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May 8th 2014

PIZZA, PIZZA, AND MORE PIZZA by Alex Kesa...........................2

Each year, one particular event causes excitement in the ISE community. It is on this day when we get to dress up in the national clothes of our coun-

LOOK OF THE MONTH by Danielius Giedraitis and Alex Kesa............2 HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD by Jamie Godfrey......................3

tries from which we hail, where we are able to taste


as much food and drink from as many different


countries as we want (for free)! This is an event in which we educate ourselves by listening to speech

INTERNATIONAL DAY by Paula Lazdina........................................5

of an ambassador to learn cultures of different

VOLLEYBALL IN VILNIUS by Paula Lazdina and Teele Rebane.........6

countries, enjoy no lessons and have fun with our friends! At this point, you can probably guess what

CRISIS IN UKRAINE by Alex Kesa..................................................8

this day is. That's right, it is the annual Internation-

ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION by Jamie Godfrey..............................8

al Day.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: 3rd of May: Caroline 5th of May: Tristan 8th of May: Viola 9th of May: Ms. Maren, Ms. Triin and Mr. B 10th of May: Diego 11th of May: Hadley Mr. Josh

12th of May: Ms. Anais 13th of May: Ane 15th of May: Britt, Markos 18th of May: Sandra 21st of May: Lawrence 22nd of May: Alexandra 23rd of May: Maria, Aleks


EASTER : TRUE MEANING LOST IN CHOCOLATE by Shelby Toft...........................................................................................11


Today, pizza is the tastiest, fastest and cheapest way to fill you up. For around 5 Euro you can have a full dinner, no matter where you are in town . If there isn’t a pizza joint anywhere near you, you can always order it and for a small fee you will have your meal in less than 15 minutes. Different places serve differently produced pizzas – for example, Americana in Old Town (Müürivahe 2) serves thick crust Italian pies, while Vapiano (in Solaris or Forum) is known for its thincrust pizzas. Here is a list of some of the best, in the author’s opinion, pizza parlors in Tallinn.


Peetri pizza is one of the cheapest joints in town, and they serve some of the best thin-crust pizza. There is one around 400 meters from the school towards Autobussijaam (Odra 16). Founded in 1990, it was one of Estonia’s first pizza chains and it still remains successful. The price of a small thin-crust is around 4 Euro, and around 5.80 for a large one. They also offer thick-crusts with prices ranging from 3.90 Euro to 7.20 Euro. Best choice – Pepperone (tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, champignons and onion, 5.70 for a big thin-crust).

3. New York Pizza This is where you will find some of the best thick-crust 1. pizza. Currently they are operating three places – one at Tartu mnt 73, another at Merivälja tee 3 G and one at Mustakivi Centre at Mahtra 1. Pricier than the previous two, with a large pie being 7.10+ Euro but still good. Some Vapiano is the first choice for many of the local population. recommendations are – Pancho (with spicy chicken, A cozy lounge-like atmosphere and high quality food make pineapple, pepper, onion, mozzarella, pizza sauce and it the perfect place to meet up with someone. Pizzas are sweet spicy sauce) and Peperoni Lovers (pizza sauce, divided into four groups – 4.90 Euro, 5.90 Euro, 6.90 Euro cheese, pepperoni, garlic and sweet chili sauce). and 7.90 Euro – with the plain types being the most affordable, and getting more complex as the price rises. The best choice to just have a snack is either Margherita (mozzarella and tomato sauce) or Salame (mozzarella, tomato sauce and Italian salami).

LOOK OF THE MONTH By: Danielius Giedraitis and Alex Kesa

Honestly, we were putting this article off for a very long time. However, when we saw Frida’s attire, we just had to do it. She was wearing, according to her, a very simple outfit. It consisted of a pair of black jeans, a white button-up shirt and a pink blazer. To make it “a bit more exciting,” she added a silver necklace. Well, simple or not, it was splendid. Frida’s morning started with the usual “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!”. Well isn’t that ironic? When both of my sweaters are dirty, then I don’t have anything to wear. But she proves herself wrong by coming out with a stunning outfit. As she states, “the outfit might as well have turned out to be a sweatshirt and a pair of Uggs. Today, however, I was lucky :-).” Not only does the outfit look great, it is also very comfortable… minus the blazer. Frida says she does not like wearing blazers at all. “It feels stiff and I am unable to move my arms around”. The sources for her magnificent wardrobe are varied. The black jeans were purchased at H&M. The button-up shirt comes from Monki, another Swedish store, and she bought the blazer at Reserved.

