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The Ranch Event 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - July 22, 23, 24

Steve Rother

Ann Kirk Van Hargis

Francesca & Her Trick Mini



Julie Jené


P.O. Box 427 & Spokane, W A 99210-0427 & (509) 922-3456 6ÂœÂ?ՓiĂŠĂ“ĂŽĂŠUĂŠĂƒĂƒĂ•iĂŠĂŽ Ă•Â?ÞÊÓ䣣ÊUĂŠ/Â…ÂˆĂ€`ĂŠ+Ă•>Ă€ĂŒiÀÊĂƒĂƒĂ•i


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For The Love of the Horse Let’s Talk About Herpes.............................. 6 Strides in Research for Equine Herpesvirus Funded by Morris Animal Foundation ...... 14 Life with Blue Eyed Wonders ~ “Wondering About Horses of a Different Color� .......... 16 Equine Allergy Management through Antioxidants and Digestive Support ......... 20 Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship Improving Your Serpentines ..................... 24 Purina Introduces New Feed for Miniature Horses & Ponies ...................................... 32 On The Edge of Common Sense by Baxter Black ~ “Donkey Dressage� ..... 36


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Ride The West - THE Ranch Event


kay Folks! It’s been a dreary weather Spring, the virus has taken it’s toll on horses, people and events, and the economy is just not where we would like to see it. Aren’t you just about ready for something big and inviting that involves those animals that you love the most that won’t put a hole in your wallet? We postponed Ride the West last year because of Mom and Family, and this year we started out guns-a-blazin’, and then all of a sudden it’s like the bottom fell out! Well we’re here to tell you that we STILL have the programs in play, we STILL have the trainers and clinicians coming, and we STILL want to hold the Clinics and Trail Competitions so that means that we STILL want to see your smiling faces at Ride the West, THE Ranch Event Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22-23-24 at the Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch just Northwest of Spokane in the Seven Mile Area. Yes, horse entries are down‌but that’s to be expected. We respect anyone that decides to keep their horses home, they are your pride and joy, your investment, and a lot like your own children! If you’re not comfortable taking them off your homeplace, the next best thing then is to come and enjoy everything else that the Show has to offer! Learn something new in training or horse care, find that new bling or a holistic treatment for your equine friend, eat some BBQ, take a Horse & Wagon Ride or a trip into the Bison Range and get up close & personal with the Buffalo!! Camp over for the weekend. Sit around the campfire. Bring your guitar. Make some new friends and spend time with your old friends! Relax‌it’s rumored that the Back Country Horseman are going to set up a Wilderness Camp Shower and for a small donation‌you can even be clean for the whole weekend!!! There’s Cowboy Breakfast, Cowboy Church, Prizes to enter to win, and a beautiful Court’s Custom Saddle from Van Hargis that you can support our Scholarship Fund with by purchasing tickets! We have some terrific new vendors like

Many Miles Designs, Sorella Leather Ware, Blue Waters Youth Ranch and Porta-Grazer along with some old favorites like Huseby Custom Boots, The Roundup and Machias Jerky, Shepherd’s Way Rescue and Orphan Acres. We’ve reduced vendor space to only $150 for a 10x10 this year, and our admission price is only $5 day, Kids 6 & under are Free. If you are comfortable bringing your horses, and we hope that by the end of July everyone is feeling much better about the situation, we have TWO spectacular Trail Competitions. Our ACTHA Ride, a 6 mile, 6 obstacle ride for the more relaxed trail rider is Saturday. Our 5th Annual XTreme Trail Competition with 16 obstacles & a whole lot more action is on Sunday. Cash, Prizes, Chinks, Buckles and more are up for top riders. You can also take advantage of our “Ride with the Pros� Series with Van Hargis, Steve Rother and Ann Kirk. These clinics are open to horse & riders as well as audience participation and we have everything from “Fix the Problem� to “Ranch Horse Versatility� to choose from. Add in our newest clinician Julie Jene’ TT.E.A.M. Practitioner, Back Country Wilderness Camp Clinics, Vet Talk and so much more and you have a real Horseman’s Dream Weekend! Tickets for the Friday Night “Ride with the Stars Scholarship Event� Catered BBQ and Trainer Performance are $20 at the door. If you prefer, you can just pay the regular $5 admission and come in for the evening without the Dinner/Meet & Greet/Photos. We’re adding new people and events every week. We have some pretty incredible Farms, Ranches, Businesses, Clubs and Horse Owners in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s all get together and support our Horse Industry. We still have space for a few more volunteers, demo horses and exhibitors. Call or e-mail for all the details. Look up www.ridethewest.net and check us out on Facebook! Let us know that you’re going to be there. We’ll see you later this month at Ride The West - The Ranch Event! Susan Rae, Event Manager


Heritage Arabian Farm We Have What You’ve Been Wanting!





Starting at 20 $



Starting at $300

Call for Quote!










Frecklena Playboy… has a lot of athletic ability in the cutting pen and has produced several nice foals with above average athletic ability. Stallion fee…$500

R. H. Duallin Playboy… is a beautiful colt by The Dualler and a half-brother of Bearly’s Playgirl, who placed 3rd in Washington’s Cutting Futurity in 2005. R.H. Duallin Playboy is very talented in the cutting pen. Introductory fee… $600 to limited approved mares.

FOR SALE 2 Fillies by Frecklena Playboy $2,500 each






39th Annual

Inland Empire Celebration

at the Spokane Interstate Fair & Expo Center Co-hosted by IETWHBEA & Tennessee WIN

July 30 & 31

The Tennessee Walking Horse The Greatest Horse on Earth! Judge - Chris Messick, PRIDE Local horse and schooling classes - NEW this year Model, Versatility, Pleasure and Performance Classes SPONSORS

Complimentary Exhibitor’s Breakfast and BBQ on Saturday!


509-230-6524 TENNESSEE WIN Chris Hutchinson

208-676-1633 JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 5




by Dr. Misty Rhett


Let’s Talk About Herpes‌


s the newly hired associate veterinarian at McKinlay and Peters Equine Hospital, I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. McKinlay, Dr Peters, the MPEH staff, and MPEH clientele for welcoming me into the community. I graduated from WSU in 2005, completed a one-year internship at Idaho Equine Hospital in 2006 and became certified in animal chiropractic in 2011. It has been an interesting initial two weeks at MPEH as we have all been highly concerned with equine herpes virus 1 (EHV-1) and its potential to become equine herpes myeloencephalopathy (EHM). Recent cases of EHV-1 and EHM have been diagnosed in horses that attended the National Cutting Horse Association western national championship which took place in Ogden, Utah April 29th – May 8th, 2011. As of June 2nd there

have been a total of 84 horses diagnosed with EHV-1/EHM, 58 of those horses were at the Ogden show and the other cases were exposed to horses that were at the show. Ten states have been involved: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OK, OR, UT, and WA. Twelve horses have died or been euthanized. EHV-1 is a virus that is ubiquitous in most horse populations, world wide. In fact, 90% of horses have been exposed by the time they are 2 years old. EHV-1 has the ability to cause outbreaks of respiratory disease, late gestation abortions, foal death and neurologic disease. The neurologic form, which was diagnosed in Ogden, is referred to as EHM. It is not uncommon to see the respiratory disease and abortions and we routinely vaccinate against these forms. The current concern is the 10% of EHV-1 horses that go on to develop EHM when the virus migrates to the central nervous system. The risk factors for EHM are unclear at this time. EHV-1 has the potential to be highly contagious and can spread through aerosol transmission, horse-to-horse contact, and fomites (such as contaminated hands, clothes, boots, tack, and feed). The incubation period for EHV-1 is about 1-2 days with a fever that typically spikes twice (biphasic fever) over the next 10 days. Other clinical signs include nasal discharge and coughing. The incubation period for EHM is about 8-12 days (usually after the 2nd febrile episode) and clinical signs






With Foundation Blood of King P-234, Waggoner, Oklahoma Star, Roan Hancock, and many more. His colts will work and -PPL(PPE doing it.

Leo’s grandsire, Lee’s Domino, is known for his speed, athletic ability, conformation & disposition. 30.JO"SFOBt)JHIQPJOUDIBNQJPOCBSSFMSBDJOH Pole Bending & Team Roping in the Inland Empire & 1FOE03FJMMFt8"4UBUF#PBSE2VBSUFS)PSTF"TTPD



Shannon Morseo.FBE 8BTIJOHUPOt509-991-4287 JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 6

Jed McKinlay, dvm Bob Peters, dvm Misty Rhett, dvm Certified in Animal Chiropractic

American Association Of Equine Practitioners

 E x c l u s i v e C a r e Fo r Yo u r H o r s e  Serving the Inland Northwest since 1993 — with 45 years combined experience. We provide quality, compassionate care for horses.

Sports Medicine—


* Digital Radiography * Lameness Exams * Diagnostic Blocks * Ultrasound Diagnostics * Video Endoscopy

* Embryo Transfers * Semen Freezing & Storage * Shipped Semen (cooled & frozen) * Reproductive Evaluations * Stallion Collection Training



* Power Dentistry * Tooth Extractions * Periodontal Procedures * Portable Stocks

* Chiropractic Adjustments * Pre-purchase Exams * Herd Health * Immunizations * Fecal Evaluations

Surgery— * Angular Limb Deformities * Ovariectormies (Spay Mares) * Cryptorchid Castrations

* Regional Limb Perfusions * Skin Grafts * Neurectomies

 2 4 H o u r E m e r g e n c y S e r v i c e  Washington (509) 238-4959

Idaho (208) 457-8813

www.McKinlayPetersEquine.Com info@mpevh.com JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 7

include ataxia/ incoordination, hind-end weakness, loss of tail tone, urine dribbling, lethargy and recumbancy. EHM can be fatal and the prognosis depends on the severity of clinical signs and duration of recumbancy. There is no specific vaccination for EHM and vaccinating with an EHV-1 vaccine is controversial. It is the general consensus that vaccinating decreases clinical signs (nasal discharge, coughing) and reduces viremia, which will therefore decrease spread and EHM. Some suspect that increasing immunity to EHV-1 may predispose the horse to developing EHM. This is controversial but does make it a risk-based decision to vaccinate. Treatment is non-specific and largely consists of supportive care, such as fluids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as banamine). Anti-viral drugs may be beneficial during the febrile phase, prior to the neurologic phase. Horses can shed the virus anywhere from one week to over 21 days after they are no longer showing any clinical signs of disease. Under ideal environmental circumstances the

VIRUSCANSURVIVEFORDAYSBUTISGENERALLYONLYVIABLEFOR days on the typical farm. Horses that get the virus and recover can shed the virus throughout their life spans during times of stress, with or without showing clinical signs. If you suspect your horse has EHV-1/EHM please contact your veterinarian and monitor the rectal temperature of all horses that have been exposed to the suspect horse. A horse is considered febrile if it is >101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Your veterinarian can test your horse via a nasal swab and blood work. Isolation and biosecurity are extremely important to stop the spread of this disease. We are here to help if you have questions! Dr. Misty Rhett Additional information can be found at the following web sites www.aaep.org/health_articles_view.php?id=222 www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/nahss/equine/ www.aaep.org/ehv/htm

Jed McKinlay, DVM Bob Peters, DVM Misty Rhett, DVM   s   Email: Info@mpevh.com www.McKinlayPetersEquine.com

Horse Training, Lessons & Clinics All breeds, most disciplines Arabian Stallion service

Kids Clinic in Pullman: September 24 Horsemanship Clinic in Gold Bar, WA: July 16 & 17 Horsemanship for the Trail: October 8






July 2011

 

   


           

 '&&"3"#*"/05)&3#3&&%4  '3&&"/%%*4$06/5&%#3&&%*/(4504)088*//&34            


 ! Contact Melinda Corigliano (509) 362-7191    JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 10


3 BIG Extravaganza Sales 'FCt.BZt0DU 10#PY )FSNJTUPO 03

Fall Extravaganza Where We Set the Standards for the Rest Attended by Thousands of Buyers 5XP"SFOBTt3PQJOH$BUUMF )FBEJOHt)FFMJOH $VUUJOHt1MFBTVSF 5SBJMt3FJOJOHt#BSSFMT

