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An architectual rendering depicts what the interior of new Madison College Fitness Center will look like once completed..

Construction begins to create more accessible space CHRIS BIRD Managing Editor While many students have been away from campus, Madison College has been working on a large project to remodel the Fitness Center and locker rooms at Truax campus. An expansion that is large enough to incorporate the area that was once dedicated to the recently closed pool at Truax. The remodel and expansion of facilities has been in planning for over a year now, but the construction has begun in earnest with the new semester. Fred Brechlin, the Director of Planning & Construction Management at Madison College, laid out some of the features that the new facilities will bring. “The existing pool locker rooms are being rebuilt to meet current standards, the athletics team rooms and associated locker rooms are being rebuilt and reconfigured to meet current standards and increase the number of team rooms from 2 to 4, there will be a new officials room, new training room, reconfigured athletic offices and new phys-


Two end loaders begin the demolition of the pool to make way for the new Fitness Center. ical education classroom are on the second floor, the new roof will be flat and include solar panels, the exterior wall will be rebuilt with new limestone, grey metal, and more glass to match current design standards at the Gateway and Atrium Café,” Brechlin shared.

Madison College has been working with the athletics department to plan out this new space, and even provided renders of what the finished area is planned to look like. Stephen Hauser, Director of Athletics, was excited to be able to add and update the facilities to meet the needs of the Madison College community. The old Fitness Center was able to provide equipment and a space for people and classes to exercise, but that space was limited and accessing the center wasn’t all that straightforward. Users of the old center may remember one entrance being located in between the first and second floor, in a somewhat secluded corner of Truax Campus. “You had to really try to find it, you had to know where you were going otherwise you would get lost, so you had to know you had to go through the fitness center and go down another hall,” said Hauser. One of the main goals of the new Fitness Center is to make it more accessible, more visible, and have easy entry. Brechlin stated that the new area will have two » SEE FITNESS PAGE 4

Vaccine rollout begins for Madison College LAUREN TAILLON Staff Writer Roughly 1,200 Madison College students and faculty have already started receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, based on a tier system that was compiled by the CDC, thanks to the college’s partnership with SSM Health. Next month, that number will grow exponentially. Joshua Cotillier, Risk Manager for Madison College, is the head of the Madison College COVID-19 Task Force which has been placing students and faculty into varying tiers to organize vaccine distribution at the college. “We got tier 1A started back in late January, early February. Currently the vaccine team is working on tier 1B, for employees and some students. The definition of 1B is having face to face direct contact with students, and we are working on that with an expected implementation date

of March 1,” said Cotillier. Students and faculty who qualify to be in a tier will be notified by the task force and will be given the option to receive the vaccine if they so choose. Whether the student or staff member decides to receive the vaccine or not will have no bearing on their job or student status. Those who qualify will have to contact their primary care provider in order to receive both of the shots that make up the COVID-19 vaccine. While the requirements for tier 1C have yet to be officially disclosed by the Public Health Madison & Dane County organization, it has been projected by them that it could consist of educators, childcare workers, people on long-term medicaid, and public facing essential workers such as food suppliers and public transit personnel. Of course, this all depends on vaccine supply » SEE VACCINE PAGE 3


A COVID-19 vaccine being administered.





By James Castrillo, Collection Development Librarian

Library aims to measure diversity in collection THE STUDENT VOICE OF MADISON AREA TECHNICAL COLLEGE

2020-2021 Anica Graney EDITOR IN CHIEF


Chris Bird



Eimy Gonzalez NEWS EDITOR


Kaleia Lawrence OPINION EDITOR


Hailey Griffin ARTS EDITOR





Mariah Mallek WEB EDITOR

Emily Merlin


Hannah Dotzler Elise Fjelstad Paige Zezulka COPY EDITORS

Michelle Meyer

During the month of February, you can always find the Madison College Libraries highlighting its various resources that celebrate African American History Month. For centuries, many libraries have aimed to be the collectors and gatekeepers of the various facets of knowledge. The library at a technical college, such as ours, has not afforded such a lofty task, but focuses on a narrower goal based on who we serve. The libraries here have always aimed to “build and maintain a library collection... to support the curriculum and the mission of the college throughout the district.” Issues tied to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are equally important to both the college and to libraries. One of the American Libraries Association (ALA),

the largest professional organization for libraries, central document is known as The Library Bill of Rights. Since the early 1980s this bill has central components of a diverse collection stating: “Library workers have an obligation to select, maintain, and support access to content on subjects by diverse authors and creators that meets—as closely as possible—the needs, interests, and abilities of all the people the library serves.” Building a diverse collection at the library is often discussed as an important issue,

the means of measuring this have varied wildly. New for spring semester, the Madison College Libraries are measuring and tracking the diversity of our collection. When ordering new titles for the library each month, we have set a minimum target of 20-25% to include works written by diverse authors or about diverse topics. These materials are selected by librarians who order books for the district. Our definition of diverse authors includes historically marginalized groups such as

people of color, Latinx, and LBTQ+. Books that cover diverse experiences and topics include but are not limited to: social justice issues; race; women; gender; sexuality; disabilities; ethnic and cultural differences; languages; socioeconomic and class; age and generational differences. We intend to be proactive and intentional in diversifying the libraries’ collections for the betterment of all our users. Our goal is to strengthen our collection to represent the growing diversity and life experiences of the student body that we serve at Madison College which aligns with the college’s Equity and Inclusion Plan. We invite our students and staff to make recommendations to help build our diverse collection and increase diversity knowledge for all.

WI primary decides the race for state superintendent ELISE FJELSTAD Copy Editor





Ivan Becerril-Gutierrez Maia Lathrop GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Cole Downing Maguire Fitzgerald Jake Nelson Boh Suh Staff Writers

Doug Kirchberg ADVISOR

dkirchberg@madisoncollege.edu CONTACT US

NEWS PHONE: (608) 246-6809 ADVERTISING PHONE:(608) 243-4809 FAX: (608) 246-6488

The state of Wisconsin held its spring primary on Feb. 16. The only statewide race is for the nonpartisan election for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The role of the Superintendent of Public Instruction is to oversee all of the state’s public schools and education funding. There are seven candidates running to replace current state superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor. The top issues for the candidates on the ballot are school choice, closing the achievement gap and addressing how COVID-19 has impacted K-12 learning. The general election will take place in the spring on April 6. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is April 1, at 5 p.m. For more information regarding the candidates’ experiences, backgrounds and platforms, visit https://ballotpedia.org/ Wisconsin_state_executive_official_elections,_2021.


Book pick up

Rental textbooks sit bagged and ready for students to stop in and pick them up from a room on the first floor of the Truax Campus near the cafeteria at the start of the spring semester.

PUBLICSAFETY By Sgt. Lucas Adler

Neck gaiters and bandanas no longer count as masks

SUBMISSIONS To submit an item for publication, drop it off at The Clarion office, Room B1260G Truax and Room D237 Downtown, or email it to clarioned@madisoncollege.edu. The Clarion reserves the right to refuse to publish any editorial submission or advertisement, which may be edited for length, taste and grammar. All opinions expressed in editorials and advertisements do not necessarily represent those of the Madison College administration, faculty, the student body or the Clarion staff. CORRECTIONS The Clarion strives for accuracy in all of its articles. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (608) 246-6809 or e-mail: clarioned@madisoncollege.edu. REMEMBERING Adam Lee Suby, 1987-2009 Philip Ejercito, 1981-2013

Dane County has issued a new Public Order, Public Order No. 13. You can find out more about this new order at www. publichealthmdc.com. One of the main ways this affects Madison College is by no longer allowing neck gaiters or bandanas as a face mask. Students, staff and visitors will no longer be granted access into the building if they are not wearing an approved face mask. Dane County defines a face covering as “a piece of cloth or other material that is worn to cover the nose and mouth completely.” Anyone coming to campus must wear a face mask as opposed to a neck gaiter or

bandana. There are masks available at the entrances for the Campus Community to use if they do not have an approved mask of their own. If you have any questions about this new order, please reach out to me at Lfadler@madisoncollege.edu or give me a call at 608243-4165. We at Public Safety appreciate your cooperation.

