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Volume 59, Issue 3 Oct. 13, 2010

Do you know what your options are at COCC ? Kirsteen Wolf The Broadside The list of academic programs that COCC offers is impressive. When all the community colleges are compared, COCC is in keeping with those around the state and even has some programs that are not widespread, like the Geographic Information Systems Technology program, offered in only two other community colleges, Clackamas and Treasure Valley. COCC has other strong programs in massage therapy, nursing, business, forestry and early childhood education among others. See Page 6

Tomas Nava, 19, is a student in the automotive technician program Derek Oldham | The Broadside

ASCOCC goes to Washington DC

$7000 ÷______ $18 339

(at least) is estimated to have been spent on ASCOCC’s trip is paid in student fees by every full-time student of you paid for this trip to Washington DC

Tobey Veenstra The Broadside

Eight of the Associated Members of Central Oregon Community College took a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend training at the American Student Government Association conference. ASCOCC Executive Members Matt Coito, Terry Link, Brenda Pierce, General Member John MacAuley, Honorary Members Chris March, and Carl Rockwell left Sept. 26. General Member Travis Peden and ASCOCC Advisor Taran Underdal left Sept. 29. All members returned Oct. 3. The cost of the trip was provided by ASCOCC Budget Coordinator Dustin Moore, who estimated it between $7,000 and $10,000. Moore said the projected cost before the trip was between $16,000 and $17,000. See WASHINGTON, Page 3

A pedometer: The cheapest (effective) piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever buy. Justin King The Broadside We here in Deschutes County have reason to take pride. A quick visit to the Centers for Disease Control website’s county comparisons for obesity and diabetes show that

nationwide, we’re on top. The only other parts of the country to surpass our physical prowess were in the deserts of New Mexico and in western Colorado’s über-athlete terrain. See WALKING, Page 8

Photo Illustration, Derek Oldham | The Broadside

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October 13th issue of Central Oregon Community College's student newspaper.

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