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Going Green

themselves with a club. Ontario’s ATV clubs have been promoting a good citizen relationship between their club members and the province. At least once a year Ontario’s ATV clubs organize an environmental clean-up day with their members. The opportunity for thorough training within a club network includes youth rider programmes for young people, aged 12 to 16 where the basic good sense of not trespassing and wearing the correct safety gear becomes customary. In the case of youth riders, the most important factor is adult supervision. After parents buy that $1,200.00 ATV for junior, they have to actually get out on the trails with them. This is the best remedy for the 30% of fatalities in which are riders under 18 years of age. Education seems to be the key to improvements in safety. In 2007, off road vehicle fatalities in Ontario totaled 26. By the end of 2008, that number had come down to 16. One of the guest speakers at the OIPC on the subject of all terrain vehicle safety was Sergeant Michael D. Price, the Off-Road Safety Coordinator in the Highway Safety Division of the OPP. His division oversees snowmobiles, boats, and ATV’s. Sgt. Price made the point that the type of driver who would take the chance to drive more than 50 km/hr over the speed limit in a car, is also likely to drive aggressively on a trail, or in a boat. In Ontario, policing of snowmobiles, ATV’s and waterway vest enforcement is maintained by three units. Presently, 120 law enforcement ATV’s are on Ontario’s trails. Since 1997, Ontario has experienced a new slant in driver preference in recreational activities: ATV’s now exceed the number of snowmobiles in use. They also out sell outboard motor sales in the Province. For certain sportsman including trappers and hunters, their ATV’s are a necessary tool, and not a recreational pass time. Working toward a safer off road experience includes being aware that after market accessories and add-ons to even the best ATV can change the centre of gravity. This can lead to rollover accidents, which cause the most serious injuries for ATV riders. Off road trail riding is a fun and rapidly growing sport. Find a club, use all of the safety gear, and respect the environment and the rules. That sounds easy.


The Driver Magazine

Jan - Feb 2009

David Gold


ou might be surprised to know that your local progressive Auto Recyclers have been taking an active part in many pro-active initiatives to help bring value to persons of the driving public. There are many reasons for our interest to bring about a heightened sense of awareness in support of our industry as we acknowledge that there are numerous misconceptions and misunderstandings as to what it is that we do. Since there is no shortage of vehicles that reach the end of their useful life each year (either due to natural or premature causes) combined with the fact that the automobile is the number one most recycled product in the world, it only stands to reason that our industry needs to promote itself for the greater good of everyone by doing our part in protecting our precious environment. This is precisely why I have decided to focus in on the value of “Going Green” by utilizing recycled auto parts and identifying the inherent benefits that can be derived by each consumer at the same time. Going Green: The auto recyclers’ core function is to promote the re-use of auto parts and the benefits associated with the re-using of products is actually one step ahead of recycling in the, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle equation. As an automotive recycler I can genuinely say that the better

The Driver Magazine January 2009  

The Driver Magazine features automotive based articles that cover reviews, news, lifestyle, education and trends.

The Driver Magazine January 2009  

The Driver Magazine features automotive based articles that cover reviews, news, lifestyle, education and trends.