WolfPack Alert

Have you signed up to receive WolfPack Alerts from Madison College? These alerts notify you of school cancellations or about emergencies on or near campus. If not, please do so on our webpage. Registration is free, easy and takes about a minute on your mobile device. In addition to our Facebook page, we have a Twitter account! Be sure to follow @PublicSafetyMC to stay informed of what’s happening on your campus. If in need to report an emergency or have other campus safety concerns, please contact our department at 2452222; Public Safety Officers are available 24/7.

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Introducing the Wolves in Research club ANICA GRANEY Editor-in-Chief A new opportunity for students to get involved has just arrived this past year in the form of the Wolves in Research club. Headed and created by student Stefanie Malzyner, this club allows students the chance to explore and become more connected with research opportunities. “Basically, the goal is to help students connect with research professors either at UW-Madison or at MATC and work alongside them in ongoing research projects,” said Malzyner. Wolves in Research also provides assistance with cover letters, resumes, and the general application process that comes with applying to research opportunities. “There is no minimum requirement to be a part of the club or anything like that, it’s more just being able to gather as many resources as possible to give to students so they can find these research opportunities.” The club meets at least once a month over Microsoft Teams. “It’s mainly workshop meetings, but I try to send out newsletters with research positions or programs that are available to apply for as soon as I hear of them.” Forming a club is no easy task, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. “It was formed during lockdown and I posted it on Wolfpack Connect, and I was so happy to hear from students that were interested in research and wanted to learn more about what we do,” said Malzyner. “The main reason why I wanted to create this club was so students could get a head start on research before they transferred to a research institution.” For students interested in joining or learning more about Wolves in Research, contact Stefanie Malzyner at smalzyner@madisoncollege.edu.



Wisconsin Book Festival celebrates Black history HAILEY GRIFFIN Arts Editor From hosting events with authors like Dantiel Moniz, Ladee Hubbard, Emily St. John Mandel, and Heather McGhee, to celebrating Black History Month and collaborating with the UW Creative Writing Program, the Wisconsin Book Festival will offer a lot of opportunities to the Madison community this year. When choosing presenters, Wisconsin Book Festival Director, Conor Moran, doesn’t only search for people who have affiliations with UW-Madison or with Wisconsin in general. “We want to see the big national names, but also, like anywhere, we have wonderful people doing the incredible work here as well,” he said. “So, we do exist to showcase those people, Wisconsin authors, but we’re not limited to just being a local author festival.” Although the Wisconsin Book Festival doesn’t solely seek Wisconsin native authors, their relationship with UW’s Creative Writing Program has assisted them in finding authors to speak at the festival in the past. “We’ve had kind of a working relation-

ship with the program of creative writing for a long time, and one of the things that has become a staple of the Wisconsin Book Festival, or has become a staple before the pandemic, was that their graduating MFAs would have a reading as part of the festival,” said Moran. “Their writing fellows would also have a reading as part of the festival, and so some of the events of last Fall kind of coalesced into a series called Wisconsin Wednesdays, and that has brought together writers who had a connection to the UW in some way.” On Feb. 17, the Wisconsin Book Festival will feature presentations from Dantiel Moniz, University of Wisconsin alumnae and author of the recently debuted collection of short stories, “Milk Blood Heat.” Ladee Hubbard will present alongside Moniz, discussing her second book, “The Rib King.” Each author’s book touches on subjects that strike forth important conversation such as race, class, privilege, womanhood, and human connection. In the following weeks after the Feb. 17 event, the festival will feature Heather McGhee on Mar. 2. McGhee will talk about her book, “The Sum of Us,” which

discusses the effect that racism has on the American economy and how American citizens can come together and construct the vision to combat inequality. Moran wants to continue discussions pertaining to diversity and racial equity in the future. “It means a lot to us to continue this event, and so we’re hosting ‘The Sum of Us’ as programming, and we will continue to look for other authors to bring…to Madison and the Madison community throughout 2021 to kind of continue that work,” said Moran. Now that several of the Wisconsin Book Festival events will be held online this year, people will have more access to learning about these topics than what perhaps was possible before. Moran has already seen the unintended positive impact that has arisen from online events, and he hopes that more people will come to see each event for themselves. “I think once people come to one, they’ll really enjoy it and come back. The reason I do this job is because I went to a couple of readings when I was in college, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is so different from other cultural expressions…you should check it out,’” said Moran.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 which is currently limited. There isn’t a date set for the 1C tier to be vaccinated as of now. “It’s very difficult to get the vaccine right now. Roughly 10% of the state is vaccinated as of today. That number will continue to grow, but we still have a long way to go. And with the vaccine being scarce, we want to advocate for (our students and faculty) so they have access to it rather than going through a lottery system or something like that. We want to advocate for them, that is the part I want to emphasize the most,” said Cotillier. Since the information on COVID-19 testing and vaccinations are always changing, Cotillier recommends contacting your provider about eligibility and by checking the CDC website as they will continue to update their tier requirements as well as list any new recommendations there. Cotillier also said that he would be happy to address any questions that students and faculty of Madison College may have about testing, the vaccinations, or school protocols. He can be contacted at jcotillier@madisoncollege.edu.




Architectual model of the new Fitness Center from the outside.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 levels, with the second being raised to match the height of the second level of the Truax Campus, and there will be much clearer entrances that will be easier to get to. Hauser identified the old locker rooms as somewhat of a barrier to entry for many who might be interested in using the facilities. Having to share locker rooms with sports teams, students, members of the community, and staff meant that finding space could be hard. “The new locker rooms have been expanded for students on teams to be able to have more full lockers, and any teams will have their own personal space while preparing for sports games or practices,” said Hauser. Athletics will also have more rooms for teams, as well as rooms for officials and staff, and improved spaces with greater privacy for athletic training, rehab and prehab. “There will also be non-gender specific locker rooms, we were not able to accommodate people with those needs before this,” said Hauser, also adding that there will be areas for families as well, to accommodate those with children. The new E-sports team will

be gaining more dedicated space in the new area too. “E-sports’ area is going to be set up so that they can have a space where they can practice, because they have to practice too,” said Hauser. Physical education classes at Madison College have made use of the old fitness center for a long time, but there wasn’t much space for activities like writing and bringing in a whole class of people to the fitness center at busy hours could leave little space for people to share. “There are about 30 classes that use the gym and fitness center for those classes, we are excited to have an area where students in academic classes can have space, and others can be there at the same time,” said Hauser. In the new center there will be a classroom for physical education, with tools these classes need to do work, watch films, and more. Brechlin shared that “from a construction standpoint, we’re in a demolition phase, we’ve lost a couple days do to this cold snap,” but he believes that they are still on track to have the construction done by December of this year. There isn’t much of the old facility left at this point, and the workers will be framing the new structures and pouring concrete in about a months time.


The exterior walls to the former pool and fitness center areas have been removed as construction begins on the new Madison College Fitness Center.

