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On the record

With Eric Ercanbrack

I am learning that there is a lot of anger toward the student government here at Central Oregon Community College. Students are frustrated. The frustration: a derivative of where student fee money is going. Where is the money being spent? Clubs and Programs Here’s the good: Clubs and Programs are funded by student fee money, and many students make use of this. Clubs and Programs are a great learning experience for students, especially if it’s related to the career they are pursuing. Here’s the bad: What if student government members are apart of a club or program. They may be able to rescind themselves from a vote on the amount of money spent on the club or program, but what if the other government members are friends? Wouldn’t that sway the decision being made by council members? I wonder what would have happened to Cascades Adventures if multiple council member were involved in the program? Events; free bowling, Barbecues Here’s the good: • These are great events for students to get to know each other and to make connections. • Events like this create a sense of community at the college. Here’s the bad: • What about students who just don’t have the time to go to free bowling night? The average age of a COCC student is 28. That doesn’t really mean there is a lot of 28 year old students, it probably means there is a polarized group of older and younger students. The bowling is great for some student, but what is student government doing for the students with no time or who have children; these students pay student fees as well? How about

Letters to the Editor Dear Broadside readers Based on misleading statements in the previous issue of the Broadside, it may appear as if ASCOCC has decided to terminate its relationship with Cascade Adventures. When I read the headline pronouncing our split, I was a bit surprised. Especially since I am a member of ASCOCC and as of our last meeting, we had not yet decided one way or the other on funding Cascade Adventures. Also, as far as I know, no one from the council was interviewed about this issue. That seems strange to me since, I would think that would be an essential part of the story. We are directly responsible for the expenditure of student fees and we need to know if enough COCC students are utilizing this program to justify the $5,000 they are requesting. Every dollar we

Oct. 13, 2010

spend on Cascade Adventures is a dollar less we have to spend on other clubs and programs, including the Broadside. We have requested and are still waiting for breakdowns on how many COCC students have taken advantage of this program as compared to how many OSU students participate. As of the writing of this letter, we have not received this information. As soon as we have some numbers to go base our decision upon, we will consider the request for funding. - John MacAulay ASCOCC Events Coordinator Editors Note: The program is no longer funded by ASCOCC. That is the “break up.” COCC students cannot sign up for Cascades Adventures. However, in the article Taran Underdal, the stu-

childcare subsidies, or health care? The Voice, ASCOCC’s monthly magazine Here’s the good: • The information provided in the Voice is very useful to students and staff. • It’s great that the student government can learn about putting a monthly newsletter together. Here’s the bad: • The Voice is budgeted for $15,000 this year. Why doesn’t student government send out The Voice newsletter in an email format like the college does? If ASCOCC needs to cut back on funding, The Voice should be the first thing to have its budget cut. Student Council Trips to Washington D.C. Here’s the good: • This is a great learning experience for ASCOCC members. • I feel more confident in my student government if they have undergone training. Here’s the bad: • There is a very similar conference that happens in Los Angeles. The cost of plane tickets to this event would cost much less than flying our student government to D.C. Spending an extra three days in D.C. to meet representatives that live in Oregon seems a bit strange. Why not make a trip to see representatives here in Oregon? We, as students, should also only pay for the actual council members to attend these conferences, and not honorary members who do not make decisions about your money. There should be alternatives taken into consideration in order to save money and spend it where it’s really needed. Student government should know who the students are, what ages they are, and what needs they have.

Campus Word On Sept. 22, Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University, jumped from the George Washington Bridge in an apparent suicide after his roommate Dharun Ravi, and a fellow hall mate Molly Wei video-streamed Clementi’s sexual encounter with a man in his dorm room. We interviewed six students. These are their opinions. Debbie Burris COCC “I think it’s a shame. Just because it happens a lot doesn’t make it any easier to accept.”

Kyle Usher COCC “It’s really sad that people can influence other’s lives over the internet to that degree. It (the internet) is a medium that people don’t respect.”

Danny Weber COCC “I don’t think that’s fair at all … Both of my legal guardians are gay, so I know what it’s like to be bullied for that.”

Manuel Meraz COCC “People shouldn’t be doing that. I don’t think it’s fair … If I were going to be doing something like that (cyber bullying), I would put myself in that (Clementi’s) position first.”

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dent government’s advisor, was quoted saying, “ASCOCC didn’t say they wouldn’t fund them [COCC’s Cascades Adventures students].” The article explains that students are prompted to speak to student government about the program. The reason student council members weren’t interviewed is because student council was in Washington D.C. for a week. Every dollar that was spent on Washington D.C. is a dollar less you have to spend on other clubs and programs, including The Broadside. The Broadside staff attended the meeting in which the student government made the decision to not fund Cascade Adventures. The article clearly states that Myers,coordinator of outdoor recreation programs at OSU, wasn’t sure he could gather the breakdown of students due to a question regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulations.


Garret Galvan OSU-Cascades “Correlation doesn’t equal causation ... There might have been something else ... The media only gives you half of the story ... You can’t charge them (Ravi and Mei) with manslaugher, but they should be reprimanded for invasion of privacy.”

Erin Woolsey COCC “I’m disgusted by that, you know, it’s 2010. I’m a little disappointed in the repercussions taken on his roommates; I don’t know if they got what they deserved.” Derek ldham, Tobey Veenstra

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• These are great events for stu- • There is a very similar confer- Student Council Trips to Washington D.C. Here’s the good: Events; free b...