon Sheckler, Property Miles & miles of◆ Blue Mountain Pellet Bedding Specialist for Kelly Right Real Estate (509) 885-3333 Noble Panels & Gates groomed trail riding trails an abundance of wildlife.


Contact Doug: 509-723-8166 or De: 425-681-0142 E-mail: For more information

(no Personal residence loans)

25,000 - loans noW UP To $1 Million! $

Apply by a simple phone call I Can Often Fund In A Week To 10 Days!

Edward andErson • Kingston, id 509-994-2557 • APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 26

ImAgIne your PerfeCT HorSe ProPerTy In eASTern WASHIngTon

Jim Palmer, Jr.


Valley, Washington - MLS #201715855

Stevens County location just minutes to Loon Lake and Hwy 395



Gorgeous Property! 152 Acres with very comfortable 2018 remodeled home with granite countertops, open living area, huge barn, shop (50'x40') machine shed (36'x20'), corrals and fenced pastures, rolling grasslands prefect for horse set-up. Beautiful area plenty of room for recreational activities. For more pictures & details,

Also Available, Home with 40 Acres – $395,000

Deer Park, Washington - MLS #201812505

Park like setting just south of Deer Park, WA. Perfect horse property!



20 acres with Dragoon Creek running through it! House in shop! 100’x70’ indoor arena with power, lights, rollup doors, 8 stalls with pads & tack room. Additional 20’x40’ shop/ barn combo with 2 stalls & corrals, trees and pastures, RV hook up for guests, paved county road. For more pictures & details,

Clayton, Washington - MLS #201812082

This one will bring out the farmer in you! Coveted Williams Valley location grows tall grass!



Great home on 20 acres! Paved county road. Great horse property; all fenced, corrals, barn, and shop. Sit in the shade and sip lemonade on this country porch or under the shade trees! Quiet and good neighborhood. Well and septic installed at far end of property for in-law setup or RV hookup. For more pictures & details,

Jim Palmer, Jr. • 509-953-1666 •







Northwest Trails Boarding Happy Healthy horses. Excellent care, recom‑ mended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural horsemanship train‑ ing & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. www.Northwest‑ 509/276‑6345 Deer Park

Lucky Acres Fencing Inc. Providing Maintenance free, heavy gauge horse and livestock panels and products built to last a lifetime. Panels & gates, shelters & mare motels, stall fronts & dividers. Complete paddock setups, working corral systems, complete arena set‑ups, round pens, con‑ tour perimeter fencing, feeders, saddle racks, and more. All products are made of galvanized, heavy gauge steel tubing. Delivery available! 208/746‑1228, www.

We Can Start Your Ranch Roping Horse. Develop confidence in your dressage horse & train solid trail horses; common sense training with Rob Dotts & Sally Shepard, a team of trainers with more than 45 years of experience; no gimmicks used, just good horsemanship. Northwest Trails, Deer Park 509/276‑6345

Boarding! Lady Raven Stables Has New stalls for your boarding needs. In‑ door/outdoor arenas, round pen, miles of trails, wash rack, heated tack room, 8 minutes from North Division Y. www.La‑ Call 509/953‑4511; 509/993‑7758

MISCELLANEOUS Rolled/ Whole Corn, Wheat, Non‑GMO Corn. Competition charges double. Man‑ ageable 2000# tote bags. Grown in South‑ east Washington. This is the best feed for any animal. I grind my grain fresh so you are assured it is the best quality. Weighed on certified scale. Call or text 509/318‑4404 Basin City 40% Crude Protein Pelleted Camelina Meal in tote bags. Naturally high in Ome‑ ga 3’s & Vitamin E. $340/ ton, Ritzville, Washington. 509/520‑9642, www.Cam‑

ArAbiAn Horses For sAle

TACK & TRAILERS Trailer Repair: We Do The Works! Please contact 509/276‑2469 or 406/ 546‑5698 Located North of Spokane Spokane Tack Trunk English & Western saddles, tack, clothes & much more. We have horse themed wines too! From the trail to the show ring, we’ve got you covered! Find us on Facebook & In‑ stagram. 11515 E. Trent, Spokane Valley. 509/927‑5891 www.SpokaneTackTrunk. com

TRAINING / INSTRUCTION Horseback Riding Lessons & Trail Rides available. Call Ryan 509/934‑0791 Cheney, WA

Visitors Welcome

REAL ESTATE 35 Acres In Pend Oreille County Elk, Washington. Excellent building site with view, partial forest land, electricity & phone at road, easy access. $99,500. Call 208/842‑2974 Will Buy Any House As Is! Are You sick of evicting tenants? Are you tired of dealing with repairs & expenses on your home? Are you done with the expenses & maintenance on that vacant home that you inherited? We pay cash for houses & we don’t care what the condition is. We can close in less than 2 weeks & get that head‑ ache property out of your name. Please call for a no obligation discussion about how we can make you a fair offer. Call 208/696‑4344. E‑mail: friskproperty@;

CUSTOM HORSE PAINTINGS Have a photo you love? I’ll capture it on canvas!