Internship Job Fair available online Feb. 18 MICHELLE MEYER Business Director Pandemic wise, Madison College is hosting an Internship Job Fair on Feb. 18, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Registration has been made simple through the new partnership between Madison College and Handshake. This partnership reduces the efforts required of students to participate in online events. Career and Employment Services (CES) staff members have been streamlining their efforts to support student needs during this difficult time. CES made the event free to students and employers as a part of the Madison College experience as well as bringing enthusiasm to match. Excited about the potential of the this first ever Madison College Handshake event, CES is determined to help the diverse needs of students, ages 16 to 60. Masaya Xiong, CES Advisor, explained how businesses and employees are shifting the way they do things and how they do internships, “We have 24 amazing employers. That means they have the capacity to one, go remotely, or two, are doing a hybrid.” Handshake’s virtual space sends a clear message: Madison College is preparing students for a hybrid world. Students can gain experience in the best place possible, supported by the CES team. Participants do not need to attend the entire event. The fair consists of two types of sessions to pick and choose from.

The first are 30-minute group sessions where employers can speak about their organization and students can introduce themselves and ask questions. The second session type is a one on one, 10-minute virtual appointment where students have the ability to ask specific questions about offered internships. These also focus on company culture or concerns about pandemic procedures. Employers are ready to hire interns around Wisconsin and CES will be there to help students adjust to this new experience in a positive way. Rochelle Wanner, Lead CES advisor, said, “We are all

learning together, learn with us.” Joinhandshake.com makes the event process simple and effective. It helps participants network with each other and other businesses, signup for mentorships and receive tips on the application process. Registration for the event is fairly simple thanks to the efforts of the CES. The process takes a total of about 10 minutes. Registering for the event can be done in a couple different ways. Navigation details are included here to help you along the process.

How to register:


Screenshot of the college’s website to sign up.

1. Visit the Career and Employment Services Event Page at https://madisoncollege.edu/career-employment-events. 2. Scroll down to Additional Events. 3. Select the Internship Fair under Additional Events. 4. Click ‘REGISTER HERE’ button. 5. A new page will open, where you can click ‘+ Join Event.’ 6. Then select ‘Sign in to join.’ 7. A new page will open which has the MATC logo. 8. Click the blue button which says ‘Madison College Handshake Login.’ 9. Login with your student email and password. 10. Then, you will answer a few simple questions, decide on privacy settings, and be able to register for individual or group sessions with reputable businesses across Wisconsin.





Questions asked to you, our readers.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

"I went to a movie with my boyfriend." - Payton Pruitt

"I just spent time with my friends and did a girls day."

"Oh, I stayed home. I stayed warm in my comfortable house."

- Abbey Smith

- Noelle Leeder

Trump faces second impeachment Former president acquitted for actions taken during the Jan. 6 riots. How does this affect democracy and could it happen again?


HAILEY GRIFFIN Arts Editor It’s the first time in U.S. history that a president has been impeached twice. Likewise, it’s the first time that a president has been tried after he’s left office. While Trump’s current defense team has argued that it’s unconstitutional to try a president for impeachment after he has left office, the House of Representatives has made it clear that the need to pursue Trump’s conviction is imminent. I’m inclined to agree. I think it would suffice to say that the reason for Trump’s second impeachment didn’t just begin on the afternoon of Jan. 6. The slow buildup

of tension that resulted in catastrophe at the Capitol began months before, at each Trump rally, within each Tweet, within every instance where Trump claimed the election results were fraudulent without substantiated evidence. Yet, still, there are those who choose to deny that Trump’s actions on Jan. 6 and his actions prior to Jan. 6 have anything to do with the insurrection. The question is, though, will his current defense team be able to convince the Senate of this? Apparently, yes, as the senate voted to acquit him despite the majority voting to convict. According to an article published by NPR, Trump’s defense team claims that Trump’s words outside of the Capitol

on Jan. 6 did not incite violent behavior. However, it could be concluded that in many people’s eyes, Trump’s words that day, “We fight like hell, and if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” come off as an invitation for violence. The Senate’s decision mimicked Trump’s first impeachment trial in that Republican senators were too blindly loyal to their party to do the moral thing. With Trump being acquitted, the integrity and accountability that should coincide with the notion of democracy has disappeared. Without punishment for the riots instigated by Trump’s actions, it shows the world that a breach of national

Why to avoid Sia’s film ‘Music’ ELISE FJELSTAD Copy Editor In Nov. 2020, Sia released the trailer for her movie, “Music,” about an autistic girl named Music (Maddie Ziegler) who comes under the care of her older half-sister Zu (Kate Hudson). The film was released on Feb. 10, 2021 and has most recently been nominated for two Golden Globes. Here’s why that’s a problem, and why you shouldn’t see it. Surface-level, the making and release of this movie should be a good thing. Autistic female representation in Hollywood is sorely lacking, and autistic characters usually exist as a plot device to help the protagonist’s development. Unfortunately, “Music” still plays into stereotypes and other harmful tropes. First, Ziegler is a neurotypical actress portraying a neurodiverse, non-verbal character. While I don’t think this is the biggest issue, it’s important to note

that only autistic people can fully understand the autistic experience. There is also no autistic input behind the screen either, which means that inaccuracies and a harmful portrayal based on a neurotypical lens, are inevitable. According to multiple critics’ reviews, Music as a character lacks any sort of depth, and the whole movie resides on the premise that Music’s autism somehow “traps” her from being a full human being. This pushes the idea that autism is a deadly disease that can be separated from the individual, when for many autistic folks, it is an intrinsic part of who they are. Media shapes us and our perceptions of other people, so when it comes to marginalized groups it’s especially important to be critical of what we make and consume. Sia’s representation of autism caters to the neurotypical gaze and does nothing but add to » SEE MUSIC PAGE 6

security not only went without consequence but is tolerated and able to happen again. This is a shameful moment in American history, demonstrating to citizens that the lines between functionality and disorder have truly been blurred. More importantly, Trump’s acquittal allows him to be a potential candidate in 2024, which is a threat that needs to be kept in mind. We can only guess how detrimental another election of that caliber would be to both our population and our democracy. To avoid further deterioration democracy, we must hold Trump accountable for his actions in our own minds even when the Senate refuses to.

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Letters to the editor should be typed or written legibly, be 250 words or less, and include the writer’s name, phone number and email address. The Clarion reserves the right to refuse to publish any editorial submission or advertisement, which may be edited for length, taste and grammar. All submissions become the property of The Clarion and may be used for publication. Bring letters to The Clarion office, Room B1260G Truax, or email clarioned@madisoncollege.edu.



Which milk is the best? ANICA GRANEY / CLARION

ANICA GRANEY Editor-in-chief As someone who was raised drinking a glass of milk with every meal, I find myself qualified to rank the top three types of milks on the market. And before anyone comes at me with their hardened milk opinions, let me be the first to say that I’m chill with whichever type of milk you choose to quench your thirst with (as long as it’s not soy milk).

Oat milk

The milk that everyone who knows what’s up drinks: oat milk. At first sip, it may be off-putting to some who are too used to cow’s milk, but it is by far the most superior. Oat milk has a nice, creamy flavor that pairs excellent with cereals, smoothies, coffees, and hot chocolates. The nutritional value is high as it is a great source of vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Oat milk also does not contain any common allergens, although people with gluten sensitivities need to be careful with what brand of oat milk they get before consuming. Oat milk is also the most sustainable milk on the market. It is environmentally friendly and easy to

produce even on your own.

