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What’s new from Boomerang in 2014/15 Boomerang is a leading provider to UK primary and junior schools of pupil planners. Our planners successfully help students with time management and planning skills and provide schools with an important school-home communication device. For the coming academic year we are pleased to announce a comprehensive upgrade of our PAL to reflect and support the changing primary curriculum. Additionally we are also pleased to present a range of innovative, digitally driven applications that will enhance schools, staff and pupils educational experiences, including:

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Apperio, our new school communication app system (see page 14) A new digital Teacher Planner for tablets and mobiles available in the spring of 2014 (see page 13) Boomerang’s online/cloud based yearbook and school magazine system to help make quick and easy, stunning printed and digital publications (see pages 8 & 12)

We look forward to helping your school, students and staff!

For more information or a sample call 01252 368 328 or email Visit us online


Primary Academic

Logbook (PAL) Our popular primary school planner - vibrant colourful designs and stimulating content to promote and support teaching and learning throughout the academic year - see over for more details.

A5 Portrait format 148mm x 210mm

Secure wiro binding and outer polypropylene covers for year-round robustness

128 pages including: • 50 page week-a-page calendar section • 20 page Reading Record section • 20 page Spelling List section • 30 page academic resource section

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Full-colour throughout Customisation options (see over) Visit us online for detailed product guides





“The planner is an incredibly useful resource and an invaluable link between home & school, parents are fully informed regarding their child’s homework. My Y6 class have become far more organised & independent since introducing the planners, the transition to Y7 won’t seem like such a daunting leap for them.” Kerry Boam, Year 6 Teacher, Alumwell Junior School

For more information or a sample call us on 01252 368 328 or email


PAL Content Boomerang’s PAL also provides pupils with a wealth of content that is designed to support teaching and learning in primary schools. The week to view calendar contains:

Bi-weekly Skills-for-Life content linked to; making wise life choices, problem-solving, self-motivation and valuing diversity and difference

Historical dates relevant to 2014/15 as well as contemporary domestic and global events of interest

Days of the week translated into 10 modern foreign and classical languages

The 2014/15 edition contains the following reference pages including many aspects of the new primary curriculum:

English - grammar, punctuation, spelling rules, words-to-watch, classic and modern poetry

Maths - multiplication square (12 x12), vocabulary of angles and lines, decimals to 3dp, area and volume formula, area of shapes

Science - Planets, gravity, forces, the human body and skeleton

History - Key turning points in British history. Monarchs of the British Isles

Geography - maps including the UK; regions, counties, cities, Europe and The World. OS map symbols, grid references and points of the compass.

Also included:

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E safety section Comparative religions, festivals & holidays Traffic light system

Visit us online for detailed product guides

PAL Customisation Your pupil planner provides an excellent opportunity to record important school information - contact details, policies and rules, timetables, inspiration - in a highly accessible way for students, parents and staff throughout the year. The customisation options are:

School information front section: choose from either 8, 16 or 32 pages

Customised covers: either single colour school crests or full colour designs

 

Plastic pockets for loose inserts, notes, letters, etc. Detachable ruler

For more information or a sample call us on 01252 368 328 or email


Yearbooks Boomerang is one of the leading providers of yearbooks and travel/expedition books to schools in the UK. We have one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use online creation systems and a customer support team to help staff and students every step of the way. There are many options available for schools and students to choose from, please call for details.

“I’m so glad I chose Boomerang, great books, great service, great prices. So helpful, and the books were so easy to do! We’re only a small school, but every time I spoke to customer services they treated us like we were the most important client they had, I can’t stress how easy it was to deal with them. I also wanted to say a big thank you to Boomerang’s customer service representatives, they were very supportive & helpful during the entire process of yearbook & apparel production, print & delivery.” Dina Whitman, Rydes Hill Preparatory School, 2012 Visit us online for detailed product guides

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For more information or a sample call us on 01252 368 328 or email *20 page soft back laminated

Student / Team


Boomerang offers a range of quality Hoody garments that can be customised. Suitable for school leavers, school trips or sports teams. There are many options available for schools and students to choose from. Please call for details.

