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SPORTS: Western Region League Report

Message from the Mayor Kisoro MunicipalityMr. Ndyana Richard


INTERVIEW: Chairman LCV Kisoro District Mr. Abel Bizimana


Issue 01, June - July 2018

THE SPORTS & DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE A beautiful view of Mount Muhabura


AGRICULTURE: Mbarara’s leading Barabwizera Agriculture Farm TOURISM AND LEISURE : Places that are a must visit SPORTS: Tribute to late Salim Brek



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Welcome to this fantastic edition of The Champion, sports and development magazine. Sports for some people is a diversion. To others, it is a hobby while to others, it has the infinite ability to change the world. Nelson Mandela Madiba, the legendary South African activist and politician who died in 2013 once said of sports, “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to the youth in a language they understand…” This is the kind of philosophy the founders of Gorilla Highlands Sports club are building amoung the youth in Kisoro. We are excited to bring to you all the updates and information about your favourite football club, Gorilla Highlands Sports Club. There is a lot to read about the club’s history, its current form and its prospects for the future. In this issue, we also pay tribute to the legendary sports lover Salim Brek, who passed away in 2014. Do not miss to read about Kisoro’s soccer legends and what the fans of Gorilla Highlands SC think about their favourite club. We also feature Barabwizera Agriculture Farm that is providing lessons in modern agriculture practices to farmers. There are plenty more inspiring stories about education, Science & Technology and tourism to tide you over till the next issue. Until next time, have a nice read. Mary Akankunda




Contents Issue 01, June-July 2018

Message from the Mayor Kisoro

04 Municipality -Ndyana Richard 05


Interview with Kisoro District LCV Chairman-Abel Bizimana

06 Introducing Gorilla Highlands Sports Club 08 Fufa Western Region Report - 2017/18 Season


10 Remembering our fallen sports icon- Salim Brek


12 Photo Gallery 14 Gorilla Highlands SC ladies Team 15


An Insight Into Kisoro’s Soccer LegendsDan Rwego

16 Letters from readers 17 Event: Bafumbira World hosts Bakiga Nation 18 Science & Technology: Hoits Tech Consults and Dapper Holdings Limited

15 19

19 Education: God’s Miracle Community School 20 Tourism & travel in Uganda 22 Minting Money From Agriculture- Mbarara's Barabwizera Agriculture Farm THE




Ndyana Richard Mayor Kisoro Municipality


MESSAGE FROM MAYOR KISORO MUNICIPALITY "Socially, it is only in sports where persons of divergent views, ideas, philosophies and affiliations mingle with one goal."

ith profound pleasure, it is my privilege to

associate myself with Gorilla Highlands Sports Club.

I see a new day of young men and women full of morale to help in up scaling human development through sports. Times are gone when sports, recreation and entertainment were regarded as leisure only or even off duty. Indeed today, trends show that the most developed societies have drastically evolved through investing in sports such as soccer stadia and alike. No wonder the highest wage earner is a sportsman and sportswoman. It is in the same spirit that I urge my colleagues and friends in the political arena and the entire Bafumbira community to embrace sports because it is seen as a propeller to nurturing talents

and empowering communities. Economically, our Bufumbira can tap national and international opportunities through professional sporting. Socially, its only in sports where communities/persons of divergent views, ideas, philosophies and affiliations mingle with one goal. Fellow Bafumbira and Sports lovers, supporting Gorilla Highlands sports club is an ultimate deal for us. It is worth supporting the sports club morally, materially and financially so that as Bufumbira we shine together - Yes we are capable! This will perfect the saying that once a giant you remain a giant. Since ages Bafumbira are known to be academic giants at the world face. This reminds me of one schol-





ar Vince Lombardi who asserted that “The quality of a man’s life is directly proportional to his commitment to excellence regardless of his chosen field of endevour”. This resonates to visionary young lads behind the founding of Gorilla Highlands Sports Club. There is no doubt Bafumbira are naturally giants in excelling to every field sports inclusive. As it is a common knowledge that 70% of a human being is an attribute of nature, Nurturing Talents, Empowering Communities is a vision that befits this giant Sports Club. Aluta continua. Ndyana Richard Mayor Kisoro Municipality Tel: 0782 773198 Email:

Interview with Kisoro District LCV Chairman-Abel Bizimana

Mr. Abel Bizimana is the Kisoro district LCV chairperson. He is 45 years old, 20 years in a stable marriage with one wife whom they have 5 children. He is a public health specialist with MSc. in Health Science Management and a senior fellow of Health Care Programming and management. Before becoming LCV chairman, he served as a Clinician, Health Care Manager and public health promotion officer.

Qn. As the LCV chairman, What is your agenda for sports development in kisoro district? I am in touch with sports personalities in the district as well sports promoters to promote sports activities in the district. For example, i was a guest of honour at the end of year sports get together and got more interest in the management Gorilla Highlands sports club is doing.

Qn. What is your message for 2018 to young sportsmen and women?