Cow’s milk

Got milk? I’m sure everyone remembers the advertisement campaign made to brainwash the American public into thinking cow’s milk was liquid gold. I sure do. Posters of kids with milk mustaches and the infamous slogan covered the school cafeteria; subliminally implanting the idea to drink milk with whatever slop was being handed out that day by the lunch ladies. As soon as we humans were weaned off our own mother’s milk supply (or formula supplement, no judgement), we have been forced to guzzle down cow’s milk like our bones would break into splinters without it. Now, don’t get me wrong by this beratement of cow’s milk, I’m still a big fan of it, as it was what I was raised on living in the dairy state. Looking at the more negative side of drinking cow’s milk, it is notorious for giving people a funny tummy. Lactose intolerance is a real epidemic yet so many recipes and restaurants still heavily rely on lactose-filled dairy products. Not only that, but cow’s milk has been linked to causing hormonal acne, cancers, and even bone frac-

The legendary story of the Costco hot dog BOH SUH Staff Writer With inflation and prices constantly rising, can you believe that the price of something has not changed over the past 35 years? The price of Costco’s hot dog has been the same $1.50 price since 1985. Yes, that is not a typo. For $1.50, you can have a big beef hot dog and unlimited fountain drink. I have seen a bag of small chips costs more than $1.50. So, if you are looking for a deal, stop by the Costco. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, this amazing deal is still happening. I just went to Costco a couple days ago to enjoy the famous hot dog. You can ask for ketchup and mustard and the staff there will give you a separate container for each sauce. When I asked for onion, the staff told me that they do not give out onions anymore. I actually knew this because I have not seen onion dispensers even before the pandemic. Some people may remember that there used to be onion dispensers where people could get chopped onions for their hot dogs. Some newer customers may not see it because it has been gone for a while. What happened? Costco got rid of it because some people have been taking too much onion. Some even brought bags to take the onion away in surplus. As a result, Costco decided to get rid of onion dispensers. However, the big juicy beef hot dog is still tasty without onion. It is one of the better hot dogs that I have eaten in my life. In the last issue I talked about how amazing the Costco rotisserie chicken is and its popularity on Facebook. The Costco hot dog may not be as well-known on social media, but it still has around 3,000 fans on Facebook. Why so cheap? Apparently, the Costco co-founder insisted to keep the price this low.

The company has even lost revenue by selling hot dogs and sodas for this cheap. However, just like the chicken, it is a great way to attract customers into the Costco doorstep. Also, the customers feel good after spending so little on the hot dog after spending hundreds of dollars' worth of shopping at Costco. In the end, Costco is still making profits. However, this feel-good gesture in the form of a low-priced hot dog makes customers happy after shopping and urges them to come back for another trip. I cannot wait for my next visit to get another hot dog!


tures if consumed in excess. Cow’s milk isn’t all that bad though. For one, it’s the only type of milk I would willingly drink a glass of and pair with the beloved Oreo cookie. Cow’s milk also has more nutritional value compared to most other types of milks on the market.

Almond milk

Almost as famous as cow’s milk these days, almond milk is one of the most common substitutes for cow’s milk. However, despite popularity, I think it falls flat in ranking at the top of my list. The taste is nuttier and denser than cow’s milk and can come in a variety of flavors. In fact, I’d much rather sip on some chocolate almond milk than the vanilla or unsweetened versions of the drink. The nutritional value is much lower than other kinds of milk. It’s great for low-carb diets, but often has added sugar if not the unsweetened kind. People allergic to tree nuts also must avoid this type of milk. While there are so many more types of milk on the market that I haven’t covered, namely hemp milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, and cashew milk, the three on my list are the most popular and deserving of being ranked.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5 demeaning assumptions people already have about it. When the first trailer was released, autistic advocates on Twitter tried to call Sia out for not taking in any autistic input for the movie. She lashed right back, saying that they should just be “grateful” she made a movie for them, taking on a problematic savior complex rather than being a true accountable ally. Sia also stated that she worked with Autism Speaks on the film, which if she had consulted with any actual autistic people, she would know is an organization that most in the community regard as rather abhorrent. Most of their money goes towards research for an autism “cure” despite protestations that working towards access and acceptance is more important to autistic people than eradicating autism. Autism Speaks features virtually no autistic leadership, and spurs the narrative that autism is a true tragedy to befall a child or family. This only creates further stigma about autism, and therefore Autism Speaks is far from a good source about the autistic experience. One scene of the movie leaked in January shows Music being held down by a prone restraint. This is a full-body restraint technique that should only be used as an absolute last resort, when there is a very serious risk of physical harm to the person or others. According to an article by the Washington Post, autistic children have died from unnecessary use of this restraint, and survivors exhibit signs of lasting trauma. Sia did put a warning label on the film, but only after receiving backlash and asking for the scene to be taken out altogether. “Music” was made by neurotypical people, for neurotypical people. Sia made it clear she didn’t truly care about autistic people when she refused to listen to autistic voices. Instead of being like Sia, be a real ally and do not support this movie.



Week of Feb. 23

Week of Feb. 16






It’s The Weeknd


The Weeknd performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Super Bowl halftime show a unique and exciting experience ANDREW DOUCETTE Staff Writer In just under a decade, Abel Testefaye went from near homelessness to performing at the Super Bowl and releasing a greatest hits album that immediately became the most streamed album of all time on Spotify. His story is one of the more inspiring tales of celebrity this past decade that culminated as the world was falling apart. “After Hours” was one of the biggest albums of 2020, and “Blinding Lights” is now only behind “The Twist” for Billboard’s biggest song of all time. Everything about his career was working perfectly leading up to this performance, but everything else about this situation was working against him. The global pandemic makes every-

thing about performance just that much harder, no way around that. Many of the previous performers were also dance heavy, including Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, which is something The Weeknd doesn’t do a lot of. Last year was the biggest example of this with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Shakira’s dancing ability has always been just as important as her singing, and Jennifer Lopez doesn’t even sing all of the studio versions of her hits, so she doesn’t bring a lot musically to a performance. The Weeknd had to bring people from the mentality of it being about the theatrics of the previous few years to the music and songs themselves, and he succeeded. Throughout the nine song performance, there were many musical additions that added to just him sing-

ing the songs. The haunting, robotic choir starting off the performance by belting out his 2018 hit, “Call Out My Name,” was an incredible way to start out the show. In order to transition into “Blinding Lights” down on the field, he brought back a 2011 song off of his debut mixtape, “House of Balloons,” for his day one fans that love his darker music. Actually, every transition between songs was perfectly sequenced. The orchestral additions and choir coming back in and adding to the ballad “Earned It” made it sound even better than the studio version. The set designs were really fascinating as well. The show started off with The Weeknd in his fancy sports car under a makeshift version of the Vegas lights before transitioning into the more traditional stage setting. Another highlight is the light tunnel in which he performed his chart topping hit, “Can’t Feel My Face.” It would’ve been perfect if he actually went through a full maze-like tunnel instead of just one separate room, but

that stage was still great. Ending the show on the field with a plethora of masked characters referencing earlier in the story Abel’s telling with this album cycle was a perfect, cathartic ending for this album cycle. Even the setlist covered most of his hits that most people would want to hear. He performed four of his number one hits, three more top five tracks, and another top ten hit. The only track that wasn’t a top ten hit was his throwback to 2011 that was mentioned above, and that was the track that got the most love on social media. It was weird to hear PG versions of these songs, as most of them are about sex and drugs. However, there was still enough darkness for his fans. Having one of the first lines said at the Super Bowl be, “Cut that ivory into skinny pieces, then she clean it with her face,” equally pleased fans that knew about it and slipped by people that weren’t paying close attention. » SEE HALFTIME PAGE 11