Next stop around the world of the ISE students is Palestine, where our very own Yusef Ward is from. Yusef is not only from Palestine but he is also Russian. When asked about how his nation celebrated he THE WORLD spoke in regards to Palestine. Yusef informed By: Jamie Godfrey us with his knowledge, “There are 2 main holiLiving on a planet with roughly 196 countries and 21 days in the Muslim major religions there are bound to be different celebrations throughout a year of 365 days. ISE is an international school with culture, they are called many different cultures and religions. To find out just how differ- eid. The first eid is the ent nations celebrate their holidays, 5 students were interviewed end of Ramadan so mostly families come about their cultures’ celebrations. and eat a lot. The foods Starting off close to home, Cathy-Mariann Põldar was most commonly eaten interviewed about traditional celebrations and holidays in Esto are hummus, falafel, eid-al-adha-palestine-in-pictures/ nia. Cathy kindly stated “Well, Christmas is very important for kenefe, fattoush & us, we spend it with our tabouleh (salads) and family and give presents. shish taouk. Then the other eid is 3 days and goes on when peoHalloween we usually do ple go to hajj, it’s when Muslims go to the holy place at a certain not celebrate, and Valentime, every Muslim should go to hajj at least once in their life tine's Day we call during eid. During this time people slaughter sheep and give it to Friend's Day and we fothe homeless. Normally Muslims give things to the homeless and cus more on our friends money to kids. All of the eids are celebrated by families all comthan loved ones. We have ing together.” our independence day on the 24th of February; it’s Sweden and Palestine are not only hugely different by climate a day off from work and school and then we have a dinner with family or friends and usu- but are hugely different by culture. The next big culture jump is from Palestine to America. Numerous students at ISE are Amerially watch the president's speech on the TV. Midsummer day/ can and one of them is the 10th grade student Annabelle Kays. night is an Estonian traditional holiday. The celebration has She has studied in ISE for 1 year and then after another year she changed a little from the older traditions and nowadays we just will return to America. When asked about how Americans like to go to the countryside with our friends and light a big bonfire, celebrate and what they celebrate she responded, “for many then we have a dinner, usually Estonian food, and listen to silly holidays we try to make a habit of celebrating it with family. old Estonian songs.” Whether that be extended or immediate depends on the holidays. Like most nations we have Christmas but two of our holidays th Travelling just 1 hour west by plane we arrive in Sweden where that are specific to America are Thanksgiving and the 4 of July. For Thanksgiving a group of family and some friends cook a quite a few of ISE’s students are from, one of them being Alexandra Laurin. Alex- huge meal together. It's mostly the same traditional stuff; Turkey, stuffing, cranberry andra Laurin has jam, mashed been a student at ISE potatoes, sweet for 3 years going on potatoes and four and a proud pumpkin pie. For the representative of 4th of July, gosh Sweden the whole that's fun, you get a time. Upon being group of friends, big asked about her culor small, and find ture’s holidays Alexsome fireworks and andra was very glad light them off all and willing to share. independence-day-america-fourth-of-july night. My family Alexandra gladly goes to an Indian auth=11113 shared “In Sweden reservation far away to buy big stuff since technically it's illegal we celebrate Easter and then we paint on eggs and also hunt for the Easter eggs. For to buy or set them off, but usually the cops don’t fine you.” Midsummerday we meet at noon and we make food and invite friends and eat from noon till evening and then play games. On The last stop on our journey around the world of ISE is the exotic Christmas we invite all our relatives and friends over to eat India. Our very own Anjali Venkatasubramanian has been in ISE Christmas food, watch Christmas cartoons and play different her whole life but still strongly supports and celebrates her Indian games and sing. On New Year’s Eve we usually go to some friends and eat a lot and then we have the fireworks and fire them culture and holidays. Upon being approached Anjali was enthusiat midnight and then we celebrate.We usually have karaoke and astic and had lots to say about her culture. She chose the most blind fold games where we try to catch the apple from a big bath important holidays and elaborated generously, “Holi is in the of water and we like to eat meat balls, sausages, potatoes and lot month of March. The days of all Indian celebrations change, so there is no exact date. of strawberries.“


