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The Bellʼs March 2011 Newsletter

Worshipers seeking a blessing from Matzu

Resident Visas to ARC’s   I'm happy to let everybody know that my familyʼs resident visas, along with their Alien Resident Certificates, are being processed as we speak and I will pick them up on Monday March 7th. The process was long and made very difficult, but God has continued to bless and lead throughout this adventure. So here is the ending to our adventure. I received my resident Visa (RV) which doesn't really allow me to stay unless I get it changed to an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).  So upon receiving my RV I went to the immigration office here in FengYuan all the while thinking, “getting an ARC should be easier than getting a RV,” because the RV says, “youʼve jumped thru all the hoops and it is okay to live in Taiwan.”  But, at the immigration office they told me that the certified documents I had, need to be translated into Chinese and notarized.  No one in our organization(that I know of) has ever been asked to do this before for a standard ARC!   My documents had already been certified by the TAIWAN EMBASSY in Kansas City, but it wasn't good enough!  I did my best to haggle with them and point out that I had friends come into this same office not 7 months earlier and they didn't have to have theirs translated and notarized.  But they wouldn't relent. I walked out of the office and was hit with the thought, "Maybe I should test and see if it is true that the 'right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.'"  Our city FengYuan had just been absorbed by TaiChung City, so I knew I could go to another place in Taichung city and not have trouble with jurisdiction.  Off I went to the only other office I knew in TaiChung City.  Along the 30 min scooter ride there, I prayed that our Lord would go before me and fight my battle.   When I arrived I walked in, pushed all the same documents across the counter, and they began to process our RVs and ARCs  no questions, no hoops, no nothing.  At the end I was surprised when he said, “thatʼs it.” I said "really?" Then he said "Yes, very easy right?"  The past two years of visa and ARC trouble all passed through my mind and I just said, "Yes, very easy."   I walked out the door and sat down on the sidewalk and praised God, who truly went in those doors before me and made a way. There have been many praying for us and our visas since we arrived back in Taiwan four months ago. I am very thankful for the many notes and prayers sent our way; this is a huge victory I hope we will all rejoice in. I Praise God for you and your willingness to bring us faithfully before our Father who wants us all to rely on Him to accomplish a great work here in Taiwan.

Jonathan Training “Let’s go across to the outpost of those uncircumcised ,” Jonathan said to his armor bearer. “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!” Jonathan Training is a two week intensive corse that is designed to train missionaries to become Strategy Coordinators following in the bold and faith filled footsteps of Saulʼs son Jonathan. By the end of the two week training each team participating will have produced their own Master Plan detailing how they will work toward a Church Planting Movement for the people group or population segment among whom they are working. I am extremely excited about this, almost all of the Taiwan Team Expansion missionaries will be there. Our FengYuan team will be using this time to forge our master plan. I anticipate many challenges and much sharpening, and Iʼm excited about what the outcome will be. The training will be held at a missionary retreat center in the south of Taiwan March 27th through April 8th. For these two weeks our wives will bear the load of the family by themselves. To me this seems like a very critical time for our team, will you be praying for us and our families during these two weeks. Be praying for our wives who have enabled us to be gone, be asking the our Lord for mercies of safe, healthy, and not overly whiny kids. I also see it as a good time for the devil to take an advantage and distract us from the prayer and conversations that need to happen. Pray for us that we would be united in spirit and purpose. Iʼm so thankful for the prayer force that has been following us this term. Iʼve seen a marked difference because of their faithfulness in praying for us. Lets all pray “without ceasing.”

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March 2011 Newsletter