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5 Native American Club provides community and support for students Oct. 13, 2010

Josh Bridges The Broadside

The Native American Club is here to help students and the community. They meet weekly on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in the Multicultural center located inside the Campus Center. A few of their goals are to “promote equality and fairness through cultural sharing,” “work together on educational goals” and “provide a support system and networking opportunities in the community,” according to their website. “More than 232 Native Americans are attending the college,” says Sheena Courtney, Vice President of the Native American Club. The club wants more people to join. “In April we will have a traditional salmon bake. The whole community is welcome to come, and we certainly could use volunteers to help. We have been doing it for 10 years.” says Cruz Mueller, club treasurer. Students may check the Native American Club website for further updates or they can contact club members in the Multicultural Center. Areas of interest to the club is creating activities for students and “cultural preservation for all tribes and groups represented in the club and community,”according to their constitution. “Our tentative activities include making baby moccasins for the Warm Springs tribe and putting together food baskets for the hungry, however, we also raise money for students,” Vice President Sheena Courtney explains. Students do not have to be a Native American to join the club. The club is open to students from multicultural backgrounds. Another goal is to bring diverse groups together for academics and support. Most students need a little support to make their college experience successful. The Native American Club offers that support. Eugen Helmbrecht | COCC Media department

Dancers perform during last year’s Salmon Bake, which is an event put on by The Native American Club

You may contact Josh Bridges at jbridges@cocc. edu

10/10/10 volunteers join with others from 140 countries to alleviate climate change Gianna Venturi The Broadside On Oct. 10, 2010 over 170 countries celebrated local solutions to global climate change and for the first time Bend participated. It was called the 10/10/10 Global Work Party and organizers stressed that there is an “emphasis on both work and party.” Children and organizers all pitched in to create a community garden that they hope will provide inspiration for Bend. The whole point was to do something that will help prevent global warming in the city or community. In Kampala, Uganda, volunteers planted thousands of trees. In Bolivia, participants installed solar stoves for a massive carbon picnic and in the Maldives solar

panels were placed on the president’s office. The Environmental Center, located downtown on Kansas Avenue held the event. The center is renting a 5,000 square foot vacant lot right next door which when completed will become a communitylearning garden. This helps climate change by having locally grown food and beneficial compost said organizers. Everybody is welcome to be involved in the garden as a community. Children from Bend Boys & Girls Club along with Amity Creek Elementary students will collaborate to prepare the garden in the fall and plant vegetables and flowers during the spring. “By growing fresh vegetables, the kids will learn good food habits,” said Sarah Edwards, the fine arts coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club. “It will be

nice to be part of the neighborhood.” The work on Sunday was the start of Phase I of the project. People built workbenches, raised beds and rock pathways. “We are very excited for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, there are multiple things to plug in on,” said Denise Rowcroft, the sustainability educator at the Bend Environmental Center. “No experience needed-just help.” The work began at 10 a.m. at the Kansas Avenue Learning Garden on 10/10/10. Organizers encourage community participation. “This is about so much more than just climate change,” said Rowcroft. You may contact Gianna Venturi at broadsidemail@cocc. edu

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You may contact Josh Bridges at jbridges@cocc. edu You may contact Gianna Venturi at broadsidemail@cocc. edu Gianna Venturi The Broadside Jo...

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