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On Holi, we eat Indian sweets. Holi lasts for 3 days. Family and morning. Family members give gifts to each other to strengthen friends throw coloured water and coloured powder on each other. their relationship.“ The people of communities watch a bonfire. In this celebration, “Navratri is celebrated in the months of September or October. people show their excitement for spring.“ Again, the months change every year. We usually eat salted lentils on this day called Chundal. We also eat sweets. We celebrate the feminine “Diwali is in the months of aspect of nature. This October or November. The day is dedicated to all months change every year. of the Goddesses. We eat Indian sweets, such This celebration lasts as: Gulab Jamun, Rasgula, for 9 days. The men and Halwas. Diwali is also and women wear known as Deepavali, which beautiful clothes and means rows of lamps. dance. The form of Diwali lasts for 5 days. dancing on Navratri People burst fire is called Dandiyaworks. Also, everyone*2013*03*holiRas. festival.jpg/ must clean their -World-Today-In-Pictures.html houses early in the

The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Ugly at ISE

ISE, because it was so small. Size makes a big difference though. When the classes are smaller it is easier to study and get help with your problems. APPEARNACE

By: Liisa Pahk

The overall appearance of our school from the inside is something that can be improved, but I have to say that it is the looks that make us feel so at home and comfortable here. Our school is cosy and that’s why we love it. There have been so many occasions that I forgot I was at school even after the lessons were done and I know it is because I feel comfortable here.

A lot of times when teenagers think of school, they see it as prison. Let’s be honest I bet every one of us has felt that way, at least once during our school years. It’s not only because of the fact that school is a place where you can’t just have fun. Students also feel that it resembles prison, because it’s mandatory. Furthermore, you can’t escape seeing your ex around and sometimes TEACHERS you have so much work to do that instead you decide to take a nap. There are many down sides of going to school, however, Teachers in our school vary from strict to chill, but they all have one thing in common, they care how well you are doing and how there also good sides which make you want to keep going. they could help, so you would do better...and that is one thing Every school has its good and bad sides: size, appearance, teach- that keeps our school community together, because if the teachers, students, student council, and even food. All of these things ers put in effort then eventually they will see students doing the make up the school, but most importantly these things will make same thing. up the opinion we have of the school. STUDENTS Students in our school are like students elsewhere. I mean the teens still have their dramas, and there is the school romance in between some students and there are best friends who you never see away from each other. It’s all kind of different in our school, because the school is so small the people who hang out together might be from so many different classes, because our only concern is to have more friends. I feel that problems gets solved here really quickly, because everyone looks out for the little ones as if they were their actual younger siblings.

SIZE ISE is the smallest school I have ever studied in. It has about 140 students with preschool, middle school and high school all included. The school I came from before has grades 1-12. Each grade has at least 2 sub classes and each class has at least 25 students. I have to say it was a shock for me when I first came to

The student council in our school has been quite active. Our student body has so many different events. This year the council changed quite a lot and I have to say, I was worried how things would work out this year, but again I cannot complain, because we have the candy sales, which is the best part of student council, because you can buy Coca-Cola and we had the “good old” Spirit Week which gives the best kick to the new year, so I have to say...

ISE students, per aspera ad astra, because through hardship we reach the stars. We are desiring and even though school might be a pain for us students, it is only that way we reach our goals. It’s not like the teachers have never been students and hated school the same way as we do, but now they are here to make us like it more.


The song together with the assembly of the mobile gave a very warm feeling.

By: Paula Lazdina

Continued from page 1 This year, our school celebrated International Day on the 11th of March. The day started with the students (upper school and lower school) gathering downstairs by the cafeteria next to the flag of the country of origin. When everyone was organized by their country group, the parade began. In alphabetical order, the groups, holding their flags and smiling, marched through the hallway downstairs. The parade then wound it’s way through the hallway upstairs all the way to the gym, where everyone, group by group, found a free chair and seated themselves. While the groups walked, there were cameras all through the hallway. Teachers and parents cheered for each country they saw coming. Some people might have felt like they were on the red carpet, smiling and walking past camera flashes while people clapped for them. The only difference was the lack of autographs.