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Shalwyn Arabians Gerwyn & Diane Jones 411 Caldwell Road Walla Walla, WA 99362-9712 509-529-4067 Email:

Want To Improve Your Horsemanship And equine knowledge? Like our Face‑ book page, Sunnyridge Horsemanship and be surprised how much you’ll learn! Ques‑ tions? email: SunnyRidgeHorsemanship@

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Anado Ace Wind DriftFarm ...........................20 Dana Valenti Regal Arabians...............................4 MamaSaidDash C&S Ranch ..................................16 Poco Buenos Ghost C&S Ranch ..................................16 Rasheem Bay BR Regal Arabians...............................4


NW Cover-All /Fabri-Steel ...........19 Steel Structures of America,Inc ....13


C&S Ranch ..................................16 Shalwyn Arabians ........................28 Wind Drift Farm Quarter Horses ....20


Cowboy Ball................................15 Gentlemen On Horseback Ride ...29 Hermiston Horse Sale ..................20


Inland Empire Quarter Horse Assn 9, 10 Relational Riding Academy............3 SASHA ..........................................6




Diamond Pine Ranch ..................26 Lady Raven Stable .......................20 Upriver Stables ............................22 All Terrain Fence ..........................21 Jasper Enterprises, Inc. ............. Back North 40 Fence Company............20 Washington/Idaho Fence .............12

Indiana Harness Co. ....................29 Spokane Tack Trunk .....................22 Will Rogers Saddle Co ...................5





Regal Arabians...............................4 Shalwyn Arabians ........................28 Wind Drift Farm ..........................20 Borntrager’s Boots ........................20 HUB International - Fran Jene ......14 TAK Petroleum.............................18

English • Driving • Gaited School Horses Providing Full Service for Equines since 1980 Indoor/Outdoor Arenas

Riding Lessons Visitors Welcome

Indiana Harness Co. “Quality Repair at Affordable Prices”

• New & used Western & English saddles • Rodeo & pack equipment • Custom belts & wallets • Custom working & show chaps • Cell phone cases • Blanket & saddle repair • Dog collars & harnesses for walking • Custom holsters & saddle scabbards Tack & Training Aides including: Custom designed halters, bridles, breast collars, etc FREE advice for the novice horse person 40+ years experience & family owned


Danny Davis................................25 Ed Anderson Real Estate Loans ....26 Heidi Acuff ..................................31 Jim Palmer, Jr. ..............................27 Shannon Sheckler ........................26 Suzy Dix......................................24 Wade Jacklin ...............................23


509-951-3413 SMS



2425 N. Vista, Spokane WA (next to the “Big R” on Trent)

Ann Kirk Horsemanship.................8 Morris Stables / Ed Morris ............29 Steve Rother Horsemanship ... Front, 2 Huber Trailer Sales.........................7 Washington Auto Carriage ...........11


McKinlay & Peters Equine............17

“Come ride with the Legendary, Historic”

Join us for Our 70th Year

Special Gentlemen On Horseback Celebration Ride Yearly Week Long Spring Ride June 17-22, 2018 Open to all gentlemen. From a different location every year, we ride out for a week of great rides, food & good company. All levels of riders are welcome. Meals provided by GOH. Come ride with us – $250 for the week. Register Now! Ladies send your man for quality guy time! For more info contact us & enjoy our website.

Scott, GOH Trail Boss 509-868-1641


P.O. Box 427 • Spokane, W A 99210 -0427 • (509) 922-3456

P.O. Box 427, Spokane, WA 99210 • (509) 922-3456 • 1-800-326-2223

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Heidi Acuff 208-660-9229

Making the Northwest Home.

Great Home/Farm close in with huge barn and additional outbuildings in a perfect Post Falls location. 3BD, 1 3/4BA, hardwood floors, fireplace, covered patio, fenced, crossed fenced, irrigated and ready for animals. Attached exterior entry to downstairs from over sized garage with shop area. $325,000 MLS #18-1370

Incredible 4.8 acres in prime Post Falls location! Huge insulated shop with loft for storage plus a great animal barn with stalls and hay loft. Property is fenced, crossed fenced and ready for animals! Home is beautiful 3BD/2BA with great patio room off kitchen that leads off the back to a great deck and extraordinary back yard and shop. Home is flooded with light and even has a great sauna and spa tub room. Property has fruit orchard trees, RV area with hookups. Property and home are immaculate! $445,000 MLS #18-2768 APRIL 2018 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 31


4 Installs Easily 4 Less Expensive than Vinyl or Metal 4 Stains or Paints Easily 4 Very Strong & Durable 4 Pressure Treated to A.W.P.A. Standards Our wide range of sizes & larger inventory allows our dealers to supply your post needs for the following; as well as many other applications for one acre or a hundred.




800-238-6540 visit us at email at

Quality s Matter To Us…

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