They should practice because it improves endurance, resilience and tolerance of negative experience form colleagues. Practice improves the muscle endurance, promotes the development of multiple mitochondria organelles in a cell which enables muscle to synthesize enough energy to run the muscles and minimize production of lactic acidosis, something that produces muscle pull and related weaknesses. They should alcoholism because it affects reasoning, fitness and manual dextallity. Alcohol shrinks a muscle protein called myocin-the building block of muscles required in sports. THE



Relationship discipline: Whereas it is neccessary to have a serious relationship as a sportsperson because it builds confidence and social support churning huddles and competitive activities, it is also known as irresponsible relationships as us multiple sexual partners can lead a sports person to get lost in love emotions and miss out on practice and worst of all miss on competitive activities which can affect the trust of a person and club he/she belongs to. Irresponsible relationships can also lead to diseases and conflicts of parenting, uplanned pregnancies which can affect the life of the person. It is noted that sports persons are encouaged to participate in community activities like joining prayer groups, fixing community challenges and advocating for the poor and maginalized. This improveslinkages between sports and embracing humanity. Qn. Kisoro is strategically located at the border of Rwanda & D.R.Congo. What opportunities are available for youths to tap into? There are several opportunities available for youths in Kisoro district. and these include: Holding friendly matches with other clubs from across the border with support from regional leaders.This will cement our friendly ties. Tourism opportunities. As you are aware, we have 50% of gorillas the worlds population. Tourists enter Kisoro through the borders of Cyanika and Bunagana. Our youths can act as tour guides,receptionists,narrators and translators, selling of crafts, participating in cultural tourism such as MDD, home stays, traditional parties. They can also engage in small and medium enterprises that include hand work, plumbing, wielding and carpentry. They can act as business links such as ugabus-online bus ticketing app. I encourage them to do agriculture,selling fruits,zero grazing etc to address high unempolyment rate by self employment since job market is white collar oriented. Abel Bizimana Chairman LCV Kisoro District Local Government P.O.Box 123 Kisoro Tel: 0774 998 125 Email:



uilding capacity at the community level through sports provides local people with the skills and knowledge to develop and become self-reliant. There is need to improve Sports activities in Kisoro district among the youths. Sports activities not only improve the health of participating persons but also create mutual cooperation and unity among the participating teams and the community at large.

Kisoro district is represented by Gorilla Highlands Sports Club (GHSC) in Western region league, the 3rd highest tier in Uganda’s football after FUFA Big League and Azam Premier League respectively. Gorilla Highlands Sports Club has championed the promotion and training of youths in diverse sporting and arts skills. It was founded in 2008 as Nyarusiza Football Club and later rebranded to Gorilla Highlands Sports Club in 2016. It is registered as a community-based organization (CBO) within Kisoro Municipality.

Gorilla Highlands SC is managed by an all-volunteer executive.

Official Logo

The management of Gorilla Highlands Sports Club aims at mobilizing resources and organizing potential skills in sports to advance sports in Kisoro. The sports club’s goal is to act as a springboard where sports opportunities can be advanced to empower potential sports personalities to identify and develop sports talents. Since 2008, we have developed to become an outstanding sports outfi t in Kigezi region with increasing fan base of 4,200 people as of December, 2017. We have also participated in major Uganda football leagues – including FUFA regional league, district league and Uganda cup (formerly called Kakungulu cup), the oldest football competition in Uganda.


Vision: Nurturing talent, empowering communities. Mission: To promote development of sports & recreational activities in Uganda.


1. To invest in sufficient, self-sustaining high quality sports and recreational facilities that are fit for purpose and protecting existing sport facilities. 2. Empower the youth to live responsible lives through sports and arts as well as providing mentorship, guidance and counseling on key issues affecting youth and children. 3. To organize, manage and participate in sports competitions.

4. To recruit, train and retain sports men and women in various sporting activities. 5. To create partnerships with companies, organizations and individuals for sports management and development.

6. To engage in livelihood improvement activities for rural and vulnerable communities. 7. Creating job opportunities and self-sustainability projects THE



A well decorated Kisoro DFA Trophy 2011/12



n the 2011/2012 season, Nyarusiza FC (now Gorilla Highlands Sports Club) became the champions of Kisoro District League that comprised of other teams. These were Kisoro Young Simba FC, BESA F.C, Mutolere Junction FC, Chahi F.C and Muganza F.C.

Gorilla Highlands Sports Club showcased their trophy to the home fans at Kabindi playground with a friendly match against Kisoro Town Council FC and won 2-0. Kisoro Town Council FC had not participated in the league

e trophy " Receiing th ez ev "T n so il gisha W cial 2012 Captain Mu ka, DFA Offi u ib w K ob B from Mr.