The PYP students then left and the upper school students enjoyed a speech from the Italian ambassador. After this, the most anticipated part of the day began, the food! As you walked into the cafeteria you could see tables full of food all around. The tables were organized by country and each table had a specialty unique to that country. There was food some had never tried before and some which they had never even seen. There was sweet stuff, sandwiches, breads, salads and more. It was a great chance to try food from many of the different places around the world. This chance happens only once a year, so hopefully people tried as much as they could. Some people definitely took advantage of the opportunity as they saved 2-3 plates for later, which totally makes sense, because there was too much good food to leave behind.

After the food tasting, the students had 2 more lessons, lunch, and then traveling to different country booths took place. The upper school students (grades 6-10) were split into groups with When all the countries settled down in the gym, our school's dithe little ones to guide them through booths. Some students were rector, Ms. Naglee, gave us an interesting and inspirational helped parents in presenting their nations. There were 7 different speech. This was followed by an always enjoyable performance country booths. In each of them, parents thought of a way to preby middle school teacher Mr. John Battaglino (commonly known sent their country. Countries were represented through games, as Mr. B.) During the performance, the youngest student of each dances, songs and different arts and crafts. Kids had about 7 minutes to explore the culture in each country and learn somecountry individually brought a card that had their country's flag on one side, and a text that said "Welcome to our school" in their thing new. language on the other side. ISE art teacher Mr. Paulo fastened the I interviewed some ISE students about International Day. Let's see what Shelby

(G.11),Hannah (G.7) and Roman (G.10) answered:

cards to a mobile that was later pulled up gently to the ceiling.

Q.1.What was your favorite part of International Day? (S)- The food. (H)-The food tasting because you get to taste a lot of foods from different parts of the world. (R) -Tasting different kinds of food from each different country.

Q.2.How did International Day change throughout the years you have been here? (S)-It hasn't changed since I've been here (2009). (H)- I don't know but I guess that a lot of new countries have joined in, so every year you learn something new about a country. (R)-Throughout the years, people start being more confident about what to do and where to go. Excitement increased and the parade got better, and the food of each of the countries changes every year. Q.3.What do you think is the meaning of International Day? (S)-To recognize all of our individual cultural roots. (H)-The meaning of International Day is for all the kids in school to share bits and pieces of their culture to the rest of the school. (R)-The meaning of International Day is to gather all together and show each nationality that we have at ISE.

VOLLEYBALL IN VILNIUS By: Paula Lazdina and Teele Rebane

This school year history was made. ISE's first ever girls’ volleyball team went to their first tournament. It was a competition organized by CEESA hosted by the International School of Vilnius. 4 schools took part in the competition. And since it was a new thing for our school and great experience for our team we wanted to share some of it with you. So here is what we did in Vilnius and how it all went. Day 1. ARRIVAL We met at the Tallinn bus station at 5:40 in the morning, all "fresh" and ready for the long trip. Our bus leaft at 6:00 and the fun began. The bus ride from Tallinn to Vilnius was around 9 hours. The first hour or two most of us were sleeping, but after the sun rose, we couldn't resist talking to each other, even though it probably distracted other bus passengers. When getting closer to Riga, we realized that our team doesn't have a cheer. We wanted something original, not just ISE clap clap clap. At Riga’s bus station we met with the International School of Latvia girls’ volleyball team because they happened to take the same bus as us. Although they were sitting right behind us, it didn't stop us from shouting to each other random ideas for our cheer. After a very long time, we had many different options, but we decided to call ourselves the "ISE beasts" just for this tournament (although it has nothing to do with the school's logo- the origami bird). Around 3:00 we finally arrived at the Vilnius bus station where the Latvian team and us were picked up by another bus and driven to the American International School of Vilnius. There, we

Q.4.Do you support this day, or would you rather not have it? (S)-I do. It's important. (H)- I totally support International Day, I think it's a really fun day and we get to learn a lot more about all of the cultures in the school. (R)-Of course I support... I get free food! In conclusion, International Day is important as these students proved. It brings new knowledge and new interests to students through lots of fun ways. Like the three students stated, food is very important during this day and puts everyone n a better mood and ready for whatever comes next. This event also brings our school's small community together and develops contacts between the upper school students and lower school students. During this day, each of us should be proud of where we come from and at the same respect and cheer for the other nationalities. Whoever invented this day, is a genius. Peace between countries!