The Weeknd mixes dark material with high energy COLE DOWNING Staff Writer Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd, has already accomplished a lot in his tenyear music career. He’s one of the biggest names in music around the globe, and now will be adding yet another milestone to his big list of them when he performs at the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Concert this year. So, with the stage set, I took this week to rate The Weeknd’s body of work so far, here are the results. Obviously, the 30-year-old Canadian native must be doing something right if he’s already achieved three Grammy’s, Canada’s Allan Slaight Award, eight Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, nine Juno Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards, among being nominated for countless others and collaborating with other superstar music artists around the world as well. So, what is it? What makes him special? Well, it all


The Weeknd performs during the halftime show of Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, February 7, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. starts with genre and style. “The Weeknd is one of the most influential R&B and pop artists of the 2010s. Not only just because of the dark, drug heavy subject matter but also because of how his producers have created this dreary atmosphere on almost everything he does.” Andrew Doucette, a staff member of both Madison

College’s Clarion Newspaper and Clarion Broadcasting, said this as part of his analysis on The Weeknd over email. As Doucette’s quote suggests, most of The Weeknd’s music is fundamentally pop with R&B, rock, and rap influences. Unlike many in his field, most of Tesfaye’s subject matter brings a darker vibe

to already dark topics such as hard partying, drugs, love, sex, heartbreak, self-consciousness, and death. From a production standpoint, much of Tesfaye’s signature sound comes from a slow, deep, fuzzy, haunting, and persisting synthesized-bass heavy backbeat, which mixes very well with his strong and high-ranging, alto-

pitched voice. OK, that’s great, basically, The Weeknd is just another high-pitched popstar who is only made great by luck and an insane amount of super high-quality production on his music then, right? Well, that’s a fair criticism, but I’m not done yet, and just as in politics, the people have a large say in what makes up mainstream music at any time. Artists put their own spin on whatever the people want to hear, but if no one’s going to listen to the music you’re making anyway, then what’s the point in making it at all? For me, the biggest aspect of The Weeknd’s sound that sets him apart is the pace of his music. I mentioned earlier that his backbeats are usually anchored by a slow and dominant bass groove, one that forces you to slow down to its speed in order to fully enjoy the mood. And, it almost never has a sad tone to it in » SEE ENERGY PAGE 11



‘Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides’ showcases SOPHIE’s talents ANDREW DOUCETTE Staff Writer SOPHIE had become one of the most influential and important artists not only in electronic music but music as a whole during the 2010s. The music stood for itself, luring the listener into a futuristic world of blistering bass and glistening pop anthems, but SOPHIE was more important than the music. SOPHIE was a transgender woman who was always unabashed about who she really was. She was a larger than life figure for many people both in the LGBTQ+ and music communities. Unfortunately, SOPHIE passed away on January 30th due to an accidental fall trying to reach a higher place in order to see the full moon. It’s a surreal end that somehow fits the mythos that SOPHIE always carried around throughout her entire career, but it still left fans stunned and without their idol. Local student Jason Ugarte, who’s also a part of the Madison College-led play called “The Laramie Project”, described her by simply saying, “The world truly wasn’t ready for SOPHIE.” SOPHIE only had one official studio album, “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” released in 2018. There was a collection of singles released in the earlier part of the decade that garnered SOPHIE attention from a plethora of places, including Madonna, Rihanna, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Other people sought out SOPHIE to produce some of their biggest respective songs, including Charli XCX with the “Vroom Vroom” EP and Vince Staples’ classic track “Yeah Right” with Kendrick Lamar. All of these collaborations brought more attention to the already game-changing music SOPHIE was


Sophie performs during the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 19, 2019, in Indio, California. releasing before the album, but “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” cemented her status at the forefront of this movement. The album starts with a beautiful, momentous ballad where SOPHIE sings in her natural voice for the first time. “It’s Okay to Cry” looks into traditional gender stereotypes and the effects that they can cause on people. The video to the song marks the first time SOPHIE ever showed her face to the public.

‘Attack on Titan’ final season premiers GRANT NELSON Staff Writer So, the last season of “Attack on Titan” is here, and I’m sad and grateful all at once. The show is darker than ever, ranging from themes of genocide, race hate, gritty war from the era of World War 2, and grimdark standards of morality. The show captures how one man’s hero is another’s murder. The show takes place in a bleak, steam punk, nazi-like nation with a massive race divide based in a long history of war. The show jumps around in the timeline and shows how those born as literal demons deal with a world that hates them almost as much as they hate themselves. The show brings the titan battles up to 100 percent. In a time when we are dealing with a very bleak conflict over history, and how it still exists in our world today, we could all learn from this show and how it teaches us that we are all people and that it is on us to learn from the past, but also to work to build a better future.

Disney’s ‘Soul’ mixes life and death GRANT NELSON Staff Writer A film that really hits home for me was the movie “Soul.” It was a rollercoaster of feeling, and it had a sense of sadness and hope that really gets home the nature of life and death. The film takes place in the world of living and the afterlife. It is very new age, but still has a sense of purpose and love for what makes us who we are. The movie really has a jazz and urban African American vibe that parents can enjoy with their kids. The movie was funny for a kid’s movie, but still had the classic Pixar crying moments. It makes this a film that a family can enjoy together, which is something we need more of in the industry if you ask me.

Since this was her first time showing her face to the public, it was also the first time showing the world that she was transgender. SOPHIE’s perspective of these harmful gender stereotypes comes from a unique place that helps make it a powerful song. This ballad is immediately followed up by two world-shaking bangers, “Ponyboy” and “Faceshopping.” The former is full of metallic, distorted bass that shakes any sound system it’s on, and the latter is

a more experimental anthem on how people’s faces become their brand over this Optimus Prime-esque production. The next couple of tracks are also one and the same, except this time, they’re both synth-heavy experiences with barely any percussion. Both songs are examples of tracks SOPHIE has made that are unlike anything else in » SEE TALENTS PAGE 11



‘WandaVision’ kicks off MCU Phase 4 ELISE FJELSTAD Copy Editor

after “I Love Lucy,” the ‘60s episode after “Bewitched,” the ‘70s episode after “The Brady Bunch,” and later an ‘80s episode based on “Family Ties.” It was fun to catch all of the Easter eggs in these episodes, both related to the decade and the MCU as a whole. However, it seemed as though these first few episodes seemed to drag on and on, and other than a few eerie incidents that show something is not quite right with their perfect little life, there was zero indication as to where the plot was heading. The pilot set up no impending conflict besides Vision trying to fit in at his job and Wanda’s apparent lack of housewife skills. The pilot did end with the “sitcom” being shown on a modern-day screen at a government base, which piqued a little bit more interest. Though I found myself rather bored at times in the first three episodes, the fourth episode was riveting and truly worth the wait. We learn that about three weeks after the end of “Avengers: Endgame,” Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) and Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) are sent to investigate a missing person, which turns into a mass effort by S.W.O.R.D. to

investigate the missing town of Westview. It becomes evident that Wanda has taken over the real Westview and created an extremely powerful energy shield around it. Inside, she is able to control everyone and everything, manipulating things to fit her desired reality — an uncomplicated suburban life with a man (cyborg?) she loves. Perhaps more disturbing, the S.W.O.R.D. director Tyler Hayward (Josh Stamberg) reveals that Wanda had previously broken into the base and stolen Vision’s body. How exactly she was able to revive him remains unknown, but it becomes clear that she is not able to control him the way she does with everyone else in the town. Unlike the first, second, and third episodes, the fourth and fifth episodes were very engaging, and I was kept on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Although some of our questions were answered, there are many more that have yet to be resolved. With four episodes left, we’ll hopefully get some closure. Hayward seems a little sketch to me, as does nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and her mysterious

Disclaimer: This is a mid-season review of Episodes 1-5 ***SPOILERS AHEAD! Following the epic conclusion of “Avengers: Endgame” and the epilogue-esque film that was “Spiderman: Far From Home,” I was very interested to see what was ahead for our favorite heroes. Particularly, I’m looking forward to storylines of newer characters who have yet to experience great character arcs, the way the original five Avengers already have. Despite “Endgame” appearing to be the end of an era for many of the original Avengers, the movie left many openings and loose ends for future productions. Valkyrie as the leader of New Asguard, Peter Quill searching for 2014 Gamora, Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, and an alternate timeline where Loki has the time stone are a few of these possibilities. “WandaVision,” as the title implies, features Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and her previously-assumed dead lover, Vision (Paul Bettany). The first three episodes of the TV series (with each new episode released every Friday) take the form of a sitcom, complete with a laugh track, cheesy jokes, and a photo-montage theme song. The main plot of the “sitcom” is that Wanda and Vision are a newly married couple that has just moved to the quaint little town of Westview. The two work to conceal their abilities and fit in with their new neighbors, except each episode takes place in a different decade, despite the continuous plot. I personally enjoyed how the different decade episodes featured elements from other classic sitcoms of the decade they were emulating. The episode that took place in the ‘50s was clearly modeled Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in “WandaVision.”