The club later took part in FUFA Zone-6 mini tournament that started on 7th May 2012 and ended on 13th May 2012. This was a tournament to remember; Up to 19 teams from the districts of Kisoro, Kabale, Rukungiri, Mbarara, Kiruhura and Bushenyi participated. Kisoro was represented by two teams (Nyarusiza F.C and BESA F.C). Other teams in the tournament included Kirima T.C, Great lakes FC, Rutooma S.S, Bwizibwera, Kichwamba F.C, Kamooma F.C, Butchery Boys Nyanja F.C. Others were Karubanda F.C, Rugyeyo F.c, Katete F.C, Ruruku F.C, Bwanda F.C, Nyanga United, Kazo Excel, Horizon F.C and Volcano F.C. THE



During the group stages, Nyarusiza F.C won two games by beating Katete F.C 2-1 and then trouncing Rugyeyo F.C 4-0. The club however lost 5-0 to the eventual group leaders Volcano FC from Bushenyi. Nyarusiza F.C was able to qualify for quarter finals stage as group runners up where the team was eliminated by Horizon F.C of Kabale. All teams that reached quarter finals were promoted to regional league level, a league we have been playing since then without relegation.



orilla Highlands Sports Club won 4 of its games, drew 3 and lost 3 games finishing in 3rd position of the Kigezi group of Western Region Football Associations league. The top two teams qualified for the Big League play offs with counterparts from the Ankole group. Rushere FC became the league champions after beating Kabwohe United 2-1 in the play offs final at Kizinda playground, Bushenyi district.

Summary Of Results DATE Saturday 21 Oct 2017

HOME Gorilla Highlands


AWAY Rwenshama Fc

VENUE Saza-Kisoro


Sunday 5 Nov 2017

Rukungiri Utd



Gorilla Highlands



Saturday 11 Nov 2017

Gorilla Highlands






Saturday 18 Nov 2017

Gorilla Highlands



Kabale Municipal



Sunday 17 Dec 2017

Amama Fc



Gorilla Highlands

Kihihi H/S




SECOND ROUND Sunday 18th Feb 2018

Gorilla Highlands



Rukungiri Utd

Saturday 3rd Mar 2018 Ntoda 0 1 Gorilla Highlands Kyamate WESTERN REGION LEAGUE 1FINAL1 TABLE STANDINGS 2018 Sunday 22nd April 2018 Kabale Municipal Gorilla Highlands2017/ Kabale SundayANKOLE 29th April 2018 Rwenshama Fc NO CLUB P W Wednesday 2nd May 2018 Gorilla Highlands 1 Rushere 21 15 WESTERN REGION LEAGUE 2 Kabwohe utd 21 14 3 Bulldogs 21 13 ANKOLE 4 Islamia 11 NO CLUB P21 W Kazo Excel 21 9 15 Rushere 21 15 Mbarara FC 21 7 26 Kabwohe utd 21 14 Kyambura 21 8 37 Bulldogs 21 13 Ryakasinga 21 8 48 Islamia 21 11 MbraExcel Young 21 59 Kazo 21 97 Bwizibwera 21 610 Mbarara FC utd 21 76 Buremba 21 711 Kyambura 21 86 Welden 812 Ryakasinga 21 8Bugongi Utd 913 Mbra Young 21 714 Bwizibwera Igongo 10 utd 21 6-


3 0 Gorilla Highlands Rwenshama D L F A GD 3 0 Amama Fc Saza-Kisoro 3 3 49 14 35 FINAL TABLE STANDINGS 2017/ 2018 4 3 41 20 19 4 4 37 18 19 4 21 15 D L6 F36 A GD 26 28 -2 32 310 49 14 35 30 32 -2 47 37 41 20 19 23 27 -4 44 49 37 18 19 15 30 -15 43 610 36 21 15 12 26 36 -10 22 10 26 28 -2 21 41 -20 72 713 30 32 -2 19 29 -10 41 914 23 27 -4 310 15 30 -15 212 26 36 -10 213 21 41 -20

LOSS DRAW LOSS PTS WIN 48 46 43 37 PTS 29 48 28 46 28 43 27 37 23 29 20 28 19 28 27 23 20

11 Buremba 12 KIGEZIWelden 13 NO Bugongi CLUB Utd 14 Igongo 1 Rwenshama

21 P10

6 W 6-

1 D3-

14 L1-

19 F18

29 A6-

-10 GD 12

19 PTS 21

2 Ntoda 3 Gorilla Highland KIGEZI 4 Rukungiri utd NO CLUB Amama 15 Rwenshama Kabale Mun 26 Ntoda

10 10 P10 10 10 10 10

6 4 3 W 63 16

2 3 3 D 30 23

2 3 L4 17 26

15 13 F13 10 18 5 15

5 10 12 A 622 517

10 3 1 GD -12 12 -12 10

20 15 12 PTS 9 21 6 20

3 THE Gorilla Highland 10 4 3 3 13 10 3 15 SPORTS & DEVELOPMENTutd 4Welden, Rukungiri 3 4from the13 12 failing 1 to honour 12 three Bugongi UTD and10Igongo3were dismissed league for MAGAZINE 5fixturesAmama 10 as per 3 competition 0 22 -12 9 in the League season s7rules . All10were demoted to 5th division next 6season.Kabale Mun 10 3 6 5 17 -12 6 1