got separated from ISL and waited in one of the classrooms for our host families to pick us up. It was a very weird feeling, waiting for some random family to pick you up and take you away somewhere in a city you don't know. But at least we were divided as two people per family. Except Liisa, she was alone with a family, but apparently it wasn't so bad, since she survived! After all of us were picked up around 16:00, we spent the rest of the evening separately with our host families. Day 2. FIRST GAMES

The Beasts! Nervous and excited, that's what we were when waking up on Friday morning. We had to be at the American International School of Vilnius (AISV) at 8:30, so our host families drove us there. At 8:30 all the teams gathered in a room to listen to the opening ceremony. There was also an activity where each of the teams had to share something special about themselves. For ISE

it was that we were the first senior girls’ volleyball team in ISE history. At 8:45 we left the school and drove together to the IMPULS sports hall and got ready for the games. Now the nervous and excited feeling came back. Today was only the round robin, which means that each team plays once with the other teams. Today’s games did not decide the rank. After changing in our our sports clothes (each of us wearing ISE team shirts) we began to warm up while watching the match between Latvia and Vilnius. There was only one court so the games happened one at a time. After they finished, we played against the International School of Zagreb where each team won 1 set (points until 25), so the deciding set was played which went only up to 15 points. Zagreb won that set. Next we had a break, because two other teams were playing. We did not worry much about the last game, because it was only the first one. We got some snacks in bags which included two fruits and a pack of cookies. At 12:20 we had our second match against Vilnius where we won both sets. We were very happy about the win, but also exhausted, tired and hungry. We couldn't do much about it though, because a few minutes after finishing the match with Vilnius, we had our last match with Latvia, which was at 13:30. We shook off the tiredness and played the match against Latvia, to which we lost both sets. After the games we changed and went to eat lunch in a restaurant near the sports hall. At least the hunger was gone now. After returning back to the sports hall, all the teams got on a bus and enjoyed the city tour through Vilnius. At 17:30 everyone gathered back in the school where we got to taste Lithuanian foods and hot tea, which was amazing. That's exactly what we needed after the long day. After the food was tasted we continued the cultural evening by trying Lithuanian folk dances with local folk dancers our age. There was a lot of laughter and positive spirit. Afterwards, we were all picked up by our host families again. Our host was a girl who played in the Vilnius team and she told us that her team was actually quite scared to play against our team, which made us feel good and more ready for the next day.

DAY 3. LAST GAMES On Saturday morning the competition didn't start untill 10:30 so we had time to get our sore bodies out of bed and ready to compete again. We did well on Friday, but Saturday's games mattered a lot more so everybody was quite nervous as we waited for our game to start. Our first game was against Vilnius who we had exactly the same amount of points as, but who we won against last time we played. This time we lost the first two sets and our team that was usually the loudest and always cheering for ourselves during the game, was now upset, mad and tired. But somehow we made an impressive comeback and won the next two sets. When the fifth and final set began everybody was nervous, but ready to play our best. And we did, but still ended up loosing by only two points. But we tried our best and it was the most intense game we played. So our proud but sad team headed out for lunch. When we came back to IMPULS we had to play the bronze medal match. We played against the Latvian school. And again we lost the first two sets but came back with the other two sets and it was

down to the final set. It was already our second very intense game, everybody's hands were shaking and nerves were stressed out. All we wanted to do was win the game and go to sleep. But just like the other match we lost this one again by two points and ended up 4th in the whole tournament. So we got changed and just hung around waiting for the awards ceremony. After the final match was played by Zagreb and Vilnius the awards ceremony began. All the teams lined up and got their medals and trophies. We were 4th, Latvia 3rd, Vilnius 2nd and Zagreb won. But we did get a trophy. We won the Sportsmanship Award, which is given to the team that is the nicest, friendliest and has the best team spirit. And we were voted to win that one. ISE did not leave without a trophy. Then, some pictures were taken and after that it was time to go. But before going to the airport we were taken to the Akropolis mall. But due to the lack of time no real shopping actually happened. Everybody just went to McDonald's, because junk food is the way to end a sports competition. After also enjoying ice cream we were finally taken to the airport and with a lay over in Riga we arrived back in Tallinn by midnight.