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9 his songs; it provides more of a cinematic texture to his tracks instead. For example, “I Feel It Coming,” in which electronic duo Daft Punk collaborated with him, the backbeat driving Tesfaye’s voice is casual. A strong element of Daft Punk’s signature “French Touch” comes through to create a vintage club backbeat and then stays even-keeled through the whole song. A similar aesthetic to his latest chart-topping song, “Blinding Lights.” The bass grooves and clap hits are far enough apart


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9 This performance wasn’t without problems, though. Even though his performance was musically the best since at least Lady Gaga, there was a lack of the extra something that a Super Bowl performance normally has. Like I mentioned above, the pandemic clearly

husband Ralph, which begs the question of whether Wanda is truly in control. Not to mention that shocking appearance at the end of episode 5; I’m actually going back and watching all of the “X-Men” movies in preparation for a possible crossover. There is an aspect of good storytelling here, too. Through the series, we get a glimpse of Wanda’s unraveling as she grapples with the grief of losing Vision, as well as her twin brother, who was killed back in “Age of Ultron.” It also displays this grief coupled with unmatched powers, which results in the conflict between her attempt to cope and the harm she causes to the innocent Westview residents. There are a few moments that are very raw, indicating that Wanda is on her last straw emotionally— and understandably so. “WandaVision” combines various genres, and pieces from the rest of the MCU, which makes it enjoyable, but also gripping. I look forward to the rest of the season, to see how Wanda’s emotional crisis is handled, getting to the core of something perhaps more sinister at play and potentially opening even more doors for Marvel expansion.


to give The Weeknd the space he needs to take precedence on the track without being obnoxious, unlike many other pop and trap tracks made nowadays. This doesn’t mean The Weeknd’s songs are boring or lacking energy; they usually do the opposite. Just as in writing, a music artist’s ultimate job is to invoke some emotion in the listener, and Tesfaye does that song after song. On the flip side of the retro disco jams like “I Feel It Coming” and “Blinding Lights,” another hit song he produced featuring Daft Punk was “Starboy.” In that song, not much changes technically, but the feel is completely dif-

ferent. Instead of a feel-good dance song, “Starboy” is a darker song that’s closer to The Weeknd’s general theme. It’s as close to The Weeknd gets to rapping ever, and his flow again is faster but phrased very well, giving room for a hard-hitting modern drum machine and reverb to complete the masterpiece without overwhelming listeners. Overall, The Weeknd is truly a unique singer/songwriter and is one of the most listened to artists for a real reason. Boiled down, his style can be described as a cross between Michael Jackson, Prince, and R. Kelly, which makes sense considering

he’s cited all three as being inspirations for him. His high-pitched voice confidently comes through in a true complementary unison with a wide range of commanding bass combinations that don’t take away from the lyrics in beats per minute, volume, or thematic texture. Thus, allowing The Weeknd’s dark material to actually be paid attention to while still making the listener feel engulfed in a song. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd, creates a variety of vivid “bangers” that are easy to “vibe” with without having to do a whole lot extra. I personally give him 4.5 stars out of 5.

affected things, but they still didn’t go above the expectations most people had. The mixing on the performance was also flat out bad. His vocals were constantly getting buried in the mix, making it hard to hear him for the majority of the performance. Instead of his voice soaring over the instrumentals, there were times where it sounded like he was singing underwater.

Overall, the performance was still one of the best Super Bowl performances in a few years. It obviously won’t be one of the best ever, especially with iconic performances from people like Michael Jackson and Prince; but it was definitely a step up from people like Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake’s performances the past few years. There were a few big flaws that kept the

performance from being something special, but it proved that The Weeknd has completed his transformation from a faceless R&B crooner to a superstar. Rating: 4/5 For those optimistic enough, there is an “After Hours” tour announced for the beginning of 2022 that is making its way through Milwaukee with tickets currently on sale.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 music. The wave of arpeggiating synths wash over “Is It Cold in the Water?” to create this all-encompassing aura. “Infatuation” has an emotive vocal performance from Cecile Believe that builds perfectly over the five-minute runtime and even contains a two-minute guitar-like synth solo on the back half of the track. After being followed up by another hard hitting, seemingly randomly layered interlude, SOPHIE tries out an ambient number. “Pretending” shows that SOPHIE doesn’t need layers upon layers to create a world, and this particular journey sounds like it goes through a jungle of elephants and monkeys to reach the traditional club anthem, “Immaterial.” Most of this album is full of sounds you can’t hear anywhere else besides SOPHIE, but not this song. There are still some aspects that are unique to SOPHIE’s genre, including high-pitched vocals and carbonated happiness, but most of it seems like a radio hit waiting to happen. It’s no wonder why this song is easily her most streamed song on Spotify, but it easily could’ve been Top 10 Billboard big instead of just big relative to her. The album then ends on a 9-minute epic that is the epitome of progression. “Whole New World/Pretend World” starts out with an in your face, textured synth melody that slowly gets deconstructed piece by piece until it ends with almost pure noise. It’s SOPHIE’s equivalent to a classical piece, almost in a sonata format. SOPHIE started off her career with a masterpiece, and everyone else thought so as well. The album received rave reviews from critics, topped a few publication’s best albums of the year list, and was nominated for a Grammy. The Grammy nomination made her the first ever transgender nominee in the Best Dance/Electronic album category, and she was also one of three transgender nominees that year, the first year they had ever nominated any. The album, and SOPHIE as a whole, has influenced many artists who are on their way to being the face of pop, including Billie Eilish’s brother and artist in his own right, Finneas, hyperpop stars that have already worked with Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy, 100 gecs, and Rina Sawayama, who made Elton John’s favorite album last year. Her influence stretches further and wider than any of these artists, especially with unreleased collaborations with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, HAIM, Big Freedia, and FKA twigs. Even people like Beyonce were using her music in their promotion! She was already changing the game with one official studio album and one collection of singles, so who knows what she could’ve done with another decade and a few more albums. SOPHIE’s “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides” will go down as one of the most innovative, forward-thinking albums of the decade.






A look at the top performances in sports


The 14-8 Wisconsin Badgers men’s hockey team has been lead this season in scoring by sophomore forward Cole Caufield. A native of Stevens Point, Wis., Caufield has scored 17 goals and had 16 assists, playing in all 22 games for the Baders this season. Caufield has scored in 12 of his team’s games this season, including a hattrick on Nov. 24 against Penn State. He has five multi-goal games this year.



The Badgers have won five of the past six games, splitting with Michigan over the Valentine’s Day weekend. The team has scored a whopping 26 goals in those six games.