There are numerous ways in which a sponsor can be involved in Gorilla Highlands Sports Club Activities. This can beThere through cash or in-kind sponsorship which the Management appreciates. Any sponsor who is interestare numerous ways in which a sponsor can be involved in Gorilla Highlands SC Sports Activities. This can be ed can contact the CEO to work out better privileges and opportunities, and if need be, contribute ideas on through cash or in-kind sponsorship, sponsoring a club or a star performer which the Management appreciates.Any how to ensure synergy is leveraged for the mutual benefit of the sponsor and the club. Sponsorship is open to sponsor who is interested can contact the CEO to work out better privileges and opportunities, and if need be, contribute individuals, government institutions, organizations and corporate companies ideas on how to ensure synergy is leveraged for the mutual benet of the sponsor and the club. Sponsorship is open to

There individuals, are a hostgovernment of benefits and privileges whichand will arise with being a cash or in-kind sponsor as outlined in institutions, organizations corporate companies. the sponsorship previleges table. SPONSORSHIP CATEGORIES ROLE OF THE SPONSOR There areCATEGORIES ve categories available as indicated; SPONSOR

� Promote the club in their networks.

• � Contribute ideas and suggestions that will ensure • Associate Gold Sponsor – USH. 2,000,000 • mutual benet and the success of the Gorilla Highlands • Associate Silver Sponsor – USH. 1,000,000 • SC sports activities. Associate Gold Sponsor • OF ROLE THE SPONSOR � Provide branded materials to be used during club Associate Silver Sponsor • • Contribute ideas and suggestions that will ensure mutual theduring success of matches. the club promotionbenefit activities and and also football

• Lead Gold Sponsor – USH. 10,000,000 Lead Gold Sponsor Lead Silver Sponsor •Lead Silver Sponsor – USH. 5,000,000 Lead Bronze Sponsor •Lead Bronze Sponsor – USH. 3,000,000

There are a host of benets and privileges which will arise

• Promote the club in their networks � Give names of individuals to represent the sponsor at with being a cash or in-kind sponsor as outlined in the • Provide branded materials to be used during club the promotion activities also football various Gorilla Highlandsand SC sports activities. matches sponsorship table. • Send individuals to represent the sponsor at the various Gorilla Highlands SC sports activities

SPONSORSHIP PRIVILEGES SPONSORSHIP PRIVILEGE Branded Gorilla Highlands SC Jersey with name and logo of the sponsor Trophy presentation to the Man of the Match Have booth stalls at designated areas when hosting a football match Refreshments at both half-time and full time Signed framed shirt presentation to your company Acknowledgement - prior & during the football match and in all adverts and promotional materials Guests to go to the center circle before kick-off for photograph with Executive VIP seating on front row Signed gift presentation to your company Branded banners at our football pitch Sponsor advert in our quarterly magazine Selling branded products at the event Welcoming and ushering in sponsor as VIPs Opportunity to during Gorilla Sports activities Free participation in all Gorilla Highlands Sports activities Recognition in Gorilla High SC brochure as a sponsor


















 2 pages

 1 page

 1 page

 ½ page  

 ¼ page







The Late Salim Brek


It has been 4 years since Salim Brek departed from this life. He was and still remains one of Kisoro’s greatest icons as far as sports development is concerned. He is known for being the best midfielder in UCB- the first Professional football Club in Kisoro and for having coached Kabindi S.S football team. He is also credited for establishing Kisoro Young Simba FC, which rose through different sporting levels to reach the Big League play offs twice. Late Salim had a CAF-B coaching certificate that is up to now held by a few persons Uganda. Laban Niyongabo caught up with Mrs. Salim, the widow to Kisoro’s deceased sporting hero. Laban: Good afternoon, madam. How is Business?

Mrs. Salim: Good afternoon sir. Business is fine Laban: As The Champion Magazine which is focusing on sports development and community outreach, we couldn’t leave behind interviewing you about Salim. We recognize his greatest achievements. How is life without Salim? Mrs. Salim: Life is not as good as it used to be but as a parent, you have to be strong. Because if you show the children that you are weak they get discouraged. Whatever happened was according to God’s plan. Laban: What challenges do u face as a widow and how do you overcome them?

Mrs. Salim: Mostly school fees. When it is time to send the children back to school, that’s when I struggle because there is one else who helps me. Late Salim left me with houses that are rented and I have a small business. I am also a member of some savings groups. All these help me raise the school fees. THE



Laban: How would you describe your late husband?

Mrs. Salim: He was a very good husband who loved all people, liked sports and used to help people and encourage children not only to like sports but also put education first so that they obtain academic papers because after sports, life goes on. He was a good father and used to talk to us nicely. He was much older than me and took me as his daughter and cared for me in every way possible. I am very glad to have been married to him. Laban: Could you be knowing why he loved football so much?

