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MAY/JUNE, 2012


May/June Successes


The first 5 months of this year have been tough but not with out successes. Kids Club ended well for the summer. Allen and I told 12 stories of thru the life of Jesus; from his time as a child to his resurrection. We connected with five new families in our neighborhood, three of which joined my martial arts classes. The last couple months have also been a success because of language breakthroughs. Fluency is a moving target. I was able to prepare a story each week with a language teacher, so I was able to tell the stories more naturally in a taiwanese way.

A Lion from a Taoist Parade

Also, as of last week two new team members have made the move to their own houses here, and we are gearing up for round two of Story Center outreach come September. I’ve been looking forward to this summer because everyone’s schedule is thrown to side until school starts again in the fall. So there is a bit more time to re-prioritize, evaluate, read, pray, and get back out with new people. The This week we have the Island-wide Sports and English Camp. 140 Jr High and High School students come to play sports, practice english, but also engage spiritually with a large staff of local christians and missionaries. This Summer is proving to be eventful.

Children Prefer Internet to Sports: “While the polled youngsters spend 14.21 hours online per week on average, the time spent on sports activities is only 11.3 hours.” read about it here

NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE: “More than 27 percent of Taiwan's national health insurance (NHI) premiums was allocated for the treatment of critically ill patients in 2011...” read about it here.

TYPHOON SEASON: So far taiwan has only been directly hit by one Typhoon/tropical storm. After one leaves it always seems there is another one brewing out at sea. Taiwan is effected by 4.5 typhoons a year on average.

Sports and English camp is Here

This year’s theme is Thirsty. 140 Jr. High and High school

students from all over the island come for a week to Play Sports, Speak English, and Hear Christ. This year our team is will be doing the speaking at several main sessions and organizing Fun for All games, along with coaching sports. This years camp has the largest staff we have ever had, several teams from the States will join us and one team from Hong Kong. Be praying for our staff many will still be jet lagged when camp starts July 7. Below is a list of the campers names, will you pick some and pray for them. Most of these kids are not Christians.

Dear Partners,


I've just returned from a trip to Japan to help lead prayer walks in various locations around the country. In addition, I was humbled by the opportunity to mentor some of our newest workers while encouraging some of our seasoned veterans there in 3 different locations. One team is working hard in the city of Ishinomaki, which was heavily impacted by the tsunami of March 11, 2011. You would have been so proud of all of them. While everyone else was fleeing the disaster, they were seeking it out, driving toward it. They were among the first to arrive. Immediately, they developed innovative and effective methods of transporting life-sustaining supplies to those who needed them most. As soon as the situation allowed, they moved their families directly into some of the hardest-hit areas so they could work shoulder-toshoulder with local people to rebuild homes, lives, and futures, and just BE with the people, life on life. They're still there today. Â There's something about Team Expansion culture, the world over. They aren't afraid of work. They invest their entire lives into the local people. They stretch every dollar to maximum impact with maximum love. Your favorite missionary is cut from the same mold. Please join me today in giving thanks for hard workers... and thank you for helping make possible their labor! God bless you this month! Doug Lucas President, Team Expansion

May/June 2012 News from the Bells  

Here is a quick look at what has happened in May and June and how you can pray for our upcomming sports in English camp.