This is how our trip went. And once again it proved that it is not all about winning. We might have gotten 4th place, but we played some amazing games, made new friends, saw the gorgeous Vilnius, tasted some delicious Lithuanian food, danced folk dances, survived a 9h bus ride and became a better, more friendly team. And in the hope of having a volleyball team next year also, we wait for the next trip to get a chance to play again and this time also win. Go beasts!

Crisis in Ukraine By: Alex Kesa

One of the most talked about events in the world right now is the revolution in Ukraine, popularly dubbed “Euromaidan”, and the downward spiral the Russo-Ukrainian relations are following. What started out as a peaceful demonstration on the night of 21 November grew into an extremely violent revolution that, if not handled correctly, may signify the start of a second Cold War.

ized Internet censorship by the government etc. In essence, the laws gave government the complete freedom to silence the opposition and jail everyone who disagreed with it, and only fueled the demonstrators’ anger. From 18-20 February, in a series of the most violent and aggressive stand-offs against the police over 70 revolutionaries were killed.

President Putin asked the Russian parliament to allow him to bring Russian troops into Crimea to “protect the interests of ethnic Russians”. The request was supported by the Prime Minister of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, member of a Russian nationalist party and in the 1990’s a lieutenant of the organized criminal gang “Salem”. The parliament agreed and thousands Euromaidan began on the night of November 21, when of Russian troops occupied Crimea. President Viktor Yanukovich’s government refused to sign association agreements with the European Union, and instead de- Contrary to certain news sources, the revolution has never been cided to work on closer ties with Russia, which offered $15 bil- anti-Russian, and the protestors did not attack ethnic Russians. From the very start it was led by liberals, conservatives and lion in loans and cheaper gas prices. Protesters, whose number varied throughout the day from several hundred to several thou- moderate nationalists, and its goals were closer ties with the EU sand, gathered on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Independence Square, and a less corrupted government. to prompt the government to review its policies and to resume Viktor Yanukovich fled the country to Russia, still negotiations with the European Union. The tensions between the claiming to be the President, however many Ukrainians do not demonstrators and the police, and in particular the special consider him a figure of authority anymore. After his escape, his “Berkut” forces, grew over the course of the next days, until Mezhyhiria estate was trespassed by the protesters. The resiNovember 30, when “Berkut” troops attacked the protesters, dence is valued at $75 million, which would require Yanukostudent activists and journalists on Independence square, injur- vich (the estate was his private property) to work as the Ukrainiing up to 79 people. The police raid also resulted in 3 people an President for 3,000 years to afford (the presidential salary in missing. The next day, pro-Maidan activists stormed the square Ukraine is $25,000). and clashed with police. Over the next couple of months the The current acting President of Ukraine until the next number of protesters rose to over 400, 000. The riots spread elections is Oleksandr Turchynov, the current acting Prime Minacross Ukraine and by the end of January the people occupied ister is Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Both are liberal conservatives. governmental buildings and declared that they were no longer ruled by President Yanukovich. What did not help Yanukovich’s situation were his Ukrainian anti-protest laws, usually referred to as “Dictatorship laws”. The laws criminalized “extremist activity”, without giving a clear definition, extended amnesty from prosecution to those who committed crimes against protesters including police, Berkut and other officials, criminalized spreading information about Berkut officers, criminalized wearing masks (which is illegal in a number of other countries), helmets and scarfs during peaceful gatherings, legalmemories." This is her favourite art piece for two different reasons, firstly because of the way it looks and secBy: Jamie Godfrey ondly because of what it stands for to her. "In a way it Every year the graduating art students finish off their final work could be called a self-portrait. with an exhibition and presentation. Their wonderful creations, My life has been made of made through a two year period, are displayed in a location off different cultures and I take a school grounds where students of the school can go see the hard bit of each country with me." work of the art graduates. The exhibition is open for a duration All forms of paints were used of time and students are welcome to go freely amongst the artto create this beautiful art work. piece. Water colours were This year ISE senior art students are Shelby Lippold, Frida An- used to make the background, dersson, Liisa Pahk, Natalie Galagan, Cathy-Mariann Põldar, acrylic for the wolf, bird and Ursula Väliste and Kristiine Mäss. Each student has their own mushrooms and oil paints ideas and their own preferred form of art. Behind each artist is a were used to make the dots Cultural Concoction by Shelby Lippold story and their opinions. The art students were interviewed and moon. Upon being asked whether this artwork relates to her about their favourite artwork and the story behind creating the other ones she answered, "it does in the sense that many of my final masterpiece. pieces are inspired from the life I have of traveling and experiencing new cultures. Most of my pieces revolve around aspects Shelby Lippold made a variety of different works from which of moving and memories I have of these experiences. The best her favourite is the art piece called Cultural Concoction. form of inspiration is your own experiences, because these are Shelby got the idea from the time she lived in Australia and the things you know best." here. "It is about the mixture of cultures and how leaving one place doesn’t mean you leave behind the cultural experiences or Frida Andersson's favourite piece of art is quite local as it is