Mrs. Salim: I found him when he was a staunch lover of football. I hear he liked football since his childhood. It was in his blood. He wished his children to play football like him and had a dream that Kisoro will one time have a big team in the country’s top football league.

REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN SPORTS ICON- SALIM BREK Laban: How did you cope with his love for football? Mrs. Salim: At first I was not a fan but with time I came to like it. After the games, he would tell me to prepare tea for the players and I was happy to prepare it for them. They provided us with good company at home. My son Abdallah made me to like it the more ever since he was a very small kid. He even likes football more than Salim used to. He is currently in a big team in the country and that is what his father desired. Even the younger one, Anwari has interest in football and plays at his school. Laban: Are you also a football fan? And if yes, which team do you support? Mrs. Salim: Yes, I am. I used to be a KCCA fan but now we all support SC Villa because of Abdallah. Teams outside Uganda, I am a Manchester United fan. I followed Abdallah because he used to support Manchester United. Whenever it lost, my husband would laugh at us because he was a Chelsea fan and also we would laugh at him whenever his Chelsea lost. Laban: Tell us how Salim’s passion for football affected his children? Mrs. Salim: I can say Abdallah’s passion is in the blood. Even when he was still crawling, he would chase a ball. The entire family of Salim was for sports, his sisters were athletes.

Late Salim with Kabindi S.S Team for national Post Primaries

Laban: How do you feel about Abdallah’s football career so far? Mrs. Salim: Am so happy about it. He has a dream of playing for Barcelona one day Laban: This question is a little off sports. How did Tana Mukankwaya end up in politics? Mrs. Salim: I remember when she was in her S.4 vacation, she told her father that after completing senior six, she would join politics and compete with Hon. Sarah Mateke, the woman MP then. In her 3rd year, that’s when she joined the race for District Woman MP as she had promised her dad. She wanted to show that even the youth can be able to represent people’s views in parliament. Laban: What is your final message to the people? Mrs. Salim: They should be cooperative. Also the football clubs should always check on us whenever they have events so that we can give the small support we can. We want progress so that one day we have a strong team representing Kisoro at the national level.

Mrs. Salim at her Mini Supermarket in Kisoro




Ms. Tana Mukankwaya, Daughter of Late Salim


Gorilla Highlands Sports Club End of Year Party on 31st Dec 2017 at Hills Club Kisoro




Gorilla Highlands SC Team that played against Nyakabande select team in a friendly match



2: L-R, Gorilla Highlands SC CEO Joseph Nsabiyumva, Beni Frank and Michael Nizeyimana Posing for a photo at Musanze stadium, Rwanda 3: Muhwezi Brian (L) and Safari Keneth (R) at Gorilla Highlands Sports Club Vs Rukungiri Utd match at Kisoro Saza play ground

Above: A beautiful view of Kisoro Saza Play ground, the Home Ground of Gorilla Highlands SC Left: Rogers in Gorilla T-shirt (RIP) and other Gorilla Highlands Sports Club supporters at Gorilla Statue located at African Art Below: Gorilla Highlands SC CEO handing over the club profile to the Mayor Kisoro Municapility




Gorilla Highlands Sports Club ladies Team 2017-2018

Leticia Batamuriza

Judith Dusabe

Sarah Kabagyeni

Agnes Kampire

Phiona Majambere

Sharon Mugisha

Sarah Mujawimana

Betty Mutesi

Sperah Mutesi

Restatuta Mwubahimana

Brenda Tumukunde THE


Rosette Irahari


Mollen Ntakirutimana

Fortunate Uwayo

Winie Irankunda

Milliam Nyirandahiriwe

Molly Mutesi

Promise Nyiramahoro

Immaculate Uwiragiye

An Insight Into Kisoro’s Soccer Legends

Dan Rwego, a retired player of Gorilla Highlands Sports Club.


he champion Sports & Development Magazine brings you information that you didn’t know about your favourite football stars.

Dan with Kiira Young, in 2010

Q.Tell us about your football career

I started playing for U12 with Youth Alive Club Kamwokya in my Primary Seven in 1998. That same year, I was selected to play for the Uganda Cranes U12 team in a tournament that was held in Lugogo. The U12 Cranes select team was supposed to travel to Germany but unfortunately the funds were not available. In 1999, I joined St. Paul’s Mutolere S.S in Kisoro and was selected on the school team that qualified for the national post primaries in Masindi. In this competition, Kwizera Curthbert and I were the only players from Kisoro selected for national team. Once again, a planned trip to South Africa for the national select team failed to travel due to unknown reasons. In the years 1999-2000, I played for Bunagana Fc and featured in the Zone-6 tournament hosted by Kisoro DFA. In 2001-2008, I played for Kisoro Young Simba, in which I played in a number of tournaments in Kabale, Mbarara, Fortportal districts. In 2009, I went for trials at SC Villa and later that same year played for Proline while it was still playing in first division. In 2010, I joined Kiira Young and helped the club qualify for first division. Later that same year, I joined Mulago Paramedical School where I participated in the National Inter Health Institutions games hosted in Kabale. In June 2011, I joined Makerere High School Miggade as the school’s Librarian and Coach. In 2012, I was signed by Gorilla Highlands Sports Club (by then it was still Nyarusiza FC) which had just joined FUFA Region League.