Saturday & Sunday


Oct. 15 & 16

PREVIEW Saturday at 8am OPEN CONSIGNMENT SALE starts Saturday at Noon CATALOG HORSE SALE starts Sunday at 8am

For Questions or For More Information, Please Contact Horse Sale Manager: Tyler Morgan,


Owners: Gary & Rhonda Miller - 541-567-6649 PO Box 1671, Hermiston OR 97838 Northwest Livestock Co. Exit 180 on I-84 (Westlund Rd. Exit) Hermiston, OR

For Complete Catalog, Entry Forms, Directions and Hotel Accommodations available at:


RIDE THE WEST The Ranch Event 2011 Join us for a HORSEMAN’S DREAM WEEKEND. Friends, Family and a Good Ol’ Fashioned Cowboy Gathering!! There will be lots to see, lots to do and here’s a little more information…


Training Clinics with our Clinicians for Horse & Rider - Audit Free with paid admission to the Ranch Event

4pm-8pm 12pm-3pm 3pm-6pm 10am-1pm 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm

Thurs. July 21 Sat. July 23 Sat. July 23 Sun. July 24 Sat. July 23 Sun. July 24

Ann Kirk “Sensible Solutions to Trail Riding” Ann Kirk “Sensible Solutions” Indoor Van Hargis “The Versatile Ranch Horse” Indoor Van Hargis “Ranch Sorting/Cow Work” Indoor Steve Rother “Excel with Horses” Part 1 Indoor Steve Rother “Excel with Horses” Part 2 Indoor

Horse & Rider ............ $150 Horse & Rider .............. $50 Horse & Rider ............ $150 Horse & Rider ............ $150 Horse & Rider ............ $150 Horse & Rider ............ $150

Note: Register for both Part 1 and Part 2 of “Excel with Horses” for $250. Great Deal!!! In Honor of Susan Rae’s Mother, Helen Inman, who passed away in 2009, Van Hargis has opened an opportunity for us to start a Scholarship Fund in her name. This Scholarship will be given to a graduating 2012 High School Senior pursuing a career in the Ag Field. You can purchase tickets for this Saddle by contacting us now, or buy your tickets at the Show - $5 each or 3/ $10. Winner to be drawn at Ride The West - The Ranch Event on Sunday July 24th, 2011. 16” Courts Custom Colt Starting Saddle with Rawhide Covered Fiberglass Reinforced Tree, Semi QH Bars & Gullet, Rough Out Seat, Double Rigged, Rawhide Covered Stirrups, Basket Weave Stamp, Cut-Away Skirt, Molded Fenders, Flank & Belly Cinch, Wt. 40#. Made in TEXAS at Court’s Saddlery. Help support our Scholarship Fund! Even if you don’t ride it, you could always sell it!!!! MSR $2400 Thank You!!!!

Rock N’ Pine Belgians

2009 XTreme Trail Winners Talea & Smarty w/ Will Rogers

16” Courts Custom Colt Saddle

Trail Riding on the Bison Range

Check us out at www.ridethewest.net or on Facebook Support your friends & neighbors’ Ranches and Businesses! JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 12

RIDE THE WEST The Ranch Event 2011 July 22 - 24 Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch 7 Mile Area, Spokane, WA

See It All Just 5 Bucks/Day • Bring Your Own Lawn Chairs, Limited Seating Student Clinics/Trail Events - Additional Entry Fees for Horses/Riders

ANNOUNCING the addition of…Julie Jene’s Certified T.T.E.A.M. Practitioner

Steve Rother,


Francesca & Her Trick Mini

Van Hargis,


Ann Kirk,


Julie Jené


Helen A. Inman Scholarship Fundraiser, Friday Evening, July 22

“Friday Night With The Stars”

6pm $20 Admission, includes catered BBQ, Trainer Performances, Q&A, Meet and Greet with Photos

Other Events: Sat. July 23 5th XTreme Trail Competition Sun. July 24 with Will Rogers Championship Buckle

“Ride With The Pros” - 6 Clinics to Choose From BCH Wilderness Camp Settin’ Up & Packin’ Up Draft Horse & Wagon Rides • Bison Field Tours Cowboy Church • Music and Entertainment Volunteers & Demo Horses Needed New Product and Horse Related SHOPPING! Overnight Camping, Concessions & Showers at the BCH Camp! Vendor Space Available, only $150 for a booth!

Susan Rae, Event Manager • Home of Story Book Farm Ponies Perfect Ponies for Perfect Parties •Ride The West Horse & Ranch Expo 15115 W. Burnett Rd. • Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026 • (509)466-9639 Fax (509)466-3834 (always on) • susanrae@ridethewest.net • www.ridethewest.net


Strides in Research for Equine Herpesvirus Funded by Morris Animal Foundation Foundation Is Funding Four Current Studies to Fight Devastating Equine Disease Amid the national outbreak of equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV1), an airborne virus that has infected at least 41 horses in May, Morris Animal Foundation funded researchers continue their work to develop a vaccine to this highly contagious pathogen. The Foundation is currently funding four studies on the virus with goals of identifying new targets for developing more effective therapies and vaccines to treat and prevent EHV-1 infection, respectively. When horses are infected with EHV-1, the clinical signs can be scary for any owner. The virus can cause a variety of ailments in horses, including rhinopneumonitis, a respiratory disease usually found in young horses; abortion in broodmares; and myeloencephalopathy, which includes fever, incoordination, weakness or paralysis of the hind limbs and incontinence. The virus is generally passed from horse to horse when affected animals sneeze or cough and through contact with nasal secretions. With funding from Morris Animal Foundation, researchers at Colorado State University, Cornell University and Freie Universität Berlin are working in their labs to unlock the mysteries of EHV-1. Dr. Gisela Soboll Hussey, from Colorado State University, is using an equine airway culture system to study the role of specific genes that may impair a horse’s early immune response to EHV-1. This new information will identify new

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targets for developing therapies and will have wide-ranging impacts on the ability to design effective EHV-1 vaccines that could prevent infection. EHV-1 can also cause spinal cord injuries that lead to devastating neurological disease. Mildly affected horses may only lose tail sensation, but severely affected horses are often paralyzed and must be euthanized. These injuries occur because blood clots form in the horse’s blood vessels, starving the spinal cord of oxygen. Why horses with EHV-1 develop these blood clots is unknown, but at Cornell University, Dr. Tracy Stokol is looking at whether EHV-1 produces blood clots by infecting cells within the bloodstream or cells lining the blood vessels and turning them into clot-forming agents. Her findings could help decrease the rate of euthanasia in affected horses. In another Foundation-funded study at Cornell University, Dr. Bettina Wagner is working to develop novel tools for studying the equine immune system that will help the equine research community diagnose a wide variety of equine infectious diseases, including EHV-1. This project will contribute to the development of new and improved vaccines and novel treatment strategies for equine veterinarians. Dr. Nikolaus Osterrieder, at the Freie Universität Berlin at Berlin in Germany, has successfully identified an EHV-1 protein that enables herpesviruses to hide within cells and avoid destruction by the horse’s immune system. By understanding the molecular mechanism that enables EHV-1 to hide from the immune system, researchers hope to develop improved vaccines that are capable of inducing better protection against this devastating disease. Morris Animal Foundation funds studies like these and other humane companion animal and wildlife health research all over the world. The funding is made possible by generous donations and continued support from animal lovers. Currently, some important studies, including two of those mentioned here, go unsponsored. Anyone interested in further information about the scientific background of the studies or sponsorship information, please contact us at 800.243.2345 or at mailbox@MorrisAnimalFoundation.org. More about Morris Animal Foundation. Media Contact: Tina - -ARTINEZ  OR  s TMARTINEZ MorrisAnimalFoundation.org


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BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN CHESTNUT AMERICAN SADDLEBRED yearling colt with white mane and tail, by Callaways Cranston by Blue Norther and out of a Santanas Charm mare. This colt is very well bred and with many world champions in his background. He has a good attitude and would make a show or pleasure prospect‌$1500 obo


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Wondering About Horses of a Different Color

Krisean Performance Horses “Life With the Blue-Eyed Wonders� by Jill Smith .3HADY3LOPE2OAD 3POKANE 7!s  sJILLSMITH EARTHLINKNET

I was leaning on the corral wistfully watching my herd of white horses, when my perlino Quarter Horse stallion, Commander, sauntered up to me. Most horses, walk, trot, canter or gallop, but Commander saunters. I guess when you have a horse that talks you can expect them to just be different in other ways too! “I bet you’re standing there wondering which mare I should breed next.� Commander commented as his blue eyes intently checked over the mare herd. No hello, no hi, no other salutation but right to the point of where his interest lies. I smiled. Commander may be unique as a white, blueeyed perlino stallion that can talk, but he is just like EVERY stallion I know in where his thoughts dwell! Mares are always at the top of the list! “Actually, Commander, I was wondering how to explain cremellos and perlinos to people. These genetically different horses are still misunderstood.� I turned to look at him, wondering if he was even listening. “Well just don’t “wonder� about it! Tell them! I’m sure there are many mares out there that need to know just how special we are and the special babies that we can help them produce!� No conceit here, I thought. People have wondered about these white, blue-eyed horses for years! Many times when a mare delivered a surprise

package that was white and blue-eyed with pink skin, it was immediately and very unceremoniously destroyed as soon as the mare looked away. After all, it was most certainly an albino carrying the lethal white gene and would die within a short time anyway! But then a few softhearted souls let the foals nurse and live, figuring that nature would just take its own course. And the foals lived, and lived and lived and‌ people began to really wonder about these white things?! They are genetically, a horse of a different color! I had thought as a cowgirl all I really needed to think about was tight jeans not “jeaneticâ€? horse differences! Cremellos and perlinos opened my own blue eyes to a whole ‘nother’ dimension of horse lore. The way horses are put together genetically involves certain genes that carry the color of the horse from one generation to the next. Simply speaking, one set of color genes comes from the sire and another from the dam. Depending on how these two gene sets get together and party, determines the color of the foal! Sometimes this is predictable and some times it’s a crapshoot and Russian roulette with the color wheel. Horses that are lighter in color like palominos and buckskins have what is called a crème dilution gene. Palominos are diluted from sorrel or chestnut horses and buckskins are diluted from bay horses. Think of it as putting a new pair of bright colored Wranglers in the “jeaneticâ€? washing machine and they


