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THE BELLS Missionaries in Central Taiwan since 2005 Will you Pray at 10:02 Everyday

e d i u G r Praye 禱告

Monday MOPs, WOPs, and KOPs Men, Women, and Kids of Peace. These are a key to church planting movements. Be asking for God to cross our paths with these people.


Tuesday Opportunities with Families

The Martial Arts BBQ you prayed for was a success. I am continuing to get to know the families of my students, and praying for churches. Slu rp ees a n d S t o r i e s . he Martial arts storying club is going well. One of my goals for the next couple months is to story with my Jr. High students outside of the martial arts class.


So this week I gave it a shot. During our water break I told my Jr. highers, that I wanted to tell them a story, but I also really wanted a slurpee from 7-11, and invited them to do our story there. After class we went all went over to 7-11, everybody bought their own stuff (so nobody was bribed to be there) , we sat around one of the tables and talked about the story of God over slurpees and candy.

It was cool. None of the these kids are christians, none of them have even heard these stories before. I feel like I have a pretty special group, I mean really, what would it take to get a group of six non christian Jr highers to go to a very public, high traffic area, on a Saturday morning to talk about the Bible? Praise God, for the opportunities for the gospel that he is continually opening here in FengYuan, Taiwan.

Be praying as I visit some of the families of my students that there would be a Man of Peace and an opportunity for a new storying group.

Wednesday Men’s Storying Group Wednesday nights our team leader Jon has a storying group of all working class men. Pray that the Spirit would continue to work and convict of “sin, righteousness, and judgment.”

Thursday Martial Arts students and families. There are some student’s parents I have never met, pray for opportunities to meet them. My Jr High students names are Peter, Wini, Max, Joe, and Sam. Sam is kind of the leader.

Friday Our Family Ask our Lord to continually strengthen us with his might, and put his peace on our home.

“We have several kids who want to come.... and they’re all very naughty.” ids club is officially starting... again. We had tried to start at the beginning of the summer, but our attractional approach to getting it started, in combination with poor timing, all but insured a false start. So, taking what we have learned. We are now ready to restart.


Toward the end of summer, in an answer to prayer, a lady (Mrs Lin)came to eat at the breakfast shop below the Story Center and started to ask the boss question about us. The boss, our land lord, introduced us to each other. Mrs Lin works for a community service center for single parent families. She said she was very interested for anything that we would do with kids. We told her about kids club and the age range we would take,

and she said, “Good! I have several kids who can come, and they are all very naughty.” I said, “we love naughty kids.” When I called Mrs Lin to confirm dates and times she said she was hoping we could help the kids get ready for a performance at their community center (another answer to prayer) . Be praying for this event. We don’t want it to be an end in and of itself, but we want it to be a bridge into our community. So pray for MOPs, WOPs, and KOPs, whom Christ will save and use to start new storying groups and house churches. Oh yes, and the kids are “very naughty.”

A Mom and her daughter, Cindy, We met them at our first start of the Kids club in the middle of summer.

Ex pe ns es fo r J uly "Can you imagine the impact of thousands of people praying daily for a specific country? We believe with this kind of prayer, we as the Body of Christ have the potential to bring hope and salvation to whole nations and people groups. In order to mobilize a larger prayer team, we are challenging all of you to begin praying daily at 10:02 for Taiwan. You can set alarms on your watches and cell phones to give you a daily reminder to say a prayer for Taiwan, based on Luke 10:02. If you use a cell phone and would like a daily 10o2 for Taiwan text reminder, you can join our team by texting one of the following "keywords", followed by your first and last name. Choose the "keyword" that corresponds to your current Time Zone. Eastern Time Zone: "10o2eastern" Central: "10o2central" Mountain: "10o2mountain" Pacific:  "10o2pacific" (that is one, zero, the letter “o,” then the number two, 10o2) EXAMPLE:  10o2central Chad Edwards Then....TEXT that message to the number: 59769 You will then be a part of our 10:02 for Taiwan Prayer Team! "

Contributions Expense Benefits 100 — Salary 150 — Housing Allowance 160 — Utilities 170 — Education for Children Total Benefits Education 220 — Conferences/Classes 230 — Team Building Total Education Evangelism 400 — Printed Material 410 — AudioVisual 420 — Hospitality 470 — Joint Team Projects Total Evangelism Office 600 — Supplies In the Field 640 — Facility/Utilities 650 — Supplies in the States 660 — Mission Phone 661 — E-Mail Total Office Travel 800 — Car/Transportation Total Travel Miscellaneous 920 — Banking Fees 930 — Mission House Total Miscellaneous Total Expense

4,924.49 1,420.17 588.20 50.43 600.79 2,659.59 198.36 84.42 282.78 17.75 7.62 4.34 348.31 378.02 64.59 386.38 13.00 73.66 17.40 555.03 145.51 145.51 100.54 145.49 246.03 4,266.96

Bank Account July 31,2011 $1,156.94

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