Annual Art Exhibition

simply called Tallinn and it is a three-piece work that is composed of her photos of Tallinn. Frida nicely opened up about her artwork saying "The idea has always been in the back of my head ever since I moved to Tallinn. I love the contrasts within the city and have always wanted to incorporate them in my art somehow. It just took me a while to figure out how to do so and how to relate it to me personally. The reason why it is my favorite artwork is because it is the so far most personal and Tallinn by Frida Andersson meaningful artwork I have ever created. My art is about expressing complex ideas in a very simple way, and I think I succeeded in doing so with this artwork. It does relate to my other artworks in that it expresses something I cannot fully explain in words. However, it looks completely different from many of my other works, which is because for a long time I did not understand that it is through photography I best express my ideas." As the artwork is composed of photographs the only supplies used were her camera and paper to print the pictures on.

pieces my personal favourite is the one with the vinyl (middle row far left). I got the idea to use these different materials from Mr. Brainwash. At first I was going to watch a movie about Banksy but then the teachers mentioned Mr. Brainwash so I researched his work and thought he was really cool. I saw that he recreated many Warhol works with vinyl so I got the idea to express an emotion using a person and vinyl. When I finished, I thought that it would be cool to try different materials to improve myself as an artist and to understand how to use each different material. The CDs (bottom row far right) were really difficult because whenever you break the CDs they always fly around. The pearls (top row far left), to this day, are still falling off because it was difficult to glue on. At the beginning, I put each individual pearl on which took a really long time so I then started putting more on in one go but they are still falling off."

Cathy-Mariann Põldar uses similar tonality in all her artworks. She uses a lot of black, white and pink and then to contrast she uses metallic colours such as gold and silver. You will often see a white or black background Liisa Pahk created a great range that has a shiny obof different furniture items, one ject in the middle which has a symbolic of which is a clock, her favourite art piece. The name of the clock meaning to Cathy is Memory time and the numbers that usually isn't easy are substituted with names. The to decipher by one’s self. Cathy believes clock is her favourite because it The Doll by Cathy-Mariann Põldar holds the good memories of her that a work has to reflect grade 11 and it holds the names the artist not the whole world. Also, she believes in putting good of the people that have really energy into the work so that when the art is on the wall it will stayed with her. The clock is give off the good energy. "My favourite artwork is The Doll bemade out of clay and glaze and cause it has my favourite combination of a white background and Memory time by Liisa Pahk was made outside of school bean eye-catching object in the middle. Also it reflects what I cause the school doesn't have clay and glaze ovens. She went wanted it to reflect, naivety and also innocence. Also, when on twice a week, every week for three weeks to finish the artwork the wall it only gives off good feelings, it doesn't make you sad roughly resulting in 10 hours of work time to finish it. Liisa stat- or angry, which is what I wanted it to do. At first I tried to do the ed that if she could change anything now, she would add more hair with real roses but they got too dry and started falling off so people to the clock. "I think I would add quite a lot more people in the end I painted over Christmas tree decorations and used because memories come all the time, them for the hair. The first plan was to not have any hair but this is just a part of the memory when I finished I saw that something was missing. I ended up clock, it has to grow all the time." making the hair white because I just wanted to have the effect of the face. Then, I was trying to think what was really feminine and Natalie's favourite art piece consists what was connected to beauty and came up with the idea roses. I of 9 smaller pieces within one and is also saw a video where Lana Del Ray was wearing a rose headnamed 3 x 3. It is her favourite artband, which also inspired me. When I finalised the artwork I knew that I did the right thing and that the roses were the right work because it shows the greatest variety of her running theme, emothing for her hair." tions. Behind the artwork is a whole story and for different small pieces Ursula Väliste kindly shared her unique idea of creating a compadifferent struggles were faced which ny website. "My favorite art piece is the website that I made for my company. 3 x 3 by Natalie Galagan Natalie was kind enough to share with everyone. "Separately the piec- I thought that every fashion company should have an online es are untitled allowing the people who see it to decide for them- store, so that's where I got the idea. I used Photoshop and Website Builder, so no physical materials, I did it with the help of a selves what the emotion is and what the separate pieces are called. The ones made with spray paint took about an hour how- computer. It's my favourite because it was the most interesting ever the other ones took about 7 hours each (top row far right and one to do for me, it took a lot of time but I enjoyed coming up bottom row middle). The computer keys (middle row far right with the different web designs and how it came out at the end. I and bottom row far left) seem like it would take less time but it made this website for this company named Linda that produces took such a long time because I had to place the keys in a way different fashion or home decor products, also one can make their that you can understand that there is a face/person. From all the 9 own products in the shop with the help of professional designers,