AQHA Reg#4504586 2004 CREMELLO


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Twice A Chex

2011 Palomino Colt Sire: Chex Nu Jewel Dam: Calena Chex

Whizardry in Motion 2011 Chestnut Colt

Sire: Jumping Jack Whiz Dam: Lucky Baby Star Reed

Top Sailin Jack (pictured at 36 hours old) 2011 Palomino Colt

Sire: Jumping Jack Whiz Dam: What a Hollywood Babe

Fritzalena Jazz

2010 Chestnut Gelding Sire: Chex Nu Jewel Dam: Calena Chex


come out that nice faded stone washed blue! Palominos and buckskins are “washed out” chestnut and bay horses. Cremellos and perlinos are produced when one crème diluted gene from a palomino or buckskin sire unites with another crème diluted gene from a palomino or buckskin dam causing a double diluted crème gene in the resulting foal. Completely washes the color out of the resulting foal and makes them bleach white! Cremellos are double diluted from a palomino who traces back to a chestnut and perlinos are double diluted from a buckskin who goes back to a bay. When two lighter colored horses are bred together a cremello/perlino is produced approximately 25% of the time. So cremello and perlino horses are very similar in appearance but genetically different. A cremello is descended from the chestnut line of horses and the perlino from the bay horse line. Both are white with pink skin and blue eyes. The cremello’s mane and tail are pure white and match its body perfectly where as a perlino can have anywhere from an orange tinted to more of a golden mane and tail. Many times its hard to tell them apart when they are young, but the University of California at Davis can perform a test that tells you definitely whether you have a cremello or perlino. Now for the juicy part! For interested color breeders this double diluted gene means some guaranteed color results. As a palomino and buckskin lover, this is what first caught my blue eyes! A cremello bred to a sorrel or chestnut will produce 100% palomino foals! Genetically, they can’t produce anything else! A cremello bred to a bay horse will produce a 50% chance for a palomino and a 50% chance for buckskin. A perlino isn’t quite as predictive. Bred to a chestnut he will produce either palomino or buckskin and bred to a bay he will produce buckskin more often than palomino. But from these double dilute cremello/perlino horses you ALWAYS get a colored foal! The blue eyes and pink skin aren’t passed on unless the new foal turns out to be cremello or perlino. For a wonderful “color chart” that helps you predict the color of future foals from a cremello/perlino breeding visit the Cremello & Perlino Education web site at http://www.doubledilute.com. Research is still being done on these blue-eyed wonders as more and more people are becoming aware of them and interested in their color producing results. Besides being guaranteed palomino/buckskin color producers, cremellos/ perlinos seem to carry some other interesting traits as well. The majority of them seem to have and pass on, a sweet, even and well-mannered temperament. “Folk wisdom” has always indicated that this is generally typical of the white animals of all breeds. Cremello/perlino blue eyes are not defective or overly sensitive to light any more than human blue eyes and their pink skin doesn’t sunburn in the summer. Their creamy white color actually reflects more light and heat than dark horses. Finely, there aren’t too many cremello/perlinos around…it was that destruction at birth thing! Cremello/perlinos naturally occur in many breeds of horses from Quarter Horses, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds, to Tennessee Walkers, Paints, Minis and more. In fact one of the few breeds that doesn’t have cremello/perlinos is the Arabian breed as there are no diluted colors (buckskin, palomino or dun) in the breed to start with. As an Arabian breeder I was

a little bummed out when I learned this but then I do love that Arab/Quarter Horse cross and when you add a pretty palomino or buckskin color it gives me just what I want! As a dedicated horse breeder I know that balance, confirmation and temperament are the most important attributes a horse can have but color can sure be a great frosting on that good body cake! “So am I a marshmellow or a pearly horse?” Commander interrupted my colored thoughts. And I thought I got words mixed up! “Well I thought you were a cremello when I got you but you turned out to be a perlino in disguise.” I said, looking into his big blue eyes. I quite wondering if he was cremello or perlino after his first baby proved him a perlino when he produced a buckskin baby from a chestnut mare. “Well you like pearls as well as cream…don’t you?” Now his blue eyes were concerned. “Commander, you may be a perlino but you are indeed the biggest white marshmallow around! I am quite attached to you.” I chuckled. He gave out a big white horse sigh of relief and turned his attention back to the mare field. “And just which mare is it that we’re coloring today?” Jill Smith is a Spokane, WA entrepreneur, international business owner, artist/potter and cowgirl at heart. She raises Arabian racehorses, Arabian/Quarter Horses, palominos and Cremellos/Perlinos. High N Command (pen name, Commander) is a smart-talking AQHA perlino stallion, constantly trolling for mares. Visit our web site www. kriseanhorses.com

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…i˜iÞ]Ê7Ê­œV>Ìi`ÊVœÃiÊ̜Ê̅iÊ,œ`iœÊÀœÕ˜`Ã®Ê JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 19

Equine Allergy Management through Antioxidants and Digestive Support Allergies are an abnormal response of the immune system when the horse’s body reacts to a normally harmless substance in the environment, such as dust, pollen, substances in feed, mold, insect bites or injections. Almost anything can trigger an allergic reaction, which can range from mild and annoying to sudden and life-threatening, if not reversed. Sensitivity to allergy triggers can contribute to chronic inflammatory responses throughout the body. Allergy symptoms vary, but may include; respiratory problem, itching or burning skin, teary, itchy or swollen eyes, coughing, digestive issues, hives, hair loss and itching of the nose or mouth. Nutritional support in the form of antioxidant and digestive aid can help diminish symptoms and in some cases, strengthen the immune system enough to prevent the allergic response the trigger. Jack Grogan, Certified Nutritionist and Chief Science Officer for Uckele Health & Nutrition, identifies these natural solutions and how they work. Grogan explains that phytonutrients are a relatively new class of natural compounds showing tremendous value in controlling inflammation and its negative effect on equine health, “Hundreds of plants naturally produce these compounds, known as flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenolics and anthocyanins, to protect themselves from oxidative damage. These protective substances are antioxidants that give plants and fruits their color.” Citrus fruits, grapes, berries, and green,

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red and yellow vegetables are all examples of antioxidant-rich foods. “As an antioxidant,” Grogan continues, “phytonutrients have the ability to quench free radicals, which are molecules with an unpaired electron that randomly pull electrons from other molecules. Although the body produces free radicals as part of normal metabolic activity, excessive levels of free radicals create an adverse cycle of cellular events, which may lead to cell damage (aging & disease) or destruction.” Exposure that can contribute to free radical stress can come from the environment, such as air pollution, toxic metals, herbicides and pesticides. “Antioxidants such as the vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene are effective free radical scavengers,” Grogan points out, “The minerals Selenium, Copper, Zinc and Manganese also produce antioxidant enzymes in the body. Other potent antioxidants include Grape Seed Extract, Turmeric and Ginger Root, and Gingko Biloba.” Grogan explains that antioxidants support the body’s immune system, respiratory and cardiovascular health, and may also help horses with seasonal allergies, “Equine diets typically lack these fresh antioxidant compounds. Rarely do most horses have an ample supply of fresh green pastures. Most are fed dried hay and grains. In fact, many horse feeds are highly processed and refined, which further reduces the antioxidants that occur naturally in their native diet. Supplement

Supercharge Performance Horses Congratulations to All of Our World and

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ing feeds with antioxidant-rich phytonutrients can efficiently protect the horse’s body from the damaging effects of free radicals and inflammatory chronic health problems.� In addition, the modern equine diet is far more pro-inflammatory than in the past if they are processed feeds, or feeds low in fiber and/or void of natural anti-inflammatory nutrients such as phytonutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and flax seed oils. Another significant factor Grogan identifies in allergy control or prevention is digestive health. All mammals have a complex system of lymphatic ducts, which provide barriers to infection and play an important role in immune responses, “Because 60% of lymph tissue surrounds the digestive tract, it is a main avenue for exposure to foreign substances that could cause illness, so it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system.� “Horses have a highly developed, complicated and sensitive GI tract and as a result, the digestive function is easily disrupted,� he continues, “Stress can easily upset digestive function. That includes physical, mental, emotional, chemical, toxic, metabolic, medication and/or nutritional stresses. All of these can cause inflammation that contributes to immune compromise.� Once the inflammation is started, digestion deteriorates, nutrient absorption decreases, and pathogens and toxins can enter the bloodstream, increasing the risk of infection or distress. Fortunately, Grogan notes that digestive health can be improved, “High-strength digestive enzymes can help maintain or restore normal function by improving digestive efficiency, absorption function, and have an added anti-allergy benefit. In addition, high doses of probiotics help re-establish beneficial gut bacteria by reducing pathogenic bacteria and their toxins, thus reducing inflammation, and aiding digestion.� In conclusion, effective outcomes can be obtained from non-invasive, nutritional intervention for allergic reactions with the supplementation of antioxidants and digestive support. Effective nutritional products Grogan recommends include the following ingredients for immune support: s4HEAMINOACIDS,YSINE GLUTAMINEAND. !CETYL#YSTEINE directly support healthy immune function, as well as contribute to balanced digestive health. s 4HE PLANT POLYSACCHARIDES !RABANOGALACTAN -ANNOSE and fructooligosaccharides have a stabilizing effect on immune function and supports gut related immune response. s 4HE HERBS !CAI "ERRY 'REEN 4EA 'RAPESEED %XTRACT #HLOROPHYLL 2ESVERATROL "LUEBERRY "ILBERRY -ANGOSTEEN #HERRY #RANBERRY 0OMEGRANATE %CHINACEA 3IBERIAN 'INSENG 'ARLIC 0AU$ARCO 4UMERIC !STRAGALUSAND1UERCETIN reduce excessive oxidative stress, which can occur with immune system imbalances. s6ITAMIN# % &OLIC!CIDANDTHE"IOmAVINOIDSWORKTOgether to support immune cell activity and support tissue health during immune compromise. s4HEBENElCIAL GOODBACTERIASUPPLYHEALTHYMICRO mORA for optimal digestive health, which is an important component of a healthy immune response. s 4HE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES 0ANCREATIN AND "ROMELAIN SUP-

port a healthy digestive tract and reduce oxidative stress associated with hay, feeds, grasses and other environmental agents that can enter the digestive tract. s4HETRACEMINERAL3ELENIUMHASANIMPORTANTROLEINIMMUNERESPONSEANDWORKSWITH6ITAMIN%TOREDUCEOXIDATIVE stress. s"ETA 'LUCANHASSPECIlCROLESINABALANCEDIMMUNE response. s"IO !CTIVE7HEYHASANIMMUNEMODULATINGFUNCTIONTO support healthy immune function during times of stress. s!LPHA,IPOIC!CIDAND-ALIC!CIDCANSUPPORTTHENATURAL detoxification mechanisms that support immune function by reducing toxic barriers to healthy immune responses. *ACK'ROGAN #. HASWORKEDEXTENSIVELYINTHElELDSOF biology, biochemistry and nutrition, is an expert in tissue mineral balancing, and has experienced notable success in balancing mineral chemistry to strengthen the basic metabolism and improve efficiency in horses. 5CKELE(EALTH.UTRITIONHASBUILTAREPUTATIONOVER years creating a broad spectrum of nutritional supplements from concept to shelf, also providing private labeling and custom manufacturing for reputable companies and organizaTIONSWORLDWIDE7ITHDECADESOFNUTRITIONALKNOWLEDGEAND experience, Uckele’s team of experts develop, formulate and manufacture a vast array of high potency, balanced nutritional supplements to support optimal health and performance at the highest level.


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www.nutritionalservicesinc.com    . JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 23

Ann Kirk’s IMPROVING YOUR SERPENTINES July 2011 is here and I trust you are enjoying your summer thus far. You survived another winter and the long, wet, cold spring so hopefully it is sunshine and warm days for a little while. So let’s add some more steps in the making of your ideal horse that has come so far already. The last training article I wrote, I explained how to teach your horse to follow its nose and give to the bit at a walk. If you followed my steps, your young (or old) horse has developed a wonderful soft feel in the bit as you pick up the rein and ask it to change directions. Your horse may have started out with its head rather high, especially if you are working on an older riding horse, but as you continued to wait for the give, you saw the horse lower its head, soften its neck and relax. So this month, I would like to advance to the trot which will improve the softness and head position even more. If your horse is new and you have not trotted yet, let me explain how I start my young horses trotting. This has worked well for me and they learn to advance with incidence. When I feel he goes forward good off my legs and understands the serpentines from a walk, I will go back to the ground for a short session to reestablish the go forward cue into a trot. I hook a lead into his bit or use his reins and

give him enough slack to get into a trot but keep him close enough that I can tap him with the whip to teach him the cue. I put him on the circle to the left as if I was doing the Bridle Dance. When he is walking, I start kissing successively and then after about the 4th kiss, I start tapping in time with the kiss. As soon as he starts to trot, I stop both the kissing and the tapping to let him know that is the right answer. I will repeat this about 3 times on the left then switch to the right and repeat. I will continue going back and forth until the horse moves up into the trot just from the successive kisses. Now that I know I have a cue in place to ask him to trot without having to overuse my legs, I mount up and follow the same sequence from the saddle. I start him to the left. I begin kissing successively and bumping with my legs until he breaks into a trot. As soon as he starts trotting, I stop bumping and kissing. I do not try to keep him in the trot. Most will drop back to a walk when I stop cuing which gives me the opportunity to ask again. I keep his head turned to the left so I will be ready to disengage the hip if he reacts with too much speed. I will practice his walk to trot transition about 3 times on the left then repeat on the right. When I want him to break back down to switch sides, I will bring him down gradually into disengaging his hip. When he trots out nicely on cue and he seems relaxed, I will begin switching directions without stopping the trot. This is the beginning of trotting serpentines. You will follow the same sequence as walking serpentines. First get the horse to

