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Which disorders can Bowen Therapy safely treat?

Lasting pain relief... S BOWEN T WI HE O RAP Y H

Tom Bowen

Bowen Therapy balances the body across

Tom Bowen (1916-1982) developed the

physical, mental and emotional planes.

original technique in Geelong, Australia.

This is evidenced when clients report

In a 1975 government report he was

resolution of chronic problems in addition

found to be treating some 13,000 people

to those for which they sought therapy.

a year and achieving over 80% resolution

Conditions that may respond well include:

of all presenting problems. Most clients experienced long term or permanent

Sports and accident injuries

resolution after just a few visits. He was

Frozen Shoulder

especially known for his dedication to

Stress disorders

treating the young and disabled.

Neck and head tension

Neck and shoulder tension or whiplash

Musculoskeletal pain and imbalance

Respiratory and asthma complaints

Acute and chronic fatigue

Digestive problems

Menstrual problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Hormonal disorders

Lower back pain



Headaches / Migraine

Fluid retention / Oedema

Impaired Circulation

Your Registered Therapist is:

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