In 2014, after securing a job with Kisoro District Local Government in the Health Department as a Health Educator, I retired and started playing football at leisure.

Q. What advice do you give to young sportsmen and women?

My advice to them is that as they play football, they should also concentrate on studies and acquire skills. This is because at around 35 years, football career comes to an end.

Q. What benefits did you get from playing football?

Besides fitness and health, I was able to get a bursary for my A-level at Ngabo School. I also got a scholarship for a diploma in Project Planning & Management at Virtual Institute. I was able to complete studies and afterwards secure a job. I was also privileged to interact with high profile coaches in the country like Jackson Mayanja, Asuman Lubowa, Paul Ssali, Coach Ssebutinde, Philip ssozi, Charles Kayemba (RIP), Mujib Kasule, Ssula Kato and Baker Mbowa. Between 2004-2007, we used to go to Arusha-Moshi in Tanzania to represent Muhabura Diocese in the CHRISC games. We got mentored religiously, became disciplined and cemented our faith in God.

Q. In your opinion, what can be done to step up the game of football in Uganda? • • •

Stakeholders in football should invest more in young talent especially under 12 years Infrastructure development.Government should increase the number of playgrounds that are in good condition FUFA should put in place programs to develop career of footballers after their active football for example coaching courses.

Don’t miss the next issue, we bring you the fact file of Rwigema Andrew Nteziryayo




wego Daniel, well known as Dan, was born on March 30, 1985. He grew up in Kamwokya and started his Primary School at Arya Kololo, the present day Dafodils. He joined Mutolere S.S for O Level and Ngabo Academy. He is married with two children.



BAFUMBIRA PLEASE SUPPORT OUR TEAM THANKS TO THE MANAGEMENT I would like to first extend my great thanks to the management together with players of the team for good work towards promoting sports in the district, Bravo! Though there are some challenges, remember “A bend in the road does not mean the end of the road”.

My name is Hakizimana Robert, son of Banyanga of A child’s sense of confidence is Sagitwe Village, Mabungo shaped and nurtured (or not) Parish Nyarusiza by those who care for him/her. Sub county. While nurturing infants and I have been an ardent supyoung children, talk or sing to porter of Gorilla Highlands them. Such interaction with SC since 2007, when it was others and caregivers help still known as Nyarusiza them grow more socially, learn FC. I love the club so much more easily, hence greater self because it is our home team. esteem and self confidence. My best player is Allan Mbishinzimana because he Ssajabbi Musa is a fantastic player. I urge Captain 2017/18 Bafumbira from all walks of Gorilla Highlands SC life to support our team. NURTURING TALENT

WE SHOULD SUPPORT EACH OTHER The fact that we all fall under a category of being fit, we should support each other in the activities and among the activities, this should be football because it brings more people closer than expected hence creating more friendships and togetherness. Gorilla Highlands SC oyeee!

Nsabiyunva Capher Gasya I believe in the team, really you ( Journalist) have done a great job. At a certain time T, you shall be on the world Gorilla Highlands SC fan map. There is a saying that “A Mosquito is small but makes HOW GREAT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH GORILLA HIGHLANDS SC presidents sleep under the mosquito net”, therefore nothing As an ardent football fan and soccer pundit, whose love for the beautiful game stems from is small provided one has got I do not know when, I have been blessed to be part of the Gorilla Highlands fraternity. It is a great blessing and credit goes to the CEO Mr. Joseph Nsabiyumva for his passion, zeal and courage to do the needful. commitment to the club. It is a discipline to stay committed to a goal. Many people have goals but when situations turn out to be unfavorable, they end up abandoning their goals but Just be strong and do the necessary by being conscious of Mr. Nsabiyumva is a man of a kind. time, trainings and discipline We have all witnessed his commitment right from the days of Nyarusiza FC, which is the until the final whistle and expect current Gorilla Highlands Sports Club. He wasn’t the richest and circumstances weren’t favourable but that didn’t deter him from working towards having his dream of founding a a great harvest. big football team in Kisoro. Thanks. God rewards the patient and enduring and Mr. Nsabiyumva has really been that and we Ntwari Peter LCV Councillor,

Nyarusiza Sub county

already see the rewards. Gorilla Highlands has risen through the ranks; from the district to the region. It has been the second season in the region and so far it’s been on the up have never seen a team in Kisoro with structures like those of Gorilla Highlands. Some teams in the league don’t even have these kinds of structures. Next season, we can hope to go to the big league and who knows? In a few years, Kisoro could have a team in the league. What is needed is the support and prayers from every sports lover in the district. Our culture and identity as Bafumbira can be boosted by having a team that unites us as Bafumbira the way Onduparaka unites the people of Arua and West Nile. Let’s all rally behind Gorilla Highlands SC and not even the sky will be the limit. Niyongabo Laban Sports analyst