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Office: 509/935-6256 Toll Free: 1-866/200-2230

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n Brand New Locatio 324 N. Corbin Rd, Post Falls ID Off I-90 Take Exit #2, North on Pleasant View Right on Seltice Way, Right on Corbin


Mike Solomon 800-853-BARN (2276) Mikes@custombarns.com



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follow his nose when you ask him to change directions. If he fades out through the shoulder, disengage his hip and walk him through the turn. When he follows his nose nicely, hold the rein longer and wait for him to give before releasing and changing sides. Some horses will be a little too excited to relax and give at the trot so let them drop to a walk, get the give, switch sides and cue them back into the trot. There will be lots of walk/trot mix in the beginning. Eventually, they will relax and stay trotting throughout the sequence. Don’t get in a hurry to keep your horse in the trot. Every time he breaks to the walk, consider it an opportunity to practice your transition cue into the trot. If you keep nagging and bumping with your legs to try to keep him trotting too soon, you burn out your go forward cue and create a dead-sided horse. You will get him to maintain the trot on his own by just shortening the time he walks before cuing him to trot again. Let me add a note about sitting a trot. When you have done several hundred serpentines, your horse will learn to trot very slow and relaxed. It is easy to sit that trot but your horse will not start out slow and smooth. If your stirrups are too long, you will find yourself reaching to keep your stirrups and that makes you bounce more. If you shorten your stirrups and don’t press into them, it helps a lot. Also, lean your shoulders back, tuck your rump under and sit on your pockets a little more. Learn to follow the horse with your hips and don’t brace. Learning to sit the trot makes it more comfortable for you and the horse. This has become one of my very favorite lessons to work

on my horses, young or old. It is an absolutely perfect warmup exercise and works wonders for relaxing your horse out on the trail also. So take some time and teach it well. Don’t forget Ride the West on July 22, 23 and 24. Come by my booth and say hi. I would love to meet you. Until then, God Bless and keep you safe. — Ann For more information on Ann Kirk and her Sensible Horsemanship Program, go to www.annkirk.com. Ann’s next clinic is July 29, 30 and 31. Learn the Fundamentals of Sensible Horsemanship. These lessons are available on the Sensible Horsemanship DVDs. Ann is also available for private lessons or clinics in your area.


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Presenting at The goal is to connect

you with your horse by teaching you sensible,

Ride The West July 22, 23, & 24

hands-on exercises that will reduce frustration and make your

Sensible Summer Fun Clinic July 29, 30, & 31 Four Mound Bison Ranch

partnership possible. You are personally

invited to come and join

this fun-filled, incredible journey that will make your goals a reality!

Need More Confidence? Let Ann Kirk Guide You With Sensible Horsemanship

Contact: Ann Kirk www.annkirk.webs.com email: info@annkirk.com (509 292-2475

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LADY RAVEN STABLES Call Candi: 509-218-9166 Check our website www.ladyravenstables.com Ray & LeeAnn Hancock 215 W. Austin Rd. Spokane, WA 99208 509-466-6075 509-993-7758 pyroray@windwireless.net


5PXJOHt5JF%PXOt4VTQFOTJPO1SPEVDUT which can be viewed at

XXX5-$FOUSBMDPNt877.651.3835 We strive to provide the best products & customer service. We have been involved in Truck Camper / Horse Trailer Towing for over 33 years.

TORKLIFT INTERNATIONAL began as a Trailer Hitch manufacturer & installer, based out of Kent WA, and has expanded to over 60 employees and a 27,000 sq. ft. facility.

JULIE Certified Tellington Training Practitioner JENĂ&#x2030; HORSE & PEOPLE TRAINING Revolutionize your human - animal relationship with this positive NO Force approach Starting young horses, improving behavior & performance Advanced training for all disciplines & breeds

We work together to train your horse t3JEFS&EVDBUJPOt)BOETPO55&".$MJOJDT t&WBMVBUJPOTt$POTVMUBUJPOTt5SBJOJOHt1SPCMFN4PMWJOH 30 years at this location: 4307 N Harvard Rd t Otis Orchards WA 99027 t www.horseandpeopletraining.com

Registered Tennessee Walking Horses Coco & Aaron Spurway 19312 N. Madison Road Mead, WA 99021 Home of

GENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TRUE GRIT 509/238-1225

1996 TWHBEA Chestnut Stallion Flaxen Tail & Mane

6ISITORS!LWAYS7ELCOMEs"OARDINGAVAILABLE e-mail: steinwayranch@hotmail.com


Also Repairs

ŠcwÂ&#x160;{Â&#x2C6;wÂ&#x201A;Â&#x2030;eÂ&#x201E;Â&#x201A;Â?CehC_Â&#x201E;Â&#x2030;Â&#x160;wÂ&#x201A;Â&#x201A; Š[wÂ&#x2030;Â?_Â&#x201E;Â&#x2030;Â&#x160;wÂ&#x201A;Â&#x201A;wÂ&#x160;Â&#x2026;Â&#x201E; ŠcwÂ&#x201E;Â&#x160;{Â&#x201E;wÂ&#x201E;y{\Â&#x2C6;{{

Bayco - Finish Line 2000 ft. per roll 15¢ per ft.

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6320 N. Regal, Spokane





55 L.F.

Material only

On Site


AUCTION Enumclaw, WA

Saturday, July 23

1SFWJFXBNt"VDUJPOBN Please visit our website for more information & pictures


Or call 

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L L , TR E S , A Family Owned & Operated D Y E U B dle s W

eekly Speci als

Sad e Deal g a k c Pa & Up $


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(Show Halters(Show Blankets (Headstalls / Breast Collars ( (Sheets (Grooming Products (SHIPPING AVAILABLE! Visit us online N. 13011 Freya - Mead



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Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Get Acquainted! Mail or call us with your organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name, meeting place, contact person & telephone number for publication. This is a FREE service to Horse Organizations in Eastern / Central Washington, North Idaho, Northeastern Oregon, Western Montana & Kelowna, British Columbia. www.horse-previews.com/clubs.html CLUB



49ers Saddle Club American Mustang & Burro Association Appleatchee Riders Association Arabian Horse Club of Central Washington Backcountry Horsemen of WA, I.E. Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of WA, NE Chapter Backcountry Horsemen of ID, Panhandle Chap. Backcountry Horsemen of WA, Ferry County Chapter BC Draft Under Saddle Club Big Sky Morgan Horse Assocation Big Sky Fox Trotterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association BitterRoot Backcountry Horsemen Blackjack Saddle Club Blue Mountain Dressage & Combined Training Assn. Blue Mountain Morgan Horse Club Cabinet Back Country Horsemen Cayuse Kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Saddle Club Cleveland Bay Association Coeur du Cheval Pony Club Columbia Paint Horse Club Country Kids 4-H Crab Creek Riders Backcountry Horsemen Dash of Class Mounted Ladies Drill Team Droverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jr. Rodeo Club Eastern Oregon Arabian Breeders Eastern Washington Jr. Rodeo Association Eastern Washington Quarter Horse Assn. Emerald Empire Arabian Horse Club Free Rein Therapeutic Riding Gentlemen on Horseback Gold â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Grouse Horse 4-H Club Grant County Horse Association Heron Saddle Club Horse Wyse Instruction I.E. Arabian Horse Club I.E. Barrel Racing Assoc. I.E. Miniature Horse Club I.E. Morgan Horse Club I.E. Mustang Horse Club I.E. National Showhorse Club I.E. Quarter Horse Association I.E. Tennessee Walking Horse Club Inland Northwest Dressage Association Inland Northwest Driving Society Inland Northwest Paint Horse Club Inland Northwest Pinto Horse Club John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders Justin Time Morgan Youth Club Kootenai County Saddle Club Lewis Clark Saddle Club Melody Riders Saddle Club Mid-Columbia River Arabian Horse Club Mid-Valley Saddle Club Missoula Back Country Horsemen Montana Paint Horse Club Morgan Single-Footing Horse Assn. (MSHA) Mounted Mischief 4-H Club National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 03 National Barrel Horse Assn. WA District 04

Monthly - Lewiston, Idaho www.49ersaddleclub.org Monthly - Richland, Washington 3rd Monday monthly, Appleatchee Clubhouse, Wenatchee, WA 1st Wed monthly; Club: 3rd Thurs, Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pizza, Union Gap Wildlife Council Building, N. 6116 Market, Spokane, 4th Tues. www.nebchw.com - jameshudkins@gmail.com - 3rd Sat. mo. www.pbch.org - connie@pbch.org Norther Inn, Republic, WA 1st Wed. every month at 6pm Check website for meeting: www.freeewebs.com/bcdusc Alternate month - see website for dates Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Thurs monthly at Corvallis High School Cafeteria, 7pm E.O. Wed. Blackjack Saddle Club Arena, Thompson Falls, MT 2nd Tuesday monthly, Call for meeting place & time Call for meeting place & time (Hermiston, OR) 2nd Tuesday of every month 1st Sunday every month, Princeton, ID

Ken Smith 509/758-9426 Barbara Rehfield 509/588-5130 Terri 509/663-3175 www.appleatcheeriders.com Kay Coe, Chairman 509/457-8626 Ken Carmichael 509/466-2225 www.iebch.com Jim Hudkins 509/954-7446 Connie Glass 208/687-3608 Lloyd Odell (Pres.) 509/779-4244 Amy 250/862-0765 Monica Cassidy www.bsmha.org Russ Damrow 406/961-4321 Sherri Harris 406/777-7403 Scooter 406/827-4523 Cindy Standring 509/240-2109 Nancy Eidam 541/561-6644 Charlotte McRain 406/293-8239 Brad Minden 208/858-2026 Wanda 509/921-6674 Laura 509/499-4975 LaNay 509/627-4641 Alexcia Livingstone 208/877-1636 Bill Bailey 509/750-8196 Fran Jacobson 360/825-3525 Dave Paul 208/773-9327 Julie Errend 541/922-2704 Dave 208/773-9327 dpaulaj@aol.com Erva Hatfield 509/925-9172 Barbara Tibbs 208/265-4084 Sandy Jones 509/979-1468 Scott Wiggins 509/868-1641 Janice Schoonover 208/263-9066 Judy Warnick 509/765-3427 Leanne 406/847-2363 www.horsewyse.com 406/266-3311 Kari 509/939-0151 Heather 509/981-0455 or www.iebra.net Sue 509/291-5765 Meri 509/226-2448 mberberet@comcast.net Lea Williams 509/994-9829 Janet Gorman 509/276-2605 Judy Van Houten 509/863-5415 Chris Hutchinson 208/676-1633 509/939-0110 wandermereah@aol.com Cynthia Wahl 509/466-0109 Debbie Kruger, 208/687-9404 Shannon 509/951-8053 shannon@gozags.com Kathy Cowan 360/886-1729 Lisa 208/882-0832 Tami 208/591-4783 Mark 509/243-5300 Oly Burnett 509/935-4006 Debra 541/567-3134, Linda 541/567-0041 Kim Winburn 541/990-5134 Connie Long 406/543-0528 Mary Baughn 406/777-4196 Gary 801/885-4714 253/740-1665 or www.mountedmischief4-h.org Amber Gray 208/882-3304 Casie Monge 509/939-4175 www.nbhawa04.com