The Milwaukee Bucks lead the Central Division with a 16-11 record. Small forward Khris Middleton has done an excellent job providing a No. 2 scoring option for the team. Through 27 games this season, Middleton has averaged 20.7 points per game, 5.8 rebounds a game and six assists a game. Both his field goal and three-point shooting percentages are well above his career average. He is now hitting 51 percent of his shots and 44.4 percent from beyond the three-point line. The Bucks have lost three-straight games and hope to recover against the Raptors on Feb. 16.

Pandemic has impact on college athletes




Face coverings will be standard equipment again when Madison College athletic practices resume this March. The men’s soccer team, show practicing during the fall semester, are among the teams hoping to begin competion later this semester.

WolfPack athletic teams to resume practice within weeks HANNAH DOTZLER Copy Editor Despite cancelling all winter sports, Madison College still plans to start practices for all spring and summer outdoor sports. Baseball, softball, golf and both men’s and women’s soccer are scheduled to have seasons this year. All outdoor spring sports, including baseball, softball and golf are planned to start practicing in February. Competitions for the three sports are anticipated to begin in mid-March. Men’s and women’s soccer practices are scheduled to start on March 15, with

competitions planned for the beginning of April. According to the Madison College Athletics website, no fans will be allowed at any home games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of Madison College’s indoor winter sports, including volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball have been cancelled in accordance with the North Central Community College Conference’s (N4C) announcement made on Dec. 17. In the announcement, N4C said that this decision to cancel the seasons was made because of the current pandemic. “The indoor winter sports are consid-

ered high and medium risk sports due to COVID protocols. With the health, safety and welfare of our student-athletes at the forefront of our decision making, we currently do not feel like we can safely compete in these sports within the conference,” the announcement stated. Although the winter sports were not able to proceed as usual, the men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams are allowed up to five scrimmages this spring and can start practices in March. So as the spring nears, Madison College athletes will be able to enjoy various levels of competition to close out the school year.

Rodgers MVP for third time

The COVID-19 pandemic has been trying times for many. It has brought new challenges to everyday life. This is the same for student-athletes. Practices, workouts, and team meetings have all changed drastically. As a student-athlete, I can tell you it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Practices are under strict social distancing guidelines. Six feet of distance must be maintained at all times. Masks are to be worn always unless you are drinking water or any drink. No spectators can come watch games or scrimmages. All meetings are held on Zoom to reduce the number of contacts. Starting this spring, nasal tests are being administered twice a week. Any positive test results in a quarantine period and contact tracing is done. Any close contacts also result in a quarantine period. Workouts are completed off campus. Madison College students have been given free memberships to Planet Fitness. Recruiting has been difficult as well. The NCAA issued a recruiting dead period through April 15. The dead period eliminates all contact except over the phone. The NCAA and NJCAA have » SEE COLLEGE PAGE 13

Bennet finds her calling as an esports competitor

JAKE NELSON Staff Writer


The NFL announced on Feb. 7 that Aaron Rodgers has won his third MVP of his career. Rodgers joins Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, and Jim Brown as the only players with three or more most valuable player awards. Rodgers had one of the greatest seasons for a quarterback in NFL history in 2020, completing 70.7% of his passes for 4,299 yards with 48 touchdowns to just five interceptions, doing all of this at the age of 37. Rodgers led the Packers to a 13-3 record and the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. Even as the team may have been looking into the future last offseason with drafting quarterback Jordan Love,

Opinion Editor


Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers won his third NFL MVP award on Feb. 7. Rodgers made it a point to show all the naysayers that he is still the main man in the Green and Gold. Although losing to the Buccaneers in the NFC championship, who would go on to win the Super Bowl, Rodgers showed the entire league that he is still one of the top quarterbacks in this league even in season 16. Now, as Packer fans look into the offseason, we can

only hope that the front office can add some more talent around Rodgers. But, as long as we have the number 12 behind center, we can go to bed knowing that we will have a chance to win it all each and every year. So, as Rodgers makes room in his trophy case for the MVP of this year, hopefully he can leave a little space for another Lombardi trophy in the next coming year.

Paisley Bennet is used to being the only girl that’s on the team with the guys, but it’s not that important to her. “I’ve had my time as being the only female athlete on an all-boys team and I’m like I’m cool, I don’t need that anymore,” she said. While Bennet plays esports for Madison College, she’s dabbled in just about everything. Throughout high school, she played softball, basketball, and football. Upon graduating, she played softball at North Central University. She also played one year of women’s semi-pro football, but had to quit after one season due to injuries. Being on the team has been

enjoyable thus far, with only a few bumps in the road. Because of her background in football, she thought that Madden was the way to go. However, it turned out to be not the right fit. Oftentimes, Bennet turned to her dad for advice. “He always has (played) and he’s good at it so I’d call him and be like, ‘Dad I suck, help me,’” she said. This season, she’ll be playing Call of Duty instead, which was just added as an option this semester. “I own all the Call of Duties. I’ve been playing it for years so I’m really excited about that ‘cause I actually know what I’m doing versus in Madden and I’m like wait, what does this » SEE ESPORTS PAGE 13



Utah Jazz show they belong among NBA’s best teams BOH SUH Staff Writer It is more than one third way through the season, but it is still early for NBA teams to make a decision whether they should give up and trade their players for the next year. There have been some pleasant surprises. The Utah Jazz have enjoyed seven game winning streak and is the first seed in the Western Conference. The teams that they have beaten include the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston

Celtics, Indiana Pacers, and Charlotte Hornets, which are top 6 teams in the Eastern Conference. The Jazz will face the Philadelphia 76ers, the top seed in the Eastern Conference, on the Feb. 15, so that is the matchup between the top seed in each conference. I expect the Jazz to extend their winning streak. What about Phoenix Suns? They are enjoying a six game wining streak and are now in fourth place in the Western Conference. Remember, the Suns were undefeated (8-0) in the regular season after a

long break from COVID-19 pandemic? Yeah, its the same team that added veteran guard Chris Paul. Not many people expected them to perform this well, and I honestly do not know if they can keep it up, but this team has looked promising so far. What about New York Knicks? Every year, the Knicks are included as a possible destination of free agents. If an NBA player is a free agent, there will be someone talking about them possibly going to the Knicks. However, they have been disappointing for years. Now they are on the

seventh seed (technically tied to the 6th place with the Hornets, 13-15 record) in the Eastern conference. The Eastern conference is wide-open except for the top five teams, so the Knicks may sneak into the playoffs if they can keep this up. However, teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to go back down to where they belong. They were showing some spark in the beginning of the season, but now they have a seven game losing streak that could continue to grow until Feb. 21 against Oklahoma City.

Brady shines again, while Chiefs disappoint

given student-athletes their eligibility back as well. Eligibility wise, this year doesn’t count. With eligibility given back last year as well, second year athletes will be freshman athletically for this year and the next. This has caused a major back-up in collegiate athletics that coaches will have to deal with for years to come. The school has been working diligently to figure out the logistics of practice, testing, travel, games, and the many other factors that go into planning a season. They always have the best interest of the student-athlete’s health in mind. I think I can speak for all athletes when I say that we are all happy to be given the opportunity to play. Despite all of the regulations and safety parameters, everyone is ecstatic to be back.