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Bafumbira World hosts Bakiga Nation Bafumbira World (The world), hosted Bakiga Nation (The nation) at UICT Nakawa play ground to a social event on Sunday, 10th June 2018. A friendly football match was played whose 90 minutes ended all square 3-3. Bakiga Nation won 5-4 in the penalty spot kicks. To the relief of the hosts, they walked away with two victories in tug of war for both the ladies and gents dubbed ibirayi(Irish potatoes) vs ebitakuri (sweet potatoes) representig the staple food of Bafumbira and Bakiga respectively. At the event, there was plenty of drinks like our very own "inturire" and "omuramba" and NyamaChoma. Bakiga Nation is set to host BW on 9th October. Expect a ladies football match. #NdumufumbiraWiyemera!




TIMETABLER (FOR EDUCATION SECTOR) TimeTabler – A web based application that provides solution will provide generate tailored timetables sports and facilities Kisoro di any leisure time anywhere. Theinapplication k lecture’s data and lecture rooms. The application uses advan Dubbed GORILLA SPORTS & HEALTH CLUB, it will be each subject to a designated lecturer and available room rel like lecture units housing aadministrator modern gym with rooms state per of faculty, the artcourse equipme generates a timetable with ease and flexibility while avoiding

leagues. the Part of our medium-term plan is to put in place a



studio and changing rooms. The club will also have


CLINIC MANAGEMENT dedicated place for indoor games. SYSTEM, CMS (FOR HEALTH

A desktop application that manages details of Doctors, drug lab tests results. The application can be accessed by any des access levels. The application reduces manual work for managing 1. deta appointments and generates medical reports whenever needed





CT is a major tool for economic development. Alongside us embrace ICT for fast development of our GHLANDSsports, SC letRUKUNGIRI economy. Most of the world’s richest people are those that have taken advantage of innovation in Science and Technology such as Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder ofSAZA-KISORO Facebook and many more. Even in Africa, we have got brilliant people, youths inclusive and what we need is a comprehensive and consistent strategy that can lead to new innovations.


HOITS Tech Consults is seriously leading in ICT and Innovation. They have taken a leading role in teaching computer GHLANDS SC applications, KIHIHI H/Scomputer networking, computer repair and maintenance, website design & deployment, software development and graphics design. All these are hands-on and will help create opportunities, create jobs 0 PM that can boost income which in the long run lead to national economic develepment.

ou eve to Tec an dev

6: CMS login interface (left) and the CMS interface after login (right

CEO Unveiling Gorilla Highlands SC jersey donated by Mr. Rwego Ken Gahuriro. Other applications include Clinic Management System , CMS, Login interface  School/Hostel Management System  Enterprise Management System

Notable software recommended is the Clinic Management System, CMS. This is a desktop application that manages details of doctors, drugs, patients, Nurses, appointments and lab tests results. The application can be accessed by any designated employee but with controlled +256 776 888access 055levels. The application reduces manual work for managing +256 704 741 details of 443 doctors, drugs, patients and appointments and generates medical reports whenever needed.

We also offer software for Network Security, Bandwidth Usage Control and Optimization

Search & Book Any Bus THE



3. He exc



Dapper Holdings Limited is another comprehensive provider of complete Telecom and ICT solutions. They design, deploy and operate networks and infrastructure to deliver optimal coverage in the most demanding and challenging environments. Dapper Holdings delivers Application Services that help their clients create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs. The company helps drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape

2. mi Ka Un



Internet Services


Computer Training


Computer Repair & Maintenance


I.T Consultancy


Bulk SMS


Printing & Photocopying


Computer Sales FIND US AT

Kisoro Municipality Opposite DFCU Bank, Kisoro Along Kisoro - Bunagana Rd Tel: +256 781 569256, +256 702468635 Email:



Are you an Institution of Learning, NGO, Public office, hotel or enterprise?

Contact us for: • Internet set up (WiFi & LAN) • Website Design & deployment • Computer supplies, • Communication solutions like CCTV, Intercom • Customized software Colline house, Ground floor, suite No.1 , Plot 4 Pilkington road Tel: 0779 221 174, 0703 047 053 Email: We are a comprehensive provider of ICT & Telecom Solutions

DAPPER HOLDINGS LIMITED “ ... Service Beyond Expectations”

VENUE FOR: - Meetings - Parties - Entertainment - Live Band - Cultural Dances - Nyamachoma & Refreshments DB9 Sports Bar & Club is located at Kalerwe along Gayaza Road, Kampala

“Where Value Supersedes Price” Tel: 0772 614 951, 0702 614 951






eople travel for business, pleasure or both. Uganda is blessed to have beautiful places where you can enjoy business and pleasure. In this issue we bring you some of these places that are a must visit.