2nd Thursday & 4th Saturday, Legacy Farms, Loon Lake,WA 3rd Saturday of every month, Kennewick, WA Deary, ID Meets 1st Monday each month, Moses Lake, WA 1st Monday of each month droversjrrodeo.org for meeting dates Call for meeting times Call for information on meeting dates 3rd Wednesday monthly, any breed welcome 3rd Tuesday of every month Call for Volunteer Training Information Nyssa, OR, yearly ride Every Wednesday. Location TBA Third Monday monthly, Moses Lake Municipal Airport 2nd Tuesday monthly, Heron Community Center, Heron, MT Clinics throughout the Inland Northwest Please check our website for current info & meeting schedule For info on Open & Novice Barrel Races: Monthly Meetings Perkins at Mission & Argonne, July 14, Oct. 16, Jan 15 Last Thursday of month 6pm at Perkins on Mission & Argonne 3rd Wednesday of the month Monthly Meetings - time and place vary 3rd Sunday, every other month - 3pm, Timber Creek Cafe Bi-monthly Meetings 1st Tuesday monthly, Nov through March Monthly meetings, contact us for location. Spokane, WA Meetings - call or e-mail for information. JWPWR.org Monthly, Thunderhead Farm, Moscow, ID Go to website for info www.kcsaddleclub.org Monthly meetings, 1st Tuesday in Clarkston 1st Thursday of each month, Chewelah WA, 7pm 2nd Wednesday monthly 1st Wednesday monthly, 6pm. 1890 S. Main, Lebanon, OR 3rd Wednesday monthly, 7pm, Fish, Wildlife Park, Missoula, MT Monthly meetings alternating between Missoula & Helena Bruce Olso, 45 S. 1100 E. - American Fork, UT 84003 Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday in Federal Way, WA Call for meetings and race dates For more information and race dates, see our website

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Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Get Acquainted! Mail or call us with your organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name, meeting place, contact person & telephone number for publication. This is a FREE service to Horse Organizations in Eastern / Central Washington, North Idaho, Northeastern Oregon, Western Montana & Kelowna, British Columbia. www.horse-previews.com/clubs.html CLUB



NW Intermountain Team Penning Association North Central Washington Breeders Assn. North Country Riders North Idaho Appaloosa Horse Club North Idaho Backcountry Horsemen North Idaho Draft Horse & Mule Association Northeast Zone Western Games Division/ WSH Northwest Mounted Shooters Northwest Palomino Exhibitors Association Northwest Pattern Racing Association Northwest Saddlebred Association Northwest Stallion Service Auction Northwest Friesian Horse Club Northwest Quarter Horse Assn. Okanogan Valley Cutters Oregon Foundation Quarter Horse Club Oregon Quarter Horse Association Oregon Trail Appaloosa Club Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group Palouse Country Harness Club Palouse Dressage & Eventing Palouse Empire Appaloosa Club Panhandle Backcountry Horseman Parelli Natural Horsemanship Pierce County Chapter Backcountry Horsemen Puget Sound Buckskin Horse Club Puget Sound Hunter/Jumper Association Reining Horse Assn of the Northwest Ride and Tie Association Rockinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; H Arena Sanders County Rocky Ridge Saddle Club Sapphire Arabian Horse Club S.C.O.P.E. Sheriff Mounted Patrol Selkirk Driving Association Selkirk Valley Backcountry Horsemen South Central Zone of W.S.H. Southwest Washington Paint Horse Club Spirit Lake Horse Rescue & Youth Ranch Spokane Area Small Horse Association Spokane County Mounted Search & Rescue Spokane Morgan Club Spots of Fun Appaloosa Association St. John Saddle Club St. Maries Saddle Club Tekoa Community Fair Assocation Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitor Assoc.. of WA Trail Markers Treasure Valley Back Country Horsemen Treasure Valley Paint Horse Club UpRiver Saddle Club Valley Renegades Vigilante Appaloosa Club Washington Bred Paint Registry Washington Cavalry Association Washington Foundation Quarter Horse Assn. Washington Ponies Of the Americas Washington Reining Horse Association Western Montana Quarter Horse Assn. W.S.H. NE Zone Games Division

Call for information on meeting dates 1st Tuesday monthly, in the Okanogan Valley - check website Ride To Succeed - 7910 W. Burroughs, Deer Park, WA

Sonni Gilbert 509/990-0268 www.ncwhba.org - Lynn 509/686-7122 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 Maureen Leen 208/265-7286 Debra Gullo 208/265-5073 Mike Nagle 208/875-0024 Colleen Trego 509/953-2085 Rusty Bergwyne 208/773-0339 Cpalomine@aol.com Marie 509/244-2985 Courtney starryasb@aol.com Stephanie Harris 509/925-1259 Will Bron 509/830-3362 Rosemary Hoff 509/525-8308 Heidi Wittig 509/683-1030 Gabi Bradley 503/668-4479 Keri Croft 503/537-9845 www.otahc.org Karl Froelich kj@froelichfamily.net Brent Glover 208/882-9293 Becky Paull 208/798-9594 Kathy Hodl 509/291-3971 Gene or Sharon Bruce 208/687-0152 Dan & Gretchen Thompson 406/862-1331 Jack Gillette 253/847-1626 Lynn Travis, PO Box 1730, Silverdale, WA 98383 Ame Seelow 360/678-7470 Norm Poser 509/924-8625 Melanie Weir melanie@socal.rr.com Justin Luhr 509/998-5039 Shannon 406/827-3399 Sheela Murry 406/821-9963 Michelle LeVar 509/951-9225 Louise Casey 509/226-0582 Merle Olsen 208/267-2272 www.svbch.org Netta Goodin 509/547-0923 www.swwphc.org swwphc@aol.com 208/791-6130 www.spiritlakehorserescue.org Kristen Florez 509/220-0335 Phoebe Duke phoebed@yahoo.com www.spokanemorganclub.org 509/796-2140 Larry Luby 509/838-2421 Holli Bafus 509/648-3815 Diane Farrell 208/245-3388 Bill Harp 509/284-2085 Kirk Peters 253/639-3392 Michelle 509/951-9225 Bonnie Freeman 208/880-4776 Anne Gahley 208/286-7050 Debra Zimnicki 208/245-6868 Terri 509/701-5361 Anita Wilson 406/235-4266 Shelley Bridges 253/472-8001 Jim Daly Ginny Howard 509/588-3614 Linda 360/736-9150 Jeanine Kern jeanine@ebs-northwest.com Debby Cress 406/777-1802 Jessie McLaughlin 509/926-3642

1st Thursday of every month, call for meeting location Call for details 2nd Saturday of the month Not available 2nd Th., Apex Physical Therapy, Airway Heights, WA Email for information Call for information Monthly Meetings Omak Stampede Grounds, Omak, WA US Bank, Sandy, OR, 1st Saturday each month PO Box 537, Newburg, Oregon Monthly meetings in Central Oregon. Check website. Meets twice yearly 2nd Wed of every month 630 Pullman Rd, Moscow, ID Meets every other month Monthly meetings 2nd & 4th Sunday every month Every 4th Wednesday, 7pm. Elk Plain Grange, East Spanaway 2nd Thurs. of each month, Silver Spurs Club House, Silverdale, WA North of Seattle Monthly meetings www.rideandtie.org Tuesday & Sunday, Medical Lake Monthly meeetings 1st Tues., Noxon, MT 1st Thurs monthly, www.sapphireAHC.org Monthly meetings / Group Patrol Spokane County Bi-monthly meetings Monthly meetings, call for location 3rd Thursday of every month, Pasco McDonalds, 7:30pm 2nd Tuesday monthly, 7pm, Jollies, Ridgefield, WA TBD No Meetings until February 2010 2nd Thursdays monthly, 6:30pm at Busy Bee, Airway Heights Monthly Events & Meetings Call for meeting times St. John, Washington 3rd Wednesday of each month @ Federal Building 2nd Wednesday of each month - Iron Horse Arena Monthly Meetings - call for times & locations 2nd Tues, not July, Aug, Dec, Pasadena Park Elem. 7:30pm Monthly 2nd Tuesday of each month, URSC Arena Clubhouse 3rd Tuesday of every month at The Grubstake, Helena, MT www.WABredPaints.com Meets Saturdays - www.yvn.com/users/trinity.cavalry.htm 2nd Sat monthly, Noon, Buzz In Steak House, Ellensburg, WA Call for more information 1st Fri monthly, S. 7th St., Missoula, MT Monthly meetings & summer events

Please contact us with your current club information 509-922-3456 or 1-800-326-2223 or e-mail horsepreviews@exchangepublishing.com. This is a FREE service.

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Purina® Introduces New Feed for Miniature Horses and Ponies New feed is specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of miniature horses and ponies (ST. LOUIS, Mo.) –Through extensive research, Purina has learned how certain nutritional advantages can help miniature horses and ponies be more active and productive during their lifetimes. That’s why Purina® recently developed Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed, a feed specifically formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of miniature horses and ponies. “Introducing a new feed for miniatures and ponies is Purina’s way of providing the best nutritional options to support a variety of horse lifestyles and needs,” said Chris Goodwin, marketing manager, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed. “We are excited to offer this high-quality, nutritionally-balanced horse feed for those who love and own mini breeds.” Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed is designed for miniature breeds who tend to be more metabolically efficient than large horses but still require the nutrition necessary for growth, gestation, lactation, breeding and competition. The formulation contains the Purina Amplify® Nugget—a palatable, high-fat, extruded particle that provides calories for weight gain, performance and lactation. With added amino acids, the Amplify Nugget helps promote proper development of muscle, bone, skin, hair and hooves. The feed contains beet pulp inside the pellet as an excellent source of fermentable fiber for slow-release energy. It also provides 100-percent of the required nutrients for horses when fed as

North 40 Fence Co. To Enhance & Secure Your Investments


0ROPRIETOR Austin Wells


276-1140 NORTH4F96004

Upriver Stables Limited stalls available ■ Trained stock for sale ■ 12x12 matted box stalls (Some paddocks) ■ Daily turn-out may be included ■ 65’x144’ covered arena ■ 55’ round pen with solid walls ■

3001 N. Idaho Rd

Home of Upriver Morgans

Convenient wash rack/ heated water ■ 3 tack rooms & some cross tie areas ■ Safe fencing throughout ■ Harness training & instruction ■

— Appointments Please —

Liberty Lake, WA 99019


Easy access: 1 mile from I-90, Exit 299 - Liberty Lake, WA

directed so no additional supplements are necessary. It’s a premium formulation with high quality ingredients for excellent palatability. Purina’s Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed also offers the confidence of the Purina FeedGuard® Nutrition System— one of the industry’s most innovative and exacting quality assurance programs. Horse owners can now try Purina’s Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed as part of the Purina 60-Day See the Difference Challenge. Animal lovers can sign up for the challenge online at www.Purinadifference.com. For more information on Purina® Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed, visit www.horse.purinamills.com. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC (www.landolakesinc.com) is a national organization serving producers and their families through 4,700 local cooperatives and independent dealerships throughout the United States. The company, in combination with its wholly owned subsidiary Purina Mills, LLC, is North America’s leading feed company, providing producers, cooperatives and dealers with an extensive line of animal feed, ingredients and services designed to help agricultural producers, dealers and cooperatives compete in the global marketplace.

L^cY9g^[i;Vgb FjVgiZg=dghZh Merriott Family

27210 W. Hallett Rd. • Medical Lake, WA 99022


e-mail: winddrift@earthlink.net Home of: ANADO ACE Out of Bridget Mae AAAx (Private Treaty) Granado AAAx Jet Deck AAA Panas Ace by Pana Dude Speed plus Cow Quality Young Stock for Sale

GYPO MEADOWS Carol Norton, Owner

951 Shingle Mill Rd • Sandpoint ID 83864 • www.gypomeadows.com

208-265-2593 • 208-661-1721 cell — BOARDING —

12x12 Box Stalls • Stalls with Runs Pasture • 60'x160' Inside Arena 100'x180' Outside Arena • 70' Round Pen Daily Turnouts • Overnighters Welcome Trail Riding just a short haul away!