BOH SUH Staff Writer My prediction for the Super Bowl was that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would win the matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs by 31 to 24. The final score was Tampa Bay winning, 31-7, so it was not too bad overall. What surprised me the most was the Chiefs’ offense. The lowest point total that the Chiefs scored this season was 17 against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2. There wasn’t a game this season that quarterback Patrick Mahomes failed to throw a touchdown. In fact, the last time Mahomes failed to throw a touchdown in a game was Sept. 29, 2019, against the Detroit Lions. If someone told me that Mahomes would not throw a touchdown in the Super Bowl, I would have laughed about the prediction. However, that is what happened. What else went wrong in the Chiefs’ offense? The running game. The Chiefs’ running game this season was inconsistent. They had a rookie runningback, Clyde EdwardsHelaire, as a lead back and Le’Vebon Bell and Darrell Williams as backups. Edwards-Helaire had nine carries in the Super Bowl, but in the other games, he did not carry much either (only six other carries in the post season). Bell, who was acquired from the New York Jets, touched the ball twice in the entire post season. He did not even carry any during the Super Bowl. To be honest, when I heard the news about the Chiefs acquiring Bell, I thought that was an excellent move. Bell wanted to get out of the Jets and the Chiefs really needed a good running game. Even




Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady celebrates after a touchdown during Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 7, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. though Bell’s overall stats declined while playing for the Jets, he was a top notch back in 2017. However, for some reason, Bell did not play in the Super Bowl. The overall result was a nightmare for the Chiefs, so I was not sure how much Bell would have helped, but I believe that the offense would have been more balanced rather than pass-heavy offense. The Buccaneers defense also deserved a large credit for the win. They brought their best performance to the Super Bowl and locked down Mahomes and the Chiefs’ running game. The Chiefs are not an ordinary team; they

were the defending champion. However, the defense gave them the worst offensive performance of the year in the biggest stage. Last but not least, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady deserves a large credit for the win. He threw for 201 yards with 3 touchdowns to win his fifth Super Bowl MVP. His completion rate was 72.4%, much higher than his regular season rate of 65.7%. The fact that he did that at age of 43 is unbelievable. As a Green Bay Packers fan, it was sad to see the Packers lose against the Buccaneers, but there is no doubt about how amazing Brady has been.

If you write a movie script that an old franchise QB leaves his old team to go to a new team to win the Super Bowl the next year, the audience may say that is too unrealistic and cliché. However, that is exactly what happened. Many sports analysts doubted him. Some experts even predicted that the Buccaneers would lose to the Washington Football Team. However, they kept winning and won the Super Bowl. There are many people out there who do not like Brady, but people cannot ignore his achievements. We should feel fortunate to witness this greatness in our lifetime and cheer for his efforts.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Maguire Fitzgerald is a new writer for The Clarion and a member of the Madison College baseball team.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 12 button do again?” Bennet said. Being a part of the esports team allows Bennet to send a message that is important to her. “It’s like important to me to get out there and show women and little girls of all ages that they can play video games and they can do whatever they want... just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing that guys can do,” she said.

Michigan and Ohio State are developing a basketball rivalry BOH SUH Staff Writer It is getting closer to March, and you know what that means! It seems like March Madness will return in 2021. According to Joe Lunardi on ESPN, his bracketology includes nine Big Ten teams, seven Big 12 Teams, six Southeastern conference, six Atlantic Coast Conference, five Pacific-12 conference, and 14 teams from non-Power 5 conferences. It is good to see non-Power 5 conference teams represented well in various ranking systems. The Big Ten conference still has the most teams to send, and Wisconsin is currently sitting as 4th seed.

Teams that will be in Top 5 this week: Gonzaga, Baylor, Ohio State, Villanova, and Illinois. There is a great chance that both Gonzaga and Baylor may go undefeated before heading to their conference tournaments. Another story is a big matchup between Michigan and Ohio State. Many people remember their football rivalry. Well, this year there is a basketball rivalry between them. No.4 Ohio State is hosting No. 3 Michigan this week and the winner will be No. 3 and the loser will be outside the Top 5. I believe that Ohio State will win this matchup. Teams that will be in Top 10: Michigan, Oklahoma, Houston, Texas Tech, and Alabama.

Virginia has some tough matchups this week against Florida State and Duke. Winning both away games is not an easy task, and both teams are known to perform better at home. Duke may not be ranked right now, but no one should underestimate them. Another story is Oklahoma. They are facing Texas and Iowa State this week, and the winner of the matchup between Texas and Oklahoma will enter the Top 10. Oklahoma has had success lately against great teams, and it will be challenging for Texas to stop them. Teams that will be in Top 15: Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Creighton, USC, Wisconsin. Wisconsin has struggled lately as they have won at home games but lost

at away games. This has been common in Big Ten games as teams tend to be hard to beat at home game. This week features the game against No.15 Iowa at home and Northwestern at away game. Northwestern especially struggles this season and Iowa has been struggling at away games, so Wisconsin has a chance to win both games to be in the Top 15. Teams that will be in Top 25: Texas, West Virginia, Iowa, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Xavier, UCLA, and Florida There will be some changes because of tough matchups that top 25 teams face. This means new faces in the Top 25. Welcome San Diego State, Xavier, UCLA, and Florida! If one more team loses, Belmont should be Top 25 as well.




Puzzles and Cartoons




CROSSWORDPUZZLE Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis / MCT Campus


1 Play for time 6 Soup aisle array 10 Murder mystery staple 14 Apex predators of the sea 15 “I __ my wit’s end!” 16 Sacred Nile bird 17 Many a Mumbai resident 18 Triangle ratio 19 Hand over 20 Do as told 21 Comfy clothing 23 Dog walker’s need 25 “Little ol’ me?” 26 Supernatural 29 Appetizer platter items 33 Fowl fencing material 36 Morse “T” 37 Gas container 38 Abu Dhabi’s fed. 39 Nativity scene threesome 40 Red Cross offering 41 Forecast that calls for a scarf and gloves 45 Plasterboard 47 Separate by type 48 LAX : Los Angeles :: __ : Chicago 49 Like extreme 41-Across 51 Circle with primary and secondary hues 55 Variety show lineup 59 Apple gadget with playlists 60 Sinuous swimmers 61 Letter-shaped opening 62 Column before ones 63 Pudding starch 64 Prefix for

Rome’s country 65 Jittery 66 Spiderweb, e.g. 67 Grand Ole Opry genre, briefly, that’s also a hint to 21-, 33-, 41- and 51-Across


1 Artsy Manhattan area 2 Chicago daily, for short 3 Proactiv+ target 4 Female symbol of good fortune 5 The SEC’s Tigers 6 Acapulco abodes 7 Pennsylvania sect 8 Half a Mork-toOrson farewell 9 Soft-shell clam 10 Kingpin 11 NYC drama award 12 Female opera star 13 Belgian river 21 Blanchett of “Ocean’s 8” 22 Theater tier 24 Deer in a lodge

logo 26 Set of eight 27 Committee head 28 Williams of “Laverne & Shirley” 29 Beach house selling point 30 Boise’s state 31 All fired up 32 T-__: 21-Across item 34 Void partner 35 Fistful of dollars 39 Calif. Cascades peak 41 Author Caleb 42 OK Corral setting 43 British noble

44 Donkey 46 Like a forest 49 Hägar’s comics wife 50 Writer of tales with talking animals 51 Name in a footnote 52 Page with opinions 53 Time-consuming 54 Catch wind of 56 Tartan-sporting family 57 Broke the news to 58 Store securely 61 Personal quirk



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Objective The object is to place the numbers 1 to 9 in the empty squares so that each row, each column and each 3x3 box contains the same number only once.




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The Clarion issue 2-17-21  

The Feb. 17, 2021, issue of The Clarion looks at the start of the construction of a new Fitness Center at the Madison College Truax Campus.

The Clarion issue 2-17-21  

The Feb. 17, 2021, issue of The Clarion looks at the start of the construction of a new Fitness Center at the Madison College Truax Campus.