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The Bells in Taiwan December / January 2011 Newsletter

In the Beginning On Sunday evening (Dec. 26th) the doors to the “Story Center” officially opened. It took a tremendous amount of preparation, but the efforts were worth it.  Several of our neighbors and others who we have met while prayer walking, came and enjoyed a time of food, conversation, and information about what the purpose of the Story Center is, as well as what we hope to do as missionaries. The open house was truly a team effort. From signs being designed & made, to flyers, handouts, decorations, gifts for guests, painting, audio/visual purchases and installations, food preparation, and SO much more, all was a joint effort of our Church Planting team in FengYuan. It also was made possible by the prayers and financial support of our friends in the U.S. We hope that you rejoice in what God is doing here, just as much as we are.  One result of the open house is that we were able to get the word out about several new activities starting in the next few weeks. We have a new adult Bible Storying class (similar to a Bible Study but they are taught stories and are encouraged to go and tell others the stories also), a childrenʼs “Kingʼs Club” that will meet after school on Wednesdays, a Martial Arts class that will also incorporate the stories of scripture in the training, all starting soon. It is our desire to see the Story Center as a hub of training that will evangelize and equip the people of Taiwan to start new churches among their own friends and family. Please pray that God will direct new people to the activities that we have planned, and for open hearts to all that we will share. Thank you! # - FengYuan Team News by Jon Ralls

The Story Center is a connection to the community in Fengyuan. It is a place that we use to hold community oriented activities in order to have a platform for Bible Storying. The next few months will prove to be busy, and Lord willing, productive. I am looking forward to the beginning of the Martial arts lessons. The first session will be a six week course for 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds. We will not only spend time learning the basics of Martial Arts, but also spend time telling and retelling Bible stories, talking about where we see our training principles come out in the story and what we learn about God and ourselves from the story. At the end of the session we will have a family BBQ out front of the Story Center, with a chance to demonstrate what our students know, in both martial arts and bible stories. It will also be a good opportunity for parents to meet the other missionaries and generate interest for other Bible Storying groups at the Story Center. Please be praying as we work to get our various Bible Storying groups up and going, only by our Lordʼs hand will we see success.

Sigh…. Well in just over two weeks we have moved to our new work in FengYuan, had an open house at the Story Center, celebrated Christmas, our eight year wedding anniversary, New Years with our Team Expansion colaborers, Kaiʼs third birthday, and Emilee started her first day of school. Our apartment is such a blessing, we are thankful to our supporters who have made the move to our new work possible, and to our friends and co workers here who acted as an extra set of hands and eyes in the transition.

Letter From The President Dear friend of the Great Commission, I have a confession: I love Christmas. Maybe it's all the great memories growing up on a snowy farm in southern Indiana. We had it all... sledding, ice-skating, Christmas lights, and even caroling. Some might call it an "Old-fashioned Christmas," but I just prefer to think of it as a traditional one. You know, this morning I noticed in the newspaper that many churches in Iraq were closing their doors this Christmas. Turns out there are too many threats from Islamic extremists. Ouch. Imagine if you and your church had to "cancel Christmas" in your town. For this reason and many others, I'm extremely thankful for the prayers and support you share with your favorite Team Expansion missionaries. You see, although they have no political or military ambitions, they are trying to share the real reason for this season. In this way, it's like they're trying to bring a truly traditional Christmas (the one with Jesus at the center) to their new adopted homeland and people. I can't think of a more important purpose in the world. So thanks and, from all of us at Team Expansion to you and all yours, may God bless you this Christmas and throughout 2011! !

Gratefully yours, Doug Lucas, !




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January 2011 Newsletter