Lake Mutanda

3 1 1: Sagitwe Hill Terraces


2: The Mountain Gorilla Statue at the heart of Kisoro Municipality 3: Tourland Cottages gardens




• • • • • • • • • •


Air ticketing and reservation Airport pickups and transfers Hotel/lodge booking Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking Team building packages Visa handling and guidance Tourism consultancy Car hire services – safari vans Bird and game viewing Camping and so much more. Plot 4 Colline house, suite No.1 Ground floor, Pilkington road Tel: 0312 108682, 0414 341101 Email: Web:

God’s Miracle Community School

…This page features schools and other institutions of learning that are championing education and co-curricular activities.

Staff and visitors from Spain


od’s Miracle Community School is a mixed Primary school located in Nyakabingo, Chahi Sub County. we have children from Pre-Primary up to Primary Seven. The academic performance is progressively improving. In 2016 PLE results, we had 2 candidates in 1st grade and 8 in 2nd grade. In 2017, we registered 4 candidates in 1st grade and 4 in 2nd grade. The best performers were rewarded with gifts which included scholastic materials such as Mattresses, books and uniforms among other things. Entrust us with your children as we strive to educate the future of UgandaYour children. Registration for P.1 to P.6 is in progress

School Moto: Learn to Prosper

School Mission: We teach and learn for academic excellence and creativity to suit in the modern world. To know more about the school, contact the Director Mr. Nambajimana Alex on Tel: 0774 776261

1 2

1: Pupils on a field trip in 2015 2: The best performers were rewarded with gifts 3: Sign post in Nyakabingo Trading Centre 4: Director giving a speech at a recent function 5: Pupils receiving clothing gifts from Spain







Minting Money From Agriculture

A sow at Barabwizera Agriculture farm, Mbarara The Agricultural Sector continues to be the most important sector in Uganda. It employs approximately 79% of the population. Kisoro’s favorable soil conditions and climate have contributed to agricultural success. The main agricultural crops include grains, Irish potatoes, tea and Coffee. We have two main harvesting seasons for Irish potatoes in a year. Besides the Irish potatoes, most farmers grow climbing beans and rear poultry to avoid those periods of redundancy when the potatoes are still growing. This section features a successful farmer who has engaged in fish farming, passion fruit growing, and livestock keeping. Our team comprising of Vianney Niyonshuti and Alex Ndikuyera visited one of his projects, Barabwizera Agriculture Farm.


arabwizera agriculture farm is a piggery project located in Mbarara Municipality, Nyakasa cell, Rwanahishakizi ward, Nyakayojo division, 8 miles along Kabale Road and 3km off the main road.

give birth to an average of 10 piglets. At the time this report was filed, the farm had 116 pigs between the ages of 2 and 6 months.


There is division of labour at Barabwizera Agriculture farm. Enock Tuvindimwe Sows manages the hygiene whereas Olivier Breed give birth Tuyisenge is in charge of feeding. For pigs to The farm has Camborough breed to an average 0f gain good weight and improve productivity, the considered the best breed in employees feed them at least two times a Uganda right now. They grow day depending on their ages and nutritional very fast when looked after very piglets needs. Piglets are fed twice a day at 10:00 A.M well. and 4:00PM while the mature ones are fed three According to Dusabimana JMV, an times at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 4:00PM. employee at the farm, the piglets are To ensure maximum weight gain, maize bran is separated from their mothers after two months and always available. “They mainly feed on maize bran at four months, the boars have attained a weight mixed with silver fish (mukene) and dregs’’ says of 90-120kgs with considerably less fat. The sows Dusabimana. Gilts (piglets) eat at least 2kgs per day THE while pregnant sows and boars feed on at least 3kgs. SPORTS & DEVELOPMENT 22 MAGAZINE


To prevent diseases, the farm uses feeding and watering troughs made from car tyres and they are always well cleaned. Enock Tuvindimwe says saw dust ensures that the place is kept clean at all times. In the rainy season, once the saw dust becomes muddy, it is removed and used as manure in the banana plantation. Impact They are resistant to diseases when well looked after and the premises kept clean at all times. “Every time I slaughter about 300kg to 450Kg, at Shs 6,400 per kilo. My workers slaughter them here at the farm and I sell directly to the owners of pork joints. Market is readily available’’ The proprietor says.

Challenges The major one is the cost of the feeds. The pigs consume approximately 2 tonnes per month and the cost is quite high. Future Plans “I plan to make a pork processing factory in future. My target is to get organized groups and I sell to them piglets of 2 months so that I can buy them back from them when they are mature enough for slaughter.”

Healthy pigs at BARABWIZERA Agriculture Farm

For more information on modern farming methods, visit the farm or contact us on +256 704 308 450 THE



In the next issue Aug - Sept 2018


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Magazine Issue 001  

The champion sports & development magazine aims at promoting sports and other aspects of development such as Agriculture, education, Touris...

Magazine Issue 001  

The champion sports & development magazine aims at promoting sports and other aspects of development such as Agriculture, education, Touris...