• • • Schedule Your Events With Us • • •










   $%&!" !'( &!$#  



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JULY 2011

6/17-7/18 Rother Horsemanship Internship & Horse Dev. 6/30-7/3 Palouse Dressage and Eventing Family Camp 1-4 Eugene Pro Rodeo 2 North Idaho Pattern Racers 2-3 NWPRA Show 2-6 School of Horse 4 Palouse Dressage & Eventing Schooling Show 5 NEBCHW Board Meeting 9 Reining Clinic 9 O-Mok-See 9-10 VDRC Dressage Show 10 Okanogan Valley Cutters Show 11-15 Level 1 Horse Camp 14 Barrel/Pole Series 14-17 Mule Mania Mule Show 16 KCSC Open Horse Show 16-17 NCR Game Show 16-17 PSHA Spokane Riders 17 KCSC O-Mok-See 18-22 Level 2 Horse Camp 21 Chapter Meeting 23 Ride The West with ACTHA 24 Ride The West XTreme Trail Competition 25-29 Level 3 & 4 Horse Camp 28 Barrel/Pole Series 30 Dressage Schooling Show 30 MPHC Open Horse Show 31 Painted Summer APHA Horse Show 29-31 Ferry Cty Back Country Horsemen Steak Ride 29-31 Ren Bannerman Horsemanship Clinic 30-31 Cowgirl Up Game Show


5-7 6 6 6 6-7 6-7 6-7 11 11 13 13 12-14 18-21 19-21 20 20 20 20 25 26 26-28 27 28

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North Idaho Fair Open Horse Show NWPRA Show (Evening) Working Cow Clinic Sixth Anniversary Stallion Showcase NITPA Competition VDRC Annual Open Show Summer Horse Show Barrel/Pole Series Okanogan Valley Cutters Show Wildwind Farm Show Series #3 1st Annual St. Jude Barrel Race NWMHC Willamette Valley Classic Quarter Horse and Paint Horse Circuit Hot August Hooves Trophy Show NWPRA Show (Evening) Wildwind Dressage/Jumper Daze O-Mok-See North Idaho Pattern Racers Barrel/Pole Series RMBA Ranch Horse Competition WSH State Games Finals RMBA Horse Sale NWPRA Show

Hunters, WA Pony Club Grounds, Deary, ID Oregon Horse Center, Eugene, OR Newport Rodeo Arena, Newport, WA Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Horse Creek Ranch, Hunters, WA Pony Club Grounds, Deary, ID Pizza Factory, Deer Park, WA Bonners Ferry, ID Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Vernon, BC Twisp, WA JT Ranch, Moses Lake, WA Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Dayton, WA Kootenai County Fairgrounds, ID Succeed Arena, Deer Park, WA Bi-Mart Arena, Cheney, WA Kootenai County Fairgrounds, ID JT Ranch, Moses Lake, WA Williams Valley Grange, 7pm Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch JT Ranch, Moses Lake, WA Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Mini Acres, Colbert, WA Missoula Equestrian Park, Missoula, MT Missoula Equestrian Park, Missoula, MT Colville Forest Lambert Crk Camp, Republic, WA Nelson & District Riding Club, Nelson, B.C. Springdale, WA Rodeo Arena

Jim Hudkins 509/954-7446 Jim Hudkins 509/954-7446 jtranch08@gmail.com Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 Spokanedressage.org skyvalley96@wmconnect.com skyvalley96@wmconnect.com Jerry Downs 509/775-3218 Renee Phillips 250/354-8168 Jessie McLaughlin 509/926-3642

Kootenai County Fairgrounds Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Double K Ranch, Bonners Ferry, ID Lady Raven Stables, Spokane, WA Mountain View Arena, Mead, WA Vernon, BC Republic, WA Fairgrounds, Ferry County Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Twisp, WA Wildwind Farm, Republic, WA Ride to Succeed Arena Oregon Horse Center, Eugene, OR Montana Expo Park, Great Falls, MT Trail, BC Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Wildwind Farm, Republic, WA Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Newport Rodeo Arena, Newport, WA Lewiston, ID • www.49ersaddleclub.org Deer Lodge, MT Grant County Fairgrounds, Moses Lake, WA Deer Lodge, MT Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA

Chris 208/765-4969 Marie 509/244-2985 www.mtpocketsranch.biz www.spokanehorsesale.com 509/990-0268 or 208/664-0942 k-cbalcaen@shaw.ca Hazel 509/779-4736 Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 Heidi jlquarterhorses@yahoo.com www.tzonetraining.com Lori: ridetosucceed@yahoo.com mtnhmsue@aol.com skyvalley96@wmconnect.com mpmalekow@shaw.ca Marie 509/244-2985 www.tzonetraining.com Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 Ellen Archer 208/448-0305 Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 www.montanarmba.org Jessie McLaughlin 509/926-3642 www.montanarmba.org Marie 509/244-2985


www.horseteacher.com beckypaull_pde@yahoo.com www.oregonhorsecenter.com Ellen Archer 208/448-0305 Marie 509/244-2985 francesca@horseteacher.com beckypaull_pde@yahoo.com www.mtpocketsranch.biz Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 k-cbalcaen@shaw.ca Heidi jlquarterhorses@yahoo.com jtranch08@gmail.com Crystal Moore 208/798-5295 Bobbi coyote@northwestmules.com Debbie 208/687-9404 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 Kimberly Lowry 509/590-5303 Debbie 208/687-9404 jtranch08@gmail.com

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NWPRA Show NCR Game Show Women’s Horse Industry Networking EXPO OQHA Schooling Show/4 judge shows NITPA Competition Okanogan Valley Cutters Show NWPRA Show Cowboy Breakfast - Zillah Wine & Poker Ride

Plains, MT Bonners Ferry, ID Osoyoos, BC, Canada Eugene, OR sponsored by OQHA Drummond, MT Newport Rodeo Arena, Newport, WA Ride To Succeed Arena Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Mansfield, WA Mountain View Arena, Mead, WA Succeed Arena, Deer Park, WA Spokane Fairgrounds Spokane Fair & Expo Center Spokane Equestrian Center, Spokane, WA Spokane Fairgrounds JT Ranch, Moses Lake, WA

www.montanarmba.org www.mtpocketsranch.biz rescorta@telus.net 503/537-9845 406/544-0982 Ellen Archer 208/448-0305 ridetosucceed.org Marie 509/244-2985 Heidi jlquarterhorses@yahoo.com 509/990-0268 or 208/664-0942 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 www.inphc.com/nwbreeders Shannon 509/951-8053 Spokanedressage.org www.nwssa.com 509/635-1430 jtranch08@gmail.com

Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Stockman Arena, Deer Park, WA Nashville, TN Eugene, OR Mountain View Arena, Mead, WA Mansfield, WA Busy Bee - Airway Heights, WA Zillah, WA

Marie 509/244-2985 Melissa Stockman 509/276-9862 www.womenshorseindustry.com 503/537-9845 509/990-0268 or 208/664-0942 Heidi jlquarterhorses@yahoo.com Marie 509/244-2985 Darrell Wallace


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Don’t Forget to mail to: Horse Previews Magazine, PO Box 427, Spokane WA 99210 by the 15th of the month preceeding publication H\Ub_Mci JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 35


DONKEY DRESSAGE I was reminiscing with a group of Dexter breeders. A Michigan farmer named Lew said when he was a boy, his grandpa hired a mule man to clear some timber. It was raining like a cow pouring hot tea on a flat rock! The mule man sat in his old Chevy coupe with his arm out the window holding onto his harnessed log-skipping mules, Bob and Jim. Bob got agitated. His mule logic could not understand why he, as the acknowledged smartest, cleverest, and most dexterous of the equids, was forced to stand in the rain, while the laziest, densest and most fragile of the primates sat in a car two feet away. Did he think mules were stupid? The man enforced his dominance by popping Bob on the end of his nose! Bob took umbrage and responded by jerking back, dragging pore ol’ Jim over the coupe, smashing the trunk, collapsing the rear window, flattening the roof, exploding the windshield and crushing the hood! We all agreed Bob had reaffirmed his place in the pecking order!

Rob, a Virginia farmer, took the baton and announced he was into Donkey Dressage. He explained that to truly appreciate it, one must understand the donkey attitude toward exertion…PACE YOURSELF. So rather than leap over the jumps at a high lope, you accrue points by walking through them at a comfortable pace pushing the horizontal poles over and walking around the water traps. The objective in each event is to do everything wrong! In pole bending you walk between the poles, knocking them over and not crossing the finish line. In the performance class you get points for stumbling, going the wrong direction, dragging the rider against the fence, and star gazing. Donkey basketball has long been popular but can you imagine Clydesdale basketball? It would be like watching the NBA! It just wouldn’t work. So, I’ll be watching for Rob’s Donkey Dressage. Donkey hockey, Donkey water polo, maybe even donkey bulldogging! But…instead of bulls or steers, they would use something more suited for the donkey attitude. How ‘bout tortoise dogging! Obviously, it wouldn’t be a timed event. www.baxterblack.com

Absolutely Beautiful Ranch Property!

You could be the owner of 72 acres consisting of meadows, trees, canyon walls and approximately 1 mile of famous Deep Creek, WA V Power & Telephone at Property Line

V3 Parcels which will allow 3 homes

VGentle access to Canyon Bottom

V20 minutes to Downtown Spokane

VDeep Creek flows Year Round

VPrivate but Close to City Events

VWater For Horses or Cattle from Creek

VConvenient to International Airport

Call for information and showing


Great Opportunity for Group of Purchasers or Individual to own a piece of Paradise for only $300,000! JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 36


Unique Custom Home For Sale ACREAGE '5.36 Acres Perimeter Fenced '48â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x36â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Barn with Pasture 'Private Well, In Ground Sprinklers 'Water Rights to Year Round Creek Only Feed 6 Months a Year (/-% 'Open Floor Plan 'Environmentally Friendly, Built to Conserve Energy Year Round 'Lots of Windows, Breathtaking Views! '2 Bedrooms; Knotty Pine Master with Doors Opening to Full View of Creek, Walk-in Closet with Stain Glass Doors '2 Full Baths, Master has Custom Tile with Specialized Turtles 'Huge Maintenance Free Trek Deck

Come Home to Your Own Piece of Paradise!

Designed by Larry Chalmers 3-E Design

'Modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Cherry Wood Cabinets 'Living Dining Area 'Custom Floor Tiles with Radiant Heat 'Quadrafire Wood Burning Stove 'Loft with Full View of Creek 'Art/Bedroom on 2nd Floor 'Attached 3 Car Garage with Built-in Work Stations 'Additional Space Easily Could Convert to an Office or Third Bedroom 'Medical Lake Schools 'Laundry Room with 2â&#x20AC;? Square Tile 'ADT Security



$1000 Finders Fee 'Shown by appointment only


Tlc ranch realty, inc 800.775.1766 406.756.1500 TODD WIRTHLIN, Broker APLACEINMONTANA.COM

406.471.5579 c KALISPELL, MT




Northwest Montana complete horse training facility, on 20 Acres with 3 Riding Arenas. Beautiful views of Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountains. Two Indoor heated arenas, 120x240 & 72x170, outdoor riding arena 150x300, heated stall barn setup with 8 stalls and room for 4 more, wash rack and tack room. Shavings storage building, several outbuildings, Centaur 4 horse Equine-Ciser in 72x170 arena with separate tack room and washrack. Plenty of room for equipment and hay storage and several more stalls if desired in the 72x170 arena. Fenced & automatic water throughout. 3000+ sq ft remodeled 3 bdrm/2 bath home with huge mud/utility & office area. Farm ground borders this property with no close neighbors and it may be possible to purchase additional acreage. One of a kind horse facility and seller is motivated. MLS# 306301.






5 acres fenced for horse. All main floor. Features hickory floors & cabinets & stone fireplace. 2000 sq ft 3 bdrm, master bdrm, views, pasture. Gourmet kitchen, 3 car garage.



Private end of county rd. 1½ story daylight log shows like new. Custom country charm. Large barn. 2 garages, large shop. Creek & pond enjoyed by deer, moose, geese, ducks, etc. Second rancher old farmstead needs TLC. Absolutely beautiful!




With 2 mobiles and apartment attached to shop/ garage. Oversized 2 car garage w/ workshop. Fenced. Leanto hay storage. Built up roofs on mobile, homes in good condition. So much potential!





