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“I really feel like it was their own personal party.” - Jenni Jackson Advisor to the Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College - Continued from Page 1 Brenda Pierce and Terry Link from the executive council of Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College attended the conference as well as Dustin Moore and Travis Peden from the general council. Two honorary members of ASCOCC also attended: Carl Rockwell and Chris March. The advisor to ASCOCC, Taran Underdal also went to the conference. John MacAulay and Matt Coito did not attend. Alcohol Some members of student government drank hard alcohol at the campground in view of middle school students. They were approached by Lane Community College’s associate dean of student affairs Barbara Delansky in regards to their alcohol use. “The purpose of the event was not to stand behind your pickup truck and drink,” recounted Delansky who attended the conference with students. “Their actions could have repercussions,” she said in regards to children in the vicinity. Neither Travis Peden, community and college relations coordinator, Dustin Moore, budget coordinator nor Taran Underdal, ASCOCC advisor, were drinking with the others. While there are no legal issues surrounding the choice to bring hard alcohol to a leadership retreat, there is the question of judgement. “I really feel like it was their own personal party,” said Jackson. Bringing alcohol to an event that is paid for by students seemed wrong she explained.

Oct. 20, 2010 “For this particular conference, there was no policy against alcohol,” said Brenda Piece ASCOCC’s marketing and advertising coordinator who declined to say whether or not she brought alcohol to the event. She did state that if there was drinking going on that it was “no where near children.” The campground was shared with the Larry Steele Basketball Camp for middle school children. “It was the wrong place, wrong time,” said Tracy Weimer, the communications director for the Associated Students of Lane Community College. Seaside ASCOCC members skipped sessions at the conference and instead took two trips to Seaside, an Oregon coast town 36 miles away from the conference site. OCCSA retreat is a three day, five session conference for student government members from 17 community colleges across Oregon. The retreat focuses on community work, leadership skills and team building. This year it was held in at Cedar Ridge Conference Center at Vernonia Oregon on Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. The conference explored numerous issues during their workshops/sessions ranging from recreation,sustainability, lobbying, traveling on a budget and power and privilege. Mileage and per diem expenses were paid through student government accounts. “They left and went to Seaside when the whole thing was just starting,” said Moore. Members missed the first session and a forum which took place while the group was on the coast. Other sessions were missed as well. Food and Lodging Included Food and lodging was included as part of the package for the retreat. It cost $120 each for the six members to attend the conference. Five of the six members in attendance also chose not to stay at the conference lodging for a second night. Instead they rented five hotel rooms, two with Jacuzzis. “Some people went into town because of the sleeping condi-

Reasons why many colleges are requiring students to be vaccinated: 1. Living conditions. According to the Associated Content website, college students living in the dorms live in close quarters which diseases can spread easily from student to student. 2. Eating habits change. Students who eat foods lacking nutrients or vitamins compromise the immune system making the body more prone to diseases. 3. Sleep deprivation.

tions... they didn’t keep juice and coffee and tea out all day,” said Kim Nosenzo, student senator for the Associated Student Government of Columbia Gorge Community College. “It was hard to sleep.” According to Pierce the accommodations were horrible: beds covered in plastic,one working toilet in the women’s restroom,bunk beds packed in close together. Pierce likened the accommodations to a “sixth grade outdoor school.” The students stayed in dorm style rooms. Photos of the cabin can be found on the Cedar Ridge Conference Center website at http:// “I didn’t sleep the first night at all,” Pierce said. “This was the kind of conditions that I could put up with back when I was 12, 13, 14 because that’s what I would be expecting, but now as an adult I expect to be treated like an adult especially when I am going to be working for an organization,” said Carl Rockwell, honorary ASCOCC member. Vernonia Inn Peden and Taren Underdal, the advisor to ASCOCC stayed behind. All other members stayed in their own hotel rooms for the second night. The cost of five rooms was quoted by the Vernonia Inn at $419.75 in addition to the $840.00 that was spent on the cost of the retreat. Student fees also paid for the additional hotel rooms. “They got their own hotels even though lodging was provided,” said Jackson. Members also used the ASCOCC credit card to buy food at a restaurant instead of having their meals at the conference. There were more meals eaten outside of the conference but until records show otherwise, only one was confirmed to be paid for with student fees. The Broadside has requested the documents related to the Vernonia trip. ASCOCC have no other trips scheduled according to Underdal. You may contact Eric Ercanbrack @, Tobey Veenstra at, and Kirsteen Wolf at

VACCINES “Colleges are now requiring incoming freshmen to be vaccinated against deadly diseases across the country. Portland State University is now requiring vaccinations, but COCC and OSU-Cascades in Bend, Oregon are not requiring vaccinations to incoming college freshmen.” - Oct. 4, KTVZ news broadcast - Contunied from Page 1 According to the medical assistant homepage on the COCC website, the required immunizations to get accepted into the program include Hepatitis B, measles and a tuberculosis test. Programs that require immunizations include the emergency medical services program, the nurs-


At the annual training in Vernonia “student government members had the opportunity to meet and network with Community College governments as well as attend round table discussions on leadership and SG issues” - The Voice, a publication of ASCOCC, currently on the stands around campus.

Conference details • Four members of the ASCOCC council, two honorary members and the ASCOCC advisor attended the conference. • Student government members brought alcohol, and were drinking alcohol near middle-school children who were attending a basketball camp. • Student government members were confronted about the alcohol. • Some ASCOCC members left the retreat to go to Seaside on the Oregon Coast and went back to the coast for a second time. • The $120 dollar per person conference registration fee included lodging and meals. • Five ASCOCC members rented five hotel rooms, two of the rooms had Jacuzzis. A hotel representative quoted the cost of similar rooms at $79.95 per night for no jacuzzi and $89.95 per night for a room with a jacuzzi. ASCOCC students likely received a discount on those rates. • Members left the campgrounds to use ASCOCC accounts—funded by student fee money— to buy at least one meal. ing program, the pharmaceutical technician programs, and any allied health programs which involves interactions with patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website , a total of 34 states have adopted legislation and are now requiring colleges to provide risk assessments regarding the meningococcal disease, also known as meningitis. Because the legislation was instigated, 15 states have mandated the meningococcal vaccinations for students. Other states have followed the same procedure for meningitis vaccinations, because every state has adopted new legislation regarding which vaccinations will be required for students in the future, based on those risks assessments, which are meant to keep college campuses healthy. Though vaccinations are not required for students at this time, the CDC website recommends vaccinations for students and faculty members. You may contact Nathaniel Kelly at

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• Student government members brought alcohol, and were drinking alcohol near middle-school children who were attending a basketball camp. •...

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