“Hoodies have just arrived!!!!!!!!!! I’ll get photos of the pupils wearing them during their leavers assembly and will send them to you.” Thank you so much for all of your help, another fantastic service from Boomerang!!!” Mel O’Brien, Brynmawr School

Visit us online for detailed product guides



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For more information or a sample call us on 01252 368 328 or email *Backprint only

School Magazines




Boomerang has pioneered the development of an easy-to-use online school newspaper/magazine creation system for students or staff to use. This can produce either digital or printed copies for distribution to your school community. Part of this system includes a low-cost centralised print service. “We absolutely love our magazines, a great way to show off all we have achieved in school over the year and very affordable - and popular with parents and pupils alike! It was so easy and simple to make them using Boomerang’s software and they held our hand every step of the way. We definitely recommend using Boomerang.” Helen Barden, Head Teacher, Talavera Junior School, Hampshire

“Using the software was fantastic; the students had ownership over their designs and loved using the images that had been provided. Mostly, the students loved handing out a real magazine to their peers. It looked so professional and they were so proud of themselves!” Claire Chatterton, English Teacher, Aldworth Science College

Visit us online for detailed product guides *Based on a minimum order of 500

Teacher Planner Tablet & smartphone app Boomerang’s new Teacher Planner solution, developed for iOS and Android mobile devices. Customise this app with your term dates, working days and daily teaching periods. Set-up and/or import class groups and lesson plans. Record attendance, meetings, homework assignments, student marks/ results, daily notes, etc. The app also contains daily inspiring quotes, advice and guidance from the Teacher Support Network and the Teacher Development Trust. The app can be purchased individually from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Apps area in Google Play, or in volume from the Apple Volume Purchase Program or from Google Play for Education. Please contact us for more details. Available from Spring 2014.

For more information call us on 01252 368 328 or email


Apperio for Schools School communication app Apperio is an app for smartphones that allows schools to communicate with parents, staff, students or anybody you choose, on the go - anytime, anywhere it’s highly effective and very affordable. Over 50% of the UK population now own a smartphone and it has become the device of choice for many, whilst website use and email is in decline.

Visit us online for detailed product guides

The Apperio app allows schools to send instant push-messages and to combine all your digital communications and information - website, calendar and events, social media, video, photos, plus much more - onto your recipient’s smartphone, reaching them wherever they are. The app: free and simple to download - for iOS and Android phone and tablet devices - is controlled by the school through a simple-to-use website. For more information or a demonstration, please contact us on: 01252 368 358.

by education

For more information call us on 01252 368 328 or email


Some comments from Boomerang PAL users...

“Before we had them we had to memorise our homework, now we can check them and see what we have to do.”

“Last year we didn’t have these planners but now I am really organised and I know what I have to do.”

“I always use the ‘cool connectives’ page when I’m writing.”

“They are really useful and the back pages help in lessons.”

“It has changed my life as I never forget my homework and it will prepare me for Year 7.”

“This is the best planner ever it reminds me what to do when I get home. We use the connectives pages in school too.”

“Our homework planner is great they’re a big help when we get to secondary school as we are used to working with them.”

“It is good to write your homework down so you don’t have to remember it all.”

“I can remember what I need to hand in.”

“With my homework planner I never forget my homework.”

“Without it I would forget my homework. My planner will prepare me for Secondary school. I love it.”

“I couldn’t cope without my planner as it has made me very organised.”

education Boomerang Ed Ltd, Manor House, Manor Park, Aldershot, Hants, GU12 4JU t: 01252 368 328 f: 01252 368 324 e: w:

“I find it easy to use because you can remember what to do. It makes me more organised.”

2014/15 Primary School Products Brochure  

This brochure contains all the latest products from Boomerang Education's Primary range. Please contact Boomerang on 01252 368328 for detai...

2014/15 Primary School Products Brochure  

This brochure contains all the latest products from Boomerang Education's Primary range. Please contact Boomerang on 01252 368328 for detai...