6½ acres. Year round creek thru back yard. 40x50 shop. Small Barn. 4 bdrm manufactured views creek and lush pasture. What a Setting! Call Patti 509-999-0977.

ADJOINING STATE LAND 20 PRIVATE DEER PARK ACRES CHATTAROY Quality custom 1½ story daylight home. 20 ACRES Picture is a sleeper. 40x40 Shop. Large deck, fenced yard. Call Wendy Hughes for more details 509-939-8198.





Large 2 acre pond viewed from 6 bdrm Victorian. 20 private acres. Shops, garages, year round swimming/exercise indoor pool. Mobile or RV hookup on own well, septic & garage. Paved driveway and security gated entrance. Call Patti 509-999-0977.

Great potential. 20 acres - 2 parcels. Lrg Barn, stalls, hay $ storage, room to expand. 159,000 Storage/Shop. Live in older mobile while you build your dream. Utilities underground to new home site. Additional 5 fenced acres with outdoor arena $47,000 - Make it a package! Call Patti 509-999-0977.

PATTI HELRING, REALTOR Tomlinson North Group

  scountryrealtor@msn.com JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 39




'%.3 425% '2)4 47("%! 








   JULY 2011 â&#x20AC;¢ HORSE PREVIEWS â&#x20AC;¢ PAGE 40

CLASSIFIED � JULY 2011 **""--

,  -

", -

(2) Reg. Appy Fillies, Both 2 Year olds, ready for training, $1000 each, or best offer. Both tall & stout, well bred. For more information call or email. 208/875-1404. oldriverranch@moscow.com

Twin Black Arabian Geldings Need A good home, 6 years old, very sweet, size of large ponies, 1 has been started under saddle, would make great cart horses, good home a must, price negotiable, they are well taken care of & loved, we are retiring & need to get down in numbers. 208/4482548 www.TimberRidgeArabians.com Priest River

America’s Oldest Breed. Morgan Stock for sale and stallion service. 208/476-7221, Cavendish, or www.creamridgemorgans.com

,  -

Spokane Morgan Club, Get A Free membership! See stallions at stud & quality horses for sale, event photos & memberships online. www.spokanemorganclub.org or 509/796-2140

 "6 , Straight Egyptian Arabian Breeding package. (4) SE mares and one black SE stallion. All are breeding age and in great health. We are retiring. These are all wellknown bloodlines. $12,000, some terms. Great home with people experienced with Arabian horses a must. 208/448-2548. www.timberridgearabians.com. Not all horses shown on website. Email for more photos: cathy@hughes.net

Registered Black 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Paint, 15.2 H 10 year old mare, gentle, easy to handle and work with, always been well cared for, healthy and no bad habits, had 30 days training little over a year ago, handled consistently but not ridden, she will need refresher courses in riding dept. will offer fair price to right home or will consider any reasonable offer, for more info. e mail bmorrisg@wildblue.net or call 509/ 991-7474 or 509/465-0574

Championship Breeding, Shadows Khemosabi # 0582043 is 10 year old 15.2 H chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail, she’s classy with tons of potential, big body powerhouse with great attitude and athletic ability , she is exceptionally sweet and wants to please, had 30 day professional. training a year ago, but have only been on her handful of times since, she has been great every time just needs some time and consistency, although this mare has nothing but kindness in her she is only greenbroke and should have someone with experience, more information bmor-risg@wildblue.net 509/991-7474 or 509/465-0574

Large Selection Of Warmbloods (Hanoverian, Rhinelanders, Oldenburgs) for sale at realistic prices. 3 Stallions at stud. www.cocolallacreeksporthorses.com or 208/683-3255

",- Too Many Horses. Peruvian Paso Mare, approximately 10 years old with sweet disposition, green broke, unridden 2 years, stands approximately 15.2h, located Fairfield, WA, $600/best offer. Call 509-2832353 9 Year Old, Well Broken Pony, Very gentle & mild mannered, sacrifice for $1000; moving and need to sell ASAP, tack available for sale too. 509/238-5054 Colbert

 /1, Purebred Section A Welsh Ponies, Very flashy driving prospects. 5 year old stallion, smoky palomino, halter broke, he is a ridgling. $350. 5 year old mare, halter broke, very sturdy, bright palomino, white mane and socks, super fancy. $750. $950 for both. 208/610-5162 2011 Bay Or Roan Tobiano AMHR Colt, should be around 34 inches; beautiful head with great conformation & attitude, $350 with payments possible. 509/258-8997 www.purrdcutehimalayans.com Springdale

1 Miniature Donkeys With Extended Pedigrees! Due to health reasons I must sell my small herd of fancy mini-donks! Imported from the Sardina islands, rare brown, sorrel, black colors! Make great pets, and pulling carts & buggies. Great weed eaters! Easy to work with, nice & small! Good selection, sacrifice $250 each. 208-276-3772

* /2008 Halflinger, Percheron/ Paint cross, chestnut pinto filly, 14 HH, halter broke only, $1200 or best offer. 406/8831602

* /"1995 ApHC Mare With Stud Colt By Her side, mare registered in the US & Canada. Colt born 4/19/11, chestnut with blanket & spots, $2000 or best offer. 208/875-1404 Harvard ID oldriverranch@moscow.com.

+1,/ ,Ê",- Beautiful Quarter Horses. World Class bloodlines. Reining, cutting, etc; Hollywood Dunit, Peppy San Badger, Chex My Freckls, Boon Bar, etc. Must sacrifice! Leave message, 509/588-5462. Benton City Percheron Quarter Horse mare, 16 years, 15.2h, very solid, easy keeper. Does everything a great trail horse should. Almost anyone can ride, $1100 or best offer. 509-710-3719 Spokane


CLASSIFIED � JULY 2011 +1,/ ,Ê",- -


-  "1-Ê",- -

Nice Big Chestnut Gelding, 1/2 Quarter Horse, 1/2 Morgan, very well trained, crosses water, good in brush, catches any- where, extra gentle, 15.1h, 1150 lbs, $1350. 509-926-8276

Northwest Trails Boarding Happy healthy horses. Excellent care, recommended by Deer Park Vet Clinic. Catering to those who really care for their horse’s well being. Large, lighted arena, three round pens, large paddocks & pastures with shelter. Endless miles of beautiful trail riding. Natural Horsemanship training & lessons available, friendly, helpful atmosphere. www.northwest-trails.com 509/2766345 Deer Park

Horse Bedding, Cedar & Pine Shavings, great for stalls. We also have tan cedar bark arena mix. Moore Landscape Materials & Fuel, 509/466-7800 Colbert

2011 Foals: AQHA Sorrel Filly With 4 socks and blaze, excellent conformation $500: ApHC Sorrel roan colt with 4 stockings and blaze, going to be 16hh+ $500; AQHA Dun filly, well bred, free, call for more info; AMHR Bay roan tobiano colt, should be around 34”, very cute $350. 509/ 258-8997 www.purrdcutehimalayans.com Springdale The Grandkids Quit Riding So There’s no sense in keeping them: sacrificing AQHA 2001 sorrel gelding, 15.1 hands, stout, roped off, kid’s gaming horse. Doc Bar, Freckles, Peppy San Badger breeding. Great beginner’s horse, $4000. AQHA 2000 big bay gelding, 15.3 hands, stout, easy keeper, no bad habits, excellent trail horse. Leo, Sun Dunit, Sierra, Hollywood Gold breeding, $3500. 208-660-8554 2002 AQHA Black Mare Possibly In Foal for 2012, 14.2hh, halter broke only, proven broodmare, good conformation, super gentle, UTD on everything, $500. www.purrdcutehimalayans.com 509-258-8997 Springdale AQHA Big 2 Year Olds In Training With Tim McNamee. Ranch Bred, cow work, pleasure. Big Red Dun Gelding, $2000, Big Strawberry Roan Filly $2500, Grulla Gelding $1800. Beautiful Kind Horses, Ridden by Pro. If serious and looking for special horse with chrome and size. Two are big/ tall, one average, all stout, gorgeous. For pictures/ pedigree, 208-289-3401


 , Beautiful Quarter Saddlebred Gelding, 9 years, 16.1 hands, with lovely gaits, lots of potential for trail, dressage, or hunter, likes people, has good ground manners, will do best with experienced rider and consistent work, currently in training, asking $3000. 509/443-2710 or copelandheller@msn.com

Canyon Creek Farms Boarding Special, $100 1st month, 2 barns, indoor/ outdoor arena, plus 1/2 mile track, lessons, training available. 509/631-0731 Newman Lake

4H & FFA Leaders: I Need To Find qualified kids for leasing AQHA or APHA horses, 4H or FFA enrollment required. Meet & greet with herd, horses will choose you. Several kids already winning on leased horses. Call me 541/567-1464 leave message Order Your Hay Now, Large & Small square bales- grass, alfalfa, & alfalfa grass mix. Hege Farms 509/944-9520

Horse Boarding, Separate Stalls & Runs, cleaned daily, quality hay, 2 feedings, heated water, steel fences, trails, pasture, arena. 16 miles north on Hwy 2. Friendly, family atmosphere, references, $200. 509/292-8366

/ ÊEÊ/, ,-

Horse Boarding, Training & Lessons, indoor arena, outdoor, 80 acres of trails, trailer parking, full care, $225 month. Limited openings. Howells Ranch, Chattaroy 509/496-8084

Supercharge Performance Horses, Training World Champion horses & riders, All Around, Barrel Racing & Colt Starting. Training Specials on now, call for details. Spokane WA 503-313-2763

-  "1-Ê",- -

Extra Tall 2 Horse Trailer, Great Floor, large tack compartment, nice trailer, but I needed to go to a 4 horse, asking $1950 or best offer. 509-233-8146; 509-863-2824 Loon Lake

Alternative Horsemanship With Samantha Harvey: 3 day Full Immersion Clinic, groundwork, assessment & riding, Sandpoint, ID. June 10th-12th, July 15th-17th, July 29th-31st. www.learnhorses.com 866/904-0111 Hicks Open Market: 12435 W 13th Ave, Airway Heights. Thursday- Sunday 9-4pm. Come in & see us next to Hicks Hardware. Have some tack for sale Quality Heavy Galvanized Panels, shelters, gates, stall fronts, & more; one used 1-5/8” 15 gauge 12’ 5 rail panels, $115 untilgone; factory direct! ID# RC-15318, WA# LUCKYA933DW, Lucky Acres 208/7461228 www.LuckyAcres.net Jason Schaper Colt Company. Breeding, Sales, Training. 509/751-1268, Clarkston. www.schapercoltcompany.com

Will Rogers Saddle Company Has Over 300 new & used saddles in stock! Sale on select saddles, some tack too. Plenty of English saddles available! Now carrying Double J Barrel Saddles. All sizes Crates Reiners & Trail Saddles. Good selection of new & used Barrel Saddles. Used Dale Chavez show saddle, used Crates Arab tree, 16” Tennessean, and more! Come in and see! Buy, sell, trade. www.willrogerssaddle.com 509/466-0106 Mead 1988 2 Horse Slant Trailer With Hay rack on top, 4 new tires, bumper pull, $2650, C & B manufacturer. 509/8931168 Spokane Valley


CLASSIFIED ďż˝ JULY 2011 / Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160;/, ,-

, Ă&#x160; -//

6 /-

Featherlite Model 8533, Big Savings On this 22â&#x20AC;&#x2122; long x6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;? wide x7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; high gooseneck horse trailer, 4 horse slant with 4â&#x20AC;&#x2122; short wall dressing room, stock# BC118454, list $24,427, sale $19,940 (includes factory rebate). Cobalt Trailer Sales, 4620 E Trent, Spokane 509-535-2154 www.CobaltTrailer.com Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm

64 Acre Farm! Dreaming Of Moving back to the country? This original farmstead is waiting for you! Solid 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1914 farmhouse, outbuildings, desirable combination of wooded & open land with panoramic view of Eloika Lake! Offered at $625,000 Call Valerie 509/496-6938 www.tourfactory.com/731454