so everything that I made in art was related to this company, for example, this website was an online store for Linda." Last but definitely not least, Kristiine has a selection of artworks that are all about freedom and spirituality. Her favourite artwork is an oil painting called Mother Earth's Spirit which is a large greenish painting with circular movements. "I wanted to reflect all the good energy that I receive from so called Mother

Earth or just nature and its wildness, that’s why I chose those nice and earthy colors such as ocher and different shades of green and also the circular movement presents positive energy. It also reflects my spirit and my inner peace and aura. During the process I relied totally on my intuition and chased a vision of acid pattern (dye tie pattern) an earthy version, it is my favourite because it really reflects my inner energy."

Mother Earth’s Spirit by Kristiine Mäss

Applying to Universities in the UK/ Netherlands By: Danielius Giedraitis

Unfortunately, the time has come to decide what do you want to do with the rest of your life. This is the bane of every high school senior. Don’t laugh, the same will happen to you. What do you want to study for the next 4 years? What kind of profession would you like to pursue? What university do you want to attend? Frankly, it makes me want to curl up in a corner and die. So what do I want? Hmm I guess the UK sounds nice. Luckily, for all of us miserable UK-pursuing students who feel like they were swept out in to the cold dark ocean, there is a guiding light in the form of UCAS. For the small fee of 23£, UCAS takes care of everything, except writing all of your personal statements, of course. But even that, for a lazy young adult, seems like an impossible task. However, after weeks of pushing from Ms. Salhab and Ms. Naglee, I finally input my personal info and wrote a motivation letter. If you take out all the “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “time to check my Facebook”s and whatnot, It is probably possible to complete the whole application process in a matter of hours. Like, it is so darn easy… Here is a list of what you need:        

Thank you to the kind art students for sharing information about the art works that were previously not known. Let's see what new ideas will be seen in the exhibitions to come in following years. 

A credit card

So you fill and send this out. Now, you wait. Then, after your favoured universities refuse you, you cry a little bit. Then you fill out the forms for unis in the Netherlands, WHICH ARE EVEN EASIER! (And free..!) Okay, I lied about the “easier” part. Despite having a website similar to UCAS in the form of StudieLink, for some reason, they decide to refer you to the respective websites of each university. Amsterdam directed me to some Embark website, Groningen, their own website, and Maastricht (and this is what I didn’t like the most and where I contradict myself) did not direct me to any website at all which proved to be quite the hassle. The requirements are similar to UCAS:        

Personal info Courses you want to take A motivation letter 2(!) references from teachers The list of schools you attended Your predicted grades Your CV (for which Amsterdam is kind enough to direct you to a website where you can make one) A copy of your passport or an ID card

Personal info Course codes (you literally select the university and course from a list) So you put this in, send it out, wait again. And now, I have offers A motivation letter from all three of the previously mentioned unis! A reference letter from a teacher The list of schools you attended List of IB subjects you took in their respective levels Topic of your Extended Essay Your predicted grades

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The Chirp Issue #2  

The second issue is finally here thanks to all of the hard workers in the Newspaper! Enjoy!

The Chirp Issue #2  

The second issue is finally here thanks to all of the hard workers in the Newspaper! Enjoy!