Featherlite Model 9409, Great Deal On this 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; long x6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;? wide x7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; high bumper pull horse trailer, 2 horse slat with 2â&#x20AC;&#x2122; short wall dressing room, stock# BC119971, list $15,539, sale $12,440 (includes factory rebate). Cobalt Trailer Sales, 4620 E Trent, Spokane 509/535-2154 www.CobaltTrailer.com Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm

Gorgeous Country Setting! Well Loved home on 8+ acres with horse set-up, shop area, covered hay storage, frost free spigot, electric fence & more. 4 bedrooms, 2.75 baths, huge family room & country kitchen off covered patio. New roof & paint! 2 wells! Call to see, only $284,700 Mary Ogle 509/999-3949 Exit R.E. North

Old Time Western BBQ And Square dance. The Immaculate Conception Academy for boys is hosting this event on August 28, 2011 from 2pm-9pm on Bodine St., Post Falls, ID. We are now looking for any western performers who would like to show off their talents and/ or organizations, i.e. old-time western music/ singers, square dancers, barrel racing, western dressage, 4H performers, petting zoo, western paraphernalia, dealers, etc. If interested in participating in this fun family event contact Monique at 208/773-9840 or 208/6605588

Wanted: Hanley Saddle, Older Custom saddle has name â&#x20AC;&#x153;Haideeâ&#x20AC;? engraved on the cantle. If you have this saddle, or know about it, please call 208/610-5162

www.HorseSetUp.info 5 Acres Near Deer Park, WA. Builders own custom home, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, shop, stables $329,000 Tamarack Realty 509-999-6354

1998 Sundowner 13x16 LQ 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; 3 Horse slant, mangers, rear tack, mid tack, solar panel, $27,000 or best offer. 509/528-4810. Tri-Cities

", -

Antique Highback Saddle, Handmade, good condition, best offer. 509-552-1687, Clarkston Featherlite Model 8127, Great Savings on this 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122; long x7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; wide x7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; high gooseneck stock trailer, aluminum floor with 2 center gates, stock# BC118906, list $22,466, sale $17,995 (includes factory rebate). Cobalt Trailer Sales, 4620 E Trent, Spokane 509/535-2154 www.CobaltTrailer.com Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-3pm Diamond C Saddle Shop. Bill Flat says â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you think you have forgotten something, you have.â&#x20AC;? Do not forget Diamond C Saddle Shop for all your saddle and tack needs! $100 off new saddle orders- month of July. Diamond C Saddle Shop, 1225 Bridge Street, Clarkston, WA. Open Monday- Thursday- Friday. Or call 208-3053126 to meet at your convenience

Reg. Icelandic Gelding, 6 Year Old pretty dun & white pinto, very nice, trail horse, smooth, good to shoe, trailer, $3000. 360/797-3326 Port Angeles, WA

/,  Ă&#x2030; -/,1 /" w w w. d o u b l e k h o r s e m a n s h i p . c o m Aliscia Kay, 208/691-6928. Training, (colt starting, trail/show training) lessons, hauling, sales. References available

6 /North Idaho Appaloosa Club Presents Spots of Fun All Breed Open Horse Show, July 9th & 10th, Bonner County Fairgrounds, Sandpoint, Idaho. Classes for everyone, Western, English, Halter, Games. Lots of age groups. Awards for 1st place, ribbons to 6th place. High Point Versatile Horse & Rider, Multiple Hi-Point. Daily raffle drawings. For more information call, 208-265-7286

Jackpot Team Roping, Friday & Saturday Night, July 15 & 16th. Tekoa, Washington. Friday Night sign-up 6:30pm, Rope at 7pm. Saturday Rope at 5pm. Saturday only is a High Money Buckle Roping. Saturday Day Roping Clinic, 9am-Noon (lunch provided). Call or e-mail us for details, 509-2903262 or info@smokinbarrelranch.com Ride The West - â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Ranch Event, July 22, 23, 24, Four Mound Prairie Bison Ranch, Seven Mile Area, Northwest of Spokane. Announcing the addition of Steve Rother EXCELL with Horses, Francesca & her trick pony â&#x20AC;&#x153;Spankyâ&#x20AC;?, Bison Field Tours, Wagon Rides & the BCH Wilderness Camp! Join us for the First Annual ACTHA Ride on Saturday, July 23, our 5th Annual XTreme Trail Competition sponsored by Will Rogers Saddlery on Sunday. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Friday Night with the Starsâ&#x20AC;?, with Van Hargis, Annk Kirk & Steve Rother. $20 ticket, catered BBQ, trainer performances, Q&A, Meet & Greet & photos. All proceeds benefit the Helen A Inman Scholarship Fund. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ride with the Prosâ&#x20AC;? Student Clinics with our trainers, $150 horse/ rider. View all the clinics, exhibits, shopping, trail competitions, demos, for one low admission fee of $5 per day. Free parking, dry camping, $10 night. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the Horsemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dream Weekend & a good olâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fashioned Cowboy Gathering! Vendor space & sponsorships available. Company banner display only $50 weekend. Contact Susan Rae, 509/ 466-9639; susanrae@ridethewest.net Sponsored by The Exchange & Horse Previews Magazine

JULY 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ HORSE PREVIEWS â&#x20AC;˘ PAGE 43

CLASSIFIED ďż˝ JULY 2011 6 /-

6 /-

,, ,-

Plan Ahead To Ride â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Old Stage coach Trailâ&#x20AC;?, Republic, WA. Reserve at dbacondvm@rcabletv.com 509/775-2687, 509/775-3218, $25 includes steak dinner/ breakfast, fccbchw.org July 29th-31st

Northwest Mounted Shooters Presents the Idaho State Shoot, CMSA Triple Point Qualifier, July 1-3 2011 at Kootenai County Fairgrounds, N-Arena, CDA, Idaho. Horses, Cowboys, Cowgirls & Guns! Shooting begins at 6pm Friday, Saturday 9am, & Sunday 9:30am; Cowboy Mounted Shooting is one of the fastest growing equestrian sports in the nation, mounted contestants compete in this fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association has a variety of levels of competition for everyone, ranging from novice levels to the seasoned professional: Free to spectators. For more information www.northwestmountedshooters.com

Horseshoeing- Hot & Cold, On Time! Courteous to horse and owner. Competent! North Spokane, Mt. Spokane, Deer Park, Elk & Colbert. Ken Sterner 509/9545439 Spokane

Horse N Around, July 22- 24. Come Ride and enjoy trails, trees, and open spaces, with people much like yourself, at Horse N Around, an event fundraiser for Latah County Sheriff â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Posse and Appaloosa Museum. Open trail challenge, fun ride, and ACTHA- sponsored ride. For more information and cost, call 208/882-5578 extension 279, www.appaloosamuseum.org Mule Mania Mule & Donkey Show, Chuck Wagon Cooking, Western Vendors, free admission July 14-17, Dayton WA. 208/ 816-8682 or www.MuleManiaDayton.com DonĘźt Forget Deadline is the 15th of the Month

Equine Solutions For All Your Horse needs: shoeing, trimming, corrective shoeing. Just moved to the Spokane area & we are taking a few new clients, serving Spokane, Moses Lake, Tri Cities & CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;A. 509/953-2055 email: johndeal1834@yahoo.com Fast, courteous & kind to the animal Barefoot Trimming. 4B-S.A.I.D. transitional method assures trail-ride readiness for Summer. 509-456-5555 leave message

-- Ă&#x160; 6 ,/-  /Ă&#x160;Â&#x2021; Ă&#x160;",


DonĘźt Forget Deadline is the 15th of the Month


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CH Marquis Paint The Wind ............................10 Dionysus RT Eternety Arabians ........... Back Cover Frecklena Playboy Roger Heuett Cow Horses .............4 Genâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s True Grit Steinway Ranch .....................27, 40 Hot Harbor Chex Buzzardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roost Ranch ..................6 IBN Salvadino Shalwyn Arabians ........................21 Kismet Shalwyn Arabians ........................21 Leoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Casper Buzzardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Roost Ranch ..................6 Mama Said Dash C & S Ranch ................................16 Out Till Midnight Heritage Arabian Farm ...................3 Poco Buenos Ghost C & S Ranch ................................16 R Audacious Star Eternety Arabians ........... Back Cover R.H. Duallin Playboy Roger Heuett Cow Horses .............4 SA Meshach Shalwyn Arabians ........................21


Custom Barns ..............................25 D.E.C. Construction .....................14 Northwest Cover-All ....................33

C & S Ranch ................................16 Promised Land Ranch QH ...........21 Shalwyn Arabians ........................21 Steinway Ranch .....................27, 40 WindDrift Farm Quarter Horses ...32


Hermiston Horse Sale ..................11 Whetzel Horsemanship Clinics......8 ID State Draft Horse & Mule Show....20 IE. Celebration/IETWHBA ..............5 Ride The West......... Cover, 3, 12, 13


Cocolalla Creek Sporthorses ........21 Gypo Meadows ...........................32 Heritage Arabian Farm ...................3 Lady Raven Stables ......................27 Legacy Farm & Stable ..................21 Paint the Wind .............................10 Steinway Ranch .....................27, 40 Upriver Stables ............................32


LMF Feeds ...................................15 Nutritional Services .....................23


AIA Insurance ..............................24 Show Pony & Antique Farm Auction .. 27 Washington Auto Carriage ...........29


Patti Helring ................................39 Richard Sievert ............................36 Sara Jane Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Regan .......................37 TLC Ranch Realty ........................38


Indiana Harness Co. ....................21 Spokane Tack Trunk .....................18 Will Rogers Saddle Company ......28


Ann Kirk Sensible Horsemanship .26 Julie Jene` ....................................27 Rother Horsemanship ....................9 Storey Horse Training & Boarding 19 Supercharge Performance Horses 20 Whetzel Horse Training .................8


Torklift International ....................27



Jasper, Inc. ...................................47 North 40 Fence Company............32 Waltâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fencing .............................27

McKinlay-Peters Equine Hospital ...7


Cocolalla Creek Sport Horses ......21 Heritage Arabian Farm ...................3 Kim Linke ....................................14 Roger Heuett Cow Horses .............4 Running Brook Quarter Horses ....17 Stienway Ranch ...........................27

Horse Previews "%7&35*4&34

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JULY 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ HORSE PREVIEWS â&#x20AC;˘ PAGE 45

P e r e e n s i r v z o iews Maga H *°"°Ê œÝÊ{ÓÇ]Ê-«œŽ>˜i]Ê7ʙ™Ó£äÊUÊ­x䙮ʙÓӇÎ{xÈÊUÊ£‡nää‡ÎÓȇÓÓÓÎ




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%08&-&%3"*-'&/$*/( 3 or 4 RAIL FENCING

Installs Easily Less Expensive than Vinyl or Metal Stains or Paints Easily Very Strong & Durable Pressure Treated to A.W.P.A. Standards Our wide range of sizes & larger inventory allows our dealers to supply your post needs for the following; as well as many other applications for one acre or a hundred.




800-238-6540 visit us at www.jasper-inc.com email at sales@jasper-inc.com


Quality Matters To Us… JULY 2011 • HORSE PREVIEWS • PAGE 47



Eternety Arabians… R Audacious Star Audacious PS x Parada Star Breeding Fee:



Dionysus RT OFW Don Wan x OFW Dark Sherry Breeding Fee:



Standing At:


ÓxΰΣӰ££n™ÊÊUÊÊ`i>˜ÌÀ>ˆ˜ˆ˜}Vi˜ÌiÀJÞ>…œœ°Vœ“ "ܘi`Ê Þ\ÊÊ ÌiÀ˜ˆÌÞÊÀ>Lˆ>˜ÃÊÊUÊÊ,>iÛi˜Ê,>iʇÊÎÈä°Óx™°ÈÎ{ÇÊÊUÊÊ iiÊ …>“iÀÃʇÊÎÈä°{xÇ°x™ÎxÊ

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Horse Previews - July 2011  

Horse Previews - 3rd Quarter - July 2011

Horse Previews - July 2011  

Horse Previews - 3rd Quarter - July 2011